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#rockbox log for 2003-01-19

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00:27:12ricIIhmm, I just found an old 32mb sodimm with 4x gm71vs65163clt5 :) 8mb rammod :)
00:27:48werty1stcan somebody explain why there is a new build called fmrecorder
00:29:19ricIIit's for the fm-rec20..
00:33:32werty1stis this a new model
00:37:13ricIIwith a fmradio reciever
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01:04:28MTand it almost works too :)
01:04:55LinusNwell, almost
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01:34:56elinenbe3anyone here?
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02:00:46elinenbehi there
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02:48:46elinenbericII: hi
02:48:57elinenbericII: how is the new playlisting code coming?
02:50:14ricIIbusy with resume
02:51:20ricIII sould be simple now, but I can't realy concentrate..
02:57:47ricIIyou can take look at it, it also simplifies tree.c
02:58:59elinenbeI am really looking forward to recursive directory play
03:01:35ricIIthat will have to wait a litle.. (when I put my mind on tree.c)
03:03:32ricIImeanwhile I found a suitable 8mb ram chip
03:04:07ricIIwhich ofcourse also drains attention...
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03:24:01breakerAnybody awake here?
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06:41:16GoNE|auR0anyone here?
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07:09:10auRaquestion, if anyone can answer (if anyone is around)
07:09:31auRaIs there any difference between the JBR 10, 15, and 20 other than the size of the harddrive?
07:10:08PsycoXulthe JBR2 has usb2.0
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07:51:52auRais not having 2.0 a big issue?
07:53:04PsycoXulusb1.1 is limited to 12mbit
07:53:06PsycoXulusb2.0 is 480mbit
07:53:16PsycoXulbut you need usb2.0 support on your computer to use it
07:57:25auRaya, i'm pretty sure i do have it
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10:53:58BernieP_Problem with archos20030119.ajz: After install & rebooting −−> *Panic* mas_ctrl_w: -1
10:55:05BernieP_archos20030119.ajz: It's the latest firmware for the FM recorder
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13:30:44Mine78anyone know when new version will be out ?
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14:28:11breakerI read in the IRC log you also want to make the 8mb mod?
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14:53:51ricIIbreaker yep..
14:54:44ricIIgot the sodimm infront of me, just need to get off a chip in one piece
15:01:27breakersodium? One can remove ICs with this?
15:02:22ricIIso == small outline
15:02:32ricIIold laptop memory
15:03:01breakerOh. :) I just looked into the dictionary and is says it's the chemical element I know as "Natrium".
15:04:48ricIII don't know howmore dificult it is to work with 2nd hand smd chips...
15:05:39breakerI don't know how to de-solder it in one piece.. (OK, with the heat fan Matthias described. But I haven't one.)
15:06:05breakerI could sell you one Micron dram.
15:06:18breakerI'd bought too much..
15:06:25ricIIif I get them off in one piece...
15:08:19ricIIa paint stripper souldn't cost more then 40,- Eur
15:11:18ricIII tried the cutting solution (distroy the old part) on my alpha-multia and had to 'repair' some pcb tracings
15:12:02ricIIbut it works as you can see, it my gateway & firewall :)
15:26:52breakerBut you need special nozzles for the heat fan. If you heat up the whole area, I'm pretty sure that the device will be broken.
15:27:40ricIIit only heats up to 300 cel.
15:28:01ricIIbut I got all 4 them off (borowed a heatfan)
15:30:35ricIItook less then a minute :)
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15:34:35ricIInow take a closer look to uwe pictures
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15:40:20ricIIbreaker: now I also got 3 spairs, but I'm sure more people are intrested in the ram-mod
15:47:51breakerSo now you have the "new" 8MB RAM. Do you make the mod now in the next hours?
15:53:18ricIIno, first I want to finish my playlist code (and some other jobs)
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16:29:47elinenbe3anon CVS back up
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18:33:09ricIIwould 60ns ram (CLT6) be anough for the archos?
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19:49:44Phantomis somebody have the GNUSH compiler for windows ?
19:51:46PhantomThe GNU-SH Tool Chain for Windows
19:51:52Phantomnobody ?
19:52:09Phantomor on a small FTP ?
19:52:29Phantomor who is registered on the website
19:54:04PhantomNobody can help me to buld rockbox under windows (without Cygwin, it don't seem to work with longhorn)
19:55:04Hadakause vmware and install linux if that windows is so precious to you ;)
19:55:17Phantomit isn't precious
19:55:42Phantombut linux is a really new for me
19:55:59Phantomand VMWARE is really slow
19:56:48Hadakaoof, gotta run, sorry
19:57:17Phantom S O S
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21:17:35Phantomis there a way to have a simulator under Windows
21:18:22Phantom /
21:19:16ricIIbreaker: would 60ns ram (CLT6) do?
21:20:19 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
21:21:06breakerMatthias and I used 50ns, but the DRAM in my recorder was 60ns. So 60ns should work.
21:54:51ricIIok, the datasheet kept me in the dark.
21:58:29 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see; maybe it'll bring my love )
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22:12:51 Join jony [0] (~jony@
22:13:03jonythis is kind of offtopic but
22:13:46jonyi reinstalled winxp and it erased grub so i booted with a rescue disk and reinstalled grub
22:14:18jonynow linux boots perfectly but windowse doesnt
22:14:25jonywhat could it be
22:14:41jonythe grub commands in grub.conf are :
22:14:59jonyrootnoverify (hd0,0)
22:15:10jonychainloader +1
22:15:16jonythats it
22:15:24jonywhat could it be????
