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#rockbox log for 2003-01-14

00:00:10Hadakarenice +10 `pidof analog`
00:01:28matslhappy hacking with nice! cu
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00:04:21ricIIhardeep: won't be able to work on it this week, but you can have a peek
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00:15:34CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]keh v o
00:15:36CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]as manha
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00:15:52CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr][imagine] hello
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00:21:13hardeepricII: did you see my comments earlier?
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02:39:44matchmoschushello. one question.
02:40:19matchmoschushaw to install the firmware after downloading the package (rockbox-1.4)
02:40:43matchmoschussomeone there?
02:43:14hardeepmatchmoschus: the rockbox1.4 package comes as a zip file iirc
02:43:28hardeepmarchmoschus: just unzip into the root folder of your device
02:43:45ricIIhardeep: yes did see y'r comments (can't sleep)
02:43:56hardeepricII: heh, yeah, i saw your changes
02:44:17ricIIno resume or shuffle code yet but?
02:44:21hardeepricII: couple things: it looks like you let the file grow forever
02:44:51ricIIit maxes on currently 10000*(maxpath+5)
02:45:08matchmoschusthanx hardeep
02:45:09ricIIthey are no more indices ..
02:45:28hardeepright, but that's still a fairly large file
02:45:29matchmoschusi have done it but nothing happens
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02:45:44hardeepmarchmoschus: what do you mean? did you restart your device?
02:45:57ricIIyes, but only when user realy needed that much space..
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02:46:03hardeepricII: if a user only has 1mb left... i still think they should be able to insert
02:46:17ricIIyes they are..
02:46:18matchmoschusnow i have a folder called "rockbox"
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02:46:28hardeepricII: (from personal experience) i filled my 6gb player really quickly
02:46:34matchmoschusis this ok?
02:46:40hardeepmatchmoschus: hmmmm, that doesn't sound right
02:46:54matchmoschuswhich file is needed?
02:47:00hardeepmatchmoschus: you have should have a folder called ".rockbox" on the root folder of your device
02:47:18hardeepand there should be a archos.mod file sitting on the root
02:47:28matchmoschusrockbox or rockbox-1.4
02:47:37matchmoschusarschos.mod is there
02:47:37ricIIonly the number of modifications to the playlist is limited by the hd space availble..
02:48:11matchmoschushardeep:should i rename it
02:48:31hardeepricII: not quite... since you don't loop back
02:48:32ricIIeg. with a 100% full hd you can't dirplay..
02:48:53hardeepmatchmoschus: one sec, i need to look at the zip file
02:48:56Jet8810hey guys
02:49:22Jet8810did anybody else have a problem wehre in one of the latest builds you could not display ANY id3 info
02:49:29Jet8810so when playing a song screen basically blank
02:49:46hardeepmatchmoschus: do you have a recorder or player?
02:49:51ricIIhardeeo: when it's started from scrath it re-uses the space in the file..
02:50:21hardeepmatchmoschus: there are two versions for v1.4... did you download the correct version for your player?
02:51:10matchmoschushardeep: dont know
02:51:19matchmoschusdownload it from here
02:51:20hardeepmatchmoschus: what player do you have?
02:51:33matchmoschusstudio 20
02:51:46hardeepricII: right.... however, the examples i'm thinking of are queuing and deletion
02:51:53hardeepricII: if I delete a file, i'd like to insert a new file
02:52:02hardeepricII: once a queued song is done, i'd like to queue a new file
02:52:26hardeepricII: of course, i could be missing something in the code... didn't look at it super closely
02:52:35Jet8810just wondering, do all features enter studio and recorder models at same time in daily builds?
02:52:37ricIIall posible, but agreed the patchfile could become large
02:52:41Jet8810why different versions anyway?
02:52:56hardeepJet8810: different lcd versions... they were combined post 1.4
02:53:05ricIIdelete isn't implemented yet..
