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#rockbox log for 2002-12-27

00:01:42duke_sam_vimeslol, im using it as a CS learning tool
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01:31:40BoD[]hi :)
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01:32:30BoD[]and hmmm bye :)
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01:48:28glytchbinarywhos working on the recording features ?
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02:01:24Triple-zwhats the trickle charge ?
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02:03:28duke_sam_vimesits when the JB tries to keep its charge level high(+90% i think)
02:03:33duke_sam_vimesit means its always topped off
02:04:08duke_sam_vimesits all explained in the manual
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02:29:18Triple-zwhere i looked
02:30:57Triple-zshould i turn it on?
02:35:25hardeepTriple-z: if you charge your JB overnight then, yes, turn on trickle charge (and turn off deep discharge)
02:38:50Triple-zi still did not undertend how to use the bidi-scroll feature
02:41:21duke_sam_vimesim a newbie at this as well, what i got from reading the manual was that DD was for long peroids of charging(ie overnight) and trickle was for shorter peroids
02:42:07hardeepduke_sam_vimes: not quite, DD doesn't begin charging again until you're down to 10% battery
02:42:22hardeepthis is to save battery life when you are using the recorder as it's charging
02:43:21duke_sam_vimesive had the situation where ive left my unit charging for a long time(plugged in beside me for a day) and it tops up then drains then tops up again that cant be good for the battery right? DD means that it wont keep doing that
02:43:25hardeeptrickle charge is needed for the overnight charging so the batteries remain at max level when you wake up the next morning
02:43:39hardeepduke_sam_vimes: right
02:44:21hardeepTriple-z: what don't you understand about the bidi feature?
02:44:52Triple-zi want to use it in my custom wps
02:45:00Triple-zhow i can do that?
02:45:32hardeepTriple-z: there's no custom wps flag for bidi
02:45:51hardeepit automatically kicks in if the string is less then a specified length
02:46:40Triple-zbut i wanna use bidi scroll and not the regular scroll for the scrollin line
02:46:54hardeepthat's currently not available
02:47:07hardeepif you use %s, then bidi might kick in
02:47:13hardeepbut it depends on your bidi setting
02:47:16Triple-zor if the song title is too long to fit the screen
02:48:39Triple-zwhats the % of it means in the setting
02:49:44hardeepif the total width of the string/LCD_WIDTH < % then bidir will kick in
02:50:03hardeepor something like that
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02:51:11hardeepif you set it to 50%, if the string size is 1.5x the LCD WIDTH, then bidir will be enabled
02:54:45Triple-zwhat wps u use?
02:56:25duke_sam_vimesgotta love wps, one of the best features
02:57:23hardeepduke_same_vimes: yeah, it's very cool
02:57:44hardeepTriple-z: i use basically the default but replace the bitrate with the peakmeter
02:57:58duke_sam_vimesits a customisers dream, i spent 2 hours when i got rockbox messing with it. i especially love the conditional statements
02:58:39Triple-zwhat setting you use?
02:58:54duke_sam_vimes1 sec
02:59:26duke_sam_vimes%s%?it<%it|%s %fn>
02:59:26duke_sam_vimes%s%?id<%id|%?ia<%?d3<%d3/>%?d2<%d2/>%d1/|%?pn<Playlist:%pn|%fbkbs Freq:%ff>>>
02:59:26DBUGEnqueued KICK duke_sam_vimes
02:59:26duke_sam_vimes%?pp<Song %pp of %pe|kbit %fb Freq %ff>
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02:59:27duke_sam_vimes%?in<Track No. %in|%pm>
03:00:00duke_sam_vimesi wonder will i be able to mod context so it will work with wps code ;)
03:00:24Triple-zill try your setting
03:00:52Triple-zlooks a little loaded with info..
03:01:02duke_sam_vimesit takes care of songs that have tags and songs that dont so basically you will always either know the artist and album or at least the file path
03:01:21duke_sam_vimeswell better than empty lines ;) and most if not all of it is helpful
03:02:09duke_sam_vimesalthough it needs to be cleaned up, some parts of it will never get displayed(like the else part of %?pp
03:02:47duke_sam_vimes%s%?id<%id|%?ia<%?d3<%d3/>%?d2<%d2/>%d1/|%?pn<Playlist:%pn|%fbkbs Freq:%ff>>>
03:02:47***Alert Mode level 2
03:02:47***Alert Mode level 3
03:02:47duke_sam_vimesSong %pp of %pe
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03:02:48duke_sam_vimes%?in<Track No. %in|%pm>
03:02:52duke_sam_vimesthats a cleaner version
03:05:30Triple-zwhats %?id do?
