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#rockbox log for 2003-01-03

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01:35:25hdaalzhello, just thougth i'd pop along and say thanks for the work you've done on the juke/rockbox firmware :)
01:37:18hdaalz.. but I think my jukebox is about to die. keeps giving me harddisk error messages
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05:42:04DeathGripHowdy folks
05:43:43DeathGripIs there anyway to get the FM to do a hard reset
05:47:20DeathGripAnyone disassembled one yet?
05:49:25DeathGripIs anyone listening to anything I say?
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06:18:30DeathGripHello. anyone there. I have a bit of a problem with an FM recoder.
06:19:08MrSnazznobody here at the moment ;)
06:19:18MrSnazzI don't have an FM, but did you look around the unit for a pinhole?
06:19:22MrSnazzor a way to remove the batteries?
06:20:22DeathGripheh.. I have been lookin . I really havent seen anything . I pulled a panel off the top of it and when I went to put it back on the recorder started to turn on
06:20:34MrSnazzcheck the manual?
06:20:50DeathGripIt turns on and get able halfway through its load up and freezes then turnes off about 10 seconds later
06:20:57DeathGripabout halfway
06:21:07DeathGripI am formating it now...
06:21:20DeathGripDunno if that will help. works fine if you plug it in to the usb...
06:21:55MrSnazzyeah, reformat and reload firmware I'd suppose
06:22:10MrSnazzmanual says that "emergency master reset" is holding down the off button for five seconds
06:22:32MrSnazzthat's about the best I can offer ;) good luck, sorry to hear of the troubles.
06:22:45DeathGripThe firmaware is hard coded in right> you just load an updated on in correct... NP. I'll try that when its done formattinh
06:22:45MrSnazzother people might be here in an hour or so, if you wait
06:22:53DeathGripHeh. ok thx
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06:35:27froxis anyone in here/
06:35:53froxi was wondering if anyone could help me get my jukebox connected on my linux box
06:36:12froxi recompiled the kernel w/ the modules needed, but i still can't access the device
06:42:38DeathGripJust so you dont think you are being ignored . I have no idea :-) I was told to wait about an hour before any of the guys got here
06:48:10froxwell.. i have to goto bed, so can't wait up that long, i'll try back later
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10:42:52glytchbinarywhats going on in cvs ?
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15:48:01Triple-zhows it going?
15:49:39Triple-zno news lately? (xmas?!?)
15:49:56ricIIcan't decide if I sould rewrite tree.c from the ground up.
15:50:21webmindjust do it :)
15:50:30webmindcant be bad can it?
15:52:31ricIIalready redesigned playlist.c (no more playlist in ram)
15:54:47kargatroncan't decide, if I want to add a small request to the 'fixed' remaining-space-indicator feature request, should I reopen it, or file new request?
15:56:21kargatronthe small req being to show MB when space is under 1GB
15:59:35ricIIkargatron: would require all lang-files to be changed..
16:02:14kargatronso? :)
16:02:45kargatronremains a useful idea. 0.0GB not very useful :)
16:03:17ricIIyes, I just hoped it would be an oneliner..
16:06:37webmindricII, uhm.. no playlist in ram? doest that cost in battery life ?
16:07:32ricIIwebmind when your where playing a real playlist it wasn't in ram anyway (it's cached do)
16:09:10ricIII'm making some kinda queue / playlist-creating thingy..
16:09:30webmindbut wouldn't caching the list in ram save on harddisk xs time ?
16:10:35ricIIit's cached, only needed when mpeg-buffer needs filling (song-change)..
16:10:58ricIIso disk will be spining anyways...
16:13:05ricIIshift-right sould queue file/dir extending the current play list..
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16:13:25ricIIthis could be verry big
16:13:36kargatronricII, are you making your queue design compatible with the player?
16:13:40DeathGripis there any way to get the fm to charge and be able to use it at the same time? I can't use it while connected to the a/c adapter
16:14:34ricIIkargatron I try to..
