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#rockbox log for 2003-01-06

00:00:31 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
00:02:04langhaarrockerok, I'm late but: happy new year
00:02:12BoD[]:)) thanks ! you too
00:02:42langhaarrockerhas anybody noticed the y2k3 bug?
00:02:57Kshainyep hit me about 6 am this morning for the first time
00:03:04Kshainmy coffee maker stopped working
00:03:38BoD[]my cell phone company says i have 50min left till 04/01/2002 :)
00:04:12langhaarrockermaybe linus could use that with his laptop... :)
00:07:41Kshainanyhow, langrocker, do you know anything about whats going on with rockbox and the fact that there has been no new updates (daily builds and bleeding edges) for like a week?
00:08:10ZagorKshain: it's called christmas :)
00:08:30BoD[]I say the lead coders took holydays
00:08:30langhaarrockerWell - I'd guess the most of the developers broke their legs while trying to ski.
00:08:37Kshainchristmas smistmas. I expect people to bend to my will
00:08:49Kshain:) −− Actually I forgot about that. Thanks
00:09:08langhaarrockerKshain: you'd have to nap the ring of Gollum first...
00:09:57 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:11:12Kshainbut I want my updates. My precccciouse precioussse updatessss.
00:11:36ricIIany reason why rockbox sould have a problem with a font ? (space seems to be a ramdom garbish)
00:11:58BoD[]is it a microsoft font? ;)
00:12:40ricIIno hand made with xmbdfed
00:12:56ricII6px :)
00:13:33BoD[]well i dont know
00:14:18ricIIit's only space (0x20) action up..
00:15:21 Quit NiarkY ("leaving by all :)")
00:16:12Kshainhey, btw, what is rockbox progrmmed in?
00:16:34 Nick Linus|away is now known as linusN (
00:16:37 Nick linusN is now known as LinusN (
00:16:39BoD[]and asm i think
00:16:40Kshainc. or c++?
00:16:50LinusNwhy damn?
00:17:00langhaarrockerI want a virtual machine, too
00:17:05KshainI wanted to help but −−- not if it meant relearning c
00:17:28LinusNbut you know c++?
00:18:24Kshainyes, but not very well anymore. I'd have to do some catching up for c++, and I'd have to do even more catching up for c
00:18:45ricIImade a verry small font, it displays 10 lines with avg 30 chars in the textviewer :)
00:19:14LinusNKshain: c and c++ don't differ _that_ much, do they?
00:20:14ricIIonly one prob, char 0x20 (space) displays garbish...
00:20:15Kshainno, not a ton. but there's quite a few things that are reversed, and done differently in c than in c++
00:20:21BoD[]i can't overwrite + in C ;) how rude
00:21:12langhaarrockerTo be honest: I haven't done c before rockbox at all. I used to do c++ a decade ago. That helped a lot. But It wasn't that difficult to do c now.
00:21:16LinusNKshain: yeah, c is "smaller", but i think it's nicer because it more to-the-point than c++
00:21:55LinusN(if you code object-oriented that is)
00:22:32LinusNno behind-the-curtains operator overloading, constructors and shit
00:22:55langhaarrocker"you can program fortran in any language you like" (source: our chief programmer)
00:22:56Kshainyes, I dont really have a preference between the too. I simply went with c++ in the end cuz it was the logical precurson to DirectX
00:23:40BoD[]langhaarocker : hahaa :)))
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00:24:22_2deep4u_I would like to request pop3 support in the next firmware upgrade,thanks
00:24:47langhaarrockerbut not before the hardware mod for the usb bluetooth dongle.
00:25:01LinusN_2deep4u_: sure, that's an excellent idea :-)
00:25:45_2deep4u_While we are on the subject,would it be possible to have the archos box act as a dns server?
00:25:54_2deep4u_that would it make all well worth it
00:26:06*_2deep4u_ sings
00:26:08BoD[]i'd like a mame port, too.. or a xbox emulator
00:26:08LinusNwhy not a web server?
00:26:27langhaarrockervia the serial interface and ppp?
00:26:32_2deep4u_good idea!
