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#rockbox log for 2003-01-23

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01:56:21derfel_can anyone help with compiling rockbox?
01:56:27Jet8810heh not I
01:56:35*Jet8810 knows nothing of compiling or programmign at all
01:56:49derfel_spelling maybe -)
01:56:55derfel_me too
01:57:44derfel_ok.. I built the cross comiler.. checked out all the code, ran tools/configure... and ran make.. when I build in Normal mode it builds fine.. when I build in Debug mode I get this error:
01:57:55derfel_debug_menu.c:44:21: widgets.h: No such file or directory
01:57:55derfel_debug_menu.c:46:23: peakmeter.h: No such file or directory
01:57:55derfel_debug_menu.c: In function `dbg_mpeg_thread':
01:57:55DBUGEnqueued KICK derfel_
01:57:55derfel_debug_menu.c:176: warning: implicit declaration of function `progressbar'
01:57:55derfel_debug_menu.c:176: `Grow_Right' undeclared (first use in this function)
01:57:56***Alert Mode level 1
01:57:56derfel_debug_menu.c:176: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
01:57:58derfel_debug_menu.c:176: for each function it appears in.)
01:58:05derfel_oh .. I am on linux
01:58:29derfel_I poked around and only say the Grow_Right enum is defined in widgets.h in the recorder directory
01:58:40derfel_say = saw
02:00:20ricIIderfel_ debug-mode also hwmod..
02:01:28ricIIyou will need serial port hardware modification on the archos..
02:01:51derfel_for building a debug version ?
02:02:00derfel_a normal version builds fine
02:02:24ricIIwhy else would you build a debug version?
02:02:57derfel_I kinda figured that running a debug version on the recorder would show some debug messages on the screen
02:03:56ricIIhmm I always thougth it would use the serial-port
02:04:06ricIIremote debuging..
02:04:22derfel_ahhhh... o well
02:04:27derfel_can't debug
02:04:35ricIIsimulator ?
02:04:36derfel_thanks anyway
02:04:45derfel_no sure how to run that
02:05:24derfel_but I'll play around
02:05:35ricIIor are building a plain sh1 version?
02:06:07derfel_I guess
02:07:17derfel_how do you compile the simulator?
02:07:27ricII"Build (N)ormal, (D)ebug or (S)imulated version?" S ..
02:07:43derfel_I guess I should build a simulated version?
02:07:57***Alert Mode OFF
02:08:27ricIIgives you a nice little acrhos screen app.
02:08:38derfel_building now
02:09:31ricIIbehaving mostly like the real thing, for testing stuff not related to the hardware.
02:10:31derfel_ahh ok
02:11:05elinenbederfel_: listen to ricII he knows what he is talking about
02:11:48derfel_yep.. he's been a big help
02:12:35derfel_ok.. the window popped up.. but is now blank... how do you navigate?
02:12:44ricIInah, I just digged some of the code to get my pl-code working
02:13:16ricIIsee uisimulator.txt
02:13:47derfel_I see the keys to do stuff (+,8,2,4,...) but nothings works. no menu
02:14:11ricIIderfel_ you need to create a archos directory (virtual root)
02:14:29derfel_got that
02:14:59ricIIpressing 'Q' sould bring you to the menu..
02:15:29ricIIsorry thats on, 1
02:16:19ricIII don't have num-keypad on my laptop..
02:16:41derfel_do you need that or just hit the 1 key?
02:18:00ricIII found out that 'q'=on 'a'=off '1'==f1 '2'=f2 '3'=f3 'space'=play ... (rec here)
02:18:19ricIIarrow like on the archos
02:18:43derfel_yep.. got num lock on - on my laptop
02:19:19ricIIbut I can't use that while running gdb...
02:20:03ricIIso I use these keys (without numlock)
02:20:42derfel_which keys?
02:21:05ricIIq,a,1,2,3,[space] & the arrrows
02:21:52derfel_ahh.. I got to the menu by clicking around.. don't know how tho :-)
02:22:08ricIIq is a little strange in wsp (needs to press 2 times, old shift emu)
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02:23:19ricIIbut maybe they changed that by now (still using 2 weeks old cvs) works...I think...
02:25:15derfel_very nice
02:26:16derfel_this looks great
02:27:02ricIIdidn't get far today
02:27:20derfel_I am just playing around with it.. maybe one day I'll actually help more
02:28:22ricIIwith the elections here, I just looked closly to the rtc usage..
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03:25:01elinenbericII: new playlist code is fun!
03:27:05ricIIelinenbe: did you see it ?
03:27:17elinenbericII: no −− why?
03:27:51ricIIhow can you say it's fun ?
03:28:07elinenbebecause it will open up a whole new can of worms
03:28:28ricIIit already doing that here :)
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03:30:45ricIIresume isn't trivial at all..
03:32:40ricIII must either implement deletion (and use that to dequeue) or use more rtc space
03:33:09elinenbedeletion would be a nice feature.
03:33:17elinenbejust use up more rtc space :)
03:33:39elinenbecan't some of the rtc stuff go into a config file
03:34:04ricIIindex is stored as a int, with current max_playlist a short would do..
