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#rockbox log for 2003-01-15

00:00:01bmidyhi all
00:00:16bmidyis there some people working on the bookmark here
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00:30:39BoD[]I *still* have reboot problems
00:32:47EGM92i'M STILL HAVING LSOT OF PROBLEMS WITH the new daily builds, a lot of bugs too many to report, like the volume level suddenly drops from like 100% to 70%
00:33:13EGM92and like the hdd spins but it doesn't go anywhere jsut stays on an freezes
00:35:05EGM92like the sound changes from Stero to Mono
00:35:11BoD[]!! !
00:35:36EGM92I'LL BE LISTening to my beats and the it sc rews up
00:35:39EGM92I hate it!
00:35:46EGM92I think 1.4 is the msot stable version
00:36:37BoD[]i dont have problems with the biuld i use (one from 2 or 3 weeks ago)
00:36:46BoD[]except my unit randomly reboots;)
00:36:54BoD[]but i think it's an hardware problem
00:36:56EGM92lol same here!!
00:37:13EGM92playnig a song and bam jsut turns off i look at th screen and it says power off
00:37:27BoD[]for me, it never happens when the batteries are fully charged
00:38:19EGM92mine happens when pwoer is around 80%
00:39:11void_damn I hope I don't have that problem
00:39:18void_I had that with my old classic chd500
00:39:22void_thing was a piece of crap
00:39:26ZagorEGM92: rockbox never displays "power off"
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00:40:36BoD[]same here
00:40:48BoD[]it happens when estimated says 10 hours
00:40:59BoD[]then reboots and estimated says 7 hours :)
00:41:08Alucard_...where can i see the time?
00:41:24ZagorBoD[]: same what?
00:42:00BoD[]zagor : same symptom that egm92 says (around 80%)
00:42:12ZagorBoD[]: it says "power off" ?
00:42:17BoD[]nono :))
00:42:28BoD[]it randomly reboots
00:42:35BoD[]when i press a key...
00:42:42BoD[]i posted a desc in the list
00:42:47Zagorhave you fixed the battery springs?
00:42:56BoD[]i said I changed the batteries and the problem did not occur anymore
00:43:08BoD[]but I was too optimistic, as the problem DOES occur
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00:43:16Alucard_it's egm
00:43:16Alucard_something happened
00:43:16Alucard_yep i FIXED MY SPRINGS
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00:44:13BoD[]fixed ?
00:44:19BoD[]the springs ?
00:44:31EGM92it was th cause of my player not even turning out, then I moved thm too it to radio shack got it all fixed
00:45:05BoD[]i think i'll return my unit to archos
00:45:14BoD[]i bought it via their website
00:45:34EGM92haha, I want to get thier multi media player!! but im poor lol
00:45:45BoD[]well me i want an ipod :))
00:46:00BoD[]tried one this weekend for the first time
00:46:06BoD[]it's small
00:46:13BoD[]and pretty :)
00:46:33EGM92i hate Ipods!!
00:46:45BoD[]really ? why
00:46:50EGM92i got the drivers that allows it to work on Xp but it wouldn't work!!
00:47:15EGM92I paid like 900$CAD for a 100gb player, couldn't get a refund
00:47:32BoD[]you mean 10gb
00:48:01hardeepheh, $900CDN is rather obscene for an mp3 player
00:48:02EGM92oppps sorry I mean 60gb from Ebay
00:48:17BoD[]...or ??? :)
00:48:40BoD[]or nothing
00:48:54EGM92I got some stuff for my ibook, cd-rw drive
00:49:03EGM92with it
00:49:04BoD[]by the way it's %bt on your wps file
00:49:22BoD[](to see the estimated battery time left)
00:50:15BoD[]and now i go to bed
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00:50:31BoD[]see you
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01:30:05Zagorbed time
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03:16:56EGM92Hey anyone around?
03:22:41hardeepEGM92: yeah
03:23:07hardeepEGM92: but it's gonna have to be quick... just about to leave
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03:55:59Goku_4658n e 1 here?
03:58:02Goku_4658you a mod?
04:00:49Goku_4658i need some1 who knows the insides of these damn things, hardware
04:00:57ricIIjust got home (don't have work until 10h)
04:01:44ricIIyou meen the archos, I known basicly how it works..
04:01:58Goku_4658u know the hardware though
04:02:41Goku_4658my + button is not responding unless i smash it with my thumbnail.....
04:02:52Goku_4658its annoying me
04:02:57ricIIin short I say the risc come to life ('80) and lose....
04:03:54Goku_4658hmm, so i guess i'll need a sodier iron or such?
04:03:59ricIII have a lot of digital stuff here, still outpreforming intel/ppc
04:05:09ricIIand yes I recoverd 1 of my multia's form the heatdeath..
04:05:52ricIIsoldering smd stuff without proper tools
04:06:00Goku_4658hmm, that coulda helped when my pc fried (i built it)
04:06:21Goku_4658damn athlons, the heatsync was rejecting the heat
04:07:45ricIIehh chips brake, will need replacement in the alpha case just a signalconverter 3v<=>5v (cmos<=>ttl)
04:09:46ricIIa 74abt623 in my case..
04:10:31ricIIsimple thing..
04:11:31ricIIbut i seen the basic schematic's of archos
04:12:22Goku_4658hmm. I don;t know if the chip is dead or what, but when i push it, it doesn't click unless i really smash it.
04:12:46Goku_4658i have to really push it hard to get it to register my button-push
04:13:31ricIIehh sounds like mechanical problem.
04:14:09Goku_4658the pad wiggles a bit too. Every other button works like a charm
04:14:41Goku_4658that damn + button is scraped to the ugly brown color, and i've only had it less than a month
04:14:54ricIIswitch probely damaged..
04:15:15Goku_4658it clicks, it just takes quite a bit of force
04:15:51Goku_4658Maybe io should just get the warranty-thingee done, i just dodn't want to hafta transfer everything again :(
04:15:55ricIIforce will only make things worse..
04:16:17Goku_4658damn usb 1.1.