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23:22:03s0beGuest: is having troubles
23:23:23 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:23:51Guestnono - guest isn` having troubles :DDD
23:24:13Guestguest is testing jirc chat applet :D
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23:25:45Guestok -test , 1-2
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23:31:59Jet8810hey Linus
23:32:20LinusNfinally got my linux PPP working
23:32:29LinusNsilly soft modem crap
23:32:47Jet8810I think I am going to give in and get the $40 archos kit with remote control and such
23:33:07LinusNfor the remote?
23:33:24Jet8810well also want other stuff anyway
23:33:30Jet8810so I can justify it
23:33:45Jet8810for instance, I can play music in car with tape adapter, and next native step is car charger to keep it charged
23:33:59Jet8810if you could buy remote seperate would get rest of it seperate cheaper probably though lol
23:34:11Jet8810i really wonder how those multimedias are
23:34:15Jet8810and the card readers and stuff
23:35:15 Join Guest [0] (
23:35:26LinusNooh, we have a guest
23:35:39Guesthuuu :D
23:35:57 Part devZer0
23:35:58Jet8810do any of you have a PDA?
23:36:10LinusNa Psion 5 MX
23:37:46Jet8810old one
23:37:55LinusNyup, but good
23:37:57Jet8810use as laptop replacement?
23:38:15LinusNhas a keyboard, unlike those Palm thingies
23:38:32Jet8810you can get folding keyboards though
23:38:36Jet8810so you have smaller form factor
23:38:40NibblerJet8810: i was searching for some info on a remote just at this moment and didnt find any. can u gimme some url?
23:38:41LinusNi sometimes us it to read mail and telnet
23:38:42Jet8810I have one of those Pocket PCs...TOshiba
23:39:09Jet8810or cheaper at
23:39:11Nibblerbtw: i just got my recorder yesterday and rockbox really roxx0rs :]
23:39:13LinusNbut i mostly use the calendar, contact data base and the jotter
23:39:22LinusNNibbler: congrats
23:39:53Nibblerrockbox was first i copied onto it, today i gave the normal soft a tray but it crashed after 2 mins :]
23:40:02Jet8810yea I love archos
23:40:09Jet8810now just to justify getting those 2100 mah batts too hehe
23:40:14Jet8810know of a good cheap online store?
23:40:50Nibblerso only way to get the remote is the car-kit? :|
23:40:56Jet8810sigh yea
23:40:59Jet8810but I want other stuff too
23:41:04Jet8810so I suppose I can justify it
23:41:18Jet8810although if you call Archos perhaps they could create a deal wit hya
23:41:22*Nibbler not really :|
23:41:41Nibblerwhere does the remote get connected to?
23:41:55Jet8810good question
23:41:59Jet8810headphoen jack I suppose
23:42:00 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:42:22LinusNthe headphone jack is actially a 4-pin jack
23:42:28 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:42:38LinusNthe 4th pin goes to the serial port of the CPU
23:42:59Nibblerah kk :]
23:44:03Jet8810whats red and white thing?
23:44:07Jet8810plug that comes with recorder?
23:44:26 Join [oC]AimVector [0] (
23:45:13LinusNit's an adapter to connect from ear out to a stereo
23:45:22[oC]AimVectorhow do i add patches?
23:45:26LinusNor digital out to a stereo
23:45:30[oC]AimVectorto my jukebox
23:45:57LinusN[oC]AimVector: you download the source code, apply the patch and recompile
23:46:03[oC]AimVectorLinusN ah
23:46:10[oC]AimVectordo i have to compile in linux yeh?
23:46:22LinusNno, cygwin on Windows works too
23:46:45[oC]AimVectorid prether linux anyway :p
23:47:36Jet8810anybody want to buy an extra archos charger? (wall)
23:47:51 Quit edx`idle ()
23:48:04Jet8810also have an extra blue case, headphones, and legit musicmatch liscense LOL
23:48:04[oC]AimVectorJet8810 how much?
23:48:32Jet881050% of archos price LOL
23:48:44[oC]AimVectormy musicmatch key that came my my archos box doest work
23:48:54[oC]AimVectorJet8810 na its ok mine still works (charger)
23:49:05Jet8810come on
23:49:07Jet8810how about $7?
23:49:18[oC]AimVectornah ur awrite
23:49:23[oC]AimVectorthx anyway
23:49:43Jet8810archos ones?
23:49:45Jet8810or the blue case?
23:49:46[oC]AimVectori wouldnt mind a blue lcd screen instead of green
23:49:50Jet8810how about an extra sync cable?
23:49:51[oC]AimVectori have all of em
23:50:01Jet8810so get extras
23:50:08[oC]AimVectorhow can i get a blue lcd screen?
23:50:11[oC]AimVectorchange the led's?
23:50:59[oC]AimVectorim too scared to do that
23:52:19Nibbler$40 for a remote *grml*
23:52:45Jet8810or get either a sync cable, blue case, headphones (archos) wall charger or musicmatch liscense from me! :)
23:53:54Nibblerhmmm right, there comes musicmatch with the recorder.... but i guess its not worth putting the cd into my computer :]
23:55:19 Join duke_sam_vimes [0] (Duke_Sam_V@
23:55:23duke_sam_vimeshello all
23:55:27Jet8810well actually
23:55:28Jet8810I have two
23:55:30Jet8810one I use
23:55:39Jet8810and one I have never installed so its completely legit
23:58:49breakerLinusN: The playback problem with filling the buffer the first time when having 8 MB is still there. Any ideas?

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