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#rockbox log for 2003-01-09

00:01:29kargatronit's not a 'real' problem for me, since i only use dir after the fact on the jb, and don't care about moving them around - was just curious, since it's a recommended playlist-making method inthe faq, and people are complaining about abd paths
00:03:52MrSnazzyou could use a text editor and to a search-replace for the current path, replace with blank.
00:04:03MrSnazzthat would yeild a directory output with relative paths.
00:04:05kargatronof course
00:04:21MrSnazzor any number of scripting options :)
00:04:29kargatronjust wondering if i was missing a 'dir' option itself, is all
00:04:50kargatroni don't have any pl problems myself - wondering about efficacy of FAQ advice
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00:15:52Zagori think maybe this is a question of differences between win versions.
00:16:56kargatronmaybe, i'm just trying locally with win2k
00:17:16Zagori'm pretty sure I tested it before adding it to the faq
00:17:59MrSnazzI tried it under win2k's cmd.exe shell, and under command and cmd.exe on xp. I don't have 98 handy, so I can't try that.
00:18:08kargatronwell, of course it works fine if you make the playlists on the jb. but it would fail with win2k if you did it before.
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00:20:21Jet8810I may end up leaving rockbox world :(
00:20:32Jet8810left archos on airplane and may end up buying creative 20gb
00:21:04Nakedwhat does the creative 20gb provide?
00:21:05Zagorwhy on earth would you do that? seriously?
00:21:29Jet8810better sound quality
00:21:40MrSnazzdemonic posession is really the only explanation.
00:21:53Jet8810and...gasp...more refined GUI (actually I mean it has queuing abilities)
00:22:24Zagorhave you really compared the JBR and the Creative? I have, JBR won.
00:22:34Zagorfor sound quality, I mean
00:23:01MrSnazzJet8810: if you do buy one, come back and let us know how you think it compares
00:23:19Nakedactually, I've been bothered by extraneous sound with rockbox as well - the archos noise was unbearable
00:23:51ZagorNaked: I know Linus' unit makes some noise too. mine is completely silent with Rockbox.
00:23:59MrSnazzmy sister has a noise problem with her unit, but if she lowers the volume below 90%, it disappears
00:24:16MrSnazzher unit resets back to 100% for some reason when she resets it, though.
00:24:17NakedZagor: I suspect you do have headphones that are reactive enough?
00:24:18kargatronyow, when is her volume >90?
00:24:27ZagorNaked: yes, I compared with the same headphones
00:24:28MrSnazzkargatron: its there whenever she turns it on
00:24:40MrSnazzI told her to download the latest daily, but havn't heard back yet.
00:25:01Jet8810yea, above 90%= bad sound
00:25:11NakedZagor: what's the sound linus's unit does like?
00:25:12Jet8810and some songs are low
00:25:15Zagorabove 90% = distortion, generally
00:25:24Nakedabove 90% eardrums burst
00:25:24kargatroni go up to 90 for my lineout config, but never tried higher
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00:25:36kargatronwell, even 90 is not line level
00:25:37ZagorNaked: it's a quite smooth noise
00:25:43kargatronif hooking to stereo
00:25:45Jet8810I am debating it though
00:25:48Nakedoh gods, I once had 85 as volume when I put headphones on - I never want to experience that again
00:25:48Zagoras in white noise
00:25:54NakedZagor: for me it's not that
00:25:58Jet8810honestly, how long until queuing is a reality on rockbox?
00:26:04NakedZagor: it's a low thudding sound, about 2 hz
00:26:11ZagorNaked: !!
00:26:15MrSnazznaked: me too, after I had it hooked up to my car's aux.. I had cranked the volume on the unit and forgot :)
00:26:26kargatronJet8810 if you compile from cvs, you can include hardeep's queueing patch now
00:26:51Jet8810I cant though hehe
00:26:57NakedZagor: 2 hz frequency between beats ofcourse :)
00:27:06kargatronhave hardeep send you a .ajz :)
00:27:27Zagorwe'll merge his patch soon
00:28:29NakedZagor: I'm considering sticking a cable between the ear plug and line-in on my laptop and recording you some of this noise :)
00:28:40Jet8810and where do I see queue lists zagor?
00:28:56ZagorNaked: hehe
00:28:59Jet8810how would you access them?
00:29:39Zagorumm, don't remember
00:30:10hardeepJet8810: it's a file located in the .rockbox directory (with my patch at least)
00:30:21Zagoroh, he's alive!
00:30:29hardeepsorta, kinda heh
00:30:42Jet8810heh hardeep
00:30:48Jet8810so whats ETA on cvs compilation?
00:31:02Jet8810this could very well determine whether or not I rebuy recorder LOL
00:31:13hardeepi can give you one right now if you want heh...
00:31:24Jet8810a .ajz?
00:31:25hardeepbut i guess you need the device to make use of it.
00:31:31Jet8810emulator to test it hehe
00:31:49Jet8810and it works good though?
00:32:05Jet8810so there is a file in .rockbox you open and then you queue in that or what?
00:32:25hardeepnah, just hold play for a couple of seconds on the track you want to queue
00:32:31hardeepand it's queued
00:32:43hardeepthat part can be changed if people don't like it
00:32:43Jet8810and how do you view queue list?
00:32:46Jet8810open file in .rockboix?
00:32:59hardeepi guess, it's not possible to do from the device right now
00:33:01Jet8810.rockbox even
00:33:11Jet8810and then to delete songs from queue list?
00:33:16Jet8810still needs to be ironed out as well?
00:33:21hardeepthat functionality isn't in...
00:33:54Jet8810so I would queue say, 15 songs, then to get rid of all of them and start fresh?
00:34:15Jet8810how would I do that I mean
00:34:21hardeeprestart the playlist (or directory)
00:34:40hardeepwith my current implementation
00:34:45Jet8810so just find a file and hit play without holding?
00:34:48hardeepdeletion and editing will be added
00:35:20Jet8810and how long before deletion and editing is added?
00:35:42hardeepwhen I or someone else get around to it. :)
00:35:43PsycoXulheh wtf man
00:35:52Jet8810trying to figure out which unit to buy now...this made it that much harder hehe...creative os still more refined and better sound quality and extra battery slot, but rockbox smaller and usb 2.0
00:35:57Jet8810what psyco?
00:36:29PsycoXulqueuing and playlist building/editing etc stuff is probably the next big things to go into rockbox
00:36:43PsycoXulyou're a little too "now" worried about something thats inevitable
00:37:01ZagorJet8810: as I said, creative doesn't really have better sound quality. nor do I believe their software is much of a hoot
00:37:02Jet8810but I am impatient :)
00:37:23Jet8810well I remember it being more user friendly from my 6gb creative days
00:37:49Zagorwhich archos did you have?
00:37:56Jet8810recorder 20gb
00:38:06MrSnazzis anything happening on all-file shuffling without a huge playlist? I had an idea which would be small to implement, but didn't want to duplicate somebody else's existing efforts...
00:38:18 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
00:38:29ZagorMrSnazz: it won't be added. all-file shuffle is done with a playlist.
00:38:40Zagorwe'll simply add playlist creation instead
00:38:42Jet8810really boils down to whether want to try something new or stay with old faithful lol
00:38:42MrSnazzZagor: alrighty, I'll just add it to my own copy :)
00:39:10ZagorMrSnazz: what's your method? random on each dir level?
