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#rockbox log for 2003-01-17

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08:54:42matslhi ho!
08:55:16Bagderno cvs yet I see
08:55:51matslapparently not
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08:57:23dwihnoNo CVS :~(
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09:51:54Bagder"Accord. to posts on the IPOD forum at Yahoo, the Li-Ion cell cannot be replaced"
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09:52:43Bagdermorning Z
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09:53:11Bagderzodd: if you update the rockbox site (head.t updated) the blimp image is fixed
09:53:20Bagderzodd ? Zagor I meant ;-)
09:53:34Zagorwow, I got a spam which actually tells me where they harvested my address!
09:53:41ZagorBagder: :)
09:53:50Bagderand where did they get it?
09:53:53Zagor"Own your Hong Kong Fax Line"
09:54:25Bagderyeah advogato users are more likely to want hong kong fax lines ;-)
09:54:32matslZagor: One problem with MENU-OFF as cancel in rename. I'll wind up in the menu system and not in the dir browser. What can be done?
09:54:54Zagormatsl: i'll take a look
09:55:11Bagderisn't that because of a left-over key-release event?
09:55:19Bagderor something like that
09:55:29matslprobably. still very annoying
09:55:58ZagorI don't see how it can happen. you should only get left-over MENU|RELEASED. the menu triggers on MENU only
09:55:58Bagderright, but you can wait for the release before you bail out
09:56:44Bagderwell, he can release the off *before* the menu
09:56:58Bagderwon't that give a menu-only release then?
09:59:55*matsl is away: I'm busy
10:02:23Bagder"Admin of" is a rockbox user too ;-)
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10:06:03quelsarukgood morning
10:10:48ZagorBagder: yes, but menu_release is harmless. it's menu_press that activates the menu.
10:10:57Bagderah, ok
10:10:59Zagori don't see how that event is generated
10:13:31quelsarukif you queue a song, but continue pressing the "play" button, you get that file queued some more times, i think that if you have a file queued and want to repeat it, just select the repeat one function. So the Queue should ignore the play button if that files is the last in the queue, or not?
10:14:34Bagderthe queue-a-file function is moved to another key soonish anyway
10:15:10Zagor's already moved. just the daily build aren't working
10:15:15Bagderah, right
10:15:49quelsarukwas just a thought... today i kept the play button pressed and had the same file queued 4 times
10:22:59Zagorhow do I convert a hex string to a number in perl?
10:23:59Bagder print hex '0xAf'; # prints '175'
10:24:31Zagorsilly. i read that same page, but interpreted it as the opposite :-)
10:25:28Bagderget a cup of coffee!
10:25:41Zagori will
10:48:02quelsarukan off-topic question, does anyone knows of a metallic structure made of Hadfield Steel?
10:50:05 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:52:24Zagorquelsaruk: playing trivial pursuit? ;)
10:53:36quelsaruki want to talk today of hadfield steel in class, but i can't remember any structure made of hadfield steel
10:53:44Schnueffwhats hadfield steel
10:54:10*Bagder decides that quelsaruk is mad for real ;-)
10:55:25quelsarukAustenitic steel. It can't be found normally except if it has more than 12% Mn. It's really hard. And no-magnetic
10:55:43quelsarukBagder: im *mad*, but i thought you all knew that
10:56:14quelsarukI really love that steel
10:56:33quelsaruki mean... for me it's the best steel ever made, and also the most expensive
10:57:33quelsaruki could talk a lot about steel.. but it's coffee time :)
10:57:36quelsarukcu later
10:57:51quelsaruktime to wake up!
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11:20:45langhaarrockerHave you seen that before: Zagor isn't the last in the list!
11:24:31Zagorzodd conquered the coveted last place :-)
11:42:31langhaarrockerThe rockbox homepage is a liar:
11:42:31langhaarrocker"Recent CVS activity: No changes"
11:52:37dwihnoThere is no CVS! (Matrix ripoff)
11:52:58dwihnoIf you see the truth, you will find out it's not the CVS that's bending, but the Rockbox!
