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#rockbox log for 2003-01-16

00:00:57TTmatt(or is it SCMS?!) the rockbox fw sort of goes through the motions, but records silence
00:01:27Zagorok. i was under the impression that we ignored the scms bit, but i'm not 100% sure
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00:02:27TTmattit annoys me, cos the minidisc I'm using for coax digital out is marking my own personal stuff as copy-protected :(
00:03:25Zagoryup. the beauty of consumer electronics. "all customers are thieves"
00:04:06TTmattI'd be really good if Rockbox does ignore it :)
00:05:29ZagorTTmatt: have you double-checked the sampling frequency?
00:06:22TTmattdoes it have to match the source?
00:07:37TTmattaah.. I'll just have a peek.. I suppose it'd be 48khz from a sony minidisc deck ?
00:08:11Zagori don't know, you'll have to check
00:09:15TTmattjust tried 44.1 and 48 - both silent :(
00:09:30Zagorare you sure you have the cable right?
00:09:47TTmattyeah, cos I can hear sound when i record using the archos fw
00:09:57Zagorwe had positive reports of digital recording long ago, so I know it *has* worked at least
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00:11:44TTmattwell, It'd be a big bonus, but rockbox is fantastic already.. do you think this counts as a 'bug?
00:12:06Zagori'd suggest first posting a question to the list
00:12:51TTmatthow do I do that? :) (new to this!)
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00:13:48ZagorTTmatt: go here:
00:13:59TTmattthanks. You're a star!
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00:20:14matslZagor: Q about the usb-driver. why is it so slow to copy a file to the unit from unix but apparently much faster from windows?
00:20:33 Join duke_sam_vimes [0] (Duke_Sam_V@
00:20:37duke_sam_vimeshello all
00:20:57Zagormatsl: is it? I have the opposite experience. which uhci module are you using?
00:21:01Zagorduke_sam_vimes: hi
00:21:59matslZagor: good question. How do I find out?
00:22:05Zagorlsmod ?
00:22:23Zagorskip the '?' :-)
00:23:17matsllsmod gives: usb-uhci 26156 0 (unused) ??
00:23:44matslaha I have just umounted. w8
00:24:19Zagormatsl: try "time dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null count=10 bs=1M"
00:25:29matsl10+0 records in
00:25:30matsl10+0 records out
00:25:30matslreal 0m14.169s
00:25:30DBUGEnqueued KICK matsl
00:25:30matsluser 0m0.000s
00:25:30matslsys 0m0.060s
00:26:22Zagor10 MB in 14 seconds isn't so slow
00:26:49ludoHello all... anyone has access to cvs today, or is it my connexion that is faulty ?
00:27:02Zagorludo: anonymous cvs is down at sourceforge
00:27:20ludoanon ? So, If I have an account, it could work ?
00:27:38Zagorludo: yes, if you login it works
00:28:11Zagori'm not sure you're allowed to login, but you can always try :)
00:28:36ludoThank you Bjrn, I'll try... Huh, you're right, I may not, I just started to know about the project today =)
00:28:45TTmattZagor - I've just worked out the digital recording problem - Operator error - I thought it wasn't working because (unlike the Archos firmware) you don't get to monitor the sound when you record. But it *is* working :) Sorry for wasting your time!
00:28:46ludoWhat am I to do to be accepted as a dev ?
00:28:52matslZagor: OK. It might not be that slow but I have seen kjer doing a (connect usb cable, cp archos.mod, etc) and the whole process feels like 10 times faster than just doing the copying from my linux boxes.
00:29:04Zagorludo: submit good patches
00:29:47Zagormatsl: ah, *that*. yes that is a shortcoming in the linux vfat driver. it must read the whole FAT before it can write the file.
00:30:20ZagorI have been meaning to write a patch since we were in Spain this autumn, but I uh haven't had time...
00:30:49ludoZagor: I'll try to, but first I need to practise a little... I just bought my girlfriend a JBRFM, and I'm trying to solve the existing problems (display, buttons)... I just successfully compiled an image and put it on the device, now I have to figure whe the buttons are mapped (without opening it, that's the challenge... and because I have no tools right now =))) )
00:30:50matslZagor: ok. Must get some sleep now. cu.
00:31:06Zagormatsl: bye
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00:31:38Zagorludo: ok, nice having someone with an FM recorder.