02:53:09hardeepmatchmoschus: do you know what version of ROM firmware you have
02:53:17hardeepricII: nod, just using it as an example
02:53:34hardeepricII: one other thing... they way you shift the playlist indices is going to make resume difficult
02:53:41matchmoschushardeep: thanx very much. it was my mistake. i downloaded the sourcecode. gonna try it again
02:53:50hardeepricII: unless you're thinking of saving the entire index array
02:54:07ricIInot when I replay all modification on the suffle list..
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02:54:31Jet8810is deep discharge better for unit?
02:54:31hardeepmatchmoschus: okay, cool...
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02:54:42jonythis is kind of offtopic but
02:54:44ricIIJet8810 seldom..
02:55:18hardeepricII: nm, didn't notice that you save the index in the file
02:55:22ricIIit's only nessery when y'r batteries are charged often from halffull
02:55:38Jet8810I want to buy that $40 archos kit and then 4 2100 mah batts :)
02:55:54Jet8810600 mah boost in each battery should give me HUGE battery life gains!
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02:56:11jonywhen i single click my mouse seems to double click (rh8.0 gnome usb wheel mouse)
02:56:39hardeepjony: that's usually configurable via the gnome configuration applet
02:57:35ricIIbut also playlist_next() doesn't seems to be the place to 'delete' a queued song from the indices, it would also be nice to display an icon when we are playing a queued song..
02:58:02hardeepricII: why isn't playlist_next the right place?
02:58:41ricIIis isn't it called by mpeg-filler-thread to find the next song to buffer ?
02:58:42hardeepricII: i agree on the icon... we can also display something in the browser to identify a queued track (maybe a number indicating queue position like winamp does)
02:58:43Jet8810seems kind of slobby
02:58:51hardeepricII: no, that's playlist_peek()
02:59:06Jet8810do you ever plan to integrate shuffle into playlists?
02:59:08hardeepricII: playlist_next() is called by the mpeg thread once it finishes playing a track
02:59:11Jet8810if you do, playlist next wont work
02:59:12ricIIok I trust you
02:59:38hardeepricII: heh :)
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02:59:54ricIIdon't known winamp (no $m stuff around..)
03:00:26hardeepricII: winamp lets you queue songs and displays a number next to each queued track identifying its queue position
03:00:36hardeepricII: i kinda like that.... for browsing that is
03:01:16hardeepJet8810: shuffle into playlists? we already do that
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03:02:06Jet8810no, into queue lists
03:02:10Jet8810my mistake :)
03:02:20Jet8810do you plan to integrate shuffle into queue lists
03:02:20ricIII tested the code on the real thing ... aleast it doesn't crash it, but peek() is a verry wrong place to do things...
03:02:35hardeepJet8810: oh, not queued shuffle, but ricII is adding shuffled insertion
03:02:55hardeepricII: peek should only be used to retrieve the requested trackname
03:03:05Jet8810what is the difference?
03:03:14ricIII found out the hardway :)
03:03:16hardeepJet8810: queued tracks are removed once they're finished
03:03:29hardeepJet8810: sort of an auto-delete
03:03:50hardeepJet8810: insertions are remembered, for playlist editing, repeat, etc.
03:03:59ricIII'm making dynamic playlist which could be saved (optionaly)
03:04:06Jet8810very good
03:04:16Jet8810hmm...what is a cheap onlien store to buy AA batts?
03:07:39ricIIhardeep: I just don't truncate the file to minimize fragmentation..
03:07:58hardeepricII: yeah, makes sense
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03:09:35ricIIif the user realy gonna make 1000k modification, well he asked for it...
03:10:06hardeepricII: over the span of a playlist it's very possible... esp. with queuing
03:10:55ricIIwell there is a max.. maxint...
03:11:10ricIIand I check for it..
03:12:52ricIIif (playlist.patchfile_endpos+i>0x7fffffff) { close(fd); return -1;}/* no room in patchfile */
03:13:36ricIIsomehow the version I put on the web was a little outdated..
03:13:53hardeepricII: yeah, that check is there
03:15:00ricIIcould be easy limited to a more senseble value...