11:55:14langhaarrockerwhat's a Matrix ripoff?
11:56:45dwihnoThere is no CVS
11:56:57dwihnoSeen the Matrix?
11:57:03dwihnoThere is no spoon blahblah
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12:27:14kargatisZagor, i replied to your bookmark email - I do hope you'll reconsider. I think your suggestions make a very simple desire very clunky to get done (regarding multi-resume)
12:31:23Zagori believe quite the opposite. i'm responding now.
12:31:38Zagoryou mix up resume and bookmarks. i don't like that.
12:31:55kargatisit's not about mixing up - it's about usage
12:33:00Zagorresume and bookmarks are two separate features
12:33:10kargatisi can't understand how the benfits of resume are apparent, but multi-resume isn't. It's the same action, just on multiple playlists rather than a single one.
12:33:37Zagorthat's because you mix resume and bookmark
12:33:47kargatisinsteda of reading one book, you're reading several. the simple desire to return where you left off doesn't change.
12:33:55Zagorthe whole purpose of resume is to resume where you shut off
12:34:19Zagorbookmarks is for reading several books. not resume.
12:34:32kargatisthis is semantics, no?
12:34:37Zagornot really
12:34:45Zagori want to keep them separate, you want to mix them
12:34:46kargatisi'm talking about the simplicity of the returning action.
12:35:01Zagoryes. and we have it equally simple.
12:35:10kargatisactually, all I want is a feature that's easy to use
12:35:40kargatisusing bookmarks as you describe is very tedious.
12:36:22kargatisfor the same reason that it would be tedious to use bookmarks instead of the current resume.
12:36:25kargatislet's say there's no resume
12:36:43Zagoryou can't compare resume and bookmarks
12:36:54kargatisusage-wise, certainly you can
12:37:15Zagorno. because auto-bookmarks will insert 5-second delays for everything you do
12:37:25Zagorresume does not
12:37:56Zagorthat's also why multi-resume is not the same as todays resume
12:38:10kargatisbut creating and later starting at a bookmark takes a lot longer than 5 seconds!
12:38:50Zagorwhy would it?
12:38:59Zagorexample: F2+PLAY creates a bookmark
12:39:21Zagorwhen you restart the file, it asks if you want to resume at it. you press PLAY. done. 0.32 seconds wasted.
12:40:01kargatisi thought you had to PLAY, then go into the menu and choose resume-bookmark
12:40:19kargatis"Play the mp3 file as normal. Then choose Resume From Bookmark (button or menu option)"
12:40:28Zagorplay the .bmark file then
12:40:34Zagorsame thing
12:41:12Zagorbut I guess asking about bookmarks can be done when playing the .mp3 file too. that's not a major issue for me.
12:42:16kargatisbut if you have that function, then what's the difference between when creating, F2+PLAY vs an automatic creation on STOP (based on config choice)
12:42:45kargatisi mean, F2+PLAY will take the same time, since it's writing the file.
12:43:00Zagoryes. the difference is I do it when I want it. not always or never.
12:43:21kargatiswell, with auto=off, that would be the case.
12:43:34kargatisbut for users like me who almost always want it, it makes life much easier
12:44:18ZagorI can live with that.
12:44:25Zagorso we have both then
12:44:35kargatisabsolutely - i never thought to suggest otherwise
12:44:59Zagorok, i guess I misread you
12:45:17kargatisi was just arguing against dumping autobookmarks
12:45:29kargatisnot forcing their use
12:45:37Zagori didn't see any mention of any other way to create them
12:45:42Zagorbut ok, we agree now
12:45:49Zagorjust don't call it multi-resume :-)
12:46:33kargatisi was just trying to link the desire of resume to the concept of bookmarks, usage-wise.
