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#rockbox log for 2002-12-29

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01:50:29jbp641does defragging help?
01:54:21Hadakajbp641: if you've managed to get your drive fragmented - yes
01:54:38Hadakajbp641: if you've mainly just copied mp3's in, it's probably not too fragmented anyway
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02:58:13duke_sam_vimeshello all
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12:50:07jinxcan rockbox charge the batteries?
12:50:44jinxdebug part always says it isn't..
12:54:04jinxyes.. this was very helpful...
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13:34:34maxxouillis there anybody here?
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13:46:04duke_sam_vimeshello all
13:49:23duke_sam_vimesdo you happen to know if tetris has a pause function?
13:50:02maxxouillno, i dont know, i was looking for someone who could tell me if there's gonna be a rockbox on archos jukebox multimedia
13:50:48duke_sam_vimesi think the standard line on that is "sure when someone in the team actually gets one so we can take it apart"
13:51:14maxxouilloki thanx duke_sam_vimes ;)
13:51:29maxxouillcuz i got one and using rock box could be interesting
13:51:39duke_sam_vimesrockbox makes the JB a joy to use
13:51:55duke_sam_vimesits a huge step forward over the firmware archos supplies
13:52:03maxxouillit s already a joy to use but it could be even better
13:52:39maxxouillsorry, i gotta eat see you later
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13:55:59e-Jahlut tt le monde
13:56:54duke_sam_vimesbonjour, comment ca va?
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14:28:57maxxouill_lunchlut e-Jah
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14:40:39e-Jahis it possible to see the letter who has been send to Archos to get the specs of their products ?
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17:17:49wendigoi got a studio 20 for xmas, cae across rockbox today while googling for firmware
17:18:07wendigoabout to install it, this is pretty cool ;)
17:24:34Hadakayeah, it's cool :)
17:25:02wendigowoah one of my biggest complaints with the original formware was it would only read so far into the filename when alphabatizing for order
17:25:19wendigoi have all my mp3s named artist - album - track# - title
17:25:33wendigoso if either the artist or the album were really long it wouldnt get the track # and it would paly out of order
17:25:41wendigorockbox doesnt seem to have that probme ;)
17:26:27Hadakaoh, didn't even realize that
17:40:34wendigoso what is the default font it is using?
17:42:39maxxouilli want a rockbox for my multimed :((
17:49:00wendigodynamic fonts appear to only be for the recorder
18:04:55*wendigo is gone.. autoaway after 15 min ..[cyp(l/on.p/on)]
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19:02:01zackis 2.0 out yet?
19:02:33 Part zack
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19:54:31froxanyone in here know if you can put fonts on the studio 10 model, i tried downloading and playing the fnt file on my jukebox, but nothing happened and i was just wondering if it was another one of those things that the studio can't do
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20:06:47wendigofrox: i think fonts are only for teh recorder model
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20:39:16jbp641how do i turn keylock on?
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21:26:52ironihi ppl
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21:38:36e-Jahre tt le monde
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21:45:46duke_sam_vimeshello all
21:49:06ironiis this JB6000 crapor what
21:49:11ironiits falling apart
21:49:21ironivarious strange errors, buttons getting bad, etc
21:51:07ironiwell im jsut saying that its a piece of crap when it comes to quality
21:51:58MrSnazzthat's constructive
21:52:15ironiwell i'm kinda disappointed :/
21:52:33ironiim not talking about the rockbox software
21:52:37ironibut the hardware
21:52:56duke_sam_vimesah, i avoided all that and went straight for the recorder20
21:53:11ironigood thinking
21:53:28ironii was considerign either the jb6000 or a cd-based player
21:53:36ironiso i went for that one sinc ei got it so cheap
21:53:45duke_sam_vimesafter the reviews i saw there wasnt much debate on which to get
21:53:52MrSnazzits too bad when cool things end up having sucky quality :(
21:53:56ironibut now it has a life of its sometimes, but it never seems to charge those batteries properly
21:54:04ironiMrSnazz: It is
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21:54:26ironihey is there any new stuff in the rockbox firmware for the player since the 1.4 release?
21:55:18duke_sam_vimesnot a clue, i know for the recorder they have added a lot in the daily builds
21:57:09ironiheh it just wont turn on if i dont have it connected to the usb
21:57:55ironiwell sometimes it will
21:58:12ironilike now it will show "battery charging" but i cant turn it on while its charging
21:58:22duke_sam_vimeshave you tried it with the original firmware?
21:58:45ironiwell not really
21:58:52ironii cant manage to turn the damn thing on
21:59:04ironiwith usb plugged in it still wont get going...the drive that is
21:59:28duke_sam_vimesthat is strange, is it a second hand one?
21:59:40ironiwhich makes windows xp go crazy and give a bluescreen
21:59:49ironino i have hardly used it
22:00:09duke_sam_vimestry bringing it back
22:00:26ironitoo late
22:00:29ironiand too far away =)
22:00:41ironidamn, i just got new fresh 2000 mzh batteries
22:00:47ironithe best i could find
22:01:03duke_sam_vimesare those fitted?