03:15:17hardeepricII: the file size is so large that it probably won't metter... but i like the idea of reusing portions of the buffer once a queued song is finished or an insertion is removed
03:15:34hardeepricII: er reusing once we're out of space
03:16:13ricIIthat would require a rewrite of the patchfile (costly but do able)
03:16:44hardeepricII: yeah... it's probably not worth it... 2.5M is an awfully large amount of text. :)
03:18:29ricIIwell I phave to get up in say 5h, glad I could talk to you :=)
03:19:04hardeepricII: heh, g'night. the changes look good :)
03:19:58ricIIthx, it not finished but you get the idea..
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08:59:18hardeepmorning Bagder!
08:59:25hardeepthat was an amusing bug report, hehe
08:59:32Bagderindeed :-)
09:00:29hardeepBagder: do you know of a way of getting cvs diff to also add newly created files in the diff?
09:01:08 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:01:13Bagderaren't they included if you cvs add them first?
09:01:23 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:01:26Bagderthat's the only way, I think
09:01:31hardeepheya Zagor
09:01:44hardeepBagder: yeah, that works... i was trying to avoid the add... i don't have a server setup
09:01:54Bagderor else you do them using plain diff -N
09:02:08Bagderas in normal diff without cvs ;-)
09:02:21hardeepBagder: yeah, methinks that's what i'll do... thanks
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09:24:08hardeepBagder: when you have a chance, could you try repeat one mode with a queued file... it works fine for me (re: yahoo post)
09:25:05hardeepor anyone else who has a spare sec. :)
09:47:43Zagorhardeep: i think maybe your status fix broke the graphic volume display. i only get numeric, whatever I set it to.
09:48:10hardeepZagor: on the player?
09:48:22Zagorno, recorder. was your change on for player?
09:48:40hardeepZagor: yeah
09:48:55Zagoroh, i have to find someone else to blame then ;)
09:49:08CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 7 seconds at the last flood
09:49:08*Bagder volounteers to take the blame
09:49:23Zagorfix your bug, bagder
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09:49:29hardeephmmm, my recorder is showing the graphic display for volume... latest daily
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10:05:28hardeepheya ricII
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10:36:11blametakerclues are rare these days
10:36:17 Nick blametaker is now known as Bagder (
10:39:07BagderI had a talk with Linus, and I think we might have an idea on how to reduce some of all the feature request duplicates
10:39:36ZagorBagder: I'm listening
10:39:38Bagderlet's publish the 10 or 12 most frequently requested not-possible feature requests
10:39:45Bagderpossibly first on the FR page
10:39:52Zagorcould work
10:39:57Zagorworth a try
10:41:00BagderI made a quick list and came up with 11 contenders
10:41:40hardeepHave them blink in bright fluorescent orange
10:41:49hardeeppeople have to notice them then
10:42:11Bagdernah, that'll blind them and then they can't read them ;-)
10:51:52ricII|workhi hardeep, running around abit at work
11:02:10 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
11:04:40dwihnoI've been watching you, a la la la la long long li long long long!
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11:15:12ricII|workon popular request: (taped archos)
11:15:57Zagoryou don't change batteries often, do you? ;)
11:16:11ricII|work:) no..
11:16:22dwihnofunky stuff :-)
11:23:47ricII|workafk for a while
11:46:56 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:49:06quelsarukBagder: resume should only work if you turn off your jukebox while playing a song.... so if you stop playing, wait 1 minute and power off, when you turn on your jukebox, you sould go directly to the root dir. Or not?
11:49:29Bagdernope, it resumes aggressively these days
11:49:38quelsaruki know
11:50:52quelsarukjust wanted to know if that was a bug :)
11:51:18Bagderpeople often accidentally first press stop and then shut off, and they still want to resume
11:51:24Bagderthat's why it works like this
11:52:11quelsarukhow much must i wait until it doesn't resume?
11:52:29quelsarukor may i say "ask" in resume config?
11:52:41Bagderthat's your choice ;-)
11:53:10quelsaruki loved the other way of working
11:53:42Bagderwith bookmarks around, we might change the current behavior
11:55:33quelsarukoki doki
11:55:52 Join matsl [0] (
11:56:06quelsaruki haven't had breakfast yet!!!