03:35:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:35:11*ricII thinks deletion, and anotate dequeue as it is the cleanest
03:37:08ricIIbut I'm already thinking of using 2 file,s seperating filenames from anotations..
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03:37:54ricIIprocessing the anotions would be much quicker (and the have a fixed lenght)
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03:41:17ricIIofcourse I will have to rewrite all :(
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03:42:21ricIIyo, hardeep
03:44:40ricIIno no, resume isn't trivial at all.. (queue + repeat_all)
03:47:31hardeepricII: hmmmm, what's the problem? i remember you saying you update all the indices once a queued song is completed... don't you do the same thing when populating the playlist after resume?
03:48:35ricIIyes, but when index looped I don't know if the queued song was played or not.
03:49:12hardeepbut you know what the first_index is... couldn't you use that to determine whether or not it has played?
03:49:31ricIInot with repeat-all..
03:49:37hardeepthat's what's used for determining the end of playlist in repeat off mode
03:50:22ricIIso it's free in that case..
03:50:25hardeepricII: why not? first_index = first song of playlist
03:50:42hardeepwhich may not necessarily be 1
03:50:58ricII[03:38] I must either implement deletion (and use that to dequeue) or use more rtc space
03:51:55hardeepwhat do you mean by deletion in this case?
03:52:37ricIIlike I don't want this song in the playlist anymore (some shift stop key)
03:52:58ricIImeaning I sould anotate it in my file
03:53:03hardeeper, i thought that's how you were dequeueing?
03:53:26ricIIno, now I only shift indices back
03:53:50hardeepricII: er, yeah, that's what I meant... why would you need to annotate the file
03:54:01ricIIfor resume..
03:54:17hardeepcan't you just assume a queued song has been played if the current index > queue location
03:54:23hardeepusing first_index as a base
03:54:59ricIIwhat is somemore gets queued on the second loop ?
03:55:22hardeepblah, right
03:56:11ricII:( .. but deletion is not bad anyways
03:57:12ricIIbut ofcourse when I have 90% of the code I think out a better way to do things
03:58:43hardeepheh, just to mess your mind more.... is queueing really even worth all this hassle? is insertion with anon playlists sufficient?
03:59:31hardeepalthough, i guess deletion will have to be added at some point.... queueing is really just an auto-delete
03:59:37ricIIno, delete was planed
04:00:19ricIIand is trivial now
04:00:57ricIIbut thinking about (resume) preformace
04:01:08hardeepheh, how bad is it?
04:01:40ricIIinserting/queuing 170 files took ~25 sec
04:02:10hardeepack, that's pretty slow
04:02:27ricIIresume sould go quicker ..
04:04:06ricIIresume took less that 1sec ??!!
04:04:11ricII170 files..
04:04:30elinenbericII: what about delete from end/ delete from current
04:04:45hardeepcool, sounds like the inserting/queueing performance is disk writing related then
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04:12:13ricIIhardeep: why does only)wps.c use playlist_get_resume_info(), is this the only place its needed?
04:13:18hardeepricII: currently, yeah. Although I know it's been on Zagor's todo list to get and save the resume info no matter what screen you're on
04:13:55ricIIah so queuing-info isn't saved until I enter wps screen agian
04:14:06hardeepricII: yeah
04:14:14hardeepricII: or any other resume info
04:15:08ricIIyes I noticed the side effects, I explicite call save_settings() now on insert..
04:15:26ricIIexplain the preformce issue more
04:16:47hardeepyeah, that would have an effect
04:18:43ricIIso when that's solved I would take less than half.. (not counting head seeks)
04:21:48ricIImaybe I sould keep the patchfile filediscriptor open in playlist.c
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04:23:30hardeepperhaps... the maximum number of open files is currently 4....
04:25:52hardeepyou may also encounter some ugliness when usb is attached and file is modified
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04:26:12ricII1 for mpeg.c I presume, 1 in playlist.c for orginal m3u, 1 for patchfile... 1 text-viewer
04:26:34ricIIaccounted for ugly ness (checking bounds etc)
04:27:16hardeepfuture possibilities: config file
04:27:46ricIIcan't be accesed while in text-viewer now...
04:28:09hardeepi'm thinking once we start saving it as a normal file instead of in sector 61
04:28:41hardeepalso it may get autoloaded for particular tracks/playlists
04:29:04ricIIok, but we can always make limit 5.. (thinking bookmarks he)
04:32:23hardeepgotta go
04:32:25ricIIwell I will think al little more about all this, finish the code ( idea 2 has to wait for revision 2)
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04:50:03void__is there a way to delete files with rockbox?
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08:00:42dwihnoBagder! :) Good morning!
08:01:07dwihnoAnother day, another kill :)
08:01:30BagderI think I skip the kill today
08:03:08dwihnoI was hoping you would kill the scrolly bug ;)
08:03:22dwihnoBut perhaps that's too violen :)
08:03:27Bagderah, ok then, I hope to do that today
08:08:29dwihnoI will eat pea soup today! :)
08:08:36dwihnoBecause it's thursday! YAY! :D
08:09:06dwihnoWill you eat pea soup?
