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#rockbox log for 2002-12-28

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01:38:57_seb_what's up
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07:26:29kargatronhey, back from a 3 week vacation - anyone care to summarize rockbox changes in that time?
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16:52:43diddystar5does anyone have a compiled ajz with the new ch8 games?
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17:20:14diddystar5hello seb
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19:07:06kargatrondunno, been away for 3 weeks...i see the scrolling's been updated - any other changes in that period?
19:07:37crazybeeI have a JBMM... so I havent paid much attention..
19:07:47crazybeeI think asteroids was ported over.. or someone has attampted
19:11:27crazybeethe JBMM is pretty sweet so afr.. I am just annoyed that they did not implement USB 2.0 on the device itself.. it has a USB 2.0 mini-jack on it.. oh well
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19:36:10jbp641can someone help me?
19:36:46jbp641is it ok to update the firmware while it is charging?
19:38:04kargatroninsofar as you have to have USB hooked up
19:38:33kargatronthe .ajz file is only looked at on booting, so if you don't boot, the firmware change has no effect
19:38:53jbp641also, why does rockbox not charge the battery fully?
19:39:00jbp641oh ok
19:39:24jbp641does it conserve the batteries life?
19:39:26kargatrontraditionally, it was intentionally held back so as not to risk overcharging the batteries
19:39:55kargatronbut now there's a new trickle charge option, which i haven't tested, but i'm guessing that it is close to archos charging now
19:40:01kargatronnt sure tho
19:40:13jbp641but it still gets more life with rockbox?
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19:40:44kargatronup until recently, i know that most people who wanted to top off the batts used the archos fw to charge
19:41:20kargatronrockbox with poweroff option will probably give longest life, but that's independent of the issue of how charged your batts are
19:43:03jbp641poweroff option?
19:43:39kargatronan option that cuts power to the disk when not in use
19:43:51jbp641thats good
19:43:58jbp641sorry about all of the questions
19:45:47duke_sam_vimeskargatron:do you know would it be possible to order tracks using their ID tags?
19:46:00jbp641that would be nice
19:46:07kargatronpossible, sure
19:46:08jbp641but it would take a while
19:46:20kargatronbut would require file reading, so it's low priority afaik
19:46:39kargatronespecially because you can create playlists for workarounds
19:47:04kargatronthe simplest workaround is to rename the tracks in bulk using one of many tag editor/tools
19:47:12duke_sam_vimeswell creating playlists for every album you have is a bit time consuming, its just something that i noticed winamp does automatically
19:47:37kargatronrenaming the tracks is the quickest way, i'd think
19:48:28kargatroni'd also advise when you rip albums in the future to make the playlist then - not so painful one at a time. :)
19:48:46kargatronyou have a tag tool that will bulk rename?
19:48:49duke_sam_vimesthe thing is i then have to change the playlists for the JB after that
19:48:52kargatronplenty around i think
19:48:57kargatronid3-tagit is one
19:49:30duke_sam_vimesill go look, it isnt something im especially concerned about its just that some ablums have songs that run onto the next one so having them in order is handy
19:50:57kargatroni'm not a rockbox developer, so can't answer, but think they are low-prioritizing any requests that require mass file-reading before playing, just cuz it's time/resource-consuming
19:51:19kargatron(to read lots of files at once)
19:52:00duke_sam_vimesyes there would have to be limits to it
19:54:44duke_sam_vimesalso do you happen to know if rockbox automatically creates a playlist for every directory?
19:55:14kargatronit doesn't. that sounds like a job for an offline script
19:55:41kargatronactually, i was just thinking i wanted one such to make recursive playtlists for every dir with subfolders
19:56:16kargatronjust need a dir-walker script, then throw in the 'dir /s /b > pl_recursive.m3u' call
19:56:58duke_sam_vimessorry badly worded, i noticed that when you have play set to shuffle rockbox automatically creates a playlist or at least an ordering for the songs you are playing and i was wondering does it do this for normal play as well or just play the songs as it finds them on the hard drive
19:57:33kargatronthere's no 'or' there - same thing
19:57:58duke_sam_vimesnot really, the first implies some sort of listing being held within rockbox
19:58:04kargatronhm, actually, not sure
19:58:05duke_sam_vimesthe second is just play as you find them
19:58:16kargatronwas thinking that PLAY on a folder played the contents, but now can't remember
19:58:17duke_sam_vimesit leads to the same thing but implimentation is different
19:58:36duke_sam_vimesit doesnt it opens the directory
19:58:44kargatronit certainly plays in alpha order, not physical location
19:59:38duke_sam_vimesas in alphabetical order?
