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#rockbox log for 2003-01-20

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00:03:24breakerAh, Gerald. I just wrote here that I applied your patch but it's not enough to avoid the playback problem with filling buffer + 8MB. Any more ideas?
00:04:10LinusNbreaker: what is the problem?
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00:04:38LinusNskipping when reloading after reaching the watermark?
00:04:56breakerYes. Exactly. But only when filling it the first time.
00:05:09breakerWhen I turn on the device.
00:05:10LinusNaha, then geralds patch is of no help to you
00:05:18breakerHm. A little.
00:05:32LinusNso it starts playing and then skips?
00:05:34breakerIt seems to be less frequently.
00:05:43breakerWhen it happens, it's like this:
00:06:12breakerIt starts reading. The whole reading phase is about 9 sec. At 5 sec, the music "stops" (I hear nothing).
00:06:25LinusNok i get it
00:06:30breakerWhen the buffer is filled after 5 Min or so, when the buffer is filled again, playback starts again.
00:06:58breakerIn the debug menu (mp3buffer thread), it all looks good.
00:07:07breakerIs only that I don't hear something.
00:07:39LinusNbreaker: it is the bitswapping that doesn't get enough time
00:08:01breakerHm. I don't understand.
00:08:07LinusNtry to set amount_to_read to 0x100000
00:08:12breakerBitswap is done before fitting data to the MAS.
00:08:37breakerOK, i'll try it now.
00:08:40LinusN amount_to_read = MIN(0x100000, amount_to_read);
00:09:09LinusNright before if(mpeg_file<0)
00:09:28LinusNsorry, if(mpeg_file >= 0)
00:10:08LinusNthe thing is that the bitswap swaps up to the watermark level, then it doesn't run again until all data is read
00:11:32breakerWhich line in the source? 1697?
00:11:37breakerShould I add the line?
00:12:11breakerShouldn't it be MAX(...)?
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00:15:11breakerLinusN: I mean, add the line or replace the old one (amount_to_read = MIN(mp3buflen - mp3buf_write, amount_to_read);)
00:17:58breakerLinusN: Ooops, I recompiled. Now my AJB hangs. ;-)
00:18:18breakerAnd the disk led is stays on.
00:19:27breakerCan it be that bitswap now starts too early and runs faster than filling the buffer?
00:19:46gclarkIsn't this fun? :>)
00:20:00breakerI mean, start bitwap when 0x10000 bytes read and it runs until 0x100000?
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00:27:26breakerI now *added* the line and it seems to work.
00:27:38breakerNow one of you has to tell me why. ;-)
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00:32:01breakerIt works again and again. :-) Is the code a problem for the 2MB version? I mean, can it be added to CVS?
00:34:22LinusNbreaker: it is not optimal for the 2Mb version
00:34:34LinusNhave you tried 0x200000?
00:34:59breakerNo, adding amount_to_read = MIN(0x100000, amount_to_read); after the line that was there.
00:35:22breakerShall I try 0x200000?
00:40:17breakerShouldn't we then add a #ifded HAVE_8MB ?
00:42:37breakerOh, cool: When I quickly go to the debug screen after starting playback, I can see the bitswap working.
00:42:52breakerIt starts after the hdd finishes to read and takes about 10 sec!
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00:44:36maulihi! I'm kind of new to Rockbox. Can anybody tell me how to display the free memory of my recorder?
00:45:22Nibblermauli: most easy when plugged to your windows box
00:45:58mauliok, of course, but no possibility to display without pc?
00:46:20Nibblerit is with the latest builds at least
00:46:37Nibblerdidnt see the option for that in the 1.4 release...
00:46:59mauliit's not necessary, but would be nice i think :-)
00:47:02Nibblerbut im also very new to all this so well :] might be im wrong
00:49:30breakermauli: Do you use a CVS version or 1.4?
00:51:30mauli1.4, should use a daily, shouldn't i?
00:52:04LinusNi would recommend it
00:52:40maulihmm, just because of the mem-display or are there other important changes?
00:52:48LinusNbreaker: i think an #ifdef would be in place
00:52:50breakerYeeesss. :-))
00:53:01LinusNmauli: recording, file operations and more
00:53:26mauli...updating... :-)
00:53:30breakerLinusN: You mean iT#s ok to add one?
00:53:49LinusNbreaker: i'm not sure how Zagor and Bagder feels about adding code for that kind of mod
00:53:59Nibblerfileoperations? didnt find those.... is there a hold-mode anywhere also?
00:54:00LinusNpersonally, i have no problem with it
00:54:17LinusNNibbler: press F1+DOWN in the WPS
00:54:18breakerOK, the same question for the alarm mod I think..
00:54:21LinusNto lock the keys
00:54:28LinusNbreaker: yup
00:55:03LinusNi'm not too happy having code that requires a hardware mod
00:55:04breakerLinusN: Bagder also said it's ok in the ML. I don't know what Zagor thinks about it.
00:55:18Nibbler\o/ LinusN
00:55:22breakerI have added a HAVA_ALARM_MOD in my private version here.
00:56:38*Nibbler goes and trys hold
00:57:55LinusNgclark: i have been thinking about your patch
00:58:19LinusNi'm not sure we need dynamic DMA buffer sizes
00:59:04LinusNit might even break things
00:59:15breakerAnd now I'm going to sleep. If there's something I should test tomorrow, write me a main. Bye.
