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#rockbox log for 2003-01-18

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00:04:17hardeepEGM92: yeah
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00:14:55adi|workhowdy EGM92
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00:23:23hardeepheya LinusN
00:25:50ricIIhi, just fische
00:26:04ricIIfinished work,
00:26:14ricIIrockbox time :)
00:27:50EGM92Hey I got a question to those who r developing and working on the scrolling options on Rockbox, is there a way to make the TEXT loop instead of back and forth
00:28:21hardeepEGM92: set your bidir scroll to 0%
00:30:06EGM92i don't see anything like that?
00:31:06hardeepEGM92: General Settings->Display->Scroll->Bidirectional Scroll
00:31:53EGM92I don't hav e that option......all I got it
00:32:07EGM92Scroll speed and Scrool start delay
00:32:14hardeepEGM92: what device do you have?
00:33:19hardeepEGM92: try a bleeding edge build... i believe the option for player was added recently
00:33:43EGM92oh ok, problem is I don't know how to add all of these firmware's and stuff
00:34:34ricIIanyway to get the on+play screen on uisim?
00:34:52LinusNEGM92: i can't remember that rockbox has ever scrolled back and forth before the bidir scroll feature was added
00:35:36EGM92well it's here man
00:36:44hardeepEGM92: what version of rockbox are you using?
00:37:02EGM92how do I find the exact version?
00:37:22hardeep"Version" from the main menu
00:37:46EGM92rockbox cvs-030114
00:38:32hardeepEGM92: download the latest bleeding edge build at the bottom of the daily builds section
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01:22:10MThiya, in the self serving interests that we all have, I've just bought a recorder fm, and want a replacement firmware for it, so ive come here to volunteer my services as tester/code monkey/whatever
01:22:34MTi know the faq says no to fm support, but browsing cvs seems to suggest its in the pipelines, so id liek to do whatever i can
01:22:39LinusNMT: you're welcome
01:22:49MT.. i really do type better when I'm coding, I swear ..
01:22:58LinusNdownload and run the latest bleeding edge builds
01:23:48MTi can always get the original firmware back onto the system right? I'm not going to kill my 200 new toy am I? :0
01:24:35LinusNit is not 100% safe, but 99.9%
01:24:46LinusNyou can always remove rockbox again
01:25:09MTgood enough for me ;)
01:28:15LinusNthe fm radio is not yet supported
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01:33:04MTdoesnt work great in the archos firmware anyways ;)
01:33:13MT\o/ - instant panic ;)
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01:38:49gclarkLinusN: did you check the latest patch I sent you?
01:39:05LinusNi haven't had the time
01:39:16LinusNi don't get much computer time nowadays
01:39:36LinusNi'm 500 kilometers from home
01:39:44gclarkIt seems to have solved the buffer underrun problem.
01:39:51LinusNgclark: it should, yes
01:39:57LinusNgreat work
01:41:02LinusNi'll commit the patch this weekend
01:45:04MTtime to co the src
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01:57:16LinusNnite all
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02:47:40*gclark is away: I'm busy
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03:37:50ricIIwhere sould I put the code to 'queue' m3u & directories, the gui already suggest this is possible..
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07:18:25TweekendHow are ya doing?
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07:20:58TweekendGTG, l8r
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08:46:41BenjaminTMHi all
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09:16:25_Erik_im using 2100mAh batteries, and when i change battery capacity in the rockbox settings (from 1500 to 2100), whenever i reboot it changes it back to 1500
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11:34:18quelsarukZagor: what are you doing here today?
11:35:24Zagornothing important :-)
11:35:47quelsaruki mena.. you should be sleeping.... as i should be
11:37:22Zagornah, i've already had a nice breakfast with my girlfriend, read the papers etc.
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11:38:03breakerHi! My 8MB mod on recorder is working!!!
11:38:15quelsarukread the papers.... that means you *have* to go outside?? you are crazy!!
11:38:16Zagoryay, cool!
11:38:28Zagorquelsaruk: no, I have the paper delivered.
11:38:38quelsarukthat sounds better
11:38:43breakerI have only one problem with the mpeg buffering:
11:39:17breakerWhen the buffer is filled the first time (takes about 8sec), the playback stops at 4sec.