11:56:11quelsarukjust 12:00
11:56:31quelsarukok, i have breakfast a bit late.. but have lunch at 12:00....
11:56:41quelsaruki will never live in sweden :)
11:56:42quelsarukfor sure
12:00:15matslZagor: bidir scroll for player with menu checked in.
12:01:11Zagormatsl: nice
12:04:51matslZagor: What do you think about an allways-on option for the bidirscrolling?
12:05:18matsl...for us bidir freaks.
12:05:28Zagorjust set the limit to 1000% instead
12:06:26matsltwo problem. it is just one byte and "always" is a better word
12:08:03Zagoryes, but I think very very few people really want always
12:13:30matslZagor: OK. We'll leave it for now anyway.
12:20:48 Join Zagor_ [242] (
12:21:26>>>"kick zagor" by Zagor_ (
12:21:35>>>"pass" used by Zagor_ ( [snoop prevented]
12:21:38>>>"kick zagor" by Zagor_ (
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13:10:36dwihnoZagor: If I was to upgrade my archos with a bigger disk, what would you recommend?
13:10:56Zagori'm very happy with my toshiba MK4018
13:14:16dwihnoWhere do I find such disks?
13:14:20dwihnoAnd how big is it?
13:16:17Zagorit's 40gig
13:16:38dwihnoWell, it's still a quite comfortable upgrade. :-)
13:16:47dwihnoCan you ask your hw supplier to get me one? :)
13:17:02Zagoryou wish :-)
13:17:16dwihno*wish very much* ;-)
13:18:49 Quit EGM92 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:19:24Zagorget any drive, they are mostly the same all of them.
13:19:36Zagorjust avoid the fancy 5400rpm and such
13:48:44*Bagder is about to release a new curl package
13:53:10quelsaruksounds good
13:53:36Bagderthere's always a but
13:53:44quelsarukdo you have spare time after rockbox??
13:54:08quelsarukthat's my big but
13:54:27Bagderactually, its the other way around for me, I spend more time on curl than on rockbox
13:56:15quelsarukwell, i have no much spare time, so i can't spend it in rockbox or other similar project :)
13:59:12Bagdernights are loooong ;-)
14:01:02quelsarukbut i love sleeping
14:07:42Bagdersleeping is for old people ;-)
14:08:16dwihnoHITACHI 40GB 2.5# 9.5MM IDE ULTRA ATA/100
14:08:19dwihnoIs that good or bad?
14:08:25dwihno4200 RPM
14:08:27dwihno2 meg cache
14:08:40Zagorlooks good
14:09:10quelsaruki think i have a hitachi.. and it works fine :)
14:11:58dwihnoI am also considering buying an external case for the left over disk
14:12:02dwihnowill that rock?
14:13:28quelsarukhee in spain that is quite expensive.. . but i thought that too.
14:20:36dwihnoI read something about it on the list, and it seemed cool enough. It was able to power itself by the USB cable.
14:21:51quelsarukit's a small sized portable hd :)
14:22:45dwihnoI want one of those for the leftover 20 gig disk
14:23:32dwihnoWas it expensive?
14:25:14quelsarukin spain and for me, it was expensive
14:27:40quelsaruklunch time
14:28:17quelsarukdwihno: if you find something for the HD, please tell me :)
14:28:41 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:28:47bobTHChi zll!
14:29:25 Quit Bagder ("")
14:30:52dwihnoquelsaruk: How about using the hardware specified in the mailing list? Ther emust be someone who can do an international shipment.
14:31:55quelsarukdwihno: i can't remember that hardware :) i must re-read those mails :)
14:33:09 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
14:33:58matslZagor: kjer and I are looking at the cancel-ok thing in the menues. We are not certain how to handle the sleeptimer. Suggestions are welcome.
14:34:22Zagorsleep(HZ/2) == 0.5s
14:35:17Zagori don't understand what you mean with "handle the sleeptimer"
14:36:22matslthere is a menu for setting the sleeptimer.