00:26:45LinusNAJPFW - Archos Jukebox Portable Firewall
00:26:48_2deep4u_heck let's throw solaris on it
00:26:58BoD[]hahahaa :))
00:27:09LinusNi always wanted a protable
00:27:14LinusNportable firewall
00:27:20_2deep4u_portable firewall,the only software to block pick pockets
00:27:52langhaarrockercan we add gps to the thing so we can track the picpocket?
00:27:55_2deep4u_candy dispense would be a real treat
00:28:08_2deep4u_sure,why not - make it a 3g phone also
00:28:13BoD[]yes but, "The ability to program a portable music player is insignificant next to the power of the Force"
00:28:41_2deep4u_divx support would be the sugar
00:28:53_2deep4u_ok im done
00:29:37langhaarrockerseems the chaos theory prooves as well in the wether of brainstorming
00:30:38BoD[]anyway.. i find this picture beautiful that was posted on the list
00:31:37 Join Kshain2 [0] (Kshain@
00:31:39BoD[]is this a translucid archos ??
00:31:49hardeeplaf, that's pretty cool
00:32:17Kshain2weird. Got booted to some spanish page with a bunch of bots
00:32:28BoD[]and the logo and slogan are great, too
00:32:41BoD[]except luigi of course
00:33:17hardeepheh, i think luigi's the best part!
00:33:19langhaarrockerbut those batteries aren't the original
00:33:22hardeepor is it mario?
00:33:31Kshain2where is this? Me thinks i missed something
00:33:35BoD[]nothing is original is this unit :)
00:33:46BoD[]kshain2 :
00:34:00BoD[]could be mario.. dont know
00:34:13BoD[]luigi is green ;))))
00:34:21_2deep4u_yes its luigi
00:34:47_2deep4u_mario is fat and is a troll
00:34:51_2deep4u_lugi is sexy
00:35:15hardeepSuper Mario Bros for the AJBR
00:35:21hardeepneed to look into this
00:35:25BoD[]luigi has all the muscles
00:35:40BoD[]he turns me on
00:36:44Kshain2lol thats pretty good
00:36:49Kshain2Its mario btw
00:37:01BoD[]are you sure
00:37:31Kshain2yes. his mustache goes up, not down
00:37:38Kshain2luigi's goes down
00:37:58 Quit Kshain (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:38:00BoD[]no it's the Dupondts that
00:38:04Kshain2*and i reclaim my throne as biggest geek in the world*
00:38:27Kshain2nah, thats just what it looks like to me. Im probably wrong
00:38:38Kshain2anyhow, how did whoevers that is get it to look like that
00:39:17BoD[]don't know ! i'll post a reply in the list
00:40:10Kshain2ok thx
00:40:39_2deep4u_where did you find that link? what forum/mailing list
00:41:08BoD[]on the regular mailing list
00:41:50BoD[]but i read it on the newsgroup (news://
00:46:05Kshain2im confused, isnt bjorn someone on the rockbox team
00:46:22BoD[]hmm .. yes ?
00:46:24LinusNBjörn is definitely part of the team
00:47:21Kshain2cuz it says the page is copy righted by him. I thought yu didnt know who programmed the archos in the pic
00:47:32Kshain2or did you just mean you didnt know how he did it
00:47:47BoD[]i dont get you
00:47:53BoD[].. at all :)
00:48:21langhaarrockernobody of us knows how to program the dsp in the archos
00:48:59langhaarrockerthe Mirconas chip that does the mp3 en/decoding
00:49:04BoD[]digital signal processor
00:49:13Kshain2sorry - I meant why not just ask bjorn
00:49:22_2deep4u_if you could program it,you would be able to add ogg support?
00:49:34LinusN_2deep4u_: no, we wouldn't
00:49:43LinusNit as too little memory
00:49:59_2deep4u_I see
00:50:01langhaarrockerthere's a faq about that, too
00:50:15LinusN4K for both code and data, and the Ogg decoder needs about 100Kbytes of lookup tables
00:50:31LinusNthe Tremor decoder that is
00:50:50_2deep4u_programming must be so fun
00:51:00BoD[]well 4k of fun
00:51:02Kshain2hey ppl, me thinks i found how he did it.