00:39:17MrSnazzZagor: yeah
00:39:51Zagorthat's what I guessed. that's random, not shuffle. and a bad random at that. and you'll get repeated songs and all kinds of other nasties.
00:40:01Zagorplaylists rock :-)
00:40:13MrSnazzI disagree that its a bad random :)
00:40:18MrSnazzBut thanks for the opinion :)
00:40:27Jet8810so I can make .m3u playlists and they will work right?
00:40:33Jet8810just make em in musicmatch
00:40:44Zagorof course it is. say you have two dirs: one with 500 songs, and one with 2 songs. those 2 songs will be repeated LOTS more than the 500 songs
00:41:05Zagorthat's a bad random
00:41:09MrSnazzWell duh
00:41:11Jet8810I am staying with archso heh
00:41:19MrSnazzI have a way around that issue.
00:41:20Jet8810see much more possiblity with open source then creative and usb 2.0
00:41:23Zagoryou do?
00:41:49ZagorJet8810: usb2.0 is very nice
00:41:56ZagorMrSnazz: how?
00:42:03Jet8810so you are all trying to get a way to random play the entire disk?
00:42:22ZagorJet8810: i've been shuffle-playing my entire disk since, oh, june or so
00:42:52Jet8810big playlist heh
00:42:52Jet8810I knew that! :)
00:43:00Jet8810I am new at playlists
00:43:09Jet8810got to go
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00:43:15MrSnazzmy method isn't exactly what you described. It does go directory-by-directory, but during an initial count stage. Once it has the total number of files, it picks a value in that range, then iterates over directories until that file number is reached.
00:43:23Zagorof course. it's the only way to do true shuffle with perfect resume and the other features we like
00:44:08ZagorMrSnazz: christ! you don't have a big disk, do you? I have 7600 files on my archos. I'd hate to look up the last ones... :-)
00:44:27MrSnazzI have a 20gb jbr :)
00:44:32MrSnazzIts not as slow as it sounds ;)
00:44:47Zagorwhy aren't you using a playlist?
00:44:50MrSnazzanyway, I was just curious. I can see that you're not open to the idea, so I'm not going to waste any additional time
00:45:36MrSnazzzagor: if there's a quick menu option added to create an all-file playlist on the unit, I'd probably use a playlist.
00:46:33Zagori still don't get it. how does music end up on your archos? answer: you plug it into your computer and copy the files. why not spend an extra 30 seconds and make a global playlist while it's connected?
00:47:00Zagoranyway, playlist creation *will* be added, so we can drop the issue :-)
00:50:32kargatronplus, MrSnazz, there are easy utilities that will make recursive playlists for every dir in one shot, so an extremely easy workaround exists now
00:51:37MrSnazzI'm not stupid, I'm aware of how easy it is to create a playlist. I'm merely interested in an alternative.
00:54:00kargatronit's just your interest that puzzles us - we're not calling you stupid :)
00:54:21kargatronplus, recursively making recursive playlists in one shot isn't obvious :)
00:55:27Zagorhmm, when did sourceforce move us from to
00:56:13hardeepi still use
00:56:55Zagori'm silly. ignore me :)
00:57:34hardeepbtw, i've got a pretty quick fix for that playlist discussion that's been hounding the mailing list the last few days
00:58:10Zagorthe path stuff?
00:59:05Zagorhow many lines? ;)
00:59:25hardeep< 10 heh
00:59:47hardeepactually, i take that back, > 20 :)
01:00:19hardeeper < 20
01:00:21Zagorexactly what I had in mind
01:00:27Zagori'll add it
01:00:37Zagoras soon as the *** cvs server wakes up...
01:00:47hardeepheh, yeah, it was slow checking out
01:02:13Zagorweird. from home I can ping but not cvs.rockbox*. from work I can ping both!
01:02:34Zagorit's not like work is the other side of the world or anything...
01:03:12hardeepi think is just an alias to
01:04:23hardeepyeah, that's what nslookup returns
01:04:24Zagoryeah, but apparently the round-robin dns has given me different IP
01:04:32hardeephmmm, weird
01:06:28 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (hardeeps@
01:06:35Zagorah, works again
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01:37:06Nakedhey zagor
01:39:11Nakedit's amplified a lot of times, so imagine it's thudding and ignore the added white noise :)
01:39:36Nakedhad to put it through the stereo and crank the volume all the way up to hear anything
01:40:06Zagorstrange noise. i wonder what it can be.
01:40:21Nakedsomething which happens twice per second ;)
01:40:39Nakedoh, it repeated more rapidly when I adjusted the volume by holding down up or down
01:41:23Nakedor rather, it gets an uneven beat on top of it
01:41:26NakedARGH NOOO
01:41:27Nakedlemme see
01:41:38Nakedscrolling makes the sound :)
01:41:48Nakedif there's nothing scrolling on the screen, no sound :)
01:42:28Zagordoes the volume level in rockbox make any difference?
01:42:55Nakedno, mute and 0 sound and still hear the same thing
01:43:12Nakedoh gods, lemme try some of the demos
01:43:27Nakedatleast bounce makes no sound
01:43:42Nakedsnow makes very rapid little sound
01:43:54Nakedoscillograph makes a solid buzz!
01:43:59Zagori can force a similar sound if I unplug the headphones a bit so they are not properly grounded
01:44:06Nakedand cube is relatively lound as well
01:45:38Nakedare you able to plug your archos into your stereo and crank the volume _way_ up?
01:46:03Zagoryes. although I don't want to try that now, my gf is sleeping... :-)
01:46:34Nakedoh yes, later on you might see if you have the same thing
01:47:14Nakedsince - I hardly ever turn the volume over 65 with these headphones - and with the original archos firmware, I couldn't get the volume low enough
01:47:22Nakedand it's barely audible
01:47:53Nakedso I would not even imagine hearing it with any other headphones
01:47:54Zagorok. what headphones are that?
01:48:37Zagor65 is about the level I usually listen to at work, actually. cranking up to 70-72 for the bike ride home.
01:48:57Nakedkoss porta-pro
01:50:28Nakedhmmh, perhaps you should make a screen-saver mode for the archos where the display is blanked every time the backlight is turned off :)
01:51:36Nakedlet's see if we hear a sound when the hd spins up and the cpu has to do the bitflipping
01:51:53Zagoryeah, if people have the same problem as you have that would be useful
01:52:17Nakedno, no nothing
01:52:21Nakedso it's only the display
01:53:02Zagoryou don't hear the hd either?
01:53:49Nakedwell the hd makes sound physically, but not over the headphones
01:57:56Nakedturning backlight on and off creates a tiny tiny sound, but that's not mattering
01:58:31Nakedok well, I guess this is enough finding out for now :)
02:01:23 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
02:12:23Zagorwell, time for bed. see you tomorrow.
02:12:24 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
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02:46:44elinenbe3hardeep: any new stuff with the queue function?
02:46:49 Nick elinenbe3 is now known as elinenbe (
02:47:05hardeepelinenbe: no, zagor submitted my patch exactly as it was it looks like
02:47:15hardeepi did change the queue limit to 100 last week, that was included
02:47:25elinenbehardeep: I was wondering if the were any "interna" changes
02:48:03hardeepelinenbe: nope, the change was very specific to queueing
02:48:13hardeeper s/change/patch
02:48:42PsycoXulwhen's somebody gonna do a real and proper playlist building/editing implimentation?
