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#rockbox log for 2003-01-25

00:18:34elinenbericII: how is the implmentation going?
00:18:53ricIIstill no solution for unshufle
00:21:20elinenbehave you given up, or are you working on a solution? :)
00:22:11ricIIone solution would be to keep the order of the indices intact, and shuffle some other way..
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00:24:26elinenbewhat is the best way to handle this?
00:26:03elinenbeI think all inserts should be handled as a single block
00:26:12elinenbeso, if I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
00:26:20elinenbeinsert 10,11 after 4
00:26:46 Join GreyShadow [0] (
00:26:57elinenbewell −− forget that −− then you have to keep track of what inserts were made with each other!
00:26:59elinenbeforget that...
00:28:42ricIIabout to say, but I realy like unshuffle to undo the shuffle...
00:30:38ricIIsince there are only 2 states (suffled or not) and I can record seed and shuflle position..
00:30:40elinenbeundo the shuffle to what poin?
00:31:03elinenbeif you have a playlist, and then insert some songs
00:31:37elinenbeand then shuffle, and then insert again, and shuffle again, etc.
00:31:42elinenbewhat are you to do?
00:32:33 Part Con
00:32:35ricIIfor shuffle I could issue a 'resume' and then shuffle the all inserts..
00:33:35ricIIsince insert are serial things I would be able to always reproduce it
00:37:20ricIIit's the unshuffling that makes trouble .. but I have something in mind, just need to punch holes in it..
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00:39:00ricIIapart from being inefficent and abusive to the little cpu
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00:42:09ricIIalso thinking about tracing my steps back ( rand(-1) ? ) and how this could help me...
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00:43:45ricIIthink I gona ask 'my' mathematician for help on this.. (brain starts bubbleling :) )
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01:43:08hardeepricII: how about making it simple.... user changes shuffle mode... remove all the insertions
02:01:03elinenbehardeep: that could be a soultion −− albiet a simple one...
02:02:17elinenbeit is akin to archos rebooting when you go into USB mode.
02:08:32hardeepelinenbe: sure... but how often is a user really going to be changing shuffle modes with insertions
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02:10:24elinenbehardeep: I agree
02:14:26elinenbeI think insert should force the file to go next, but if a user then shuffles and then turns off shuffle, what happens to the inserted files?
02:21:05Nibblermight it be that renaming a folder with rockbox leads to be the dir destroyed and the files found as lost data with scandisk?
02:22:22hardeepelinenbe: i say, keep it simple and just discard the insertions when the shuffle is first changed
02:22:35hardeepNibbler: yeah, there's a bug with renaming of directories
02:22:44hardeepNibbler: still being investigated
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02:23:39hardeepelinenbe: hmmmm, actually, i guess you can still keep appended songs around
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02:25:13hardeepheya MeRWiN
02:25:34MeRWiNhey... I'm depressed... can't use my rockbox until the fm recorder gets supported :-)
02:25:51hardeepwhat happened to your player?
02:26:11Nibbleris there no FM support yet? thouts its buggy but possible?
02:26:18MeRWiNwell, the player i traded in for a recorder at best buy, now the fm recorder is out, so i traded it in for it at best buy. Both upgrades have cost me a total of $20
02:26:32MeRWiNNibbler: well, i think now you can actually see things on the screen, but that's about it
02:27:32MeRWiNat least they've gone with a more standard usb cable
02:27:32elinenbeMeRWiN: how have you done that?
02:27:32HesHey, that's a very promising start.
02:27:50MeRWiNi'm going to recompile and try it out
02:31:44MeRWiNi like how it automatically powers on and charges when connected to usb
02:31:49MeRWiNwith no additional power source
02:40:43MeRWiNoh, i guess it does work :-)
02:40:52MeRWiNit just has to have a power source the whole time
02:46:13MeRWiNAny clue where you set the minimum voltage?
02:47:21MeRWiNnevermind, found it... i just don't know what to set it to.
02:50:33ricIIread log ...
02:51:12 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
02:52:05ricIIok I'm uptodate again..