04:17:28ricIImy rec20 can do 2.0 but my lap & other comp's can't
04:18:12elinenbericII: are you working on a playslist editor?
04:18:51ricIInot yet, checking queuing, implementing resume..
04:19:23Goku_4658thanks for the help. I'm gonna go and box this thing. Oh, i noticed the lcd on my studio 10 has a rec icon on the lcd... Just a bit of info.. I'm gunna go away now, peace yall.
04:19:34elinenbericII: what do you mean checking queueing?
04:19:51elinenbericII: resume is already implemented.
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04:19:58*Goku_4658 is away, Repackaging my jukebox for warranty replacement... Peace., (log\off pager\off)
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04:20:02ricIIelinenbe: new pl-code works completely differnt.
04:20:37 Nick Gokus_Away is now known as Goku_4658 (
04:20:37*Goku_4658 is back after 39s
04:20:38elinenbericII: what exactly have you canged?
04:20:48ricIInomore play from rsam
04:21:06elinenbericII: so, there will be unlimited directories.
04:21:30ricIIqueuing is an insert which gets deleted when it's played...
04:21:50elinenbericII: sounds nice.
04:22:00Goku_4658elinenbe, i hope you don't mind me setting up a URL forward to the site, i can never remember the address.
04:22:01elinenbericII: how far are you from completion?
04:22:28elinenbeGoku_4658: no problem, but Zagor and Bagder are in charge of the site.
04:22:29ricIIdon't have much time to work on it this week :(
04:23:00elinenberic: do you have anything thrat works at all?
04:23:10elinenbericII: from a user endpoint?
04:23:21Goku_4658ok, can you please notify them, i don't want to have them mad at me for not notifying them.
04:23:38elinenbeGoku_4658: I think they will check out the logs.
04:23:40ricIIwithout resume, queing & insert works now ..
04:23:45Goku_4658ok, thx
04:24:03*Goku_4658 is away, #Rockbox rox!, (log\off pager\off)
04:24:03 Nick Goku_4658 is now known as Gokus_Away (
04:24:21elinenbericII: what exactly are the benfits of the new code?
04:24:49ricIIbeen using my code for 4 days and my archos didn't crash :)
04:25:26ricIImuch less ram use, simplified, more posibilties.
04:25:29elinenbericII: well, my recorder does not crash either.
04:25:34elinenbericII: nice.
04:25:49elinenbericII: would I notice much of a difference from the current CVS?
04:26:18ricIIapart from playlist.c no..
04:27:09elinenbericII: could I check it out?
04:27:24ricIIwhat it does is making dynamic playlists (using a patchfile)
04:27:47elinenbericII: could you DCC it here? I would love to look at the code.
04:28:28ricIIelinenbe: there are is no interface to use the new functionalily...
04:28:42elinenbericII: ahhh. okay
04:29:30ricIIfirst I want to have the old stuff working.. lot of hools do to do new things
04:29:48elinenbericII: one thing that I would love to see is recursive directory playing.
04:30:15elinenbeset the mode to recursive, and shuffle and play a song in the root dir, and then you have full device shuffle
04:30:20ricIIit's part of the dynamic pl idea...
04:30:32elinenbesounds great
04:30:45elinenbeI look forward to seeing it.
04:31:03ricIIultamaly you create pl on the fly..
04:31:14elinenbericII: that sounds awesome.
04:31:26ricIIbeing able to save them, deleted songs etc.
04:31:36elinenbericII: add files, directory, or playlist, and be able to edit them on the fly.
04:32:21ricIIedit: well ehh save what you did..
04:32:44elinenbeit would be great to be able to cut/paste/crop/etc.
04:32:55ricIIan editor is a sepparate app
04:33:33PsycoXuli'd like to be able to select multiple files to add/remove
04:33:50ricIIbut insert after/before song playing, at the end, delete etc sould all be posible
04:34:09elinenbethat would be awesome... it could drop you into a "playlist editor"
04:34:09PsycoXullike the shift/ctrl+click type of selection in a GUI file browser sorta deal
04:34:30ricIImodifing what in 'ram' and be able to save it..
04:36:04ricIIthe interface is done mostly in tree.c..
04:36:56ricIIbut adding/queying dir's is on high on my list..
04:37:29elinenbericII: what about adding/queuing playlists?
04:37:58ricIIsame thing a dir is a list of files, just like a m3u...
04:39:12elinenbericII: stop wasting your time chatting. It will be nice to see this once you are done!
04:39:33ricIIwell it needs a lot of thinking..
04:39:58ricIIlike what is a user only want's to queue forever...
04:40:23 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
04:40:52ricIIyes, hardeep I see y'r prob,
04:41:02elinenbericII: hardeep did the current queue code.
04:41:05hardeepricII: ?
04:41:23ricIIelinenbe: I known
04:41:54hardeepricII: i was thinking of queueing playlists.... if we're appending playlists (the more common case i believe)... maybe we should just save the playlist name instead of all tracks in the playlist
04:42:16ricIIhardeep growing file, user which only uses the queue functionality...
04:42:19hardeepricII: and then just load the tracks once we reach the playlist
04:42:49hardeepricII: oh... heh. I never bothered dealing with it either.... but yeah, it could be a problem
04:43:17ricIItrue mods will still be posible due to the patching nature ..
04:43:43hardeepricII: we could compress the patch file once we reach the end...
04:43:54hardeepricII: maybe compress isn't the right word
04:44:21hardeepricII: move all the insertions to the beginning of the playlist
04:44:39hardeepricII: and then update the indices
04:44:50ricIII like to call it rewrite (because of it seqencesial nature..)
04:45:08hardeepricII: works for me. :)
04:46:00hardeepricII: it could be a little expensive though... considering we're dealing with a ~2.5M file by that time
04:46:15ricIIyeah, but e
04:46:28ricIIwe could put the limit lower..
04:46:57hardeepricII: right... we just need to allow a reasonable number of insertions
04:48:03ricIIwith fixed length record we could easly resuse queing positions...