03:06:00duke_sam_vimesthe ? mean coniditions
03:06:20duke_sam_vimesas in %?condition<statement|else statement>
03:06:21Triple-zoh didnt know what
03:06:35duke_sam_vimesthey are very handy for dealing with files with no tags
03:06:53Triple-zim trying to tag all my files..
03:07:39duke_sam_vimes%id is the tag for album name so i have it set up to show the file path if there is no album name but there is artists name if it has neither then show the playlist and if there is no playlist goto the kbs and freq readings
03:08:12duke_sam_vimeshence all the >s at the end
03:09:15duke_sam_vimesi would tag all my files but it was take a small age to do it so i just live with directory listings insteaed
03:09:39duke_sam_vimes is the page on cusom building a wps
03:10:01Triple-zyeah i know
03:10:35Triple-zyou got some nice progs to tag files
03:11:09duke_sam_vimesnope never bothered to, i either tag them when im ripping them or else just live without tags
03:11:50Triple-z great proggie
03:12:05Triple-zsmall & freeware with nice features
03:12:44Triple-zi also use mp3 tag studio
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03:13:30duke_sam_vimeswhy not just tag when ripping?
03:14:09Triple-zwell like 30% of my stuff is my own rips
03:14:17Triple-zi tag when i rip
03:14:41Triple-zbut some files you download need to be fixed, the tag i mean
03:16:47Triple-z%s%?it<%it|%fn> means the if the files dont got ID3 Track Title it shows the File Name (without extension)?
03:17:08duke_sam_vimesyep and scrolling if needs be
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03:17:45duke_sam_vimeslol if you can get the third line you have wps ;)
03:18:02duke_sam_vimes5 conditionals
03:19:18Triple-zyeah its simple to fix the tag :P
03:19:29Triple-zmore simple i mean
03:22:36duke_sam_vimesthe tags arent that hard to do and at this stage it would take hours to fix all the tags
03:22:40Triple-zcan you save eq setting?
03:23:17duke_sam_vimesyes there is a file for that .cfg i think again theres a page on making on in the manual
03:24:36duke_sam_vimesin my previous post the first use of tags was refering to wps tags and the second to ID tags
03:27:53duke_sam_vimes* The .cfg file is used on both the Rockbox Player and Recorder, in order to
03:27:54duke_sam_vimes load custom settings.
03:27:54duke_sam_vimes* Currently, only sound settings are supported but this will change in the
03:27:54duke_sam_vimes future.
03:30:12Triple-zyou use bass boost or loudness?
03:30:27duke_sam_vimesdepends on if im using my speakers or headphones
03:31:14duke_sam_vimesgenerally if things sound off ill mess with them until they sound right
03:32:37Triple-zwhat headphones your using?
03:33:16duke_sam_vimesa pair of Ross ones semi-generic but fairly decent
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07:16:16adi|homeim going to have to stab someone in the neck if we keep getting these screwed up feature requests
07:19:42WhiteNoiseHaha. What's the new one?
07:23:48adi|homehold on ill get it
07:24:40WhiteNoiseI'm surprised no one has asked for USB keyboard support. ;)
07:25:50WhiteNoiseHaha. "Make tetris easy!"
07:26:04adi|homei hope my comment was as tamed as i hoped...
07:26:11adi|homei was holding back _really_ hard
07:26:55WhiteNoiseI'd say it's pretty appropriate.
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07:36:10adi|homejust making sure it dont come off too harsh
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08:04:23Bryantis anyone here?
08:04:33Bryanti have a very very peculiar problem
08:05:08Bryantjust hooked up my archos to my dad's comp, which has USB 2.0, after doing the preinstallation
08:05:45Bryantand now whenever i try to read the archos, and after about 15-20 seconds, the connection is lost and then refound
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08:14:10adi|homewindows or linux?