02:52:07MeRWiNso what abouts should i set the minum voltage to? right now the internal voltage is at about 3 volts
02:52:38MeRWiNand i think it's fully charged
02:52:47MeRWiNit's plugged in though
02:55:51ricIIhardeep: what about a function which reorders 1-MaxPlaylist and just skip empty indices ?
02:56:49hardeepricII: what are the empty indices?
02:57:09ricIInot in use, > amount
02:58:01hardeepoh, i see.... would that work for resume though?
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02:58:12hardeepoh, i guess you could just update the playlist patches file after shuffle
02:58:31ricIIif it behaves like rand() with a seed..
02:58:39hardeepquestion then is: does the user really want the insertions shuffle
02:59:39ricIIcan be solved by if next is insertion don't new_read()
03:00:02hardeepi have a feeling that no matter what approach you choose, some people will like it and some won't
03:00:52ricIIthere is still 'append' giving random insert..
03:01:19hardeepyeah, but that's just an insert
03:03:43ricIIat the end, but goes to a differnt handler..
03:04:10MeRWiNOK, so I modified rockbox to actually stay powered up by putting a lower min voltage. But it currently says in the Power Status that the Battery: 0.01v and External 0.0v (of course, since it's not plugged in).
03:04:23MeRWiNwhen the backlight actually comes on, it goes up to about 3v
03:04:25ricIIthis 'function' would keep the original order in the indices..
03:04:28MeRWiNso is that current usage?
03:05:45ricIIthe new_rand() is just an other view..
03:09:07ricIIredefining what is next & previous or playlist_next(int steps) if you like..
03:10:36ricIIthats where 'my' mathematician come it to play..
03:11:41ricIIor meanwhile I could abuse your old queue_indices[max_playlist] for it..
03:13:22ricII(just putting it here for the logbot, so I can review it later)
03:17:25ricIIok I gonna sleep on this, and see what problems are left...
03:17:38ricIInick ricII|Sleep
03:17:42 Nick ricII is now known as ricII|Sleep (
03:19:56ricII|Sleephmm this idea not bad at all, see what it brings in daylight.
03:29:05MeRWiNAll i know is with the FM recorder we are reading battery values incorrectly
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04:51:40n9udljust found RockBox, installed it, was playing fine but is locked up... how do I reset this thing?
04:55:21PsycoXulturn it off? heh
04:58:49n9udlit won't turn off...
04:58:50 Join MeRWiN [0] (
04:59:08n9udljust like the original firmware, press and hold STOP, right?
04:59:23n9udlwait.. it just did finally..
05:00:49n9udlhad me scared... I just got mine a few days ago..
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06:03:10thuanyone around?
06:04:50thuwhat's the story with playlists?
06:05:04thuon the feature page they show up as supported by archos and not by rockbox
06:05:14s0benot sure at all... honestly... I'm just chillin here
06:05:23s0beI think they're supported in CVS ro something like that
06:05:54thuheh.. I could never figure out how to build a playlist with the archos firmware anyway :P
06:06:19s0beI know...
06:06:43s0beI have NEVER used the built in firmware
06:06:55thuanyone here has a recorder FM?
06:06:56s0beI did a ton of research before I bought it...
06:07:01thuyeah me too
06:07:14thubut i've been going with the firmware for awhile now
06:07:22thumy recorder fm is shedding
06:07:31thuthe silverish paint on the back of it is peeling off
06:07:35thubecause of the heat i guess
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06:07:39thuand the radio sucks :\
06:08:24 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
06:08:28thuwhere can I find info about translating the menus in another language?
06:09:04thuwait.. i found the page
06:12:55*thu translating..
06:15:44thumy archos doesn't get scsi emulated anymore :(
06:18:02thuanyone around? s0be?
06:18:22s0beI'm REALLY not good with the rockbox
06:19:03thunevermind about rockbox
06:19:10thui can't get my archos to work anymore :(
06:19:42thuit doesn't seem to get emulated anymore
06:20:36s0bewell, your saying 'it doesn't seem to get emulated' means nothing to me. :(
06:21:11thui'm working on a nice log output
06:21:20thuit seems like my usb2 card called it quits
06:21:35thumy digital camera won't talk to it, the archos won't either
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06:26:04thuJan 24 21:10:03 [/etc/hotplug/usb.agent] ... no modules for USB product 5ab/60/1101
06:32:18thus0be: how do you install rockbox?