19:59:58duke_sam_vimesbut the files are already sorted in alphabetical order
20:00:30duke_sam_vimesso the next physically location is also the next file alphabetically
20:00:52kargatrononly if copied on that way
20:01:10kargatroni took physical location to be 'nearest stored on disk' :)
20:01:11duke_sam_vimesare all directory listings not alphabetical?
20:01:26duke_sam_vimesah that makes more sense
20:03:01kargatronanyway, a playlist is made from teh alpha list - you can see that when you play an indiv track in a dir, and the wps playlist numbers show 1/20 (for example)
20:03:09kargatronassuming your wps shows that :)
20:03:40kargatronso the virtual pl is always the full alpha-order folder contents
20:05:07duke_sam_vimesso it does create a virtual playlist for the directory, and yep i do have wps set up like that its how i noticed the suffle thing in the first place
20:05:24jbp641when is autoplaylist coming out?
20:05:54kargatronautopl? what's that? something mentioned above?
20:13:13jbp641like play all of a directory
20:13:23kargatrondoes that now
20:13:30kargatronnot recursively tho
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20:22:05duke_sam_vimesis there anywhere where i could find a full list of features in the daily builds?
20:22:49hardeepduke_sam_vimes: only by looking at the cvs commit logs
20:23:20duke_sam_vimeshardeep:where can i find those?
20:24:35hardeepduke_sam_vimes: there is a cvs command to get the info, i'm trying to remember what it is
20:25:14duke_sam_vimesthanks :)
20:25:38duke_sam_vimesim impressed at how stable the daily builds are
20:29:54kargatronwell, just wait till they fiddle with something basic, then you'll have a couple days of fun :)
20:34:27duke_sam_vimeslol ;) i only got the daily build because i wanted the multi line scrolling on the wps
20:35:20kargatrondaily builds have been stable (on average) for months now
20:35:49duke_sam_vimesfrom what the site said i was expecting something with more bugs than an alpha release
20:36:29kargatronmost hardcore users are on daily builds, including the devs, so they want things to work. :) not much checking in of bad code
20:36:55duke_sam_vimesis there any idea when 1.5 will be released?
20:37:38kargatronthink they're skipping to 2.0
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21:51:19diddystar5do you have a compiled ajz with the new games?
21:52:22duke_sam_vimeslol no, im in hte process of learning how to add patches
21:53:22diddystar5hehe befor rockbox i didn't even know what "c" was
21:55:26duke_sam_vimesi have to learn c++ anyway but rockbox is encouraging me to branch out to c as well
21:55:50duke_sam_vimesa pity java was my first language instead of c++
21:56:26Hadakait's important to know the differences between c and c++ - and the programming styles in both - everything else will come together
21:58:04duke_sam_vimesyeah i know, i have to learn c for theoretical physics and c++ for sys admin work
21:58:42duke_sam_vimesi just have to get out of 2 years worth of java habits first ;)
21:58:50diddystar5im just barely know much about c or c++
21:59:46duke_sam_vimesc++ is just c with OO bits bolted on right?(and some changes in synthx)
22:00:39Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: well, roughly so
22:04:48diddystar5does anyone know how to get the convbdf.exe to work?
22:06:07diddystar5i have a lot of bdf fonts toconvert
22:09:40duke_sam_vimeshow different are the recorder and player versions of the JB?
22:10:01Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: like day and night, imho
22:10:20Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: though the newer players are different again
22:10:52duke_sam_vimesHadaka:but rockbox managed to get firmware working for both?
22:11:15Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: yeah - the internals are not _that_ different still
22:12:01Hadakasame processor, similar decoder chips, similar usb chips etc.
22:12:32Hadakabut the recorders have a hugely better display, lots more buttons, controllable charger, real time clock, etc.
22:14:33duke_sam_vimesyeah i got that from the archos specs(its why i got the recorder instead of the player)
22:15:54diddystar5hewwo convbdf how do you make it work?
22:16:16Hadakadiddystar5: sorry, haven't even seen a windows machine in ages
22:16:35Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: which model did you get?
