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#rockbox log for 2003-01-10

00:01:38kargatronshuffle problems?
00:02:51Nakedkargatron: well, "problems" - I don't think there's a bug per se, but I don't like the way it behaves
00:03:44kargatrontoo many near neighbors?
00:06:01BoD[]not really random?
00:08:36kargatroni bet it's fairly random, which is a problem - random isn't "random" enough for most people - humans live to pick out patterns
00:09:01BoD[]:)) what is "real" random?
00:09:09kargatroni certainyl get the impression often that there's too much 'bunching' in shuffle, but i'm not prepared to say that it's not random.
00:09:22Nakederr err, no not about that
00:09:55kargatronwell, real random is a mathematical entity - "random" in quotes is what people think random is :)
00:10:09kargatronbut Naked's not talking about that, so...
00:11:07 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
00:11:10Nakedum, but let me confirm one thing - what happens when the playlist is played through in shuffle mode, when the final song has been played?
00:11:30kargatronpl ends
00:11:44Nakedwith 'all' repeat on?
00:11:59kargatronoh, then i think the same shuffle order repeats
00:12:20Nakedwell that's problem number one - and it can't be fixed by re-shuffling the list when it repeats
00:13:02Zagori agree with kargatron. i hear patterns in the shuffled play too.
00:13:28BoD[]me, i see patterns in pi.
00:13:39kargatronbut until someone does a statistical analysis, i'm not prepared to call those patterns real, is all
00:13:44Nakedoh the shuffling algorithm isn't nice
00:13:46BoD[]but nobody believes me :)
00:14:02ZagorNaked: in what way?
00:15:05NakedZagor: umm, all it does is perhaps swaps the current song with a random one while going through the playlist
00:15:50Nakedthat's not going to create an even distribution I believe
00:16:30Zagorno? any suggestion how we should do instead?
00:16:42Nakedif you'd wish for an random ordering of the songs, you'd need to pick songs randomly from the playlist and place them in a new list in that order - or a similar algorithm which does the same in-place
00:16:59Nakedthe problem gets trickier with 'all' repeat, so it'd be best to solve both problems at once
00:17:26Nakedthough I could write a small trivial patch for the random picking
00:17:33kargatronNaked, is your dissatisfaction with the algortihm anything other than a 'hunch'?
00:18:01Zagori don't see how random picking is any different from random swapping?
00:19:07Nakedkargatron: err, it's not a hunch - random swapping while going through the list in order means that songs that get swapped to a spot higher than they were have a chance of getting swapped repeatedly
00:19:21Nakedum, I think I could write a small proggie to demonstrate
00:19:28Nakedand to convince myself, too :)
00:22:11Zagorcan you do random picking without using twice the ram?
00:22:32BoD[]intuitivly i say yes
00:23:46NakedZagor: yes
00:24:07Zagorok, good
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00:25:37kargatroni'm unconvinced Naked's objection has statistical validity. i think conceptually understanding the stat. issues behind shuffling is less than obvious. :) (not saying i do)
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00:26:10Nakedkargatron: we'll see, I'm not exactly convinced myself now when I re-read the algorithm
00:26:31Zagori freely admit i'm pretty clueless about random issues
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00:28:09Nakedactually, that algorithm seems to do the picking sort exactly, I was just baffled by the reducing 'count' in the loop
00:28:16Nakedlemme re-read it once more
00:28:32 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:30:34Nakedhmh, yes - it just does semi-unnecessary swapping all the time
00:31:07Nakedso the only bias that randomise algorithm gets is from the not so good use of rand()
00:31:19 Quit kargatron (
00:31:19Zagoryes it does. otherwise we'd have to mark swapped entries somehow
00:31:36NJoinkargatron [0] (
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00:32:50Nakedthe mersenne twister that's rand() there is a very good algorithm even in the low-order bits of randomness - but even still, a better method to obtain a random number from 0 to n is to use the whole range, instead of just some bits from it
00:33:51Zagoryes. but rand() returns a value between 0 and RAND_MAX in a signed int, so we have to limit it to 31 bits
00:34:27NakedZagor: yes but I was referring to the use of modulo there, which basically takes the low-order bits from the number and that's all
00:34:33kargatronhm, i'd think 'user satisfaction' of a shuffle has very little connection to the quality of the rand - i.e. even a poor rand won't be negatively noticed by users
00:34:48Nakedkargatron: yup, that's very true
00:35:10mecrawour first rand() was negatively noticed by users
00:35:16Nakedthis is just mostly theoretical discussion
00:35:23kargatronin fact, a smart non-random shuffler is needed to reduce clumping, i bet.
00:35:34kargatroni think winamp 3 has a configurable shuffle
00:35:46Nakedthe thing is, when there's 'all' repeat on and shuffle on
00:36:06kargatronyes, a different issue.
00:36:21Nakedwhat is wanted is rather a biased true random play
00:36:40kargatronNaked, obviously, if you're repeating a playlist - they're too damn short! :)
00:37:03Jet8810does music match make "unmessy" playlists?
00:37:18Nakedkargatron: I usually pick a cd and listen to it for a couple of days - first in order, then on shuffle - and then pick a next cd
00:37:58Zagorlife signs from linus
00:37:59kargatroni'm the opposite - never listen to albums on mp3
00:38:20kargatroni get enough of that from cds - mp3s let me NOT do that :)
00:39:07Jet8810does music match make "unmessy" playlists?
00:39:23Jet8810like no C:\this\that\mp3s\blah\b;ajb;aj
00:39:43kargatronafaik no, that's what everyone complains about
00:39:44Jet8810I have never used .m3us in my life lol :)
00:39:51BoD[]jet8810 : I dont know.. you should try with dir /s and stuff, or install cygwin and use "find".
00:39:52kargatronnever used it, can't answer for sure
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01:06:22BoD[]i go to bed now ! see you all bye
01:06:39 Quit BoD[] ("mblelop")
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01:33:10LinusNyo man!
01:33:17Zagorback in stockholm?
01:33:47LinusNnope, i will stay in Gothenburg a few more weeks
01:33:52Zagoroh, ok
01:34:04Zagorwill you have any time for rockbox work?