00:59:29LinusNi'd like it to be constantly 0x2000 or something
00:59:33LinusNbreaker: nite
00:59:40MTevening chaps
00:59:40 Quit breaker ()
00:59:50LinusNMT: evening
01:00:02MTLudovic Lange from the mailing lists, does he use irc anyone know?
01:05:17maulithanks linusn, cvs-version is very nice .-)
01:05:39LinusNmauli: glad you liked it :-)
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01:08:47gclarkLinusN: So put a max 0x200 in there ?
01:09:10gclarkWhoops MAX ( 0x20000 , something )
01:09:22mauligood night @ all and thanks again :-)
01:09:28LinusNmauli: nite
01:09:33 Part mauli
01:09:35gclarkRats, I can't get the number v 0's right!
01:09:56LinusNgclark: no, MIN(0x2000, something)
01:11:16gclarkYes, fuzzy right now, Taking apart an 8 channel mixer.
01:11:42LinusNthat's the easy part :-)
01:12:00LinusNputting it together again is the real challenge
01:12:25LinusNno to mention getting it to work
01:12:38gclarkThat's for sure. Bad channel, and someone OBVIOUSLY worked on it before.
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01:13:17elinenbehi there
01:13:20LinusNgclark: i'm impressed that you had the guts to penetrate the mpeg code
01:13:22elinenbeLinusN: hi there.
01:13:29LinusNnot many people do
01:13:32LinusNhi elinenbe
01:13:36elinenbeLinusN: long time no see.
01:13:46elinenbeLinusN: how are things with the baby?
01:13:54LinusNshe's allright
01:13:58gclarkWell, I have been programming micros in assembler and C since 1975.
01:14:02LinusNwife is still really bad
01:14:17LinusNgclark: oh, that explains it
01:14:28LinusNme since about 1985
01:14:44gclarkI need to fix my printer, and print out the code. Reading and tracing in mc isn't easy.
01:14:50elinenbeLinusN: I hope everything is better soon.
01:15:04LinusNelinenbe: will take quite some months, i'm afraid
01:15:14elinenbegclark: you have been doing watermark editing?
01:15:46elinenbeLinusN: well, I hope everything is better in time.
01:15:51gclarkJust enough to get my slow radio mp3's to run.
01:16:42elinenbethere has been much more active rockbox development recently.
01:16:44LinusNgclark: can you try to use 0x2000?
01:16:50elinenbethe project is really maturing.
01:16:55LinusNelinenbe: yeah, christmas is over now
01:17:07elinenbeit's nice to see this.
01:17:12gclarkSure thing, I't do it right now, and get back to you.
01:17:25elinenbeLinusN: have you been working on anything in regards to rockbox recently?
01:17:52elinenbeI tried those two little games that were posted to the patch list... they are neat.
01:18:14LinusNelinenbe: no, no development at all, only nursing my family
01:18:25elinenbewell, that is more important
01:21:19Nibblerhow can i axx file-operations?
01:27:32devZer0sorry guys, I don`t want to disturb your conversation. But before everyone goes to sleep (I will do soon), i`d like to tell you, that I have set up a demo for java based IRC Chat. So it could be be a lot easier for people to join rockbox chat, because they won`t need download and setting up IRC Client, if they have none. Is someone interested in trying this?
01:28:10devZer0It should work on most java enabled browsers
01:28:18Nibblergimme url
01:28:30LinusNhow large is the applet?
01:29:02devZer0unfortunately NOT freeware, but shareware.
01:29:20devZer0but it is very GOOD product.
01:29:32 Join NibbIer [0] (
01:29:38devZer0have tried a LOT of them, and this is one of the best, I found so far
01:30:04NibbIeropera 7ßb compatible :)
01:30:19 Join elinenbe_java [0] (
01:30:23elinenbe_javahi there.
01:30:26NibbIerit spams me with "please register" but well :)
01:30:26elinenbe_javahi there.
01:30:30devZer0tried it with netscape 7, mozilla, ie6 - all work
01:30:42elinenbe_javaI am on the channel in java.
01:30:44elinenbe_javathis is nice.
01:30:44LinusNoops, seems i didn't install Java on my Linux box
01:30:50 Join Nubbler [0] (
01:30:50devZer0just downloaded Netscape 4.8 and will try, too
01:30:59elinenbe_javamaybe we could get more developers on the project with this.
01:31:08elinenbe_javabut you should register it first!
01:31:15NubblerM$IE 6 here
01:31:18 Quit elinenbe_java (Client Quit)
01:31:20 Quit Nubbler (Client Quit)
01:31:33devZer0elinebe: that`s, what im thinking about :D
01:31:38 Quit NibbIer (Client Quit)
01:31:55devZer0hey: registering means paying 49$.
01:32:09devZer0maybe this could be my donation to the project....
01:32:17LinusNan embedded systems developer that can't install an IRC client?
01:32:33elinenbethen you could use it for other sites too! - right?
01:32:38devZer0hey :)
01:32:51devZer0not everybody knows and uses IRC !
01:32:55devZer0really !
01:33:03elinenbeIt would be nice to run something like this on the rockbox web page.
01:33:23devZer0yes - you could just link to that - and it just works
01:33:36Nibblermaybe some CGI:IRC would b even better?
01:33:37devZer0the tricky part is, that the applet is a SIGNED one.
01:33:54devZer0mhhh - don`t really like CGI based chats
01:33:58devZer0they are ugly
01:34:11Nibblerme neither, but if u r firewalled or java-disabled....
01:34:18PsycoXuljava's not winning any beauty pageants
01:35:36Nibblerand for reasonable chat u need reasonable client neways...