02:50:12hardeepare you volunteering? :)
02:50:31hardeepi don't think anyone's working on it at the moment
02:51:07PsycoXulseems kinda strange
02:51:28elinenbehardeep: I heard you were volunteering for recursive playing
02:51:32PsycoXulpersonally it's one of the big things i've been waiting for in rockbox
02:52:06PsycoXuli've been without the ability to make decent playlists since i got this thing
02:53:20PsycoXuli never listen to the same playlist twice, archos' firmware is unusably sluggish having to hold a key down on each file to add, and it's directory-add feature fucks up and keeps on adding to the end of the disk... and removing is almost as slow as adding
02:56:49 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:58:06Jet8810hardeep , you alive?
03:04:20hardeepjust about to go but can answer a quick question
03:07:19hardeepalas, must go
03:07:23 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (hardeeps@
03:24:29 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
03:44:11EGM92Hey does anyone know, known errors for battery recharging? I need to know what some of these errors mean lol
03:44:28PsycoXulwhat errors?
03:46:56EGM92umm I think it was an "HD ERROR" or "MD ERROR" it was earlie morning didn't get a good look at it, I leeft it overnight recahrging,
03:47:24EGM92I disconnected it and plugged it back in and I got "BATTERY CHARGING..."
03:47:41PsycoXul"HD ERROR" is what i usualy get when the HD can't spin up
03:47:41EGM92like it wasn';t charged
03:47:53EGM92yea! it was trynig to spin
03:47:56PsycoXulit'll say "battery charging..." every time you plug it in, whether it was charged or not
03:48:10PsycoXulyou got a player, right?
03:48:24PsycoXulit's charging stuff isn't that smart
03:48:27EGM92JB 6000 but with a 20gb hdd
03:48:54PsycoXuldid you just get it recently?
03:49:02EGM92I'm a newb
03:49:14PsycoXulhow long'd you let it charge initialy before trying it?
03:49:15EGM92well i boguht it used on ebay and I got a deal on it
03:49:22PsycoXuloh i see
03:49:32PsycoXulwell is it new or old batteries?
03:49:34EGM92well i tried for like 12hours
03:49:48PsycoXulif they're new batteries just giving them a good long charge should be it
03:49:50EGM92I don't know... it's the original batteries i guess
03:50:12 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
03:50:13PsycoXulif they're somebody's old batteries that they've been running for a year or 2 then they probably won't hold a charge very well any more and need replaced
03:50:39EGM92hey my hdd jsut started to try to spin
03:50:45EGM92its liek tick tick tick tick tick
03:50:53EGM92but it says battery chariging on screren
03:50:59 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
03:51:36EGM92it's not fully spinning
03:53:25PsycoXulpressed or held
03:53:46PsycoXulturn of the capslock :p
03:53:48PsycoXuland uh
03:53:55PsycoXulhold the stop button down for a few seconds
03:54:01PsycoXulsee if that does anything
03:54:08 Join ^_Pro-289 [0] (
03:54:55PsycoXulit doesn't even stop the HD trynig to spin?
03:55:06PsycoXulhow long did you hold it for? like 5 seconds?
03:55:17EGM92i unplugged the dc adaptor
03:55:27EGM92and i tried to trn it on
03:55:33EGM92without the dc power
03:55:37EGM92but it didn't work
03:56:47EGM92this is really pissing me off
03:57:21^_Pro-289In one of the feature requests, 619335, someone asks for a time and battery meter in the USB screen. Then they said it was fixed in CVS. But I've used the daily builds and don't see that feature. Is it only for a certain model of jukebox?
03:57:22EGM92i tried to run it without the DC adaptor, and it wouldn't even turn on not even a screen would flash
03:58:06PsycoXulEGM92: my guess would be batteries
03:58:12PsycoXuli'd say to get some new ones and try those
03:58:30EGM92who would know for sure?
03:58:59PsycoXulit's not like buying a set of nimh batteries is a waste of money anyway
03:59:41EGM92oh ok
03:59:52EGM92how do i open the JB?
04:00:16PsycoXulyou don't need to
04:00:25PsycoXulthe little roundish things on front sides pop out
04:00:53PsycoXulthere's instructions in the manual and all over the web
04:02:06^_Pro-289 ??
04:03:34hardeep^_Pro-289: it might be only a recorder feature
04:04:32^_Pro-289ahh, didn't know what version he had.
04:05:27^_Pro-289so does anyone still work on fixes for the studio 20?
04:07:07hardeep^_Pro-289: for the most part, the firmware is the same for player and recorder and all fixes made are for both
04:07:28hardeepof course, there are many extra features available for the recorder because of it's lcd screen
04:08:21Jet8810email me the new ajz please!
04:08:37hardeepJet8810: you can get it from the webpage now, zagor submitted all my changes
04:08:48Jet8810now I just need an archos lol
04:09:48^_Pro-289well like i said earlier, some posted a usb fix, but I don't see it. maybe it was for the multimedia version only.
04:10:03 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
04:10:24hardeepwe don't support the archos multimedia on rockbox
04:10:33hardeeponly AJB recorder and player
04:10:50^_Pro-289ok, well, i wonder what happened to that fix then.
04:11:01^_Pro-289i have a studio 20.
04:11:11hardeeppost a message to the mailing list, maybe something else had to be enabled as well
04:11:51^_Pro-289ok. i already posted one about the USB pitchfork not displaying, but no one replied.
04:12:28hardeepthe past few weeks have been quiet because everyone's been on vacation... you will probably get a better response now that everyone's back
04:13:45^_Pro-289maybe. but i noticed when I plug my usb cable in while the power was on, the usb pitchfork doesn't appear. but when i remove the device safely, then unplug the usb cable, the pitchfork then appears, while ti's not connected.
04:16:08hardeepthe status info is only displayed on the recorder if the statusbar is enabled
04:16:52hardeepas for the pitchfork thing, report a bug
04:17:00^_Pro-289ok. so there can't be any changes/fixes to the player regarding the usb display screen?
04:17:36^_Pro-289already did. :)
04:18:57hardeephmmm, what does it show on the second like of the player when the usb cable is connected?
04:19:16hardeepthe first line should be showing "[USB Mode]"
04:20:25^_Pro-289nothing. it's empty.
04:21:22^_Pro-289i see a volume indicator at the top which is useless since i can't change the volume anyway.
04:22:43^_Pro-289yea, all I see is "[USB Mode]" and the battery bar, the backwards C arrow, and the volume level.
04:23:26hardeephmmmm, that's really call you can show... what were you looking for?
04:23:42hardeepthere is no clock on the player models so time can't be displayed
04:24:07^_Pro-289well you asked what i saw on the second line.
04:24:36^_Pro-289i thought there was supposed to be a usb pitchfork. or maybe a battery percentage indicator.
04:25:10hardeepi thought you said you are seeing the battery bar?
04:25:18^_Pro-289Since the battery bar does not work, I can never tell how much life I have left when it's in USB mode and I'm not plugged in.
04:25:19hardeepand yes, you should see the usb icon as well
04:25:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:26:01EGM92Ah shit I'ts my batteries, I jsut checked out some stuff does anyone know where I can get Nihm or something like that batteries? I lvie in Canada
04:26:02^_Pro-289I see the battery bar, but not a battery % as I thought someone might have added in a CVS.
04:26:53hardeephmmmm, i think i see a bug... one sec
04:29:06hardeep^_Pro-289: do you have your player handy? can you try out an updated firmware for me?
