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#rockbox log for 2002-12-23

00:01:17NiekAnyway you can download it here:
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01:08:24BoD[]hello !!!
01:33:14BoD[]how are you
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02:02:43XX?? G:\Program Files\kpit\GNUH8 v0203-ELF\apps> G #make -f win32.mak
02:02:44XXperl -s ../tools/genlang -p=./lang build.lang
02:02:44XXsh-elf-gcc -O -W -Wall -m1 -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-
02:02:44DBUGEnqueued KICK XX
02:02:44XXframe-pointer -fschedule-insns -I../firmware/include -I../firmware -I../firmware
02:02:44XX/common -I../firmware/drivers -I../firmware/malloc -I. -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS\" -Ir
02:02:44***Alert Mode level 1
02:02:44XXecorder -c ./lang.c -o lang.o
02:02:46XXprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), sh-elf-gcc -O -W -Wall -m1 -nostdlib -ffree
02:02:48XXstanding -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insns -I../firmware
02:02:50XX/include -I../firmware -I../firmware/common -I../firmware/drivers -I../firmware/
02:02:52XXmalloc -I. -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS\" -Irecorder -c ./lang.c -o lang.o, ...) failed.
02:02:54XXmake (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
02:02:56XXmake: *** [lang.o] Error 2
02:04:34adi|homeXX just so you know...
02:04:46adi|homecomeing in and spamming like that is generally accepted as bad form
02:05:04adi|homeyou should either 1. ask if its okay, or 2. at the _least_ say something before you do that
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03:56:14SmoothPeanutButtWhat does it mean when you plug in the recorder and windows (XP) give a message like "You have plugged in a HI-SPEED device into a regular USB port" ?
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04:40:16MrSnazzit means that you plugged a highspeed device into a regular port... :)
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07:52:40imagineI get that "Save failed - Is battery low?" error; I think it's cuz I reformatted teh hard drive
07:52:46imaginebut what's that .rockbox folder for?
07:54:32imagineahh shit i didn't copy that over - that's prolly it
07:54:36adi|homefor storing .wps and .cfg files that relate to rockbox stuff
07:54:37imaginethat's gotta go in teh faq
07:55:00imagineor a better error trap
07:55:02adi|homewhy does that have to go in the faq?
07:55:08adi|homewhat were you trying to save?>
07:55:18imagineok so I just switched over to rockbox
07:55:28imagineand i unzip it, not reading any install instructions
07:55:37imaginei see the ajz file and copy it over like normal
07:55:42adi|homedon't make me LART you
07:55:42imaginei use a mac so it hides the .file
07:56:07imagineadd it to the shit
07:56:12adi|homei should warn you, im the project asshole
07:56:15imagineit took a half hour to get it
07:56:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:56:17*adi|home struts proudly
07:56:21imaginei used the search field
07:56:26imagineand searched for teh error
07:56:33imagineat least now if someone searches they'll get this chat log
07:56:53adi|homeanways.. what was it you did that gave you 'save failed'
07:57:07imagineplus the instruction to copy the .rockbox folder is pretty...quiet
07:57:10hardeepimagine: that error has nothing to do with the .rockbox directory
07:57:15imaginei THINK it's cuz i never copied .rockbox
07:57:22imagineotherwise it must be block sizes or something
07:57:38hardeepimagine: it means that settings cannot be saved. do you have a player or recorder?
07:57:52adi|homeseems pretty clear to me
07:58:00adi|homecourse.. i RTFM
07:58:22imaginefuck you i did first thing
07:58:25imaginei created that diredctory
07:58:33imaginenot like i never copied those files into it though
07:58:34adi|homesaving settings has nothing to do with the .rockbox directory
07:58:36imaginei'm doing that now - hold on
07:59:02imagineall that FAQ entry said to do was make a dir, not copy fun fonts
07:59:05imagineit should tho
07:59:07imaginefonts are fun
07:59:26adi|homeyou can put the fonts whever you want
07:59:29adi|homethats up to you
07:59:42hardeepimagine: you don't need to copy the fonts into that folder to use them... however, to have them load every time you boot, they need to be there
08:00:03adi|homethe faq is just that frequently asked questions, not a 'hold every stupid users hand' doc ;)
08:00:19imagineyeah indeed I still get that error
08:00:32adi|homestupid not being defined as unintelligent
08:00:52hardeepimagine: do you have a recorder or player?