22:01:10ironii figures the batteries might be defective
22:01:21ironiso i got new ones with better capacity
22:01:27ironifitted? how do you mean?
22:02:36duke_sam_vimesas in are they in the player
22:03:06ironinow i got HD Error
22:03:45 Join jbp641 [0] (
22:03:50duke_sam_vimestry putting the original batteries in and trying it that way
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22:07:37ironiand there was the bsod
22:10:01duke_sam_vimesnot good
22:10:28ironiim am seriously considering throwing it out the window
22:10:32ironiwould make me feel better
22:11:15duke_sam_vimesem at least take the HDD out of it first
22:11:32duke_sam_vimesactually try that, get the HDD out get the adapter and check if the HDD is faulty or the unit
22:11:33ironiwell i have np use of a laptop hd
22:12:14ironiactually it would be cool to use that cause its so silent
22:12:17ironifor my server
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22:25:41jbp641I accidently plugged the wrong ac adapter into my Archos, it is still working
22:25:55jbp641want me to tell you the specs of the adapter
22:26:32duke_sam_vimesthe rockbox site has them somewhere
22:26:40jbp641hold on
22:28:16jbp641its 120VAC 60Hz 7W Output4.5V DC 700mA Polarity +
22:30:48jbp641I think the one that I used was weaker than the one that Archos uses
22:32:34duke_sam_vimeswell that shouldnt have been too bad its when you use one more powerful that you get issues
22:33:01jbp641yeah the the mA was 100 more though
22:33:17jbp641I left it plugged allnight long !
22:34:16jbp641it was my crappy TDK Mojo's Adapter
22:34:20jbp641it takes 2 AA
22:34:33jbp641the Archos takes 4 AA?
22:36:20duke_sam_vimesi think so
22:36:29jbp641where is evertone ?
22:37:13duke_sam_vimesnot a clue, ive never seen more than 3 or so people talking at once here
22:38:08jbp641where is this trickle charge feature in the menu?
22:39:39duke_sam_vimesits in the system part of general settings i think
22:40:44jbp641all i see is deep discharge
22:42:23duke_sam_vimesmaybe it wasnt implemented in your version? its in the daily builds
22:45:00ironishouldnt the batteries at least get a bit hot when charging
22:46:06jbp641i have 1.4
22:47:07duke_sam_vimesjbp641:ah i dont thing it was in that version
22:47:17duke_sam_vimesjbp641:if you really want it try a daily build
22:49:07duke_sam_vimesjbp641:ive been using the daily build from christmas day and i havent found any problems with it(that was the recorder build)
22:49:25ironii use a 1000mAh 9V adapter
22:49:31ironiisnt that the correct voltage?
22:49:40ironiu use only 4.5?
22:50:02jbp641that was the TDK Mojo adapter
22:50:03ironias far as i remeber the original was 9V DC
22:50:06ironioh ok
22:50:14jbp641let me look at it
22:50:42ironii has an us one so i got myself a new one here i n sweden
22:51:10ironiduke_sam_vimes: it started up for a second and died again...i think the batteries need like 5 weeks to charge
22:51:15jbp641min is 60 Hz 9V DC600mA
22:51:37ironiand polarity is - outer and + inner right?
22:51:58ironiqwell i guess putting the polarity wrong wont damage anything but the batteries
22:52:04jbp641yeah (-)−−-C−−−−(+)
22:52:43ironii had it the other way the other day
22:52:53ironiit acciedntly switched
22:52:55ironii hate it when there is a switch
22:53:05ironibetter with polairty in the plugs
22:53:27jbp641put some tape over it
22:57:38duke_sam_vimesironi:ouchie 5 weeks?!?
22:57:45ironijust kidding
22:57:51ironibut it seems to be somethign wrong
22:58:08ironiill just get a GP Charger that can charge 4xAA in 60 minutes
22:59:06duke_sam_vimesironi:i think it might be the 2000mA batteries, try using the ones that came with the unit, i remember seeing somewhere the the 2000mA ones supplied less power than 1500mA ones but i could be completely wrong ;)
22:59:18 Quit edx ()
23:00:15ironioh really?
23:00:38duke_sam_vimesironi:as i say i could be completely wrong but what have you got to lose?
23:01:58ironiill just let these go on overnight
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23:04:39 Join Schee [0] (
23:09:01jbp641do normal rayovacs work?
23:09:21ironiaren't rayovac's 1.5 V
23:14:41jbp641that one is right correct?
23:15:12ironijbp641: thats the exact ones i use
23:15:49ironiwow thats a good price
23:15:53jbp641are they any better?
23:16:01ironiwell they last longest
23:16:05jbp641than the ones that come standard
23:16:15ironithe standard ones are 1500
23:16:17ironiso count
23:16:29ironiabout 35% longer lasting
23:16:33jbp641I assume they still charge
23:16:40ironiwell, 33,3% to be exact
23:16:40jbp641in the archos
23:16:51ironiwell it says battery charging
23:17:01ironithey are the same batteries just more capacity
23:17:16jbp641k, sorry
23:17:27 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:19:32ironi2 hour charger and 4 2000mah batteries for only 37.95
23:19:38ironiher ein sweden it would be the double
23:19:47jbp641where is that?
