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#rockbox log for 2002-12-31

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00:08:09nichosevening all
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00:08:59nichosis anyone using the archos on linux? does it just mount as a USB hard drive? <like a digital camera>?
00:09:33MrSnazzmy roommate does, I'll ask him
00:09:41nichosMrSnazz thanks
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00:09:47*nichos is thinking about buying one today
00:10:51MrSnazzhe says yes
00:11:04nichosi take it you are all overall pleased w/the thing?
00:11:16e-Jahi use my JMM like hard drive with NO problems :)
00:11:18MrSnazzyup! I have a recorder 20gb, he has a player 20gb
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00:11:32MrSnazzhe's pleased except that he's jealous of my black-trim 20gb recorder :)
00:11:59nichosyeah, recorder has a $50 rebate right now @ best buy, putting it @ 229
00:12:12nichosand ihave a $ 25 gift cert. there too
00:12:38MrSnazziirc the bestbuy 20gb model is the one with the black trim.. I snagged mine from ebay
00:12:41nichosthe only difference between the two is, obviously, one records, and usb 2.0?
00:12:52MrSnazzrecords, usb2.0, and better chips from what I hear
00:12:55MrSnazzbetter display also
00:14:41nichoscool, thanks MrSnazz
00:15:00MrSnazzno problem
00:15:08nichosim off to the store to look at it;)
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01:11:16jbp641how do i lock my keys?
01:12:48adi|workwell.. first you read the manual :)
01:15:36 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
01:16:40jbp641i did
01:16:48jbp641i couldn't find it at first
01:17:00jbp641i read the faq, and forgot there was one
01:24:30adi|workhehehhe k :)
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01:45:03*BoD[] bed time
01:45:05BoD[]bue !
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03:02:11Kshainanybody here?
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03:08:18Kshainanybody hheeeeere
03:09:26Hadakaevery now and then
03:10:38Kshainany here who knows anything about the rockbox project?
03:11:01Hadakawell, this is the channel for it
03:11:05Hadakaso yes
03:15:04Kshainok then. :) −− Then can you tell me if there is any way to charge my archos studio 10's batteries all the way up
03:15:18Hadakaall the way up?
03:15:29KshainMeaning 100%
03:15:48KshainI charged it, and my batteries ran out in lke 5 hours today
03:16:08HadakaI believe the studio models do not have a controllable charger - which means that whatever the archos unit charges them is what happens
03:16:25Hadakathe only way you can get better charging is with an external charger
03:16:55KshainWell, I actually meant that since i dloaded rockbox it cut down on battery power
03:17:11Hadakawhat version of rockbox are you using?
03:17:43Kshain1-4, the latest right?
03:17:59Hadakaum, you might try the latest daily builds or bleeding edge builds
03:18:05Hadakathey have much better battery settings
03:18:14Hadakadoing top-off charge and trickle-charge
03:18:31Hadakait shouldn't affect that adversely to the battery consumption
03:18:54Kshainhow do you use top off and trickle −− and also, do the latest have any horrible bugs I should know about?
03:19:15HadakaI'm not aware of any bugs
03:19:30Hadakaand there's a setting in the menu for 'trickle charge' - turn that on
03:20:51Kshainalright, sorry about so many q's but: what does trickle and top off do?
03:21:03Kshainthe guide on the rockbox site is not very informative :)
03:21:36Hadakaum, it's a length discussion - but basically top-off charge just means that the battery is charged differently when it's almost full - so that it gets as full as it can be
03:22:17Hadakaand trickle charge is charging a little bit every now and then to keep the batteries at maximum charge for a long time
03:22:56Hadakayou could try charging with the original archos firmware and see if that works better
03:23:35Kshainnah I like my Rockbox
03:23:41Kshainthanks for your help
03:23:48Hadakaum, you don't have to remove rockbox to do that
03:23:55KshainOh, I dont...?
03:23:59Hadakajust power off the unit - and then plug the charger in when it's powered off
03:24:11Hadakait will boot of the firmware that's in flash rom and start charging only
03:24:18Hadakait won't boot rockbox
03:24:37Kshainoh I knew that. Got confused for a sec. Thats how I have been charging
03:25:10Hadakayou sure you are charging it without rockbox being active
03:25:28Hadakaplugging in the charger when the unit is powered on?
03:31:13Hadakabecause if you did - then a newer rockbox won't help you one bit - it's archos firmware which has been doing the charging
03:34:19KshainI dont believe I've been turning it on first
03:34:30KshainWell, I'll go get the latest version anyhow
03:34:40Hadakayeah, the latest revision is better in any case
03:34:41Kshainwhich is the latest version btw?
03:34:58Hadakajust download the latest bleeding edge
03:37:28Hadakano problem
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05:53:35adi|homeummm.. wtf was kshain trying ton send me?
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07:27:05*Sinny is back
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07:55:19Kshainhello all
07:55:35Kshainneed a bit of help if anyone is available
07:59:00Kshainanybody heeereee?
08:00:52Kshainseems like sort of a waste of irc space dont you think?
08:02:52Kshainatleast i can talk to my self
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08:22:57MrSnazz"irc space"
08:23:02MrSnazzthe only waste is when somebody speaks
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10:21:50ricIIanyone tried rockboxui on ppc ?