01:36:19devZer0Nibbler: this applet is SOCKS capable ! have never seen an applet that is SOCKS capable !
01:36:51gclarkDownload Java while I listen to latest patched ROCKbox.
01:37:08devZer0i think the guys at know, what they do - as you rockbox guys do :D
01:42:25PsycoXuljust around xmas i went looking for an irc client i could use without downloading and installing anything
01:42:35PsycoXuland all i found was worthless, and ended up downloading and installing something
01:43:29devZer0yes - I have a long journey behind me, too :D
01:43:43devZer0but I think, this one is really good
01:44:01PsycoXuli found jpilot too
01:44:04devZer0though, it is simple one - just for basic IRC features
01:44:19PsycoXulbut it was probably only on some stupid other people's servers and wouldn't let me connect to the one i needed
01:44:53devZer0yes - that is java security feature
01:45:10PsycoXuland i have an inherent distaste for any kinda payware
01:45:20devZer0a java applet is ONLY allowed to connect to site, that it was downloaded from
01:45:28devZer0yes - me too.
01:45:49devZer0but we are speaking of rockbox project, not just for private fun.
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01:48:11devZer0now trying with netscape 4.8
01:48:14devZer0works flawlessly
01:48:24LinusNgclark: did you try 0x2000?
01:48:32devZer0so somebody tell me, which browser does NOT work
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01:55:20devZer0hey. a netsplit possibly caused by too many jirc-sessions :DDD
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02:01:22devZer0Linus: Do you think that is worth a link from rockbox pages?
02:01:52devZer0We can do 1/2/3 weeks for evaluation. If people like it, I will buy a license
02:02:06LinusNi have no opinion, actually
02:02:24LinusNi think it would be fine
02:03:44devZer0ok. I will count downloads of the applet. If it is <XXX ?? (say a number) - perhaps i won't buy it :)
02:05:07Nibblerand compare the XXX to the number of ppl using it showing up here :)
02:05:27LinusNi'll add the link shortly
02:07:02devZer0mhhh - we should do an automated "whois" for counting ? :)
02:08:00devZer0applet users show up as "JPilot JIRC applet User" there
02:08:31Nibbleror a ctcp version...
02:08:36devZer0is this information being stored in the server-logs?
02:08:48Nibblerdoubt it
02:09:05Nibblerbut u can easily make a mircscript or tcl one to monitor this
02:09:10devZer0what does ctcp mean?
02:09:37devZer0ok, i will do that
02:10:15devZer0good idea
02:11:02duke_sam_vimesnight all
02:11:05 Part duke_sam_vimes
02:11:36Nibblerclient to client protocol
02:11:46Nibbler./ctcp $nick version
02:12:02 Join adi|test [0] (
02:12:05devZer0./ctcp devZer0 version
02:12:25Nibbler/ctcp devZer0 version
02:12:27Nibblerno . :)
02:12:45devZer0yes - its late here :)
02:12:47adi|homedevZer0: Whats with the jirc-chatroom
02:12:52adi|homeany particular reason?
02:13:20devZer0pardon? don't understand your question
02:13:26NibblerdevZer0: as late as it is here :)
02:13:44adi|homeI just wanted to know what made you decide to set up a java based irc client to the room
02:13:55adi|homeand what do you have to purchase a liscense to?
02:14:06devZer0it was an idea - i think more people will use the chat.
02:14:19adi|homeim not against it... was just curious
02:14:27devZer0but I wanted to ask community first - because I dont know, if you like that, or not
02:14:28adi|homeis is oss?
02:14:41devZer0no, unfortunately not
02:15:07devZer0yes - need to purchase - 49$
02:15:11adi|homehmmm.. there has to be an oss package out there that does something similar
02:15:18devZer0but i think this software is worth that price
02:15:27adi|homeokay :)
02:15:32devZer0no - not that good one.
02:15:36 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
02:15:42devZer0i'm shure - there isn't
02:15:57*adi|home is all for supporting the community as much as possible :)
02:15:57devZer0perhaps i'm wrong - but who knows
02:16:08devZer0yesss :)
02:16:46devZer0I would have more fun on buying this applet and see it being used with rockbox, instead of paying donation
02:17:01adi|homeokay :)
02:18:16devZer0...which is probably being spend on pizza and beer ;)
02:18:38devZer0uups. sorry guys :)
02:18:48PsycoXulbut beer is necessary for coding
02:19:23adi|homeand coding is necessary for beer.. odd how that happens
02:19:29PsycoXulhow could you possible impliment playlist building/editing while sober
02:19:31devZer0ok - you are right. but i dont like giving money to others, seeing them buying beer and drinking it for themselves :)
02:20:35LinusNdevZer0: what's your real name?
02:20:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:20:58devZer0hey, im roland - for spam AT gmx DOT de
02:21:09devZer0the guy with the win32 sdk
02:24:35 Quit adi|test ("Leaving")
02:40:48_seb_ROCKBOX RULES
02:40:48 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:44:39 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
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02:45:11 Quit test (Client Quit)
02:47:45 Join devZer0 [0] (
02:50:07_seb_hallo devZer0
02:50:58devZer0hallo !
02:52:05_seb_wie geht es dir?
