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#rockbox log for 2003-01-26

00:00:58astrasheI'm listening to my first rockbox mp3 −− thanks again
00:01:11ricIImaybe put a survey on the site, so we could figure out the best default contrast?
00:04:25astrashebye... thanks again
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00:08:45Jet8810do they make both an Archos Studio FM and Recorder FM?
00:09:17MeRWiNjust recorder
00:11:17Jet8810ok jus tmaking sure
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01:00:26PDAJunkiedotnethas the mailing list gone down with mysql bug?
01:01:51PsycoXulit's an mssql bug isn't it?
01:02:11PsycoXuland does the mailing list even use sql?
01:02:47ricIImajordomo uses mysql ??
01:03:09ricIImust been away to long :)
01:03:37webmindmajordomo can i hope use sth else then mysql ?
01:04:19PsycoXulhaha wtf
01:04:24PsycoXulsome chick calls
01:04:27PsycoXuland it's the wrong number
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01:05:08PsycoXul"is this blah blah 5692?" "no it's 5622" "oh sorry... so whats up... are you single?"
01:05:55langhaarrockermany singles fit onto one jukebox
01:06:09ricIIsounds like an userfriendly commic...
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01:12:45PsycoXulman this sucks
01:12:55PsycoXuli've having to rm stuff on my archos to make room for more stuff
01:13:12PsycoXuli'm glad my mom spent the little extra to get the 20G instead of the 6G :p
01:13:55langhaarrockerI'm glad I found someone to sell my 6GB drive to :)
01:14:06PsycoXuloh yeah
01:14:10Nibblerit took like 10h to fill my 15gig hd
01:14:14PsycoXuli should see how much 20G drives are going for on ebay
01:14:22PsycoXulsee if i can upgrade cheaply
01:14:24Nibblerand still i have stuff i want to put on it and would have to delete for that :(
01:15:26PsycoXuli need like 20 more MB free to copy these new things to it.. dunno where to take it from heh
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01:16:58PsycoXuloh here we go there's 89mb of something i never listen to heh
01:17:15ricIIisn't there a 2nd channel on the usb-ata bridge... :)
01:18:07langhaarrockerThe actual size of a hard drive doesn't matter. The half-life remains the same.
01:18:26ricIIbackpack a large 3.5" with batteries..
01:19:59langhaarrockerbelieve me: within two months you'd be craving for more space
01:20:37PsycoXuli'm pretty picky about my music
01:20:52PsycoXulit's taken me years to get 20G worth
01:22:09PsycoXulcp: cannot create directory `/mnt/jb/Oneys/T\202l\202popmusik': Invalid argument
01:30:50 Quit breaker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:31:01PsycoXul./Beck/Mellow Gold
01:31:02PsycoXul./Eels/Electro-Shock Blues
01:31:02DBUGEnqueued KICK PsycoXul
01:31:02PsycoXul./Telepopmusik/Genetic World
01:31:02PsycoXul./Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett/The Madcap Laughs
01:31:04PsycoXul./Pink Floyd/Saucerful of Secrets
01:31:06PsycoXul./Pink Floyd/Ummagumma
01:31:14PsycoXulnow if only it'll umount and not lock up here or anything heh...
01:31:40 Quit edx ()
01:41:31PsycoXulso the 20G's are going for ~$100 on ebay
01:41:48PsycoXuland there's a 40G buy it now for $139 and thats just the first one i found
01:42:03PsycoXulso i could double my space for $40 and maybe less heh
01:54:01s0bePsycoXul: The 40G ones(I believe) are modified and don't have any sort of waranty with them
01:55:14PsycoXuli'm looking at bare harddrives
01:55:31s0beyou can just smack me with a trout now
01:55:40PsycoXuli don't use trouts
01:55:42PsycoXulthats a mirc thing
01:55:57PsycoXuli tend to discorage the use of trout slapping
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02:12:12*diddystar5 slaps MeRWiN around a bit with a TCL powered popup
02:12:24diddystar5you there
02:13:53s0bePsycoXul: ok, good call... I'm used to hanging around in a room wih a bunch of trout heads
02:15:54diddystar5hehe could you tell me how to add the chip8 games? do i need to use "#include (something)" in a file? i am using cygwin
02:16:08PsycoXulno clue
02:17:04*diddystar5 salps himself in the face with a huge trout
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02:20:43CtcpVersion from diddystar5!
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02:40:12moose-manHey peeps, Im a noob here with a new Archos fm recorder. Sorry for being a dickhead noob asking question,but i was hoping somebody could assist me
02:40:39PsycoXulfm recorder's only work with rockbox while plugged in right now
02:40:59PsycoXulbecause they use a different kind of battery, the power handling code thinks it's dead otherwise
02:41:49moose-manahh i see, is this in all the versions, or just 1.x through 1.4 ?
02:42:16PsycoXulafaik 1.4 doesn't work at all on it actualy
02:42:20PsycoXulor earlier
02:42:30PsycoXulthis is with the cvs/daily builds
02:43:03moose-manSo if i may ask, what do you suggest?