08:00:54imagineso the deal is I've formatted the drive as MSDOS using mkfs
08:01:23adi|homeis your battery indeed low?
08:01:28Hesthe drive or a partition on the drive? do you have a partition table?
08:01:54imaginebattery is 74%
08:01:55hardeepyeah, that's the likely cause
08:02:00hardeepre: what Hes said
08:02:05imaginei've yet to plug it in under the new firmware
08:02:07hardeepbad partition
08:02:27Hesyou can format a drive directly (ie. mkdosfs /dev/hdc) instead of setting up a partition and formatting it
08:02:35hardeeprockbox saves some of the configuration data onto an unused sector on the hard drive, assuming it's formatter properly
08:02:52imaginei wish my shell history still had it
08:02:52Hesi think the sector won't be there if there's no partition table
08:02:53hardeepheh, probably not on a Mac though. :)
08:03:20imaginei formatted whatever df listed originally
08:03:21Heswin2k at least has a tendency to format all removable devices without a partition table
08:03:22imagineone sec
08:03:50imaginewell that's dumb
08:03:50Hestry running fdisk on it and checking if you can print (p) the partition table
08:04:00imagineit doesn't recognize pluggin in the USB cable unless you are at the main screen
08:04:02hardeepi think there's a debug menu item to check too?
08:04:06imaginei was at F1 and it didn't recognize
08:06:07imaginepdisk /dev/disk3 -dump shows no partitions
08:06:15imaginefdisk...fdisk didn't like something
08:06:19imaginefdisk: kernbootstruct invalid
08:08:48imagineerm smack me with a trout
08:08:56imaginei used newfs, not mkfs
08:08:59imagineif that matters
08:09:19imaginenewfs is a BSD util
08:12:04imaginein any case, newfs doesn't make any partition tables
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08:21:38Hesoops,s orry, blindly assumed you were using linux. 8-)
08:21:47imagineOS X
08:22:08HesYou'll need to set up a partition and format it...
08:22:21imagineoh i am _supposed_ to have one
08:25:10imagineok i'll do this when i have more of a collection to restore
08:25:36imaginethanks for the solution - i'm sure that was it
08:27:05Hesif the partition info debug screen does not recognize the partitions, that must be it.
08:27:33HesI get P0: S:3f T:c 33154 MB
08:27:44Hesfor my 40G disk
08:27:52Hes38154 MB, not 33154, of course.
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08:35:56glytchbinaryanyone awake ?
08:36:37glytchbinaryon the rockbox website it says that if i play a wps file that is in the .rockbox directory it will be used from then on. but you can't access the .rockbox directory on the player....
08:36:55glytchbinaryi edited system.wps and 8_line.wps in the .rockbox dir and it didn't do it either
08:37:04glytchbinaryhow do i get it to use the same setup every time i turn it on ?
08:41:53hardeepglytchbinary: you can view the .rockbox directory on the player, you just need to enable it from the settings menu
08:42:27glytchbinaryi looked in there
08:42:30glytchbinaryi set it to supported
08:42:34glytchbinaryso if i view all i can ?
08:42:41hardeepYeah, change to all
08:46:19glytchbinaryim going to write a calculator for this thing
08:46:24glytchbinaryi see it in the requests
08:46:44glytchbinarycan't be to hard
08:47:06glytchbinarydo you know the speed of the cpu ?
08:47:14glytchbinaryright off hand? if not i'll look it up
08:47:23hardeepsorry, not off hand
08:47:36hardeepthe specs on the rockbox web page have the info
08:47:43glytchbinaryare you a developer ?
08:48:40glytchbinarycan you run code while its off ?
08:48:47glytchbinaryi imagine it can to an extent, having the clock
08:48:52glytchbinaryor is the clock a separate chip ?
08:49:06hardeepyeah, it's separate
08:49:24hardeepi don't believe there is any way to run anything while the device is off
08:49:41hardeep(or at least no way that's been found)
08:52:18glytchbinarylol, someone wants skins support
08:52:29glytchbinaryi just baught the 20gig jukebox player/recorder for my girlfriend for christmas
08:52:54glytchbinaryim putting every cd she owns on it(couple hundred) and i've been play ing with it for the last few days
08:52:56glytchbinaryi want one (:
08:54:29hardeepheh, go for it. :)
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09:35:50*adi|home is away: sleeping before work
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11:27:44bobTHChi all!