02:53:00devZer0bin kurz vorm einschafen. wenn gleich nur textsalat kommt, liegt der kopf auf der tastatur
02:53:32_seb_heh :) ach ja, bei dir ist es schon fast 3
02:54:13devZer0wo turnst du denn rum ? auf der anderen seite der welt ? ;)
02:54:46_seb_jo nicht genau auf der anderen seite, aber... in den USA so
02:56:28devZer0echt lustig von woher die rockboxer hier so alle kommen :)
02:57:07devZer0dann kannste doch eigentlich mal direkt testen, ob das neue java chat applet auch auf amerikanischen browsern läuft :DDD
02:57:26_seb_ha :) ok, wenn du willst... ich nutze Phoenix
02:57:45devZer0phoenix ? ist das nen browser ?
02:58:06_seb_eine branche von Mozilla... kleiner und schneller
02:58:15devZer0und kann der java?
02:58:59devZer0da bin ich mal gespannt:
02:59:56_seb_hoffentlich erlaubt freenode clones :)
03:00:12 Join seb-jirc [0] (
03:00:56_seb_das heisst, zwei leute die denselben IP haben
03:00:58devZer0hey, das ist ja das browserkompatibelste applet was ich jeh gesehen hab
03:01:07devZer0ja - tunse !
03:01:32devZer0das teil ist gekauft
03:01:47seb-jirccool :)
03:01:54devZer0läuft bisher auf allen möglichen browsern
03:02:13devZer0ie6, mozilla, ns7, ns4.x, phoenix, opera
03:02:19_seb_geil :)
03:02:21devZer0achja phoenix
03:02:40_seb_opera 6 oder 7?
03:02:41devZer0nur lynx geht wohl nich
03:03:04devZer0dürfte wohl keine rolle spielen - die installierte jre version gibt wohl den ton an
03:04:22 Quit seb-jirc (Client Quit)
03:05:13devZer0hey, thank you - fine !
03:05:48devZer0btw: this applet runs with "phoenix" :) never heard of that browser before :)
03:06:46PsycoXulphoenix owns
03:06:49devZer0seb - was macht ein deutschsprachiger archos besitzer und rockbox user in den staaten ?
03:07:15_seb_devZer0: was ich dir sage, wirst du wahrscheinlich kaum glauben, aber...
03:07:25_seb_ich bin erst 17 und lern deutsch in der schule :D
03:08:22devZer0echt? gibts nich. dein deutsch ist verdammt gut.
03:08:49_seb_danke schon :) nur wegen dieser ami-tastatur kann ich die umlaute nicht tippen :(
03:09:00devZer0hatte mich eben ein wenig über die etwas "persönliche" anrede gewundert, aber hättst wahrscheinlich noch ne stunde mit mir quatschen können bevor mir das aufgefallen wär - v.a. um diese uhrzeit :D
03:09:15_seb_heh :)
03:09:17devZer0alle achtung.
03:09:45devZer0da ist das englisch was ich hier von mir gebe ja schon eher peinlich gegen :)
03:10:09_seb_ganz im gegenteil! :)
03:10:43_seb_und wenn es war, hast du eine gute ausrede
03:11:47devZer0weil ich nicht mehr zur schule gehe? :)
03:12:17_seb_ja, ok, und auch weil es so spaet ist ;)
03:12:55devZer0jupp. allerdings. wollt eigentlich schon vor 2 stunden im bett sein - dann kam die idee mit dem chat applet......
03:13:08devZer0na - jetzt werd ich wohl die 49$ blechen :)
03:14:39devZer0aber erstmal sehen, wie das applet so genutzt wird
03:14:54_seb_es war gut mit dir zu "sprechen"... ich muss jetzt aber meine hausaufgaben machen, obwohl wir morgen keine schule haben (martin luther king day)
03:15:26devZer0na - dann viel vergnügen. ich werd mich jetzt mal in die "falle" begeben. muss morgen arbeiten
03:15:37devZer0dann nen schönen freien tag !
03:15:47_seb_danke sehr, na bis spaeter!
03:17:31devZer0ok folks, wish you much fun - and a nice day, morning, evening... or whatever. bye.
03:17:32 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
03:26:35gclarkLinusN: I uploaded the patch with DMA set to 8192.
03:29:18elinenbeLinusN: is it late there? :)
03:30:07gclarkReal programmers don't sleep.
03:33:28LinusNnop, am, i'm silly
03:33:48gclarkIt is getting late, isn't it.
03:34:48LinusNyup, gonna go to bed now
03:34:52LinusNnite all
03:35:08 Part LinusN
03:36:22gclarkMe too. Night all.
03:36:27 Part gclark ("Client Exiting")
03:53:51 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
04:18:18 Join Jet8810 [0] (
04:19:32Jet8810anybody alive?
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04:24:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
04:26:30Jet8810hey Nibbler
04:32:06 Join divideby0 [0] (
04:35:23divideby0maybe this is not the appropriate place to ask this, but...
04:35:37divideby0my dad was using the bleeding-edge recorder firmware
04:36:30divideby0he went to record an mp3 but apparently it trashed the directory structure on the archos. if he plugs it into his pc, the file / dir structure is fine. any ideas?
04:36:49divideby0i've checked through the faq and didn't see anything
04:37:13divideby0also, if he goes back to the 1.4 rockbox or archos default, he still gets the trash filenames
04:40:12divideby0so does anyone have any ideas?
04:41:29Jet8810not I
04:48:12 Nick ricII|away is now known as ricII|sleep (
04:57:02 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
05:02:05 Quit s0be (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:05:06ricII|sleepgrrble didn't finish playlist...
