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#rockbox log for 2002-12-30

00:02:28ironiseems to be same result
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00:14:25Schee[je_dors]'nuit les filles
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05:34:41WhiteNoiseIs anyone else having a problem with rockbox seemingly draining the batteries faster?
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08:02:36merwinrock da box
08:06:01kargatronso they say
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10:03:08adi|homeanyone awake?
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10:12:33kargatronsorta awake
10:12:55kargatronactually still a bit jetlagged from thailand trip, buit that means i woke up early
10:16:59adi|homedo me a favor if any of the lads come in..
10:17:10kargatronany significant changes in last 3 weeks?
10:17:15adi|homemake mention that i found a neat 'bug'
10:17:27kargatroni noticed the scrolling change, that's all that was obvious
10:17:54adi|homewhen you have the charger plugged in, then pull the actual jack (still have charger plugged into player, but not to wall) we remain in charge mode and frozen at whatever the last update was...
10:18:00adi|homeneed sleep.. sorry :(
10:18:07*adi|home is away: sleep
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10:35:35*dwihno helps
10:36:07ironimy JB6000 will only run in usb mode
10:36:35ironiwhen i start it in normal mode it spins up and then spins down, and then freezes.
10:37:29ironiJukebox Ver: 5.03
10:37:36ironithats whaty it says
10:38:05dwihnoThere's an error? :)
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10:40:22ironidid i mention the bsod i get whn plugging it in? =)
10:42:08dwihnosounds bad :)
10:42:45ironiits very bad
10:42:59ironimaybe i can visit zagor and he can fix it
10:44:19ironii give up
10:44:35ironianyone who wants a jb6000 for spare parts
10:44:43ironicomes with 2000mAh batteries :)
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11:54:55e-Jahsalut tt le monde
11:56:00Scheesalut tt seul
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13:42:31Scheesomeone alive here ?
13:43:01kargatronif you could call it that
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13:56:48ScheeEDF = putain de bordel de sales enculés de merde !
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14:20:28e-Jahre tt le monde
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16:47:22MrSnazzmy sister got a 15gb jbr for xmas, but when she put rockbox on it (latest daily build from a few days ago) the mp3 playback was full of static and pops.
16:47:45MrSnazzswitch back to archos, playback was fine. :(
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16:56:39Schee[a_bas_EDF]hmm... just a question... does the difference between player and recorder really worth 50$ ?
16:57:29MrSnazzwell, do you want to record, have a higher res display, and play games?
16:57:47Hadakaand, USB2.0 if you are considering recorder 20
16:57:52Hadakanothing else has that
16:57:54MrSnazzyea, forgot about that part
16:58:01Schee[a_bas_EDF]I don't want to record
16:58:05MrSnazzI don't have a usb2.0 card yet, but going to get one 'cause of the jbr20 ;)
16:58:05Schee[a_bas_EDF]but USB would be great
16:58:10Hadakawanting to record is ignorable
16:58:27Hadakabut the larger display, controllable charger, RTC, better ISD chip etc. is well worth the price imho
16:58:53HadakaI haven't ever needed recording yet, but I'm truly happy I got the recorder 20
16:59:02Schee[a_bas_EDF]ok... I will probably buy a recorder...
16:59:22Schee[a_bas_EDF]FM recorder would be nice if rockbox was working on it
17:00:49HadakaSchee[a_bas_EDF]: no bonus there, yet, but progress has actually been made
17:01:11HadakaIf you read the mailing-list about recorder stuff, you might find out what's the current status
17:03:19Schee[a_bas_EDF]yes I saw that progress has been made, but I don't know when it will work
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17:13:32HesI guess FM support could happen pretty fast if one of the developers got his hands on one, or an interested FM-owner with the required skill set would appear
17:13:59Hesit's probably not a matter of a lot of actual work
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17:17:16eJahHadaka: and do you know where is the progress for JMM ?
17:17:43HadakaeJah: no progress, I'd say - different processor, different internals - entirely different project is a good guess
17:18:17HadakaeJah: the FM recorder hasn't got a lot of things that have changed - just some nastiness such as renaming the MAS from being a MAS to some archos chip or something
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17:19:22eJahok thx Hadaka
17:19:40eJahbut we don't have specs about JMM no ?
17:20:35Hadakano, we don't have any real specs - but I think the processor was known or something - it's different anyway
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17:22:45eJahi don't have notions of electronics, then i can't help :/ it sux because the JMM is excellent but the archOS ... sux ;)
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17:59:29e-Jahallez j'y go, mon père ve ke je lui vire linux...Alors je v lui installer une mdk9 :p lol
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18:00:53_seb_does any one here speak french? e-jah is always speaking french :)
18:01:06MrSnazzI try not to ;)
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18:58:46LinusNi am so tired of all lunatics filing feature requests without reading the FAQ
18:59:04LinusNand without reading the previous requests
18:59:14MrSnazzhey linusn, my sister had an odd problem with a jbr w/ rockbox..