16:14:46webmindricII, hmk
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16:16:24ricIIsofar I can copy the current play list.(optionaly shuffed) and append single files to it, now I want dir & m3u
16:17:48kargatronwhat happens when you queue into a playlist on shuffle mode?
16:18:01Schnueffhm didnt someone else submit a queueing patch before xmas?
16:18:52kargatronthere's at least one (old?) queue patch, but i don't think zagor liked the design enough
16:19:05HadakaDeathGrip: boot it up first, then plug in the charger
16:19:06kargatronbut that's older than just before xmas, so dunno about another
16:19:07ricIIit's appended on the end (shuffeling is only done in the indices) it just get appended on end.
16:19:16Schnueff(hardeeps? 2002/12/17 )
16:19:26kargatrondoesn't queueing conceptually have insert/append options?
16:19:35Schnueffand then there's a very old (2002/10/05)
16:19:47kargatronthe insert is what's potentially confusing with shuffle, i'd think
16:19:56ricIIkargatron yes, it more a dynamic playlist creation..
16:20:18DeathGripis there any way to get the fm to charge and be able to use it at the same time? I can't use it while connected to the a/c adapter
16:20:32DeathGripIts really annoying
16:20:40ricII<Hadaka> DeathGrip: boot it up first, then plug in the charger
16:20:55DeathGripahh lemmie try that real quick
16:21:35*Schnueff leaves - cya
16:22:07ricIIthere is no differnce in my concent between a queue & a playlist...
16:23:00goodzillaHello there, just need a quick response if someones knows right now: building rockbox for uisimulator, make says it need windows.h, io.h, etc... seems I missed something - thx
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16:23:23ricIIgoodzilla include files ?
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16:23:42DeathGripThx ric that was it. the thing was locking up during boot. I formatted it and all was good . the batteries seem to not be able to last a very long time. WOuld xferring 15 gigs of files after a format on batter wipe it out ya thing?
16:24:01goodzillaI don't find these .h files in rockbox sources...
16:24:25ricIIgoodzilla: no they sould be part of your development env..
16:24:48goodzillaI installed SH-GCC, and Gnu GCC
16:25:00goodzillaI check...
16:25:20ricIIgoodzilla need X headerfiles & libs (when compiling on un*x)
16:27:15goodzillaThanks - I'm using WinXP, and compile OK the normal rockbox version in a DOS window, using sh-gcc
16:29:15goodzillaonly have this missing .h files when building the [sim] version
16:31:05ricIIkargatron: inserting (after song playing) would require an other filecopy. (could be damm slow)
16:33:27ricIIand what to do when in shuffle mode?
16:33:33kargatronjust thinking about what people are requesting for queue
16:33:55kargatroni never actually used it - i'm satisfied with my fixed playlists.
16:34:28kargatroni'm waiting for bookmarks, so i can bounce between playlists
16:36:31ricIIhmm how would that work, create a .bookmarks file with playlist names and track/time info
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16:37:15kargatronjust duping the info now used for resume in the RTC.
16:37:28kargatronconteptually, at least. i'm not a rockbox dev :)
16:38:11ricIIme either :)
16:44:50ricIIhmm maybe I sould replace the "insert after song playing" option with "start in new list after this song"
16:48:32kargatronwell, i for one don't immediately understand the second option, so maybe not :)
16:52:25ricIIwhy sould you insert songs after the playing one in shuffle mode?
16:54:08ricIIappending it to the end & reshuffeling the remaining part seems ok to me.
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17:44:38wethionOk, I don't think this is covered by the FAQ. I have a jukebox studio 10. I've compiled ISD-200 and ATA support into the kernel. I'm running scsi already. The drive does not show up as a scsi device (as per scsiinfo). where am I going wrong?
17:45:39ricIIusb support?
17:46:02wethionricII: Yup.. want me to post my .config somewhere?
