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#rockbox log for 2002-12-26

00:00:00BoD[]:) well
00:00:14BoD[]so in rockbox, it's always a playlist
00:00:38Duke_Sam_Vimesit seems to be that way at least when you have shuffle
00:00:48PsstAierockbox > fluxbox ?
00:01:05BoD[]it's automatically generated (and possibly shuffled) from the directory
00:04:23Duke_Sam_Vimes*sigh* i need to get more sleep in future before i go asking dumbass questions
00:05:26Duke_Sam_Vimesunfortunately it doesnt include sub-directories
00:05:48BoD[]yup you have to make playlist
00:05:57Duke_Sam_Vimeswhich you cant do with rockbox
00:06:15BoD[]well nop, you have to do them on your computar :)
00:06:39Duke_Sam_Vimesor just boot back into archos land make them restart and then use them
00:06:59BoD[]but it's easy ... $find . -name "*mp3" > list.m3u
00:07:22Duke_Sam_Vimeswell when you are on a bus and have no access to a PC or laptop....
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00:07:29BoD[]yes it's true
00:07:44BoD[]I'm sure this feature will be there soon
00:07:55BoD[]well I hope anyway :)
00:08:15BoD[]I believe it's one of the most requested features
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00:11:20Duke_Sam_Vimesits the only thing its missing really
00:11:56BoD[]playlist browsing would be cool
00:12:28BoD[]like winamp ... playing any file in the playlist without breaking it
00:12:38Duke_Sam_Vimesalthough even at the moment rockbox is an amazing piece of work
00:13:41Duke_Sam_Vimesyeah that would be nice, you could pull that off with the old firmware
00:14:16BoD[]yep :)
00:14:32Duke_Sam_Vimesone of the few things it got right
00:15:43BoD[]I hope they will change my unit
00:15:46Duke_Sam_Vimesbtw have you managed to install any of the patches?
00:15:47BoD[]the bastards :)
00:15:56BoD[]nop I never tried
00:16:20Duke_Sam_Vimeshmmm i want more games ;)
00:17:00BoD[]héhéhé :)
00:17:29BoD[]and you didnt manage to install them ?
00:18:31Duke_Sam_Vimeseverytime i try to use patch it tells me that it cant find files
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00:20:55Duke_Sam_Vimesill just have to live with tetris snake and that other thing ;)
00:21:32BoD[]well tetris is the god of all games :)
00:21:40Duke_Sam_Vimesyes but you cant pause it
00:21:48BoD[] haa hhahaa :)
00:21:56BoD[]true this version is not the best ;)
00:23:06Duke_Sam_Vimesbut its still tetris, and considering this is an mp3 player we are talking about its impressive
00:24:54BoD[]well I'll go watch episode one and go to bed
00:25:02BoD[]so see yoy ! bye !
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00:55:36Duke_Sam_Vimesanybody there?
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02:38:51Namelescan someone answer a general jukebox question for me?
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05:35:29crazybeeanyone ative?
05:36:13crazybeeanyways, I bought an Archos JBMM.. so far so good.. I liek the little thing. But, I read that it only supported USB 2.0 via an adapter, however, it has a mini USB 2.0 plug on the side.. what gives?
05:42:43crazybeeAlso, the Multimedia FireWire and USB 2.0 adapters are not simply "wiring" to the correct pins on the Archos JBMM.. I opened up my USB 2.0 adapter and there looks like to be a DSP and supporting HD. All SMT. Damn.
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06:37:50_seb_damn... #rockbox gets visitors from the National Institutes of Health?
06:37:59_seb_now we know we have hit the big leagues ;)
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16:22:42Xwho has GNUSH set up and compiling on XP pro ?
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18:01:10RedLegAnybody Home?
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19:39:45duke_awayanyone on?
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23:23:49WhiteNoiseThis mod is super cool.
23:28:22duke_sam_vimeslol i know its improves a lot of things
23:52:41WhiteNoiseYeah. It does. It's a cool device to begin with, but rockbox just makes a good thing better. And the cool thing is I can see how it's done. God, I love open source. ;)
23:54:58duke_sam_vimesyeah it is the up side of things like the internet that they can get around easier, once i learn c i hope to get involved
23:56:27WhiteNoiseI'm downloaded it and I'll be making some "minor" mods, just to get the feel of how it's put together. I don't think I'll be doing any hardware mods, though, since I'm not very skilled with a soldering iron. ;)

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