18:59:36MrSnazzjbr 15gb, with rockbox mp3 playback was full of static and pops
18:59:44MrSnazzwith the archos software, playback was fine
18:59:53LinusNand how was the volume?
19:00:09MrSnazzI'll have to ask her, we don't live in the same area
19:00:25LinusNi don't mean the volume setting, but the perceived volume level
19:00:37MrSnazzah, ok
19:01:20LinusNask her to change the bass/treble/loudness/superbass settings and see if anything changes
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19:01:25MrSnazzthis was using the daily build from a few days ago, btw
19:01:31LinusNand please try to send me the song
19:01:47MrSnazzwill do. this was on several diff songs, apparently but I'll get one of them
19:01:57LinusNwas it on all songs?
19:02:03MrSnazzI think so
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19:02:28MrSnazzthanks, I should hear back from her later today
19:03:08MrSnazzmy jbr20 is crystal clear with rockbox :) got an aux input adapter for my car cd player, sounds really nice
19:04:23LinusNtry to play the same mp3 file with the same sound settings as her and see if it sounds the sae
19:04:41LinusNthat would be an intereseting experiment
19:06:08MrSnazzI'll try that
19:25:12 Part LinusN
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19:54:25duke_sam_vimeshello all
19:56:41Scheehello you
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20:04:16e-Jahre all
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20:24:59diddystar5ahh duke: could ya recommend a the easiest way to learn c++?
20:25:27 Nick J`mange is now known as Schee (
20:26:33 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
20:26:38duke_sam_vimesdiddystar5:get a decent book and mess lots, thats how i learnt java
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22:07:53duke_sam_vimescan i ask a question about how rockbox queues things to be played?
22:08:13LinusNyes you can
22:08:44duke_sam_vimeswhen you are in shuffle mode rockbox makes what looks to be a playlist(as in it already knows what will be track 6 etc.) does it do the same when in normal play mode?
22:09:31LinusNyou mean when not using a playlist?
22:09:49kargatronyes, i think he's asking about the virtual playlist.
22:10:10duke_sam_vimesthis is just when playing directly from a directory
22:10:14LinusNrockbox creates a playlist in RAM and then plays it
22:10:27kargatroni.e., 'yes' :)
22:10:55duke_sam_vimesah thank you very much, is there any way to access this playlist? so you could say scan ID tags and make changes accordingly?
22:10:57LinusNin shuffle mode it also shuffles the in-RAM playlist
22:11:21LinusNduke_sam_vimes: it's in RAM, rockbox can do whatever it wants with it
22:11:43duke_sam_vimesLinusN:thank you very much :D
22:12:00LinusNduke_sam_vimes: any special ideas?
22:12:51duke_sam_vimesLinusN: well a few but there are a lot of technical problems and most would be unworkable except in specific conditions, in other words window dressing rather than anything substantial
22:12:55kargatroncurious - if you toggle shuffle on/off/on, what happens? off retains the current position in the non-shuffled pl, and the second on returns to the first on?
22:14:05LinusNit always tries to retain the currently playing song, i think
22:14:38LinusNnot really sure, i don't remember
22:19:18 Quit e-Jah ("@++ les d'jeun'z")
22:20:39duke_sam_vimesLinusN: how long would it take to re-order a say 400 song playlist in RAM?
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22:21:35kargatrona very short time, based on how shuffle works
22:22:11duke_sam_vimeswell this would be scanning the list and sorting it
22:22:25duke_sam_vimesso i presume thats going to take longer than just random assigning an order
22:23:03LinusNit is done with a blink of an eye
22:23:18duke_sam_vimesah ok
22:23:21LinusNduke_sam_vimes: "scanning"?
22:23:35MrSnazzis it difficult to count the number of directories and files in a directory?
22:23:41MrSnazzon the archos
22:23:50duke_sam_vimesLinusN: as in checking the ID tags and sorting from that
22:23:52LinusNMrSnazz: not really
22:24:15LinusNduke_sam_vimes: aha, well that will take some time, since you will have to open each file and parse the ID3 tags
22:24:33MrSnazzLinusN: I'm sure this is obvious, but what about for a global shuffle, count number of top-level dirs, pick number, count number of subdirs/files in that dir, pick number, etc. until an mp3 file is hit?