17:46:27wethionrunning kernel 2.5.54 btw.
17:46:45ricIIhmm still on 2.4.x
17:47:16wethionricII: not that much difference esp in usb.
17:47:23wethionI ahve enabled....
17:47:31ricIIdmesg after insert?
17:48:04wethionnever tried that, left it plugged in.. hang on a sec...
17:48:57schuepfwethion: have you compiled the usb and scsi support as modules ?
17:50:07wethionschuepf: no all as integral.. 0 delta on the dmesg.. however, the USB mass storage driver is registered on boot...
17:51:11wethionthe jukebox does say USB active, if that means anything..
17:52:00schuepfwethion: have you had a look in /proc/devices...
17:52:52wethionschuepf: not sure how to read the file.. can you explain?
17:52:54schuepfwethion: the USB port on Jukebox should recognize the connect without a driver loaded, I think...
17:53:34schuepfthere should be a character device usb
17:53:46wethionunder character devices I do have a '180 usb' .. oh, no I can read it literally.. I mean what does it mean..
17:54:02wethionand there is.
17:54:15schuepfthat's the device number for the driver
17:55:12wethionwhat's the next step? is there somewhere I can reconcile that number to an actual /dev/xxx?
17:57:04schuepfyes, there should be a directory /dev/usb
17:58:08schuepfwith ls -l you see the correspondig major device number
17:58:11wethionthere is..
17:59:27schuepfmaybe your dmesg wasn't updated...please have a look in the /var/log/messages or where your syslog logs everthing to...
17:59:56wethionthe only 180 I see is the file size.. or is that the major device number?
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18:01:56wethionnaught in syslog or messages.. ext3 stuff, and a note about the reboot when I installed the new kernel.
18:03:03schuepfwhat Linux dist do you have ?
18:03:17wethionin /dev/usb, there are numerous listings for devices I recognize, printer, scanner, etc. Debian.
18:03:57schuepfis there a /etc/hotplug ?
18:04:57wethionNo. only in my kernel sources.
18:06:33wethionshould there be? I thought hot plug was for PCI devices..
18:06:55schuepfno, have a short look in "man hotplug"
18:08:15wethionthere is no man for hotplug.. under /usr/src/DOcumentation/hotplug lemme look..
18:08:37schuepfhotplug is a program which is used by the kernel to notify user mode software when some sig­
18:08:39schuepf nificant (usually hardware-related) events take place. An example is when a USB or Cardbus
18:08:40schuepf device has just been plugged in. This is useful for automatically loading and setting up
18:08:42schuepf drivers, packaged either as kernel modules or as user mode programs.
18:09:03schuepfThe hotplug program path name is registered in /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug, and normally holds
18:09:06schuepf the value /sbin/hotplug. Except for specialized configurations such as initrd(4) configura­
18:09:06schuepf tions, that identifies a shell script which delegates to specific "policy agents", /etc/hot­
18:09:08schuepf plug/NAME.agent. The name of the agent is given by the kernel as the first command-line
18:09:09schuepf parameter. The name corresponds to a specific kernel subsystem whose events it processes
18:09:11schuepf (e.g. "usb", "pci", "net" etc.).
18:11:47schuepfdoes your system use hotplug ?
18:13:11wethionnot yet.. the kernel is compiling as we write.
18:13:26wethiongetting hotplug from
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18:13:54schuepfI use SuSE and there the hotplug manages the new usb devices found...
18:17:12schuepfas I can see in my syslog (/var/log/messages) there's an entry if the USB device is disconnected: usb.c: USB disconnect on device 2
18:19:06schuepfthat should occur in any case, no matter how the usb bus is handled later on...(be shure to write all syslog, not filtered to only higher levels)
18:20:45schuepfa question to all: has anybody heard about a device to interconnect two usb devices (a usb host controller device) ??
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18:22:51schuepfhey, somebody out there ???