01:34:06LinusNit's better for Sara here
01:34:18LinusNnot much rb work, unfortunately
01:34:32LinusNbut i will try to work a little
01:35:39LinusNthe kids take all my time, now when Rasmus doesn't go to the daycare center
01:35:50Zagoryeah, I can understand that
01:36:10LinusNthat's why i sit here in the middle of the night
01:36:39Zagoruwe had a problem with backlight not staying turned off, have you seen that in the mailing list?
01:36:44LinusNrunning Windows...damn soft modem crap
01:36:55LinusNyeah i have had that problem a long time
01:37:20LinusNand the poweroff problem too
01:37:57LinusNi don't know what causes it
01:38:40LinusNbut i can imagine that the RTC is onvolved
01:39:08LinusNperhaps it tristates the squarewave output when the power is lost
01:39:33LinusNand it goes low, lighting up the LEDS
01:40:13LinusNmost of the time, the poweroff function works
01:40:21LinusNjust not when i'm working on it :-)
01:40:36LinusNlike when iu worked on the sleep timer
01:40:53Zagormurphy never dies.
01:40:56Zagornor sleeps
01:41:01LinusNwell, i gotta go to bed now
01:41:19LinusNgive my regards to the RB folks
01:41:38Zagorsay hi to sara from us
01:41:54Nakedfrom me too :)
01:42:29LinusNwill do, bye all
01:42:36 Part LinusN
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03:28:29alexli dont suppose anyone can help me out with the new queueing system?
03:31:05Zagorwhat's your problem?
03:31:59alexlwhen i attempt to queue it tells me 'Queue buffer full'
03:34:15Zagoron your first attempt?
03:34:33Zagorthere is only room for 100 tracks in the queue
03:34:46alexlright it was my first attempt
03:35:38alexlam i doing something wrong? i turned on the player and started a song.. then i pressed 'on', selected another song and held down the 'play' button
03:36:00Zagorno, that is the correct procedure. there must be a bug.
03:36:59alexli tried it with the bleeding edge build and then the most recend daily build
03:37:54Zagorok. could you file a bug report?
03:38:55alexlyessir I was going to but I just wanted to check and make sure i wasnt doing anything wrong
03:39:11alexlis there a build that you know has the queueing function working?
03:40:22EGM92Zagor I also have the same problem when I try to queue something it doesn't queue it jsut starts playing
03:41:18Zagoralexl: the bleeding edge build from the web page is as late as there is. it's simply a bug we need to fix.
03:41:50ZagorEGM92: it only queues if you are already playing music. otherwise it starts playing the file.
03:42:33EGM92i am play a song
03:42:43alexlalright thank you for your help, i'll have a bug report up in a bit
03:43:11ZagorEGM92: ok, then I don't know. it doesn't happen that way for me.
03:43:22Zagoranyhow, i'm off to bed now. see you later!
03:43:25 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
03:43:34EGM92lets say im playnig a song, then I click on the ON butten and tehn it takes me back to my songdir, then I search for the song I want to queue and I hit the play button or press it down it starts to play the song
03:52:12hardeepalexl: do you have a .rockbox directory?
03:52:27alexlno i dont
03:52:39hardeepalexl: that's the problem... you need to creat one
03:52:49alexlok where are instructions on how to do this?
03:52:59hardeepwe store the queue list information in that directory.... if it doesn't exist we can't save it
03:53:02alexli attempted to once, but i couldnt find documentation on how to do it
03:53:04alexloh alright
03:53:09hardeepwhat OS do you use?
03:53:18alexlwindows xp :(
03:53:39hardeepalexl: open up the command prompt (start->run->"cmd")
03:53:54hardeepgo to your jukebox... e.g. g:
03:54:01hardeepthen "mkdir .rockbox"
03:54:33alexlgosh im not up with dos
03:54:54alexlok thank you, all i needis that folder and ill be able to use it?
03:55:08hardeepif it doesn't work... post a bug, i'll look at it later tonight
03:55:10alexlok I apprecaite your help
03:55:14alexlalright thank you very much
03:55:21hardeepgotta run
03:55:24 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (hardeeps@
03:56:01alexlha alright thanks again
03:59:13 Part alexl
04:00:41EGM92Hey hardeep, i got the .rockbox fodler, do I need to put my songs into that .rockbox directory to make the que list work?
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04:43:45hardeepEGM92: no, the folder just needs to exist. You can play songs from any directory
04:50:31 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see; maybe it'll bring my love )
04:51:08EGM92oh ok
04:51:44EGM92Since I see you guys are maknig yourown firmware and stuff do you guys know any other people making little applications and stuff?
04:51:51EGM92besides Rcokbox?
04:52:05hardeepfor the archos jukebox?
04:55:51hardeepEGM92: btw, regarding your earlier question... make sure you hold on to play for a second or so if you want to queue a song
04:56:08hardeepdon't just hit play and release... this will start the song instead of queuing it
05:03:45 Join _seb_ [0] (
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08:01:52 Join Asskick [0] (Asskick@
08:02:10Asskickguys i got a question.. anyone here has the Multimedia Jukebox ?
08:02:28Asskickits cuz i mixed the power supplies with others
08:02:36Asskickand now i dont know which one is the correct for the unit :S
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08:33:42 Join Bagder [241] (
08:34:35hardeepheya bagder
08:43:21ricIIis the malloc stuff gonna be used at sometime?
08:44:16Bagderif we must, otherwise not ;-)
08:44:59ricIIwould be nice if we had some general cache buffer space..
08:45:06hardeepi noticed that zagor has a global shared memory buffer in his TODO list
08:45:16hardeepthat's probably the closest we'll probably get
08:45:36Bagderright, but that is far simpler than malloc
08:46:35ricIIfor playlists, queuing, dircaches etc
08:46:49BagderricII: we don't use malloc for that
08:47:45ricIIbut all are allocated staticly wasting space..
08:48:02Bagderno, not since we need them to be able to use all the memory at the same time anyway
08:48:31Bagderthen we gain space, since we have no fragmentation
08:49:45ricIIbut it imposes limits on things like the queue & direntries ..
08:49:46 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:50:01Bagderbut simply going to malloc() would not be an easy route to fix that
08:50:24ricIIno y'r right..
