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#rockbox log for 2003-01-11

00:01:38ricIIchangelog from the daily's isn't all..
00:02:07LinusNricII: "isn't all"?
00:03:11ricIII used to only check the changelog ..
00:04:02ricIImore has changed..
00:04:10LinusNlike what?
00:05:10LinusNsince when?
00:06:06ricIIsorry player..
00:06:37LinusNsince when?
00:07:17ricIIhmm 2003-02-10?
00:07:55LinusNtoday's daily build reflects yesterdays changes
00:08:13ricIIyes it's me...
00:08:13stevenhow many lines of code is the rockbox firmware
00:08:14LinusNthe changes today will be included in tomorrows daily build
00:08:49ricIII souldn't be working in my cvs copy....
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00:10:32LinusNricII: that's exactly where you should be working, imho
00:11:59ricIImaybe I sould learn to use cvs...
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00:12:29Erikis anyone here
00:12:50ricIIno, where all out..
00:12:54hardeeper, wait
00:13:00Erikwell i was here before and no one was here :P
00:13:18Erikim wondering how to make playlists on my recorder 20 with rockbox 1.4
00:13:40ricIIErik you can't (yet)
00:14:00Erikcan you with the base OS that comes with the unit?
00:14:37hardeepErik: yes, the archos firmware supports playlist creation
00:14:54hardeepErik: you can boot into the archos firmware from rockbox1.4 using the ROLO feature
00:14:58Erikwanna try and fill me in on how? I cant figure it out
00:14:59ricIInot that I known.. (but the orignal frimware was there 1 day.. rockbox was the reason I got one)
00:15:38Erikswitching would be nice, rockbox rocks (no pun intended :) ), but i need to make playlists first
00:15:42hardeepErik: all I know is that you can, but no idea how... it's been a long time since i've used it
00:15:50Erikhow do i set up a dualboot?
00:16:02Eriki read inst
00:16:03Erikin faq
00:16:06Erikbut couldnt figure it out
00:16:12stevenhow many lines
00:16:15stevenis rockbox firmware
00:16:17stevenof coding
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00:16:51 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:16:51hardeepErik: copy the archos firmware to your recorder with the name archos.ajz
00:16:57hardeepand then just "
00:17:03hardeep"play" it from rockbox
00:17:26hardeepthe name can be something else if you prefer
00:17:31hardeepbut it has to have the .ajz extension
00:17:41Erikwhere do i get the firmware? when i look in F: (the drive) it just has rockbox
00:17:51hardeepErik: from the archos website
00:17:58hardeepi believe version 1.27d is the latest
00:18:01ricIIversion 1.27 is 1.28
00:19:27Erikany other support websites
00:19:33Erikthat i can look up into making playlists
00:19:53hardeepwhy not make playlists from your computer and copy them to the jukebox?
00:20:16Erikwell, how can i do that?
00:20:26ricIIcause he is a autonomous freak like me?
00:20:31hardeepas for archos jb support sites:
00:21:17LinusNsteven: about 58000 lines of C code
00:21:48hardeepErik: see for making playlists on your pc
00:22:38ClosetPacifistErik: You can goto the menu, playlists, new playlist, then press and hold the play button to add the selected file to the playlist- and the other options in the playlist let you modify or save it in the current directory, I belive.
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00:22:45Jet8810as soon as I get my archos I can hook it up to my PDA and transfer files :)
00:23:02Erikthats the thing.. theres no 'new playlist' option
00:23:24ErikStart, Save, Edit, Clear
00:23:32ClosetPacifistack- start is the one
00:23:47Erikit takes me back to the main menu
00:24:10Jet8810any way to make it so ALL OF THE TIME if you hold play it queues a file?
00:24:18ClosetPacifistya, then you can start adding items to the list- if you go back to the playlist menu after that, you can view them with edit
00:24:42Erikso how do i add em? Just go and play the song?
00:24:50hardeepJet8810: what happens now?
00:25:06ricIILinusN: what are the gpio pins for on the isd300 ? can they be used to make a serial usb device? (debuging)
00:25:06Jet8810oh I thought you had to go into menu to say new playlist
00:25:08ClosetPacifisthold down the play button instead of pressing it once, though
00:25:11Jet8810(remember I dont have an archos yet)
00:25:20LinusNricII: no
00:25:25Jet8810and hardeep, now you can edit playlists too?
00:25:29Jet8810and save them?
00:25:42hardeepJet8810: no, playlist editing is not available yet on rockbox
00:25:47LinusNricII: no ISD300 pins are connected to the ISD300 for what I know
00:25:48hardeepJet8810: just queueing....
00:25:55LinusNsorry, to the CPU
00:25:56Erikthats the key. THANK YOU ClosetPacifist!!
00:26:00Jet8810and still no fat editing right?
00:26:03Erikand i can save em and use em in RockBox right?
00:26:14Erikcool cool
00:26:19Erikthanks guys!
00:26:30 Quit Erik ()
00:28:05ricIIbut if they where?
00:28:40LinusNricII: then i don't know, i haven't studied the data sheets
00:28:47LinusNbut i doubt that it would be possible
00:29:19ricIIok, I will have to buy a serial<=>usb converter to debug..
00:29:21Jet8810is the C:\balahal thing fixed though? The controversial thing discussed in the mailing list?\
00:29:46ricIIJet8810 rockbox eat's the drive letters
00:30:00LinusNricII: if you want to debug it you will have to open up the archos
00:30:35ricIILinusN: do you think I didn't do that already ? :)
00:30:39LinusNto connect the CPU serial port
00:30:49LinusNmost people don't
00:31:16ricIIwell, my g4 powerbook was also opened the first week...
00:32:19LinusNi get too many clueless questions, so i have a hard time distinguishing them from the sane ones :-)
00:33:30ricIII just I lost track of modern electronic after cmos & rca 1802..
00:33:55LinusN"modern", yes... :-)
00:37:32 Nick edx is now known as edx`out (
00:37:49ricIIbesides I didn't like the case design, looks much better without
00:38:23LinusNoh, so that was you...