02:43:31PsycoXulwait a week for it to get tweeked to the point of working normal
02:44:20moose-manIs it normal for the unit to not able to do anything other than charge while plugged in, in other words im unable to actually turn it on and use it while it is plugged in.
02:44:34PsycoXuldunno, that sounds weird
02:44:44PsycoXulit should work hehe
02:45:02moose-manShould i go ahead and remove the firmware then?
02:45:12PsycoXulremove which firmware? heh
02:45:37moose-manThe rocks 1.4
02:45:41PsycoXuloh probably
02:45:48moose-manand put back the 1.3 from archos ?
02:46:04PsycoXuli mean if rockbox only works while it's plugged in and the unit won't turned on while plugged in i guess there's no use to having rockbox on there yet :p
02:46:23PsycoXuland like i said i don't think 1.4 works on it at all
02:46:36PsycoXulthere were some other issues that have been solved since 1.4
02:47:27PsycoXulthat t-shirt reads "if you're already this close why don't you just suck my dick"
02:47:44moose-manIf i completely remove everything without having the .ajz file, will it do anything?
02:48:01PsycoXulit'll boot to the in-rom firmware
02:48:16moose-manSo is it cool if i just completely remove it all ?
02:48:19PsycoXulit always boots to the in-rom firmware anyway, it's just the in-rom firmware checks for the .ajz and loads it if its there
02:48:23 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
02:49:00PsycoXulyeah but the in-rom firmware's older than the .ajz it came with if it came with an .ajz heh
02:50:32MeRWiNwwjd for a klondike bar :-)
02:52:06 Quit mecraw (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
02:52:38moose-manWhen i have the unit plugged in, it will not let me do anything, if i turn it on, it flashes and just shows the charging screen as you can see here
02:53:10moose-manSorry about the low quality
02:53:15MeRWiNmoose-man: what are you trying to do?
02:53:43moose-manWell what im asking is if its normal for the player not to load and play music while it is plugged in.
02:53:46MeRWiNmoose-man: you should be able to use it while it's charging
02:53:53MeRWiNmoose-man: my fm recorder can
02:54:08MeRWiNyou might try starting it up first and then plugging it in
02:54:27moose-manTrying now....
02:54:33PsycoXuli can see me in the background
02:54:48PsycoXulis that 4 mousepads?
02:55:13moose-manMeRWiN: Excellent. It is working that way :)
02:55:49moose-manFella's thanks for your help, i know its annoying as hell dealing with n[][]bs ¶='Þ
02:58:04moose-manAhh transfering 6 gigs through USB 1.0, time to get my snickers bar out
02:58:57moose-man84 minutes left, wahoo!
03:00:22PsycoXul668M mp3
03:00:25PsycoXulhey thats convenient
03:00:27*PsycoXul burns it
03:01:43 Quit thu ("Client Exiting")
03:12:45moose-manok thanks for your help everybody, have a goodone, im sure ill be back later
03:12:47 Quit moose-man ()
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03:39:58sansaHi all.
03:40:43sansaHas anybody else noticed their battery lasting a bit longer with rockbox?
03:40:59webmindyes they have :)
03:53:01 Join Guest [0] (
03:56:48PDAJunkiedotnetI will notice batteries lasting a little longer with 2100 mah batts :)
03:57:09sansaWhere did you get yours?
03:58:42webmindbatteries or archos ?
03:59:29sansaPDAJunkiedotnet: batteries.
03:59:46PDAJunkiedotnetyou can scoure ebay
04:00:00PDAJunkiedotnetget 4 for $15 there
04:03:55 Quit sansa ("Woo Hoo Build is done time to play!")
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04:24:42GuestI see a number of Archos Player hard drive web pages. Is there one for the FM Recorder? Is it different? :)
04:26:18GuestSorry, I meant a page on upgrading the HD from the stock 20gb to, say, 40gb?
04:31:14ricIIhmm *un)shuffle robs my sleep..
04:32:54 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
04:33:47ricIIwhat if I just store parent.offset in my file, I will always be able to find that.
04:34:01webmindall the freaks live at night :)
04:34:26webmindstill busy with playlist ?
04:35:11ricIIyep considerd about 6 way to work around my prob..
04:35:27webmindah.. so choose the best one ?
04:36:26ricIIproblem is there are a lot of side factors to consider..
04:39:11ricIInow lets see if I can do 'all' with this approach
04:41:13webmindhm k
04:41:25ricIImain problem was unshuffle & resume with mixed mode inserts
04:41:41webminduhm k
04:43:35ricIIunshuffle would now mean: qsort orginal m3u, replay patches
04:44:14webmindqsort ?
04:44:32webmindunshuffle.. sorry
04:46:27PsycoXulwhats all this about anyway
04:47:12ricIIPsycoXul: new playlist code, featuring queue,insert, append & delete.
04:47:32PsycoXulwhat exactly is queuing
04:47:37PsycoXulhows it different from a playlist
04:48:01ricIIplay after this song but don't make it permanent as insert would
04:48:13PsycoXulis that really worth so much trouble
04:48:36PsycoXulwhy not just support some sorta tags in the playlist that allow changing of settings and other useful things and include one that says "remove this track from playlist after playing it"
04:48:40ricIIit would make us able to create playlists on the fly..