00:32:06ludoYes, it seems scarce on this project =)
00:33:11ludoI'm currently trying to modify the boot process to branch on a debug page showing the ports. I seem to have seen such a prog while (rapidly) browsing the sources. I'll keep people informed if I have some success.
00:33:26Zagorludo: you should probably start with ripping out most of the code and add one piece at the time
00:34:09Zagorludo: dbg_ports() in apps/debug.c
00:34:20ludoYes, that's what I wanted to do. I'll first try to understand the boot process. Then add a display to check I can do it. Then monitor the ports (dbg_ports) =)
00:39:06 Part TTmatt
00:40:06duke_sam_vimeshey sorry to throw this in but has anybody had any experience of FreeBSD?
00:40:34Zagori haven't
00:51:36duke_sam_vimesim amazed at how many people ask for features that you rule out very clearly in the FAQ
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00:53:14Zagorwell, i'm off to bed. see you
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02:02:34KshainI have a quick question on replacing the harddrive on my archos 10 gig studio
02:03:30Kshainif anyone is here
02:05:45hardeepKshain: ask away
02:09:19Kshainnever mind actually
02:09:29KshainI just needed the size, but I found it
02:09:42Kshain9.5 right?
02:13:32 Part Kshain
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03:45:15ricIIanom. cvs still down :
03:53:40ludoBye everyone, going to sleep. By the way, I just posted (mailing-list, and 'patch' on sourceforge) some preliminary support for the Recorder FM. If anyone has access to such a device, please test.
03:58:38 Part ludo
04:06:37 Join EGM92 [0] (
04:06:44EGM92hey anyone around?
04:07:36EGM92I need to know something about the new rockbox versions
04:08:56EGM92the scrolling is kinda screwed I dobnt know if this is normal or not, but the text keep going back and forth, is this is normal, is there anyway let it keep looping instead of going back and force across the screen?
04:28:52PsycoXulthats the new bi-directional scrolling
04:29:08PsycoXuli think you can configure it or something
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04:37:50EGM92I hate the thing, my song titles r short and it's very hard to see which song im scrolling throguh
04:43:08PsycoXulso see if it has a config option
04:43:21EGM92I searched throghu icouldn't find anything to change, I could only change the scroll speed
04:59:30EGM92yes very
04:59:53elinenbeSO WEIRD
04:59:54EGM92i really want to go back to the other version but in the older versions I get
05:00:09EGM92my player turned off at like 80% battery life
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05:32:37glcThis is my first time on IRC.
05:43:21glcIs all CVS down or just anaoymous?
05:52:32glcI just fixed a problem in mpeg.c, but forgot to save the old,
05:52:51glcand can't check out the original.
05:53:24glcmakes it hard to diff.
05:53:33PsycoXulit would...
05:53:54elinenbewhat was the problem in mpeg.c?
05:55:20glcWith low bitrate MP3, low_watermark with 7 seconds
05:55:41elinenbeglc: I DCC you the current mpeg.c CVS
05:55:54glcof anti skip is still less than the 655536
05:56:04glcbyte dma size.
05:56:24glcdma size should vary with bps.
05:57:31glcI saw the DCC, but missed it.
05:57:35 Quit EGM92 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
05:58:26glcThis is my first time in irc, and I have not quite
05:58:35glcfigured it all out yet.
06:00:50elinenbeglc: sent
06:04:14glcThanks !
06:08:04 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
06:10:51glcelinenbe: Thanks. Proper diff sent to Linus.
06:11:43elinenbeglc: no problem
06:11:53elinenbeglc: always looking for more developers
06:12:27glcI guess I will have to send in my application.
06:12:41elinenbeglc: <grin>
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08:16:04dwihnoHELLO HELLO!
08:17:27dwihnoHow are you today? :-)
08:17:34dwihnoI read about the initial FM support, that is indeed good news!
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08:28:56dwihnoGuten morgen alle leute!
08:31:12dwihnoGuten heute alle leute (even better) ;)
08:40:30matslZagor: No patch during the night for the folder-rename-delete bug?
08:40:49Zagorno, we never figured out what was wrong did we?
08:41:10matslwe didn't but I went to bed before you!
08:46:11 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
08:50:46dwihnoWelcome back, Hardeep!