08:09:18BagderI might
08:09:47dwihnoYou should :)
08:09:54dwihnoAnd pannkakor with sylt and grädde :)~~~
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08:24:10*Bagder scratches his head
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08:39:05Schnueffpfannkuchen mit zimt und zucker?
08:40:58 Quit adi|work (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:41:14dwihnocream and jam :)
08:41:20Schnueffhm just guessing :)
08:41:41Schnueffbut pfannkuchen was right at least
08:42:52dwihnoaber naturlich! :)
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09:02:39*matsl is away: I'm busy
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10:46:03Bagderhey ho
10:46:17quelsaruklet's go!!
10:46:25quelsaruk(that sounded like a song)
10:58:51 Nick ricII|sleep is now known as ricII|work (
11:01:07quelsarukDoes anyone know how i could translate "trickle charge" to spanish???
11:01:40Zagorquelsaruk: aren't you the spanish guy here? ;)
11:01:40quelsaruki suppose you don't know... but i can't find a word that fit that definition :(
11:02:01quelsarukspanish me? nonononono... i'm swedish
11:02:17Zagorquelsaruk: what is it called when you fill up your car, just a little? "top up" in english.
11:02:30Zagormaybe you could use a phrase like it
11:02:47Zagoror search for battery charger manuals in spanish :-)
11:03:20quelsarukoki doki... i'll search in my two neurons :)
11:17:33*matsl is back (gone 02:14:54)
11:18:23*dwihno misses Linus.
11:24:35quelsarukme too
11:24:47langhaarrockeris he still somewhere at some coast?
11:25:32dwihnoI guess he is.
11:35:31dwihnowhat's the idea of bit-reservoir and insertion of padded frames?
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12:17:03 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:17:49Zagordwihno: bit reservoir is sort of a poor man's VBR
12:18:04Zagorpadding is so every frame is identical in size
12:22:08 Quit quel|out (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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12:23:52kargatronthe bookmark stuff is definitely usable - ben did a good job. not sure of course (as only a user) about its robustness and internal quality, but the the functionality is nice.
12:24:23langhaarrockerAnd who cares about the rest.. .)
12:24:36 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:25:57kargatronwelll, just leaving that up to better folks... :)
12:26:32quelsarukBagder: do we have a text viewer in rockbox??
12:27:09langhaarrockerjust 'play' a *.txt file
12:27:23quelsaruki think i've never tried :)
12:28:14quelsaruki'm reading the mails, and said to myself, Text viewer?? :)
12:29:45dwihnoZagor: ah, then I'm with you. I'm reading up on the LAME stuff.
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13:13:03dwihnomuy bien
13:14:24quelsarukmuy bien? el que?
13:16:33quelsarukdwihno: <−−−−- this is less expensive than the other hd-case option :)
13:21:19 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
13:21:37 Quit kargatron (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:08dwihnoMUY BIEN! :D
13:25:56dwihnothat is only USB1, quel
13:25:57quelsarukseems to be just 25 euros, the other one was 75 no?
13:26:57quelsarukusb1.1 is 1MBit/s no?
13:27:15quelsarukthis one says up to 12Mbit/s
13:27:25quelsarukthat is usb2.0... i think
13:27:31dwihnoUSB2 is 480 mbit/s
13:28:07quelsarukoki doki
13:29:08Zagorusb1.0 is 1.5 Mbit. usb1.1 is 12 Mbit
13:29:33Zagorthough I have never seen an usb 1.0 device
13:29:37quelsaruki've learned something new
13:31:20quelsarukdwihno: <−−−−- this is 2.0 :P
13:31:33quelsarukbut dunno how expensive
13:31:57quelsarukwhat the hell is usb 3.5?????
13:33:51quelsarukmaster Zagor ?
13:35:14Zagorthere is no such thing, afaik
13:35:40Zagorwhere do you see it?
13:35:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:35:55quelsarukin this website
13:35:56 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
13:36:12quelsarukthat's why i asked.. i haven't heard of that before
13:36:13ZagorI'm looking it it. I don't see it.
13:36:17Zagorat it
13:36:27Zagor"USB 2.0 connection for truly plug & play."
13:36:41quelsaruki read wrongly
13:36:51quelsarukusb for 3.5 not usb 3.5
13:38:32*dwihno reads Linus' posts... "... But let Zagor do it, then we can blame him when we trash our files."
13:38:44 Quit elinenbe_ (Client Quit)
13:38:57dwihnoquelsaruk: USB 3.5 - New standard already? ;)
13:38:59*langhaarrocker feels guilty again
13:39:26quelsarukno dwihno.... i think i must go to school again because i don't know how to read
13:39:38quelsaruklanghaarrocker: why? :)
13:40:03quelsarukdwihno: it was usb for 3.5"not usb 3.5
13:40:19Schnueffwow there are usb plugs 3.5" wide?
13:41:01quelsarukSchnueff: it's a usb conection for a 3.5" HD
13:41:27dwihnoquelsaruk: It was pretty ugly, imgo.
13:41:35quelsaruki've opened my mouth once today...
13:41:48quelsarukand i'm creating a lot of confusion
13:41:51quelsarukI love this
13:42:28Schnueffquelsaruk the obfuscator
13:42:59quelsarukbetter than the infatuator ;)
13:43:19Schnueffif u say so :)
13:44:01quelsarukdwihno: any other idea?
