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#rockbox log for 2003-01-05

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00:09:28*Kshain2 slaps Kshain around a bit with a large trout
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01:07:17LinusNyo Uwe!
01:10:29breakerHi Linus!
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01:13:03breakerNow I'm back from 'christmas holiday', I think I'll open my AJB tomorrow. I also want to make the 8MB mod, and maybe a turn-on-by-alarm mod.
01:15:12LinusNbreaker: good luck with that
01:15:27breakerWhat a pity that Mathias Wächter's AJB doesn't work anymore and he hadn't made some photos of his device yet.
01:15:55LinusNyeah, a more detailed description would have been nice
01:15:55breakerSo I have to guess a little bit how it's best to connect the wires.
01:16:35breakerI've seen that some pins are moved to some other pins (for the 8MB ram).
01:17:20LinusNyeah, since there are added address pins
01:18:07breakerThat are the a10 and a11 pins. They have to be connected to the cpu a10 and a11 pins, if I understood him right.
01:18:12LinusNhardeep: why the 8 file limit for the queue? (haven't studied the source)
01:18:38LinusNbreaker: sounds resonable
01:18:49breakerBut also the /LCAS /UCAS /OE and (on the other side) /WE /RAS are moves three pins.
01:19:00LinusNbut i guess some other pins have moved around on the RAM chips as well
01:20:14breakerThese 5 lines on other positions, one added VCC, one added VSS and two more address lines. That's all.
01:24:14breakerDo you know what type of wire is best for connecting the address lines to the cpu? Do you think it is a problem (timing) if I connect them with 10cm long isolated wire around the board (using no vias)?
01:25:59LinusNkeep the wires as short as possible
01:31:10breakerThen I have to use the vias -> I have to use isolated thin wires.
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01:36:49breakerDo you think I can use wires from an old transformer coil? (didn't Matthias write something like that?)
01:37:22LinusNas long as they are isolated
01:41:29breakerAnother question to the alarm thing. Why is the alarm pin of the RTC connected to the CPU if the alarm function isn't used anyway?
01:43:25LinusNmaybe they planned on using it? Maybe they are using if for something we don't know about, like 1-second interrupts for clock updates?
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01:47:17breakerI planned to connect it with an led and run the AJB with the original firmware. I think that should be enough for testing if it is used (the mod should not lead to problems with the original firmware, of course).
01:49:39LinusNbe sure to use a resistor/transistor LED driver to protect the output
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02:32:38zackwhen is 2.0 comming out?
02:35:16zackhey, is anyone herE?
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03:48:03Kshainhey, anyone know anything about musicmatch?
03:52:21Kshaincomeon, someone must know about it!
03:53:47hardeepi've never used it myself
03:55:23Kshainwhat do you use?
03:55:34hardeepEAC+Lame for ripping
03:55:43hardeepWindows Explorer for copying
03:57:35Kshainyah. I usually do, but i wanted to try musicmatch
03:58:17Kshainhowever, its weird. Musicmatch only supports the archos 6 gig player, but i got the software with my 10 gig studio
04:14:55Kshainsoooomeone help!
04:15:07PsycoXulfuck musicmatch
04:15:08PsycoXulforget about it
04:15:13PsycoXulit's a POS anyway
04:22:30PsycoXulit is, isn't it?
04:22:51PsycoXuli don't think i've actualy used it myself :p
04:23:22PsycoXuli try to avoid those programs that seem to be written for dummies and try to be way more than anybody really wants them to be and so end up being crappy at everything
04:23:46Kshainone sec
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04:25:00KshainI agree. I just like the features such as volume lvling and the mp3 enhancer
04:27:00hardeepKshain: the program i couldn't remember yesterday is "mp3gain"
04:27:10hardeepwhich provides volume normalization
04:31:47Kshainah, and does it do that all at once
04:31:57Kshainor do I have to go through all 1300 mp3's I have
04:33:01hardeepi believe it has a way to do it to multiple mp3s at the same time
04:33:18Kshainohhh, that would be nice. Thats the main thing I need
04:33:38Kshainand you dont by any chance know of any good mp3 enhancer type software do you?
04:34:37hardeephow exactly does it enhance the mp3?
04:35:47Kshainwasnt I talking to you yesterday about this? or was that someone else?
04:36:18hardeepmust have been someone else, i only remember you mentioning the volume levelling
04:38:32Kshainah. What it does is edits things too make the mp3 sound better such as fidelity, 3d sound, ambiance, dynamic boost... etc
04:42:14hardeephmmmm, there is an open source project called Audacity that does some of those things
04:44:18KshainI'll look into it
04:44:27Kshainthx for (more) advice
04:44:33Kshainwhat would I do without irc :)
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10:33:24adi|homeedx`bf: whats the bf for?