12:47:07kargatisi didn't mention bookmark management because it was already being discussed and planned, and wasn't relevant to autobm
12:47:16Zagorok. I think it is good to talk about them separately, to avoid confusion
12:47:48kargatisin any case, if we agree, that's great - autobookmarking is the single unimplemented function I would use constantly
12:48:04Zagori'll write a new mail to the list
12:48:16quel|outZagor: i have the answer for our "trivial pursuit" question, it's used in railways connections ( I won) :D
12:48:59Zagorquel|out: hehe
12:50:19quel|outi had to search in a lot of books
12:50:37quel|outwell, gotta go to repair my poor car
12:51:05Zagorkargatis: how does auto-bookmark work, in practice? say you have two bookmarks on a file, and then press STOP. is a third created?
12:51:06quel|outthis winter is very hard for its little heart
12:51:17Zagorquel|out: bah, you have no winter ;)
12:51:31quel|outwell... this year we have
12:51:37Zagorjust kidding
12:51:38kargatisZagor, that's why the 'resume' top line that ben talked about made sense to me.
12:52:03kargatisi.e., the auto-one created is always the one that auto looks at on start
12:52:07quel|out-5ºC is *winter* for me ;) In sweden you have really extreme winter. :)
12:52:17kargatisthe other bookmarks would be available thru regular bm management
12:52:23Zagorkargatis: ok, sounds good
12:53:16kargatisbtw "asking about bookmarks can be done when playing the .mp3 file too. that's not a major issue for me." it is for me - i would prefer being able to PLAY the playlist, and asked to resume where i left off.
12:53:36kargatisto me, that seems very natural (with auto=on)
12:54:08langhaarrockerI once started a gui for a split editor - Do you think it might be a good idea to mix the things? Like you create bookmarks and split at those positions?
12:54:22Zagorlanghaarrocker: nah, i doubt it
12:54:35Zagorsplitting is more precision work than bookmarks
12:55:25langhaarrockerI thought something like you open the split editor only if you want to fine-tune the bookmark position.
12:56:27Zagori think it is better to keep them separated. make it so the split editor can read .bmark files for input, but don't make too much integration. i.e don't rely on it.
12:57:25langhaarrockerok . Currently I have no spare time to complete that task anyway.
12:59:02langhaarrockerI need a job with daily train travels again ... :)
13:11:00dwihnoHow fast is GPRS?
13:11:14*dwihno wants to SSH using GPRS yaman! :-)
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13:46:54kargatisZagor, latest bookmark email is perfect. thx
13:49:35*matsl is back (gone 03:49:38)
13:51:08 Join Bagder [0] (
13:53:14dwihnoMoo moo!
13:54:02dwihnoMy CVS addiction is getting bothersome! Isn't there a way to read the changes?!
13:54:14Bagderthere is
13:54:21Bagderbut I'd rather avoid the work-arounds
14:06:32langhaarrockerwho is the bad gui that broke the cvs?
14:06:52*Bagder says nothing but looks at dwihno...
14:06:59*Bagder grins evilish
14:07:37*dwihno LUVS CVS
14:08:15langhaarrockeronly when working
14:08:56dwihnoI want to see what has changed! :(
14:09:06dwihnoEven the daily builds are non-changed for 3 dayus
14:10:27langhaarrocker-> lets change them to weekly builds? ;)
14:12:40langhaarrockerseriously: has Sourceforge done the evil things or has someone configured cvs broken?
14:13:50dwihnoAren't there any CVS commit mails, Bagder?
14:14:03Bagderyes there are
14:14:46langhaarrockerDo I have to commit the patches manually now?
14:15:08Schnueffis the world going to end?
14:15:09langhaarrocker(from the cvs mails to my source tree)
14:15:14Bagderits only the anonymouse cvs that doesn't work
14:15:53langhaarrockerBut I'm not anonymous - I know me!