13:46:26quelsaruk <−−- this one is not *so* ugly
13:49:29quelsarukand this ones is even cooler, but expensive
13:50:13dwihnoremember that it's expensive to import
13:51:00dwihnoTry to find a local dealer
13:51:16quelsaruki'm just looking for devices
13:51:27quelsarukafterwards i'll look a local dealer
13:51:50quelsaruk(i can buy it cheaper.. the same price as the dealer)
13:56:51langhaarrockerquesaruk: I feel guilty because that was a mail that loosely has something to do with my split editor - embryo. And I have no time to complete it right now.
14:09:38 Part JunkeyWRK
14:14:12ricII|workwebmind: @vt100, about to bring my gf to the physician (close to vt100)
14:14:24webmindej ricII|work
14:14:32webmindricII|work, me @ vt100
14:14:37webmind2.5" hd ?
14:15:59ricII|workyep (never known howto call Linda, we aren't marred but it's more then 12years)
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14:34:16 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|lunch (
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14:34:38Quel|lunchcu later!
15:04:20 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:06:05 Join kargatron [0] (
15:08:22dwihnoZagor: do you think a 40 gig upgrade is sufficient? I found a 60 gig hitachi drive @ which might be quite nice. 4200 rpm
15:09:01 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
15:16:01dwihno(wii Zagor
15:19:49JunkeyWRKanyone aware of a problem with the fm20 turning off frequently? i'm wondering if this unit is defective.
15:29:38dwihnoJunkeyWRK: is the battery completely charged? are you using the stock firmware?
15:29:54 Join diddystar5 [0] (
15:30:27diddystar5hello, could someone tell me how to add the chip8 games. I am using cygwin
15:32:25dwihnoWasn't that some kind of unofficial patch? Have you checked the mail list archives?
15:32:40Bagderit is in the patch tracker, afaik
15:33:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:33:54dwihnoYou want my gameboy emulator patch ? ;)
15:34:20Nibblerwhat? for rockbox?
15:34:39Bagdernever trust a dwihno
15:34:53Bagderisn't that a song? ;-)
15:35:03Nibblerat least a common saying
15:35:32Nibblerbut this 8bit gameconsole-emulator thingy did sound interesting
15:36:11JunkeyWRKdwihno: ya, it's stock for now. and it does say it's "charged"
15:36:39JunkeyWRKi assume when it changes from "charging" to "charged" it's done
15:37:16diddystar5i think i can get it compiled now bye
15:37:18 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
15:41:53dwihnoBagder: heeeey ;)
15:42:02*Bagder waves to dwihno
15:42:17*dwihno hides from Bagder, he's so evil!
15:42:22dwihno"HANSEL! He's so hot right now!"
15:42:25 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
15:43:24Bagderyour scroll problem should be history as of now
15:44:25dwihnoYou're just avenging my GB patch ;)
15:45:25Bagderof course
15:46:46dwihnoShould I go for 40 or 60 gig hitachi drive for my recorder upgrade?
15:46:55Bagder60 60 60!
15:47:08dwihnoThat is so insane, you realize that? :)
15:47:12Schnueff40 aNd 60!
15:47:18*Bagder laughs
15:47:48Nibblercan disc be replaced easily?
15:48:50dwihnoI'm gonna bribe Linus to switch mine ;)
15:48:59dwihnoWith kebab (starka såsen på) :)
15:57:13Hesit was pretty easy, i upgraded mine to 40G
15:57:36*dwihno is a hardware analphabet.
15:58:02*Nibbler would need to buy a prefilled HDD then, usb1 i soooooooo slow :)
16:02:19dwihnoNah, just leave it running over the night
16:03:54Bagderusb2 rocks
16:04:20Nibblermaybe i should have bought jukebox 20 :|
16:04:23Nibblerfor the usb2 :|
16:04:37Nibblercould still return my jukebox 15 :|
16:07:59dwihnoBagder: I'm gonna get an adaptec USB2connect thingy! :)
16:08:22Nibblerhow much is usb2 adapter for pc?
16:08:43dwihno50e for a pretty good one
16:09:08Nibbler+100 euro for upgrade that is :|
16:09:31Nibblerusb is not downwards compatible?
16:11:18Bagderyes it is
16:12:29dwihnoI use 2 USB2 stuff on my USB1 enabled hardware (which sucks, but works)
16:13:24Nibblerand can i plug a usb2 jukebox on a usb1 computer?
16:14:12dwihnoYaaa :D
16:14:44 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:22:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:27:14 Join edx [0] (
16:28:21 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:28:21DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
16:55:29 Nick Quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:55:32quelsarukim back
16:55:34 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:55:44 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|LinuxWo (
16:59:57 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
17:16:49 Part Zagor
17:19:16 Nick ricII|work is now known as ricII (
17:25:22 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:25:53 Quit mecraw__ (Client Quit)
17:26:41 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:29:43 Quit ClosetPacifist ("")
17:37:56 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
17:38:10Bagderhi hardeep
17:38:36quelsarukcu later!