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00:40:37hardeepJet8810: the bad pathname problem in the playlists has been fixed in the latest daily
00:40:47ricIIwebmind also carries his player around naked..
00:41:29BoD[]finally i made a little java app to synchronize hd <-> archos
00:43:01*ClosetPacifist uses rsync.
00:43:56ricIIBoD[] cp -rup ?
00:44:12BoD[]i tried rsync under cygwin
00:44:24BoD[]it raised an error
00:44:48ricIIhmm you will need a rsync on the archos (or host)
00:45:02ricIIsorry host..
00:45:04BoD[]like .. problem while trying to change rights on a file
00:45:52ricIIvfat, no rights..
00:47:10BoD[]anyway I did this little prog and after that saw the post with a link to a prog that do the same stuff, only 100 times better :)
00:47:58LinusNimagine how Archos felt when they saw Rockbox :-)
00:48:06ClosetPacifistdon't belive so... rsync −−update −−recursive /path/to/music/* /path/to/jukebox/ works for me.
00:48:11BoD[] ha ha hahahaha :)))))
00:49:45BoD[]by the way the fact that filenames contain a : (c:/) is a problem with rsync
00:52:56ricIIhmm, to tierd to make sense, gonna sleep..
00:56:19BoD[]is Jedis the plural of Jedi .. or is it Jedi without s
00:57:23ClosetPacifistthink its just Jedi...
00:57:51BoD[]i'll use "jedi knights"
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01:29:28 Part _Dino_
01:40:27 Part LinusN
01:48:04 Join Erik [0] (
01:48:33Erikis it safe to use NiMH 2000 batteries in my Recorder 20?
01:50:08 Join duke_sam_vimes [0] (
01:50:12duke_sam_vimeshello all
01:51:36 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:52:35Erikduke_sam_vimes: you know a lot about Archos Recorder's?
01:52:39Erikcan i ask u a Q
01:53:21duke_sam_vimesshoot, i dont know if i will be able to help though
01:53:32Erikwill these be compatible with Recorder 20?
01:54:30Erikthe recorder came with 4 1500mAH
01:54:35Erikand i wanted more usage out of it
01:55:04duke_sam_vimesdo a search on the rockbox site about batteries and have a look in the battery FAQ, i remember seeing something about the higher capacity batteries giving less power but that could be my memory playing tricks on me so check it out
01:55:11 Join Kshain [0] (~masticore@
01:56:09Erikon the rockbox battery FAQ, it mentioned that using 1800 or 2000 are just fine. These 2100 are brand new out, so im assuming they'd work.. seeing as they are both 1.2volts
01:56:31duke_sam_vimesin that case i cant see any reason why there would be a problem with that
01:57:21Kshainhey everyone
01:57:27Eriki got a 4 year service plan thru best buy... so if something blows up, it shouldnt of lol so ill get a refund
01:57:29Erikhi Kshain
01:57:59Kshainanyone know what that new update is (meaning what is its purpose)?
01:58:38Jet8810recorder truly is getting phased out
01:58:38Jet8810is rockbox going to die with it?
01:58:48Kshainthe update on rockbox site
01:59:05Kshainit was big enough to warrent a recent updates thread so...
01:59:31Erikwha? Recorder getting phased out?
01:59:53hardeepKshain: see Kjell's post on the mailing list... it allows player models to display national characters... something it couldn't do before
02:00:16hardeepvery useful for languages other than english
02:00:37PsycoXulwhat archos does from this point on makes no difference to rockbox
02:00:38duke_sam_vimeslots of changes in the dailybuilds
02:00:38Kshainah. Nothing to amazing then :)
02:00:52Jet8810FM recorder is replacin git
02:00:52PsycoXulthe userbase is already established
02:00:54Kshainand hardeeep−− question for you
02:00:54Jet8810as is multimedia
02:01:07Erikwhats so special about recording from FM?
02:01:13*Erik hugs his recorder
02:01:17Kshainis the queue function currently in the player models daily builds?
02:01:21PsycoXulJet8810: and i'm not gonna buy either of them
02:01:36hardeepKshain: yes
02:01:45Erikwhat model do you have PsycoXul
02:01:53Jet8810heh true
02:02:02PsycoXuli might buy a used recorder20 if i ever find one cheap
02:02:03Jet8810I am faced with choice of getting new mp3 player so trying to decide
02:02:05PsycoXulbut then i might not
02:02:13hardeepJet8810: as an example, the player models have been pretty much unsupported by Archos for a long time now
02:02:27hardeepbut rockbox is still implementing cool things for it, like today's changes
02:02:29Jet8810recorder is still an older model though
02:02:54PsycoXuland i think rockbox will work on the FM recorders eventualy anyway
02:03:18Erikwont rockbox contunue to be model-spread?
02:03:21Erikie all models
02:03:23Eriklike they are now
02:03:33Kshainweird, my player refuses to queue
02:03:37PsycoXulall models that it has a chance of working on
02:03:43KshainI dont get the plus sign or anything
02:03:55PsycoXulmultimedia's an entirely different thing, it needs it's own project if anybody cares to do something similar for it
02:04:25Erikwell before they move on i hope they get Record MP3's and a way to make a playlist
02:04:46PsycoXulrockbox is gonna keep on it's current path
02:04:58hardeepKshain: You should see a message that the song is queued
02:04:59PsycoXulthey've got no plans on doing anything with the multimedia
02:05:04hardeepKshain what happens for you?
02:05:18PsycoXulthey'll keep expanding it's functions for the current devices
02:05:24PsycoXuland possibly support the FM
02:05:35PsycoXuland thats it
02:05:51Kshainwell, I just hold the play button on the song I want to add to my queue list, but nothing happens
02:05:53hardeepErik: recording is implemented... try one of the daily builds
02:06:02Kshainam I doing that right?
02:06:13hardeepKshain: are you playing something at the time?