22:24:36duke_sam_vimesLinusN:thats what i was thinking about
22:24:43MrSnazzno playlist required then
22:24:52kargatronduke_sam_vimes, much better, faster, easier to rename your files en masse using id3 tags...
22:25:00LinusNduke_sam_vimes: a few seconds maybe
22:25:20MrSnazzonly needing to keep a list of previously played tracks, anyway
22:25:24duke_sam_vimesLinusN:as in as long as the original archos firmware took to scan a playlist
22:25:50LinusNduke_sam_vimes: i guess it would be a little faster, but not much
22:26:09duke_sam_vimesLinusN:again thanks for the info ;)
22:26:53duke_sam_vimeskargatron:renaming is fine but when a directory holds more than 1 album you would have to start including track numbers and album names to keep the order
22:27:15LinusNduke_sam_vimes: yes, and?
22:27:35kargatronah, well, if you're insane enough to use totally flat storage... :)
22:27:53duke_sam_vimeslol, i try not to but some of the music i have was given to me this way
22:27:57LinusNwell, i gotta go now
22:28:01LinusNcu guys!
22:28:14 Part LinusN
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22:28:21MrSnazzoh well
22:28:27MrSnazzmaybe I'll just code my idea and submit it as a patch.
22:28:46kargatronbtw, the same id3 tag editing tools that can rename files can also as easily organize them
22:29:01kargatronyou could sub-folderize your flat storage with a single click
22:29:29duke_sam_vimeskargatron:i only have that problem with 5 or 6 folders the rest are fine and organised
22:29:33kargatronby album, artist/album, whatever you want, based on the id3 tags
22:30:13duke_sam_vimeskargatron:*sigh* i give up, could give me the name of a good one please
22:30:22duke_sam_vimesput a you between could and give is what i use
22:31:30kargatronthere are probably several more freebies out there too
22:32:25kargatronthank me after you marvel at its usefulness. :)
22:33:10duke_sam_vimeslol so its one of those programmes
22:33:23duke_sam_vimesi think i did the same thing after i found CDeX
22:33:29duke_sam_vimesand rockbox
22:34:51 Nick duke_sam_vimes is now known as duke_sam_away (Duke_Sam_V@
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22:37:37 Quit Sinny ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
22:42:07 Part mecraw_
22:54:18 Join Yeft [0] (
22:54:31Yefti ha ve a question
22:54:44kargatronask and despair
22:56:23Yeftummm every time i load my archos jukebox 6000 it gives a message saying Dir Buffer Full! but then just goes on working...should i worry about this (i use rockbox 1.4..)
22:56:53 Join Scheee [0] (
22:57:12Scheeemais c koi ce bordel ??
22:57:25Yeftje ne sais pas
22:58:15Yeftany one gonna answer my q? or should ijust give up all hope
22:58:40Scheeewhat's your question ?
22:58:50Yeftummm every time i load my archos jukebox 6000 it gives a message saying Dir Buffer Full! but then just goes on working...should i worry about this (i use rockbox 1.4..)
22:59:03HadakaYeft: have you got over 400 files in one directory?
22:59:22Yeftdefinitly not
22:59:24Hadakahmm, then something is wrong
23:00:10HesIsn't the limit somewhat dynamic, depending on the length of the file names?
23:00:23Yeftis there a limit on the amount of directories you can have?
23:00:54HesSo even less than 400 entries (files or directories) with very long names can fill the dir buffer.
23:00:55Hadakawell the limit is for files and directories in a single directory
23:01:16Hadakaand I think hes is right
23:01:58 Join agricocb [0] (~agricolc@
23:02:34HesHow many directories/files do you have in your root directory?
23:02:38Yeftis 3 directorys in one directory too much? cuz thats the most i have
23:02:45HesDefinetely not.
23:02:56HesIt should happily eat hundreds.
23:03:38Yeftin my root...i have 16 directorys and lotssss of files
23:03:44Yeftumm id say 300 files
23:04:48Yeftmaybe if i loaded one of the daily builds....
23:04:56 Quit Schee (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:15 Nick Scheee is now known as Schee (
23:05:32Yeftill try that real quick
23:06:40 Join Sinny [0] (
23:07:13agricocbAnybody know what the current state of the file management stuff is?
23:08:27HesThe 300 files in the root directory are filling the directory buffer
23:08:39Hestry splitting them in two subdirectories... a daily build won't help.
23:09:12Yeftwell, i just loaded the 12/30 daily build and didnt get the message
23:09:58HesStrange, maybe something has changed around there then.
23:10:03Yeftyeh its fine out
23:10:57 Quit Yeft ("One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove hi")
23:11:48agricocbDoes anybody know the current state of the file management stuff?
23:12:36 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
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