17:38:41 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:44:52 Join caldicel [0] (
17:45:37caldiceli have got a question about firmware
17:45:58hardeepcaldicel: ask away
17:46:16caldicelwith rockbox, can i create a playlist
17:46:28hardeepcaldicel: currently, no
17:46:38Bagderim off
17:46:41 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:46:42hardeepwork is being done on that but it's not done yet
17:46:43caldicelhow can i create so
17:46:49quel|outhy caldicel
17:47:28caldicelme revoila
17:47:43hardeepcaldicel: you can either create playlists on your pc and copy them to the jukebox
17:48:02caldicelits not simple
17:48:12hardeepcaldicel: or ROLO into the archos firmware, create the playlists there, and then play them from rockbox
17:48:16quel|outhardeep... i was trying to explain her yersterday how to put archos firmware in a directory and use rolo to change to it (and create playlist with that firmware)
17:48:28quel|outcould you please explain her? :)
17:48:43caldicelyes thanks
17:49:05caldicelbut now i m on mirc and i can receive send
17:49:20caldicelbecause i couldn't find archos.mod
17:49:32hardeepcaldicel: what type of jukebox do you have?
17:49:50caldicelstudio 20
17:50:45hardeepcaldicel: you can download the latest archos firmware from:
17:51:10caldiceland i have explained to quelout that i have "ecrased" the firmware archos in order to install rockbox
17:51:42hardeepcaldicel: copy that firmware file on to your jukebox with the name "rolo.mod"
17:52:18hardeepcaldicel: then, all you need to do is "play" that file to ROLO into the archos firmware
17:52:58caldiceli have already do that but i obtain a file .ajz !
17:53:39caldiceland not archos.mod
17:53:49hardeepcaldicel: rename it to rolo.mod
17:54:02hardeepit's kind of silly that they name if .ajz.... i wonder why
17:54:41caldiceli don't understand your last word
17:55:09hardeepcaldicel: rename ajb6000_v5.07a.ajz to rolo.mod
17:55:18hardeepcaldicel: copy rolo.mod to your jukebox
17:55:51caldiceland i can use the two firmware ??
17:56:09hardeepyes, "play" the rolo.mod file from rockbox and it will load the archos firmware
17:56:32hardeepto go back to rockbox, restart te jukebox
17:56:55caldicelah ok i m going to try this thankx a lot
17:59:39caldicelshould i create a file to put the rolo.mod or not
18:00:00hardeepcaldicel: you don't need to... just copy it to the root directory
18:00:37hardeepcaldicel: however, there's noting wrong with putting it in a separate folder if you prefer
18:04:33caldicelthnaks it's worked
18:04:45caldiceli should go
18:04:50caldicelthanks a lot
18:04:59hardeepno prob
18:05:11caldiceli'm coming soon for anther explanation
18:05:22caldicelfor example create a list ?
18:05:35caldicelalors see you soon
18:06:03 Part caldicel
18:17:19 Join GreyShadow [0] (
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18:28:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:30:50 Join Neo7530 [0] (
18:31:03Neo7530Hello !
18:31:30Neo7530WHATS GOING ON ?
18:33:44Neo7530can anybody help me with the remoclone ? I Need the circuit diagram & the hex file for the PIC-Processor
18:35:12hardeepNeo7530: take a look in
18:35:24hardeepit has schematics... not sure about hex file
18:36:30Neo7530the hex file is not there
18:39:15 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
18:40:49Neo7530works the jukebox 6000 with a 120 Gigs HDD ? has anybody an idea or suggestions about that ?
18:43:02hardeepare are there any 120GB 9.5mm 2.5" hard drives? largest i've seen is 60GB
18:45:01Neo7530no, but it is possible to reassemble the case of the jukebox... it is a little bit larger, but this is no problem in my car :o)
18:46:29Neo7530even fujitsu siemens has build an 80 Gig HDD...
18:48:43hardeepNeo7530: in that case, yeah, 120GB should work... i believe the upper limit on the ata version we're using is 137GB
18:50:00Neo7530i think so, too... in my computer works an 180 Gig HDD, but only with an extra controller...
18:50:27Neo7530137 gigs works without the extra controller
18:51:02Neo7530sorry for my bad english, im from germany...
18:57:18Neo7530theoretically it must been possible to build an ir-remote control or even a rf remote control. i must have the source-code or the hex file to reassemble it. this would be great, but i hate cables in my car... :o(
19:00:12Neo7530an external LCD (40*4 or so) can controlled with an extra atmel-processor via rs232 from jukebox... but these shi**y wires :o(
19:02:32Neo7530no good idea ?
19:04:05 Join Stevie [0] (
19:04:12StevieHi Guys!
19:04:29Neo7530hi stevie
19:04:54StevieI just installed an daily build of rockbox but now the USB connection doesn't work anymore... :-((
19:04:59StevieWhat to do?
19:05:16StevieHi Neo7530, can you help me?
19:05:16Neo7530reboot with usb plugged in
19:06:06StevieHow to reboot? What to push? I don't see a reboot button/point...
19:06:09Neo7530do it so, should be work so
19:06:31Neo7530shut down your jukebox
19:06:50Steviei CAN'T...