06:32:21 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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06:32:59s0bejsut copy the file onte my mp3 player
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07:36:58Kshainhello, has anyone had any problems with the newest rockbox updates?
07:37:37thui couldn't install them on a jukebox fm :P
07:38:01Kshainnah, I keep getting hd errors for some reason.
07:38:18thustop dropping your jukebox on the floor
07:38:53Kshainlol, nah, it keeps happening only with rockbox firmware
07:39:01Kshainregular works fine
07:39:13thustop dropping the firmware on the floor :P
07:39:34Kshainhehe. Yah maybe that would explain it ;)
07:40:03Kshainso, you seen anything on that new cyclone 1000 yet?
07:40:20thuwhat is it?
07:52:52Kshainwhoops sorry
07:52:59Kshainhad to go brush my teeth
07:53:36Kshainanyway, its basically a clone of ipod w/ voice recongnition menu's, and some other cool stuff
08:02:21 Part Kshain
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08:45:54tantusanyone awake?
08:56:18 Join MeRWiN [0] (
08:57:29MeRWiNanother quiet night/day in rockbox land
08:58:23tantusmerwin? are you on efnet at all?
08:58:34 Nick tantus is now known as schmoe (
08:58:41MeRWiNhehe, yeah :)
08:58:49MeRWiNsmall world
08:59:00schmoeheh, whats up?
08:59:24MeRWiNtrying to help in the fight to support the fm recorder... it's almost working :P
08:59:40schmoeso you are a developer?
09:00:07MeRWiNyeah. I am the original creator of the customizable WPS(tm) :-) It's been changed a lot since then, but...
09:00:17MeRWiNthat's my claim to fame here
09:00:34MeRWiNyou use rockbox?
09:00:37MeRWiNhaven't seen you around
09:00:49schmoeI came in once last night as tantus
09:00:57schmoeI just got my recorder 2 days ago
09:01:03MeRWiNwhere did you get it from?
09:01:07schmoecircuit city
09:01:11schmoe50 buck rebate
09:01:21MeRWiNk. I was going to say, if you got it from best buy you're in good shape
09:01:44MeRWiNI got my player about a year ago, then said it broke and upgraded to the recorder for free, then a couple days ago said that broke and upgraded to the fm recorder for $20
09:02:11PsycoXulwhat broke?
09:02:18schmoenice, if I listened to the radio at all I'd have wanted one
09:02:23schmoebut I can suffer without
09:02:28MeRWiNthe hard drive... from these sudden impacts with a blunt object.
09:02:39MeRWiNI like the lithium battery of the fm
09:02:53MeRWiNcompared to NiMH in the recorder/player
09:02:56PsycoXulthe connector for the power is loose inside so it'll quit charging sometimes while it's plugged in
09:03:02PsycoXulyou think they'd upgrade me to a recorder for that? heh
09:03:11MeRWiNif you bought the service plan
09:03:22MeRWiNyou can just make up any bullshit excuse
09:03:24schmoeso can you tell me, if the recorder is hooked on usb why the drive wont spin down after so many minutes of inactivity? It spins down unhooked..
09:03:41PsycoXulmy parents got it for me for xmas 2001 and they got like a 2 year bestbuy service thing
09:03:56MeRWiNschmoe: hmm... usb is hardware controlled i think on the rockbox
09:04:12PsycoXulwith any firmware
09:04:16PsycoXulit's just hardware controlled
09:04:25MeRWiNpsycoxul: since they don't distribute the player any more at bestbuy, you automatically get the next best thing, which now seems to be the fm recorder
09:04:31schmoecan the os send a signal to spin down?