14:16:15Bagderif you use the cvs over ssh, then it still works fine
14:16:21dwihnoBagder: sum up the changes for us! :)
14:16:49Bagdertoday: Zagor's font fixes for iso8859-2
14:17:04Bagdertoday: Zagor's wps exit button fix
14:17:25dwihnoErasing dirs still not good? :)
14:17:27Bagderyday: my commits fixing the FM build
14:17:42Bagderyday: elinenbe fixed the undo in Sokoban
14:17:50Bagderyday: I added the NODO document
14:18:19Bagderjan 15: hardeep fixed a resume-ask-once bug
14:18:28Bagderwho needs automatic scripts? ;-)
14:18:38Zagordwihno: you can't erase dirs. the button is disabled if you have selected a dir
14:19:35langhaarrockerLet's announce Bagder as our cvs frontende!
14:19:54quel|outbagder... and jan 14?
14:20:12dwihnoZagor: Erasing files is safe too?
14:20:27*Bagder broke down
14:20:31dwihnoBagder: thank you! :D
14:20:36dwihnoBagder: You rule!
14:20:45quel|outcan we erasa files??
14:20:51Zagordwihno: yes
14:20:58Bagderquel|out: yes
14:21:01quel|outwhy? when ? how?
14:21:05*langhaarrocker threats Bagder with a kiss of life
14:21:27Bagderquel|out: get the latest CVS, press ON+play in the dir browser
14:22:06quel|outthe latest cvs is the one at your website? or can we dowmload it from rockbox?
14:22:28dwihnoZagor: how can you be sure? :)
14:22:44quel|outi'm really analphabet these days
14:22:59Zagordwihno: well, it works for me
14:22:59Bagderquel|out: there's nowhere to download it while the cvs is down
14:24:04dwihnoZagor: No file system breakups or so?
14:24:24*dwihno is still a bit uneasy about using erasing :/
14:24:30quel|outBagder: so how do i get it?
14:24:39quel|outcan anyone send it to me?
14:24:56quel|outi promise i'll be a good boy till the end of the day :)
14:25:27Bagderok then wait
14:26:01elinenbeThere are some heated bookmark mails on the list!
14:26:47Bagderthat's the current bleeding-edge
14:27:10quel|outthx Bagder, but i was crossing my fingers, i lied :D
14:27:26elinenbeZagor: do you think you will add the "Queue info" when a file is queued?
14:27:42elinenbetaking that away was like taking away my first born!
14:28:23Zagori don't see why we need it. it was only ever necessary because you didn't see that PLAY|REPEAT was queue. now you do.
14:28:41elinenbeit is nice to see the number of songs in the queue however.
14:29:05elinenbelike I was playing songs for friends last night. And when people rewuested songs, they wanted to know how long it would be.
14:29:12quel|outtime for lunch, bbl!
14:29:14 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:29:33elinenbeand I was unaware how long the queue was at that time, as we had been queuing and playing off the queue all night.
14:29:54BagderI think you've got a point there
14:30:22Bagderthinking about it, we could possibly have some wps-code for displaying queue info as well
14:30:34elinenbeunless you want to code up a queue browser.
14:30:42elinenbeBadger: that is a good idea.
14:31:02elinenbeit would be nice to have a dynamic queue where you can add/remove/cut/paste/move songs...
14:31:08elinenbethen we have a playlist editor!
14:31:14Bagderyeah ;-)
14:31:31dwihnoPlaylisteditor and kebab for everyone!
14:33:03langhaarrockerwhat does the abbreviation bbl mean? (my dictionary says 'barrel' but I doubt it somehow)
14:33:12Bagderbe back later
14:40:11dwihnoYay for Roland!
14:40:41langhaarrockerthe drumcomputer?
14:45:22dwihnoRoland wants inverted selection too!
14:47:50kargatison queue browsing - that wouldn't be handled trivially with the existence of a pl browser? ('view current playlist'?)
14:48:32Zagorwe need a generic browser, for many things.
14:48:44Zagorwe need one for bookmarks too
14:48:51kargatisi guess that's included in the more complicated 'edit playlist' idea, too
14:50:01kargatisanother plus for autobookmarking - no UI needed :)
14:50:25langhaarrockerwe need time
14:51:55dwihno"verschönert" ?! He has not!