04:29:54^_Pro-289it's not gonna freeze my box will it? ;)
04:30:04hardeepshouldn't. :)
04:30:09hardeeplet me know if this fixes the display problem
04:30:17hardeepwith usb cable plugged in
04:30:53^_Pro-289while the power is on, then plug cable in?
04:31:09hardeepyeah, the bug you were reporting
04:32:36^_Pro-289yes. pitchfork is now there.
04:32:49hardeepbattery display still bogus?
04:33:00^_Pro-289let me check.
04:33:16EGM92Hey Hardeep, do you know the average pricnig of a NiMH 1.2v battery?
04:33:23^_Pro-289pitchfork still stays after cable is unplugged.
04:33:51hardeepEGM92: haven't a clue.
04:34:11hardeepEGM92: if you're in canada, try the radioshack site, they should carry the batteries
04:34:14^_Pro-289batterybar is now animated (charging).
04:34:42EGM92oh ok
04:34:49hardeep^_Pro-289: so everything is correct except usb pitchform not disappearing?
04:35:39hardeepokay, gimme a min, i know what the problem is
04:37:53hardeepokay, i updated the archos.mod, same location
04:37:59hardeepcould you try this one please?
04:40:18^_Pro-289alright. it's fixed..
04:41:05^_Pro-289you're a genius. :)
04:41:18hardeepheh, not quite
04:41:19EGM92Hardeep you program firm ire for JB?
04:41:54hardeepEGM92: yes, i'm a developer on the rockbox project
04:42:28EGM92oh cool,
04:42:54^_Pro-289so is there a way to get a battery % on that USB screen?
04:43:26hardeep^_Pro-289: hmmm, you mean instead of the icon?
04:43:58hardeep^_Pro-289: as you can tell, I'm fairly unfamiliar with the player display.... is there any other place where you get a battery percentage?
04:43:59^_Pro-289well, and the icon. cause the icon is such a small area, probably hard to put text there.
04:44:15^_Pro-289yea, the menu->Info.
04:44:36^_Pro-289shows "% h m"
04:44:43EGM92Hey have you been abl to calculate the ammount of time left in the batteries? and put it next to the meter?
04:45:30^_Pro-289The info menu even shows it on the correct (second) line. :)
04:46:30hardeep^_Pro-289: make a feature request for it... you can at least find out if other people are interested in that
04:47:46^_Pro-2890k. I think it'd make a nice request. As now I have to unplug it, then check my battery % (since sometimes the bar could be at 0 and still have a lot of time left), then plug it back in.
04:58:25 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
04:58:26 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:09:09 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Check out the sexy BitchX pr0n at")
05:37:09^_Pro-289i know you're not here right now. but thanks, hardeep, for fixing the bugs.
05:37:12 Part ^_Pro-289
06:06:38 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
06:07:39 Join edx [0] (
06:19:23 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
06:19:23 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:25:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:08:45 Quit edx ()
08:25:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:42:48 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
09:16:30 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:17:51 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:18:13 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:32:45Zagorhardeep: as you may have seen, I removed the extra delay when queueing files. was there a reason you addeed that? just avoiding mistakes or?
09:35:03hardeepi was just worried about a song queuing when a user wanted to start a new dirplay
09:35:17hardeepbut it looks like that's not a problem, even without the delay
09:36:11dwihnoHow do you use the new queing stuff?
09:36:17dwihnoAnd is file writing solid now?
09:36:43hardeepdwihno: just hold on to play on a track you want to queue
09:37:32hardeepand file writing is very solid, i haven't seen a problem in a while
09:39:20dwihnoHmm, I've read a lot of bug reports regarding recording + file writing
09:39:24dwihnobut they might be old aswell
09:40:21Zagordwihno: nowadays the only recording problem is the mp3 data corruption we get sometimes
09:43:32 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
09:45:11dwihnoZagor: That's nice though :-)
09:46:15dwihnoDo you know if anyone has started to write a "on-the-fly" playlist generator
09:47:34Zagorbagder talked about doing it before christmas. i don't know if he ever started.
09:48:35 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:48:42bobTHCgood morning!
09:48:45dwihnoGood morning!
09:48:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:48:49*dwihno hands bob some fika
09:49:14ZagorbobTHC: you're responsible for the french translation, right?
09:49:34bobTHCsome update?
09:49:45Zagorcould you handle the other languages too?
09:50:06Zagorchecking patches and merging them if everything seems ok
09:50:49bobTHCwith pleasure
09:51:28bobTHCbut i'm not multilanguage talker so for syntax error i cant detect it
09:51:48dwihnoC'est bien!
09:52:08Zagorno, just check if a patch changes old data. in that case, post a question to the list asking for opinions about the best translation
09:52:43bobTHCoki like i try to do for french....
09:54:34bobTHCsome patch are waiting?
09:56:21Zagoryes, several. look in the patch tracker.
10:05:05 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hanson uses BitchX. Mommy, can we dress like boys again?")
10:12:00Zagor(or is it tchack?)
10:12:06 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:12:11quelsarukhi all
10:12:19Schnueffmaybe tschack
10:12:34quelsarukand happy new year :)
10:12:37SchnueffKraftwerk - Boing Bumm Tschak
10:13:35Zagorhi quelsaruk!
10:25:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:28:55 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:06:54 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
11:07:20 Join Schnueff [0] (
11:20:13 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
11:30:43dwihnoWhat is the mAh on the stock batteries?
11:31:24quelsarukthe ones that come with the archos? 1500 mAh
11:32:04dwihnoI want better batteries :)
11:32:13quelsarukme too
11:32:34quelsarukdwihno: you are from france, don't you?
11:32:54dwihnonon, je suis pour la suede
11:32:55dwihnoor something
11:34:10dwihnoI want a bigger disk
11:36:48quelsarukand a 8 MB ram expansion?
11:38:19dwihnonot really :)
11:38:40dwihnoBut it would be nice. I had insane ideas about supporting several types of audio codec
11:39:04dwihnosoftware decoding, store to buffer, re-encode, send to MAS :-)
11:41:52quelsaruki think winter makes some effect on your brain :)
11:42:29bobTHCoverclock is ever better when the weather is cold ;)
11:44:24dwihnoI think my idea is pretty good :)
11:44:28dwihnoWhat do you think, Zagor?
11:44:40dwihnoI better get a second opinion from Linus
12:08:59Zagordwihno: software decoding will take ages. you're better off converting on your pc.
12:10:33 Join EXIR [0] (
12:12:56EXIRi have a stuppide question how do u selct the lang on a archos studio 20 with rockbox OS?
12:13:15ZagorEXIR: simply play the right language file in .rockbox
12:13:29EXIRwicht file?
12:13:33Zagorwe will add a menu interface soon
12:13:33EXIRthe .lang
12:13:38Zagorno, the .lng
12:14:22 Nick EXIR is now known as exir^F00D (
12:14:25bobTHCzagor lng file was generated evry hour?
12:14:53dwihnoZagor: yeah, I guess converting on the PC isn't that bad. I was thinking about recording. Do you think it's possible to record without compression?
12:15:20Zagoryes. by the way, you should run binlang on the files before committing them. some of them were missing strings
12:15:43Zagordwihno: only if someone writes dsp code for it
12:15:46quelsarukthat reminds me i have to update spanish lang :)
12:16:00Zagorno worries
12:16:16dwihnoZagor: There should be a way to tell the DSP to give uncompressed audio.