09:04:31PsycoXulthe firmware just gets out of the way
09:04:33PsycoXulMeRWiN: cool
09:04:49MeRWiNschmoe: probably. I'm guessing it depends on the drivers for the OS
09:04:50PsycoXulMeRWiN: i think i'll wait till i can get the whole thing backed up and rockbox supports the fm a bit better and i'll take it in
09:05:01MeRWiNPsycoXul: good idea, just don't let the PSP run out
09:05:03MeRWiNerr, PRP
09:05:10 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:05:26PsycoXulthey got a 2 or 3 year one
09:05:29PsycoXuli'll probably do it this year
09:05:31MeRWiNk, probably 3
09:05:40PsycoXulthat'd be sweet
09:05:46PsycoXulare the FM's usb2 too?
09:05:53MeRWiNPsycoXul: yup
09:06:04MeRWiNfor me, when i upgraded it they extended the prp for another 3 years
09:06:07schmoeI probably shouldnt worry, probably wont hurt anything
09:06:07schmoejust want it to last a while
09:06:33MeRWiNschmoe: yeah, your HD in the computer runs a lot too... as long as you aren't shaking it while it's plugged into usb it shouldn't matter
09:06:47PsycoXulhow's the battery life with the li-ion?
09:07:02MeRWiNseems to be pretty good so far. I don't have much interest in it without rockbox though
09:07:09PsycoXulhehe yeah
09:07:33MeRWiNthe lithium uses less voltage, so it automatically shuts off when it's not plugged in because rockbox thinks the battery is dead
09:07:45MeRWiNpower is screwed up at the moment
09:07:58PsycoXulyeah i would expect there to be some issues with the power handling stuff
09:08:11PsycoXulbut i wouldn't expect it to be so little voltage that rockbox thinks its dead
09:08:19MeRWiNrockbox kills the power at about 4.2v i think... the lithium runs at around 3v if i'm not mistaken
09:08:27PsycoXulthe HD needs at least 4.75v to operate
09:09:00MeRWiNthat's what i've gathered from messing around in the debug menus
09:09:11thuany chance I can get rockbox on a recorder fm anytime soon?
09:09:26PsycoXulso they must have some circuit to boost the voltage for the HD i guess
09:09:32MeRWiNthu: as of now it works on the fm. it just needs to be plugged into power at all time
09:09:40MeRWiNPsycoXul: seems to be very variable voltage
09:10:04PsycoXuldoesn't seem like it'd be too hard to change the code to let it run at a lower voltage
09:10:05thuMeRWiN: uhm.. that's a small inconvenience, don't you think?
09:10:12MeRWiNlike when it's just running playing music it says .01v, when the lcd is on it says 3v, etc
09:10:43PsycoXulwell yeah the voltage fluxuates with use
09:10:44MeRWiNthu: yeah. i'd give it a week or so until rockbox can play reliably without power plugged in. It's just a few internal settings that aren't correct for the fm
09:10:55thujust a week
09:10:57PsycoXulbut that is a pretty big range heh
09:10:57thusounds good then
09:11:11MeRWiNthu: things get done quickly around here
09:11:38PsycoXuljust last month i think somebody said they weren't sure if they could support the FM and it wasn't a priority
09:11:39thuif I can get it to work on my fm I'll write a romanian locale
09:11:46thuso I contribute something :P
09:11:47MeRWiNPsycoXul: what does the debug menu tell you that the voltage is running at?
09:11:49PsycoXuland now here it is it works and just needs to be tweaked for it heh
09:11:56MeRWiNthu: that would be wonderful :-)\
09:12:17PsycoXulright now, about 5.3v
09:12:40MeRWiNPsycoXul: mine tells me Internal: 0.01v External: 6.02v (plugged in)
09:12:53PsycoXulit's kinda weird
09:12:58PsycoXulwith the original batteries
09:13:09PsycoXulwith a full charge and still plugged in it'd show about 6v
09:13:19PsycoXuland like 5.8 with a full charge and unplugged
09:13:22MeRWiNthe FM recorder does something different with voltage...
09:13:37PsycoXulbut after a year of use it stopped going above 5.4v like ever
09:13:48MeRWiNi tried messing with the low end of the voltage and set it to 2v even and with a full charge it still shut off.