04:48:19hardeepricII: oh, i thought you weren't doing fixed length
04:48:29hardeepricII: 'cause yeah, with fixed length it's pretty easy
04:48:30ricIInot conserdering resume here..
04:48:42hardeepricII: hmmm, resume, ick
04:49:12ricIIjust thinking outloud..
04:50:31ricIIbesides of my 'condensed format' the code start to look pretty clean (a least I think)
04:51:19hardeepricII: cool
04:52:30ricIIbut I have to deliver code end this month, and I'm stealing time for rockbox...
04:53:00hardeepricII: blah, rockbox is more important than work!! =)
04:53:14ricIIso feel free to do stuff with it..
04:53:45ricIIi feel it has potential..
04:54:13hardeepricII: if you think you're going to be swamped at work... maybe post it to the mailing list...
04:54:32hardeepricII: it definitely has potential :)
04:54:39elinenbericII: I couldn't agree more!
04:54:48ricIIresume is replay patches until current song..
04:55:41hardeepricII: btw, what are all the options we're going to have now? queue/insert track/playlist after current song, queue/insert track/playlist at end of playlist
04:56:03hardeepricII: delete track/playlist
04:56:12hardeepricII: hmmmm, anything else?
04:56:19ricIIsave ...
04:56:24hardeepricII: ah right
04:56:35hardeepjust thinking of the UI hehe
04:56:57ricIIit troubles me on the player :)
04:57:55hardeepricII: i guess we should decide on the most common requests and make them hot keys... everything else menu driven?
04:58:05ricIII just want to provide hooks which can be implement in tree.c later..
04:59:06ricIIthinking of 2 'play' key which can be configured in general settings orso..
04:59:28hardeepthat makes sense
05:00:32ricIIofcourse on the rec we have some kind of shift...
05:01:54hardeepah well, will be very cool once it's done.
05:01:55ricIIstandard binding would be like, queue/add recursive..
05:03:15ricIIbut thinking out the gui, needs a lot more attention...
05:03:58hardeeptime to get some food
05:04:14 Quit hardeep ("[BX] I came, I saw, I ran away screaming")
05:04:45ricIItime to sleep, otherwise I won't be able todo anything on work...
05:07:59EGM92Hey one question where the hell are all you guys from? Europe?
05:08:21elinenbeNew York, USA
05:09:31EGM92lol ok, but what about everyone else?
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05:20:24*Goku_4658 is away, gone for the night, see yall l8r, nite peepz, (log\off pager\off)
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09:04:07 Join Bagder [241] (
09:04:39langhaarrockerjust another ten minutes, please.
09:04:54dwihnoNo way! :-)
09:04:55Bagderok, I give you five ;-)
09:05:04*dwihno pours some ice cold water on the rocker
09:05:25*langhaarrocker shivers and falls out of bed
09:05:32langhaarrockerThat was no 5 minutes!!
09:05:41Bagder5 reaaaaaly fast ones
09:06:13*langhaarrocker throws a wet pillow at dwihno
09:07:51*dwihno dodges
09:07:53dwihnoHAHA! :-D
09:08:34langhaarrockerWatch out! I've still have got the wet blanket!
09:09:49dwihnoOh no! :-O
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09:16:08langhaarrockerwaking up from sleep mode draws energy.
09:16:08*langhaarrocker charges with breakfast (no trickle charge)</BODY></HTML>
09:17:28langhaarrocker:( coffe below low water mark!
09:20:54dwihnoyou're funn
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09:43:10Bagdermorning mats
09:43:51Bagderweirdly, I can use the sf cvs from two machines on Contactor, but from home it works fine
09:44:20matslssh hangs.
09:44:34Bagdercvs [update aborted]: connect to failed: Connection refused
09:45:01matslok. not the same problem as we saw yesterday.
09:45:26Bagderthis is also why there's no CVS activity on the site and no changes in the daily build of today
09:45:42matslAha. So it must be solved then!
09:46:02Bagderyeah, we want this solved
09:46:50matslStrange. I haven't got a clue what it can be.
09:47:50matslThe problem we saw yesterday was that ssh never terminated (i think) which made cvs to hang efter the operation.
09:50:14BagderI'll investigate
09:52:11matslBagder: I just did an update from linux3. Worked as a sharm.
09:53:28matslBagder: You'll investigate further. I have some things to do at home before I can concentrate on rockbox ;-)
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09:55:50 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:56:02 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:58:35langhaarrockerIs there some kind of software that can store info into the id3 tags from cddb? Maybe guessing which cd was ripped by investigating the song lengths?
09:58:54Bagderthere are
09:59:03Bagderbut I know no names
09:59:32Bagdermainly because I've heard people tell me about their windows progs, and I don't care much about names then
10:00:14langhaarrockerAlways those linux freaks! :)
10:01:12PsycoXuli know you can get the cddb id from the mp3's
10:01:26PsycoXulcause it's only calculated by the # of tracks and their lengths like you said
10:01:49PsycoXulas for windows software that'll do it.. no clue
10:01:58PsycoXuli think abcde could probably do it
10:02:21PsycoXulbut it's a perl script that depends on several commandline utils
10:02:28PsycoXulor no
10:02:33PsycoXulit's a bash script actualy
10:02:44langhaarrockerI have cygwin :)
10:02:54 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
10:03:05PsycoXulit's so unnecessarily convoluted, i was thinking it was perl :p
10:03:26 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:08:26 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
10:08:44Bagderanonymous updates don't work
10:08:50Bagdernormal ssh-based ones do
10:10:02 Quit hardeep (Client Quit)
10:18:57Zagorhehe, kpit (makers of GNUSH) has been working with Rockbox
10:19:05Zagor"We are pleased to inform you that our latest version has fixed the bug which
10:19:05Zagorcaused problems when compiling Rockbox!"
10:19:21*Bagder smiles
10:32:38dwihno:-) Haha
10:33:32Bagder"pserver-based access and ViewCVS currently offline"
10:33:50Zagorbtw, do you like the new viewcvs blimp on the web page?