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13:48:53NiekDoes anyone have any general recommendations on how to keep the scroll stack as small as possible?
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14:04:04LinusNNiek: what's your problem with the scroll stack?
14:05:35LinusNremember that you can use static variables in a global scope without getting caught by the Code Police
14:06:03NiekI get a scroll stack full error after a few seconds in my game
14:06:20LinusNasteroids, i guess
14:06:26Niekthat's right
14:06:36*LinusN read the IRC logs
14:06:46NiekI've modified most variables to be global, the problem still exists
14:06:56Niekdo I need to declare them 'static' explicitly?
14:06:59LinusNyou don't need to have all your variables on the stack
14:07:19NiekDid you try the win32 binary link I've posted here?
14:07:25LinusNNiek: you should declare them static toi avoid cluttering the name space
14:07:39LinusNbut it won't solve the stack problem
14:07:42Niekaha ok
14:07:50LinusNcare to send me the source?
14:08:10NiekI'll try to DCC it
14:08:17LinusNgo ahead
14:08:44LinusNon second though, better to email me
14:08:50NiekWait I'll zip the whole thing
14:08:59LinusNmy muh client doesn't like DCC
14:09:05LinusNlinus at
14:11:09Nieksending, it's 1.2MB
14:11:37NiekWhy doesn't the code compile with v0204 of the sh compipler?
14:14:43NiekI've sent it
14:14:53NiekShould arrive soon
14:17:05Niekcode is in apps/recorder/asteroids.[ch]
14:17:34NiekYes the entire sourcetree
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14:18:22Niekhmm well there's some cruft there too....
14:20:19LinusNwoo, i thought you would send me asteroids.c
14:21:01Niekwell you can build the entire os right from the tree now ;)
14:21:06Niekdid you already get it?
14:34:22LinusNi have it (downloading from my webmail)
14:34:33LinusNi wasn't planning on building it
14:34:48LinusNbut if i wanted to, i already have the entire tree
14:35:30*LinusN is wrapping christmas gifts downstairs while IRC:ing
14:36:16LinusNmodems are really slow when you're used to DSL...
14:40:08NiekI see ;)
14:43:46*LinusN sees lots of floats... :-(
14:44:23Niekyes, that needs to change too
14:44:47NiekAlthough I'm not good at porting floats to ints
14:44:51LinusNyou might want to read the CONTRIBUTING file
14:46:24Niekyes, well I'll change the styles after it works
14:55:42LinusNregarding the stack overflow, i can't see any problems
14:56:00LinusNdo you use recursion somewhere?
14:56:41NiekIt actually happens when the ship exploded
14:56:48Niekafter you hit a rock
14:57:20LinusNExplode_Object() ?
15:02:41LinusNi have a suggestion for you
15:03:01LinusNtry to change the stack size in firmware/
15:03:16LinusN .stack :
15:03:16LinusN {
15:03:16LinusN *(.stack)
15:03:16DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
15:03:16LinusN _stackbegin = .;
15:03:16LinusN /* We put the copy of the .iram section here to save space */
15:03:17***Alert Mode level 1
15:03:17LinusN _iramcopy = .;
15:03:19LinusN . += 0x2000;
15:03:21LinusN _topramcopy = .;
15:03:23LinusN . += 0x300;
15:03:25LinusN _stackend = .;
15:03:27LinusN } > DRAM
15:03:28LinusNchange 0x2000 to 0x3000
15:03:33LinusNjust to test
15:05:29Niekokay, building the kernel
15:06:09NiekOh yes, Do you have a clue why the thing won't compile with v204 ?
15:07:39LinusNwhat is v204?
15:08:11LinusNah, you run windows
15:08:20LinusNwhat version of gcc is that?
15:09:00LinusNnever mind, i don't know why it doesn't work
15:09:14LinusNi always build my own compoler
15:09:17LinusNand i use linux
15:11:27LinusNi gotta go now
15:11:36Niekokay thanks for now!
15:11:42 Part LinusN
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23:40:46yoldyop yop :)
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23:57:07yoldis there anyone here ?

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