09:13:49PsycoXuland so with shortening battery life, i switched to the other set
09:13:56MeRWiNthe recorder thought it had no power
09:14:05PsycoXuland even with that it still doesn't get over 5.4v
09:14:13*thu wants a better radio for the recorder fm
09:14:18MeRWiNPsycoXul: 2100mah batteries is what it's all about
09:14:26MeRWiNthu: my radio works great
09:14:33thumine sucks
09:14:35PsycoXulthu: whats wrong with the radio?
09:14:40thucompared with a real one with an antenna
09:14:46PsycoXulmaybe reception sucks in your area
09:14:59thuyeah.. reception is not that good
09:15:08PsycoXulwhy don't they make antenna's with more surface area
09:15:25thubut my car radio and all the others I use don't have a problem with it
09:15:36MeRWiNCar radios use a bit larger antenna :)
09:15:51thuthat's a good idea for an archos hack
09:15:55thuadd a car antenna :P
09:16:18thuit kinda makes no sense to be able to record off a bad sound source
09:16:22 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
09:16:22PsycoXuljust mount bunnyears to your headphones
09:16:38thuoh and my archos is shedding
09:16:42PsycoXuland wire an antenna jack
09:16:47thuthe paint on the back is peeling off
09:16:52thui guess it's because of the heat
09:16:53PsycoXulyeah mine too
09:17:00PsycoXulmine's just gotten scratched off
09:17:16PsycoXuli actualy like the look of the brushed aluminum underneath better than the silly silver paint
09:17:19thutheir firmware is pretty me-resistant though
09:17:24PsycoXuli just wish the front and buttons were aluminum too
09:17:26thuI've only been able to get it stuck a few times
09:17:49PsycoXulplastic sucks :/
09:17:56MeRWiNi like the peak meters during playback... can we get that on the recorder?
09:18:24PsycoXulwe don't have it already? i thought we did
09:18:31MeRWiNi haven't seen how to get peak meters on rockbox... it has it for recording
09:18:45PsycoXulit's a custom WPS flag thing isn't it?
09:18:49thudoes rockbox handle recording ok?
09:18:50MeRWiNis it?
09:18:57MeRWiNthu: handles it great
09:19:08thucan't wait for rockbox for the fm
09:19:23PsycoXullets see
09:19:34MeRWiNPsycoXul: you heard of the band t.A.T.u. ? They do that new dance song "All the things she said"
09:19:38*thu is away: zZz
09:19:48thuI like Nas ne dagoniat better
09:19:59MeRWiNit is very good also
09:20:05PsycoXulit'll take 5 DVD-R's to back up
09:20:07thuor 30 minutes
09:20:24MeRWiNit's interesting to see a russian dance music lesbian couple become that famous that quickly in the states
09:20:39MeRWiNThe whole album is good
09:20:40thuI don't give a damn about them girls
09:20:41PsycoXulMeRWiN: i never heard them that i know of, but i saw a dir of pics titled tatu on a site i was at
09:20:46thuthey're only cute
09:20:56thubut the music sounds good at certain times
09:21:04MeRWiNi like the music
09:21:11MeRWiNThe girls are an added bonus for me
09:21:23thuI actually took the time to translate nas ne dagoniat using babelfish :P
09:21:25MeRWiNPsycoXul: there's a lot of added lesbian kissing in the video
09:21:34PsycoXulbbiab bathroom
09:21:36PsycoXulMeRWiN: cool
09:21:40thuI like the video for nas ne dagoniat
09:21:43MeRWiNNot gonna get us
09:21:44PsycoXulsee these chicks know what americans like
09:21:45thudid they play it in the states?
09:21:59MeRWiNthu: i downloaded it
09:22:05thuI don't mean just the title.. I mean the whole song
09:22:12PsycoXuli'm not suprised they became so popular if they're good looking and kissing in videos
09:22:19thuI forgot most of it though..
