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#rockbox log for 2002-12-25

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01:11:27Hadakayo! merry christmas :)
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21:19:08Duke_Sam_Vimeshello all
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21:25:13Duke_Sam_Vimesis it possible to ask a newbie league question here or is there a seperate channel for that?
21:27:54_seb_you can ask here
21:28:28Duke_Sam_Vimesah thank you, just got rockbox and ive been messing with it for the past few days and im really impressed, ive just hit 1 snag installing patches as in i cant i keep getting error messages
21:29:33_seb_hrm... I haven't had much luck compiling, myself... what OS are you on?
21:30:17Duke_Sam_Vimes*sigh* im lumbered with WinME
21:31:54_seb_hehe :) are you using cygwin?
21:33:49Duke_Sam_Vimesah here is where i show my newbieness, i downloaded GNU utilities for Win32 for patch.exe
21:53:02Duke_Sam_Vimesso any advice?
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22:30:45LinusNhey Duke_Sam_Vimes
22:31:01Duke_Sam_Vimessorry was day dreaming there
22:31:13LinusNare you trying to compile rockbox?
22:31:32Duke_Sam_Vimesim trying to add a patch and having absolutely no luck since i dont have a clue what im doing
22:32:14Duke_Sam_Vimesoh and i love rockbox btw, its an amazing piece of firmware
22:33:49LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: chip8?
22:34:24Duke_Sam_Vimesnot just that, any patch
22:35:03LinusNfirst of all, those patches are code changes sent to the rockbox project from other developers
22:35:16Duke_Sam_Vimesyep i understand that part
22:35:44LinusNso basically, they are meant for us developers, not for users
22:35:58LinusNbut anyone can try them
22:36:34Duke_Sam_Vimesok that makes sense, please excuse me im new to rockbox
22:36:53LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: so you like rockbox?
22:37:03Duke_Sam_Vimesits bloody brilliant
22:37:13Duke_Sam_Vimesa huge improvement over what archos gives you
22:38:07LinusNit's really nice that people are so happy about it
22:38:28LinusNbecause it's so damn fun to work with
22:38:32Duke_Sam_Vimesyou and the other developers have put a huge amount of work into it and it shows
22:38:47Duke_Sam_Vimeslol its actually fun to use the JB now
22:39:01LinusNyeah, we have put a lot of work into it, more than Archos could have afforded to do
22:39:46Duke_Sam_Vimescan i ask a question about the current release(and the newest daily build)
22:40:34Duke_Sam_Vimesi have a large number of playlists since i have everything organised in a tree structure and i was wondering is there any way to randomise them since using shuffle doesnt seem to work
22:41:06LinusNshuffle only works within playlists
22:41:20LinusNit won't select a random playlist for you
22:41:34Duke_Sam_Vimesah no i mean shuffing inside a playlist
22:41:37LinusNyou want to randomly select an album to play?
22:41:47Duke_Sam_Vimesi turned shuffle on and it still goes from 1-2-3 and so on
22:41:56LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: really?
22:42:11Duke_Sam_Vimesill try it again to make sure 1 sec
22:43:41 Join e-Jah [0] (
22:44:03e-Jahlut tt le monde
22:44:19Duke_Sam_Vimeswait my apologies, i just realised what it was doing
22:44:26LinusNe-Jah: salut
22:45:03 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
22:45:05e-Jahis it plan to develop a support for the Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20 in Rockbox ?
22:45:18Duke_Sam_Vimesi have the WPS set up to show the position in the playlist and i was going from that but it doesnt work like the archos firmware one(that showed its position in the original list)
22:45:19LinusNe-Jah: no, not really
22:45:40LinusNe-Jah: the multimedia is a completely different hardware
22:45:57LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: i know
22:46:06LinusNi am working on a solution to that
22:46:13e-Jahhummm then an other project has begin maybe ?
22:46:19Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN: my apologies
22:46:31LinusNe-Jah: maybe
22:46:43LinusNbut we need documentation
22:46:56LinusNand none of the rockbox developers have Multimedia machines
22:47:05LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: no worries
22:48:22e-Jahi've one.....
22:48:51LinusNe-Jah: are you prepared to take it apart and start measuring?