00:51:10Kshain2if you all havnt yet
00:51:11LinusNKshain2: who did what?
00:51:48Kshain2ah nm. Just realized I got lost way back there
00:52:13BoD[]are you drunk
00:52:16Kshain2I thought you guys were talking about the logo - I just realized you were talking about the archos unit itself (in the picture w/ mario)
00:52:30_2deep4u_how was that done anyway
00:52:30BoD[]exactly ! the unit !
00:53:16LinusNi have to go to bed now
00:53:20Kshain2yah I got that down now
00:53:24LinusNcu guys!
00:53:26langhaarrockersleep tight
00:53:27Kshain2where are you linus?
00:53:28BoD[]bye linus
00:53:36LinusNi am in sweden
00:53:43LinusNGothenburg at the moment
00:53:50Kshain2ah, that explains it. Its only 3:00 in CA
00:53:53LinusNnight all
00:53:56 Part LinusN
00:54:01BoD[]a country of great hackers
00:54:03_2deep4u_all the good programmers live in other countries
00:54:24_2deep4u_yes sweden is full of hackers
00:54:31_2deep4u_why is that
00:54:48BoD[]they all have a computer i think
00:54:49langhaarrockerdo they have days in the winter? Or does it remain dark? That would explain a lot...
00:55:44_2deep4u_we all have cars, that doest make us stunt devils
00:55:58langhaarrockerwith spikes?
00:57:03BoD[]it's a question of probability i guess
00:57:16_2deep4u_its ok noone really knows why
00:57:24Kshain2its inbred. Italians make good pizza, europeans make good cars... and the swedes are good hackers
00:57:38BoD[]not a lot of hackers come from africa :) that's because few people in africa has access to a computer
00:57:38_2deep4u_how about chinese
00:57:48Kshain2they make damn good chinese food
00:57:49langhaarrockergood at yellow
00:57:53_2deep4u_how about indians
00:58:03Kshain2shut up :)\
00:58:09_2deep4u_there some hackers :)
00:58:11Kshain2fine, my logic lost
00:58:35Kshain2your asking for it now
00:58:40_2deep4u_it's 44 degrees im wearing shorts
00:58:55langhaarrockerSome time ago I thought that 'hacker' in sweden would be associated with woodchopping
00:59:15_2deep4u_i n v you
00:59:59_2deep4u_let's attach a burner to the archos
01:00:10_2deep4u_new meaning of cds on the go
01:00:32BoD[]let's attach a pretty girl to the archos
01:00:50langhaarrockerto few colors
01:01:27BoD[]no.. a real one.. not just a picture
01:02:03langhaarrockerno, thats not compatible
01:02:29_2deep4u_I just purchased the lite on 48x burner
01:02:53_2deep4u_first thing I've baught on the internet
01:02:53langhaarrockerbod: but it might increase the sales - depending on the girl...
01:04:52ricIIwidgets & fonts smaller than 8 don't mix well
01:05:34 Quit Kshain2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:18:38 Quit BoD[] ("fpzoek")
01:27:09 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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02:10:20 Join Kshain [0] (~masticore@
02:10:31Kshainhello again all.
02:11:12Kshainis everyone back to silence, or is there still a conversation going
02:13:03hardeepgasp, people actually converse on this channel? :)
02:14:58KshainI know. Its like all these helpless computer geeks actually communicate together!
02:15:06Kshain:) −− jk all
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03:13:49 Part Kshain
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05:27:43 Join Kshain [0] (Kshain@
05:28:02Kshainhey, can anyone help me with the source files for rockbox? Im majorly confused
05:29:42Kshainok, first of all, what, besides the main source files, do I need to compile? I obviusly need a compiler right? Or does cvs act as one?
05:30:17hardeepyou need to compile everything in tools/ using the standard compiler
05:30:41Kshainand the standard compiler is? (sorry, told you im lost)\
05:31:17Kshainahhhh. I'll got get that
05:31:29hardeepfor the main source files, you need the sh1 compiler
05:31:37hardeepyou also need perl
05:31:46Kshainah crap
05:31:58Kshaindoes it matter where I install it all
05:32:21hardeepnot really, so long as the paths are exported
05:32:34hardeepare you doing this on linux or windows?