10:33:56Zagori think it's cute
10:34:16Bagderit looks nice, but the amount of graphics on the left starts looking like a xmas tree ;-)
10:34:23Zagorhehe, yeah
10:34:49dwihnoROCKBOX ROCKS THE BOX! :)
10:35:20 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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12:45:34Zagormbrgll... "waiting for inoficio's lock in /cvsroot/rockbox/apps/recorder"
12:46:06Zagorfor 5 minutes now
12:46:25s0behmmmm, is it hard to build the cross compiler?
12:46:29Bagderthe beauty of cvs
12:46:31s0beI'mm feeling zesty
12:46:36Bagders0be: nope, its very easy
12:46:45s0bedoes it work with 3.2.1?
12:47:19s0beI'll be the test case. Is there a walkthrough on their site?
12:47:25Bagderyes.. hang on
12:47:51s0bealready there... had the site bookmarked
12:48:19s0beok, I'll see if 3.2.1 will build rockbox
12:50:44Zagorcan someone reach out and grab inoficio by something tender?
12:50:44ZagorI have code to commit, dammit
12:54:57s0beis it worth throwing in the GDB support?
12:55:11s0bedo _I_ need to be able to compile with debugging?
12:55:45Bagderno, no need for that
12:55:50dwihnoYou need to do a hardware mod anyhow to get that
12:56:08s0bewell, I'll note that for the future then
12:56:36Zagor15 minutes...
12:56:48dwihnoUntil ... ?
12:57:31s0bemore like since...
12:58:02s0beZagor: doens't have submit cvs permission right now
12:58:26dwihnoAnyone here good at mA, voltages and such?
12:58:41s0bedepends on what you're working with
12:58:50s0beDC and op amps type stuff I'm fine
12:58:54s0beAC I'm not so good with
13:00:41dwihnoThe thing I was curious about was the thread in the list regarding car adapters
13:00:55dwihnoconverting 12v to 9v (1000mA)
13:00:57s0beoh, I don't follow the list
13:01:10dwihnoand the 1000mA, what's that really? is it what is produced or the max load?
13:01:13*dwihno sucks at this
13:01:36s0be1000mA is 1A is just the amount of current (or load) that the circuit would draw
13:01:59s0beyou'd prolly want a voltage regulator desigfned to provide 1.5A at 9v
13:02:27 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:04:48dwihnothat means, the device attached will get 1A?
13:04:53s0bewants 1A
13:05:01s0beis designed to disipate/use 1A
13:05:44s0bemeans that at 9 volts the circuit has an impedence of 9ohms
13:06:16dwihnoSo that would be too much since the archos wants 600mA?
13:06:40s0beis there a link to the thread so I can read what they mean?
13:07:40s0bebecause, in general, a device will only pull as much as it wants. If a supply CAN supply 1A and it's hooked up to a device that only take 500mA, 500mA will be disipated as heat
13:07:40BagderI guess
13:09:25s0beare you the one asking that question or just curious on the topic?
13:10:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:53 Quit Bagder ("")
13:15:46 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:16:07quelsarukelinenbe: how is the gameboy emulator going? :)
13:16:39quelsaruki'm like a little child that wants a toy
13:18:59dwihnos0be: I'm just analphabetic on the entire voltage stuff :-) I was curious
13:19:41s0beok, you know V = I * R right?
13:21:43s0beR and V are generally set for a device. Most of the active components in the device require a certain voltage, and everything has a set resistance. Due to that equation, the circuit will draw a certain current
13:23:10s0beUsing another equation P = I^2 * R, you can figure out the power a circuit will need to dissipate. You can also use the first equation I stated to solve that for I^2/R, which form is useful depends on what you have
13:26:46s0bethat help at all?
13:26:49dwihnoa bit
13:27:07s0begood good
13:29:41s0bewhen building a cross compiler, is it fine to end on an error about the C compiler being unable to build executables?
13:30:19Schnueffend building the cross compiler with that error?
13:30:31s0beerror: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.
13:31:16Schnueffi mean, building the cross compiler worx fine, but compiling the programme with it doesnt?
13:31:42Schnueff'the programme' = some programme
13:31:44s0bewell, that was after I did make
13:32:09s0betrying to build the cross compiler
13:32:09Schnueffuh never mind
13:32:14Schnueffok that sounds bad
13:32:39s0beoh well, I was buing a guinea pig... I was attempting to build a gcc 3.2.1 sh1 compiler
13:34:29s0be(also, binutils 2.13 or whatever the latest is
13:42:12 Part Zagor
13:42:44 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:43:26 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:44:03quelsarukcan anyone get current cvs?? i can't and want to know if it's just me or everyone
13:44:35s0beZagor was talknig bout that erlier
13:44:54s0be<Zagor> mbrgll... "waiting for inoficio's lock in /cvsroot/rockbox/apps/recorder"
13:45:16s0bealthough I can't get into right now
13:47:24matslZagor: I (we) got a plan for rockbox-mode.el.
13:48:29 Join lhrocker [0] (
13:48:41 Nick lhrocker is now known as langhaarrocker (
13:49:01Zagormatsl: good
13:49:29matslZagor: Wanna know here or should I drop a mail to the list?
13:49:42Zagormail the list. i'm kind of busy right now.
13:51:56 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:19:24matslZagor, Hadaka, Schnueff: rockbox-mode.el suggestion is in the mail. Must go. bbl, cu
14:19:34quelsarukbye matsl
14:19:41 Quit matsl ("[x]chat")
14:27:55 Join lhrocker [0] (
14:29:18 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:29:31 Nick lhrocker is now known as langhaarrocker (
14:35:36Zagoris anyone else having their volume meter stuck on "numeric" no matter the setting?
14:35:54quelsaruknot me
14:36:04quelsaruklunch time
14:36:09 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:36:16 Part s0be ("Client exiting")
14:37:50langhaarrockerZagor: yes
14:38:02langhaarrockerZagor: erm: no
14:39:21langhaarrockerI can switch graphic <-> numeric display as usual
14:41:00ZagorI even reset the settings. still numeric. very strange.
14:41:29Zagorthere's an annoying delay when exiting settings now :-(
14:41:53langhaarrockerI just hope we both are talking about the recorder?