12:17:07Zagorthat would be nice, yes
12:17:11Zagorbut there isn't
12:17:30dwihnoWe need the top secret docs! Have you talked to the frenchies? :)
12:18:06Zagori don't even think the frenchies have such docs.
12:18:39dwihnoOkay. So what have you discussed with them this far?
12:18:55bobTHCi sure they have!!!
12:19:38bobTHCwith the number of dsp micronas sell to archos they can have it!
12:22:51dwihnoZagor only needs to ask politely and we might get some info :)
12:23:41bobTHC:) not so easy but with a little bit of diplomacy and wit good intention from archos perhaps....
12:25:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:27:39Zagori think even if archos wanted to, they are not allowed do share the information. micronas guards it very carefully.
12:27:56Zagoralso, we don't just need docs. we also need tools.
12:31:42dwihnoFor the MAS?!
12:31:43 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:31:59Zagoryes. it's a processor. it executes code.
12:32:12Zagorunless you feel like hacking binary machine code, you need a compiler
12:32:23 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
12:36:09*dwihno hacks machine code for breakfast
12:36:35dwihnoWith his "EDGE"-knife. I love it. Cuts through everything!
12:36:56bobTHCbye all to much work!
12:36:59 Part bobTHC
12:38:36exir^F00Dhow do u open the .rockbox directory
12:38:41 Nick exir^F00D is now known as EXIR (
12:39:11quelsarukEXIR: open the .rockbox dir where?
12:39:15quelsarukin the archos?
12:39:19EXIRin the player
12:39:42EXIRbecause i want to open the lang file
12:39:55EXIRdo i have to place it in the main or the .rockbox dir
12:40:26quelsarukthe same asdoesnt' matter right now
12:40:33 Quit EXIR (" and")
12:40:53Schnuefffast one
12:40:57Zagoractually it does matter. only the one in .rockbox is used next boot
12:41:21Schnuefftoo slow :)
12:42:20quelsarukinteresting :)
12:42:32quelsarukyou learn something new everyday
12:43:24dwihnoUwe was successful with his alarm mod, cool!
12:48:04Zagorquelsaruk: yes only .rockbox is stored as config. that way we don't have to store the path, only the filename
13:21:06 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:35:47 Join matsl [0] (
13:44:46*matsl is away: I'm busy
14:00:33 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:17:17 Join werty1st [0] (
14:17:46quelsaruktime to go home for lunch
14:17:50quelsarukcu later
14:17:58 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:21:52 Quit werty1st ()
14:23:06 Part Zagor
14:23:39 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:25:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:44:43matslZagor_: ?
14:44:49*matsl is back (gone 01:00:03)
14:45:40*matsl is away: I'm busy
14:49:42 Join kargatron [0] (
14:57:27 Join Bagder [241] (
14:57:52Bagderhey ho
14:59:56 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:00:37dwihnoHey ho!
15:01:26dwihnoBagder: the rumours talk about a certain person writing on-the-fly playlist generation. Do you know of such a thing? ;)
15:01:55Bagderhey, I only whine and complain, I don't actually do anything ;-P
15:01:56langhaarrockerany new rumours about t-shirts?
15:02:47*Bagder points to adi|home
15:03:51langhaarrockerprobably adj|home points to adj|work ...
15:04:08*dwihno points to the sky... It's a bird! No, it's an airplane! No, it's Zagor, and look! He has the MAS specs :D
15:04:26langhaarrockerstop dreaming :)
15:06:12langhaarrocker(I couldn't read anything about flying in the MAS specs)
15:21:42 Quit TotMacher ()
15:21:54 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:27:35 Quit TotMacher ()
15:27:46 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:28:40 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
15:28:45 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:36:20 Part elinenbe
15:41:14*Bagder heard rumours about matsl's and Kjell's upcoming player improvements today
15:41:28Bagderseems to be progressing
15:42:05 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:42:24dwihnoA lot of rumours!
15:42:27dwihnoMAS MAS MAS!
15:42:55dwihnoDo you know why we should talk to Gunde Svan?
15:43:05dwihnoSince he's the original DAL-MAS ;D
15:43:33*Bagder looks at dwihno
15:44:02*matsl is back (gone 00:58:22)
15:44:09matslZagor: ?
15:44:09*dwihno looks at matsl
15:44:36*langhaarrocker looks stupid
15:47:05Zagori'm here
15:48:17matslZagor: about the battery meter in USB-mode. I can't see it on the player.
15:48:51Zagortried latest build? hardeep made some changes to that
15:50:15matslZagor: Kjer and I are ready with native character support for player. Just need some testing before checkin.
15:53:05 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:22:47 Join TotMacherr [0] (
16:25:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:33:16 Join edx [0] (
16:41:10 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:41:28 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:51:50 Part Zagor
16:52:32 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:53:55kargatronany JBSynch users reading?
16:56:41 Quit y0m (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:02:41BagderZagor_: heard anything from Magic Linus lately?
17:03:42Zagor_no. he's still on the west coast.
17:05:16Zagor_we really should kick 2.0 out the door soon
17:05:39Bagderyes, but we should probably add some more features for the recording
17:05:52Zagor_such as?
17:06:18Zagor_doesn't sound very difficult :)
17:06:25Bagderand possibly start-a-new-file
17:06:43dwihnoand perhaps make the recording rock-solid
17:06:57BagderI don't think we'll get it better now
17:07:04Zagor_dwihno: we're not even sure that's possible. it could be a MAS bug.
17:07:18dwihnoZagor_: The dalmas? :)
17:07:32Zagor_yup. gunde-bugg
17:08:04dwihnoKom igen, sjätte nykkkeln!
17:09:30 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:09:37dw|goneHave a nice evening people.
17:09:44Bagderbye dw
17:12:36 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:13:33 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:17:03Zagor_time to go. see you!
17:17:05 Part Zagor_
17:36:35 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:36:35 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:25 Quit laotan ("Disconnecting")
17:46:53 Join laotan [0] (
17:49:55 Join strwdle [0] (strwdle@
18:15:02 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:15:14elinenbeis anyone here who knows about fail-over routers?
18:16:15 Join GreyShadow [0] (
18:23:38 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
18:24:54 Quit TotMacherr ()
18:25:09 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:25:56 Join Zagor [0] (bjst@
18:25:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:29:01hardeepwhat's up with all these duplicated posts to the mailing list?
18:29:44Zagorgood question
18:29:55Zagorthey have different subjects, so it's the author doing it manually
18:30:20elinenbethe author is a fuck.
18:30:55hardeeplaugh, several had the same subject... but i just noticed the text is changing slightly
18:31:21elinenbeokay −− what can you tell me about a linux virtual server? ;)
18:33:46hardeepnot a thing... very cool idea though
18:34:41elinenbeI know. I am looking to build a web server for my company that is a fail over server.... 2 cloned machines with seperate IPs behind a router, and if 1 goes down, the other will kick in.
18:36:23Bagdertime to run away, see ya
18:36:25 Quit Bagder ("")
18:39:11elinenbeZagor: thanks
18:40:18elinenbeZagor: have you any experience using this?
18:40:38Zagorjust a little. we run a failover linux cluster at work
18:41:06elinenbeZagor: can I ask how it is set up (hardware-wise?)
18:42:08elinenbeZagor: I need a report in by 3pm (it is almost 1pm here) about how this is going to work.