08:50:53dwihnoYou too Zagor ;)
08:51:34dwihnoI read about the FM patch, really neato! :-)
08:51:57hardeepyeah, that's pretty cool
08:52:38Zagorhardeep: when you fix bugs, set Resolution to Fixed.
08:53:03dwihnoHas anyone seen the batteries of the FM?
08:53:07Zagoryay, FM patch!
08:53:21dwihnoAre there any major differences between the hardware on FM and recorder?
08:53:21Zagordwihno: they are custom jobs
08:53:29dwihnoZagor: Oh why! :(
08:53:35Zagordwihno: yeah, an FM reciever :-)
08:54:13Zagordwihno: presumably because it allows them are more compact form factor. nearly all LiIon batteries used are custom made
08:55:01dwihnoZagor: Is the FM more compact?
08:55:26Zagordwihno: well the design is a bit slimmer
08:56:29dwihnoZagor: I wonder why they don't use those flat [_____________] batteries
08:56:34dwihnoYou know which kind I mean?
08:57:17Zagoruh, no
08:59:18dwihnoI think it's some kind of Sony thing
08:59:40dwihno3-4 mm thick, 5cm long, 8mm wide or such
09:00:30ZagorI guess a custom single-mold unit gives you more power for the volume
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09:02:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:02:40*matsl is away: I'm busy
09:11:18 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Tony the Tiger uses BitchX. Its Grrrrrrrrreat!")
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09:52:31dwihnoI can't see no CVS changes on the web page... Is there any other way to see?
09:55:36Zagorthe cvs list
10:03:47 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:03:51bobTHChi all!
10:04:35 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
10:21:55dwihnoBonjour, bob! :-)
10:22:14dwihnoSaucisson! :)
10:22:16 Join pyvasene_ [0] (~pyvasene@
10:22:19 Join Bagder [0] (
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10:23:17 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
10:34:45*matsl is back (gone 01:32:04)
10:35:35Zagorhi bagder. how do you feel about changing the dailies to use logged in cvs instead? at least until SF gets their act together
10:36:04BagderI don't use keys without password, so no can do
10:36:12Zagorbager: and yes, please fix the scripts to build the FM version
10:36:27 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:36:40Bagderpm1 is going bonkers atm, btw
10:37:25 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
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10:51:06 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
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10:59:24bobTHCwhat u feel about the H4x0r Language File??
10:59:34BagderI say why not
10:59:39bobTHCwe add it?
10:59:57bobTHCok so i commit it...
11:01:16bobTHCthe pb is i only have the lng file but not the lang file... possibilty to make it with binlang(reverse option)?
11:02:27Bagderaha... well it is certainly possible, but...
11:02:39BagderI mean, there's no such option today
11:03:55bobTHCso i let it in stanby....
11:10:33Bagderthere's already a comment asking for the .lang, isn't it?
11:10:52Bagderso then it's up to that person to act
11:12:05dwihnoAre there any major differences between the 1.4 version and the current CVS version which might cause problems when incorporating the FM fixes?
11:14:35Bagderthe source has changed quite a bit since 1.4, all over
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11:43:20 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:46:02quelsarukdo you know if cvs in online, or is still off-line?
11:46:30Bagderthat only concerns anonymous cvs
11:46:40Bagderbut yes, that's still not working
11:46:53Bagderit is?
11:47:03bobTHCfor me but for anonymous i dont know
11:47:14Bagder"connect to failed"
11:47:20Bagderstill no go
11:58:34 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
12:05:15quelsarukhi s0be
12:07:08 Join sat4n [0] (~deadfish@
12:14:00quelsarukhey.. fm support sounds great
12:15:25dwihnoDarn, how long will anonymous CVS stay broken! :/
12:15:42*dwihno wants to know all changes :-/
12:15:51quelsarukjajajajaja.. me too
12:16:25quelsaruki wanted to update spanish.lang but i can't get last english.lang :(
12:16:38quelsarukBagder: do you have latest english.lang?
12:17:20quelsarukcould you send it to me, please?
12:17:56Bagderhang on
12:18:04quelsarukoki doki
12:18:43Bagderthe latest cvs
12:18:58Bagderyou pick! ;-)
12:19:25Bagderlunch time
12:19:26*Bagder is away: I'm busy
12:19:57quelsarukdwihno: we have latest cvs!!!!