14:51:58dwihnoHe raped it! :(
14:53:30langhaarrockerBagder: on your photo there are two devices missing for the peak. What about a JBMM and a JBFM?
14:55:25dwihnoInfinite deletion!
14:56:19dwihnoLet's get crazy and delete some dirs! :D
14:57:48kargatisa slightly OT question about disk copying
14:57:59kargatisi have a backup external copy of my mp3s
14:58:13kargatissince the last backup, i mp3gained everything, plus added a lot
14:58:24kargatisso basically, synching here is just a full recopy anyway
14:58:42kargatisif i just copy over, will it result in lots more fragmentation than if i reformatted, then copied?
14:59:03kargatisor will all the new files just go cleanly into the empty space, and the extant files overwritten cleanly too?
14:59:46langhaarrockerIf you delete the old files before copying theres lots of continuous space -> less fragmentation when new files are written.
15:00:44kargatisso the individual file overwrites will result in lots of fragging, due to the slight changes? (mp3gain header info only)
15:00:58dwihnokargatis: deleteing files is cool! send us some screen shots! :)
15:03:51Zagorkargatis: depends on the fat driver, i'd say
15:04:16Zagormy fat code overwrites the old file, but some drivers may create a new file and then remove the old one
15:05:00kargatisrealistically, will fragmentation affect me in this backup? i figure reformatting a 120GB drive will take a while. :-/
15:05:47langhaarrockerWith mp3 I wouldn't bother much about fragmentation anyway. It's not that speed critical to take much effect.
15:06:02Zagoralso mp3 files are so big, fragmentation is not a real problem
15:07:02dwihnokargatis: You got USB2?
15:07:15dwihnoUSB2 is cool! I want USB2!
15:07:25dwihnoBut I don't know what cardbus adapter to buy! :(
15:07:32langhaarrockerdwihno: buy a second jukebox
15:07:47Bagderhey, it still took me an hour or so to restore my 19GB of data ;-)
15:07:59kargatissure, bought a cheap usb2 card
15:08:14kargatisworks like charm, no probs
15:08:27dwihnokargatis: how about drivers?
15:08:39langhaarrockerBagder: In that time int would be easier to build the drive into the computer temporarily :)
15:08:45kargatisagain, np - i'm on win2k
15:08:48*dwihno wants hardware which is neat, stable, and works on fishy platforms (linux, bsd etc)
15:08:56 Part Zagor
15:09:09Bagderlanghaarrocker: I disagree, then I'd have to spend time to rip it out and put it in and vice versa too
15:09:31langhaarrockerBut that time is more interesting then waiting
15:10:03Bagderhehe, I was away eating while it copied
15:10:42langhaarrockerI guess the drive took more bytes per second than you :)
15:14:00dwihnoBagder: what USB2 cardbus adapter would you recommend?
15:14:19BagderI recommend pci ;-)
15:15:15*dwihno throws skumtomtar (from RIMI, 1.95/hg) on Bagder
15:15:17 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:15:23 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:15:33*dwihno gives Zagor some skumtomtar, you can throw some too!
15:15:52 Part Zagor
15:16:10*Bagder has a feeling Zagor's tunnel is not 100% fine today
15:16:24langhaarrockerdwihno: now you scared zagor away
15:16:43dwihnoThat 8MB mod looks so cool :)
15:19:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:23:42 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:23:50langhaarrockerZagor: any bruises from the collapsing tunnel?
15:24:00 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:24:09Zagori got sand in my eye!
15:24:44*Bagder smiles
15:25:49langhaarrockeralways wear safety glasses when surfing in a tunnel!
15:27:12elinenbelanghaarrocker: are you ever going to finish your split editor?