05:33:18hardeepi'd highly recommend installing cygwin
05:33:35Kshaingreat, and that is :) ?
05:33:40Kshainsome linus emulator?
05:34:28hardeepit provides a unix-like environment for win32 machines
05:34:33hardeepand includes most of the gnu utilities
05:34:43hardeepdownload cygwin, making sure you have all the development tools
05:34:46Kshainok, ill get that too
05:35:00hardeepthen you'll need to build the sh1 cross compiler:
05:35:08hardeepafter that, you're good to go
05:36:12Kshainalright. And so I need CVS before I get anything else right? Cuz thats how i d/load everything else?
05:36:45hardeepcygwin includes a version of cvs
05:38:05Kshainalright, lost again lol. I read on vygwin that the only way to get a copy was off cvs so...
05:38:29Kshainnm, sorry got it
05:38:30hardeepdownload and run setup.exe
05:38:41KshainI was reading something else I guess
05:39:00hardeepactually, hmmm, it looks like someone has already provided a way to set up a cygwin ready system... check out:
05:40:11Kshainah, I'll check that out
05:40:21Kshainwould that mean that I wouldnt need cygwin?
05:40:44hardeephe provides a cygwin installer that includes everything you need to build rockbox
05:41:13Kshainoh, how nice
05:47:05Kshainhey, he says too:(un)bzip2,(un)tar, the package:
05:47:05Kshain cd c:\cygwin
05:47:05Kshain bzip2.exe -d rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
05:47:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Kshain
05:47:05Kshain tar xvf rockbox-sdk_win32.tar
05:47:19Kshainhow exactly do I do that?
05:47:25Kshaindo I do that in winrar?
05:47:47PsycoXulKshain: you do it exactly how you just pasted
05:48:01PsycoXulKshain: the cd, bzip2.exe, and tar are the commands you do that with on the commandline
05:48:15PsycoXulwith cygwin
05:48:17PsycoXulof course
05:48:23PsycoXulbut yeah winrar if you don't have that stuff
05:49:09PsycoXulit looks like episode 10 of taken is gonna finish downloading before episodes 8 and 9
05:49:26PsycoXuli guess i should try kazaa again
05:49:32PsycoXuledonkey sucks for mp3's
05:49:47PsycoXultrying to get some album or another and it just sits there not downloading forever
05:49:54Kshainthe problem is I cant find the command line :) (yes, I admit sheepishly, I suck at this kind of thing)
05:50:23PsycoXulwin9x/me (i think) it's "dos prompt", nt/xp it's "command prompt" or somesuch
05:50:36Kshainoh, just do it through there?
05:50:45PsycoXulthats the commandline
05:51:04Kshainshuddup ;)
05:51:59PsycoXulgod i hate all these websites where they got their own domain and then die or something and so you go to this and just see that dumb shit saying you can buy it etc
05:53:55Kshainnow command line is giving me errors
05:54:52 Nick elinenbe3 is now known as elinenbe|sleep (
05:54:52PsycoXulya probably
05:54:56Kshainnm, stupidity on my part I think
05:55:00PsycoXulcommandline's don't like people like you
05:55:05PsycoXulyeah that's usualy it
05:56:04Kshaini know. I wish my compute had a mind of its own - I'd have to reformat far less often ;)
05:56:17PsycoXulyou use windows, don't you?