12:22:23dwihnoquelsaruk: we do?
12:22:57quelsarukbagder has latest cvs on his website ...
12:23:02quelsarukso we have..
12:23:03quelsarukor not?
12:23:07dwihnoI just want to see the changes :-)
12:24:59quelsarukthen we haven't
12:25:04quelsarukyou win
12:28:09 Part Zagor
12:28:42 Join Zagor_ [242] (
12:30:51 Quit bobTHC ("Trillian (")
12:31:00 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:33:31s0beyes, I aspire to make minimum wage as a fry cook
12:34:03s0beso long as it's 40+ hours a week and within an hours bike ride of my apartment... I'd work there at this point
12:36:42 Part s0be ("Client exiting")
12:42:55*dwihno won! :)
12:43:59quelsarukdwihno: do you remember what we talked about HD's??
12:51:00dwihnoquelsaruk: What kind of HDs?
12:55:21quelsaruk1 min pliz
12:55:40quelsarukok i'm here
12:56:17quelsarukabout adapting a 2.5" hd to the PC
12:56:28quelsaruk2 days ago or so
12:56:31quelsaruki think
13:00:43dwihnoI found a really cool box
13:00:48dwihnoWhich was powered from the USB socket
13:01:03quelsarukusb 2.0?
13:01:34dwihnobackwards compatible
13:01:40quelsarukhow much?
13:01:59dwihnoAbout 75e
13:02:15quelsarukthat's not expensive...
13:02:26quelsarukor no t *too* much
13:02:57quelsarukdo you have the link?
13:04:35Zagordwihno: don't trust usb power too much. you are only allwed to draw 500mA per hub, and that's not enough to spin up a disk
13:05:03Zagorpeople make these boxes, and they mostly work. but they break the usb spec.
13:06:08quelsarukand if you have an usb hub?
13:06:23quelsarukthe hub gives extra power
13:07:20quelsarukor not?
13:07:21dwihnoZagor: so attaching two such devices to a computer directly will not work?
13:08:20Zagordwihno: there is no will or will not. it may work. it may not. the spec says it will not, but many computers allow more power to be drawn than is specified. not all though.
13:09:08Zagorquelsaruk: the hub also only guarantees 500mA
13:09:48 Part sat4n
13:10:23quelsarukso.. 75e is quite expensive for a test :)
13:10:39Bagdernot if you can return it if it doesn't work
13:10:43Bagderwhich you should
13:10:45*Bagder is back (gone 00:51:19)
13:12:06quelsarukwell, it's like throwing a dice :)
13:12:26quelsarukwho wants to bet?
13:12:27Bagderno it isn't, the only loss is time and the postage fee
13:12:56quelsarukbut i love risk ;)
13:14:06dwihnoI want to have it working on every computer! :(
13:14:57 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
13:15:07quelsarukdwihno: and what about making your own 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor?
13:15:17dwihnoquelsaruk: That would not be cool! :-(
13:15:35quelsarukthen you can connect it to a rack or to a free ide
13:15:55quelsarukdwihno: i know, but that will work always
13:15:57dwihnoI want to have it as an USB1/2 external disk! :-)
13:16:04dwihnoThat is cool!
13:16:10dwihnoJa ja ja, was ist los, was ist das
13:16:15quelsarukyou want to be the coolest man in the world :P
13:16:26dwihnonot really
13:16:41dwihnoI think it is quite easy to bring your disk to your friend and copy files without having to shut down etc.
13:16:52quelsarukyes, i know
13:18:07dwihnoSo stop nagging about using evilness adapters then! :)
13:18:07quelsaruki've used the jukebox to copy files from laptops.
13:18:33dwihnoZagor: what would happen if the power is not sufficient?
13:19:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:19:16Zagordepends on what the usb hub designer had in mind..
13:19:55dwihnoUSB Hub?
13:20:06dwihnoAs in uhci/ohci-controller manufacturer?
13:20:49dwihnoYou really know how to make me uncertain! :-)
13:20:51dwihnoShame on you!