12:19:25Scheeoh... does the ajs20 support mp3 encoded with more than 44kHz ?
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15:17:59e-Jahchalut tt le monde
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16:35:42Kshainanyone interesting in giving me some help here?
16:35:58kargatronif you're interested in asking
16:37:23kargatronsorry, not a fan of polite intros in chats - just lay the question on us :)
16:37:29Kshainalright, well that I am.
16:37:49KshainSorry noone was here yesterday when I came, and I kept trying to get attention but −− :(
16:38:11Kshainanyhow, I was wondering if there is a clock integrated into the latest rockbox build?
16:38:21ricIIKshain yes
16:38:46Kshainreally? On my archos studio, how do I go about finding that?
16:38:58ricIIKshain: it's in the daily's
16:39:15kargatronKshain, you just didn't wait long enough - you'd left before i noticed :)
16:39:34kargatronis the studio different from recorder in this respect - am i missing something in thinking the clock's been there forever?
16:39:41Kshainoh sorry
16:40:00Kshainah yes then. To my knowledge, I've never seen one
16:42:28kargatronnever seen a studio. odd that a clock is a recent addition.
16:42:43ricIII just asumed Kshain meant the clock in wsp display..
16:43:06Hadakathe studio model doesn't have a RTC I believe
16:43:11Hadakahence - no clock
16:43:17kargatronah, ok
16:43:25Kshainah, alright to bad
16:43:36Kshainjust so I dont feel stupid, whats an RTC?
16:43:54ricIImakes sense (RTC Real Time Clock)
16:44:04Kshainoh doh. I knew that
16:44:41Kshaink thanks both or all three of your
16:45:13Kshainoh and 1 more; is the rockbox team still doing daily builds and bleeding edge builds?
16:45:25Kshainthe page says it was last modified on the second
16:45:39Hadakathe page was modified then
16:45:40Hadakanot the builds
16:45:52Hadakathe cvs does get checkins all the time
16:46:01Hadakableeding edge builds are built every 20 minutes
16:46:21Hadakaand obviously daily builds are each day
16:48:09Kshainah ok. I thought it updated the mod js everytime *anything* was modified
16:48:22kargatronHadaka, was gone for 3 weeks - were there any changes under the hood that you know of? just curious. only noticed scrolling change from before
16:49:07Hadakakargatron: well charging has changed a bit more I think
16:49:23Hadakakargatron: I haven't really kept taps on things lately
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18:53:38*edx`off wishes everyone a happy new year
18:54:31kargatronand to you
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19:45:20*Schee is Schee *
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20:16:06ianSorry if this is a FAQ, but it looked like recording was rapidly evolving... will it be possible to record digital audio direct to the drive, i.e., not in MP3 format?
20:17:21ianI'm looking into audio digitization for my decaying tape collection... was looking at USB audio capture boxes when the Jukebox Recorder caught my eye...
20:20:20ianNobody home? Hrm. Anyone reading the logs who wants to, pls send an answer to, TIA
20:20:25 Part ian
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22:33:56*adi|work is away: new year's eve
23:32:22 Join Dong [0] (
23:33:02Donghopefully i wont be talking to myself
23:33:09Dongbut here goes to anyone who cares to listen
23:33:37Dongi purchased an archos jukebox recorder 15 gig today
23:33:44Dong$50 rebate... sweet
23:33:52Donganyways... just a couple questions
23:34:28Dongdoes jukebox recorder play from the adaptor or just the batteries?
23:35:05Dongand maybe some other questions later
23:37:15Scheefrom the adaptor or just the batteries ?
23:38:38Dongi guess its silly to ask before ive tried it... but im charging it up and just excited... i had 2 xp3 players i returned before i got this one... so im hoping this player wont give me as much trouble
23:40:54ScheeI got a jukebox studio for a few months and I never had any problem with it
23:41:10Scheebut maybe I'm just lucky :-)
23:42:04Dongcool... so can the jukebox run from the adaptor only?
23:43:44Scheehmm... I don't really understand ? you mean without the batteries ?
23:49:18Dongwell i mean can i use the just the adaptor only to power the jukebox... or does the jukebox only from the batteries, even if the jukebox is plugged into the adaptor?
23:50:02Dongor does the jukebox only from the batteries, <−−- does the the jukebox *run* only from the batteries,
23:51:49Dongand a separate question, under the rockbox installation instructions it says: Unpack the zip archive in the root directory of your Archos disk. Make sure you 'eject' (unmount) the usb disk before you unplug it.
23:51:59Dongwhat the unmount mean
23:52:07Dong***what does unmount mean
23:52:12Dongarg... cant speel
23:53:32Scheewell when you plug your achos to your computer, it is recognized as an external HD, and when you want to unplu it, you must ask windows to unmount it
23:53:47Dongah but of course thanks
23:53:50Scheethere is a small icon in the systray to do that
23:54:00Dongdo you understand my other question?
23:54:31Scheebut for your other question... sorry but I really don't understand :-(
23:54:50Donglemme try to explain one more time
23:57:39Dongif i plug the adaptor into the jukebox, does the adaptor only recharge the batteries? or can the adaptor also be used as an alternate source of energy to power the jukebox, so it would be like running the jukebox from the adaptor instead of the batteries? essentially, the jukebox is running from the ac adaptor and not the batteries...

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