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05:28:19 Quit divideby0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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07:00:59 Quit edx ()
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09:17:07 Part Zagor_
09:18:40 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:27:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:30:12dwihnoWelcome back, Zagor! I truly hope your weekend was splendid! :)
09:30:23Zagorhad a good morning? ;)
09:32:13dwihnoNot really
09:32:37dwihnoBut I'm not gonna let you suffer from my misery tales ;-)
09:34:14 Join matsl [0] (
09:34:17adi|homeAfter installing & rebooting −−> *Panic* mas_ctrl_w: -1
09:34:17DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
09:34:17adi|home Any ideas ? Maybe, because I own the european model ?
09:34:23adi|homeand so it begins
09:34:37adi|homeFM recorder question
09:34:46ZagorI just added a note to the daily page about it being buggy
09:37:15adi|homeanyone know what package makeinfo is from?
09:42:03 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
10:01:37 Part Zagor
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10:01:47 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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10:14:45CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:14:45*matsl is away: I'm busy
10:16:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:16:13quelsarukmorning to all
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10:34:11 Nick ricII|sleep is now known as ricII|work (
10:55:46 Join Bagder [0] (
10:56:02Bagderhey ho
10:56:24quelsaruknas Bagder
10:57:18quelsaruk"nas" is spanish. (nas = Buenas)
10:57:43Bagderhablo solo un pocito ;-)
10:57:57quelsarukpoquito :)
10:58:03quelsarukpoco, poquito
10:58:05Bagdersee? ;-)
10:58:54quelsarukcoffe time, do u want 1? ;)
10:58:57quelsarukcu later!
10:59:05 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:13:11*matsl is back (gone 00:58:27)
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11:32:34ricII|workmorning webmind
11:32:47webmindej ric
11:32:54webmindsup ?
11:33:19ricII|workgess what, I found 4 8mb ram chips :)
11:34:46ricII|work60ns but that souldn't matter for the archos..
11:35:09webmindhm ?
11:35:15webmindah.. that kind of chips
11:35:19webmindwhere'd ya fins m ?
11:35:24webmindand how u know they fit ?
11:37:29ricII|workfound them sitting on an old 32mbn so-dimm
11:40:17webmindhm k
11:40:22webmindtricky job
11:41:43ricII|workbut much to gain :)
11:54:54 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
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12:47:32*matsl is away: I'm busy
13:07:44*matsl is back (gone 00:20:12)
13:23:54 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
13:41:19 Quit ricII|work (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:50:46 Join probonic [0] (
14:02:48matslAdded rockbox-style.el and sample.emacs to tools as a replacement for rockbox-mode.el in firmware. Suggestions, improvements, patches, (what ever) are welcome.
14:03:19BagderI'd appreciate a mail description the suggested how-to-use these
14:04:00matslI'm currently editing that! Just wanted you IRC-folks to get the news first!
14:04:52BagderI have a suggestion
14:05:27Bagderthis currently sets rockbox-style on all C code files I load, right?
14:05:49matslOnly if you set a c-mode-hook to use it.
14:06:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:06:11Bagderyes, but if I don't its hardly useful is it?
14:06:13matslwhich of course is the suggested way to use it.
14:06:54Bagderwhat about checking for "rockbox" or similar in the path?
14:07:02 Quit probonic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:07:24matsla fancy c-mode-hook. Could be done.
14:08:14Bagderotherwise it'll interfere with my other C code
14:08:56matsltrue. The manual says that the settings can be made buffer local but I have no experience with that.
14:09:35Bagderwell, I mean that if I set this hook, all my loaded C sources will use this style
14:09:47BagderI usually load and work on sources in multiple projects
14:09:55Bagdereach using their own style
14:10:25matslyou should define a really interesting mode-hook then.
14:10:41matslhow to you do today?
14:10:48Bagdertoday it works fine
14:10:55Bagderthe local variables only defines the current file
14:12:41matslone alternative is to use the local variables section for setting the style but currently there are only few files in rockbox that uses the local variables.
14:13:04matslI don't really want to use that way anyway.
14:13:21Bagderso what solution do you suggest?
14:14:14matslI don't have a good solution for multiple projects with different styles yet. ...
14:14:25 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:14:33bobTHChi all!
14:14:35matslI'll try the smart-mode-hook that you are suggesting.
14:14:37Bagderhey bobTHC
14:15:03Zagormatsl: and I really want case-label +
14:15:26Bagdermatsl: 'rockbox' in the path is the best common denominator I can come up with, it could also possibly search for something specific in the file but that seems more error prone
14:15:29matslZagor: ok. Missed that.
14:16:36matslBagder: I'm not sure there is a general solution that works for every Emacs user out there but I can try to be a little more helpful.
14:21:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:21:08quel|outlunch time! cu later!
14:21:22 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:23:14 Join edx`bf [0] (
14:23:30 Nick edx`bf is now known as edx`sports (
14:23:36Bagderhi edx
14:25:31 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:25:44quelsarukBagder: just one question before i go
14:25:53quelsarukqueue is working?
14:26:05Bagderhardeep for president!
14:26:46quelsaruk'cause everytime i press play, it plays a file, and should queue it. It worked last week, but not since saturday :(
14:27:05Bagderit changed key
14:27:17quelsarukand delete file?
14:27:25Bagdertry the on+play and you'll see
14:27:33Bagderit's quick-screen now
14:27:43quelsaruki thought i had another hardware problem
14:28:17quelsarukcu later
14:28:22 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
14:29:32bobTHCwhat the sign for a queue file , a "+" like on the original firmware ?
14:29:58Zagorno sign
14:31:24dwihnoI saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign!