13:20:53quelsarukdwihno: the hole pc will burn and the display will show something like "you should have used some kind of evilness adaptor" ;)
13:21:28ZagorI don't think i've ever heard anyone toast a controller by drawing too much power, but that doesn't mean it can't happen
13:21:47quelsaruki had that kind of problem once
13:22:01quelsarukwith a usb powered external zip
13:22:23quelsarukwindows just said i had not enough power for the zip
13:22:27quelsarukjust that
13:22:52Schnueffit said 'you' but not 'the computer'? :)
13:23:09quelsarukyes.. windows hats me
13:23:19Schnueffwindows hates everyone
13:23:24Schnuefftherefore - don't play with it
13:23:28quelsaruk"it" can feel me
13:23:53dwihnoI tested an USB zipdrive (250) too! It worked
13:24:10dwihno(without extra power stuff)
13:24:47quelsarukdwihno: but the zip isn't a hd
13:25:11dwihnoquelsaruk: Nah, but it has moving parts too!
13:25:45dwihnoZagor: You know of "deltaco"? The gayest thing I've heard is when people pronounce it "del taco" :-)
13:26:33dwihnoIf you get a "not enough power" message, that is OK. As long as no hardware will get fried.
13:26:44dwihnoThere's probably some kind of AC adapter to provide power
13:26:51dwihnoquelsaruk: Yes, gay, gayer gayest :-)
13:27:00quelsaruki know
13:27:28quelsarukbut i've heard something gayest
13:27:29 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
13:27:33quelsarukyou know carrefour?
13:28:34quelsaruki've heard it pronounced something like" cairfur" like if it was english...
13:30:54dwihnosounds yummy
13:31:06dwihnoCarre four! Muy bien! :D
13:31:07quelsarukhow ca i explain it...
13:31:18dwihnoUne hamburgesa con carrefour, porrfarbror
13:31:23quelsarukit's french
13:32:26dwihnoUn carrefour pour moi, s'il vous plait! Non! Avec saucisson! :-)
13:32:29Zagordel taco is a much cooler name than delta co
13:33:00 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
13:33:01dwihnoZagor: It sounds so gay! I can't help bursting into a laughter hysteria whenever I hear that :-)
13:33:17 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:33:25Zagorgay == upliften, joyous. of course you laugh :)
13:33:41quelsaruksee you later, must work a bit :)
13:33:51 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
13:34:04Zagorgay is a lousy adjective. just refuse it.
13:34:27dwihnoI can't
13:35:29dwihnoZagor: If you check that image, - do you think the leftmost outlet is some kind of power thing?
13:37:06dwihnoah, then there is no problem
13:37:19dwihnoThank you, del taco for keeping such nice images for closer observation! :-)
13:37:27dwihnoWhat do you guys think of tacos btw?
13:40:03Bagdercmdrtaco? ;-]
13:44:41 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
13:45:51 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
13:45:59dwihnoThat's computer nerd humour :-)
13:46:00 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
13:46:08dwihnoYou are a nerd if you understand that joke :)
13:46:28dwihnoWhen will Linus be back?
13:46:38Bagder"in a few weeks" he said
13:46:55Bagderbut he's working on getting online soonish, from gbg
13:47:01dwihnoI hope he's having a swell time! :-)
13:47:39BagderI doubt swell is the word he'd use
13:48:14 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
13:50:15dwihnoA time of a kebabtime? :)
13:50:43 Quit s0be (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:04 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
13:53:46 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] ("fuis")
13:58:21 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:10:10quel|outi'm back
14:11:33 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
14:12:42quelsarukwhat happens with linus?
14:13:16BagderLinus himself is OK afaik, but his wife is still not good
14:13:57dwihnoOuch :-(
14:14:17quelsaruki wanted to ask him about his wife after chirstmas, but i haven't seen him yet. Now i know why
14:22:26quelsarukBagder: just one "stupid" question, and don't ask me why ;)
14:23:00quelsarukdo we know how the digital out send info? i mean... frecuency and so on?
14:23:01Bagderfire away
14:23:14BagderI don't know, I think so
14:23:26quelsarukand how could we know that?