19:07:06Neo7530if not, unplug usb and remove the accu
19:07:13StevieThe only thing I see on the display is: Jukebox Ver : 5.08
19:07:40Neo7530ops... hdd-crash ?
19:08:08Steviemaybe... I don't know...
19:08:44StevieTries some daily builds but most of them didn't work.. and this one gives me totally nothin :-S
19:09:04Neo7530unplug usb and remove accu... then wait a while (30 sec) put the accu back in jukebox an reboot without usb plugged in
19:09:21StevieI'll try that! Thanx
19:09:32Neo7530no problem
19:11:17 Quit s0be (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:11:33 Join adi|work [0] (
19:12:40Steviewhooaaa!!! It worked!
19:13:16StevieJust thought I losted my jukebox... ;-)
19:13:37StevieSee you later maybe!
19:14:02Neo7530ok, no problem... cu l8r
19:14:32Neo7530so guys, i must go work... cu l8r @ll
19:14:54 Quit Neo7530 ("Leaving")
19:15:01 Part Stevie
19:16:00 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
19:22:59 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
19:25:41 Part GreyShadow
19:28:09 Join GreyShadow [0] (
19:43:20 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
19:43:20 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58:20 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Amount of time you people were funny: -3 minutes -56 seconds")
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20:33:40 Join Bagder [241] (
20:39:37 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:46:30 Join sansa [0] (
20:46:32sansaHi all.
20:46:55sansaI'm really enjoying rockbox on my archos studio 10
20:47:07sansaThanks to all the developers!
20:48:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:48:01*Bagder bows humbly from his corner
20:48:13adi|workhowdy mate
20:48:25adi|workglad you like is sansa
20:54:19 Nick elinenbe|LinuxWo is now known as elinenbe|back (
20:54:29elinenbe|backLinuxWorld is a waste of time.
20:54:40elinenbe|backMicrosoft had a huge setup there though...
20:55:01sansaWhat? You went there for computer stuff? Don't do that, go for the party and free stuff!
20:55:35elinenbe|backthere is not much party stuff or free stuff...
20:56:40sansaBummer.... yeah then it would suck.
20:58:46 Quit sansa ("Woo Hoo Build is done time to play!")
21:04:46Bagderthere's some graphical bugs now
21:05:07BagderI bet me and Kjell introduced them
21:05:15 Join Mine78 [0] (Pozzolo@
21:05:25elinenbe|backBagder: woohoo!
21:05:49Mine78I have a quit big bug to report
21:05:52Bagderthe good news that I can reproduce them in the simulator
21:06:15mecraw__the new scroll stuff seems to be acting a little funny, anyone else notice it?
21:06:23BagderI must leave now
21:06:24Bagderse ya
21:06:24 Quit Bagder ("")
21:06:24Mine78Playing MP3Pro, after 1:40 - 1:50 it stops playing for almost 3 sec and then continue
21:06:32 Nick mecraw__ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
21:06:42Mine78probably something buffer-related ?
21:07:02hardeepMine78: yeah... report a bug and attach the file you were playing
21:07:13hardeepMine78: assuming it's reproduceable with that file
21:08:18Mine78each mp3pro-coded file do it
21:08:28Mine78no problem with normal mp3 at any bitrate
21:08:42Mine78the time it happens is always the same for the same mp3pro file
21:08:49Mine78it chenges between different mp3pro files
21:09:06adi|workBagder, i've managed to remove/consolidate 7 questions on the FAQ
21:09:10adi|workits not much, but its a start
21:09:14Mine78i also tryed to set buffer to 3 sec ... it's the same
21:09:59Mine78in addition another bug: using different languages, when you press ON+PLAY on a folder nothinbg appears except for a left arrow
21:10:05Mine78pressing it it goes to the rename menu
21:10:33hardeepMine78: use SF to report both the bugs... providing as much info as you can
21:11:02Mine78what is SF ?
21:11:29hardeepSourceForge.... follow the links from the rockbox page
21:11:59Mine78But it's written to not report bugs of the CVS
21:13:07hardeepMine78: that policy was changed a while back... it's okay to post bugs on daily builds now
21:13:19Mine78OK !!! I WILL GO IMMEDIATELY !!!
21:13:25adi|workhardeep.. wanna do me a favor and give me an opinion?
21:13:37hardeepadi|work: sure
21:13:45adi|workam i just missing something aobut his post?
21:15:04hardeepadi|home: heh, nah... it would be a fairly useless feature
21:15:58hardeepwho would steal the archos, delete a few files, and then return it... laf
21:21:04adi|worki know :)
21:21:07adi|workokay.. lunch
21:22:29Mine78great feature in my opinion
21:22:37Mine78i reported 3 bug related to playing mp3pro files
21:22:43Mine78Hope I had been useful
21:23:08hardeepMine78: it's actually easier if you report them as separate bugs....
21:23:32Mine78but i think they are dued always to the same thing
21:23:38hardeepMine78: since they are unrelated for the most part it... makes it easier to track what's been fixed
21:23:45Mine78that is : mp3pro files have no header with lenght information
21:24:06hardeepMine78: perhaps those two... but you also put the language bug report in there
21:24:18Mine78opssss.......... u are right !!!!!!