04:48:40webmindit's a lovely feature
04:49:16PsycoXulon the fly playlists is great
04:49:23PsycoXulbut they're still just files on the disk
04:49:36ricIIaswell recursion
04:49:50PsycoXulthat sounds more like something specific to the playlist building UI
04:50:11PsycoXulnot something for the backend to worry about
04:50:14PsycoXulbut i dunno
04:50:54ricIIbackend sould deliver hooks like insert,append (and be able to handle shuffle & resume)
04:51:01PsycoXulimo everything should be as simple and generic as possible... maybe you're trying to go for that, but to me it doesn't really sound like it heh
04:51:11PsycoXulhow is shuffle and resume a problem for the playlist backend
04:51:55PsycoXulshuffle's just done with random indexes isn't it?
04:52:14ricIIresume must recreate the state from scratch..
04:52:33PsycoXulwell thats why the playlist as created is saved to a file
04:52:41PsycoXulthe random seed is saved to recreate the same shuffle
04:52:54PsycoXuland the resume index is saved to say where to start back from
04:53:07PsycoXulwhats the problem?
04:53:09ricIIbut this is linear in time.. shuffle distroys this.
04:53:37PsycoXulwe've had working resuming shuffled playlists for a long time
04:53:40ricIIaspecialy when people start to insert while in shuffle mode..
04:53:51PsycoXulah i see
04:53:55ricIII known :(
04:54:21PsycoXuladding to it after shuffling is messy
04:55:36PsycoXulyeah i remember adding to a playlist that i had shut off while playing shuffled
04:55:46PsycoXuland turning it back on and it resumed to a different song, totally different shuffle
04:57:14PsycoXulso how do you get around that
04:57:19ricIIuser has shuffles add 6.7 after 3, unshuflled sould be
04:58:46ricIIi can do that now...
04:59:06ricIIusing less memory..
04:59:40PsycoXulso say they have shufflesd adds 6.7 after 3 and unshuffled should be but what if they really wanted to add 6.7 before 5 and want it to unshuffle to :p
05:00:45ricIIwe have to define a insert before next song & a insert after this song button. code has no problem here.
05:01:22PsycoXulseems weird to attatch insertions to either of the songs surrounding them to me
05:02:41ricIIseems weird to me to in shuffle mode, but I want to do something sensible for 'insert' which means play after what I hearing now..
05:03:12PsycoXulif you're shuffling a playlist, it sortof implies that the original playlist is sorta linear
05:03:43ricIIso are all modifications (in time)
05:03:47PsycoXuland if you're inserting to it while shuffling you could be either adding a spot of linearity or adding more effectively randomness
05:04:30PsycoXulin either case it seems to me like it should unshuffle back to a linear playlist
05:04:30ricIIrandom insert would more mean append as play somewhere after this..
05:04:50PsycoXulwell i mean linear and random as in track order
05:04:58PsycoXul1. vs
05:05:09ricIIconsiderd that to, but linerty is found in the file offset...
05:05:55ricIIonly thing to consider is insert after a queued song, this parent gets deleted..
05:06:24PsycoXulso it boils down to something inserted into a shuffled playlist is in limbo for unshuffling and you just wanna do something reasonable with it, so you attatch it to before or after tracks
05:07:02PsycoXulricII: heh
05:07:46ricIIand ofcourse take care of my other problems aswell...
05:07:54PsycoXulpersonally i'd just sort the limbo insertions in with the alphabetical linearity of the original playlist or something heh
05:08:03PsycoXulwhen unshuffling
05:09:24ricIIbut what if a user startoff in normal mode insert a few specific songs, shuffles and unshuffles, souldn't that undo the shuffling..
05:09:49PsycoXulwell yeah but the inserted songs aren't in limbo if they were done before shuffling
05:09:56PsycoXulthey're already a static part of the playlist
05:11:05ricIIbut I would like to have its behavoir defined...
05:11:58PsycoXulwell yeah that'd be nice hehe
05:14:40ricIIsince a queued songs deletion is anotated, (and insertion must have happend before) there souldn't be a problem using it's offset as a parrent...
05:17:11ricIIhmm no extra memory needed, only the resume codes gets a little slower
05:44:20 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:44:31PDAJunkiedotnetis the patch added in where a playlist is saved as m3u file?
05:46:44ricIIit's more a list of patch instructions to playlist (posible empty) to recreate the state in memory
05:48:32 Join Galik [0] (
05:49:50ricIIbut it could easly be saved..
05:52:04ricIIthe patch_file is there for recreation on resume and as a filename buffer (eliminating the one in memory)
06:08:56*Galik is away: I'm probably not payimg attention....
06:08:57*Galik is away: I'm probably not payimg attention.... : Autoaway, idle > 20 minutes. (Xscript 0.7.2)
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06:44:31*Galik is back (gone 00:35:36)
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11:37:03electronauthello, anyone listening?
11:37:28*Nibbler is
11:38:47electronautI've made a progressbar for the player - it goes over a full line and displays playing-time also
11:39:20electronautdo you think this could be interesting for other people?