14:37:59Zagorwell, you need to do as in all other places: change a temp variable instead of the real value, and only set the real var/function on PLAY
14:39:10matslYes. we will implement cancel-ok just as for the other setting although the sleeptimer is a little bit different. I guess we will get feedback from the users ;-)
14:41:01Zagorlet LEFT and PLAY both be OK on recorder
14:41:15Zagoronly OFF as cancel
14:42:51dwihnoAWW! I can't find the entry with the external USB2 case! :-(
14:46:41dwihnoZagor: Show me some MUTT skills ;-)
14:46:57matslZagor: OK. kjer is doing it now. checkin soon.
14:48:02dwihno1294:- (exkl) for a 40 gb disk
14:48:06dwihnoquite a nice price indeed
14:49:53Zagorlooks very good
14:50:55dwihnoThen I only need to buy Linus a kebab to make him do the swap ;)
14:51:12dwihnokebab = ultimate bribe
14:54:35dwihnoNo need for AC adapters(?)
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15:31:31Zagorwoo. karaoke request
15:35:52 Join kargatron [0] (
15:42:09matsldwihno: you talk a lot about kebab. You should be careful!
15:43:35dwihnomatsl: I can't help it! It's an addiction I have to cope with :-/
15:44:12matsldwihno: I once talked like you about "korngryn". My friends punished me!
15:45:00dwihnomatsl: how? by buying you unhealthy amounts of beer? :)
15:45:59matsldwihno: On my birthday the bought me 27Kg of it. (It was all they could get hold of.)
15:46:30matsldwihno: It stopped me from talking (and eating) it.
15:47:41dwihnoHahahaha :-)
15:47:52dwihnoNow that's humour! :-D
15:47:55dwihnoBack at cha'
15:48:25matsldwihno: Who know what you'll be getting ;-)
15:50:50dwihnoKebab? :D YEAH!
15:51:09dwihnoLinus and I share the interest in kebab :-)
15:52:16matsldwihno: 27Kg of kebab sound more fun than "korngryn" but I'm sure your friends will come up with something funnier.
15:55:08dwihnosuch as? kattle? :)
15:55:45dwihno16500 is the final price tag on my new computer
15:56:19ZagorJason Tye is a strange animal
15:58:41dwihnoJason Who?
16:03:01kargatronhe seems to simultaneously read and ignore the faq, iirc his feature request comments. :)
16:04:10Schnueffauto-voice-transcriber :)
16:04:38 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
16:04:52 Part CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr]
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16:31:10 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:32:14 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:34:55langhaarrockerI have a _corrupt_ mp3 file in the way that it's VBR with no header or a broken header -> rockbox displays it had 32 kBit.
16:34:55langhaarrockerWhile listening to this file it replayed parts of it while accessing the disk. Is this normal due to dynamically determined low water marks?
16:40:29quelsaruki dunno
16:41:34langhaarrockerIs the bitrate considered when making up the low water mark?
16:42:39 Join kargatron [0] (
16:42:40 Nick edx is now known as edx`afk (
16:42:41quelsarukzagor.... need wanted!!!
16:43:25langhaarrockerI don't want any needs :)
16:44:11Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes it is
16:44:37Zagorif the bitrate is wrong, the buffer may wrap and thus replay some data
16:44:45langhaarrockerThat explains the behaviour.
16:45:51langhaarrockerbug report: I have a broken mp3 file. Please correct rockbox so that it guesses what my file should have looked like.
16:51:28langhaarrockerBtw: is this idea about loadable "rocks" (==modules) still pending? Is there anything I could take care of to make new code so that it can be converted into a "rock" easily one day?
16:52:15Zagornot while still being able to compile today
16:52:27Zagorthe idea is still alive, just postponed post-2.0
16:53:38matslZagor: Do you set a c-mode style in your .emacs or just use rockbox-mode.el?
16:53:53Zagori have a rockbox-mode too
16:54:27matslI saw that kjer had problem with emacs and cc-mode since it default to GNU-style.
16:55:02Hadaka'c-set-style' is your friend (or rockbox-mode)
16:55:44matslI wanted to add '(c-set-style "ellemtel")' to rockbox-mode.el but want to find someone to test it first.