08:52:05ricIIbut re-using e.g. the dirbuffer in the text-viewer would be nice.
08:52:35Bagderwell, that's basicly why we talk about that global shared buffer
08:52:44Bagderall apps today have their own buffer
08:53:03Bagderthe dirbuffer can't be reused though
08:53:06ricIIwell that's what i meant some sort of mem sharing
08:54:35ricIIBagder: why not ? it can always be rebuild?
08:54:47Bagderit is used for playback when playing a dir
08:54:57Bagderlike a playlist in mem
08:55:22ricIIBagder: but I was about to change that anyways ;) (dynamic playlists)
08:56:17Bagderso you intend to make even a simple dirplay use a dynamic playlist?
08:56:43ricIIyes, for the sake of simplicity
08:56:51 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:57:27 Join adi|home [0] (
08:57:34BagderI wouldn't agree that it is simpler, but if made that way the dirbuffer can be that same global shared memory buffer indeed
08:57:48ricIIwould also make it easy to queue / add entiry directories
08:58:07Bagderadd to what?
08:58:25ricIIthe (dynamic) playlist
08:58:51Bagderbut it'll be a new concept
08:59:23Bagderthat when people do "play" on a single song, they can add songs to the dir, but not really the dir but instead the dynamic playlist ;-)
08:59:43ricIIyes, you could build playlist on the spot & save them.
09:00:50ricIIverry close to queuing wich is more a sort of fifo taking precedence
09:03:44Bagderanyway, whether dirplay uses this or not, it'll be a nice feature
09:04:16ricIII would like to use rb more autonomous
09:04:27hardeepi like the idea of dirplay also being a dynamic playlist
09:04:48hardeepit simplifies the playlist code (removes all the in_ram code)... also frees memory
09:04:52BagderI think I do too, it would remove some kludge code
09:05:22ricIIyep, that's my biggest problem with the current code
09:06:42ricIIalso the font stuff kinda grow on the recorder-lcd.
09:07:41ricIIusing small-prop fonts leads to problem every where..
09:10:13hardeepoh, we can update a couple of entries in the feature comparison chart: queueing and bad path prefixes
09:10:22Bagderah, right
09:10:35Bagderme fix
09:11:10hardeephmmm, with dynamic playlist dirplay, we could also potentially remove the 400 song restriction.... i see that complaint a lot
09:11:17ricIIfont_y != 8, wsp, debug->mpeg widgets are to big, placed wrong. scrolling code behaves funny in menus etc..
09:11:29hardeepack, actually not, sorting... blah
09:11:35hardeepfor shuffle play we could!
09:11:58Bagderyes, for playing a dir it would be removed
09:12:03Bagdernot for browsing it
09:12:08hardeepyeah, playing
09:12:52ricIIBagder some sort of pagefile could help sorting and friends...
09:13:23Bagderyes it could, but you won't catch me writing it ;-)
09:14:33dwihnoI need a vacation!
09:14:43ricIII intent to always write the playlist to disk, anonymous-playlist...
09:14:50dwihnoAll this christmas has left me tired and yawnish ;)
09:15:01 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:15:09hardeepheya zagor
09:15:23dwihnoGood morning, Z
09:15:30 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:16:11ricIIBagder that would only leave the dircache open
09:16:21hardeepricII: even when playing a playlist, you could copy it over to your anonymous playlist
09:16:55ricIIhardeep: I already coded that.. (file copy)
09:17:07Bagderbut that'll take time
09:17:30Bagdermy 3500 song list is some >200KB big
09:17:58hardeeplaugh, fear... do you have lyrics or something in comments?
09:18:44Bagderthat makes an average file path at 63 bytes
09:18:59hardeepheh, right, nm... i'm dumb
09:19:21hardeepactually, even 200k, how long would it take to copy, a few seconds?
09:19:45ricIIBagder defining a kinda #include for the anonymous playlist would defer that task until user wants to save his playlist..
09:19:59Bagdergood idea
09:20:32ricIIhad a week to think about the concept :)
09:21:06hardeephmmm, wouldn't it be needed as soon as a user wants to temporarily add an entry to the playlist?
09:21:14hardeepre: dynamic playlists
09:21:22Bagderyes it would
09:21:41ricIIhardeep: no just make a new (temp) include file ..
09:22:10hardeepbut how would you know where to insert the song in the playlist?
09:22:19hardeepand remember it if the user wants to save
09:22:43ricIIappending to the end is easy..
09:22:56hardeepsure, but how about inserting in the middle?
09:23:25ricIIinserting (after song playing, like queuing) change next song to #include
09:23:50hardeepright, then you play the include, back to playlist, then a user inserts again
09:23:51ricIIinclude newsong+nextsong
09:24:09hardeepso, say the playlist is 1 2 3 4 5
09:24:16hardeepi insert a after 2 so
09:24:21hardeep1 2 A 3 4 5
09:24:25hardeepthen I insert b after 4
09:24:31hardeepso 1 2 A 3 4 B 5
09:24:59hardeepthis is where this differs from queueing... queueing forgets the song as soon as it's played
09:25:29ricIIwe would have 1 include_x 4 include_y 5 ..
09:26:19hardeephmmmm, so you'll be saving a bunch of small files and then merging at the end?
09:26:39hardeepsounds kinda messy.... why not just copy to the anonymous and insert in place?
09:26:44ricIIbut some sort of algo could see that if it changed include_x to "2 A 3 4 B" .
09:27:02ricIIhardeep in a 200k playlist?
09:27:22hardeepsure, why not
09:27:58ricIIhardeep: well it could take some time...
09:28:23hardeepquestion is how much
09:28:34hardeepthe copy could take time... i don't believe the insertions would
09:29:44 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:29:52bobTHCgood morning all!
09:29:57ricIIbut evertime a songs gets inserted a copy would be needed
09:30:12hardeepmorning bobTHC
09:31:33bobTHCdo u think H4x0r Language can be useable?
09:31:35dwihnoBonjour, bob! :)
09:31:49ricIIbut restrincing it to one include file could make things simpler, only needing a rewrite when user choises a new insert point
09:31:50hardeepricII: actually, yeah, you're right... ugly
09:32:16ricIIjust like the queue
09:32:39hardeepyeah, although queue is a very special case because it's only one insertion
09:33:52 Quit laotan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:34:21Zagori'm not too happy with always creating an on-disk playlist for dirplay.