05:56:21PsycoXulit might as well have a mind of it's own
05:56:31PsycoXulwindows is irrational, and behaves like an emotional little brat
05:59:00 Join edx`cc4 [0] (
05:59:24Kshainbut thats ok
05:59:34Kshaindeep down inside I love my emotional little brat
05:59:44PsycoXulwell you're a masochist
05:59:55PsycoXuli'm sorta masochistic myself
06:00:04PsycoXuland i don't let anything upset me in general
06:00:13PsycoXuland yet windows still manages to piss me off when i "use" it
06:00:33Kshaintrust me −− its using you, not the other way around
06:00:50Kshainanyhow, yay - it worked this time (the command line)\
06:01:22PsycoXuli bought this pda on ebay
06:01:25PsycoXuli won't get it till the 10th
06:01:39PsycoXuland overall i think it'll be better than anything else i could get for it's price
06:01:55PsycoXulbut it kinda sucks that it doesn't have IR or a mic
06:02:13KshainI know. You told me yesterday :)
06:02:23Kshainremember - your gonna hack the shit out of it
06:02:24PsycoXulyeah ok
06:02:29PsycoXulbut i didn't mention the IR and mic part
06:02:35Kshainwhats ir?
06:02:38PsycoXulyes, thats the only reason it'll be better than anything else i could get for it's price
06:02:43PsycoXulIR, you know, infrared
06:02:47Kshainoh duh
06:02:51Kshainthat sorta sucks
06:02:59Kshaininfrared is hella cool
06:03:14PsycoXuli suspect there's possibilities though
06:03:25Kshainif your ever in a meeting and you hate your boss, flash the infrared at him for a while. Maybe he'll get cancer
06:03:47PsycoXulinfrared doesn't give you cancer
06:03:57Kshainit could
06:04:00Kshainif your lucky
06:04:36PsycoXulwalking outside in the day time gives you thousands of times more infrared exposure than what a little LED can output
06:05:24Kshainyou know, one of these days, im gonna learn how to hack, hack into your computer, and leave SHUDDUP in large virtual graphiti on your sedktop
06:05:45Kshainwhoa, almost spelled that word backwards
06:06:02Kshainanyhow - what is a symlink
06:06:04PsycoXulyou couldn't hack my computer even if you could hack
06:06:06PsycoXulsymbolic link
06:06:17Kshainlol i know i know
06:06:28Kshainhow do you use symbolic links
06:06:39Kshainit says to say: user@host ~
06:06:39Kshain $ cd /bin
06:06:39Kshain $ ln -s gawk.exe awk.exe
06:06:39Kshain $ ln -s gzip.exe gunzip.exe
06:06:39Kshain $ ln -s bzip2.exe bunzip2.exe
06:06:40***Alert Mode level 1
06:06:46PsycoXulit's this cool feature of *NIX and it's filesystems by where you can make a filesystem entry that acts like a file or directory as far as most things are concerned, but it actualy just points to another file or directory
06:07:08Kshainso how would I do that with the code above
06:07:08PsycoXulthere's actualy 2 kinds of links
06:07:14PsycoXulhard links and symbolic links
06:07:32PsycoXula regular file is just data on the disk with a hardlink to it's disk address, basically
06:07:36Kshainah. Well I have the BASH open, and it says to do that now
06:07:48PsycoXulin *NIX and unix-like systems you can make multiple hardlinks to the same file data
06:08:10PsycoXuland then symbolic links are a little different in that they point to the original file rather than directly to the data
06:08:20PsycoXulso that you can put a symlink on one disk to a file on another disk and things like that
06:08:33PsycoXulcause hardlink's are restricted to being on the same filesystem iirc
06:08:37Kshainah cool. So basically like pointers in c++
06:08:41PsycoXulwell those are the commands that you just pastede
06:08:55PsycoXulexcept the $ at the beginning is to show that it's on a commandline
06:09:11Kshainok i'll try again
06:09:21PsycoXulleave out the $'s
06:09:43PsycoXulBasiCE is a full implementation of the BASIC language for Windows CE.
06:09:47PsycoXulman there's some sick people out there
06:10:03Kshaintell me about it
06:10:08Kshainyah its working now
06:11:06PsycoXuli can't wait till linux is fully usable on this pda
06:11:25KshainSo is linux really that great and cool?