14:42:05Zagorwtf! sleep(HZ/2); i told him not to do that
14:42:33Zagorplayer can't show volume numerically, afaik :)
14:43:14langhaarrockerconcerning sleep: dwihno is good at making things wake up... :)
14:48:39Zagorahhh! "Per your request, the stale lock has been removed from your project CVS repository."
14:52:42elinenbewhat is a stale lock?
14:52:51elinenbeI HATE STALE LOCKS!
14:53:22elinenbewhile you are making stuff use system fonts.
14:53:28elinenbemake the recording screen use system fonts.
14:53:34elinenbewith large fonts it looks no good
14:54:25elinenbealso, can you make the navigation wrap around using the keyboard.
14:54:40elinenbeZagor: for some reason "u" on my keyboard is a "y"
14:55:34Zagormine too. strange :-)
14:57:09elinenbethe top row in the keyboard reads "A B C D E F G H" and it should read "E L I N E N B E"
14:58:22Zagorwrap works for me
14:58:38elinenbeokay... I just forgot if it was in there.
14:58:49elinenbeis the keyboard even used for anything currently?
14:58:55 Join lhrocker [0] (
14:59:04Zagori'm adding rename
14:59:20elinenbeZagor: what is the interface to that?
14:59:31elinenbeI think F3 could be great for "file management"
14:59:40elinenbef3 up = file rename
14:59:41ZagorON+PLAY for a file management quickscreen
14:59:48elinenbeoh −− ok
14:59:51elinenbethat is good too!
15:01:06Zagorqueue is moved to that screen too
15:01:29lhrockerI just wished I had more time at hand to complete the key binding stuff...
15:02:05elinenbeis queue necessairly "file managament"?
15:02:25Zagorcall it "file actions" the
15:05:58dwihno"File ninja stuff"!!!
15:06:21 Quit lhrocker (Success)
15:06:41*dwihno can't see any CVS updates! :~(
15:07:32elinenbeI think F1 should be a quick menu too.
15:07:38elinenbethe mute is well hidden
15:09:19Zagorso how we enter the menu?
15:09:38 Join lhrocker [0] (
15:09:38 Quit lhrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:10:03elinenbelike how we enter the F2 menu
15:10:06elinenbeor the F3 menu
15:10:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:11:33Zagorwe have no f2 f3 menu. those are screens.
15:11:42Zagorhow can we have both screen and menu on f1?
15:11:57elinenbenooo... I mean make F1 a screen like F2 or F3
15:12:03Zagori know
15:12:05elinenbenot a menu
15:12:05 Join lhrocker [0] (
15:12:11ZagorWELL WE HAVE A MENU
15:12:20Zagorwhich we enter with f1 today
15:12:33Zagormake f1 a screen and we can't enter the menu
15:12:40Zagor(sorry for screaming :)
15:13:53 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:13:58elinenbepress F1 for menu (as it is today)
15:14:18elinenbeand hold for quickscreen (as it is works for mute and keylock)
15:14:45Zagorok. yes that would work.
15:15:00elinenbeI think a quick press is better for quickscreens
15:15:06elinenbeand a hold is better for menu
15:15:15elinenbebut of course this will change the behavior everyone is used to.
15:22:12 Join lhrocker_ [0] (
15:22:29 Quit lhrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:22:30 Nick lhrocker_ is now known as lhrocker (
15:22:41 Nick lhrocker is now known as langhaarrocker (
15:23:19elinenbehi langhaarrocker
15:23:46 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:27:26 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:27:38 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:28:59 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:35:51 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:37:20 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:44:37 Join lhrocker [0] (
15:48:55 Quit lhrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:56:23 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:40elinenbeoooh! DELETE!
15:58:53elinenbeZagor: can you delete a directory?
15:59:15elinenbeZagor: what about a "move" −− how hard would that be to implement?
15:59:45Zagoruh, i think maybe you can. but the files in it won't be freed, so it's not a good idea :-)
16:00:01Zagormove is not so very hard. i just have to sit down and do it.
16:01:52dwihnoDelete? How cool
16:03:17 Join lhrocker_ [0] (
16:05:28 Join matsl [0] (
16:14:06Zagormatsl: can you try my latest changes and see if they are ok on the player? i've only tested in the simulator.
16:23:38 Quit lhrocker_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:53 Join edx [0] (
16:27:07dwihnoZagor: How much of a performace killer would a reverse display be?
16:27:33Schnueffwhole thing reversed is cheap
16:27:43Schnueffrecord lcd supports this by hardware
16:28:23dwihnoHow about just marking the current "selection" in the file browser??
16:28:38Schnueffhm dunno, but once it was too slow
16:29:01Schnueff(iirc especially when scrolling for a long distance)
16:29:06Schnueffscrolling down in dir
16:29:44dwihnothat could be arranged with some keyboard/screen timeout thing
16:30:28Schnueffjump scroll would be neat in such cases
16:30:59Schnueff(like the setting in xterm)
16:31:03dwihnoThere can't be such a huge performance difference.
16:32:12matslZagor: l8ter. I have the player @ home. What changes should I look for?
16:32:50dwihnoSchnueff: No way :-) It will be neato!
16:32:59dwihnoAnd we will save several pixels from the cursor too!
16:33:07Schnueffi'm looking forward to your benchmarks :)
16:33:37dwihnoI'll optimize the routines bigtime!
16:34:03Zagormatsl: I've added ON+PLAY in the browser, for queueing, deleting and renaming.
16:35:46matslZagor: One of my playlists was suddenly filled with only zeroes. Are there any reports of this type of error?
16:36:54Zagoruh? never heard of that, no
16:37:00Zagoron disk?
16:37:22elinenbeZagor: in the rename function. I think there should be a way to move back and forth.
16:37:50elinenbecurrently if I have a file that is 40 characters long, to get rid of the leading "00 - "
16:38:05elinenbeI have to erase the entire filename, and then rewrite the entire thing!