09:22:29thuthey're popular everywhere they're played
09:22:35thuthey make good radio music
09:22:57PsycoXulspeaking of such things
09:23:16MeRWiNPsycoXul: one of the songs is called "Malchik Gay", which sounds vaugely familiar to the phrase "My Chick's Gay" :-)
09:23:17PsycoXulif anybody knows a good source of high-quality royalty-free wavetable synth samples of various stuff i'd like to know
09:23:55MeRWiNPsycoXul: hmmm... i don't do much synth
09:24:01 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
09:24:24 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:26:39PsycoXuloh shit...
09:26:41 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:26:45PsycoXuli already had 1 pic of them i didn't even know it
09:26:56PsycoXula b&w pic of them laying down kissing
09:27:10PsycoXuli've used it as the bg on my pda
09:27:12 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
09:28:02PsycoXulok now i'm really going to the bathroom :p
09:28:17MeRWiNhave fun
09:28:44thuI just got things she said
09:28:48thunever heard it bfore
09:30:55 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
09:39:32 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
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10:03:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:07:35 Join Phantom [0] (
10:07:35 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:07:55Phantomis it possible to fit text file to the screen
10:08:08Phantomas with the original firmware
10:10:17Phantomnobody here ?
10:10:18 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
10:12:56MeRWiNyes, you can i believe... on the recorder. not sure on the player
10:14:45PhantomWand ... how ?
10:14:46 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:15:09 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
10:15:46 Quit schmoe (Remote closed the connection)
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10:24:49 Quit MeRWiN ()
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11:11:47 Quit s0be (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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11:49:10 Join _aLF [0] (
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12:24:14 Join edx [0] (
13:16:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:20:45 Join electronaut [0] (
13:26:13electronautcan someone help me compiling the firmware?
13:28:56electronautI get this error:
13:29:05electronautlanguage.c: In function `lang_load':
13:29:06electronautlanguage.c:49: `LANG_LAST_INDEX_IN_ARRAY' undeclared (first use in this function)
13:29:40electronautsearch on google got me to a irc-log with this info:
13:30:25electronaut<edx> LANG_LAST_INDEX_IN_ARRAY <−− where is that defined?
13:30:25electronaut<Zagor> lang.h
13:30:25electronaut<Zagor> generated by genlang
13:30:25DBUGEnqueued KICK electronaut
13:30:25electronaut<edx> aha...
13:30:25electronaut<Zagor> you are calling genlang, right?
13:30:25***Alert Mode level 1
13:30:25electronaut<edx> sure
13:30:27electronaut<Zagor> running
13:30:29electronaut<edx> but maybe i have not updated tools
13:30:31electronaut<Zagor> ah
13:30:33electronaut<edx> works
13:30:35electronautbut I don't get it...
13:40:26***Alert Mode OFF
13:43:27 Quit electronaut (
13:43:27 Quit MT (
13:43:27 Quit elinenbe (
13:44:06 Nick ricII|Sleep is now known as ricII (
13:51:33NJoinMT [0] (
13:56:03NJoinelectronaut [0] (
14:05:37electronautI've added LANG_SOUND_SETTINGS,
14:05:37electronaut LANG_GENERAL_SETTINGS,
14:05:37electronaut LANG_GAMES,
14:05:37electronaut LANG_DEMOS,
14:05:37electronaut LANG_INFO,
14:05:37 Quit electronaut (Excess Flood)
14:13:02 Quit adi|work (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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14:39:36 Quit Ben ()
14:40:13 Join Chase [0] (
14:41:01 Part Chase
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14:57:53 Join Longshot [0] (
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15:22:57 Part Longshot
15:35:35 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:39:29 Join Longshot [0] (
15:44:13 Join Kaiser [0] (
15:44:22Kaiseranyone here?
15:44:44Longshoti am
15:44:59Kaiserany rockbox developers here?