14:31:45Bagdermatsl: (when (string-match "/rockbox/" (buffer-file-name))
14:31:46bobTHCdo u think a special sign with the number of the queued song will be good?
14:32:17bobTHClike +1 for the first queued track, +2 for the second....
14:32:39bobTHCto keep in mind the order
14:33:01matslBagder: Your an elisper ;-)
14:33:21Bagderno, but I can copy strings from other elisps ;-)
14:33:33matslThat's the same thing!
14:33:37Bagdersvn-dev.el is mightly complicated :-)
14:34:04matslwhat is svn-dev.el
14:34:33Bagderthe emacs file for the Subversion project
14:35:20matslok. Hadaka suggested the name rockbox-dev.el so I suspect he was influenced by something.
14:36:19matslIf subversion can't come up with someting better that a selective mode-hook I'll guess that is what is needed.
14:37:45BagderHadaka is a svn hacker ;-)
14:38:42Bagderand that URL is served by a live svn repo!
14:42:30matslBagder: If i'm not mistaken your code snippet was from the python mode.
14:43:03matslThere seems to be no support in subversion for the same regarding C code.
14:43:26matslIs subversion written in python?
14:43:30Bagderbut there have been various elisps posted on the svn list
14:43:47Bagderno, but the test suite is large parts in python
14:44:18Bagderits plain C
14:44:26matslok. So what you are saying is that the same technique is used for C but it is not present in that el-file.
14:44:56BagderI'm suggesting that we use that or a similar method for the rockbox C files
14:45:15matslok. ok.
14:47:18dwihnoHo ho ho! Merry X-mas! :D
14:47:34*Bagder looks at dwihno
14:48:39dwihnoI'm just celebrating christmas a bit early this year.
14:49:42matslWith some kebab I presume.
15:00:42matslby folks. I have some "homework" to do. bbl, cu.
15:00:56 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:02:26 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:34:02 Quit dwihno_ (Success)
15:35:49 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
15:41:19dwihnoWhat is the highest possible quality for recording?
15:43:30 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
15:45:08JunkeyWRKhello...question: does your shuffle mode play random files across the whole drive or just in the current folder?
15:46:20Bagderit plays shuffle in the whole list
15:46:20Bagderor the whole dir
15:46:20Bagdermake a playlist of your whole disk and wham
15:46:20Zagorisn't that in the faq already?
15:46:43Bagderhm, I don
15:46:46Bagder't think so
15:46:46JunkeyWRKhavent read the faq yet, still new to this
15:47:05Bagderyou should try that, you'll learn a lot
15:47:29JunkeyWRKokay, thanks
15:58:35Bagderreading backlog? ;-)
16:00:16Hadakayes :)
16:00:58Hadakaanyway, I hope to come up with a nice solution on the emacs issue for both subversion and rockbox at some point in the future
16:05:38Bagderthat would rock
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16:22:33 Join NibbIer [0] (
16:22:33 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:30:41Zagorhow do you enter hex values in emacs hexl-mode?
16:31:26bobTHCwhat the hell with emacs & rockbox?
16:31:49BagderC-M-x will insert a given hexadecimal value (if it is between 0 and 0xFF)
16:31:50Bagderinto the buffer at the current point.
16:32:07ZagorBagder: thanks
16:32:32BagderbobTHC: use emacs for everything
16:34:16bobTHCyep i know u can use it to developp but i dont understand what the problem with it
16:34:26Bagderthe problem?
16:34:34Bagderthere's no problem afaik
16:34:47bobTHC svn-dev.el is mightly complicated
16:35:01Bagderyes, did you look in it?
16:35:06Bagderits not a problem with emacs
16:35:11Bagderits a complicated program
16:35:43bobTHCok.. sorry making 2 things in the same time is on to much... ;)
16:36:00bobTHCone too much ... really
16:39:57 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:48:09 Part Zagor
16:48:47 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:51:52 Join matsl [0] (
16:59:18 Quit edx`sports (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:00:36 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:01:06 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:07:50 Join edx`sport [0] (
17:08:28 Nick edx`sport is now known as edx (
17:26:00Bagdertried to build the win sim lately edx?
17:26:00 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26:42edxBagder: no..
17:26:50edxmust have been at least two months :/
17:27:01edxit is not working, i suppose?
17:27:16BagderI doubt that it works, but then again no one seems to suffer
17:27:34edxyes, i guess that it isn't used anyways :)
17:29:11edxill have a look at it if i find time this week
17:29:30edxplus i need to update the gnush tutorial - they sent me an email, the bug in the latest release has been fixed
17:34:35 Join ken0_ [0] (~marklar2@
17:41:23Bagdersee ya
17:41:24 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:43:50quelsaruki suffer
17:43:55quelsaruki suffer in silence
17:44:09bobTHChard life...
17:44:11quelsarukbut then i turn on my jukebox
17:44:17quelsarukor i switch to linux
17:45:17bobTHCquelsaruk, the spanish lang file is up to date?
17:48:17quelsaruki said i was going to update it this weekend
17:48:22quelsaruki forgot
17:48:33quelsarukwe had a lot of sun and good weather
17:48:46quelsaruki wanted to go outside...
17:49:00 Quit ken0_ (
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18:00:42quelsarukbobTHC: why did you ask about the spanish .lang file?
18:02:09 Quit ken0_ (
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18:02:27 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:02:28quel|outyupiii.. i love netsplits :=
18:02:35 Quit ken0_ (
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18:05:04bobTHCbye all!