06:11:31PsycoXulthen i can cross-compile good old ansi C progs that i can write and download all over the place to run on that thing
06:12:32PsycoXuldepends on what you do i guess
06:12:41PsycoXulif all you use is M$ office and crap like that then probably not
06:12:58PsycoXulbut for a person who likes to get the most out of their machine, linux rocks
06:13:22PsycoXulit's working its way to cater to the M$ office and crap type people too though
06:13:44Kshainnow what about games
06:13:49PsycoXulthats slow going but it's getting there
06:14:01KshainI might switch once it gets there
06:14:09PsycoXulwindows has many many more games
06:14:13PsycoXulthats just sortof a given at this point
06:14:24Kshainbeen around a tincy bit longer
06:14:27PsycoXulbut when a game does get made for or ported to linux
06:14:40Kshainthen maybe I will switch
06:14:41PsycoXulit runs better in general, on equivalent hardware
06:14:46Kshainthats cool
06:14:48PsycoXulif you have appropriate hardware for linux
06:15:04PsycoXulyou know if you get some graphics card that doesn't have any good linux support then obviously thats not true
06:15:17PsycoXulbut, say you're on an nvidia card
06:15:27PsycoXuli get better fps in linux on nvidia cards
06:15:36PsycoXulthan the same system running windows
06:15:47PsycoXulwindows never was any good for games
06:16:20PsycoXulit took several years just for games on windows to get back to near the performance they had in DOS
06:16:27PsycoXuland that was mostly just hardware advancement heh
06:16:41***Alert Mode OFF
06:16:54Kshainyah. Well, after some games come out....
06:17:08Kshainjust to make sure, in your book windows is better than apple though right?
06:17:35PsycoXulwell i never used apple much except back in gradeschool/highschool heh
06:18:03PsycoXulmacos pre-X is total crap though yes
06:18:16PsycoXulmacos X is unix-based so it's got a lot going for it already heh
06:18:42PsycoXuli haven't tried it myself, but from what i've read/heard and know in general about it, it's probably better than windows
06:18:56KshainI hate apple with a vengeance
06:19:02PsycoXuland everybody i know who's knowledgable about such thing says that apple hardware is better than PC hardware
06:19:15PsycoXulalmost every hardware is better than PC hardware
06:19:25PsycoXulx86 is a shitty archetecture that should've been phased out years ago
06:19:41Kshainwell, I personally dont mind my pc. I actually sort of like it. But go on, destroy my securites as fast as you can
06:19:52PsycoXulwell PC's are cool and all
06:19:56PsycoXuli like computers for what they are
06:20:14PsycoXulthey're nowhere near the capabilities they have the potential for, yet
06:20:24PsycoXuland they're not gonna get that way without a lot of rethinking of the methologies
06:20:54PsycoXulbut for where we're at and all the context of our economical and technological state etc
06:20:57PsycoXulPC's are good
06:21:26PsycoXultheir strong point is the standardization and interoperability
06:21:53PsycoXulyou can buy your expansions and upgrades from anybody, not just the people who make it
06:22:07PsycoXulthats the biggest problem with apple, is that you gotta get a lot of apple stuff just from apple
06:22:15PsycoXuland all of it's expensive, cause there's not enough competition
06:22:27PsycoXuli guess apple's better about that these days though
06:22:34PsycoXulthere's a lot of 3rd party products for it anymore i think
06:23:33PsycoXulbut as far as consistent and continual bang for your buck goes, PC's are probably the way to go right now
06:24:00Kshainthank you for giving my one last shred of hope
06:24:09PsycoXulsoon we'll all just have our own personal little pda-like devices
06:24:18PsycoXulall on constant wireless broadband
06:24:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:24:32Kshainwith Quake4 going
06:24:39PsycoXulon a global resource-sharing network
06:24:49 Join yottahz [0] (
06:24:56Kshainwait one sec
06:25:03KshainIve got another question
06:25:09PsycoXulok so maybe not That soon, but it's on it's way hehe
06:25:28KshainI finished doing everything for the tools, and now I have the exe files but when I click them:
06:25:43KshainI get: cygwin.dll missing
06:26:11PsycoXulLicense: Shareware
06:26:12PsycoXulSize: 7.6MB
06:26:19PsycoXulCost: $1999.00
06:27:49Kshainwhat exactly do you mean
06:28:03PsycoXulheh thats like 4K/$1 or something
06:28:09PsycoXuloh this fucking WinDriver CE
06:28:23PsycoXulThis program automates the development of Windows CE device drivers for PCI, CardBus, ISA, ISAPnP, EISA and CompactPCI.
