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#rockbox log for 2003-01-27

00:00:21langhaarrockerThey seem to play it on viva quite often lately
00:00:42BoD[]i saw it on mtv
00:01:13langhaarrockerdoesn't surprise me
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05:07:41ricIIhmm anyone still a wake ?
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05:13:13ricIIwell elinenbe if y'r out there. I got a new version working different doing what you asked (sorting & such)
05:14:05ricIImu 'gut' says this is the way to go...
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08:29:27dwihnoHello hey!
08:31:01Bagderlots of mails
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09:26:16dwihno? :-)
09:26:37Bagdermassive virus attack during the weekend
09:26:57Bagdercan you say microsoft? ;-)
09:27:14dwihnoHeh. No? :) What kind of worm?
09:27:15Bagder"we saw many major networks dissappear on the Internet"
09:27:29BagderMS-SQL Server buffer overflow
09:27:50dwihnoWhich affects even SQL2000 ?
09:28:34Bagderit seems to be an old overflow
09:28:36Bagderbut a new virus
09:29:16dwihnoDoesn't everyone disable unauthorized SQL access? :-)
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09:29:41Bagderit doesn't involve that
09:29:54Bagderits a "ping" feature
09:30:15dwihnoAll your SQL are belong to Bill :-)
09:30:23Bagder"In addition to providing referrals, the SSRS is capable of replying to "ping" messages from other SQL servers to confirm its presence on a network. When the service receives such a message, it replies to the transmitting host with an identical reply message."
09:31:51dwihnoSQL is bad for your breath. So I've heard ;)
09:32:12Bagder"Bank of America Corp. said on Saturday that customers at a majority of its 13,000 automatic teller machines were unable to process customer transactions after a malicious computer worm In addition to providing referrals, the SSRS is capable of replying to "ping" messages from other SQL servers to confirm its presence on a network. When the service receives such a message, it replies to the transmitting host with an identical reply message.near
09:32:12Bagderly froze Internet traffic worldwide."
09:32:22Bagdercrap that came out bad
09:32:39Bagder13000 ATM machines went dead anyway
09:33:18dwihnoThe official Microsoft comment: "oops, we did it again!"
09:33:43Bagderwell, MS actually did fix this problem back in July
09:34:05Bagderbut people haven't patched
09:36:19adi|homeim sorry.. every protocol i have ever read specifically avoids those mirror cases by saying if you receieve the same packet back that you sent, don't do anything more.
09:36:25dwihnodelete from money where user='bagder';
09:36:28adi|homeso WTF was microsoft thinking?
09:37:02Bagder"this is a new smart idea no one ever thought of before!" ;-)
09:38:05dwihno"There is no such thing as too many features!"
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09:38:49adi|home"oh.. oh.. i know.. we can ship our internet services with _all_ feautres on by default.. and not tell anyone!"
09:41:21dwihnoWillkommen zurück, Nibbler! :D
09:53:20dwihnoI need a tip or two.
09:53:44dwihnoI am about to do a kind of counter counting the remaining time of a rather time consuming task.
09:56:47dwihnoWhich way is the best?
09:57:32BagderI don't get it, what alternatives are there?
09:57:43adi|homei don't even get the question :)
09:57:51dwihnoOkay, I'll try again
09:57:58dwihnoLet's say you are to transfer a file.
09:58:12dwihnoAnd want to have a time counter telling the ETA.
09:58:43dwihnoHaving a constant timer which uses the entire time used for copying might cause weird values if the speed varies greatly
09:59:12dwihnoSo, calculating every second might be a better choice?
10:00:20dwihnoOr perhaps the both, showing some kind of average?
10:00:45BagderI think the ETA should be based on the average speed so far
10:01:29dwihnoThat will cause pretty weird numbers if you have a super high transfer rate which decreases to a minimum quite fast.
10:01:44adi|homei agree with that.. thats how I've always understood the algorithms
10:01:52Bagderyou can't expect the future to be better than the past average, can you?