21:24:21Mine78sorry !!!
21:24:26Mine78havi I to put it again ?
21:27:44 Join SNDBOY [0] (
21:28:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:30:30 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:31:31 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
21:32:15 Quit ken0 ("zZz")
21:32:43 Quit SNDBOY ("Leaving")
21:33:36 Join SNDBOY [0] (
21:36:13elinenbe|backquick question.. couldn't we have a lookup table for contrast values, so all the jukeboxes at least look okay when they are initially installed?
21:37:18 Nick elinenbe|back is now known as elinenbe (
21:40:25 Quit SNDBOY ("Leaving")
21:50:56 Quit ricII (Remote closed the connection)
21:57:14 Join ricv [0] (
21:57:23 Nick ricv is now known as ricII (
21:57:49elinenbehi ricII
21:57:52elinenbehow are you?
21:59:15ricIIjust rebooted my laptop.
21:59:30elinenbeare you still plugging away at the playlist code?
21:59:38ricIIlooking at all new gnome stuff
22:00:03elinenbericII: I was just at LinuxWorld.
22:00:27elinenbericII: too much orientied towards the big players.
22:01:05ricIIlinux is getting great for desktop usage..
22:01:29elinenbericII: I agree too.
22:01:45elinenbeLW was mostly geared towards the server world though.
22:02:03ricIIbut I must be onest, I pave my X with Eterms..
22:04:30ricIII implemented delete-from-playlist, and it works like a charm
22:04:42elinenbericII: sounds great?
22:04:58elinenbericII: does that just delete the next song, the last song, or have you implemented a playlist browser?
22:05:18ricIIresume now works even when you queue song in different loops (play-all)
22:05:30elinenbeso, what have you left to do?
22:05:52ricIIshuffle & more interface stuff..
22:06:49elinenbericII: could I check it out here?
22:07:38ricIIif I remember howto setup port fwd with iptables (some yoyo played with the fuses here)
22:08:00elinenbericII: you could just email it to me? forget DCC
22:08:21ricIII could put ajbrec.ajz on the web..
22:08:39elinenbesure, that would be great!
22:10:21elinenbeI am builing off a clean CVS. My rockbox directory was thrashed
22:10:34ricIIbe warned ricv/ajbrec.ajz">
22:10:51elinenbeabout what? :)
22:12:08ricIIits not optimized in any way, you will need to create a /.rockbox/.playlist.patches file..
22:12:38elinenbeI just figured that one out :)
22:14:29ricIIyou will find my current playlist.c there aswell (but I also changed some more files)
22:15:28ricIIand I abuse resume_index without bumping config_block_version#
22:16:11elinenbeis it possible to load non-playlists?
22:16:28ricIIthat must be dirplay
22:16:38elinenbewhat do you mean?
22:17:17adi|workelinenbe: a look up table of contrasts sounds like a good idea to me
22:17:41elinenbeadi|work: I know that is already done for some of the other hardware differences.
22:17:42ricIIthat what pressing play on a mp3 in a directory does now..
22:18:00 Join LinusN [0] (
22:18:08elinenbeLinusN: hello
22:18:10ricIIhi LinusN
22:18:28elinenbericII: what is the difference between insert and queue?
22:18:57ricIIinsert is permanent, queue behaves like former queuing
22:19:07elinenbeI see.
22:19:09elinenbethat is nice.
22:19:13ricIIplay after this song
22:19:35ricIIrename is still there... it just not displayed.
22:19:45elinenbewill any of the operations work on a directory? Insert/Queue/Append
22:19:49adi|workLinusN: elinenbe just had a nice idea
22:19:56adi|worka look up table for units for the default contrast
22:20:02adi|workwhat do you think?
22:20:05ricIIno, I did do much on tree.c
22:21:14LinusNadi|work: yeah, that's why i started asking people in the forums for their hw info a few weeks ago
22:21:23ricIIinsert & queuing calls save_settings every time now causing a slow preformace
22:21:59elinenbericII: is a playlist treated as one file?
22:22:31LinusNit seems that pre-1.28 has a different contrast
22:22:36elinenbericII: like if I start a playlist, and then I queue a song, will that go after the currently playing playlist, or after the currently playing song?
22:22:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:03 Join void_ [0] (
22:23:09elinenbeLinusN: how is your wife feeling?
22:23:50LinusNelinenbe: still bad
22:24:15elinenbeLinusN: sorry to hear that.
22:26:28ricIIelinenbe after the current playing song (like before)
22:27:18ricIIthis version also text-views every file it doesn't support..
22:27:43elinenbericII: how do you delete from a playlist?
22:28:12ricIIno key jet..
22:28:46ricIIbut I used to dequeue songs (automaticly when they are fully played)
22:29:12ricIIf2 in the textviewer also wraps
22:31:02ricIIbut I all based on 2weeks old cvs (since I don known how to merge localy with cvs)
22:31:07elinenbef2 wraps, but it doubles up what is on the screen... at least with the font I use.
22:31:40elinenbelike the end of one line is the beginning of the next.
22:31:43ricIIprop font...
22:32:24ricIIyes I now, there is no good interface which tells me how many chars where printed..