22:49:03LinusNto draw schematics
22:49:45e-Jahhum, bon je parle françai maintenant comme il n'y a k'une personne qui me répond :o)
22:50:29e-Jahje ne connais rien en electronique...alors ça va être hard pour ke je fasse kkch... :/
22:52:10LinusNah, je comprends
22:52:32LinusNca, c'est le problème
22:53:44LinusNje connais d'electronique, mais je n'ai pas un JBMM
22:54:10LinusNet je parle pas si bien francais :-)
22:54:23e-Jahok dsl :o)
22:55:01e-Jahfaudrait que je trouve kk1 ki développer pour Rockbox, qui connaisse l'électronique et qui habite près de chez moi....c'est pas gagné :o)
22:55:54LinusNhehe, je suis suedois...
22:56:56LinusN(and some people will kill me for speaking french here)
22:57:24Duke_Sam_Vimeslol, just point them in the direction of babel fish
22:57:57e-JahLinusN: bah tu te débrouilles bien en français en tt cas
22:59:39LinusNe-Jah: merci
22:59:42Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:can i ask what has been the hardest part in getting rockbox to the stage its at?
23:00:27LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: hard to tell...i guess finding out how the hardware was designed
23:00:58LinusNlots of measuring with multimeters and oscilloscopes
23:01:08LinusNlogic analyzers
23:01:29LinusNand discovering that no two devices are alike...
23:01:53Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:*sigh* i remember how bad that was from physics labs, how hard is it to catch up on what you guys have already done and help out and what sort of knowledge do you need
23:02:02LinusNthe hardware differs a lot depending on when it was manufactures
23:02:32Duke_Sam_Vimesouchie that had to be a pain
23:02:34LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: everyone can help
23:02:40e-Jahils pourraient donner leurs specs quand même :( , est-ce qu'il y a déjà eu des demandes en ce sens auprès d'Archos ?
23:03:18LinusNe-Jah: we have asked Archos for the specs for the multimedia and the fm recorder
23:03:28LinusNbut they are reluctant to do so
23:03:46Duke_Sam_Vimesyou would think they would try to help you guys since you are doing their job for them
23:03:47LinusNprimarily because they don't want to release information to their competitors
23:03:54e-Jahhum, reluctant ? (sorry for my bad english ;)
23:04:00LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: agreed
23:04:08LinusNe-Jah: not willing
23:05:00LinusNthey want to cooperate with rockbox
23:05:15LinusNat least they want it to look like they do
23:05:49Duke_Sam_Vimeswould you guys ever considering signing an agreement with them(ie they tell you you tell no-one) and putting rockbox on an offical footing?
23:05:55LinusNwe also want documentation for the older devices
23:06:21LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: the problem is that as soon as we release the code, the information is out anyway
23:06:36LinusNthat is the beauty of open source
23:06:41Duke_Sam_Vimestrue and it defeats the purpose of open source if you dont release the code
23:07:00LinusNbut they fail to see the advantages
23:07:12LinusNthey will sell more if the device is programmable, imho
23:07:12Duke_Sam_Vimeswell you have done an extremely good job so far without their help
23:07:19LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: thx
23:07:37Duke_Sam_Vimesvery much so, the whole idea of being able to customise it would be a big pull. i spent a day just messing with the WPS
23:08:06LinusNhacking small embedded devices is my profession
23:08:15LinusNso is Zagors and Bagders
23:08:24Duke_Sam_Vimesnice profession
23:08:25e-Jahyes it could be a good idea, in fact i've bought an ARchos with the view to modify it ....
23:09:22Duke_Sam_Vimeshow hard is it to get involved with rockbox(as in the background you need to cover)
23:09:29e-Jahbut for the moment with my JMM....
23:10:48LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: not hard at all, imho
23:10:56LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: are you a c programmer?
23:11:18Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:nope im a java man but i have to learn c at some stage(sys admin)
23:11:42LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: read the source, hang out in this channel
23:12:20LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: the language isn't the hard part
23:12:36LinusNit's understanding the code and the hardware
23:12:37Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:id love to get involved it looks like a really interesting project, what is the hardest part?
23:12:57LinusNyou mean the hardest part of the code?
23:13:11Duke_Sam_Vimeslol no you answered my question on the next line
23:14:24Duke_Sam_Vimesim surprised at how stable your daily builds are, from the site i expected to hit major problems but todays one runs like a dream
23:14:51 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:15:02e-Jahit could be a good idea to say on the rockbox site thje situation for the JMM and make an call for electronician/programmers... no ?
23:16:12e-JahI'm not a professional programmer on hardware, but i would like begin help if someone can discover the specs of the JMM
23:16:24e-Jah(I hope you understand me :)
23:17:36LinusNi understand
23:20:46e-Jah −−> on this site a person change his Hard drive on his JMM ... maybe this personne can help us ?