15:45:22Longshoti don't think so.. i was just trying to see if anyone here knew about a project for the multimedia player
15:45:41KaiserAt the moment, i'm torn between the FM Recorder and the normal Recorder
15:46:24Kaiseri was wondering how long until they can get rockbox onto the fm recorder
15:46:24Longshotis there a quality difference? otherwise i'd go FM
15:46:46Kaiserwell, rockbox aint working on the fm yetr
15:47:04Kaiserother than that, theyre pretty much the same aside from the radio
15:48:05Kaiserill get the FM if theyre working on rockbox for it, but there doesnt seem to have been any updates for months on the website
15:51:10Longshotlots of cvs activity
15:51:26Longshotsource code
15:51:41Kaiserso theyre still working on an fm version?
15:51:46Longshotcvs = "Concurrent Versions System"
15:51:52Longshoti'm looking for you now
15:52:00Kaiserthanks =]
15:52:22Longshoti was thinking that it was possible to search the irc logs
15:52:34Kaiseri did a bit of that earlier
15:52:45Longshotyeah no easy way
15:53:19Kaiserlol, go to the 'todays log' link, and see our conversation =]
15:53:56Longshot search for 'fm recorder'
15:54:37 Join GreyShadow [0] (
15:54:47Longshothi grey
15:55:11Longshotyeah K, same conversation :)
15:55:17Longshotas we are having now
15:56:09Longshoti have the multimedia player, so i need to find a rockbox-like project
15:56:50Kaiseri presume itll be a looooong time before anyone could make a new firmware for the multimedia one
15:57:26Longshotthe hardest part is getting the hardware specs together
15:58:34Kaisertheres way more potential problems when it comes to something as complicated as the multimedia
15:58:53Longshoti was reading about how rockbox developers have given up on crossfading
16:00:23Kaiserand what is crossfading, pray?
16:00:31Kaiserit that when a song fades out into a new one?
16:00:46Kaiserwhy did they give up?
16:01:06Longshoti bet there is no mixer hardware to mix audio streams together
16:01:14Kaiseroh yeah
16:01:18Kaiseru need two thingies dont you
16:01:27Longshotthey say they can only play mp3 output
16:01:41Longshotthat tells me that the mp3 decoder is probably hard-wired to the audio output
16:01:53Kaiseroh well, you win some, you lose some. i just need to know that theyre still working twoards an fm version, and ill get it
16:02:08Longshottheir faq didnt say?
16:03:31Kaisernot really
16:03:36Kaiserits a bit out of date
16:04:10Longshotoh faq #67:
16:04:16Kaiserso what do oyu use your multimedia jukebox for then?
16:04:59Kaiseryeah, i saw that...but some irc conversations seem to suggest otherwise
16:11:19Kaiseroh well, i gotta go
16:12:49Kaiserbye bye
16:12:53 Quit Kaiser ("Leaving")
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16:36:48 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
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17:26:04 Quit elinenbe__ ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
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19:09:08 Quit _seb_ (
19:09:50NJoin_seb_ [0] (
19:09:52Jet8810does anybody here use Opera?
19:19:36 Quit _seb_ (Connection reset by peer)
19:19:36 Join _seb_ [0] (
19:26:11 Join gissehel [0] (
19:28:43 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
19:42:30 Join Mine78 [0] (Pozzolo@
19:42:37Mine78hello everybody
19:42:52Mine78can I know how to select WHOLE HARD DISK to play random songs ?
19:43:44ricIIMine78: use a .m3u
19:44:20Mine78in the Daily builds had been written that this option is now GREEN (available)
19:44:23Mine78am I wrong ?
19:44:53ricIIdon't known, have to check ...
19:47:21ricIIcan't find such a thing in the changelogs..
19:49:24ricIIMine78: it would require a rewrite of the playlist code, which happens to be what I'm doing here :(
19:49:31 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
19:49:37 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:50:08Mine78I hope u will solve it !!!!!!!!
19:50:28Mine78it will be a cool feature
19:50:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:52:13 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
19:52:35ricIIactually I doing some thing else, but I will pave the road for features like such
20:01:07 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
20:01:39webmindej ric
20:02:13 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:02:26ricIIwebmind: new hd working ok ?