18:05:05 Part bobTHC
18:09:51 Join kevin [0] (~jirc@
18:11:07 Quit kevin (Client Quit)
18:13:32 Join Guest111 [0] (~jirc@
18:14:59 Part Zagor_
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18:37:41*adi|work growls
18:41:11 Join webmind_ [0] (
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19:20:04 Join blacklabel [0] (
19:28:38 Join Bagder [241] (
19:29:37quel|outre Bagder
19:29:51quel|outnas Bagder ;)
19:40:02blacklabelwhen trying to compile the source for the sim - win32 version of the recorder, I get this error message
19:40:08blacklabelmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `font.c', needed by `/home/rockbox/build-dir/.deps/font.d'.
19:40:27quel|outwin32 sim doesn't work
19:40:28blacklabelcan anyone help me with that?
19:40:34Bagderit doesn't surprise me ;-)
19:40:36blacklabel:) OK
19:40:42BagderI'll check...
19:40:49quel|outBagder: there's one who will suffer
19:41:14quel|outi hope so
19:41:16Bagderblacklabel: we have a bad lack of win-sim hackers
19:42:00Bagderblacklabel: you build with vc ?
19:42:05blacklabelso, linux it is
19:42:16blacklabelvc? visual c?
19:42:29Bagderis it?
19:42:39blacklabelno, I used the cygwin instructions on the website
19:43:08 Join gclark [0] (~gclark@
19:43:17Bagderwe've never built the win sim with cygwin afaik
19:43:31Bagder"we" as in the guys doing that kinds of things ;-)
19:43:34BagderI'm linux
19:44:01blacklabelI don't have a linux workstation of my one
19:44:11blacklabelso I'll have to bet one
19:44:18blacklabelget one
19:44:36Bagderwell, if you're up to it, I'm up to help you get the wimulator running on win
19:44:41Bagdersimulator even
19:45:02Bagdermight take some sweat though
19:45:52 Quit ken0_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:45:53quel|outBagder: i have VC installed here.. i think
19:46:06blacklabelwell, I don;t think I am willing to spend to much time with this:( but thanks for the offer
19:46:10quel|outif i have some time i'll give a llok at this
19:46:18blacklabelvery generous
19:46:23Bagderit would be really nice
19:48:12blacklabelwellm thanks for the info
19:49:11quel|outummm no.. i haven't VB... let me see if i have it in CD
19:52:35 Quit blacklabel ("Leaving")
20:02:25quel|outummm win32 project is made with visual studio 7....
20:02:26 Quit gclark (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:07Bagderthat a problem?
20:03:58quel|outnot really
20:04:08quel|outi just have to get VS 7
20:04:39quel|outnot a real problem
20:05:11quel|outbut i can't open it correctly with VS 6, microsoft loves me :)
20:08:57Bagderwell, it shouldn't be too hard to recreate the file anyway
20:09:32quel|outi'm looking at it and seems easy to recreate
20:10:04quel|outit's harder than double clic but... not too hard ;)
20:14:30 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
20:21:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:25:00 Join adi|work [0] (
20:32:28 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
20:34:13quel|out19 errors and 3 warnings is not quite good... :)
20:34:28Bagderheh, no ;-)
20:38:28quel|outa lot of no suck file or directory...
20:43:28 Join ricII|work [0] (
20:43:38 Nick ricII|work is now known as ricII (
20:56:19quel|outmust go home
20:56:22quel|outsee you tomorrow
20:56:30 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
20:56:40 Join quel|out [0] (
20:56:47quel|outdid you say something Bagder?
20:56:53Bagder"bye" ;-)
20:57:15quel|outi saw something :)
20:57:23 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:37:49 Quit Bagder ("")
21:37:49 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:44:37 Join gclark [0] (~gclark@
21:54:03 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:56:21 Quit void_ ("EPIC4-1.1.10[425] - oblivion : Guns make holes in people. Weed makes people giggle and eat cake.")
22:04:45 Join void_ [0] (
22:05:26 Part gclark
22:16:46 Join Zagor [242] (
22:18:06void_in FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE I can mount my archos without a problem now
22:18:12void_where in 4.7 I had problems with it
22:19:26Zagorvoid_: which archos model do you have?
22:19:42void_the jukebox recorder 15
22:20:01Zagorok. so they have ported my isd200 driver now. that's nice!
22:20:09 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:20:15void_well it mounts as a portable storage drive
22:20:18void_lemme show you info
22:20:42void_root@sabbath:~# camcontrol devlist
22:20:42void_<IBM-IC25 N015ATDA04-0 DA2A> at scbus0 target 0 lun 0 (pass0,da0)
22:21:01void_and just mount da0
22:21:09void_I show you what I enabled in my kernel too
22:21:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:21:29Zagoryeah. there were many freebsd users asking me to port it for them, but heck I've never written a line of code for freebsd...