11:39:27quelsarukbreaker: your mod is amazing.. but a bit risky :)
11:40:01breakerWhen Rockbox plays the whole buffer and begins to buffer again, playback starts again and works from this point on.
11:40:19breakerRockbox V1.3 works also at the first buffering.
11:41:05Zagorbreaker: that is because we now use dynamic watermarks, that expect buffering to take a certain time
11:41:09breakerZagor: Do you know what could cause this problem (what is different at the first buffering)?
11:41:18Zagorwith 4x the memory, the buffering takes longer than we expect
11:41:41Zagorthe first buffering has no statistics, so uses a hardcoded watermark
11:42:03breakerOh! So where can I change it? ;)
11:42:11Zagori mpeg.c i think
11:42:52breakerquelsaruk: Which one? Alarm mod or 8mb ram mod? ;-)
11:43:11breakerZagor: TNX, I'll look at it and try it out.
11:43:32breakerDoc to the 8mb mod on recorder comes tomorrow.
11:43:53quelsarukbut i don't think i'll do the alarm mod, maybe the 8 MB mod... if i'm crazy enough
11:44:51breakerThe alarm mod is easy to make, changing the ram *IS* risky.. ;)
11:45:24quelsarukbut i can't think for what i can use the alarm mod
11:46:53breakerZagor: Would "MPEG_LOW_WATER 0xC0000" (4 times the old size be ok? I think MPEG_LOW_WATER_CHUNKSIZE needn't be changed?
11:47:17breakerquelsaruk: Wake up with music. :)
11:47:35Zagorbreaker: i think that would be good.
11:48:01Zagorbut that's linus' code. i haven't looked very much at it.
11:48:35quelsarukbreaker: my neighbours would kill me.... i'm sure ;)
11:56:11quelsarukbreaker: you are the one who made the batt code?
11:56:22quelsarukcharging and soo on?
11:57:01 Join _aLF [0] (
11:57:45quelsarukjust some stupids questions
11:57:54quelsarukif you don't mind breaker
11:58:14_aLFcan I build the cvs with windows for my FM recorder ?
11:58:19quelsaruki'm too lazy to read the faq :)
11:58:47breakerHm. Whats the problem?
11:59:19quelsarukjust wanted to know.. how long are we charging until top-off charge?
11:59:21Zagor_aLF: there are daily builds available for the FM recorder now
11:59:27quelsarukit's curiosity...
12:00:06breakerquelsaruk: Until the batteries are full. :-) (Delta peak is detected)
12:00:18quelsarukbreaker... i mean.. in time
12:00:28quelsaruk6 hours...
12:00:37breakerDepends on how full are the batteries.
12:00:39Zagorquelsaruk: whatever is necessary
12:00:46breakerI'd say max 10h with 2000mAh.
12:01:08quelsaruki know it's a stupid question.. i warned you before.. :)
12:01:19quelsarukthx breaker
12:01:24Zagor_aLF: but yes, you can build the cvs with windows if you want to
12:01:39_aLFmy archos has very strange behaviour : it switch off while playing
12:01:46_aLFZagor> ok, thks
12:02:49Zagor_aLF: the fm recorder has only limited support, so expect it to bug a lot
12:03:02Zagorwe have just started supporting it
12:03:34breakerPlayback works now, even the value is not optimal yet. Bye..
12:10:06 Quit breaker ()
12:11:10_aLFI have pane : *PANIC* mas_ctrl_w: -1
12:11:28Zagorwhen did it happen?
12:11:41_aLFjust after the rockbox logo
12:12:18_aLF(it appears just one 1 second)
12:12:32_aLFnow, the hd led blink
12:12:46quelsarukmust go
12:13:08quelsarukand zagor.. don't work to hard ;)
12:13:34 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
12:13:50_aLFis it normal that I see the boot sequence of rom1.30j ?
12:14:30Zagoryes. the archos boot starts first, and then loads rockbox
12:28:22_aLFwhat happend if I disconnect the archos without choose "eject" in windows ?