02:06:29KshainI think I've tried doing it either way
02:06:51PsycoXulhardeep: did you do the queue support?
02:06:53hardeepKshain: while playing a track, just hold on to play to queue another track
02:06:57hardeepPsycoXul: yes
02:07:18hardeepKshain: are you also sure you're using the latest daily build? you need to be using at least 1/9
02:07:20Kshainshould it give me any sort of identification that somethings happened?
02:07:25KshainI am
02:07:28PsycoXulhardeep: just curious why you didn't use a key-combo instead of having to hold a button down for a long time
02:07:33hardeepKshain: yes, it displays a message saying a song has been queued
02:07:45Kshainhmmm, nope never have got that
02:08:15hardeepKshain: can you quickly verify you're using the right version please...
02:08:29Kshainsure. I'll go get the latest just in case
02:09:06hardeepPsycoXul: No real reason, i saw this is how it was done on the archos fw
02:09:55hardeepPsycoXul: we may change it... I know Zagor had some thoughts on using a quick menu screen for some track operations
02:10:01PsycoXulwhen i get around to upgrading my rockbox
02:10:13PsycoXuli'm gonna mod it to use a combo, cause personally i can't stand the way archos fw does it :p heh
02:10:37hardeepPsycoXul: well, the delay isn't as long as the archos fw, it's almost instantaneous
02:10:45Eriknow that we got more people here, gonna ask once more before i order em... will these batteries work in my Recorder?
02:11:56Kshainhardeep, I just got the latest build (110 right?) and nope, still doesnt work for me
02:12:11PsycoXulErik: i'd say so
02:12:21hardeepKshain: what happens when you hold on to play?
02:12:28PsycoXuli might get a set of those heh
02:12:51Erikmuch better than 1500's
02:12:52PsycoXuli'll probably wait though, i just replaced mine with the spare set, so i don't really need them
02:12:58PsycoXulbut the extra capacity would be nice
02:13:36KshainI stary playing the file, then I press and hold play, and it goes to pause
02:13:37Erikmost powerful i could find
02:13:47Kshainand if I do it in pause, nothing happens either
02:13:57hardeepKshain: oh, heh, you need to be in the directory browser
02:14:01 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
02:14:22hardeepKshain: then find a song you want to queue and hold on to play
02:14:38Kshainoh, thought you said it had to be playing
02:14:42Kshainone sec then
02:14:53hardeepKshain: yes, a song needs to be playing
02:15:00hardeepKshain: you can browse while a song is playing
02:15:48hardeepKshain: press ON while in the WPS to go to browser
02:15:48 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
02:16:31Erikwow... im surpirsed. that place i ordered from, 91 reviews, averaging 9.89 out of 10
02:17:04 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] (Client Quit)
02:17:08Kshainoh, dok
02:17:41Kshainlol thanks, it works now
02:17:55KshainIm sorta slow about these kinda things
02:18:07Kshaingood work on the whole queue thing hardeep
02:18:18Erikyou running Rockbox?
02:18:22Erikit has queue?
02:18:27ricIIgrumble can't sleep
02:18:30hardeepErik: latest daily
02:18:39hardeepricII: hehe, got rockbox on the mind?
02:18:41Eriki wont dl that
02:18:53Erikim too scared lol
02:18:54hardeepErik: why not? it's very stable
02:19:05Erikwhat other features does it have
02:19:10hardeepErik: there's no permanent damage that it can do... :)
02:19:18hardeepErik: recording
02:19:25Erikim gettin it
02:19:28hardeepErik: yes
02:19:52Erikthe one for today?
02:20:03hardeepErik: yeah, get the latest
02:20:18hardeepErik: there are also many bug fixes in it
02:20:27ricIIworst case, rockbox could delete files (verry unlikly)
02:20:38Eriki got em all on my pc
02:20:43Erikso thats no big deal
02:20:56Erik*does the happy dance*
02:21:15Kshainrockbox is very cool. trust me
02:21:15Erikdoes it allow you to make your own playlists in Rockbox, without booting to the stock OS?
02:21:25hardeepErik: not yet
02:21:34Kshainuh oh I feel a ROLO explanation comeing on
02:21:39Erikcrap.. i gotta get something to untar these things
02:21:45Eriki know how to use it
02:21:51Erikdont worry
02:21:51Erikim using 1.4 now
02:21:54hardeepErik: that's not the file you want
02:22:00Erikand dualboot out to make playlists and record
02:22:02Kshainok good :)
02:22:18Eriki need the .agz one?
02:22:21hardeepErik: go one section below and get archos20030110.ajz
02:22:33Kshainhey hardeep, I got another question −− when will we be able to make our own boot screens?
02:22:43Erikthe one under target builds
02:22:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:23:12hardeepKshain: I know there's an open feature request for it... but it's unlikely that it'll be added
02:23:46ricIIuse the source Kshain ;)
02:23:57KshainI've tried. I give up
02:24:06Kshaincgywin is the devil
02:24:21hardeepKshain: the file code isn't accessible at boot time, which we would need to load a customizable boot screen
02:24:38Erikwow... my battery went from full down to about 25%
02:24:43Kshainaah. And yet someone has already done it
02:24:57Kshainthe guy on the mailing list...
02:25:02hardeepErik: there's been a lot of changes to the charging/battery code to get a more accurate result
02:25:19hardeepKshain: he modified the source code... something that you can always do. :)
02:25:39Eriki just charged em tho.. and used em for bout 2 hours
02:26:13hardeepErik: i believe the new code samples over a period of time....
02:26:26Kshainas I said, I cant figure the source out
02:26:27hardeepErik: there's a battery faq that explains it better then I could
02:26:38KshainI've tried
02:27:00hardeepKshain: right, i'm just saying that's how the guy on the mailing list updated his
02:27:30Erikits safe to charge for like 20 min then stop, right?
02:27:35Erikfor a boost in power?
02:28:20Kshainyah. Well, maybe I'll give it one more shot
02:28:36steveni hate my archos
02:28:45hardeepsteven: eh, why's that?