14:23:46BagderI'm not the person to ask really
14:23:54quelsaruki suppose linus is the one
14:24:07Bagderask on the list
14:24:25quelsaruki have a *small* problem
14:24:34quelsarukmy jukebox has fallen a lot of times
14:24:47quelsarukaprox. from 1 m
14:25:22quelsarukit's everything ok, except once the ear output was damaged
14:25:32quelsaruknow theres something loose there
14:25:52quelsarukand if i move the ear jack it powers off
14:27:53 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
14:27:53 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:29:38dwihnobuy a new one and send the old one to Zagor for debugging/spare parts :)
14:31:12*Zagor is the trash pile of the archos community
14:32:34quelsaruki love my archos
14:32:42quelsaruki have it for 1 and 1/2 year
14:33:47quelsaruki was thinking in disassembling it and trying to solder whatever is broken
14:34:00Zagorthat's probably a good idea
14:34:26quelsaruksomehow building a digital-to-analog conversor
14:35:17quelsarukzagor, i've disassembled it, changed the 6 gb hd with a 30 gb hd... but i've never taken apart the electronics
14:36:39dwihnoIsn't there a risk to break anything
14:36:43Zagorit's pretty simple
14:36:46dwihnoI mean while disassembling the unit?
14:36:53Zagornah, not if you are careful
14:37:09quelsarukand without being careful
14:37:59quelsaruki suppose i will try
14:38:05quelsarukif i break something
14:38:20quelsaruki can send it to sweden and buy an FM or a recorder 20
14:38:20dwihnohow many years is the guarantee valid?
14:38:27quelsaruki dunno
14:38:35Zagorquelsaruk: hehe
14:38:35quelsarukbut i've void it a lot of times
14:39:15quelsaruki like the "black plastic corners".. they are cooler than the "blue" ones
14:39:50quelsaruki'm thinking of stealing my brother's one.... it has just 1 week
14:40:15quelsarukit's mine... my treasure... (like gollum)
14:40:43*dwihno corrects quelsaruk, "my precious"
14:41:02quelsarukin spanisj it's mi tesssoorrrrooooo
14:41:22dwihnoZorro :-)
14:41:42quelsarukummm.... i'm hungry, lunch time
14:41:51quelsarukcu! bbl
14:42:10 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|lunch (
14:42:44Quel|lunchzagor.. do you recomend me to disassemble the archos and try to solder that nasty contact?
14:59:56 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
15:00:03 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:00:13elinenbemornina all
15:00:16 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:00:29elinenbeI made silly commit last night. I fix it up this morning
15:06:03Zagori'm off
15:06:04 Part Zagor
15:08:16Schnueffwho turned zagor off
15:08:30BagderI did, I got tired of him ;-)
15:09:14Schnueffmaybe we can send him some wake-up-packets via net
15:16:07 Join kargatis [0] (
15:19:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:42:30elinenbeFM in da HOUSE!
15:43:14dwihnoFM FM FM!
15:43:24dwihnoLet's go crazy like true FM's!
15:52:41kargatistho i have to think, anyone who would listen to the radio vs their own mp3 collections either live in the best radio station area in the universe, or have the shittiest taste in music imaginable. :)
15:53:07kargatis(yeah, i know about news, sports, etc - just jokin')
15:54:28dwihnonews+sports is all the FM is about
15:54:55dwihnoI dislike the FM because of the customized battery :-(
15:56:15 Quit pyvasene (Remote closed the connection)
15:57:06kargatiswhat's its predicted lifetime, and what happens after that?
16:00:14Bagdergood q
16:00:28BagderI guess they expect you to buy a new one
16:03:22kargatismy presumption is that you send it in for 'service'.
16:05:55dwihnoI think the FM should be boycotted because of the battery issue! :-)
16:15:01Bagdernow, if only cvs could work again
16:16:50dwihnoGot cool stuff up for committing?
16:17:01Bagderalready commited them
16:17:12Bagderbut I want the cvs stuff to get the automatic stuff on the web to work
16:17:19Bagderand auto-build fm versions etc
16:18:21dwihnoSo what's new?
16:18:42Bagderyou can select FM in the configure script, and then it builds an FM version of rockbox
16:19:08dwihnoneato :-)
16:19:22dwihnoErasing files and dirs is not hazardous?
16:19:48BagderRenaming dirs seems to be ;-)
16:20:51dwihnowhat does it do? :_)
16:20:58dwihnoFill the files with null's?
16:22:03BagderI don't know, I just know that matsl tried and he said it was not a success ;-)
16:25:00dwihnoYou try it! :)
16:26:13elinenbeseen LinusN
16:26:28dwihnoStill gone.