16:57:15Hadakahmmh, is the indent offset in rockbox code really 3?
16:57:36matslNo it is four.
16:57:58 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
16:57:59Hadakathought so - so why don't you make your own style there then?
16:58:46matslwe have firmware/rockbox-mode.el but it just sets a few variables. It isn't a complete style.
16:59:26matslI just wanted to patch that by setting ellemtel-style first before the rockbox adjustments.
16:59:51Hadakawell, you should do (c-add-style "rockbox" '("ellemtel" (c-basic-offset . 3))) etc.
16:59:56Hadakaand then c-set-style "rockbox"
17:00:45Hadakayou can do that in rockbox-mode.el - manipulating the stuff by hand is ugly
17:01:04 Join Bagder [241] (
17:01:44matslHadaka: you don't understand. I want to change rockbox-mode.el so that a novice user will get the right settings.
17:02:58 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:03:25elinenbequick bugs: keyboard should force the default font
17:03:37elinenberecording screen should force default (system) font
17:04:28Hadakamatsl: I wasn't referring to that - I was just saying that first doing c-set-style to some style and then hand manipulating some settings is ugly and should not be done, unless there's a very good reason
17:05:06Zagorwe seriously need to fix better uisim key handling
17:05:09Hadakamatsl: the problem of getting the correct settings for a novice user outright has several solutions, depending on how you wish to setup the rockbox-mode.el
17:05:46matslHadaka: Your right. rockbox-mode.el need to be fixed. If you have a suggestion how to do it . Shoot.
17:06:08Hadakamatsl: I did already - but I could work out a patch as well, if that's easier
17:06:34matslHadaka: It isn't checked in.
17:08:36Hadaka(c-add-style "rockbox" '("ellemtel" (c-basic-offset . 4)))
17:08:43Hadaka(c-set-style "rockbox")
17:09:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:09:54ZagorI also want (c-set-offset 'case-label '+) or whatever it's called
17:10:04Zagori have when switch and case are on the same level
17:10:05Hadakathat can go into rockbox-mode.el, and it will automatically select the "rockbox" style for the files
17:10:21matslOK. I thought you were refering to something with a bit more of bells and whissels.
17:10:28Hadaka(c-add-style "rockbox" '("ellemtel" (c-basic-offset . 4) (case-label . '+)))
17:14:24Bagdersourceforge adds a footer to a mailing list I subscribe, that triggers my spam filter! ;-/
17:19:08 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:19:52 Join hardeep [0] (
17:32:01 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:34:25 Part Zagor
17:41:38matslHadaka: Need advice about rockbox-mode.el
17:41:54Hadakamatsl: do tell
17:42:38 Part bobTHC
17:42:44matslIts use is overloaded IMHO. Both defining the style and sometimes loaded from local variables.
17:43:19matslFor cc-mode to work in all files we would like to se the c-mode-hook.
17:43:44matslBut the user, like me, might have his own definitions already.
17:44:18matslHadaka: Hard to explain. Do you see my problem?
17:45:14Hadakasomewhat, yes - there are several ways once can go with this
17:45:54matslHadaka: Maybe educate the user to load the rockbox-mode.el for the definition and set up his own c-mode-hook.
17:46:22Schnueffevery user should care for his own editor imho
17:46:35Schnueffif he has local settings, he knows how to merge them with rockbox-supplied settings
17:48:01Hadakamatsl: it's hard to get the novice user path working perfectly - since the only way you can "guarantee" loading of some file is the eval hooks in every file - and that's annoying to everyone else as they have to accept their execution then
17:49:03matslHadaka: Aggreed. Not all files have the local variable setting either. I think it should be removed.
17:49:23Hadakaone solution to the whole mess is to actually define 'rockbox-mode' as a real mode and then add '-*- rockbox -*-' to every file
17:49:39Hadakabut then the newbie must have rockbox-mode around to make it really work well
17:49:54Hadakaand that having it as a separate mode just for some settings is a bit ugly
17:50:18Hadakaso, how about this:
17:51:51Hadakarockbox-mode.el (should be named rockbox-dev.el or something though) just gives a few commands to use - adds the "rockbox" c-style, and adds perhaps a rockbox-common-settings command which sets indent-tabs-mode and c-set-style and so on - and then people can customize the auto-mode-alist to execute the thing for every file in the rockbox project?