02:28:59stevenI Can only transfer files when its fully charged,and than it like it stops transfering after 2 or 3 albums
02:29:18stevenalthough im on regular usb
02:29:23hardeepsteven: ack, what is are you running?
02:29:24stevenit shouldnt stop
02:29:27stevenwindows xp
02:29:28hardeeper os
02:29:33Erikeh, oh well. im gettin new batteries anyway.. im just shocked that it went from 90% to 40% with a build update..
02:29:43hardeepsteven: hmmm, that's strange
02:29:46stevenyeah my battery drops when I transfer alot of files
02:29:52stevenit hangs
02:30:21ricIIsteven power adaptor doesn't supply anough power to spin hd...
02:31:14ricII350ma, hd spin 500ma, so batteries are drained
02:31:29Erikim out everyone
02:31:31Erikbye bye
02:31:35Erikthx for the help
02:31:37 Quit Erik ()
02:32:05ricIIon the adaptor alone it can't spinup the hd...
02:33:54stevenanyway to fix this
02:34:01stevenI like to transfer 40 tracks usually
02:34:20ricIIcharge y'r batteries properly..
02:34:37stevenI do
02:35:22ricIIhmm, I had no problem tranfering 5gb via usb1.1.. (with full batteries)
02:35:37stevenwhat os?
02:35:58ricIIboth linuxppc & win2k..
02:36:09 Part duke_sam_vimes
02:36:35 Quit ClosetPacifist ("-out-")
02:36:38stevenmaybe it is my batteries
02:36:46stevenHow long should one charge it for
02:36:51stevenwhen it's completely drained
02:36:59ricIIfirst time ~ 8h
02:37:26void_my led said batteries charged
02:37:29void_after like 3 hours
02:37:33void_after just getting it today
02:38:00void_oh completly drained
02:39:26ricIIassuming orignal 1500mah cells
02:43:37PsycoXulwireless modem internet service costs $50+/month
02:46:43hardeepPsycoXul: get a WiFi enabled device and sit in a Starbucks. :)
02:47:43PsycoXuli hate starbucks
02:47:45PsycoXuli don't drink coffee
02:47:47PsycoXulbut uh
02:47:55PsycoXulthats more or less what i was figuring i'd end up doing
02:48:22PsycoXuli just need to research the hows of that sorta thing before i invest in a CF wifi card
02:48:48PsycoXulthe hows and wheres heh
02:51:03PsycoXuli just got one of these:
02:51:25PsycoXulgot it for $114 including shipping and a free case, on ebay heh
02:51:52Kshainhow is it?
02:52:07PsycoXulit just arrived today
02:52:20PsycoXuland after it charges i need to start hacking it
02:52:27PsycoXulit's close to a pocketpc, but it's not
02:52:47PsycoXulit runs some weird custom version of wince3
02:53:01ricIIjust patched tree.c so I can browse cvs-code on the rockbox it self :)
02:53:17PsycoXuland you can get a new shell, dll's, and such stuff like that to make it run more pocketpc apps
02:53:23 Nick edx`out is now known as edx (
02:53:46PsycoXulso i need to throw all that stuff on there and start trying to figure out how to get all that software thats out there to run on it hehe
02:53:52PsycoXulanyway, bbl dinner
02:55:20 Quit edx ()
02:55:23 Quit Kshain ()
02:56:31ricIIso I can go to bed, and still browse rockbox source
02:59:10EGM92I LOVE ROCKBOX!!!,
02:59:31EGM92I JUST tried the original JB Firmware OMFG HOW CRAPPY IS THAT SHIT!
03:08:01datazoneit isnt that bad
03:09:02 Quit BoD[] ("bue")
03:20:14PsycoXulyes it is
03:24:58 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
04:18:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Ping-pong timeout")
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06:12:41 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
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06:27:59 Join Kshain [0] (Kshain@
06:28:17Kshainhey everyone
06:33:38*ClosetPacifist waves.
06:34:08Kshainheh hello.
06:34:19Kshainmy, a bunch of party animals in here
06:39:48 Part Kshain
07:01:48adi|homewho do i hit first for that?
07:03:01PsycoXulAdd a Comment:
07:03:03PsycoXulwake up to reality and get a pocketpc...
07:03:04adi|homeyeah that was my feeling
07:03:13PsycoXulshould i?
07:03:23adi|homenah.. i got this one
07:03:57PsycoXulmy 4-disc SVCD of the two towers in done downloading and extracted
07:04:54PsycoXulso should i reboot to get my audio back and watch it
07:04:59PsycoXulor play with my new pda and watch it later
07:05:12adi|homeooooo pda
07:05:13adi|homewhat one?
07:05:19PsycoXulcasio be-300
07:05:27adi|homehows my response?
07:05:30adi|homehow you like the casio?
07:05:39PsycoXuli dunno i just got it today
07:05:43PsycoXulthe default stuff is pretty shitty
07:05:48PsycoXuli'm gonna put expod on it
07:05:56PsycoXulwhich makes it more pocketpc-like
07:06:35Hadaka"Electro-anatomically impossible, mister Ripper"
07:07:22Hadakaoh gods, there was a second comment :)
07:07:32PsycoXuladi|home: pretty good, but nobody's response was funnier
07:08:15PsycoXulthe flip-up cover on this thing sucks
07:08:27PsycoXulgood thing it's easy to remove
07:08:48Hadakammh and off to bed
07:15:59PsycoXulso i'm setting it up to put expod on there now
07:34:27 Quit steven (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:34:59 Join steven [0] (
08:14:05PsycoXulso far it rocks
08:16:48 Quit PsycoXul ("reboot for audio, yay!")
08:20:45 Join PsycoXul [0] (
08:21:54PsycoXulok, now for the two towers
08:22:08PsycoXulthis looks like a dvd rip too...
08:22:50PsycoXulstarts off "This Presentation You Are About To See Is For Academy Consideration Only It Is The Property Of New Line Cinema And Is Not For Sale Or Public Exhibition."