22:16:42duke_sam_vimesmost convert to linux
22:17:22duke_sam_vimeshadaka:i got the recorder20
22:17:42duke_sam_vimesa that stage my Mp3 collection was already 10+ Gb so the 10 Gb version was no use
22:18:30Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: perfect choice - it's the only model which has USB2.0
22:18:54Hadakathe HD size is relatively immaterial, since you can change it to a 40Gb or 60Gb drive yourself anyway
22:19:23diddystar5i wish i had linux :(
22:19:26duke_sam_vimeshadaka:i thought that all the recorders had USB2.0? and its not much use to me since the last USB2.0 PCI card i tried to install did rather interesting things to my case
22:20:05Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: nope, only the recorder 20 has USB2.0 - even the recorder 15 (which is a weird model) still has only USB1.1
22:20:25duke_sam_vimeshmmm archos dont advertise that
22:20:26Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: yeah, but having the possibility to use USB2.0 where it's available rocks
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22:21:08diddystar5hehe if i had usb 1.1 i'd just take the hd out and use ide
22:21:28duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5: that would just be more hassle than its worth
22:21:42duke_sam_vimesit would also mean getting the adapter
22:21:49diddystar5to transfer 15 gigs on the 15 r i would
22:22:01diddystar5allready have the adapter :)
22:22:16duke_sam_vimesleave it overnight, thats what i did for the recorder
22:22:30diddystar5im not patient :(
22:23:03duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5:its something to learn, comes in handy when dealing with computers or waiting a weekend for a kernel to compile
22:23:44diddystar5im only 12 i don't have that kinda patience!
22:24:04duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5:ah ok, dont worry it will come in time ;)
22:26:29duke_sam_vimesHadaka:what version of linux are you using?
22:28:07duke_sam_vimesor rather i should say what release
22:28:09Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: um, debian unstable, 2.4.19 kernel
22:28:18diddystar5i hope to get my own computer soon so i can install red hat 8
22:28:18Hadakadistribution is a good word
22:28:55Hadakaeven though a bit inaccurate, but still
22:29:22duke_sam_vimes*sigh* once i get this bloody home network working im hoping to get everything dual booting a unix/linux distro
22:30:17duke_sam_vimesthe joys of having family members who insist on using XP
22:30:49diddystar5xp is a cursed operating system
22:31:06duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5:the profession release isnt too bad, and it is better than ME
22:31:12Hadakano family member should insist on using a certain OS - only insist on having certain features
22:31:30diddystar5hey i like my me puter :(
22:31:56duke_sam_vimesHadaka:they enjoy using what they know, and ME has huge issues not least of which is bleeding RAM off and not giving it back
22:32:20duke_sam_vimesi will hopefully get kde or gnome set up and they will see its not that different
22:32:25diddystar5xp dosen't have dos
22:32:38Hadakayou could run vmware and xp inside it ;)
22:32:50Hadaka(or plex86, for that matter)
22:33:16duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5:and MEs version isnt exactly great either, ive gotten dos programmes to work under the emulation mode on XP that just crash out in ME
22:33:17 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34:29duke_sam_vimesHadaka:ever had any experience of using solaris?
22:35:31Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: yes
22:36:06duke_sam_vimesHadaka:what are your impressions of it?
22:37:16Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: the x86 version sucks - Solaris in general is a decent unix, one of the best proprietary unixes
22:38:08duke_sam_vimesHadaka:hmmm, it was the version i was thinking of going for since its also the version i have to sys admin for(Solaris 8)
22:39:12Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: if you wish to learn solaris, the x86 version is good for that - but it's not what I'd put on an x86 if I was seriously using it for something
22:39:48duke_sam_vimesHadaka:what would you suggest for a first time install?
22:40:28Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: well if you have to sysadmin solaris, you might just as well go for solaris x86 - and get the hang of things there
22:41:26Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: then after that, the first time install is whatever your friends can assist you with - it varies what's the prevalent distribution among your friends
22:42:08Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: and after that make your own choice of the best distribution
22:44:04duke_sam_vimesHadaka:thats one bonus of solaris, a friend of mines brother works on OS developement for sun, apart from that i rather large group of friends in the post grad section of the CS dept. so linux/unix help isnt too far away
22:44:45Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: yeah, go for solaris in the beginning then - at first, it doesn't matter as much
22:46:13duke_sam_vimesHadaka:i figured that much, if you are going to screw your OS up messing with it, it doesnt particularly matter which one... as long as you have backups
22:46:34Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: oh and when picking a unix/linux for real, don't ignore FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD either
22:46:50 Join ratdog [0] (
22:46:53duke_sam_vimesHadaka:i think one of my friends uses one of those
22:47:19duke_sam_vimesHadaka:oh and which would you pick first, kde or gnome?
22:48:35Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: well, it depends on the distribution a bit - which one is better supported in that - but I've never really enjoyed kde, so I use gnome when I use something like that
22:49:42duke_sam_vimesHadaka:thanks for the advice
22:49:48Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: no problem.
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23:06:52duke_sam_vimesis it possible to defrag a jukebox?
23:09:59Hadakaduke_sam_vimes: under USB, it acts as a normal IDE drive with a normal FAT filesystem - just defrag it just as you would any disk
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