17:53:25matslHadaka: Looks good.
17:54:07elinenbethere is a TON of flicker on the latest CVS when we are going through the menus and the directories
17:54:28elinenbemaybe it is just my build... I will download the bleeding edge build
17:55:23matslHadaka: We could as well move the file to the tools folder. (and maybe rename it at the same time.)
17:55:54Hadakayes, moving the file to the tools folder would be good
17:56:20matslelinenbe: Kjer and I tried to remove some flicker today.
17:56:42matslHadaka: OK. I'll see what I can do. Must go to a meeting now. cu
17:56:55Hadakabut in general there's a problem that it'd be nice if a file from the rockbox project would always be recognized as a file from the rockbox project and rockbox style would be used on it - and that can be done with eval blocks in all files, but a bit different eval blocks than right now
17:57:18Hadakamainly having (progn (require 'rockbox-dev) (rockbox-c-settings)) or something there
17:57:30matslHadaka: Agreed.
17:57:43 Nick matsl is now known as matsl_meeting (
17:57:52Schnueffcan't this be achieved without having the files modified?
17:58:35HadakaSchnueff: how to recognize the file from other .c files then?
17:59:20Schnueffin vim (with a plugin) i can put a local configuration file in the directory of the rockbox projects
17:59:33Hadakaohh, that's possible too
17:59:42Hadakajust write a little elisp to check for that
17:59:44Schnueffwhenever i open a file below the rockbox dir, vim looks for the conf and uses it
17:59:58BagderI'm glad they finally made that
18:00:05Schnueffthis avoid having editor-specific information in the source files
18:00:16BagderI go nuts about those darned vim instructions everywhere ;-)
18:00:17 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:00:20 Nick ricII|work is now known as ricII (
18:00:26Hadakayou said with a plugin? does that mean I have to install something else on top of vim to have this in it?
18:00:36*elinenbe is sad there is too much flicker on the latest recorder build!
18:00:38Schnueffin this case, yes
18:02:15Schnueff(plugin = a few lines of vim script code)
18:02:17Hadakadoes it look in all the parent directories of the file or just the topmost directory?
18:03:16Schnueffi think all, cf. the description in
18:03:41Schnueff(mbr brought u this :)
18:03:57Hadakascript:Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
18:04:11Schnueffhm i see
18:04:43Schnueffthe site usually worx
18:04:52Hadakanods, well I can look at it later
18:05:17SchnueffHadaka: u use both vim & emacs?
18:05:26elinenbedoes anyone know anything about the flicker on the latest build?
18:06:52BagderI'll have a look
18:07:03HadakaSchnueff: yes
18:07:35Schnueffi c
18:08:49Hadakaheh, now the whole site seems to be not answering
18:08:57Schnueffhehe u did it
18:09:08Schnueffhm i got a reload now
18:10:14Schnueffseems to work now
18:11:58Hadakayeah! now got it
18:13:03 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] ("isaddddddddddddaewrrfsegsfdgb")
18:13:46Bagderelinenbe: the flicker is when you scroll in the dir browser?
18:14:00elinenbeBagder: yes
18:14:10BagderI can see it in the sim
18:14:23elinenbeBagder: it looks really bad, but this is the first build I have put on in about 20 days
18:14:41Hadakahmm, no caching or everything, every file open will cause statting of all the paths below it for .lvimrc - and no safeguard against malicious ones
18:14:47Hadakathis will need a bit more thought for emacs
18:15:23elinenbeBagder: the entire directory flickers along with "title bar"
18:15:33Bagderyes I see that too
18:15:37BagderI'm on to it
18:30:18 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
18:34:13 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
18:34:29 Quit Bagder ("")
18:36:35 Join Bagder [241] (
18:53:58 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
18:54:37 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
19:05:39 Quit kargatron (
19:08:12Bagderelinenbe|out: try the latest code now
19:09:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:24:31 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:32:51ricIIBagder: did you have a peek on my new playlist code ?