10:02:11dwihnoBagder: the future is always brighter? :-)
10:02:18Bagdersometimes people like to have the ETA based on the last N seconds
10:02:59Bagderin curl, I use the total average for the ETA
10:03:34Bagderin practise, that is generally pretty accurate
10:03:52adi|homethats what I would do...
10:04:18adi|homethats why you can alwyas see the eta fluxtuat in so many apps...
10:05:23Bagderyes, and that makes the output completely useless ;-)
10:05:30adi|homehehe yup ;)
10:05:53adi|homesee.. id rather just have received/totalsize displayed
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10:24:23dwihnoETA is so cool! :-)
10:24:30dwihnoIt's like looking into the future!
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10:24:42dwihnoMaybe I should apply both ideas. Last N seconds and a total.
10:25:27Bagderthe last N seconds will make it fluctuate a lot
10:25:59dwihnoNot if the speed is not too varying :)
10:26:06Bagderin curl, I only show the transfer speed during the N last seconds, but show the ETA based on total average
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10:26:34Bagdermorning dr Zivago
10:27:08Zagormorn. they're having a lovely virus scare here. everything's been shut off the whole morning...
10:27:33Bagderthat big one is only for ms-sql server
10:27:36Zagorbut is anyone suggsting replacing outlook? noooooo
10:28:20Zagoryeah, but they use ms-sql here for the bug tracker
10:28:32Bagderand they never patch it?
10:28:54Zagorwho knows. the divine overlords of the IT section don't speak to mere mortals
10:29:16Bagderthose exploited overflows are 6 months old
10:29:45Bagderbut I guess that's the way of the mega-companies
10:29:53dwihnoBagder: that is also a good idea! The best of two worlds! :D
10:30:28ZagorBagder: i doubt anyone actually know what the exploit is/does. they just follow the general hysteria.
10:30:45Bagderwant some links? B-]
10:31:03Bagderbank of america's 13000 ATM machines went down due to it ;-)
10:31:24Zagorbtw, I fixed directory renaming
10:31:37Bagdersince the virus causes a massive ping-ponging, it eats all bandwidth
10:39:15HadakaZagor: I hope you ridiculed all of them all morning
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10:41:04ZagorHadaka: well i huffed and puffed, but in the end there's not much I can do. you know the types: they don't answer phones or emails.
10:43:06HadakaZagor: well true :(
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11:40:16dwihnoZagor: great work with the renaming of directories!
11:45:30matslHow does the persistence work?
11:45:52Bagderthe persistence?
11:46:16matslSettings. I see use of both RTC and the filesystem.
11:47:18Bagderyes, but the RTC is only a subset of the filesystem's data
11:47:26Bagderand on players there is no RTC
11:48:29matslCan I just add more things to be persistent then without any hazzle?
11:49:16Bagderthat should be possible, yes ;-)
11:50:49matslDoes that mean that the thej CONFIG_BLOCK version and size should be changed?
11:53:28Hessize cannot be changed, and if at all possible, the version should not be changed
11:54:04Hessince every time the version is changed, all old settings will be forgotten at upgrade time, and reset to "factory" defaults
11:54:49matslAre there any space left for more parameters then. I don't mind using free space ;-)
11:56:03Hesjust look at the space allocation in the beginning of the source file.
11:56:13matslw8 ...
11:58:09dwihnomatsl: what are you up to? :)
11:59:28matslAs I get it 0xFC + 260 is 512. No space left. What am i missing? (Brains?)
12:00:03matsldwihno: thought I could do the lame pin code thing.
12:01:13Hesmatsl: there's some air in there, the part of the block that is written to disk has been allocated from top down.
12:01:41Hes0x2c to 0xa9 is free.
12:02:25dwihnomatsl: lame pin code? *scratches the head*
12:02:37dwihnomatsl: LAME port for Rockbox? ;)
12:04:08matslno. pin code security of rockbox is considered lame because it wont actually stop anyone to get access to the unit through USB.
12:04:39matslBut some people want it and I thought it coule be a fun little hack.
12:05:51Zagormatsl: the block is used from 0 to 0x2b and 0xb0 to 0xff. 0x2c to 0xaf is free to use.