11:39:31webmindcouldbe fun
11:39:37Nibblersounds nice
11:39:59electronautdoes someone have a player and wants to see it?
11:40:07Nibbleri dont have a player and dont know its display :|
11:40:17Nibblerand cant compile uisimulators
11:40:20webmindi got a player..but afteri dropt ititsnot of much use...
11:41:20Nibblerif u have a windoze-uisimulator...
11:41:37electronautwon't compile :(
11:42:13electronautthe problem is: I've compiled my first firmware two days ago and don't think I'm a great developer
11:42:24electronautso there could be bugs
11:43:15electronautso I'm asking if someone could check the code and maybe add it to the project
11:43:27Nibblerjust submit the patch?
11:43:39Nibblermight be easiest
11:43:55electronautI have to join sourceforge, or?
12:13:21 Join NibbIer [0] (
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12:55:33breakerAnyone here with an FM recorder?
13:00:58 Join edx [0] (
13:02:41 Nick edx is now known as edx`afk (
13:17:33 Quit breaker ()
13:36:54 Quit electronaut (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:39:03 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
16:46:22SeeSchlossHi everybody
16:47:18SeeSchlossHmm... I remember someone talked about something like "two stages booting" on the mailin list
16:48:34SeeSchlossI'd like to have this, but it seems like I'm the only one
16:48:58Nibblerim not on the list, /me goes subscribing
16:49:01Nibblerwhats this about?
16:50:21SeeSchlossA thing like lilo on a computer : The Archos first boots a small firmware, and this firmware gives you the choice between Archos original firmware or Rockbox
16:51:37Nibblerbut u can load the original firmware neways from withing rockbox?
16:51:57SeeSchlossbut I would like to use it on a FM recorder
16:52:37SeeSchlossbecause when the unit is unplugged, I can't boot rockbox, and I can't boot archos either
16:52:44Nibbleris rockbox anything like usefull on RM recorder already?
16:54:01ricIISeeSchloss isn't that the wrong way around ?
16:54:06SeeSchlossRockbox is really better than archos on FM recorder, except that the backlight acts strangely and that it can't work if the charger is unplugged
16:55:38ricIIrockbox sould be fixed on the FM, and it already has the functionality to boot something else..
16:57:31SeeSchlossok, but I won't be able to access internet from tomorrow morning to friday evening, and I'd like to use rockbox at evenings (with the charger) and archos during the day (when I can't plug the charger)
16:58:41SeeSchlossdo you have a better idea ?
17:01:45ricIIfix rockbox so it boots,
17:02:55ricIII heard rockbox thinks the batteries are empty when unplugged...
17:03:20SeeSchlossok, good idea. But I have no idea of what I have to do and how to do and...
17:07:48 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
17:08:41 Join Scheee [0] (
17:08:49Scheeerah pt1
17:11:00ricIISeeSchloss you could rename the .ajz before power down..
17:11:42ScheeeWell I can rename it from Rockbox but I cant rename a file from Archos firmware, can I ?
17:12:09Scheeehmm I was disconnected, I am SeeSchloss
17:12:09ricIInot sure, but y'r probly right
17:14:57Scheeeno, I cant
17:17:43ricIIso you like to bailout before rockbox starts (after it loaded by the firmware..)
17:18:26 Join breaker [0] (
17:19:51Scheeebailout ?
17:20:04Scheeehmm I don't understand :-(
17:20:52ricIIabort, jumpback to firmware rom.
17:22:14Scheeeyes, but I want to be able to boot rockbox if I want, too
17:22:19ricIIwhen e.g the on key is still pressed..
17:23:15Scheeehmm yes
17:24:14ricIIso we need to find the entry point of rockbox & hope archos firmware left us a place to return to.
17:25:22ricIIor you need to find where it checks the batteries & shutsdown and disable that.
17:26:59 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:29:03 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
17:29:25SeeSchlossdisconnected again...
17:32:51Nibbleri keep discon'ing here also :|
17:33:48ricIIhmm what would happen if you disable power_init() in apps/main.c...
17:34:55breakerHi. I think I can help here with the battery things for the FM recorder?
17:35:38SeeSchlosshmm I have absolutely no idea of what would happen if I did this
17:36:07breakerSet #define BATTERY_LEVEL_SHUTDOWN 0 (and the other values for empty) and recompile. It shouldn't shut down any more.
17:36:44ricIIok :) that even better..
17:37:12breakerIf reading the voltage for FM recorder works (tomorrow?), I'll let you know (in the ML).
17:37:44breakerSetting the values in powermgmt.h is just a workaround for today..
17:38:25breakerSet SHUTDOWN, EMPTY, DANGEROUS to 0, FULL should remain unchanged.
17:40:00SeeSchlosshmm did I say that I didn't know anything about programming and how to do what you are saying ?
17:40:49breakerDo you have the source and a working compiler?
17:40:53ricIISeeSchloss edit powermgmt.h
17:41:28SeeSchlossach I don't have the source and I don't have a working compiler
17:41:44SeeSchlossin fact I have no compiler at all
17:42:07ricIIit easy to build under linux..