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08:40:51 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
10:05:53 Quit ClosetPacifist ("sleep.")
10:09:24 Join DarkF [0] (~DarkF@
10:13:04 Part DarkF
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11:12:09 Join edx [0] (
11:27:56 Quit TotMacher ()
11:27:56 Quit tot|away ()
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12:41:29 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
13:29:13 Quit EGM92 ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
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13:36:31 Quit TotMacherr (Remote closed the connection)
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14:41:21 Join TotMacher [0] (
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15:55:18 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
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16:30:18 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:46:44 Join edx`disconnecte [0] (
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17:03:13 Join webmind [0] (
17:03:53 Part webmind
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17:18:37 Nick edx`disconnecte is now known as edx (
17:40:51 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
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17:53:26 Join pika- [0] (
17:53:32pika-found you ;)
17:53:58pika-anyone home?
17:56:48pika-looking for a way to buy the remote control by itself. anyone know if it's sold outside of a kit?
18:03:35ricIIdon't know..
18:07:24pika-btw, the rockbox software is GREAT. i was going to return my Archos Rec 15 because of it's lack of resuming until I found rockbox. thanks all.
18:07:41pika-didn't have any idea i'd get so many other features out of it either. bonus.
18:17:48 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:19:53ricIIthe thing has 12mhz cpu.. 2mb ram & hd, lot's you could do.. :)
18:23:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:24:38Jet8810does rockbox have any plans to support recorder fm and multimedia models?
18:24:45Jet8810would it require starting from the ground up?
18:27:11ricIIMM is a complete differnt beast..
18:28:06Jet8810honestly, I am getting a new MP3 player now as other one well lets just say it got left on an I wanted to get the recorder FM or the Multimedia Jukebox, but no rockbox= NO WAY!
18:29:00ricIIfm-recorder sould be possible, check the mailinglist
18:30:07ricIIbeing prepaired to void y'r waranty could help..
18:31:16Jet8810how so?
18:32:48ricIIschematics and such are needed
18:34:13pika-ric -any idea if one can pick up a wired remote outside of a kit?
18:34:41Jet8810they make wired remotes for archos? heheeh
18:35:02ricIInot that I know of, but there is something in the mailinglist about (ir-)remotes
18:35:04pika-yeah they sell em in a kit on their web site ;)
18:36:22pika-i'll have to try that :)
18:36:32pika-ric - any talk about a searchable archive of the mailinglist?
18:36:39pika-or an active forum format ?
18:37:34pika-there should be talk about it ;) ?
18:38:19ricIIseems to be it..
18:39:24 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] ("bye")
18:39:36pika-what are we looking for at that site? :D
18:41:00ricIII got 'the kit' with my recorder, and discoverd I can play worms with 2 players :)
18:41:55 Join trilluser [0] (
18:42:39trilluseris there some sort of firmware so i can upgrade my archos R15 2 usb 2.0?
18:42:45 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
18:42:59ricIItrilluser ofcourse not..
18:43:31trilluseri didnt think so.. but some1 was trying to convince me it was possible
18:45:20trilluserjus wishfull thinking
18:45:45ricIIand I have a software mod that turns the archos into pure gold..
18:46:11pika-trilluser - my R15 says it IS usb 2.0
18:46:59ricIIthan it's usb2.. isn't that the difference between the isd200 & isd300 ?
18:47:04trilluserwhat firmware do u use?
18:47:54ricIIdoes it matter, the firmware can only swicth the ata-usb bridge on/off
18:49:09pika-the newest
18:49:20trilluserthats not very helpfull
18:49:26pika-hodl on
18:49:27trilluserim not sure what kinda bridge mine has
18:49:47pika-2.8 i think??
18:50:01pika-the packaging said usb 2.0 all over it
18:50:08trilluserdamn where can i get that?
18:50:14trilluseri think i got like 1.28
18:50:21pika-that's the ver i have. sorry
18:50:32pika-usb2.0 is in the hardware
18:50:35pika-it's gotta be
18:50:56hardeeplike ricII said, the firmware version has nothing to do with which usb chip you have
18:51:16trilluserits a usb chip?
18:51:21trilluseris that upgradable?
18:51:38ricIInot realy...
18:52:01pika-it's weird that the Rec15 doesn't show up on many sites
18:52:10pika-is it discontinued or just rare? anyone know?
18:52:26pika-i don't think it's even mentioned in my manual, just 10 and 20 s
18:52:34trilluserbut if urs is usb 2.0 its def not discontinued
18:52:40pika-yeah weird eh
18:52:42ricIIprobly they where out of 20gb drives :)
18:52:55pika-well the casing says 15 also.. and the rubber things are black, not blue
18:53:05trilluserwerd mine as well
18:53:16trilluserdamn usb chip
18:53:25pika-i don't know how to know for certain if mine is usb 2.0
18:53:31pika-xp is kinda confusing
18:53:35pika-when you plug it in
18:53:57Jet8810they really shoudl sell the wired remote out of the kit heh
18:54:03pika-yeah i nkow
18:54:05Jet8810pika, is it fast? lol
18:54:06pika-i want it! ;)
18:54:10Jet8810hehe me too
18:54:11ricIIconfusing ??!! plain teletubies stuff
18:54:12pika-it seems fast, yah! hehe.
18:54:12Jet8810but $40? no thanks
18:54:21pika-yeah no kidding.
18:54:23trilluserthanx ricII
18:54:24trilluserim out
18:54:31pika-i'll just keep opening my center console to move around in it
18:54:36 Quit trilluser ("Trillian (")
18:54:57Jet8810i want to kno wha tthe hell deluxe headphones are hehe
18:55:08Jet8810because I need tape deck and if I get tape deck then car charger makes sense...