16:26:46elinenbeerasing dirs is VERY hazardous. It deletes the dir, but nothing in it!
16:28:45Bagderlogbot: seen linusn
16:29:20>>>"info" by Bagder (
16:29:24>>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
16:29:36Bagderyou can ask the bot in /msg
16:30:43dwihnoelinenbe: Oops. That should not be possible then until recursive deletion is in.
16:32:04>>>"linusn" by elinenbe (
16:37:37kargatisya think? :)
16:38:03Bagderchicken! ;-)
16:41:48 Join wethion [0] (
16:42:23>>>"seen" used by elinenbe ( [snoop prevented]
16:43:12wethionHey all, I'm back. has there ever been discussion of incorporating support for ext2 into the rockbox firmware?
16:43:28Bagderwe say NO WAY
16:43:31dwihno(a short one)
16:43:33wethionBagder: why?
16:43:35dwihnono NTFS either
16:43:41Bagderbecause there is no point
16:43:52Bagderrockbox can only start on a fat32 partition
16:45:57wethionBagder: Bleh. so if you want to use the thing as a portable HD, you are stuck defragging it with win*. Feh.
16:46:20Bagderyou partion it the way you want
16:46:22Bagderthen mount it
16:46:30Bagderit has nothing to do with rockbox
16:47:32Bagderusing ext2 on the archos works fine already
16:47:51wethionBagder: I misstated myself. I want to use it for both mp3 player and HD.... OOhh.. two partitions, one fat32, the other ext2. that'd work, n'est ce pas?
16:48:01Bagderyes, that works
16:48:10Bagderjust make sure the fat32 one is the first
16:49:00*wethion goes off to fdisk with glee. Thanks much!
16:49:43 Part wethion
17:08:52 Join dfg [0] (
17:13:48 Join Goku_4658 [0] (
17:15:32 Quit Goku_4658 (Client Quit)
17:15:59 Join Goku_4658 [0] (
17:19:06dwihnoIs it dangerous to delete individual files, Bagder ?
17:19:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:19:30BagderZagor says it works
17:20:03dwihnoZagor says this, Zagor says that
17:20:13dwihno<Zagor> Don't trust Bagder, he's full of lies!
17:28:50dwihnoHave a nice evening peeps!
17:28:52 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:31:09Bagderim off
17:31:12 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:33:13 Join wethion [0] (
17:33:47wethionUmm.. it's not in the docs, how do I 'eject' the archos under Linux?
17:34:41Schnueffumount it
17:34:43wethionI already unmounted is tho.
17:34:43Schnueffthen pull the plug
17:34:52wethionSchnueff: easy enough.
17:35:16Schnueffu might consider putting 'sync' in the mount options
17:35:32Schnueff(in /etc/fstab)
17:40:30wethionWow. that is *so* fscking sweet.
17:42:31Goku_4658hey badger?
17:55:00 Quit Goku_4658 ()
18:04:26 Join edx [0] (
18:06:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:15:36 Part wethion
18:35:31 Part elinenbe
19:15:54 Quit kargatis ("Suckers!")
19:17:26 Quit dfg ("Client Exiting")
19:19:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:36:39ricIIi hope anom-cvs will come online soon, i feel left out :(
20:24:54 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:30:00 Join edx [0] (
20:30:01 Quit edx (Remote closed the connection)
20:30:14 Join edx [0] (
20:31:17 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
20:44:23 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:46:35 Join matsl [0] (
20:50:57 Join Goku_4658 [0] (
20:51:20Goku_4658n e 1 alive?
20:57:16 Quit edx ()
21:02:37*matsl is away: I'm busy
21:06:46*Goku_4658 is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\off pager\off)
21:06:47 Nick Goku_4658 is now known as Gokus_Away (
21:08:42 Join Bagder [241] (
21:19:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:25:34hardeephmmmm, recorder build broken with recent changes... i'll fix
21:26:15hardeepheh, you never realize how much you rely on anon cvs until it's down
21:26:39 Quit seb-school (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26:43hardeepcould we perhaps create a dummy user and connect with that?
21:27:13Bagderwe could
21:27:15JunkeyWRKhrmm..i notice that the fm20 is not listed in the no do
21:27:34Bagderwe half-support the fm20 already!