17:42:12 Join Phantom [0] (
17:42:23Phantomsomebody is here ?
17:42:56breakerYes. :)
17:43:11SeeSchlosswell moreover I am under windows...
17:43:35Phantomis it possible to make a text view in full screen, withou left and right move ?
17:44:07breakerYou could try the easy-to-install compiler package that someone made.
17:44:13breakerI think it's on the rockbox site.
17:44:18breakerBut I haven't tried it.
17:44:20ricIIPhantom: wrap you mean?
17:44:49breaker(I meant SeeSchloss.)
17:45:18PhantomSeeSchloss : this pack don't want to work on my computeur
17:45:28SeeSchlossOk I'm looking for it
17:45:42 Quit Scheee (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:46:44ricIIPhantom: I still have to find something for prop. fonts..
17:46:56void_should the version display display the correct date of the version?
17:47:03void_mine says jan 20
17:47:31ricIIdepending on the system clock where it was build, yes
17:47:52Phantomso, is it possible to wrap the text ?
17:48:00void_I installed the daily build
17:48:52ricIIops, not in cvs, but my local tree supports it
17:49:31breakerSomeone-with-FM-Rec: Can you please go to debug menu, View I/O prts and tell me the value of AN6?
17:50:06Phantomback in 2 secondes
17:50:08 Quit Phantom ("Fermeture du client")
17:50:14ricIIPhantom dcc not working..
17:51:06 Join Phantom [0] (
17:52:12SeeSchlossbreaker : AN6: 20C
17:52:37SeeSchlossoh and I found the compiler, I'm downloading it
17:53:13breakerSeeSchloss: Thanks. The screen shows Batt: 0.0V 0%, am I right?
17:53:52SeeSchlossWell in fact it shows 3.38V 9%
17:54:36SeeSchlossbut in the battery menu, i see 0.00V...
17:55:32SeeSchlossPhantom > so you downloaded the compiler and it doesn't work on your pc ?
17:56:13PhantomI had got the GNU SH compiler
17:56:25Phantomand it worked better than cygwin
17:56:33Phantombut I ve loose it
17:56:42Phantomand now I can't get it anymore
17:58:57SeeSchlosswell I can not help
17:59:44 Join EGM92 [0] (
17:59:45Phantomis somebody have the gnu sh compiler for windows ?
17:59:50EGM92Hey anyone around?
18:01:03edx`afkPhantom: I have, why?
18:01:26EGM92? Hey how do I know if something like a fature has been cahnged from firmware to firmware without actually installing it into the JB?
18:01:54edx`afkEGM92: what do you mean?
18:02:52EGM92like say... hold on
18:03:00EGM92I need to get onto the website
18:03:23void_is sh-elf-gcc a special version of gcc?
18:03:54EGM92archos20030121.mod- archos20030126.mod how do Ifind out whats changed between theese 2 versions? like if there was a bug fix or new feature added
18:05:23edx`afkyou can look at the change-logs
18:05:45Phantomedx'afk : I must register to have it on the web, and that don't work for the France, so I need to have it by another way..understand ;) ?
18:06:13edx`afkwhy doesnt that work?
18:06:55EGM92EDX' where is that change log
18:07:54edx`afk e.g. or (links right at the top)
18:09:01Phantomedx`afk : they always ask me to re-register, but I'm sure to do all what I must to do
18:09:45edx`afkPhantom: strange... i tried to register but they didnt send my account data, yet - some other guy gave me his
18:10:22Phantomand, can you give it to me ?
18:10:29 Quit EGM92 ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
18:10:53edx`afkI dont know.. i need to ask that guy but he's not in atm
18:20:50PhantomI try again...
18:21:19SeeSchlosshmm... I don't understand... most of the time rockbox shuts off when I unplugged the unit, but sometimes (like now) it doesn't
18:22:33Phantomyes that is right
18:23:15Phantomon my that is because of a bad quality of plug
18:23:45SeeSchlossbad quality of plug ?
18:24:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:24:28breakerSeeSchloss: In Debug, Battery menu, the screen with "Power status:", it shows "Battery: 0,0 V"?
18:24:47Phantomyes, as if you unplug and plug then unplug very faast
18:26:50SeeSchlosswell breaker immediatly after it was showin 0.00V, then it show ~2.00V and now 0.00V
18:27:21Phantommine when he is unplug say 0.05 0.03
18:27:25SeeSchlossthere was 2.00V during about 1 minute
18:28:01breakerAnd in the other menu (View IO ports), if you press a key there it refreshed the values.
18:28:09SeeSchlossbut Phantom it is not because I pluged and unpluged very fast, when I unpluged it it was plugged since 20 minutes
18:28:18breakerDows it always show about 3,6 V?
18:29:24SeeSchlosshmm, it showed 0.00 V
18:30:09breakerDidn't you write that it showed 3.38V 9%?
18:30:23SeeSchlossthen the disk spined up and it showed about 3V (I didn't see what was after the ,), then 2.26 because the backlight was on
18:30:56breakerThat's all ok, I'm only interested if it shows always values between 2 and 4 V.