18:42:20Zagortwo identical boxes with a serial cable between them for heartbeat. one is master, the other is standby. if the standby notices the heartbeats are gone, it takes over.
18:42:40elinenbeare they cloned (like do they have the same IP address?)
18:42:43Zagordisk mirroring over normal network
18:43:25Zagorthey have one ip each, and then share a virtual IP which is the one you use from clients
18:43:29 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
18:43:38elinenbesounds great!
18:43:56elinenbeone more question.
18:44:00elinenbehow is this virtual IP assigned?
18:44:38Zagori'm not sure
18:44:51elinenbeI have to figure that out.
18:45:04elinenbeyou mush have some sort of router dealing with the virtual IP.
18:45:32Zagornot really, we just tell the nearest router that the IP has a new ARP
18:45:48 Quit TotMacher ()
18:46:46_2deep4u_i didnt understand what the f you guys just said
18:46:55_2deep4u_and I like networks :-
18:47:03elinenbeZagor, and that happens automatically?
18:47:26Zagorno the standby machine needs to do that as part of the fail-over
18:47:36Zagori don't remember exactly how it's done
18:47:38elinenbeZagor: so the heartbeat program does this to the router, and the router just keeps on chugging?
18:47:57elinenbe...the heartbeat program on the NEW server
18:48:08_2deep4u_can you create this at home ?
18:48:21Zagorwell not actually the heartbeat program, but the new server does it
18:48:28Zagor_2deep4u_: sure you can
18:49:24Zagorthe heartbeat program just checks the heartbeat and screams "HE'S DEAD" if it's missing :-)
18:49:34_2deep4u_heartbeat program is called?
18:51:16Zagorit's called HeartBeat.
18:52:09Zagordinner time
18:52:12 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (bjst@
19:00:38quelsarukdinner's time?
19:00:57quelsarukouch... how will i survive in sweden?
19:11:54 Quit strwdle (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:15:31elinenbequelsaruk: I think you are nice.
19:15:36elinenbequelsaruk: like gravy
19:16:59quelsaruki don't understand
19:26:51 Join schuepf [0] (
19:34:36 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (bjst@
19:34:47elinenbeZagor: finally you are back!
19:34:55elinenbeZagor: I have been missing you!
19:35:20elinenbeZagor: how is the gameboy emulator for rockbox coming?
19:36:08quelsarukwhy not gameboyu advance ? ;)
19:36:22MrSnazzare there plans to support runtime-loadable modules?
19:36:22elinenbeZagor: I am having problems running Wario 4. I will talk to you about it in private IM :)
19:36:27Zagorelinenbe: i though you would fix grayscales first? :-)
19:38:15elinenbeZagor: I can get 8 grayscales with 2 more framebuffers, but when I try to higher than that, there is quite some flicker
19:38:48elinenbeZagor: also, it slows down to about 30 fps when I am playing a 320kbps mp3s and it looks horrendous.
19:38:57Zagor:) as to be able to have more games, without running out of codespace...
19:39:32Zagor...we need a plugin system
19:39:32elinenbeZagor: I have been messing around with grayscale quite a bit, and I will have something nice to show in a little.
19:39:41Zagorelinenbe: cool
19:39:49elinenbeZagor: however, I have not been running mp3s at the same time.
19:40:14Zagorelinenbe: ok
19:40:23Zagorit will still be interesting
19:43:27quelsarukreally interesting
19:54:50 Quit hardeep ("BitchX for president.")
20:21:05 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:22:01quelsarukhi hardeep
20:22:51quelsarukyou where the one who made trickle charge ?
20:23:17hardeepno, that was uwe
20:26:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:26:42quelsaruki have quite bad memory
20:34:51 Join Holo12 [0] (~holo@
20:35:49Holo12Hi guys... anyone have the problem of directories being named wrong? I saw the irc logs touching on this subject, but no resolution.. My directory named E-M now is the name of a song instead..
20:36:09Holo12do i just have to deal with this until the next version?
20:36:18Holo12or is there something I can do?
20:38:03quelsarukdon't know
20:38:19Holo12does anyone else have this problem?
20:39:16hardeepHolo12: have you tried a daily build? I can't say I'm aware of any such problem
20:39:39hardeepYou may also want to report it as a bug (see link on web page)
20:40:02Holo12hmm... i'll try... basically, it gives the name of the last file in that directory
20:42:55Holo12nope.. latest build still giving me that error
20:57:27elinenbehardeep: so how is recursive playing going? :)
21:00:55 Join yold [0] (
21:01:04yoldhi !
21:02:36quelsarukhi yold
21:03:20yoldmy archos is dead :(
21:04:14quelsarukwhy? how?
21:04:38 Quit Holo12 ()
21:04:40yoldyesterday it was running fine
21:05:25yoldand this morning the DD is up but nothing at screen
21:05:41yoldi can't access ti the archos with usb
21:05:58quelsarukDD? what's that?
21:06:15yolddirsk drive
21:06:18yolddisk drive
21:06:39yoldwhen i power on my archosm the disk is initilizing but notjing at screen
21:06:54yoldsorry for my poor english ;)
21:06:56quelsaruksometimes i get the same problem
21:07:07quelsaruki just turn it off
21:07:10quelsarukwait 5 minutes
21:07:15quelsarukand turn it on again
21:07:40yoldi have tried all the day to power on the archos but it wasn't a success :(
21:08:53quelsarukare you sure you have batteries?
21:09:09yoldyes of course
21:09:30quelsaruktry to connect it to the power supply and turn it on
21:10:04quelsaruki have no idea of what happens to your jukebox.. really extrange
21:10:09yoldnothing on the screen when i do that
21:10:27quelsarukZagor: we need your help
21:10:32yoldnormally i have to see "battery charging..."
21:10:47quelsarukyou should see something
21:10:56yoldnothing :(
21:28:07 Quit EGM92 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:28:11quelsaruktime to go home
21:28:35quelsarukyold, sorry for not helping you
21:29:34 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:29:36yoldit doesn't matter, thank you :
21:31:55 Join [-UK-]BadAiming [0] (
21:32:22[-UK-]BadAimingi am back
21:34:31 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (hardeeps@
21:37:50elinenbebye ...
21:37:54elinenbehave fun
21:37:55 Part elinenbe
21:38:06Zagoryold: sounds like a hardware problem
21:39:30yoldZagor: i think so
21:39:39yoldi have dissecting my archos
21:39:56yoldand trying trying to lcoate the pb
21:40:02Zagordoes the backlight turn on?
21:42:32 Join hmm [0] (
21:42:47Zagordefinitely hardware problem
21:43:32yoldyes but my archos is 1 year and 2 month years old
21:43:54 Join strwdle [0] (
21:44:04strwdlecould anyone give me some advice?
21:46:03 Nick [-UK-]BadAiming is now known as chris1 (
21:46:15chris1my old nick
21:46:21strwdledo you know much about installing?
21:46:42chris1what you like to install ?
21:46:47strwdlebecause I lost the software that came with the jukebox (don't ask how) and the drivers etc from the archos site don't work
21:47:00chris1OS Windows ?
21:47:22chris1I have this driver cd in front of my
21:47:31strwdleit recognises that the jukbox is there
21:47:42strwdlebut it doesn't appear as my g:\ drive
21:48:19chris1have you a friend to check you rockbox
21:48:45strwdlewhat do you mean check it?