22:21:30void_device scbus # SCSI bus (required)
22:21:37void_device da # Direct Access (disks)
22:21:45void_device pass # Passthrough device (direct SCSI access)
22:21:51Zagorgood to see someone else fixed it
22:21:56void_device uhci # UHCI PCI->USB interface
22:21:58void_ya it's nice :)
22:22:07void_device umass # Disks/Mass storage - Requires scbus and da
22:22:11void_and that's pretty much it
22:22:27void_it detects it at bootup and also with camcontrol if you hook it up after bootup
22:22:39Zagoryes. usb is like that :-)
22:22:43void_ya hehe
22:23:00void_I had a problem with 4.7 where I couldn't detect with camcontrol after boot
22:23:06void_it would detect it at bootup if it was hooked up
22:23:09void_but not after
22:23:16void_but they fixed that
22:42:55 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
22:42:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:23 Quit edx ()
22:49:02 Join devZer0 [0] (
22:52:56ricIIhi, hardeep
22:54:12ricIIfinaly found some time to finisch my pl-code
22:56:49ricIIbut I'm a little puzzled why queue_resume_index always seems to be -1
22:57:30 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:05:03 Join edx` [0] (
23:05:25 Nick edx` is now known as ex (
23:05:26 Nick ex is now known as edx (
23:25:24hardeepricII: queue_resume_index should only be >= 0 if you're resuming inside the queue list
23:25:44hardeepricII: with your changes, we can probably get rid of the queue_resume_index
23:25:57void_is disk usage anywhere in rockbox?
23:26:05ricIIyes, I sould call settings_save myself when modify end_pos
23:26:18hardeepvoid_: i believe it's displayed in the "info" screen from the main menu
23:26:43void_hrm in 1.4 I didn't see it
23:27:00hardeepvoid_: it was added after 1.4... try one of the daily builds
23:27:06void_is it ok to try?
23:27:13void_not very buggy and stuff?
23:27:13hardeepvoid_: yes
23:27:17void_ok lemme try
23:27:31hardeepricII: there is one small problem.... how will resume work with queued jobs?
23:27:47hardeepricII: if you've already played some of the queued jobs that is
23:28:02hardeepricII: because they are no longer valid in the playlist....
23:28:22ricIIif global_settings.queue_resume && not played yet just queue them..
23:28:38hardeepricII: right, but your insertion points are going to be wrong aren't they?
23:28:39 Join zebda23 [0] (
23:28:45zebda23hi all
23:29:01ricIIsouldn't be...
23:29:49zebda23could someone indicate me a place where I could download the latest firmware with the latest bookmlark applied, thanks
23:30:08 Quit zebda23 (Client Quit)
23:30:18 Join Guest1 [0] (
23:30:25 Quit edx ()
23:30:26Guest1hi all
23:30:39hardeepricII: an example.... playlist has 1 2 3 4 5 and I queue A B after 3
23:30:51hardeepricII: so playlist is now 1 2 3 A B 4 5
23:30:54Guest1where could i get the last ajbrec.ajz foir
23:31:09hardeepricII: what are the insertion points for A & B? 4&5?
23:31:25Guest1with the bookmark patch applied, I could not compile it myself, thanks
23:31:56hardeepGuest1: unless there is one attached to the patch on SF, it's not available
23:32:31Guest1ok, i ll take a look at SF for the patch
23:33:04hardeepricII: just to extend it a bit, what if you also append X to the end of the playlist... 1 2 3 A B 4 5 X ... what's the insertion point for X? 5 or 7?
23:33:14ricIIsound's ok, somehow indices fills with 1 2 3 4 5, patch file say Q pos 4 'a', Q pos 5 'b'
23:33:36void_is there a setting where I can change the time?
23:33:44void_on the newest update
23:34:04hardeepvoid_: if you have the recorder, yes. general settings
23:34:25void_hrm I don't see a general settings
23:34:29hardeepricII: okay, say I've finished song A and am currently playing B.... and then shutdown/resume
23:34:31void_lemme make sure I downloaded the right one
23:34:43void_ya I did
23:34:56hardeepricII: won't the insertion points be incorrect? namely, shouldn't B now be insertion point 4 and X be 6?
23:34:58ricIIindex say we are playing indices 4
23:35:05void_* archos20030120.ajz
23:35:31void_wait do you have to name it to something?
23:35:36ricIIthat why I must replay the patch file..
23:35:58hardeepricII: right... so queue song A hangs around? even though it's been played?
23:36:07Guest1hardeep: there is a patch today at ( could you compile a firmware using this patch for me or someone else could make it :) thanks
23:36:46hardeepGuest1: sorry, i'd suggest asking the original author of the patch
23:36:56ricIIit's in the patchfile...
23:37:14hardeepricII: okay
23:38:07Guest1hardeep, no problem but i do not know if he is in the place now, I'll contact him by email :) thanks
23:39:46hardeepricII: do you shift everything down one once a queued song is completed?
23:39:58ricIIonly indices..
23:39:58hardeepricII: namely, how does repeat all mode work with queued songs?
23:40:23hardeepricII: okay, that works
23:40:30ricIIqueued song are deleted when they got played.
23:41:02ricIIonly in the indices
23:41:11hardeepricII: hmmm, i guess that means patch file compaction is non-trivial then
23:41:16Guest1good ni
23:41:23Guest1bye all
23:41:25hardeepricII: because insertion points would need to be updated as well
23:41:27 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
23:42:05hardeepricII: but that's okay... not something that will need to be done a lot
23:42:22ricIIprobly it's more easy write out indices from mem.
23:43:22hardeepricII: yeah... reason I was asking all this is 'cause I was thinking it may just be easier to handle queued songs separately
23:43:53hardeepricII: (a separate file)
23:44:03hardeepricII: but that adds other complexities of course
23:44:10ricIIbut I also want 'delete' :)
23:44:53hardeepricII: well, delete could be done too... just separate the playlist from the queuelist and work on them separately
23:45:34ricIIbut I think all can be done in 1 file..
23:46:14hardeepricII: yeah, it can... a little more complex but that's alright
23:53:20 Quit s0be ("Client exiting")
23:58:08ricIIhmm gdb 'There is no member named queue_resume_offset.' why does it compile?

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