18:30:57SeeSchlossand now that the backlight is off it shows 0.00V
18:31:22breakerAnd the AN6 value?
18:31:26SeeSchlossand music is playing
18:31:31SeeSchlossAN6: 004
18:32:09breakerAha. The voltage is calculated out of AN6 (recorder).
18:32:20breakerBut how to calculate it for FM recorder??
18:32:36breakerAN6 seems not to work.
18:33:39SeeSchlosshmm is it normal that each time when I press a key AN6 changes ? (between 000 and 003)
18:34:53breakerYes. Little inaccuracies of the analog-digital-converter.
18:35:36PDAJunkiedotnetI just ordered 4 2100mah nimh batts the other day for my archos...when I receive them should I put them in the archos and activate deep discharge?
18:35:40SeeSchlossah ok
18:37:54SeeSchlossPDAJunkiedotnet > I can't help you
18:38:07PDAJunkiedotnetthanks anyways
18:39:04breakerPDAJunkiedotnet: If you want to.. I think it doesn't matter. You can force some charge cycles by setting deep discharge on, of course.
18:39:38breakerSeeSchloss: What does AN3 show?
18:39:55PDAJunkiedotnetok thanks
18:41:26SeeSchlossbreaker > 3FF
18:42:25breakerAnd AN0 is also 3FF, right?
18:43:49SeeSchlossbut AN3 is always exactly 3FF while AN0 is 3F7-3FF
18:46:51breakerAN7 should be the external power voltage. Can you tell me the value with charger connected and with charger not connected, please?
18:47:37SeeSchlosscharger not connected : 000
18:48:24 Nick edx`afk is now known as edx`code (
18:48:52SeeSchlossconnected : 1DF just after connecting
18:48:59SeeSchlossnow 130
18:50:34breakerMainly the same for the (notFM) recorder. So I have NO idea where to take the voltage from if AN6 doesn't work every time.
18:50:42 Join LinusN [0] (
18:50:50breakerAh, hi linus!
18:50:55LinusNdo we have any FM fuys here?
18:51:17SeeSchlossAt least one
18:51:21breakerI tried to find out how getting voltage for FM works.
18:51:29LinusNok, go to debug->I/O ports
18:51:41breakerAN6 doesn't work every time.
18:51:53SeeSchlossI'm already here
18:51:54breakerIt seems, only if Backlight is off!?
18:52:08breakerVery strange thing..
18:52:44LinusNmaybe they have an external mux?
18:52:45SeeSchlosswell rather when backlight is on
18:53:35breakerSeeSchloss: It shows 200 or something every time, if backlight is on?
18:53:59LinusNbreaker: try to set the backlight frequency to 1HZ or something
18:54:17breakerLinusN: Hm? Backlight frequency?
18:54:29LinusNthe backlight is controlled by the RTC
18:54:34breakerAh, you mean in the registers of RTC.
18:54:44SeeSchlossbreaker > yes
18:54:48LinusNand it is a square wave generator output
18:55:01breakerLinusN: Yes, I remember now.
18:55:02LinusNcurrently 32khz
18:55:14breakerNo. Currently 0 Hz.
18:55:18breakerI think.
18:55:36LinusNbreaker: have you changed it?
18:55:45breakerI don't think so.
18:55:52LinusNit shoud be 32khz when lit
18:55:55LinusNohz when off
18:56:05breakerWait, I'll look into the code.
18:58:47breakerLinusN: You're right.
18:59:33LinusNi'm always right :-)
18:59:47breakerI think I haven't changed it ifdef HAVE_ALARM_MOD, and I'm *sure* that I didn't change something that affects #ifndef HAVE_ALARM_MOD.
19:00:48LinusNmaybe the fmrec has an external analog mux?
19:00:57LinusNfor the battery voltage(s)
19:01:21LinusNhow does the liion charging circuit work?
19:01:34breakerI don't know. :)
19:01:44breakerI read about LiIon charging in the net.
19:01:51breakerSimply charging with 4.2
19:01:52LinusNhave you determined which chip it is?
19:01:54breaker4.2 V.
19:02:14breakerI don't have a FM recorder.
19:02:23LinusNfrom what i have heard, liion charging is trickier than nimh
19:03:34breakerI don't think so. Have a look at
19:04:10breakerThey charge with 4.2V, the current is reduced automatically (because of the constant voltage).
19:04:36breakerThat could mean we can always turn on the charger for the FM recorder and don't have to do anything.
19:07:21LinusNthat must mean that they have an external charging chip
19:07:43breakerwait a minute, a telephone call..
19:07:44LinusNotherwise we would overheat the batteries, wouldn't we?
19:08:55 Nick PDAJunkiedotnet is now known as Jet8810 (
19:09:39 Join GreyShadow [0] (
19:10:10LinusNas far as i know, it is critical that we don't exceed 4.2V, thus we need a current limiting device with pretty good precision
19:12:06 Quit Phantom (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:14:47 Join Schee [0] (
19:15:37Scheewell I downloaded the small compiler, did what you said, and it works, thanks :-)
19:15:39 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
19:18:39ricIILi-Ion charging is tricky, could well be this handled outside the normal software..