18:55:25pika-xp shows ARCHOS USB2.0 (P4a)
18:55:30pika-so i guess it is usb2 ;)
18:55:43Jet8810hmm I see headphones
18:55:46Jet8810they suck
18:55:54Jet8810I may end up giving in and getting it heh
18:56:02Jet8810need everything but headphones
18:56:05pika-ric said something about an IR remote
18:56:11pika-on the mailinglist
18:56:21pika-that'd be cool
18:56:26Jet8810ir remote?
18:56:32Jet8810but need direct line of sight
18:56:37Jet8810I would leave it in my pocket and use that
18:56:38pika-true. me too.
18:56:43ricIII want 1ghz ethernet on my archos ;)
18:56:57pika-mine goes in my center console so i'd need wired i guess
18:56:58hardeeppika-: you can search the mailing list archives using the search option in the left column of the rockbox website
18:57:06pika-you can search???
18:57:13pika-how did i miss that? :D
18:57:26pika-i'm blind. :D
18:57:36Jet8810heh ok
18:57:40Jet8810found it for $33 :)
18:57:49pika-the whole kit ? o
18:58:45Jet8810ends up being about $40 shipped for me...
18:59:31ricIIhmm howabout the sony joystick ?
18:59:54Jet8810whats that?
19:01:17Jet8810no soldering or anything, just works?
19:01:57ricIIno, but not on the archos
19:02:09Jet8810solder the remote?
19:02:43Jet8810lowest price $70? lol
19:10:52Hadakaum, the tape-emulator so you can connect the archos to the car-stereo through tape?
19:11:05HadakaI hear the sound quality is really bad in those :(
19:30:25pika-i have a tape adapter, it's not bad
19:30:45 Quit TotMacher ()
19:31:04pika-i just got a special cable that gives me RCA inputs to my car stereo, but i've been using the tape adapter... other than the annoying cable, it serves the purpose and it is cheap
19:39:28pika-jet you still there
19:52:00ricIIhi hardeep, any new thoughts on the playlist stuff ?
19:52:29hardeepricII: sounds like you've got most everything figured out already.... just waiting for the end result now :)
19:52:49ricIII don't known where to start :(
19:53:22ricIII wish to eliminate dirplayback to free the dircache.. (so it can be reused)
19:53:59hardeepthat's not a bad starting point, get rid of the in_ram stuff in playlist
19:54:15hardeepricII: essentially do the same thing as queueing already does, but for playlists
19:54:36hardeepricII: maybe we can combine everything together into some sort of playlist creation api
19:55:33ricIIsome kindof cache would be nice too
19:56:06hardeepricII: possibly, but that can be done later
19:57:09pika-guys is there a way to turn off all animation on the WPS to further limit battery drain, or is that so little that it's not worth it?
19:57:36Hadakapika-: soon will be, I'd guess - since there's another problem
19:57:44pika-like i don't need the area that shows where you are in the track
19:57:48hardeeppika-: the wps is completely configurable
19:57:50pika-or elapsed time
19:58:18hardeeppika-: see
19:58:20pika-i think i read that, just hadn't looked that far into it
19:58:34hardeeppika-: put only what you want on the wps
19:58:48pika-great, thanks. i just keep this hidden from view so i don't need some of that since i don't look at it all that often while it plays ;)
19:58:49hardeeppika-: you can also disable the status bar via a setup option
19:59:29Hadakarockbox needs a 'screensaver'
19:59:31hardeeppika-: it's also easy to switch between custom wps'... so you can have one for when it's in the pocket and one for when you're looking at it
20:00:26hardeepHadaka: yeah, a screensaver isn't a bad idea
20:00:29ricIIalso thought about dropping m3u format and use linklists.
20:01:03hardeepHadaka: we could also allow the user to setup a custom screensaver...
20:01:06pika-status only gets rid of the top bar... it's the bottom one i'm looking at. i'll dig into the custom stuff
20:01:21hardeepricII: er, why? the great thing about m3u is that it can be played from all apps
20:01:26ricIIbut I am against it, we would lose the playlist creation..
20:01:41hardeeppika-: right, custom wps for the bottom stuff, and status bar for the top line
20:01:50Hadakahardeep: perhaps - blank screen is what I require
20:02:53hardeepHadaka: that could be the default screen (i'd prefer blank too)
20:03:19hardeepI just know a lot of people have been requesting a custom boot screen... since that's kind of messy, figured we'd at least give them a custom screensaver
20:03:24Hadakafor me it's not a matter of preference - I hear the noise made when the LCD screen is updated
20:03:38hardeepHadaka: ah, right... i've heard other people mention that too
20:03:50hardeepHadaka: haven't noticed it myself though
20:04:45Hadakaor actually, any other static picture would do as well, I guess
20:05:33pika-hardeep- any way to make a line longer than the screen wrap (instead of scroll)?
20:05:53hardeeppika-: no
20:06:29ricIIbeen thinking about that yesterday...
20:06:52hardeepthere's an open feature request for it iirc
20:06:56pika-i'd like that - because it's rather hard to read something when it's scrolling. maybe my scroll speed it too fast.
20:07:03ricIIa simple line printing mode
20:07:11hardeeppika-: scroll speed is configurable
20:07:18pika-yeah i saw that. just hadn't thought about it ;)
20:07:26pika-this wps config stuff is easy. nice.
20:08:09ricIIbut gets ugly when fontsize < 8...
20:10:31ricIIlcd-xxxx.c functions need somekind of cursor (reporting)
20:11:05hardeepricII: make a feature request :)
20:11:27ricIIit's just cosmetic..
20:12:26ricIII intent to implement this stuff with the release of my 5px rockbox font :)
20:13:39 Quit edx ()
20:14:33ricIII don't like to whine about little things, put my code where my mouth is....
20:22:59pika-rockbox impresses me more every time i mess with it ;)
20:23:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:23:16pika-thanks for the wps tip, thought it'd be a long and difficult process but it was too easy
20:23:36pika-got my annoying directories not showing and the progress bar out! yippee!
20:23:49pika-now let me bold and change font sizes per line/character and i'll be set! hehe.