21:27:40JunkeyWRKcool :))
21:27:50JunkeyWRKthat means you are working on it then?
21:28:02Bagderwhen the cvs comes up, we'll have daily builds for the FM too
21:28:21JunkeyWRKwhat's the cvs?
21:28:30Bagderthere aren't that many FM dudes fiddling with code atm, so it won't move very fast I guess
21:28:37BagderCVS is our source management system
21:28:40Bagderfor versioning etc
21:29:09Bagderwe all use cvs to get the source and commit fixes etc
21:29:24JunkeyWRKoh yeah, we use that..but it's pvcs
21:29:38JunkeyWRKcommercial version i think
21:29:47Bagderpcvs is more like a rcs-clone
21:29:51Bagderpvcs i mean
21:30:00 Join seb-school [0] (
21:30:07Bagderimho, cvs beats pvcs any day
21:30:33JunkeyWRKcvs is the open source version right?
21:30:43 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:32:42Quel|lunchtime to go home
21:32:53Bagderlong lunch! ;-)
21:33:05Quel|lunchnot really
21:33:15Quel|lunchtoday i had my second class as teacher here in university
21:33:20Quel|lunchwell.. practice teacher
21:33:27Quel|lunchbut teacher :)
21:33:40Quel|lunchand i forgot to change my nick
21:33:55Bagderwhat did you teach?
21:34:18Quel|lunchconstrucion materials
21:34:43Quel|lunchi'm finishing my studies in civil engieniering
21:35:07Quel|lunchengeniering (i cant write quite.. i'm frozen)
21:35:23Quel|lunchsee you tomorrow
21:35:34Bagderbye quel
21:35:37 Quit Quel|lunch ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:40:42Gokus_Awayhey badger?
21:40:55 Nick Gokus_Away is now known as Goku_4658 (
21:40:56*Goku_4658 is back after 34m 8s
21:41:25Goku_4658i just wanted to ask if you minded me setting up a URL forward to the site
21:42:17Bagderwe don't mind getting more visitors, no ;-)
21:42:36Goku_4658kool, thx
21:46:46Bagdertime to run
21:46:50 Quit Bagder ("")
21:47:10Goku_4658when you check the log, bye
21:48:11*Goku_4658 is away, I'm here, just busy. Pager's on as you can see ->, (log\off pager\on)
21:48:11 Nick Goku_4658 is now known as Gokus_Away (
22:13:53 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
22:20:32 Join kargatis [0] (
22:20:41 Join kargatis_ [0] (
22:41:04 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:41:09BoD[]hello !!
22:51:48 Join edx [0] (
22:54:01 Part kargatis
22:59:10 Join matsl [0] (
23:01:13 Quit matsl (Client Quit)
23:02:17 Join matsl [0] (
23:02:39 Part matsl
23:15:15Gokus_Awaywhen did yo say "Yo"
23:15:40 Nick Gokus_Away is now known as Goku_4658 (
23:15:41*Goku_4658 is back after 1h 27m 29s
23:19:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:22:41 Quit BoD[] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:22:51 Join matsl [0] (
23:27:30ricIIwhats with all this file mangement stuff i been reading about?
23:28:45hardeepricII: file management stuff? Zagor just added a way to delete and rename files...
23:28:55hardeepis that what you're referring to?
23:31:01ricIIbut I couldn't find a ui for it in tree.c
23:31:08*Goku_4658 is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\off pager\on)
23:31:09 Nick Goku_4658 is now known as Gokus_Away (
23:31:54hardeepricII: it's in latest cvs...
23:31:59hardeepricII: ON+PLAY
23:32:13hardeepof course, with anon cvs being down... you may not have the version with it
23:32:43ricIIanom cvs is still down, but got the latest sourceball.
23:32:50matslon the player it seems a little buggy. rename a folder and it is gone.
23:33:35hardeepricII: you mean the latest sourceball from the website?
23:34:37hardeepthat hasn't been updated either... i think the server scripts used anon cvs to get those files
23:34:52ricIIthat explains it.
23:35:12hardeepricII: latest up to date tarball:
23:37:12ricIIi needed to work in tree.c to access my new functionality
23:45:47 Quit edx ()
23:45:50ricIII see a new screen :) queue,rename & delete
23:56:40 Join EGM92 [0] (

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