09:34:51hardeepZagor: why not?
09:35:08Zagormaybe i'm just superstitious, but I feel wary about writing files in normal playback use
09:35:24hardeepricII: sorry misread, yeah, restricting would be like queueing... could work
09:35:54ricIIZagor queing is already doing that..
09:36:56Zagoryes, but queueing is a special case. the user is doing more than simple playback.
09:37:09Zagorit's just a gut feeling. maybe it will pass :)
09:37:30Bagderget some coffee and you'll feel better ;-)
09:37:34ricIIwored about the fs code ?
09:37:36hardeepit adds a lot of flexibility as well as simplifying the playlist code
09:39:03 Join ^_Pro-289 [0] (
09:39:40hardeepZagor: question about the fs code.... would it be hard to add a mkdir function?
09:39:41ricIImaybe a proper diskcache (~40k) for the playlist
09:40:38Zagorhardeep: not really. i've been meaning to do it
09:41:13hardeepzagor: reason I ask is that my queue code assumes the .rockbox directory exists... thought it might make sense to create it if it doesn't
09:41:19ZagorricII: no, i'm not worried about the fs code. it's just that writing will always be more risky than reading, especially on a device that can be dropped at any moment
09:41:25Zagorhardeep: right
09:41:26ricIIZagor is there a total entries in the struc?
09:41:33Bagderwe should probably make .rockbox already on boot if missing
09:41:35^_Pro-289if you incorporate an playlist maker, is it possible to search the ID3 tags, if any, for proper track order for those files which aren't labeled with a track #?
09:41:40ZagorricII: which struct?
09:41:42Bagdermake => create
09:42:04Bagder^_Pro-289: no, that will need a database created by a host computer
09:42:34ricIIZagor DIR
09:43:16ZagorricII: ah, no. a dir can be any size. it's just the browser that imposes a limit because it needs to sort
09:43:42ricIIto 'page' the dircache (and keeping the scroller happy)
09:44:23ricIIhmm sorting, forgot about that..
09:44:44ZagorricII: I have serious doubts about adding paging just to support >400 files
09:47:01^_Pro-289I've got my root directory aranged as ABCDE, FGHIJ, KLMNO, PQRST, UVWXYZ. That way I minimize my initial scrolls to some of my 'P' artists for example.
09:48:12ricIII happend to be there, trying to implement add dir to playlist.. (and reuse the code :( )
09:54:50ricIIZagor: well, if the .rockbox is absent all 'could' be done in ram (meshingup the indices code)
09:55:15Zagornah, we should add mkdir(). users will want it anyway.
09:55:52Zagorand I don't want two different dirplay algorithms.
09:56:03Zagori'll grab my coffee now :-)
09:56:12ricIIme too
09:57:34bobTHCfor the search algoithm Turbo bm is very quick on string
09:59:19 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Amount of time you people were funny: --51 minutes -54 seconds")
10:00:22Zagorthe challange of the id3 database is to make the database itself quickly searchable. multiple clever indices is probably a good way to start.
10:01:42bobTHCa lot of mp3 doesn't have id3, file name will be indexed too...
10:14:12adi|homegoing to be expensive indexing an entire drive wont it?
10:14:20adi|homeor we talking on a directory to dir basis?
10:14:34Bagderwe talk about a program on the host PC doing that
10:16:11bobTHCthe database builder on the host pc will be used each time u add/remove tracks ... not very easy.. but
10:16:47adi|homegot ya.
10:18:00ricIII would still like the use the archos as an autonomous device
10:18:14ricIIIt has a cpu :)
10:18:30Bagderyeah, but it'll take *ages* to index a full drive
10:18:55bobTHC50h for building an entire 20gigs
10:19:19adi|homewell.. what we _could_ do...
10:19:21Zagorwe/someone could make the indexer as a dedicated .ajz/.mod, to be started by ROLO
10:19:27adi|homeindex a dir at a users say so.
10:19:37adi|homethen store that in a file for future reference
10:20:00Zagoradi|home: that will only fix the sorting issue, not searching.
10:20:07ricIIand still have the host app.
10:20:09adi|homethen compare the file date/timestamp to current time, and if older then x days, we can read hash
10:20:13Zagorpeople simply want to browse a database instead of a file system
10:20:28*adi|home nods
10:20:42*dwihno wants to browse a file system!
10:20:56*adi|home prefers a filesystem too
10:21:46ricIIZagor matter of keeping y'r db uptodate eighter using the host pc or rolo, or update dir comand..
10:22:05Zagori like both, actually. it's kind of nice being able to tell it "play everything I have by John Williams" no matter where it's located
10:22:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:22:38adi|homesomeone have a link to the 2 forums for rockbox?
10:22:41adi|homemy bookmarks are dead
10:22:49adi|homeyahoo and the mp3forum one
10:22:50Bagderwe should link to them on the site
10:22:55ricIIZagor: is use a /artist/album/ structure anyway..
10:24:09ZagorricII: yes, I have such a structure. but some artists tend to be featured on colletions etc that are not sorted under their dir. and sometimes I forget which genre i cataloged a specific artist in. those times, a database is nice.
10:24:54ricIIwould be a cool function ;)
10:25:19ricIIlike mp3tag editing...
10:25:30adi|homeso we would build the db on the host machine and store it on the archos for use?
10:27:25ricIIthe rolo-app & update dir could gome later..
10:27:45ricIIs/gome/come/ (I sould learn to type)
10:28:29ZagorricII: yeah, those are just for the autonomous-freaks in the crowd ;)
10:29:03Bagderbtw, is the Rockbox recorder charging algo at the Archos fm level by now? (thinking about that features list item)
10:29:40ZagorBagder: I believe so, yes
10:30:01Zagorfeature to add: battery time indicator
10:30:09Zagor(that actually works!)
10:30:11Bagderright, I remove that 100% feature
10:33:04adi|homeoff the cuff quesiton...
10:33:12adi|homeanyone running journeling on a linux system?