20:24:19 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24:44ricIIhardeep: copy_on_write is even more expensive, we need absolute paths.. (or a #base in the anomymous.m3u)
20:27:27hardeepricII: i don't see how copy_on_write and absolute paths are related....
20:28:54ricIIif the user plays a playlist, and start appending stuff I need to make a fresh playlist reflecting the current situation..
20:29:43hardeepricII: i thought you had decided to use include files and only write when the user requests a save
20:30:03hardeepricII: er write to the main playlist that is
20:31:22ricIIbut I need a real current playlist, eg .rockboc/.anomymous.m3u (no more playlists in ram..)
20:31:43hardeepricII: oh, for dirplay
20:32:22hardeepricII: even then, you could still use include files for playlist insertions
20:32:29ricIIand any dynamic change, I must be able to create the hook
20:33:19 Join edx [0] (
20:35:00ricIIcan't do that in the users playlist, can't do it ram (or shutdown could take ages (resume) )
20:38:03ricIImaybe the #base directive is very logical thing with the #include
20:38:17hardeepi'm still not following.... the include files would have well defined names so you know where you are inserting... all that needs to be in ram is a simple list of where insertions exist
20:38:44hardeepthis list wouldn't need to be saved for resume because you can easily figure it out using the well defined names
20:39:26ricIIinsertion points sould, but clever naming could help..
20:39:29hardeepwhat you would need to save for resume is whether or not you're currently playing one of the insertions
20:39:48hardeepand which one
20:40:16hardeepinsertion points could be stored in the filename as well
20:40:28ricIIno, only the current number, walking down the lists will bring you to right song..
20:40:58hardeepsure, you could do it that way as well
20:41:13hardeepeither way, it doesn't sound like a big problem
20:41:27hardeepand i still don't see how it's related to absolute pathnames
20:41:27ricIIdidn't consider shuffle yet..
20:42:09hardeepif you insert into a shuffled playlist... there is no problem
20:42:30hardeepthe only strange case is where you append and want it shuffled in... but i thought you had already figured that out
20:42:43hardeepre: second shuffle with same seed
20:45:18hardeepactually, append shuffle could also be done by choosing a random insertion point for the track
20:45:32hardeepwouldn't even need to re-shuffle everything
20:45:47hardeepand then it's just another insertion... easy for resume
20:50:57ricIIok this would leave us with a /.rockbox/.insertions/#tracknr files, new case: delete from list function
20:51:31ricIII hate this song, kick it out...
20:51:57ricIIwhen user says, inserted a m3u..
20:52:28hardeepricII: okay, first of all, in the anon playlist, just comment out the line (replace first char with #)
20:52:37hardeepso, no copy and it's gone
20:52:58ricIIok thats easy!
20:52:59hardeepthen you need to update the indices in the playlist code
20:53:29hardeepfor non-shuffle: just move everyting up one
20:53:53hardeepfor shuffle: hmmmm, not as easy
20:54:05hardeepbecause of resume
20:57:02ricIIhmmhmm, existance of a #tracknr invalidates current track.. track sould be repeated in #include file..
20:57:15hardeepactually, don't mess with the indices for either modes
20:57:55 Join tot|away [0] (
20:58:00 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
20:58:02hardeepricII: yeah, that works
20:58:16hardeepricII: that way we can handle insertion before or after current song
20:58:54ricIIjust need more buttons on the archos :)
20:58:54hardeepjust getting back to delete for a sec.... when we get to and index and find it commented out in the playlist... skip it
20:59:09hardeepricII: this should work even after resume
20:59:38hardeepricII: but we would need a special comment so we could identify it as a playlist removal as opposed to a normal inserted comment
20:59:49ricIIholdon gonna grab some coffee, we are getting somewhere..
21:04:53ricIIno need to comment out in the playlist, the existance of a .insertions/#nr already invalidates the track not?
21:05:50hardeepricII: yeah, for insertions
21:05:55 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
21:05:55hardeepricII: i was referring to deletions
21:05:56ricIIa empty include would just advance..
21:06:06hardeepricII: hmmm, that could work too, yeah
21:06:41hardeepricII: in fact, that may be even cleaner
21:07:48hardeepso, the magical insertions handle insert AND delete... nice
21:08:13ricIIalmost to nice to be true...
21:10:52hardeepone potential problem with all these small files we create and delete: fragmentation
21:12:39ricIIcould give them fixed lenght and rename when not in use
21:13:29hardeepyeah, although fixed length may not work
21:13:54hardeepbut still, at least as long as it works... why not
21:16:13hardeepafk for a bit
21:16:17 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (hardeeps@
21:28:41ricIIno need for multilpy files, one big insert file would do (maxindeces*2*maxpath) just lseek to proper place..
21:31:24ricIIeven maxindices*(maxpath+1) first char tells us if we sould invalidate the track in playlisy
21:33:15 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
21:34:52hardeepricII: i like
21:35:55hardeepactually, hmmmm.... the file would need to be ~5MB
21:36:09hardeep10000 * 260
21:36:12hardeep* 2
21:36:43ricII2.5 mb.. still rather large (if we use first char)
21:36:44hardeepseeking could potentially take time
21:37:44ricIIneeds to be done on any peek, but could be bufferd
21:39:31ricIIsame goes for a large shuffled playlist
21:39:46hardeepricII: true
21:41:10ricIIit's just a large array on disk, no need for indices since we have fixed record lenght
21:45:57ricIIapart from the unnessery copy, what would be the objection of handling all playback modes this way?
21:48:54hardeepunnecessary copy? i thought you were only going to copy if a user wants to save
21:49:09hardeepotherwise, if the playlist is already on disk, just use that instead of anon?
21:50:16ricIIit's aready on disk, true. but not fixed lenght records creating the need for the indices..
21:51:50hardeepthe indices don't take up all that much memory...