21:48:48chris1the driver from the archos site still works fine
21:49:16strwdlewell there are two zip files, which is which?
21:49:24strwdleit's a 60000
21:49:35chris1i have the Recorder 20G
21:49:57chris1the 6000 is very old
21:50:35strwdleanyway, I need to access the HDD because I have the old 'part.pls chck HD' error
21:50:37hmmwhats called the root directory on the installation page plz ?
21:50:47chris1The Archos Windows driver a OEM from 3party
21:50:47strwdleand using atapwd doesn't work
21:50:49 Nick hmm is now known as newbee (
21:51:15chris1the driver is from the usb bride chip maker
21:51:43strwdleon the archos site there is a driver zip file and a pre-installer
21:51:48strwdlewhat does what/
21:52:37Zagornewbee: it's the top dir. i.e. g:\ if g: is your archos disk
21:53:11strwdleyeah it doesn't come up, I've tried them
21:53:17strwdleF:\ is my dvd rom drive
21:53:23strwdleso g:\ would be the dir
21:54:35strwdleoh I have, many times!
21:55:02strwdleI was thinking, could it not be recognising the hd because of the partion error?
21:55:08strwdleI mean the hd works on my laptop
21:56:04chris1please go to the website and use the Support
21:56:19strwdleyeah I think I will
21:56:28chris1i thing that rockbox is the bad place for the W2K querys
21:57:05chris180 % here use Linux
21:57:35chris1the real devloper :)
21:57:39strwdleI should have guessed
21:57:53strwdlewell I'm not a developer, I'm a musician
21:58:16chris1lol to
21:58:24newbeewhere can i change language on the recorder plz ?
21:58:38 Join kargatron [0] (
21:58:41chris1i have to buy a external MIC for the Recorder
21:59:00Zagornewbee: browse into the .rockbox dir and press PLAY on the language of your choice
21:59:12Zagorchris1: the archos mic is actually pretty good.
21:59:36kargatrondoes PAUSE take up any more power than STOPped? i.e. will charging take slightly longer while PAUSEd? (an academic question, really)
21:59:44chris1Yes, but i have all the time the HD Drive on my records
22:00:00Zagorkargatron: no, it's the same
22:00:13Zagorchris1: ?
22:00:29chris1the noice from the hard disk
22:00:48chris1you know this fakt
22:00:57Zagoryes, but I mean the external microphone:
22:01:17Zagorno hd sound with that
22:01:48chris1oh nice i test ist let go online shoping *smile*
22:01:50Nakedoo, that looks nice
22:02:17 Part yold ("Client Exiting")
22:02:24NakedZagor: did you have time to test the background noise on a stereo set yet?
22:02:24PsycoXulthats weird, i accidently only copied the en/products/prw_100878.html part and middle-click'd it in phoenix and it took me to M$ media player download page
22:02:38ZagorNaked: ah, no. i'll test right away.
22:03:19newbeezagor its normal that i cant see the bar where it was written "back" or the hour befor ?
22:04:03Zagornewbee: i don't follow you. which bar? where?
22:04:24newbeewith the 3 button...f1 f2 f3 on the notice
22:05:36chris1zagor i love you way to build the update for the rockbox webpage. C precompiler rocks for static templates
22:06:43Zagorchris1: yeah, i like it
22:07:04Zagornewbee: ah, yes that's normal. rockbox doesn't have that bar
22:07:28newbeeok and i havnt found how change language on the player ..
22:07:35 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
22:07:47Zagornewbee: please read the manual. it actually explains all these things.
22:08:41newbeeu say me .rockbox but ..
22:08:41ZagorNaked: I have the noise too, if I crank my amp all the way up and put my ear to the loudspeakers
22:09:29chris1i work on a stock markt company , that use for the same Results java
22:10:12Zagornewbee: go into menu->general->file view->show files and select "all" to see the .rockbox directory
22:12:16 Quit strwdle ("Practice safe government. Use kingdoms.")
22:14:02chris1write me
22:14:18 Quit chris1 ()
22:17:37newbeezagor for all the new files i put them on the .rockbox too ? for new games new fonts etc
22:19:49Zagormostly yes
22:19:59newbeeok i try
22:21:39newbeeand the .ch8 games ?
22:21:52Zagorthey are not supported yet
22:22:16newbeeoh ...
22:23:09newbeeah finally i can see my divx list ...
22:23:13 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
22:23:21newbeepretty good thing that ur firmwar
22:24:50Zagoryeah, we like to think so :-)
22:25:22newbeebut i dont understand the princip of the oscilloscop..
22:25:40NakedZagor: okay - goodie - then we know it happens from the display drawing - luckily that can easily be fixed with a screensaver :)
22:26:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:09Zagorunfortunately, I also heard a whine from the disk. that's harder to fix.
22:26:24Zagorbut that whine is also unhearable in my headphones
22:27:38NakedZagor: harddisk? when it was spinning up or reading or when?
22:27:48Zagornewbee: the oscilloscope is only for recorders
22:27:55ZagorNaked: spinup
22:27:59newbeei have one
22:28:05Zagora whine increasing in pitch
22:28:29Zagornewbee: oh, ok. sorry I though you had player. the oscilloscope is just a demo, for fun.
22:28:40 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:46newbeeok =)
22:29:23NakedZagor: hmm, ok playlist loaded so fast its so gooood
22:32:38newbeeand i can reduce the volume to the mute...
22:32:49newbeereally good thx for this firmwar
22:32:50kargatronwell, your playlist loaded REASONABLY. :) so it no longer sucks ass
22:33:20kargatronreserve your enthusiasm for resume :)
22:35:36newbeei cant browse my file ? i mean that befor i can see other file on the directory when i was playing song
22:37:17Zagorpress ON
22:37:24Zagor(and read the manual)
22:38:17newbeehey im here to dont read this fuckin manual its so boring i prefere ask like an idiot its more entertaining ...
22:38:45*MrSnazz raises an eyebrow
22:39:06PsycoXulsomebody should invent an entertaining way to present a manual
22:39:11PsycoXulso that people'd be inclined to actualy read it
22:39:23Zagorsome singing, dancing and naked skin
22:39:38Nakedoo, naked!
22:40:02MrSnazzPerhaps, host it on Anglefire and have lots of rotating animated GIFs, MIDI music, and horribly colored backgrounds. Then it'd be kewl! :)
22:40:12newbeeok thx for information and firmware sorry to disturb you guys bye =)
22:40:24 Quit newbee ("( :: NoNameScript 3.65 :: )")
22:40:39PsycoXulMrSnazz: nah, that'd just be annoying
22:40:43PsycoXulMrSnazz: then nobody'd read it
22:41:24PsycoXuli know
22:41:33PsycoXulembed the manual into a game within rockbox
22:41:34Zagorhas anybody seen any analysis of this realizer plugin people keep yapping about? it has the smell of hoax all over it
22:41:48Nakedrealizer plugin?
22:41:56 Join Bryant [0] (
22:42:25 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:10Zagor"restoring the frequencies lost by the MP3 compression"
22:43:12Zagoryeah, right
22:43:13Nakedoh puuh
22:43:33Zagori just want a good debunking url to reject it with
22:43:42PsycoXulhoax or not, i doubt the archos could support it
22:44:08MrSnazzyou mean, you can't delete data from a file, and then bring the data back later? :O
22:44:12Zagoroh, it can't. i just want to stamp out this kind of snake-oil nonsense
22:44:53PsycoXulit's probably just some gimicky post-processing that doesn't actualy do anything but makes it sound different so everybody thinks it's "higher quality"
22:45:27MrSnazzthankfully I can't hear what others claim to hear in MP3 tracks. My roommate swears that he can hear the distortion, even at 192.