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18:23:56kargatronno and yes, respectively
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18:27:14kargatronricII, back to queueing. re : your last question
18:27:35kargatronthe insert is just for wanting to hear your choice immediately, i believe - if you can handle that, then people should be satisfied
18:29:18ricIIkargatron that's no queueing, just stop what ever is playing and start the new song
18:29:25 Quit edx ()
18:30:05ricIIthat's already working :)
18:30:47kargatronyou know what i mean
18:31:03kargatron" i wanna hear this cut, then go on with my playlist"
18:31:36kargatronadmittedly, that use case will be covered by auto-bookmarks
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18:35:18hardeephappy new year all. :)
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18:37:20ricIInot after the current songs ends, nonrecursive, just one song ?
18:39:20kargatroninsert doesn't make much sense for shuffle outside one track
18:39:36kargatronbut certainly in non-shuffle, insert would be desired for track/dir/pl
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18:40:43ricIIqueuing == a fifo taking precedence over playlists (dir == dynamic playlist)
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18:42:18hardeepricII: right, the queued songs should not be "remembered" once they're complete
18:42:51hardeephave you guys tried the patch i submitted last year? i haven't had much feedback
18:44:08ricIIso dynamic playlist & queueing are to differnt things.
18:44:16hardeepricII: yes
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18:45:23hardeepi've implemented queueing but not dynamic playlists
18:45:35ricIIworking on the last..
18:46:14hardeepricII: cool. :) definitely a needed feature
18:47:52ricIIbut I had trouble with insert (aposed to append to end) but that sould be handeld as queueing..
18:48:02*ricII thinks
18:48:24hardeepricII: not necessarily, you may want to insert into a playlist
18:48:50hardeepricII: because once a song is played, it's removed from the queue
18:49:14hardeepricII: whereas for a dynamic playlist, you can't remove it
18:49:38ricIIhardeep: inserting makes no sense in shuffle mode, and would require expensive file copies.
18:50:12hardeepricII: hmmm, it can sometimes make sense in shuffle mode
18:50:24hardeepricII: for instance, if two songs should always be played back to back
18:50:57hardeepand it definitely makes sense for non-shuffle mode
18:51:39ricIIhardeep: what would be wrong with appending it and reshuffle the remaining(still to play) part
18:52:17hardeepricII: how can you guarantee the inserted song will play next?
18:52:47 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:52:48ricIImakes no sence in shuffle mode
18:53:38hardeepit can in some cases as I mentioned above
18:53:57hardeepand, as it definitely makes sense in non-shuffle mode, it does seem like a feature that should be included
18:54:11hardeepthere's no reason to special case for shuffle mode
18:55:15kargatroncertainly on the user end there's not much difference between queue and 'dynamic pl'
18:55:24kargatronthere's insert, and append, and however that works in shuffle
18:55:33ricIIhardeep: shuffling is only done in ram (indices)
18:56:07hardeepkargatron: the main difference would be noticed with repeat all mode and previous
18:56:08ricIIkargatron queueing isn't stored
18:57:38hardeepricII: right, so and insert would be a fairly expensive operation, but, as a user, it's something i'd definitely like to have
18:57:54hardeepricII: the indices are saved even for non-shuffle mode so the cost is the same
18:58:34ricIIhardeep but when shuffled, I don't now where to insert the new songs..
18:59:17kargatronyou know where - right after the current. :) you just don't want to code it :)
18:59:33hardeepricII: hmmm, yeah
18:59:47ricIIkargatron that's only fine for queueing..