08:16:20Bryanti'm installing new drivers
08:16:24adi|homeahh.. okay..
08:16:28adi|homewas gonna say
08:16:39Bryantlemme restart
08:16:41 Quit Bryant ()
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08:22:31Bryantit still does it
08:22:53Bryantand now it doesn't even show up as a drive
08:23:11Bryantwhy does my life have to be so complicated
08:30:13Bryantmeh, sorry i come here and complain
08:30:23Bryantlater guys
08:30:31 Quit Bryant ()
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15:09:13_Dino_I just donated money... now can I crack the whip
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15:19:19diddystar5could someone answere my questions about compiling
15:22:41 Join _Dino_ [0] (~dan@
15:22:56_Dino_what question?
15:23:21 Join Stephen [0] (
15:23:22_Dino_not that I'll know the answer...
15:23:55StephenI have a question, I got the Archos Jukebox FM Recorder 20 today. I was wondering if Rockbox will work on it
15:24:52_Dino_I'm pretty sure it'll work a treat...
15:24:56 Join LinusN [0] (
15:25:18LinusNStephen: no, it doesn't yet work on the recorder 20
15:25:26LinusNthe fm recorder 20
15:25:34Stephenok thanks
15:25:40CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 3 days and 11 hours at the last flood
15:25:40*_Dino_ lied, sorry
15:25:41StephenI'll keep an eye on the site
15:25:46LinusNwe are workingn on it
15:26:07LinusNwe have cracked the scrambling algorithm and can boot rockbox
15:26:16Stephenah right
15:26:17LinusNbut it immediately shuts off again
15:26:31LinusNwe need an FM recorder to take apart
15:26:40Stephenoh bit of a problem then :D
15:27:06_Dino_hmmm, archos have changed the scrambling algorithm.. does that mean they aren't happy about the existance of rockbox?
15:27:33LinusNi'm not sure, they may have other reasons as well...
15:27:36diddystar5ok can i use a c++ compiler (borland) to compile rockbox on windows?
15:27:42dwihnoNot really
15:27:48LinusNthe difference is not big
15:27:57dwihnoIt requires a SH-1 compiler (if you want the target binary)
15:27:59LinusNdiddystar5: only the simulator
15:28:04_Dino_needs to be a cross compiler... correct me if I'm wrong
15:28:09dwihnoHej Linus! *get some kebab with starka såsen på*
15:28:11diddystar5ok thanks
15:28:18LinusNsill & potatis
15:28:35LinusNcu Stephen
15:28:53 Quit Stephen ()
15:29:37diddystar5im just learning about c++ development before rockbox i didn't even know what c was!
15:30:05LinusNdiddystar5: good for you
15:30:22LinusNrockbox can be a good learning experience
15:30:48_Dino_the FM recorder looks quite good as does the mm, wonder how much I can get for my player 20 on ebay...
15:30:49dwihnoSILL+POTATIS! :D
15:34:02_Dino_1/3 of the price I paid for it :(
15:35:32diddystar5i still love my r20
15:36:03_Dino_I'm going to have to love my player for a bit yet..
15:38:10_Dino_has the hd inside got a normal ide connection?
15:38:23diddystar5the only thing i didn't like about my player was the screen and navigation
15:38:42diddystar5a 2.5 ide
15:38:45diddystar5i think
15:39:18_Dino_so that's not the same as a normal ide?
15:39:19diddystar5same but a bit smaller
15:39:59LinusN_Dino_: there are adapters to convert it to a stamdard 3.5"
15:40:06diddystar5and the power is also fed through the ide on the small 2.5 ide
15:40:32_Dino_cool, usb 1.x is way too slow, I was wondering if there was a way to get ide out of the bugger
15:41:25_Dino_not that you'd really want to take it apart just to get ide out of it :(
15:41:30_Dino_stupid idea
15:43:04 Quit _Dino_ ()
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16:23:48diddystar5hey linus, do you have a compiled ajz with the new games?
16:38:10 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
16:38:22 Part LinusN
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16:56:40Triple-zanyone know a good winamp plugin that find info on every song i play, like year ganere etc..?
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19:20:02duke_sam_vimeshello all
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22:40:12e-Jahlut all
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