22:32:43elinenbeit looks much better with "rockbox default"
22:33:13ricIII use 5x7 font..
22:33:38elinenbeI like that is opens all non understood files in the text viewer... that is a NICE feature.
22:33:55ricIIbut I also made a ~3x5 font...
22:34:22ricIIverry usefull to debug the .playlist.patches file..
22:35:24elinenbeif you hold down play and press left/right (that should be disabled if F2 is already pressed)
22:35:45elinenbericII: I am unable to just play a song in a directory however...
22:36:22ricIII takes a while (remember 170 song ~25 sec)
22:37:07elinenbeI just get "End of song list"
22:37:28ricIIhmm works here..
22:37:34elinenbeand my .playlist.patches file is empty
22:37:37ricIIyou created the file?
22:37:53elinenbeit is names ".playlist.patches" in /.rockbox
22:38:11elinenbeis that right?
22:38:14ricIIsould be ok
22:38:27ricIIqueuing works ok ?
22:38:30elinenbebecause I am getting zero functionality \
22:40:04ricIIasume there free space on the drive..
22:40:48elinenbelet me check.
22:40:58 Join kargatron [0] (
22:41:04ricIIfirst line on .playlist_patches sould read some thing like I.../path/to/song.mp3
22:41:08elinenbeoh.... that may be the problem :)
22:41:27elinenbethat may be a problem for other users....
22:41:46elinenbeI need a 40 or 60 gig drive :)
22:41:51ricIIcurrent queue also needs free space..
22:42:06elinenbenow I try again... with 3 megs free.
22:42:22ricIIsould be more than anough
22:42:53ricIIyou can also use a m3u as starting point.
22:43:30elinenbecan you queue/insert/append a n m3u?
22:44:15ricIIif it readout in tree.c and inserted/queued there, why not? (has to be coded)
22:44:51elinenbecoputer reports 92 megs free on the disk
22:45:17elinenberockbox reports 0.0GB free
22:46:40LinusNelinenbe: scandisk'ed lately?
22:46:47ricIIis less then 0.1Gb
22:46:55elinenbeLinusN: I am running that now.
22:47:04elinenbewill let you know in one minute
22:47:40LinusNelinenbe: the free-space function seems buggy, it should show it in megs, not in gigs
22:47:49LinusNit should adapt
22:47:50ricIII remember a request for display space free in MB when less 0.1Gb..
22:48:04elinenbeI just went to the info screen F1/info
22:48:12*adi|work screams
22:48:32LinusNwe have a function for it, but the free-space function is probably not using it
22:50:04adi|workLinusN: you familiar with the STL at all?
22:51:07LinusNStandard Template Library?
22:51:07ricIIelinenbe does m3u play work atleast ?
22:51:52LinusNadi|work: my religion forbids me to touch it
22:52:33adi|workk :)
22:53:54elinenbericII: yes
22:53:55ricIIelinenbe: it doesn't use the extra file, when not being modified. (queue,insert,append,delete)
22:54:04elinenbericII: I am scanning my drive now.
22:54:51ricIIah sorry I gave you the wrong name...
22:55:12LinusNi have things to do. cu later guys
22:55:19*ricII hides under someone's rock..
22:55:26 Part LinusN
22:55:34ricIIit ".playlist_patches"
22:58:37elinenbericII: ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
22:58:47ricIIsorry :(
22:58:59elinenbeI will just rename it on the recorder :)
22:59:09elinenbeno problem
22:59:20ricIIhidden function :)
23:05:20ricIIelinenbe: working now?
23:05:34elinenbehold on... brb
23:05:36 Part elinenbe
23:15:09void_is there a way to delete files?
23:15:10 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:15:41ricIIin the cvs-version (not dirs) on+play
23:19:04void_ah ok
23:34:01 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:37:05elinenbericII: it seems to be working well.
23:38:08ricIIyou will probly find some (trivial to fix) bugs..
23:39:19ricIIthis is the exact same version I use on my rec, didn't do something nasty yet (like craching or eating files)
23:42:58elinenbeit is looking really nice.
23:43:27elinenbethe one fature I am looking for is recursive inserts... or just holding play on a direcotory and playing everything in there.
23:43:52kargatronthe workaround is so trivial tho...
23:44:05kargatrona single execution of a recursive pl maker.
23:44:24ricIIdirplay is doing that ....
23:44:39ricIIalmost in this version
23:44:42kargatroni can understand the desire, but with such an easy workaround, can't imagine being frustrated by its absence...
23:45:04 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:48:22ricIIelinenbe: i could put up the other files aswell, the 'api' in playlist,c is defined now... tree.c is all yours :)
23:49:48ricIIwriting a playlist_save() is also trivial now..
23:51:49elinenbericII: sounds nice... send the off to the mailing list
23:52:13ricIInot before resume with shuflle works..
23:52:45elinenbewell, then I will wait for that too −− you should also try to do alot of the stuff in RAM −− to increase the speed
23:54:14ricIIthe speed lost is caused mainly by superflios save_settings() class. just notice the resume time for 170 songs ( <1sec)
23:57:48elinenbeI understand... it is due to disk writes −− right?
23:57:54ricIII freeed ~400k
23:57:58ricIImore head seeks

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