23:23:16LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: they are often stable, mostly because we don't change "dangerous" code that often anymore
23:23:51LinusNthe shakiest part is file writing and recording at the moment
23:24:04LinusNe-Jah: sure
23:26:06Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:luckily i dont use the JB for that at the moment ;)
23:26:23LinusNDuke_Sam_Vimes: hehe
23:27:14Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:any idea why on the fly playlists will be supported?
23:27:26LinusNyou mean when?
23:27:38LinusNpretty soon i guess
23:27:40Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:sorry yes
23:28:03LinusNchristmas is low season for rockbox development :-)
23:28:20Duke_Sam_VimesLinusN:excellent, thats the only part of the old OS i miss in any way although being able to boot into it make the playlist and then boot out again is a work around for the moment
23:28:30LinusNwe have code for it, but it isn't merged into the main source
23:28:57LinusNah, you mean recursive directory play?
23:29:32LinusNi thought you meant queue
23:29:33Duke_Sam_Vimesnope, the feature in the old OS where you could hold play to add files and/or directories to a playlist
23:29:42LinusNok queue then
23:30:07LinusNi have to go now
23:30:10LinusNcu later
23:30:14Duke_Sam_Vimesthanks for the help
23:30:21LinusNyou're welcome
23:30:35 Part LinusN
23:35:00 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:35:02BoD[]Hi !!
23:36:32BoD[]I have a bif problem with my recorder 20
23:36:52BoD[]it reboots when I press a button
23:37:20Duke_Sam_Vimesany button?
23:37:46BoD[]it does not happen every time
23:37:53Duke_Sam_Vimesouchie, im a newbie here so im probably not the best person to be talking to
23:37:54BoD[]but almost every time
23:38:05Duke_Sam_Vimeswhat version of rockbox are you using
23:38:15BoD[]well anyway it's a material problem
23:38:22BoD[]hardware problem I mean
23:38:51BoD[]because it started to do that when I didn't change the firmware
23:39:26Duke_Sam_Vimesthen im really the wrong person to be talking to
23:39:33BoD[]don't worry
23:39:59BoD[]... i just hope it's still under waranty
23:40:23Duke_Sam_Vimeshow long have you had it?
23:40:52BoD[]well I dont remember .. I think it's less than a year but I'm not sure
23:41:24Duke_Sam_Vimesah, wonderful inventions arent they? ;)
23:41:34BoD[]hmm.. yes it has to be less than a year because I didnt have it at xmas 2001 :)
23:41:53BoD[]I have to send it back then
23:41:59BoD[]I bought it on the net
23:43:01Duke_Sam_Vimesouchie, that was the 1 reason i didnt buy online with something worth as much as the JB i didnt want to take chances
23:44:20BoD[]but it was sent from France
23:44:32BoD[]and I live in France, so it shouldn't be a big problem
23:45:05Duke_Sam_Vimesah, coming from ireland i would have had a slightly larger problem
23:46:31 Join paulheu [0] (
23:50:58Duke_Sam_Vimesdoes anybody here know a fair bit about rockbox?
23:51:23 Join PsstAie [0] (~PsstAie@
23:51:43PsstAiewhere is daniel stenberg?
23:52:16Duke_Sam_Vimesnot a clue
23:52:50PsstAiehis website is interested
23:53:04PsstAiedaniel stenberg = bagder
23:53:20BoD[]duke : what do you want to know ?
23:53:21Duke_Sam_Vimesi know i have the page with the list of nicks open ;)
23:54:07Duke_Sam_Vimesi have the wps code to show the position of a song in a playlist the thing is i use it even when im just playing songs directly out of directories and im wondering what position its giving me when i use it that way
23:55:02BoD[]hmm :) and when you try it, what position does it give to you ?
23:55:41Duke_Sam_Vimesat times when i play the first song in a directory it tells me that its in position 14(or some other number) of the playlist(the total playlist size is give as the amount of mp3s in the directory that are not in subdirectories)
23:56:15BoD[]and are you in random mode?
23:56:21BoD[]i mean shuffle
23:56:44Duke_Sam_Vimesit still happens when i manually select the first mp3 in a directory
23:56:55BoD[]because I believe that it makes a suffled playlist of the directory when you start a song... but I'm not sure
23:57:26Duke_Sam_Vimesah ok now i get what you mean, 1 sec

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