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15:11:50_aLFI look information for FM recoder support
15:19:07_aLFI will buy a FM recoder. How can I help to contribute to the project ?
15:23:57ricIIehh, buy 2 & send one to the developers ;)
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16:21:01 Join Kshain [0] (Kshain@
16:21:43Kshainhello all. Anyone want to tell me when the daily build/bleeding endges will get updated?
16:22:45Kshainalso, does anyone know any archos hacks/forums/tipsntricks places besides rockbox and funmp3players
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16:47:51Kshainanyone here to asnwer my questions?
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20:53:34PsycoXulanybody know of any utils that might aid in porting linux to a pda?
20:53:45PsycoXulat this point they've got it booted on it and are working on supporting the touchscreen
20:54:43PsycoXulapparently they're just using memory dumps to find the registers that the touchscreen effects, but they don't seem to be getting very far with that heh
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21:01:08duke_sam_vimeshello all
21:13:50 Join Zagor [242] (
21:15:26ricIIhmm, trouble with the fnt code or convbdf, space *bitmap -> 0
21:19:20hardeepheya Zagor! Happy new year!
21:19:34Zagorhi. thanks!
21:19:54Zagori'm not really back. won't read my mail until tomorrow :-)
21:34:59 Join strwdle [0] (
21:35:16strwdlecould anyone help me
21:35:24strwdleI need some newbie info
21:36:01hardeepstrwdle: ask away
21:36:03 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see; maybe it'll bring my love )
21:36:55strwdlewell I bought a 6000 on ebay
21:37:08strwdleit has the error. pls chck hd problem
21:37:13strwdlewhich I understand can be overcome
21:38:41hardeepstrwdle: is the player fully charged?
21:39:21strwdleI read on the site about re-formatting the hard drive, which I'm capable of doing
21:39:21hardeepstrwdle: then it's likely that the hard drive is locked... check out
21:39:30strwdleI've done this
21:39:40strwdlethe other thing is it doesn't have any software with it
21:40:00strwdledoes win2k automatically add it as a sort of second hard drive?
21:40:04hardeepyou don't need any special software... you can download the drivers online which is all you need
21:40:22hardeepstrwdle: yes, plug in the usb cable and win2k will detect it as a usb hard drive
21:40:25strwdleright cool
21:40:44hardeepyou will need the drivers which you can find on the archos website
21:40:44strwdleso the firmware things actually change the way the jukebox works?
21:42:06hardeepyeah, kinda
21:42:34strwdleright, that's pretty cool
21:42:44strwdlethanks for the help
21:42:54 Join _seb_ [0] (
21:42:55strwdleI'll come back if I need to know anymore ;)
21:44:03 Quit strwdle ("Bwa ha ha....ha")
21:47:12*_seb_ is away: afk
21:47:21*_seb_ is back (gone 00:00:07)
21:50:25*_seb_ is away: afk
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21:54:24*_seb_ is away: I'm busy
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21:56:30kSADerfoshey all
21:56:34 Nick kSADerfos is now known as e-potis (
21:57:23e-potisI just wanted to thank all contributers for doing great job with the firmware
21:58:10_2deep4u_although the ipod looks nice
21:58:31Zagore-potis: thanks
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22:31:04 Join Kshain [0] (Kshain@
22:31:21Kshainhello everyone. Anyone want to answer me a couple questions?
22:56:27 Join y0m [0] (
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23:18:42BoD[]what's new :)
23:19:49LinusNnot much, i haven't written a single line of code since last year :-)
23:20:04BoD[]really ?!!
23:20:21LinusNreally embarassing
23:20:26BoD[]that can't be good
23:23:14BoD[]hey linusn what do you do for a living?
23:24:34BoD[]if anything:)
23:24:51LinusNi am an embedded systems programming consultant
23:25:29BoD[]that means you do not usually write code for the job?
23:26:23LinusNthat means that i do contracted work, writing code
23:26:37BoD[]ah :)
23:26:59LinusNmy wife is calling, brb
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23:38:21Kshainbod, you any sort of authority on rockbox?
23:39:37Kshainanyone any sort of authority on the rockbox?
23:39:50BoD[]i'm not
23:40:04BoD[]linusn is one ;) but away
23:43:17Kshainmissed him
23:44:43BoD[]Zagor is one too but don't know if he's away
23:49:38Kshainyah, I think everyone is off doing something more important :)

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