15:28:03langhaarrockersomewhen. Momentarily I'm too busy with work and band. (We're doing recordings with new hardware and I'm the guy to do all the stuff)
15:29:49langhaarrockerIt'll take a few weeks before I get my hands dirty programming the JB again
15:30:10elinenbelanghaarrocker: darn −− I was looking forward to that.
15:30:17langhaarrockerme too
15:31:04dwihnoAren't there anybody else but me who uses a laptop?!
15:31:43elinenbedwihno: I only have a laptop
15:32:11langhaarrockerelinenbe: What is worse: I still want to do the user assignable key binding stuff. The more I delay that the more code is written that must be rewritten some day.
15:32:11langhaarrockerI use a laptop, too
15:33:27elinenbemost of the time I only use my palm!
15:33:40langhaarrockerfor programming?!
15:33:56elinenbeI like being a minimalist.
15:34:00langhaarrockerdo you have a keyboard for the palm?
15:34:03elinenbeI have a palm with an 802.11b card in it.
15:34:10elinenbeI can write grafitti VERY fast
15:34:22dwihnoelinenbe: You got USB2?
15:34:50dwihnohow about you, langhaarrocker?
15:35:09elinenbeZagor: I think .cfg files should all be in the same place too?
15:35:15langhaarrockerMaybe my laptop has but I have no usb2 devices
15:35:32dwihnowhoa, nobody has USB2 cardbus adapters :(
15:35:39Zagorelinenbe: how can a .cfg be track specific unless it's where the track is?
15:35:41dwihnoI was looking forward to get some additional info :(
15:40:26 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:46:09 Join gclark [0] (~gclark@
15:52:02Zagorcan I debug the conditions in an 'if' case somehow with gdb?
15:52:18Bagderyou can print it
15:52:27Bagderp (expression)
15:52:43Zagoryeah, but this is a monster 'if'. ~30 conditions
15:53:18Bagderno, I don't think there's any way to see which part that evaluates true or something like that
15:55:48Bagderhm, the anoncvs error changed
15:56:40Bagdergo go go
15:56:53*Bagder goes fixing
15:57:09 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:57:33Bagderit'll probably cause a massive cvs attack on sf ;-)
15:57:46 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
15:59:13gclarkI'm updated !!!
15:59:49gclarksorry, wrong window.
16:05:45Bagdermaking a daily build manually now
16:13:40 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:13:50elinenbezagor: there could be a master config file
16:14:11elinenbewhere it looks like:
16:14:24 Join edx [0] (
16:14:54elinenbefile: artists/a-f/all saints/booty call.mp3
16:14:58elinenbevolume: 70
16:15:12elinenbebalance: left
16:15:33kargatiselinenbe, what is the advantage of a centralized cfg?
16:15:51elinenbekargatis: then there will not be lots of .cfg files all over the place.
16:15:58 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:16:22elinenbefile: artists/t-z/u2/achtung baby/mysterious ways.mp3
16:16:23kargatisgranted! :)
16:16:26elinenbevolume: 80
16:16:29elinenbeetc ...
16:16:39elinenbeone place to look at and edit the files.
16:16:39quelsaruksounds good...
16:16:57elinenbeand the same could be done for bookmark files too.
16:17:18elinenbebrb (laundry)
16:18:54kargatisin general, I know where a given file (mp3, palylist) is, so it's not hard to go there. still don't understand the badness of distributed files.
16:19:19kargatisare you envisioning bulk changes in a centralized config file?
16:19:41BagderI'd assume people who wants to sync files from the archos for example
16:20:01elinenbekargatis: not really. I just know right now I have MANY .cfg files on my recorder, and in some directories I have 20 .cfg diles
16:20:13elinenbeand it becomes quite a mess.
16:20:49elinenbeI could not imagine 10 bookmark files and 20 cfg files in a mix CD directory with 25 mp3s
16:20:55elinenbethat is overload!
16:21:28BagderZagor: daily fmrecorder build now added
16:21:38Bagderin the same dir/path style as the other ones
16:23:03langhaarrockerAaah. Some red builds. Green is so boring.