18:59:52hardeepi'd think the best place to insert would be right after the current song in the playlist
19:00:13hardeepit would require a seek to the location
19:00:23hardeepand then a recompile of the indices
19:01:00hardeepthat way, it would be in the correct location if the user decides to disable shuffling
19:01:49ricIIyes, so we have append to queue, append to pl , insert in pl & maybe take current soung out of pl
19:01:52kargatroni don't see as a user why 'queue' and 'dynamic' are different. why not treat it as a modified file, that you either save or don't save
19:02:14kargatronif i queue, then save, then it's saved, otherwise, it's not
19:03:26hardeepkargatron: the queuelist need to be saved no matter what for resume purposes. the question is whether to save in the actual playlist or separate
19:03:51hardeepkargatron: namely, should we be modifying the user's current playlist
19:04:28hardeepricII: that lists sounds about right
19:04:29kargatronright, which would imply a 'save?' query when the pl is STOPped, perhaps?
19:04:30ricIIas queued files suppose to disapeer separte
19:05:04kargatrondo you really want to have an 'unsaved plstlist mod' mode and a 'saved playtlist mod' mode? sounds counterintuitive
19:06:12hardeepkargatron: it makes sense to me. :) there are many cases where i feel like listening to this song but not want to modify my existing playlist
19:06:20hardeepkargatron: which is "queueing" mode
19:07:01hardeepkargatron: we can't wait for playlist stop because if the user hits "off" there's nothing we can do
19:07:09kargatron[shrug] ok - as i said earlier, i'm not a customer for this feature by and large, so i'll bow to those who are
19:07:29kargatronyou mean you don't mean for resume to work for unplayed queued files?
19:08:03hardeepkargatron: we want resume to work for unplayed queued files
19:08:21hardeepthe patch i submitted works correctly after resume
19:08:23kargatronso that queued pl will be in memoryu until STOPped or finished
19:08:31hardeepkaragtron: right
19:08:34kargatronso you can wait for pl stop
19:08:51ricIIhardeep why didn't you make max of 8 why not use a real .queue.m3u ?
19:09:41hardeepricII: i actually do save it to file, the max of 8 was partially for testing purposes, it's easy to increase
19:10:18hardeepricII: but, since we need to save indices in memory, we can't make it all that large...
19:10:39hardeepricII: and the question is, in reality, how many songs will a user really be queing in advance
19:11:05ricIIhardeep I would like to queue entire dirs...
19:11:32hardeepricII: right, queuing playlists (or dirs) is a separate beast
19:11:55hardeepricII: namely, we only need to save the dir or playlist name, instead of all songs in it
19:11:55kargatronshould it be?
19:12:05ricIIyep but the code is almost the same for dynamic pl
19:13:53hardeepyeah, i could see us just using the same queue list for playlists and dirs... just trying to save an unncessary file copy
19:15:23kargatronwhen saving pl, you have to convert from teh proposed one-line queued dir/pl entry into it's indiv tracks, right?
19:15:54hardeepkargatron: right
19:16:19ricIIbut that the user asks for it ;) (could take a while)
19:17:26hardeepdefinitely :) these features are potential batter killers. :)
19:17:32hardeeper battery
19:24:17 Join lither [0] (
19:24:21ricIII have to think this out a little more...
19:27:40kargatrongiven the compleixity, you might not want to do too much work without getting a thumbs up from zagor, et al.
19:28:00kargatronat least, i wouldn't want to venture too far ahead, since they're the ones accepting or rejecting patches ;)
19:30:00ricIIno, but it's fun fiddling with it :)
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19:44:26 Part DeathGrip
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21:20:54paronany swede here?
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21:29:06ruxxellhey all
21:29:30ruxxelljust got an archos player yesterday, busting a nut over rockbox as we speak. haha
21:29:48ruxxellbut i have a question, if anyone is here.
21:30:29 Quit ruxxell (Client Quit)
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21:39:40paronI'm selling my archos
21:39:50paronbuying an Ipod
21:42:42 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:46:16ironii'm considering the same
21:46:41ironiit's stopped charging batteries
21:46:50ironihave to charge them externally
21:48:47paronsame here, and I bought an external charger for 700 kr(about 70 dollars)
21:49:01paronit charges the batteries in 1 hour!
21:49:55ironide tär ju bra
21:50:04ironigp powerbank ?