06:28:42Kshainah and since I dont have that Im screwed?
06:28:49PsycoXuloh this has nothing to do with you
06:29:08PsycoXuli just think it's ridiculous some fool can write an <8mb program and charge $2k for it
06:29:22Kshainoh. Did you even hear my problem?
06:29:40Kshainyou scared me. i thought I had a 2000 dollar problem on my hands
06:29:54PsycoXulyou could pay somebody $20/hr, 40 hours/week, for 2 and a half weeks for the price of that
06:30:28PsycoXulyour problem is not having cygwin :p
06:30:31PsycoXulor something to that effect
06:30:36PsycoXuli dunno you should just need that one dll i guess
06:30:49PsycoXulmost programs compiled with cygwin come with it
06:30:54PsycoXulwhen they need it
06:31:14Kshaink. I'll get it of kazaa
06:33:35Kshainwhere would I put the dll?
06:45:26Kshainsomebody who knows about the source files −−- I need help (again)
06:48:57 Quit edx`cc4 ()
06:51:19 Part Kshain
07:08:39 Join Kshain [0] (~masticore@
07:13:11Kshainhey, btw, psyco, thx for all the help
07:14:04 Part Kshain
07:18:01 Join BenjaminTM [0] (
07:21:36BenjaminTMI've implemented a bookmarking capability in Rockbox, but I'm running into a problem. When I call mpeg_play with the file offset after calling playlist_add, the mp3 doesn't start playing. Do I need to do something else first?
07:27:01 Quit BenjaminTM ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.3a/20021212]")
07:29:45 Join rhak [0] (
07:29:52 Quit rhak (Remote closed the connection)
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07:33:34 Quit laotan (
07:33:34 Quit adi|work (
07:33:34 Quit PsycoXul (
07:42:52NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
07:45:55adi|homeanyone running red hat 7.1 or higher
07:46:39NJoinhardeep [0] (hardeeps@
07:46:39NJoinlaotan [0] (
07:46:39NJoinadi|work [0] (
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16:16:15 Join KanKan [0] (
16:18:20 Join dfg [0] (
16:19:43KanKanhello i don't know how to launch Rockbox update in the archos
16:20:05KanKani wen in the config menu
16:20:12KanKanbut don't know how to load the system
16:20:38KanKancan someone help?
16:22:25Hadakayou did put the firmware on you harddrive?
16:22:29Hadakaand named it properly?
16:22:39KanKani ha ve a folder: .rockbox
16:22:46KanKanand a file ajbrec.ajz
16:22:56Hadakaand you have a recorder?
16:23:01KanKanwhen i boot the archos: i still have the older system
16:23:12KanKanJukebox Multimedia
16:23:22Hadakarockbox doesn't work with multimedia
16:23:27Hadakaonly recoder and player
16:23:32Hadakaprobably never will
16:23:38Hadakait's in the FAQ
16:23:43KanKantoo bad
16:23:53Hadakathe multimedia has different hardware, different processor, different just about everything
16:24:00KanKani see
16:24:01Hadakasince it can play movies
16:24:15Hadakaso - different project, most likely then
16:24:17KanKanof course
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16:26:59KanKanthks bye
16:27:01 Part KanKan
16:29:15ricIIcould the usb-port be used for remote debuging / control?
16:30:59Hadakathe usb port is only connected to the ISD-200 (or ISD-300) chip which in turn is only connected to the IDE drive - the processor can only turn the chip on and off, but can't do anything else
16:32:10ricIII read something about usb-master mode, but that souldn't be possible then?
16:35:47HadakaricII: well if we do not take into account hardware modifications, it shouldn't be possible
16:37:12ricIIIt's not that I don't want to make a hwmod, just my lap doesn't have a serial-port :(
16:40:01HadakaricII: well I'm not sure what all is possible with reasonable hw-mods though
16:43:54 Nick edx`cc4 is now known as edx (
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17:05:55ricIIwell the isd-300 seems to have 10 general purpose io pins wonder what they are for..
17:18:39 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
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