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#rockbox log for 2003-01-12

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00:24:41PsycoXulmy new pda plays ogg
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01:00:55ricIIZagor: any ideas about (dynamic) playlist creation ?
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01:03:14hardeepricII: still around? :)
01:03:29hardeepheh, anything new?
01:03:46ricIIthinking about stealing 2 bits from the indices..
01:04:34hardeepshhhh, don't tell anyone =)
01:05:10ricIIwould require to store the indices for resume function :(
01:05:31hardeepwhy do you need the two bits?
01:06:11ricII1 could do, flag lookup in m3u, or lookup in insertfile
01:06:54ricIIoptionly delete after played (could be done in insertfile)
01:07:12hardeepoh, are you still looking at only having one insertion file?
01:07:24hardeepbecause, with separate files, you wouldn't need the bit of course
01:08:49ricIIstill the copy_on_change I need to actuly put "#include tempfilexxxxx" there (to allow recusion)
01:09:17ricIIwith separate files..
01:09:31hardeepwhen you insert within an insertion?
01:09:52hardeepin that case, do a full copy in the insertion file...
01:10:54ricIIand fragmentation worries me..
01:11:01hardeepi'm thinking the insertion files are not going to be as large as playlists
01:11:42ricIImine will (I want to create playlist this way)
01:12:55hardeeper, nm
01:13:03ricIIthe ulitamate gool is to save the create dynamic-playlist as a real m3u..
01:13:30hardeepright, but that's when a user requests a save
01:14:14ricIIno thats only writing out what we have build sofar..
01:16:00hardeepI think we're getting close to the point of over-design...
01:16:12hardeepthe stuff you've come up with sounds reasonable and handles most, if not all, cases
01:16:14ricIIid3 db springs to mind..
01:16:56hardeepid3 db is something different... zagor and co. have said numerous times that they don't want to do that on the player
01:17:14hardeepit's something that makese more sense to be done on the cimputer
01:17:20hardeeper computer
01:18:04ricIIbuilding the thing but using it, sound close to the big fixed width insertfile not...
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01:20:58ricIIor did they intend it only for 'creation of playlists' on the pc?
01:22:07Zagorno, i want iPod-style navigation
01:22:18Zagorand searching
01:22:19ricIIanyway this thing could be out-of-date & I don't want a ipod...
01:22:45ricIIit would become a must for playing song..
01:23:07hardeepwe already get the id3 info when playing a song
01:23:28Zagorthe db does not change playing a file, only finding it
01:25:35hardeephmmm... potentially, we could use the db info when playing a song...
01:25:36ricIIyes it A nice navigation help, nothing more..
01:25:50hardeepinstead of parsing the file
01:26:01ricIIwe souldn't depend on it..
01:26:37Zagorhardeep: we could, but i don't think it's a very good idea. the db could be out of date etc. the file always contains the truth
01:26:58Zagorand it takes no effort reading it
01:27:04hardeepZagor: true... but the db could have potentially more info than what we retrieve
01:27:16Zagorah, right
01:27:48ricIIhence depend..
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01:29:40hardeepheya mecraw
01:31:47ricIIthe framentation issue realy got me scared, besides I don't like moving the problem to the fs code
01:34:05hardeepricII: do you have something else that is as flexible as the multiple files though?
01:35:21hardeepthe idea of reusing files wasn't a bad one... that would help with the fragmentation
01:36:08ricIIuse a large insertfile (poor mans vm) and move around indexes
01:37:07hardeephow well would it handle multiple insertions
01:37:23hardeepesp. insertions at different points such as after current song vs. end of file
01:37:24ricIImove all indexes agian...
01:37:55hardeepi also don't like the idea of creating a large file on the player.... what if i don't have the space etc.
01:38:14hardeepunless you're talking about a growing file...
01:39:36ricIIis just a disk stored buffer in this case
01:40:17hardeepa fixed size buffer though right? and you wanted it to be ~ 2.5M ?
01:40:22ricIIonly downside: we need to store the entiry indices array for resume
01:40:30ricIIno need for fixbuffer..
01:40:46hardeepthe indices array doesn't need to be stored.... insert comments in the buffer
01:40:54hardeepand read those on resume
01:41:36ricIIwould require to process entiry buffer before playback (letme think a little)
01:41:51hardeepwe do that anyways for playlists
01:42:08hardeepit's very fast
01:45:03ricIIso our (insert) bufferfile also contains patches on the indices, hmmmm
01:45:26hardeepi still think we should try the multi file solution first.... it's the simplest. we can also quantify the fragmentation and see if it's really an issue
01:45:50hardeepif it turns out it's not good... move to the large index file
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01:47:29ricIIthe file souldn't need to be bigger that whats actuly used. I boils downto a m3u with patch instructions for indices
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01:48:15hardeepthink if a case where you insert a file, then append, then insert, then append, etc.
01:48:41hardeepeither you would have to copy the insertion file... or store a bunch of indices in ram
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01:48:50ricIIwe would be moving max 40k memory around and write some filenames
01:49:38ricIIthe moving we be 'commented' in the insert file for replay on resume..
01:50:54hardeepheh, anyways, i have to go. We've probably discussed this enough now... looking forward to the implementation. :)
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05:42:21Jet8810I have an archos again!
05:42:25Jet8810now to load it back up...
05:58:51Jet8810anybody alive
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07:53:17Kshainanyone here heard of/seen any new cases for players or w/e?
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12:35:35eastlakepigsjust for the log, im seepin, it's goku (never heard of me? im a new regular)
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13:11:15Goku_4658i thought i was the only one up at this hour!!!
13:11:42TotMacher[13:11] <Goku_4658> i t
13:11:45TotMacherits not late
13:12:23Goku_4658hmm, daybreak here, gots to go in 15 mins
13:16:31Goku_4658hmm, no chat.. I guess i can call it a night (or morning..)
13:16:45*Goku_4658 is away, See yall in the noon, peace, (log\off pager\on)
13:17:23Indioi have on my jukebox many groups inside i put in different portfolios all albums, can i select the group and i listen all portfolios to the same time?
13:18:59*Goku_4658 is back after 2m 14s
13:19:10Goku_4658ok, do you mean folders?
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13:19:54Goku_4658you have the albums sorted in folders.. ok. you want to know if you can listen to them all at the same time?
13:20:16Indioyes, it is
13:21:15Goku_4658in my knowledge, and i have a copy of the rockbox from christmas day.. Hook it up to your computer and make a playlist with all of the folders included..
13:21:27Goku_4658i may be outdated though
13:22:33Indiothank you
13:22:48Goku_4658ur welcome.
13:23:08*Goku_4658 is away, Daybreak means i gotta flee, noon is when you can catch me!, (log\off pager\off)
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19:51:50mikedoes anyone know if rockbox works with the color archos player?
19:55:13ricIImike: that's the MultiMedia player, a complete differnt device
20:00:30mikeok, thanks
20:00:53mikehave you seen both of them −− is the multimedia device any smaller?
20:01:11mikethats why I was looking at it
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21:04:05KshainIve got a feature request
21:06:50Kshainif anyoen wants to listen heh.
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21:30:28ricIImy C is rusty, but slowly getting there..
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21:38:59hardeepuse D instead of C !!
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21:39:44ricIIB would help ;)
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22:35:21ricIIgrr, rockboxui is fooling me, on the archos the 'new' queuing works...
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22:38:59ricIIdirplay & insert are also working, now I have to work on resume
22:40:45ricIIhardeep: I don't even have to truncate the file :)
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