19:19:33LinusNi really think they use a charging controller for that
19:19:59Scheehmm well I was disconnected again Schee = SeeSchloss
19:20:57Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
19:21:10LinusNkick SeeSchloss
19:21:43ricIIah, I was wondering what was about to happen :)
19:22:00Kick(#rockbox SeeSchloss :LinusN) by LinusN!
19:22:39 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
19:22:45Scheeok thanks
19:23:38ricIISchee if you register the nick you can claim it back y'r self..
19:25:11breakerLinusN: (I'm back again.) Yes, I think they have a charging controller inside the device.
19:25:16ScheeI know, I thought it was registered
19:25:36breakerIf not and we don't turn the charger off when it goes above 4,2 V, we destroy the battery, right.
19:25:48LinusNbreaker: right
19:26:39ricIIand maybe the archos withit
19:26:52breakerSomeone with a FM Recorder has to check what happens when the Archos firmware runs. I think the voltage goes up to 4,2 v and then stays there.
19:26:56LinusNso the device shuts off when the backlight goes off?
19:27:13breakerNo. AN6 only doesn't show a battery voltage.
19:27:37LinusNso maybe it just isn't a battery voltage at all?
19:27:43breakerWe could make backlight_on(), get_voltage, backlight_off()
19:27:55breakerLinusN: Could be.
19:28:15LinusNtry to set the freq to 1 hz and see how it behaves
19:28:22breakerBut The battery voltage shown in debug/IO ports is calculated out of AN6.
19:28:40breakerand it shows 3,6 v when backlught is on.
19:28:46LinusNbreaker: that code is for the normal recorders
19:29:03LinusNwe don't know if an6 measures the same thing on the fm recorder
19:29:15breakerYes, right.
19:29:27breakerBut 3,6 V could be the battery voltage.
19:29:36LinusNcould be
19:29:53breakerAnd because I have no FM model here, what should we do?
19:30:05LinusNi have to put my son to bed now
19:30:26LinusNcu later
19:30:30 Part LinusN
19:30:34breakerOK, bye.
19:35:42breakerSchee: To "guess" if AN6 shows the batt voltage if backlight is on, it would be helpful to know which battery voltage and AN6 value the debug/IO ports screen shows when a.) battery is almost empty b.) battery is almost full.
19:36:15 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
19:36:40breakerSeeSchloss: To "guess" if AN6 shows the batt voltage if backlight is on, it would be helpful to know which battery voltage and AN6 value the debug/IO ports screen shows when a.) battery is almost empty b.) battery is almost full.
19:37:19breakerIf empty is about 2,7 and full about 4,2, I'd think AN6 *can* be used for getting the voltage.
19:38:33 Join Darsh [0] (
19:38:46Darshhi... can anyone help me an error im getting?
19:40:28breakerWhat's wrong?
19:40:38Darshwell, i have the jukebox studio 20
19:40:41Darshand i had rockbox on it
19:40:56Darshthen, i turned it on this morning and it said "HD Error"
19:41:06Darshso, i went to the archos webstie, it said to reformat
19:41:07Darshdid that
19:41:19Darshreinstalled the firmware and the rockbox.... but im still getting the error
19:41:59breakerHave you tried only to use the original firmware for a day or two after reformatting?
19:42:15Darshi tried first using only the latest firmware
19:42:27Darshbut i cant even get to that
19:42:30breakerArchos firmware or Rockbox?
19:43:05breakerAnd after reformatting, does the built-in firmware work?
19:43:24 Quit Schee (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: SeeSchloss!
19:43:26Darshthe built in firmware will be there after i format?
19:43:27breakerAre the batteries ok?
19:43:37Darshas far as i know... i tried with the AC plugge in
19:43:43Darshlet me try that
19:43:45Darshhold on
19:43:46breakerBuilt-in is on a flash rom, cannot be overwritten.
19:44:04Darshoh i didnt know that
19:44:07Darshthanks, one sec
19:44:37SeeSchlosswell breaker how could I know what you asked to me ?
19:44:37SeeSchlossbattery voltage etc
19:44:52Jet8810is queuing still done by holding down the play button in the latest build?
19:44:55Jet8810it is not working on my recorder...
19:45:43breakerSeeSchloss: What do you mean?
19:46:27breakerSeeSchloss: You could check the values after charging with the Archos firmware. Or what's the problem?
19:46:50breakerJet8810: Press ON+play.
19:46:57breakerJet8810: A new menu.
19:47:08Darshbreaker: it still gives me that error
19:47:27Jet8810and is there a better way to edit them now too? and it saves playlists now too right?
19:47:30ricIIDarsh: hd broken?
19:47:40SeeSchlosswell... I could check the values after charging with archos, but I thought rockbox gave a bad voltage ?
19:47:40breakerDarsh: But you can connect with charger and USB and then format and use the drive?
19:48:08Darshi canc onnec to just USB and it works fine
19:48:12Darshi can send files back and forth
19:48:14ricIIstrange, formated as ?