21:51:35ironijo jag säljer såna, de är grymma
21:51:47paronmmjo de e ipods oxo!
21:51:53ironijag har den som ladadr över natten, men jag ahr dubbla uppstätningar av 200 mAh-batterier, så :)
21:52:06paronja ahr dubbla 1800
21:52:17parondubbla uppsättningar alltså
21:52:30ironijo jag förstod det =)
21:52:33ironiVAD HAR DU
21:52:36ironiEN RECORDER?
21:52:39MrSnazzhast du hobbies?
21:52:41ironioops :)
21:52:45MrSnazzich komme mit dem auto
21:52:51paronnee en old-school player 6000
21:52:52_seb_they're speaking swedish :)
21:52:56MrSnazzahh, lol
21:52:57ironiparon: me too
21:53:00paronen utav de första
21:53:06MrSnazzI should have known, from all the umlauts ;)
21:53:07ironiparon: is your stop button bad too?
21:53:08paronver 4.09
21:53:20MrSnazzund der jag jo jaggen
21:53:26ironiparon: my doenst cklick naymore, so its very sensistive
21:53:33paronbut my backlight is a little bit faulty
21:53:41ironithe jb6000 is a pretty crappy product
21:54:00paronbut not the ipod *drewl*
21:54:03ironibut i got mine for $150, brand newm so i dont complain
21:54:16ironiipod is very cool but not as elite =)
21:54:44HadakaI would not swap my unit for any ipod
21:54:49paronARRGH!!!! paid $400
21:55:26paronbut with ipod u don't need to be 1337 to use it!!
21:55:37ironiparon: o got it in the states, paid $210, got $30 mail-in rebate, found it for $179 , returned the first one, kept the rebate, ended up paying $150
21:55:39paronto understand it
21:55:39ironiparon :D
21:56:09ironiparon: well archos compared to ipod is like a siemens cellphone compared to nokia
21:56:12ironinokia is easy
21:56:12paronso u sent it back to the states or what?
21:56:20ironibut for a elite user siemens owns
21:56:29ironiparon: no no i was living there
21:57:08ironimy left speaker is buzzing, it annoyes me very much
21:57:17ironii cant find the source of the problem
21:57:28paronsell it fast!!
21:57:33ironiwell i got the speaker set for 400 kr at an auction, so i cant expect much
21:57:51paronohhh it's not the archos which is buzzing
21:57:56ironino no
21:58:00ironiits prolly the best pc speaker set int he world or something
21:58:06ironiamazing stuff
21:58:14ironiwell maybe not the ebst but one of the better
21:58:18ironithx certified
21:58:25paronwhich ones?
21:58:32ironialtec lansing ada 885
21:58:45ironiintegrated dolby digital decoder
21:58:52ironimassive 120 w rms
21:59:16ironinoone at the auction seemed to know that it wasn't ordinary speakers so i got it cheap
21:59:50paronI'm taking $350 with the charger and extra batteries AND I claim that I've uppgraded the operative system on it!! =)
22:00:03ironiparon: u think anyone will pay that much
22:00:38paronnot impossible, on
22:00:43ironii guess
22:00:47ironiapron where do u live
22:01:06ironiso have you met björn
22:01:09ironime too.
22:01:12ironihuddinge c
22:01:24paronno why?
22:01:28ironijust asking
22:01:51paronhowan why did u meet björn IRL?
22:01:59paronhow and
22:02:06ironii didnt
22:02:13ironii jsut wondered if you did know him
22:02:39ironithere was someting about an rockbox meeting a while ago
22:02:41paronohh I thought u said ye on the question: IRL?
22:02:48ironino heh
22:05:32 Join coll [0] (
22:06:01collanyone here that can help me out with dacner bot?)
22:06:32 Join ricII [0] (
22:06:51colli got it on irc but i dont know how i can make it respons 2 me
22:12:34collah well np)
22:12:36 Quit coll ("Never argue with an idiot. He'll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience!")
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