16:38:09Zagorelinenbe: me too. unfortunately, i couldn't find any buttons for it in the gui :-(
16:38:22matslZagor: jupp! Suddenly I wasn't able to use the playlist. I looked at it in emacs. Only nulls.
16:38:29Zagormatsl: very strange
16:38:50elinenbealso, when you queue songs now, it doe snot tell you how many are in the queue
16:38:58 Join lhrocker_ [0] (
16:38:59ricIII have to check the new gui structure, thinking off features like recusive queue, insert & delete from playlist
16:39:01 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
16:39:22elinenbeircII: recursive queue and playing is an incredible option.
16:39:42matslZagor: It could be when testing the queueing. It writes the queued songs to disk or something.
16:40:41Zagoryes. but it shouldn't bust your playlist :-)
16:41:06dwihnoNote to self: Don't test the newest builds ;-)
16:41:25elinenbeZagor: can you have the filename scroll in the delete file screen?
16:41:30ricIIno.. it only writes /.rockbox/.queuefile
16:42:09matslZagor: I'll try the queueing a lot more to see if I can get the error again.
16:42:13elinenbeZagor: I have figured out a way to move the cursor left/right
16:42:25elinenbeZagor: off should be cancel as it is in all menus
16:43:06elinenbeZagor: and the middle button (F2) should switch from move mode to write mode (or you hold down F2 and left/right) to move the cursot
16:44:02Zagorelinenbe: off is cancel. i doubled it on f2 so it would be visible for users. (cancel is a pretty important button). maybe that's not necessary.
16:44:29elinenbeI think it is understood that off is cancel, as it is cancel everywhere in Rockbox.
16:44:46Zagorfine by me. i think I can remember :-)
16:45:03 Part lhrocker_
16:46:20ricIIisn't also stop
16:46:33elinenbeZagor: otherwise it looks really nice. (except that it also allows you to delete folders)
16:46:59ZagorricII: stop is cancel on player, yes
16:47:21Zagoruh, no it's not :-)
16:47:52ricIIehh /-)
16:48:04Zagorstop is del on player
16:48:26ricIIok sounds logic.
16:48:38ricIIdel is a more powerfull stop...
16:49:25Zagorbagder had the idea of using "magic chars" in the pages for Done, Cancel and Backspace instead of using buttons.
16:50:30elinenbeI like my idea better.
16:50:38elinenbebut that would work too... as long as there is something.
16:50:53Zagorone problem is that player has no cancel today :-)
16:51:21elinenberockbox should stop supporting the player :)
16:52:01Zagorhehe. I fear the wrath of matsl :)
16:52:34*dwihno wants inverted selection! :)
16:52:36s0bewould it be possible to convert the line in to a serial port and make a keyboard work through it?
16:52:51Zagors0be: yes. we use it for remote gdb already
16:52:58matslelinenbe: What's the matter? ;-)
16:53:27s0beI knew that much, but how would you implement it in the rom? would it be hard to add code for it in there?
16:53:38Zagors0be: not really
16:53:49matslZagor: I haven't followed closely but stop is cancel in the menues. Could be frustrating to find that stop deletes when you wanted to cancel the thing. Not what you expected.
16:54:05s0beZagor: I've seen the remote mod and stuff like that. IN a few weeks I plan on doing the 8meg mod and adding a larger HD
16:54:20ricIIcvs down ?
16:54:44ZagorricII: yes, anonymous cvs is down. :-( sourceforge is working on it.
16:54:45s0becvs on sourceforge is down to non ssh access right now
16:55:00elinenbecvs works with ssh ere.
16:55:20Zagormatsl: i know. but there are no more keys on the player...
16:56:05 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:56:11matslZagor: be imaginative
16:56:55Zagoractually we could use more combo keys. the current keyboard uses no combos.
16:57:10matslZagor: If you could brief me on the problem, kjer and I could take a players view on it.
16:57:35Nibblerohm... st00pid newbies question, but im confused by some words on your homepage: does rockbox play mp3s with variable bitrate?
16:57:57*Nibbler goes and buys
16:57:57Zagormatsl: well just try to rename a file.
16:58:23Zagormatsl: you'll see how the keyboard works. MENU is the shift key. ON is for Done.
16:58:46Zagormatsl: propose ways to make it better
16:59:02matslok. I'll look at it before I'll chop it to pieces ;-)
17:01:45dwihnomatsl: make a backup of the file, just in case ;)
17:03:33matsldwihno: I'll rely on cvs for backup ;-)
17:04:25elinenbewhy has development on the ipod been so stagnent?
17:04:34elinenbeI would have thought someone would have hacked it by now.
17:04:51elinenbethe ipod has something like 30% of the mp3 player market here in the States
17:07:01ricIIgot my pub-key on sourceforge, but that probly wont be anough
17:07:07dwihnomatsl: Use CVS for your playlists ;) ?
17:08:00matsldwihno: ;)
17:08:22*dwihno wants inverted display <−−−−−−−−−−−− this −−−−−−−−-> much
17:08:34*dwihno wants inverted display <−−−−−−−−−−−− this −−−−−−−−-> much
17:09:26Zagorelinenbe: half of them are apple owners, and apple owners are *always* happy. every apple product is perfect and needs no enhancements.
17:10:16dwihnoapples are bad. they fill the hard disk with stupid dirs!
17:10:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:10:40dwihno"Please wait while 'rebuilding the desktop' −−- " ?
17:11:20dwihnoIt should say "Please wait while creating stupid subdirs in every directory"!
17:12:30elinenbedwihno: as soon as I see that I realize I have turned on the wrong computer and I shut it off.
17:13:08dwihnoelinenbe: you have a mac?
17:20:29matslZagor: Player simulator doesn't compile. BUTTON_OFF isn't defined.
17:25:11Zagorgotta go
17:25:12 Part Zagor
17:30:21 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:33:40 Quit Nibbler ("Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.")
17:44:20 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone0r (
17:59:42 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:00:04quelsarukhi and bye
18:00:10 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:19:36matsltime to go. cu
18:19:52 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:23:24 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
18:23:54hardeepmorning all
18:33:43mecrawcan you access cvs?