10:33:30Bagderon some, yes
10:33:34ZagorI do, on several machines
10:34:06adi|homeokay.. did you clean install into a journeled system or did you have to convert from ext2?
10:34:11adi|homeim on ext2 on this machine...
10:34:15ZagorI converted.
10:34:23adi|homeand id like to go either ext3 or reiser
10:34:29Zagorconverting to ext3 is a single command, takes <1s
10:34:29 Quit ^_Pro-289 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:34:31adi|homeam i facing data loss?
10:34:33Bagdergoing to ext3 is very easy
10:34:40 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:34:43Zagortune2fs -j /dev/hda1
10:34:44Bagderyou can even convert back
10:35:10adi|homeive read a bit about reiser, not so much about ext3...
10:35:20adi|homeany particular adv in one over the other?
10:35:25 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:35:40 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:35:43Bagderreligious one basicly, afaik
10:36:06Bagderthere's also JFS and XFS that do journalling ;-)
10:36:14Zagorext3 is nice since you don't need to backup/restore the disk to start using it
10:36:31adi|homewell.. ext3 seems painless enough.. ill try that...
10:37:09adi|homeZagor can i assume i just run tune2fs on each of my mounted drives?
10:37:29Zagoradi|home: umount them first, then run it on their partition
10:37:58adi|homehmmm... how do i manage to do that without dropping the system?
10:37:59Bagderdosfsck cores on me
10:38:04adi|homeie: /home
10:38:13adi|home /usr
10:38:14Zagoror maybe you can even do it on a mounted fs. can't remember.
10:38:17adi|home /usr/local
10:38:30adi|homeoff to man i go
10:39:02adi|home Never use tune2fs to change parameters of a read/write
10:39:02adi|home mounted filesystem! Use this utility at your own risk.
10:39:02adi|home You're modifying a filesystem!
10:39:44*Bagder mumbles curses on his archos
10:40:04Zagor"The tune2fs program can add a journal to an existing ext2 file system without altering the data already on the partition. If the file system is already mounted while it is being transitioned, the journal will be visible as the file .journal in the root directory of the file system."
10:40:57BagderChecksum in long filename part wrong (d8 vs. expected 0c).
10:41:01Bagder Not auto-correcting this.
10:41:04BagderSegmentation fault
10:41:20Zagor"You can do this on a mounted or an unmounted filesystem." −−
10:41:36ZagorBagder: ouch. what did you do?
10:41:47BagderI copied files
10:41:55Bagderand noticed I got weird letters in some file names
10:42:02BagderI was wrong
10:42:08Bagderthey're WEEEEEIIIIIIRRRRDDD
10:42:28langhaarrockerhave the peak meter settings been removed from the RTC?
10:43:03Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes, moved to disk
10:46:03Zagor"The Player however. MAY work if you could squeeze an entire cover into one of its character cells."
10:46:19Zagorwho ARE these people???
10:47:57Bagderfat32 is that type b ?
10:48:06Bagder"Win95 FAT32"
10:48:24Zagorb or c
10:48:46Bagderah, right, now I noticed it was c before
10:53:51Bagdermkfs -t vfat /dev/sda1
10:53:55Bagdermkfs.vfat: Attempting to create a too large file system
10:54:18Zagorhow large is it?
10:55:46adi|homeThe Player however. MAY work if you could squeeze an
10:55:46adi|homeentire cover into one of its character cells. If you really
10:55:46adi|homewanted you could even display multiple album covers side by
10:55:46DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
10:55:46adi|homeside on the Player, and pick an album of your choice to listen
10:55:46adi|hometo by selecting the respective cover
10:55:55adi|homegod.. i love these ppl
10:57:23ZagorBagder: odd. try mkdosfs -F 32 instead of mkfs.vat
10:57:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:57:44*adi|home is away: sleep
10:58:15Bagderweird programs
10:59:43Zagorwho's a lynx guru? how can I make it *not* column-justify text? I want simple old-fashion left-justification
11:00:38Bagderhey, they worked hard for that feature! ;-)
11:00:53 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:02:24Schnueff(is in my /etc/lynx.cfg)
11:03:21Zagorah, lookie
11:04:11Bagderplayer code commits detected
11:06:58 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:07:13dwihnoAny ideas about the scroll bugs?
11:09:14Zagordwihno: they happen too rarely to give me a clue
11:12:49 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:13:52langhaarrockerNever had any scroll bugs. Are they described in some bug tracker?
11:14:09 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
11:14:19 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:15:27dwihnoZagor: they happen really often for me :-/
11:16:03dwihnoHow many kilos is 4 ounces?
11:16:35#>>"convert 4 ounces" by Zagor (
11:16:57#>>"has magic ninja powers" by Zagor (
11:18:12langhaarrockeryou should port it to rockbox then.
11:18:26dwihnomagic ninja powah :)
11:22:24langhaarrockerThose swedish people are somehow early.
11:23:13dwihnoYeah, those damn swedes ;)
11:24:38dwihnoAre Germany members of the EU?
11:26:07langhaarrockerEven those in east germany... :)
11:26:58dwihnoSo ordering stuff from Germany should not cause additional taxes if I decide to order something?
11:50:23 Join laotan [0] (
11:50:42 Quit TotMacher ()
11:50:45 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:02:14dwihnolanghaarrocker: respond, you evil dude! :)
12:02:56langhaarrockerI have no idea. Never tried shipping anything across borders.
12:03:26dwihnoah, mkay... :-)
12:06:47langhaarrockerwell - only from holland but there I paid no taxes ... :)
12:10:13HesIntra-EU => no taxes
12:12:06HesI regularly ship costly stuff around europe at work, and in the DHL shipping forms I check the box "Intra EC (in free circulation)" and no need to declare values
12:15:31 Join kargatron [0] (
12:22:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:34:00dwihnoHes: nice, very nice indeed.
12:35:10langhaarrockerHes: do you ship costly stuff from holland? :)
12:36:54dwihnoHolland is cool. Lots of duitsers
12:37:07HesYes, one (last and big) shipment should arrive on sunday 8-)
12:38:05dwihnoWhat are you shipping?
12:38:22langhaarrockeryou mustn't ask that when it's about holland :)
12:39:05HesComputers and network equipment.