19:33:27Bagderwhere is that?
19:33:44ricIInot finished yet but it give a idea..
19:35:08Bagderfirst comment: try follow the rockbox source code style
19:35:32ricIII will..
19:35:45Bagderthis is really hard to read
19:36:18ricIIit more condensed, giving me a better general view..
19:36:53ricIIbut when it returned it will be in rockbox style ofcourse
19:37:54ricIIit tries to implement dynamic playlists, queing, inserts, deletes...
19:38:33BagderI'll try to read it again when you've edited it
19:39:08ricIIremoval of a 'queued song' is now done on the wrong place..
19:40:42ricIII could try to explain in words, so I could get your opion
19:41:09BagderI'd prefer if you wrote it down in a mail and posted it
19:41:25BagderI'm about to leave any sec now
19:41:57ricIIok I already had some discusion with hardeep & zagor about it.
19:44:21ricIIprob is I'm to busy to work on it this week, expect something next week..
19:53:10Bagdersee ya
19:53:12 Quit Bagder ("")
19:56:07 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
19:57:22 Quit webmind (
20:22:46 Quit hardeep ("[BX] With a BitchX here and a BitchX there, here a BitchX there a BitchX everywhere a BitchX")
20:34:49 Quit y0m (
20:34:49 Quit MrSnazz (
20:34:49 Quit adi|work (
20:34:49NJoiny0m [0] (
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20:51:26 Join edx`tv [0] (
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21:21:49 Join Zagor [242] (
21:26:02quel|outtime to go home
21:27:31 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:28:43 Nick matsl_meeting is now known as matsl (
21:32:32 Quit edx ()
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21:41:42 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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22:19:30 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
22:38:11 Join duke_sam_vimes [0] (
22:38:17duke_sam_vimeshello all
22:49:29 Part duke_sam_vimes
23:00:23 Join slazZ|QoS [0] (
23:00:39 Nick slazZ|QoS is now known as slazZ (
23:00:47slazZhi seb!
23:01:25slazZdid anybody of you dl the new queue feature by Neo?
23:03:51ricIIno, where can I find it?
23:05:23slazZNeo said so in the funmp3player Forum
23:05:45slazZits the newest daily build
23:06:06slazZbut i have a problem with this great new feature
23:06:38slazZmy ajb said that the queue buffer is already full...
23:06:57ZagorslazZ: you need to creat a .rockbox dir in the root
23:07:16DBUGEnqueued KICK slazZ
23:07:16slazZThanX , hope it works
23:09:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:10:07slazZhow can i type the dot, so windows accepted it?
23:10:16Zagoropen a dos prompt
23:11:06slazZand then?
23:11:24MrSnazzmkdir X:\.rockbox
23:11:29MrSnazzwhere X is the drive letter of your archos
23:11:50slazZi only do´nt know the create command, thx
23:12:11ricIIhow is this differnt from the one in cvs ?
23:12:40Zagorit's the one
23:12:53Zagorjust a bit of confusion :-)
23:14:52ricIIpff (not doing my work... playing with rockbox instead :) )
23:15:17slazZyeah! great! it works!!! :-)
23:15:23hardeepwoo, work is far less important
23:15:43hardeepbtw, that star game that was posted is pretty good
23:15:49slazZThanX Zagor&MrSnazz
23:16:06slazZfor rockbox?
23:16:10hardeepsimple game, but addictive. :)
23:16:10 Join adi|work [0] (
23:16:35hardeepslazZ: yes
23:16:47slazZthanks a lot, have to go now - bye
23:17:01 Quit slazZ ("slazZ hat jetzt etwas anderes vor - Traurig, aber wahr")
23:17:04hardeepthe chip8 games, on the other hand, are not all that great
23:17:05ricIIgotto check that..
23:21:37 Join EGM92 [0] (
23:54:36 Quit edx ()
23:56:22 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
23:56:34elinenbethe flicker has been fixed by the smart Badger

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