20:04:20ricIIcan anyone give me a lead howto handle merge conficts best? (never realy used cvs before)
20:04:35webmindhavent really tested it yet
20:15:52 Join _seb_ [0] (
20:18:51Jet8810damn the mysql worm
20:19:29 Quit _seb_ (
20:21:17 Join Mine78 [0] (
20:21:21 Part Mine78
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20:43:16 Nick void is now known as void_ (
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21:01:13 Quit ken0 ("zZz")
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22:01:50 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
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22:29:41 Join DcT|Krosoft [0] (
22:29:47DcT|KrosoftHello !
22:30:18DcT|KrosoftAre you there or am I talking to bots ?
22:31:10DcT|KrosoftWould be about the FM Recorder support ... does real hardware support the latest CVS-built rom ?
22:32:09DcT|KrosoftBecause mine absolutely doesn't : it goes down after showing the RockBox logo for a quarter of a sec ...
22:34:22DcT|KrosoftI'm reading the IRC logs for now, I think I'll have to recompile my own rom with special voltage values ;)
22:44:53 Join matsl [0] (
22:44:59 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
22:48:14MeRWiNDcT|Krosoft: actually, modifying the voltage values doesn't work at the moment... not for me at least.
22:48:33MeRWiNDcT|Krosoft: if it's plugged into power then it works :-)
22:49:54DcT|KrosoftWhat do you mean by "if it's plugged unto power" ?
22:50:21DcT|KrosoftIf it's really plugged, I can't boot it ?!?
22:50:47DcT|Krosoft2secs, I'll give it a try ... hope it wasn't a sad joke :D
22:51:34 Part Longshot
22:52:40DcT|KrosoftCan't we just desactivate the voltage control ?.
22:53:48DcT|KrosoftHow did you reached the RockBox rom while charging ?
22:58:11 Quit DcT|Krosoft ("Salut tous !")
23:05:48 Quit gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09:03 Join gissehel [0] (
23:11:40 Join thu_ [0] (
23:15:32 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:27:55 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:40:41 Join mecraw [0] (
23:44:40 Join Trancer [0] (
23:45:20Trancerhi all
23:46:23 Join astrashe [0] (
23:46:54astrasheI have a question that I don't think is in the faq. Can I ask it?
23:48:49astrasheIt doesn't look like anyone's awake, but I'll ask anyway. I installed rockbox for the first time, and when I booted my screen was very dark. I could barely see some text, but it was completely unusable. Is there a solution to this problem?
23:49:16MeRWiNchange the contrast
23:49:23astrasheHow do you do that?
23:49:37MeRWiNit's in the display settings in rockbox
23:50:00astrasheDon't you need to see the screen to use those?
23:50:07MeRWiNyou can't see ANYTHING?
23:50:15astrashenope... I had to uninstall it
23:50:33MeRWiNit's just too dark?
23:50:37MeRWiNdo you have a player or recorder
23:50:50astrasheIt's dark... I have a recorder
23:50:58astrashejukebox recorder 20
23:51:47MeRWiNhmm.. lemme think a sec
23:52:23MeRWiNi *think* these are the keypresses you need to make once you boot it up with rockbox
23:52:49MeRWiNF1 (the left of the 3 buttons above the main controls)
23:52:55MeRWiNthat gets you into the menus
23:53:01Tranceryeah its weird.. its like the default contrast setting is up way too high
23:53:17MeRWiNthen the down arrow, then the right arrow. This takes you into General Settings
23:53:48MeRWiNthen the down arrow twice, then the right arrow. This takes you into display settings
23:54:10MeRWiNthen the down arrow three times, then the right arrow. This takes you into contrast
23:54:16MeRWiNthen just press down until you can see things again
23:54:26astrasheok, I'll try that
23:54:50MeRWiNI can't personally verify that, but it should work :-)
23:55:06MeRWiNi'm double checking right now
23:55:40ricIIhow does they archos firmware solve this contrast settings issue?
23:55:54MeRWiNprobably a matrix of hardware types
23:56:12astrasheI'm dl'ing then installing rockbox... I'll be a minute or two
23:56:59MeRWiNastrashe: I just checked the source code, that should work.
23:58:17ricIIcause rockbox default must be sane for some people, here usefullness ranges from 15-35
23:58:31astrasheit worked!

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