12:38:42ricIIaLF: could be that not all changes to the drive have been written yet..
12:40:22_aLFnothing more ?
12:45:22ricIIno, but that could mean file corruption
12:46:49_aLFok. So I don't understand why it switch off while playing with archos rom ...
12:53:33ricII_aLF: i see rockbox also panics ...
13:07:51 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:11:29Zagor_aLF: you get poweroff with the archos firmware?
13:12:02_aLFZagor> yes
13:12:41Zagorthat's not good
13:12:46Zagorduring music playback?
13:13:15_aLFyes during music playback
13:13:39ricIIsounds likes a hardware problem
13:13:39_aLFI received the archos last thuesday
13:14:10Zagor_aLF: is the archos sitting still on the desk or is it in your back/pocket when this happens?
13:14:24_aLFon the desk
13:14:34_aLFno vibration at all
13:14:49Zagorthat's bad. you should contact archos about it.
13:15:26_aLFthe harddrive also make strange noise sometime
13:15:42Zagorhow does it sound?
13:15:42ricII_aLF you could try a hd 'surface-scan'
13:16:17_aLFricII> It's in progress
13:16:25ricIImake sure y'r batteries are fully charged and plugin the power adapter..
13:17:09_aLFZagor> like in standby mode but higher sound, a frequency of sound vary a little bit
13:17:20_aLF-a +the
13:17:33_aLF(since this morning)
13:18:18ricIIgess there is nowway to access the smart registers of the drive..
13:18:43Zagoryes there is
13:18:52_aLFZagor> ? how ?
13:19:25Zagorwell we haven't added any code for it in rockbox, but there are ATA commands that can access that info
13:19:51ricIIthat could tell us a lot about the drives condition..
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13:20:09Zagormight be a good idea for a debug menu option
13:21:02ricIII would surly decrease the hd realated bugreports.
13:24:16_aLFZagor> do you know if SMART register can be access through usb ?
13:24:26Zagoryes it can
13:24:46ricIIlitte question about shuffle, how sould it work when activated mid playlist? just shuffle remainder?
13:25:45Zagori think it shuffles everything
13:26:20Zagordon't remember exactly
13:26:29ricIIsould it?
13:27:03Zagori think so
13:27:33ricIIposible playing a song that just was played
13:28:12Zagorbut if not, half the playlist will be un-shuffled even you are in shuffle mode. very annoying when the list repeats
13:28:58ricIIa point.
13:35:27ricIIwhat about: queue/insert are not affected by shuffle, but append is ?
13:36:59Zagorthe queue should not be shuffled at all, imho
13:37:03ricII(thinking out my resume strategy)
13:37:28 Join webmind [0] (
13:37:40Zagorhi webmind
13:41:24ricIIinsert sould behave like queuing it's just more permanent...
13:41:33webmindeej ric
13:41:45*webmind killed his archos disk...
13:42:03webminddo u still have warranty sticker in one piece ?
13:42:58ricIIonly got 2.1g around..
13:43:10webminda.. a hd :)
13:43:49ricIIyou can come by and take it (after I saved the data)
13:46:13webmindi can hav it ?
13:46:33ricIIand just maybe I could freeup a 4.3gb, but I will be needing that back sometime (alpha multia)
13:48:19webmindcool! thnx!
13:50:02ricIIsould I start looking for 4.3gb, will you dropby ?
13:51:10ricIIwill y'r player boot on only 4.3gb?
13:58:37webmindit boots on anyhthing.. but the 2.1 will be enough...
13:58:47webmindbtw, isnt that one ferom alpha scsi ?
13:59:16ricIIalpha has ide (just can't boot from it) but I already freeed the 4.3
14:04:37ricIIofcourse I would have liked to have had the original 2.5" scsi hd, but the multia was stripped when I got it.
14:06:08webmindi know someone with a few 2.5" scsi hd's
14:06:27webmindmultia spare parts :)
14:08:10ricIIhmm.. :)
14:12:49webmindif your intterested.. the guy will be at fosdem
14:15:47ricIIsure, but we're drifting off topic here:)
14:16:05webminduhm.. yes.. that bad ?