12:39:23langhaarrockerThat's boring. You can't smoke that.
12:40:20HesYes you can, but I certainly don't like the smell of melted computer smoke in the machine room. Makes you nervous.
12:42:35 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
12:42:55langhaarrockerShooting the caps of elkos used to be fun. But you can't blow off the caps of modern elkos any more. :(
12:43:28langhaarrockerelectrolythic condensators
12:43:42dwihnosounds edible :)
12:44:55langhaarrockersorry: electrolythic capacitor should be the right term.
12:46:59langhaarrockerWhen you overload them heavily they blow off like a sylvester cracker
12:56:52 Quit bobTHC ("bye all good weekend")
13:05:53 Join elinenbe3 [0] (
13:06:46elinenbe3what exactly are the benefits of Tocklatin?
13:06:51 Nick elinenbe3 is now known as elinenbe (
13:07:20Zagorelinenbe: national characters on the players
13:07:30dwihnoSounds pretty funky :)
13:07:41Zagorit is very funky
13:08:03elinenbeZagor: is there any limit to the number of characters now?
13:08:09Bagderautomatic definition of the few definable letters
13:08:10dwihnoI admire Kjell&Co for working on this.
13:08:33Zagorelinenbe: the rocklatin code handles it automatically to show as many as possible
13:09:46dwihnoRock, latin style :)
13:10:38dwihnoI guess the stock firmware doesn't do anything similar?
13:10:52 Nick quel|out is now known as zak|out (
13:10:54Bagderyou guessed right ;-)
13:10:59 Nick zak|out is now known as quel|out (
13:18:37dwihnoBagder: You can call me Mr. Guess-dude ;-D
13:20:01Bagder"the info display always says files are 128 even if they are higher" (a guy about the Archos firmware on FM20)
13:20:14Bagdergood old Archos ;-)
13:20:23Zagoryeah I saw. odd bug to have in released software...
13:21:21dwihno128? Bitrate?
13:21:29dwihnoWhoa. Massive.
13:21:45elinenbeMassive Attack!
13:21:51dwihnoWhere on the westcoast is Linus btw?
13:22:13elinenbeLinus is in USA?
13:22:16*dwihno sends Bagder to Kladdes kebab
13:22:16Bagderhe's in Alingsås
13:22:27Bagderelinenbe: no, swedish west coast
13:22:36dwihnoAlingsås? For the kebab?
13:22:52Zagorthe things a man does for his kebab...
13:22:52kargatronelinenbe, are you american? :)
13:22:53Bagderdwihno: his inlaws lives there
13:23:18kargatronreading 'west coast' yesterday, i couldn't help but immediately make the same assumption, until i realized many places have west coasts. :)
13:24:16dwihnoI made a quick trip to the west coast last weekend. Was pretty cool. No snow though :-(
13:25:05Zagorthe swedish "west coast" will be sued for trademark infringement soon ;)
13:25:42Bagderthe argument will be "we had a west coast first"
13:26:03 Join webmind [0] (
13:26:22elinenbeanyone been skiing this winter yet?
13:26:34Bagdernot yet
13:27:40dwihnoSoon! :D
13:30:55 Quit Bagder ("")
13:31:54dwihnoI tested the sleep timer last night btw, it worked like a charm :-)
13:32:04 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
13:33:17*langhaarrocker prefers Hadaka clothed
13:33:46Hadakano such luck I'm afraid
13:33:59Hadakahadaka is japanese and means... you guessed it... naked
13:34:44langhaarrockerBut it's winter here! You'll catch the flue!
13:34:46dwihnoThe feature list contains an error.
13:34:58Zagordwihno: what?
13:35:02Hadakanow who'd go outside in this weather? ;)
13:35:03dwihnoThere's no snake game (*booohooo*), only Wormlet
13:35:08Hadakaanyway, I'm off to work
13:35:35Zagorsnake-alike ;)
13:36:20langhaarrockerThere's been so much fuzz about this name that I really thought of renaming wormlet.
13:36:38Zagorlanghaarrocker: nah, don't bother. wormlet is a good name.
13:37:36*dwihno wants Snake back!
13:39:12Zagordwihno: just fix the plugin code, and we'll be all set
13:39:42dwihnoIt was in, and then you removed it! Just to provoke us Snake fans! :)
13:39:44 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:40:12Zagorit's called rehabilitation
13:40:15elinenbeZagor: just fix the plugin code? has any plugin code been written?
13:40:22Zagorelinenbe: no :-)
13:40:30dwihnoWindows XP will not format > 30 gb, right?
13:40:32elinenbethat is quite a big fix then :)
13:40:55Zagordwihno: that's what I've heard. you need a non-ms program to do it.
13:41:04Zagorelinenbe: quite... :-)
14:04:50quel|outthis is incredible!!
14:04:56quel|outit's snowing in Granada!!
14:05:37quel|out19years later.. we have snow again
14:06:15dwihnoquel: we have snow, what's the big deal? ;)
14:06:45Zagorquel|out: it was 19 years since you had snow??? poor you
14:07:38dwihnoquel|out: How do you do when you snowboard then? :-)
14:07:45quel|outzagor not really
14:07:52quel|outin Granada city
14:08:07quel|outwe have snow every year in Sierra nevada
14:08:14 Quit Schnueff (Remote closed the connection)
14:08:20quel|outjust 30 km from Granada city
14:08:45quel|outbut 7 days before, we had here nearly 17ºC
14:09:01quel|outso... try to understand me.. this is not sweden :)
14:09:41quel|outwe normally have the same weather that you had in Nerja, more or less....
14:09:55dwihnoFord Granada!
14:10:24dwihnoWe had a Ford Granada.
14:10:31dwihnoIt had a golden metallic shine
14:10:44dwihnoThen it broke, and we sold it to some poor bastard ;)
14:17:18ken0_you guys
14:17:22ken0_just have to see something
14:17:28quel|outwell, i'm going home for lunch
14:17:34ken0_my live webcam
14:17:43ken0_link at bottom
14:18:18quel|outinteligent cat
14:18:29ken0_He knows his stuff :)
14:18:30kargatronthat's great
14:18:57 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
14:21:16 Join Schnueff [0] (
14:22:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:28:22 Part ken0_
14:47:56 Part elinenbe
15:21:21 Join matsl [0] (
15:22:04 Part Zagor
15:22:20 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:32:24dwihnoZ Z Z Z!