21:52:14hardeepbut back to your question.... the copy is the only downside i can think of
21:52:38hardeepoh... also, relative pathnames in the playlist
21:52:48hardeepthey would need to be accounted for in the copy
21:52:56hardeepmaking the load slower
21:56:15ricIIso we have 3 types of playlists, the users m3u, the queue, and the inserts.. (dir playback being insert on #0 ?)
21:58:23hardeeplooks right....
21:58:36hardeepalthough queue could just be a special case of an insert
21:58:50hardeepbasically, delete the insert once the last song is done
22:06:52ricIIsomething tells me we went wrong here..
22:09:50ricIIwe can't use a disk-array to insert without moving everything (on disk) we could use it as a buffer but still need a index to set the order..
22:10:38hardeepoh, heh... yeah.
22:11:08hardeepback to the multiple files idea then...
22:11:14hardeepthat's still okay
22:12:54ricIIhaving the fs code do the indexing?
22:13:29hardeepnah, do the indexing in the playlist code
22:14:25ricIIbasicly the multiply files idea shifts the index/order to the fs code...
22:19:51hardeepwhat index/order are you referring to?
22:20:08hardeepThe index into the file? We will need to save that in the playlist code
22:21:02 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:22:26ricIIwriting include files a way to move allocation & order information to the fs code..
22:22:58ricIInot ?
22:23:12hardeepheh, sure... at a very low level...
22:23:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:22hardeepbut why does that matter?
22:24:01ricIIsince we known what exactly we want we could better do it ourselfs in an optimized way..
22:24:29hardeepthe question is, do we really need to optimize it
22:24:37hardeepat this level, i don't really think so
22:26:27ricIIthe design of the naming scheme is just as hard as making our own indexes... and doesn't fragmentate the disk
22:27:04hardeepI've got to go... lets discuss later. :)
22:27:15 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Occifer, I'm not as think as you stoned I am!")
22:38:19ricIIjust for the record: the /# naming replacing #include throw away the posibility to nest includes
22:41:01 Join _Freak_ [0] (
22:41:18_Freak_anybody awake?
22:42:11_Freak_had a q
22:43:13_Freak_I am trying to figure out how come certin devices (like USB pens with flash, USB drives) can work without loading a driver
22:44:06ricIIstorage class devices, simple there is already an unified driver inplace
22:44:31_Freak_Is there a way to implement that with the Archos?
22:44:56_Freak_Since it's rather annoying to have to carry around a driver disk every where you go with your drive
22:45:33ricIIhuh, doesn't archos just work (I know little about $m)
22:46:18void_worked for me without driver
22:46:21ricIIbut I needed no driver pluging it in w2k..
22:46:22void_on window me
22:46:31_Freak_nope, gotta load a driver to make it work, and I was wondering if there was a way in the firmware to tweak it so that win (or lin) for that matter will recognize the device as a simple HD
22:46:32void_and I'm guessing xp too
22:46:52_Freak_hmzz wierd void_
22:47:05_Freak_since archos provides a driver for all OS's
22:47:07ricIIno, all is done by the usb-ata chip.
22:47:09_Freak_so I figure not
22:47:52void_I wish there was a fbsd driver :(
22:48:15_Freak_shouldn't be too hard to implement void_
22:48:25void_well if someone did it for linux
22:48:45_Freak_I don't know much about fbsd
22:49:10_Freak_but if they use anywhere close to the same kernel model as linux does, it should ba rather simple job
22:50:37ricIIvoid_: ?
22:51:13_Freak_I guess the same goes for charging the archos through the USB cable (impossible to change because of the usb-ata chip)
22:51:48_Freak_or at least power the device through the USB cable
22:52:19ricII_Freak_: not without voiding the warranty...
22:52:26void_ricII I see support for the Rio
22:52:29void_not for the archos
22:53:26_Freak_'cause I am not sure if you guy ran into this before, but I've had situations where when I was transferring files from my HD to the archos I ran out of batteries, and even though the Archos was plugged into the power outlet, still it was impossible to keep on transferring files and the device simply dies
22:55:09ricIIyep power adpator doesn't give anough power to spin hd, batteries are drained..
22:55:51ricIIthe voltage regulator delivers ~350ma diskspin eats ~500ma...
22:56:44_Freak_hmzzz, a player like the Creative Zen does this, on the other hand they implement their own filesystem, and you need to use their proprietary to transfer files instead of simply using the explorer
22:57:09ricIIspiningup the drive ~ 1A, could blow the fuse in the hostcontroler...
22:57:25void_device umass # Disks/Mass storage - Requires scbus and da
22:57:32void_wonder if that'll work
22:58:13ricIIvoid_ isd300 (recorder) has a better change
22:59:56_Freak_hmzz, well didn't need a power adapter of 1A, if only they had used a 600mA one, we could solve some probs :)
23:01:38ricIIactualy is the regulator in the archos...
23:01:45_Freak_yup figured that
23:03:34_Freak_what about a device with the following specs: 30Gb, USB 2.0, hot pluggable (no drivers needed), slick design, variable chip (for importing different audio format decoders) design
23:05:23ricIIsound almost like my laptop
23:06:20_Freak_lols, yup but would be an ideal device to sell
23:06:40_Freak_besides your laptop is a little too big to carry in you shirt pocket :p
23:07:08 Join kargatron [0] (
23:18:33 Join [VooDoo] [0] (
23:18:48void_umass0: ARCHOS ARCHOS USB2.0 (P4a), rev 2.00/11.01, addr 2
23:18:54void_I think it did it
23:18:56[VooDoo]can i have one question to developers?
23:18:58void_I have to mount it though
23:19:17_Freak_go for it void_
23:20:22 Quit [VooDoo] (Client Quit)
23:20:48 Quit TotMacher ()
23:25:03void_hah it worked
23:25:12void_ mount -t msdos /dev/da0s1 /mnt
23:25:27ricIIvoid_ use vfat
23:25:30 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:35:54 Quit steven (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:50 Part kargatron
23:45:13 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:47:39 Quit ClosetPacifist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:49:31 Quit _Freak_ ("Client Exiting")
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23:53:45 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

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