18:33:56hardeepmecraw: nope, appears to be down
18:34:28mecrawok, i was worried my company shut down the port again
18:39:41hardeepbizarre, only anonymous cvs is down
18:39:42 Quit Goku_4658 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:55:09 Join gumboots [0] (
19:56:00gumboots(first time here :) )
19:56:50gumbootsI've been trying to record using the daily builds. Should it be working from the digital input?
20:07:43 Nick gumboots is now known as gumboots_away (
20:09:37 Join adi|work [0] (
20:25:03 Quit ricII (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:28:16 Join edx`afk [0] (
20:29:19 Join slacker [0] (
20:29:30slackerhello all
20:30:47 Part slacker
20:32:43 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Silly faggot! mIRC is for kids!")
20:32:55 Join Hamanjam [0] (
20:36:12 Quit Hamanjam (Client Quit)
20:40:20 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:41:14 Nick edx`afk is now known as edx (
20:41:44 Nick gumboots_away is now known as gumboots (
20:50:00 Part gumboots
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21:19:15 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
21:19:15 Join quel|out [0] (
21:19:15 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
21:19:15 Join Hadaka [0] (
21:19:15 Join laotan [0] (
21:19:15 Join meshuga [0] (
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21:19:15 Join Schnueff [0] (
21:19:15 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:19:15 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
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21:19:15 Join seb-school [0] (
21:19:15 Join Hes [0] (
21:19:15 Join imagine [0] (
21:21:14 Join ludo [0] (
21:22:55quel|outcu tomorrow!
21:23:05 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:23:58ludoHello. I have a JBRFM and I want to start hacking it, to add support for rockbox.
21:25:06ludoI have a newbie question : once I have copied a new firmware on the disk (by USB), and after the JBRFM has successfully booted it, how can I go back to the original firmware (without disassembling the disk) ?
21:25:34mecrawdelete the firmware file
21:26:26ludoAnd, to delete the firmware file, I think I need to boot back to the old (ROM) firmware, if my pseudo-firmware doesn't take care of the USB connection. Or am I wrong ?
21:26:27mecrawit will boot from the firmware in ROM if there is no firmware file in the root directory
21:27:59mecrawyou should be able to use USB by turning the unit on with the USB already attached to a computer
21:28:52ludoOk, you mean that the USB will be served by the original firmware then ? That's great, thank you, Lee. I was afraid to start hacking without any way back...
21:29:30mecrawYep, good luck.
21:30:39ludoThanks. By the way, does anybody know of anyone already working on the JBR FM device ? I'll probably start working on it, but I don't want to duplicate any existing work.... From the FAQ / archive, it seems that no one has started though.
21:51:42 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:52:46 Join adi|work [0] (
21:55:08Hesludo: check the mail archives, rockbox has already once booted on the FM
21:55:43Hesdidn't work very much, needs work on display & battery handling to start with
21:56:17Hesbut it booted anyway, the firmware file encoding format is known enough to produce bootable rockbox images
21:57:56ludoHes: Oah, great, I haven't found this info in the ml yet. Any idea of the date ? I'll do my homework and find it then.
21:57:58ludoYes, I've just disassembled the firmware this afternoon, and it seems very, very close to what's on the website concerning the other models. Cool !
22:00:05 Join _WWu_ [0] (
22:00:31Hesstart from there
22:00:40Heshe got someone to test the image
22:01:27_WWu_hey guys... have a question... can anyone tell me a compatible charger for the jb6k? or do i only have to get it from
22:01:37ludoGreat ! Thank You, Heikki !
22:02:16Hes_WWu_: I wrote some documentation on that in the power FAQ at
22:02:37Hesdocumentation, Frequently Asked Questions about Batteries and Charging
22:03:47_WWu_cool... reading it now
22:08:49*_WWu_ is away - Automatically set away. - messages will be saved.
22:10:19_WWu_Hes: Very useful FAQ! Thanks...
22:12:54_WWu_Hes: do you know the size of the "plug" for the DC-IN? is it a standard size?
22:23:30 Join matsl [0] (
22:26:35 Join jony [0] (~jony@
22:27:12jonywhould thes: /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows vfat users,rwx 0 0
22:27:38jonybe a valid entry for fstab to get full acces to all users
22:41:29 Join ricII [0] (
22:54:03Hes_WWu_: it's a standard size, 2.5mm or something like that
22:54:17Hesum, not 2.5mm. probably something else.
22:54:29Hestake your device with you to the store.
22:57:32_WWu_ok, will do
22:57:47_WWu_thanks Hes
23:02:37 Join nazeman [0] (
23:02:55 Quit nazeman (Client Quit)
23:03:37 Join Zagor [242] (
23:04:38Zagorhi elinenbe
23:04:50elinenbeZagor: is there anyway to ahut off interrupts?
23:05:17Zagorwhy do you want to?
23:05:39elinenbeI am working on grayscale, but there is quite a bit of flicker on the middle shades
23:06:30elinenbeI used to program the ti-85 about 7 years ago, and if you shut off the interrupts, you would get much nicer grayscale.
23:07:01 Quit jony ("Aplicación Saliendo")
23:07:40hardeepZagor: any reason you removed the queue info display after a song is queued?
23:08:01elinenbeZagor: I liked seeing that too!
23:08:42PsycoXuli made my screen go funky (on my player) once and all/most of it filled in, but there were patterns that filled in darker than the rest... just thought that was kinda weird
23:11:17Zagorhardeep: i didn't think it was necessary since now you explicitly press a button labeled "Queue"
23:12:10hardeepZagor: true enough... it was more the number queued i liked seeing
23:12:27hardeepZagor: but i guess we will have to add a queue browser anyways.... just show the info in that
23:13:15Zagorah. yes, i'm not a big fan of delays in general. after the first time, info screens with delay are usually more annoying than helpful
23:13:55Zagorelinenbe: the trouble with shutting off interrupts is that much functionality goes too. such as button detection.
23:15:02Zagorbut you can test it by simply not calling kernel_init() in main.c
23:16:14elinenbeZagor: thanks.