14:16:46ricIIdon't ask me :)
14:17:39webmindwell if it is.. ppl will complain
14:17:43webmindand other wise np
14:19:27webmindmaar lemme know if ur interested.. can ask for ya otherwise :)
14:20:01ricIIneed to grab some food..
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14:37:21 Join Lear [0] (
14:37:48LearAnyone tried a player build recently (like today :)?
14:38:03LearJust tried that. The ROM firmware won't load it... :/
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15:55:16ZagorLear: tried the daily build?
15:55:51LearNo, a build of my own. Without a certain patch I'm working on it works, with it, it doesn't...
15:59:03LearBtw, shouldn't setid3v1title set the id3v1len field in the mp3entry struct?
16:06:44Zagorv1len is always 128
16:07:29Zagoralthough it seems we use it in mpeg.c, so you're right
16:36:17 Join MT [0] (
16:36:18 Quit EGM92 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:18Zagorhi MT
16:50:55LearZagor: Perhaps I should send you the code that makes the .mod not load? Maybe you can find any explanation, because I don't really know what to look for. :)
16:52:41LearJust one final test...
17:00:48LearOK, mail away.
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17:23:06LearZagor: it bounced ("sh: /home/dast/bin/procmail: not found"). I used the haxx address (from the mailing list)...
17:24:00LearZagor: Happened at from what I can tell
17:25:03Zagorseems to be some type of problem at contactor right now
17:25:41LearI'm using Chatzilla, so I can't dcc it. :)
17:26:05Zagorcan you upload it somewhere?
17:26:54LearSure, wait a minute...
17:28:48LearZagor: lear/temp/">
17:29:07 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
17:33:53Zagori see nothing strange in the code
17:34:20 Join ken0_ [0] (~marklar2@
17:40:18LearHm... I #ifdef:ed out some code and the .mod loads. I'll try to narrow it down a bit.
17:42:38LearSomewhere in read_ape_tag itself it seems...
17:52:46 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:54:44LearHe, some of my test versions makes the "boot loader" hang... :/
17:59:23Zagorvery very odd
17:59:25LearA line like "else if (!strcmp(, APE_TAG_FIELD_TRACK))" is a part of the problem, but there seems to be more...
17:59:29Zagorcan you ROLO them?
18:00:06LearNot sure really. It doesn't complain, but I'm not sure if the new version actually was loaded (either that, or the patch didn't work :)
18:01:11Zagori have never heard that the contents of the file made the loader refuse it
18:02:50LearSeems like it doesn't like the string APETAGEX at least; I suspect that causes the hangs...
18:03:58LearOr something...
18:04:36LearCould it be a size-related issue? That the .mod gets too large with my patch?
18:04:59Zagorhow large is it?
18:05:27LearOne that doesn't work is 98 623 bytes...
18:06:12Zagorand without your patch?
18:06:54 Join datazone [0] (~datazone@
18:07:27LearOne that loads is 98 582 bytes; without my patch a few hundred bytes smaller...
18:08:32LearAbout 97 494 bytes without the patch; that's with english strings, btw.
18:16:03Zagortry padding the working code with some nonsense data and see what happens
18:20:20 Quit ricII (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:27:23LearTried padding to make it even larger. No difference. And now I have tried some version that were smaller than 98582 bytes that still didn't load. But I can try padding a working version as well...
18:30:38LearOK, padding to 98646 bytes didn't cause any problems at least.
18:31:08 Join ricII [0] (
18:38:54ricIIbesides food I needed sleep aswell ;)
18:39:35Zagorwuss ;)
18:40:15LearData padding didn't cause problems; code padding was another story though.
18:41:56 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
19:11:15 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
19:12:06LearGah, zagor left mere seconds before I was hitting return on a question to him... :)
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19:20:28webmindricII, ?
19:21:31webmindhm, nm..
19:21:33webmindbye ppl!
19:22:07ricIIbye webmind
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19:39:47 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.3b/20030117]")
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20:47:21 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The best part of waking up is BitchX in your cup")
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22:11:31MeRWiNdead in here
22:14:33 Join edx [0] (
22:27:50ricIIbusy getting resume to work..
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