16:24:50quelsarukBagder: cvs is online?? I had to promise that i would be quiet today just for this?? ouch!!! not fair enough
16:24:54BagderI'm not sure they are correct atm, though
16:27:27 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
16:28:10kargatiselinenbe, well, i'm fine with centralized files, as long as it doesn't affect usability (in dealing with the entries as related to the parent files).
16:28:11 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:28:14 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:31:00Bagder"FM Rec" in the compile status table
16:32:03langhaarrockerbut no bleeding edge build yet.
16:32:11langhaarrocker(for fm)
16:32:31Bagderit is there, just no link
16:33:21 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:34 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
16:34:54 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:37:56Bagderfm recorder showed up as daily build now
16:38:37edxBagder: i didnt quite follow the conversation about the fm recorder... is rockbox completely working on there now?
16:38:51Bagdercompletely no, working somewhat yes :-)
16:39:08edxheh yea i got that ;)
16:40:13Bagderbleeding-edge FM version available too now
16:41:33*langhaarrocker thinks that Bagder completed the daily build page
16:44:46*Bagder bows
16:45:56zoddthat's good news about the fm recorder...i'm getting one shipped today :)
16:45:56 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:45:59*langhaarrocker applauds
16:46:07 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:46:25 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:02Zagori want fmrec at the far right in the compile status page :)
16:47:17Bagderits alphabeticly sorted
16:47:22 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:47:28BagderI could reverse it ;-)
16:48:39zoddis it here?
16:48:42Zagornah :)
16:48:48Zagorzodd: no, daily builds
16:49:28Bagderzodd: the fm version will need more work before its usable though
16:49:34Bagderwe count on YOU! ;-)
16:50:20*dwihno sees the CVS log! Thank GOD!
16:50:41zoddi assume i could always go back to the factory software if need be, right?
16:50:55langhaarrockeryou tell us :)
16:51:11Bagderyes, but that's chickening out and that won't give you highscore with us! ;-)
16:51:33zoddis this compressed? .ajz
16:51:56Bagderthat's the Archos-scrambled version
16:52:10zoddoh, that's the file "as is" that you drop on the archos?
16:53:18zoddcant wait to try it, read really good stuff about your work
16:53:35Bagderok,the player red build was my mistake
16:53:48langhaarrockerzodd: yes, we write the good stuff
16:53:49BagderI did a bad configure
16:56:32zoddso the same features you made for the previous recorders you are going to implement in the fm recorder?
16:56:50Bagderthey're very similar, so it almost works already
16:58:13BagderI mean, except for the FM stuff
16:58:39zoddfm doesnt work at all yet?
17:00:05zodddo you guys work with other machines or just the archos stuff?
17:00:45langhaarrockerNodo A8: I think the answer can be misunderstood like: "Isn't the grapich eq more about sound settings than about visualizing frequency bands of mp3 streams"
17:02:35Bagderzodd: we work with this kinds of things for a living, at least I, zagor, linus and more
17:03:34langhaarrockerBagder: who pays you?
17:03:48Bagdermy employer
17:04:11dwihnoCan they pay me too ;D ?
17:04:33Zagorclarification: nobody pays us for working on Rockbox
17:04:41dwihnoWill ordering electronics from London introduce taxes and other fees? (ment for Bagder and the swedes)
17:04:57Bagderdwihno: no such things, EU you know
17:05:10Bagderthey add their VAT
17:05:26dwihnoBagder: VAT?
17:05:37dwihnoThey already do that.
17:05:43dwihnoIt's a consumer-only dealer
17:05:49Bagderyes, they do that in UK
17:05:57dwihnoSweden is a U-land sometimes.
17:07:50dwihnoLet's pay some taxes! :D
17:08:16Zagorit's a "D country" in english :-)
17:10:20dwihnoZagor: It's a fucking YOU-land! :-)
17:10:45dwihno$7 shipping from UK is acceptable though :-)
17:11:00dwihnoOne, two, tree. See, my english is excellent ;)
17:12:00Bagderthey speak $ in UK?