23:17:16hardeepinteresting... bug 668524 is valid and resume is broken...
23:17:24Zagorit is?
23:17:32hardeepprobably something i added. :) i'll take a look
23:18:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:22:14elinenbeI have a good bug report:
23:22:20elinenbestop a song
23:22:26elinenbeso now you are just in the browser
23:22:34 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:22:51elinenbethen select a .ajz file to load.
23:22:56elinenbenow you get a resume.
23:23:11elinenbeshouldn't the resume point be erased when you hit stop on a song?
23:23:31hardeepelinenbe: yeah
23:24:18Zagorno, I removed that a while back
23:24:22elinenbewell, that is my bug report for the day
23:24:39elinenbeIt sounds like it is Hardeep & elinenbe vs. Zagor
23:24:47Zagorthe thinking was that you want resume more often than you don't
23:25:11elinenbewell, it just keeps resuming every time I rolo a new file
23:25:22Zagoryes. rolo is the same as booting.
23:25:33Zagorand resume runs at boot
23:25:49elinenbebut I stopped the song!
23:26:13hardeepelinenbe: i agree that resume should kick in after rolo... but for stopped songs?
23:26:38elinenbeI do not think it should resume after you stop a song.
23:26:43hardeeper, does it also try to resume if you shut off the machine?
23:26:49Zagorelinenbe: do you have resume ask or yes?
23:26:50hardeepw/o rolo?
23:26:53Zagorhardeep: yes
23:26:54elinenbeon yes
23:27:08Zagorelinenbe: that would explain why you find it annoying :-)
23:29:09matslZagor: I just tried the rename feature.. I renamed a folder and it was lost :-(
23:29:28Zagormatsl: hmm, bad
23:29:38Zagori've only tried it with files myself :-)
23:30:05elinenbelcd_invertrect forces to the nearest 8 −− right?
23:30:14matslZagor: The play and stop buttons for inserting and deleteing isn't that bad though. Just need a way to bail out completely.
23:30:38Zagormatsl: MENU+STOP maybe?
23:30:58matslZagor: Could due for now.
23:31:01Zagornot exactly intuitive, but we don't have a lot of choices...
23:31:19Zagorelinenbe: does it? i thought it worked for every pixel.
23:31:55elinenbefrom the API doc: Update the given rectangle to the LCD. Give arguments measured in
23:31:55elinenbe pixels. Notice that the smallest vertical resolution in updates that the
23:31:55elinenbe hardware supports is even 8 pixels. This function will adjust to those
23:34:32matslZagor: when I change case and characters with menu I sometimes get "ng on secto" displayed on the second row. What is that?
23:34:59Zagoruh? good question.
23:36:10matslZagor: I saw it now. The whole text is "writing on sector 0". How did that find its way there?
23:36:11Zagorseriously out-of-his depth pointer, i'd say
23:36:53Zagorah, now I know.
23:37:12Zagorscroll so "V" is to the left of your screen. then press MENU three times.
23:37:41hardeepyou forgot the chant!
23:37:53Zagorthe fourth mode line is shorter than the others, so you see the next pointer in ram
23:38:04Zagorhardeep: and the goat liver
23:38:30Zagormatsl: fix coming up
23:38:35hardeepblah, right... always forget that one
23:38:47Zagorhardeep: back to enchanter school for you ;)
23:39:57matslZagor: How about using two lines for the ren-del menu. It would make translations easier.
23:40:34Zagormatsl: we are using two lines. the top line shows "> Queue" if you are playing music
23:40:48matslaha ;-)
23:41:15Zagormatsl: can you rename normal files?
23:41:20hardeepaha, one benefit of resume info not clearing after stop.... makes debugging resume bugs easier! just need to rolo to check resume, woo
23:41:52Zagorhardeep: I told you it was better :)
23:41:52matslZagor: w8
23:45:40matslZagor: I could change name of one file.
23:46:31Zagordirs are files too. i wonder why that didn't work
23:47:04 Quit edx ()
23:47:35matslZagor: me to! I'll try another dir.
23:49:37matslZagor: Lost that dir to :-( (But it contained only crap!)
23:49:49 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
23:49:50elinenbeZagor: I am getting similar behavior
23:50:28matslZagor: The text input should use rocklatin!
23:51:08Zagormatsl: yes. i wrote the keyboard before rocklatin existed. feel free to expand it.
23:51:25matslZagor: kjer and I will be happy to do it!
23:52:14matslZagor: There is no "OK" when changing values. Only "Cancel" when aborting. Is that intentional?
23:52:38matslZagor: (I've changed the subject. talking about the menus)
23:52:49 Quit _WWu_ ("I'm outta here!")
23:53:00Zagoryes, I removed the OK. it drove me nuts!
23:53:41matslZagor: OK. I liked it.
23:53:44Zagor(and yes, I really am an undemocratic bastard ;)
23:54:10matslHa. I'll slip it in just before relase!
23:55:37 Join TTmatt [0] (
23:55:55hardeepanon cvs has been down for quite some time now... must be something major
23:56:32hardeephi TTmatt
23:56:34matslZagor: The queue thing workes fine. No "acknowledge" display, Queued and total number of queued song. Is that also intentional?
23:56:50Zagormatsl: yes. i removed that too.
23:56:54TTmattwondered if I could ask you something about the builds with record?
23:57:07Zagori spend most my time removing what you guys put in. much more simple work.
23:57:15ZagorTTmatt: sure
23:57:20matslZagor: Fint. With less text we need less translations!
23:57:34Zagormatsl: true
23:57:48TTmattthanks... I'm trying to record from the digital input. Is that implemented yet?
23:57:51 Join edx [0] (
23:58:02Zagorhardeep: yes, there is a posting on sourceforge about it. they are having stability problems, apparently.
23:58:10ZagorTTmatt: yes it is
23:58:26TTmattI can't seem to get it to work :(
23:58:32matslZagor: I guess some playlist browsing feature in the future will solve all out problems with what will be played next etc.
23:58:48Zagormatsl: yes
23:58:51ZagorTTmatt: what happens?

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