19:48:15Darshi can format
19:48:34breakerDarsh: And if charger disconnected, does that work then, too?
19:48:52Darshif its connected to USB and NOT charger, it works fine
19:49:19ricIIprimary partition, fat32 sould work..
19:49:52breakerSeeSchloss: That we don't know. We know that it doesn't show a usable value when backlight is off. But it could show a usable value if backlight is on.
19:50:16SeeSchlossok ok
19:52:30SeeSchlosswell archos says "Charged"
19:53:08*SeeSchloss is booting Rockbox...
19:54:15breakerSeeSchloss: You should charge some hours (even if it shows "charged" now) and then look at the voltage rockbox shows. I don't know what Archos means is "Charged".
19:54:27SeeSchlosshmm in I/O ports, battery is 3.09V when backlight is on
19:56:28SeeSchlosswell breaker in a few minutes I will go to eat, then to bed, then to school and I won't be able to access internet before friday evening...
19:56:45breakerIf you charge over night, the voltage has to be 4.2 V (that's the correct charging for LiIon, and I think Archos firmware does it correctly here). It would be interesting what value rockbox shows then.
19:57:06breakerOK, charge over night (Archos firmware), boot directly with rockbox and look into the debug screen.
19:57:19breakerWrite me the voltage and AN& value.
19:58:27breakerOh, you cannot write then until Friday. That's bad.
19:59:49breakerSeeSchloss: I'll aks for help in the Mailinglist. Bye then.
19:59:53Darshif I'm outta battery power and plug in the Charger, i should be able to run it normally,r giht?
20:00:10ricIIDarsh no.
20:00:30breakerIf the batteries are broken it won't work correctly.
20:01:00breakerThe charger only charges the batteries.
20:01:07Darshnono, i dont mean brokenb
20:01:14Darshi mean, just outta power
20:01:15ricIIspinup hd needs more power the adaptor (circits behind it) deliver
20:01:28Darshmaye i should just charge it for a while
20:02:39 Join AndyC_772 [0] (
20:03:11SeeSchlosstime to eat, @+ les filles
20:03:16 Quit SeeSchloss ("Évolution, Entwicklung. Révolution, Staatsumwälzung. ??!. France ! - De ?. Europe... z'avez rien pigé, hein ? :-D")
20:06:57ricIIbreaker: just incase mine aren't working, still got some 8mb rams left?
20:14:31 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:24:38breakerricII: Yes. At least one.
20:28:32ricIII will practice some more on dummy pcb's and mod the archos somewhere in comming week..
20:30:39ricIIwho could have thought I would put this broken hub to use :)
20:35:20 Quit AndyC_772 ()
20:36:40 Quit breaker ()
21:09:29 Join JBP641 [0] (
21:09:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:54 Part JBP641
21:17:27 Quit s0be ("Client exiting")
21:25:36 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:33:13 Join matsl [0] (
21:41:16 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
22:15:12 Quit s0be ("Client exiting")
22:15:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:29 Join PhantomJP [0] (
22:27:20PhantomJPedx : do you have see the guy who give you his pass ?
22:28:05edx`codeno, sorry i havent - i have registered myself and i'd give you my password but i didnt receive their mail yet :(
22:28:47PhantomJPsame thing for me
22:33:03 Join probonic [0] (
22:33:03 Quit Darsh (Connection timed out)
22:39:38 Quit PhantomJP ("Fermeture du client")
22:48:15 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
22:53:07 Join Aghnar [0] (
22:54:02AghnarHello everyone
22:55:26 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:55:28AghnarAnyone know if it would be possible to have a feature like the mp3cue plugin for winamp ?
23:04:29Aghnarthe mp3cue plugin can be found there :
23:05:09AghnarIt is a great plugin when listening livesets or mixes without cutting them :)
23:07:14 Quit gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:28 Join gissehel [0] (
23:13:05MTi cba to install it
23:13:20MTbut it allows you to jump to bookmarks around a single mp3 file?
23:15:05 Nick edx`code is now known as edx`offsoon (
23:21:15Aghnaryes :)
23:21:42AghnarI don't know if it would be possible to do on the archos
23:22:14Aghnarbut i think it has not been requested yet...
23:22:19langhaarrockerbookmarks are being worked on
23:27:00 Quit edx`offsoon ()
23:27:12 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:40:38Aghnarok... tha's what you call bookmarks :)
23:41:13Aghnari thought bookmarks was just for bookmarking your favourites tracks
23:41:16MToooh :)
23:41:20MTit all works :)
23:41:39MTlooks like i bought my fm recorder at just the right time ;)
23:42:01 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:42:28BoD[]is it possible to queue a full directory (and recursivly), yet ?
23:42:49MTnot afaik
23:42:57MTbut its in the pipeline (?)
23:43:24BoD[]ok then
23:53:43ricIIthink I got the unshuffling covered..
23:55:02 Quit Aghnar ("Leaving")
23:58:06langhaarrockercompletely ot: does anybody know how that song is called which has the bassline of 'night rider' combined with some indian singing and some kind of picked string instrument that sounds as if it was made of metal and severely broken?

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