17:14:17Zagori don't understand this nonsense about "floater files".
17:14:39kargatispeople just view it as clutter, i think. nothing more complicated
17:15:00kargatisprobably just an individual reaction to how they themselves organize their files.
17:15:09dwihnoBagder: The entire site has prices in USD, don't ask me why
17:16:26 Quit laotan (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:16:55langhaarrockerlets store all the config stuff in the mp3 headers
17:17:03langhaarrockerno files no cry
17:19:00 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:19:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:26:14 Part langhaarrocker
17:28:05elinenbeI hate "floater files"
17:28:17Bagderwe're down on one yellow now
17:28:21elinenbeI think we should come to a cenus on this one.
17:28:24Zagorwhat the heck are floater files???
17:28:47Bagderbookmark files in the mp3 file tree
17:29:07BagderI guess
17:29:11Zagorno, floater files are some derogatory term stuart is using. I think he means junk temp files.
17:29:24elinenbefloater files are the files that my mp3 tagger progam puts in every damn directory where I modify an mp3 "mp3.cache"
17:29:48elinenbeZagor: I don't think "floater" is meant to be derogatory
17:29:55Zagorno files are ever created without you explicitly asking for it. that will continue.
17:30:16Bagderright, but I may not be asking for the file to be created in the mp3 file tree
17:30:37elinenbeI for one would just like all the "rockbox" associated files in the .rockbox directory
17:30:46ZagorBagder: you are asking for information about this specific file to be saved.
17:30:53Zagorelinenbe: called what?
17:30:58BagderNot really
17:31:04BagderI'm saving a bookmark
17:31:20Zagora bookmark is file specific by definition
17:31:28BagderI'm only saying *I* would want that in a specific directory
17:31:43Bagderthat's me
17:32:21elinenbethat is the problem, everyone wants their own thing, but everyone is forgetting the cardinal rule of OS projects: "Show Me The Code"
17:32:42Zagorhow would you save track-specific files in the /.rockbox dir?
17:32:53BagderZagor: well, first that's why I want the full file name in the file itself
17:33:20Zagorso; rename a dir, and all bookmarks go bust? fun fun
17:33:23Bagderso duplicate file names could append whatever to avoid being a duplicate
17:33:41Bagderyes, rename makes it go boom
17:33:49Bagderthat's still what I want
17:34:47Bagdersince it is plain ascii, it is at least theoritecly fixable
17:35:23Zagorwhat about all other file types?
17:35:43Zagorthis is just one of many new support file we will be handling
17:35:46Bagderyou mean like .cfs etc?
17:36:21Bagderthat's a different issue in my eyes
17:36:31Zagori think it's the same thing
17:36:49Bagderwell, I would like to be able to browse my bookmarks
17:36:54Bagdernot my .cfg files
17:37:17Zagorbrowse bookmarks?
17:37:29Bagderhave 12 in a dir, named sensible
17:37:38Bagderthen you know what they have marked
17:38:26Zagorgotta go
17:38:27 Part Zagor
17:50:59Bagderthe win sim is in a sorry state
17:51:00 Quit gclark (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:52:16 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:59:58 Join gclark [0] (~gclark@
18:00:12 Quit elinenbe ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
18:14:08 Part gclark
19:18:58 Join baratheon [0] (~Rob@
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19:41:50 Nick edx is now known as edx`eat (
19:43:24 Quit baratheon ("Client Exiting")
19:44:48 Quit kargatis ("Suckers!")
19:48:09 Quit TotMacher ()
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20:50:56 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:41:08quel|outmust go
21:41:29quel|outsee you next week
21:42:12 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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23:02:40 Quit zodd ()
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23:43:28 Nick edx`bla is now known as edx (
23:46:03 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
23:47:42 Join ricII [0] (
23:55:04 Join EGM92 [0] (
23:58:45EGM92ANYONE here?

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