23:21:05jbp641Now includes 12V car cord
23:22:09e-Jahwhat I want: JMM works under rockbox :)
23:22:59Scheehmm... do you think that the FM recorder will be able to use Rockbox someday ?
23:23:48e-Jahbecause the ArchOS su><
23:24:36duke_sam_vimeslol be thankful to them for producing the JB in the first place, id much rather a JBR than a nomad anyday
23:24:58jbp641Ipods are cool but too expensivbe
23:25:12duke_sam_vimesand only work with macs
23:25:24duke_sam_vimesor can you get them working with PCs?
23:26:53Scheeyou can
23:27:09Scheethere are two versions
23:28:10jbp641yeah PC and Mac
23:28:38WhiteNoise And Linux. :)
23:28:57jbp641no linux version I don't think
23:29:33WhiteNoiseNo commercial linux version, perhaps, but I know a few guys who use their iPods with linux.
23:29:47jbp641really cool
23:29:49WhiteNoiseI like the more or less native Linux support for the Archos, though.
23:29:55jbp641I never can get into Linux
23:30:02WhiteNoiseJust mount the SOB like a USB hd.
23:30:03Scheehmm... you have to use proprietary software, no ?
23:30:12Scheewith an iPod
23:30:24WhiteNoiseWhy would you "have" to?
23:30:50WhiteNoiseI'm no iPod expert, but AFAIK, it's just like an external FireWire HD.
23:31:07Scheebecause the ipod is not an external drive...
23:31:15MrSnazzthere is something about it, which required special windows software to be written before it could be used with windows
23:31:19Scheehmm... I don't know
23:31:24MrSnazzso I'm guessing it isn't merely a firewire drive
23:31:25e-Jahallez @++ les filles, j'V mater la teloche moi
23:31:32jbp641cause then they would not have a windows and Mac version
23:31:41Scheeben 'soir e-Jah alors
23:31:49MrSnazzwell, the mac version can with with both, but apparently the windows version doesn't work with the mac
23:31:53MrSnazzapple can be pretty retarded sometimes
23:31:57WhiteNoise*shrugs* There's an Open Source supported driver, anyway. :)
23:32:08WhiteNoiseApple is stupid about a LOT of things.
23:32:16e-Jahoups, good bye all, @+ Schee ;)
23:32:32duke_sam_vimesbyebye, and anyway is there a rockbox for the ipod? ;)
23:33:37 Quit e-Jah ("@++ les d'jeun'z")
23:33:41WhiteNoiseHeh, wouldn't that be sweet.
23:33:46duke_sam_vimeslol yes
23:33:55jbp641is the multimedia archos good
23:34:12WhiteNoiseOh. Apparently, the iPod is HFS+ formatted... so yeah, it's like a Mac HD.
23:37:39jbp641rockbox says bat 100% but the Archos keeps charging it
23:37:42WhiteNoiseIt would be really sweet if it turns out that ogg playing is possible. I wanna plays oggs, dammit.
23:38:08duke_sam_vimesogg vorbis
23:38:21duke_sam_vimesand i doubt it will unless people replace chips
23:38:27WhiteNoisei think there are issues with the displaying the correct battery percentage on rockbox, not sure though
23:38:41Schee50% of my files were oggs... I had to convert it to mp3
23:38:49 Quit maxxouill (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:38:59WhiteNoiseyeah, it's kind of a pain
23:39:20jbp641does it still charge even when it shows not charging?
23:40:07WhiteNoiseoh, also, i don't think rockbox will charge it to 100%
23:40:22WhiteNoiseseems like i read that on the website
23:40:24duke_sam_vimesi think it just draws mains power to keep running, and if you have rockbox set to deep discharge it wont refill(but archos will)
23:40:41WhiteNoisehow do you set deep discharge?
23:40:43duke_sam_vimestrickle charge will keep it 95%+
23:40:59jbp641i guess i need to get the daily build
23:41:50duke_sam_vimesthey are great(the daily builds)
23:43:18jbp641archos20021229.ajz do i just get the highest numbered one?
23:43:30 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:44:12duke_sam_vimeswell im using the christmas day version and ive no trouble with it at all
23:45:34ironii am considering trying to start my archos again
23:45:41ironibut i fear a bluescreen heh
23:45:44ironileta try
23:46:20ironinow it wont spin again
23:46:33jbp641do you have the multimedia one?
23:47:03ironiit's gone crazy,t hats the problem.
23:48:28ironiit seems to work now
23:48:51ironiits behaving funny
23:48:56ironiseems like its not getting cahrged
23:49:20jbp641i am gonna let my batt run down
23:49:27jbp641then see if it charges well
23:49:33ironiits like click-spin down-click spin down
23:50:01ironiyou telling me =)
23:50:50duke_sam_vimesi love it when computer parts start acting funny for no reason at all, a PCI card once did that to me it really is a b*tch
23:52:48ironinow it suddenly works in usb mode
23:54:48ironimaybe the 2000 mah really dont provide enough powwer
23:55:33duke_sam_vimestry the old batteries that will tell youy
23:57:51ironii guess

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