15:58:41 Join Bagder [241] (
16:00:53matslBagder: hi
16:03:02*dwihno misses Linus :-/ There's nobody else to talk Kebab with :-(
16:04:22Bagderpoor you ;-)
16:10:16dwihnoAnd the scroll is still bugging *boohoo*
16:17:03Bagderis there a bug report on that?
16:20:57 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:22:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:23:50 Join SPAdict [0] (
16:23:53SPAdicthey guys
16:24:27SPAdictdo you guys know where the batteries are located in the fm recorder and how I can replace them?
16:24:52dwihnoIt's some kind of special batteries.
16:25:10quelsarukthey are inside... and i think its a ion-Li batterie
16:25:11Bagderthey're not replacable
16:25:54Zagor_it's a LiIon battery. it's replacable, but you can't buy a replacement.
16:25:54 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:26:13Zagorit's a custom made battery. you can't get them anywhere.
16:26:18Bagderyou can buy a new FM and get it from that ;-)
16:26:29Zagorand archos won't sell you a new one either (people have asked)
16:26:29SPAdictis it under that cover at the top that can be popped off?
16:26:46ZagorSPAdict: it's not designed to be replaced
16:27:12SPAdictwhat happened is that i was charging the player while listening to music on it
16:27:23SPAdictafter half an hour, i noticed that it was very hot
16:27:27SPAdictthe ac adapter too
16:27:41dwihnoZagor: Darn! Archos are so evil! :(
16:27:51SPAdictafter using it until the batteries drained, i tried charging it
16:27:57ZagorSPAdict: the adapter archos US ships isn't very nice
16:27:59SPAdictit goes to the charging screen
16:28:11SPAdictand after a few seconds it says it's charged
16:28:45quelsarukSPAdict: maybe archos will change your fm recorder
16:29:07SPAdicti emailed tech support today
16:29:17dwihnoSPAdict: did you get an answer?
16:29:18SPAdictbut the problem is that i have all my music on the player
16:30:16SPAdicti just emailed them, so no
16:30:49Bagderhaving music on the archos only is not a very lasting way of doing things
16:31:01SPAdictwith every passing day i realize what a bad purchase archos is
16:31:15kargatronwe all love ours! :) but sympathies for bad luck...
16:31:25SPAdictthe day i bought it, it froze that same evening!
16:31:26BagderI've had a lot of fun with mine
16:31:43Bagderbut then I can use Rockbox ;-)
16:32:10SPAdictfrom what i read online, i have yet to experience some of the nastier problems
16:32:55SPAdictoh well
16:33:37quelsarukSPAdict: sorry to hear that, i can only say that i have my recorder for 1 1/2 yeras, and it works fine.. and i love rockbox :)
16:34:02SPAdicti realized that i should have skipped on the FM part and just got the simple recorder
16:34:58SPAdictwell, thanks for the help. enjoy your players!
16:35:06 Quit SPAdict ()
16:44:42matslZagor: I confess there is more to USB than I know! USB-Mode! In USB-mode the battery indicator is visible.
16:45:15Zagormatsl: yeah, that's what I though
16:46:26matslZagor: The usb-screen I thought you meant was the onme you get when connecting the cable and then turning the power on....
16:46:37matslbut that one is controlled by hardware, isn't it?
16:47:08Zagormatsl: not hardware, but the archos firmware
16:47:16 Join edx [0] (
16:47:23Zagoralmost the same :-)
16:47:53matslif it can't be programmed, it's hardware!
16:48:06Zagorhehe. like MS Windows
16:49:56dwihnoI think the "news" should cover Rocklatin as well.
16:50:18dwihnoAwesome work :-)
16:51:22 Nick edx is now known as edx`afk (
17:05:35 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:15:48 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:22:54 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:23:58 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:32:16 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
17:32:28CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]hi peoples
17:33:30CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]i`m dont know speak in english very well
17:33:38CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]i`m brazilian
17:34:51DBUGEnqueued KICK CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]
17:34:51quelsarukeu falo português, mais o menos
17:34:59CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]q massa!!
17:41:26MrSnazzmmm, ham
17:44:46Zagori'm off. see you
17:44:47 Part Zagor
17:55:11 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] ("fui daki a poco eu volto")
17:57:43 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
18:11:38DBUGEnqueued KICK CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]
18:11:38CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]»¡«Scøøp MP3»!« ,00 [Ouvindo:,00 Useless ID - Another bad taste.mp3 ]
18:13:30MrSnazzcap: which track is after that one?
18:14:20quelsarukque cancion va depois ?
18:14:30quelsarukMrSnazz: he doesnt speak english
18:14:37quelsarukjust portuguesse
18:14:44MrSnazzquelsaruk: ahh, thanks :)
18:14:50quelsarukand i dont' speak portuguesse quite well
18:15:09MrSnazzque trilha é seguinte?
18:15:43CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]I speak English more or less
18:16:02MrSnazzeu amo essa cancao, ele lembro-me de minha mae da cabra
18:16:19quelsaruki must reboot
18:16:31 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:16:37 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:16:55 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
18:17:21DBUGEnqueued KICK CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]
18:17:23CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]I am with a translating here
18:18:05MrSnazzvoce tem o queijo?
18:18:21CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]aki tem queijo sim
18:18:27ricIIwebmind ?
18:19:28CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]I have q go although
18:19:57 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
18:20:14 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
18:20:24***Alert Mode level 1
18:20:24CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]»¡«Scøøp MP3»!« ,00 [Ouvindo:,00 Jason - Meu talento de afastar as pessoas.mp3 ]
18:21:10 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] (Client Quit)
18:21:14 Join quelsaruk [0] (
18:21:20quelsarukhi again
18:22:25hardeephi quelsaruk
18:22:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:22:38quelsarukhi hardeep :)
18:27:53quelsarukhardeep: do you know if hardeep comes here?