22:45:40Zagorprobably the WMA way: increase sound level 2dB
22:45:43PsycoXulMrSnazz: i can in some stuff
22:45:55PsycoXulMrSnazz: it depends on the content
22:45:58Naked Realizer's three processing stages make the bass richer and deeper, add sparkle and vibrance to the high end and create a wider, more three dimensional stereo impression.
22:46:22MrSnazzPsycoXul: yeah, but not in all music :)
22:46:39PsycoXulMrSnazz: no, some kinds of music sound fine at 128 heh
22:46:43 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
22:47:06PsycoXulMrSnazz: i've noticed even at 160 and 192 i can hear some artifacts in some of bjork's stuff
22:47:33MrSnazzmy eardrums have gone out and grown back a few times, perhaps I'm deaf to some things
22:47:46PsycoXulit's not all that noticable
22:48:08PsycoXulbut like certain ways she says things with s sounds
22:48:30PsycoXulmp3 seems to not to handle that type of sound too well
22:48:59Zagorhence vbr
22:49:29PsycoXulyeah i wish i had nice lame −−alt-preset standard rips of all the bjork i have heh
22:49:33MrSnazzthe times I notice distortion the most are on tracks recorded from poor sources. Like b-side tape casettes. Pretty bad on some of that. Garbage in, garbage out I suppose
22:53:37Nakedwell, according to listening tests with a bunch of audiophiles, with 256kbit, the CD couldn't separated anymore - so I'm not sure what Realizer could add to that - make it sound 'better' than cd by faking stuff?
22:54:39MrSnazzsounds like the same mumbo jumbo that my graphic equalizer does, for "richer sound". I don't think they ought to be claiming that it restores lost data.
22:55:13Zagorit adds bass and treble. just like a loudness button.
22:55:16Nakedmp3 loses data that's unaudible - what good will restoring it do? ;)
22:55:31Nakedor tries to lose, ofcourse and yadda yadda
22:56:24 Join breaker [0] (
22:56:36 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
22:58:12breakerI've this problem with turning off the backlight before power_off(). Maybe you can help me?
22:58:22Zagorbreaker: what is the problem?
22:58:33breakerI have the alarm option in the menu.
22:58:43breakerIt sets the alarm, the backlight_off(),..
22:58:49breakerthen power_off().
22:59:06breakerBut somehow the backlight goes off very short and sometimes goes on again.
22:59:27breakerDoes another thread do this?
23:00:30breakerI saw in button.c a backlight_on(), but this should only be called when one presses a key. And I make a pause before setting backlight_off().
23:01:27breakerI think you can see how it behaves when you add a backlight_off() in some menu function.
23:02:21breakerI have also some lcd_puts and lcd_update in the shutdown-procedure.
23:03:38breakerLook at, there's the code.
23:04:20 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:00 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
23:10:56 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:11:29Zagori think no other thread does this
23:11:54Zagorunfortunately, i'm not too at home with the rtc and backlight. linus has done all that work.
23:12:01Zagorhi bod :-)
23:12:20BoD[]rockbox still rocksszz0zrrz
23:12:28Zagorthat's good to hear
23:16:57breakerZagor: linus seems not to be active the last days. Maybe on holiday or something.
23:17:28 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:18:17Zagoryes, he is still away. he'll be back this weekend
23:19:08breakerAh, ok. I'll try to find the problem myself. I hope i've found it then.
23:20:39breakerDo you know where I can find the code which shuts off the backlight after x sec.?
23:21:01Zagorumm, i'll look
23:21:38breakerMaybe it switches it on every second or so in a loop if it should be on?
23:22:43Zagorit's in backlight_tick(), called from button_tick()
23:22:46 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:23:06Zagorand button_tick() is a separate thread
23:23:52 Join EGM92 [0] (
23:24:04 Quit schuepf ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
23:24:14EGM92Hey everyone
23:25:07EGM92hey i got a question about my archos jukebox 6000 and ROCKBOX
23:25:33EGM92It won't allow me to use my playlists? or sometimes it won't play all of the songs in my list why is that?
23:27:15 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain.")
23:27:34 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:28:12 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:28:22BoD[]how did you make the playlists
23:30:01EGM92the one the play some of the songs i made with music match the others are with winamp
23:30:39kargatronmusicmatch includes absolute paths and are problematic
23:31:07kargatronwinamp should be fine if you saved them in a relative location
23:31:12 Quit Bryant ()
23:31:20breakerZagor: Thanks. I'll try to find the problem. Bye.
23:31:24kargatronsimplest answer to to look with text editor - see if the paths are bad or not
23:31:32BoD[]the playlists that do not play all the songs: are they always the same songs that do not play?
23:31:32Zagorbreaker: ok. bye.
23:31:37 Quit breaker ()
23:32:09EGM92no, it's always random song that won't pla from te lists
23:32:25BoD[]so sometimes it plays, and somtimes not ??
23:37:03hardeepthe absolute pathname problem has been fixed in the latest daily build... try it out and see if that fixes your problem
23:37:14EGM92oh ok
23:37:19EGM92ummm, hold on
23:37:48EGM92how do I install CVS ?
23:38:04hardeepyou don't need cvs, just go to the daily build section from the main page
23:38:06kargatronjust grab latest daily build.ajz file
23:38:15kargatrona single file dl is all
23:38:19hardeepbut, if you want cvs, i would recommend downloading cygwin (assuming you're using a win32 machine)
23:38:40kargatron.mod file, for the 6000?
23:39:15EGM92no :(
23:40:02EGM92umm is this the lastest build? rockbox-daily-20030109.tar
23:40:21hardeepthat's the latest source code
23:40:43hardeeper, the source code for the latest daily build
23:41:06hardeepget archos20030109.mod
23:41:21EGM92..I'm compltely lost lol ,I'm a newb to JB stuff, I'm much more used to my old Lyra
23:48:27EGM92alright it fixed it thanks Hardeep
23:49:30EGM92Man I wish I had a multimedia unit so I COULD play all of my movies lol
23:49:47EGM92or view all of my pictures, how much do they retail for anyone know
23:50:30 Join y0m [0] (
23:50:37kargatronjust because the daily build fixed it doesn't mean we believe that random songs were being skipped... :-) was shuffle on?
23:50:39BoD[]dont know :)
23:51:07EGM92no they were not on shuffle
23:51:19EGM92I have it on repeat
23:51:27Zagorrandom bugs are generally quite rare
23:52:05Nakedhas there been any fixes to buffering or hd read error handling recently in rockbox btw? not that they've been bad in the past, but there are still some issues
23:52:43EGM92is it possible to cahnge the buff size? from 1.79mb to something much higher?
23:53:00NakedEGM92: there is no free memory
23:53:02kargatronwith great difficulty and chancy hardware mods
23:53:02ZagorEGM92: there is only 2 MB ram
23:53:27EGM92is it a special kind of ram?
23:53:36Zagorno, normal EDO ram
23:56:48NakedI think I'll have to compose a longish mail on rockbox stuff when I get the time
23:57:52ZagorNaked: any specific topic?

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