18:27:59quelsarukno hardeep
18:28:05quelsarukif uwe comes here
18:30:25***Alert Mode OFF
18:30:45hardeepquelsaruk: yeah, he does... i think he uses the nick "thebreaker"
18:31:14quelsarukthx hardeep :)
18:37:30 Quit Bagder ("")
18:39:12ricIIhardeep: may I assume that the unified playlist idea is kinda approved ?
18:39:40hardeepit sounded like zagor gave his approval,,,
18:40:12ricIIit would surly simplify the code...
18:41:16hardeepricII: btw, i was thinking more on your include idea and I think you're right... multiple includes may be the best approach
18:41:53ricIIdepends on the 'costs' of a copy..
18:42:07CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 42 minutes and 30 seconds at the last flood
18:42:07*matsl is away: I'm busy
18:42:47hardeepoh, one thing that needs to be considered is resume...
18:46:33ricIIhow is that handled in suffle mode ?
18:47:12hardeepwe remember the random seed that was used for shuffling so, when we resume, it's the same shuffle
18:47:59ricIIbut that wouldn't work with a dynamic growing playlist
18:48:38 Quit pyvasene ()
18:49:16hardeepi think it could...
18:49:45hardeepif the user says insert, then you insert immediately after the current song playing
18:50:21hardeepwith your include files... this should work irrespective of shuffle mode
18:50:33 Part Asskick
18:50:36hardeepthe funkier case is if a user switches between shuffle modes
18:54:14ricIIbut how about append in shuffle mode this would mean move the remainder to the include and shuffle with the current seed.
18:57:45hardeepi don't quite follow.... with append you want to play the track after the playlist is done right?
18:58:06hardeepin that case, the shuffle mode wouldn't matter
18:58:37ricIIyes, unless we are in shuffle mode, the remain part would would be reshuffled
19:00:02ricIIlike also (+) play these songs in random order.
19:00:36hardeepheh, right, that case is more difficult
19:02:09ricIIwe will need to sepperate whats aready played & append the new stuff, then reshuffle with the same seed.
19:02:32hardeepthat wouldn't make it through resume
19:03:02ricIIwhy, all 'new' stuff is moved to a include.
19:03:22hardeepah right, yeah, it could work
19:03:23quelsaruki'm going home
19:03:35quelsaruktill monday!
19:04:09hardeepbye quelsaruk
19:04:42ricIIdefeating our non-copy attempts..
19:05:04hardeepwell, it's a pretty extreme case... dunno how often you would be doing that
19:05:29 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
19:06:19ricIIsome preformace info would be nice.
19:06:33ricIIon filecopy..
19:07:33 Quit adi|home (
19:07:33 Quit webmind (
19:07:33 Quit meshuga (
19:07:33 Quit MrSnazz (
19:07:33 Quit adi|work (
19:07:57ricIImaybe we are discussing just ms ..
19:08:55NJoinwebmind [0] (
19:08:55NJoinadi|home [0] (
19:08:55NJoinmeshuga [0] (
19:08:55NJoinMrSnazz [0] (
19:08:55NJoinadi|work [0] (
19:11:18hardeepgotta run
19:11:20 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: need we say more?")
19:27:47 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
20:08:37 Nick edx`afk is now known as edx (
20:19:06 Quit TotMacher ()
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20:26:05 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:39:22 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:41:38 Quit meshuga ("changing servers")
20:41:42 Join meshuga [0] (
21:35:01 Join Zagor [242] (
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22:36:13EGM92Hey I'm having a problem with the Jb 6000 and the new daily build, when I play a song, it sometimes freezes, well the sonud stops but the timer keeps going when ti goes to change song, there is no sound until i restart the JB
22:39:07 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:41:00hardeepEGM92: did it only start happening with the new daily build?
23:06:43EGM92I tried the v1.4 and I don't get that problem
23:07:33 Join void_ [0] (
23:07:54void_rockbox rules
23:07:57void_just like to say
23:08:28hardeepvoid_: agreed. :)
23:08:38void_I just got my archos today
23:08:52hardeepEGM92: hmmm, there have been many changes since 1.4. Post a bug.
23:08:52void_I traded in my classic chd500 (what a piece of junk)
23:09:19hardeepEGM92: include all information about your player and also provide a file that reproduces the bug
23:10:14EGM92how do i do that?
23:10:48hardeepEGM92: from the rockbox main page->bug reports
23:11:22hardeepEGM92: at the bottom there are instructions on posting new bugs... please provide all the information it lists
23:11:49hardeepEGM92: it's important that you include the file that reproduces the problem... makes it a lot easier to debug
23:12:16EGM92None 5 nobody mp3 play stops mid-song 2002-10-17 16:52
23:12:22 Join schuepf [0] (
23:12:23EGM92how do i know if that isn't my problem>?
23:13:14hardeepread the full description and comments
23:13:36hardeepif it does sound sound like your bug, post a comment
23:13:47hardeepproviding your information
23:15:25hardeepthat bug report is for the 1.4 release... you said your problem only happens in the daily build
23:15:48EGM92oh ok so since its a new build i have to make a new post?
23:16:28hardeeponly if it's a different bug... you claimed this bug doesn't happen in 1.4 which implies it's not the same as that bug report
23:17:47EGM92what was yesterdays build?
23:20:22EGM92Hey I got a question what to Stack usagemean?
23:21:56ricIII also noticed freezes with playback on the recorder (can't reproduce)
23:22:03*matsl is back (gone 04:39:56)
23:23:20hardeepricII: are you using the peakmeter or have multiple lines scrolling in the wps?
23:23:41hardeepricII: it could be a performance issue with those features and high bitrate mp3s
23:24:06ricIIcould well be, al mp3 are vbr min 192kb
23:24:42hardeepricII: although, I can't say i've ever seen any problems on AJBR6 with high peakmeter mode and avg 256kb vbr mp3s
23:25:29ricIIpause is also delayed sometimes..
23:29:35hardeepbest would be if you could find a reproduceable case
23:31:05 Quit matsl ("[x]chat")
23:34:14 Quit schuepf ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
23:39:18 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
23:44:04ricIIhowabout support for fonts < 8px ?
23:54:46 Join LinusN [0] (
23:58:21ricIIhmm, a lot of changes in lcd(-recorder).c
23:58:51LinusNEGM92: Stack Usage is how much stack space each thread uses

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