12:07:02tantusoops, wrong channel
12:07:32dwihnomatsl: that would be polluting the code with not-so-usable information!
12:09:08matsldwihno: ru seriously trying to talk me out of it?
12:10:16dwihnomatsl: not really, just a personal opinion :-) you can add whatever feature you'd like! :D
12:10:39*dwihno presents... THE ROCKBOX DISK DEFRAGMENTER UTILITY! :-D
12:13:25*matsl is away: I'm busy
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12:21:39calpefroschwow, the userlist has grown since I was here last time ;-)
12:21:50Bagderhey calpe
12:21:59calpefroschhey Bagder
12:22:57calpefroschone short question... I try to install the sh1-gcc on my linux system, and got this error:make[2]: sh-elf-ar: Kommando nicht gefunden.
12:22:57calpefroschmake[2]: *** [libgcc.a] Fehler 127
12:23:22Bagderyou need the binutils first
12:23:26calpefroschi have it
12:23:53Bagderwell, sh-elf-ar comes with it
12:23:55calpefroschoh, sorry. It's not the right PATH
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12:29:37 Part calpefrosch
12:31:36Zagorman, it feels like i'm on a 300bps modem
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12:48:40*matsl is back (gone 00:35:15)
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14:17:23dwihnowhat's your name?
14:17:25dwihnoI need to know
14:17:38Neo7530is anybody here that speaks german ?
14:17:52Neo7530my name ?
14:18:12*Bagder looks at dwihno
14:19:11Neo7530a question: supports the AJB-Player pitch shift on playback ?
14:19:34*dwihno looks at Bagder. Never heard of Victoria Silvstedt and her popstar attempt? :-)
14:20:03BagderNeo7530: nope, only the recorder supports that
14:20:10Neo7530ok, tnx
14:20:16Bagderdwihno: uh well, I don't remember any lyrics from that
14:21:58kargatronthis is all AMG has:|AM&sql=A3017gj4r16ib
14:22:12kargatronwhy dwihno thinks anyone knows wtf she is is beyond me. :)
14:22:33Neo7530where i can find software that controls AJB via usb or serial port ?
14:22:38Bagderkargatron: dwihno's a lunatic ;-)
14:22:56BagderNeo7530: usb no, remote yes
14:22:58dwihnoBagder: It's a classic! :)
14:23:12Neo7530remote or serial port mod ?
14:23:27BagderNeo7530: there's no mod needed to use the remote
14:24:36Neo7530ok, i want to use remote without wires, is it possible or must i create a own circuit to do that ?
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14:24:52Bagderthere's none available to buy
14:25:51Neo7530it's crying to build a own circuit ;o)
14:26:10Bagdercheck the list archives, plenty of people have discussed this already
14:27:50Neo7530its theoretically simple... modulate the pulses from original remote to 40 kHz and put an ir-receiver to the jukebox... thats it ;o)
14:27:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:28:17Bagderjust remember to send us the pictures of it when its done! ;-)
14:28:38Neo7530only if it works :op
14:29:22ZagorNeo7530: the remote doesn't use pulses, it uses a serial port
14:29:39Neo7530really ?
14:29:47Zagor9600 bps
14:31:07Neo7530its easier... then i use a rf- data transmitter...
14:31:48 Part Zagor
14:32:00 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:32:28Neo7530it works on 3.3 V an supports data to 56kBits...
14:34:19Neo7530has anyone a command-listing for remote port ?
14:35:53Neo7530eg.: ASCII "P" on 9600 bps = Play on Jukebox
14:36:21 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:40:45Neo7530oki, bye @ll - must go...
14:40:49 Quit Neo7530 ("Leaving")
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15:00:31gizzhi all
15:00:59gizzI have just set the trillian stuff up :-)
15:02:02gizzcongrats for the FM Rec progression ;-) (even if you don't own one −− yet)
15:06:58Zagorbooo. get_time returns an invalid struct tm.
15:07:12Zagorthat's why file times are wrong.
15:13:11kargatronin case anyone hasn't seen yet, the new matrix trailer kicks total ass:
15:13:36 Part Zagor
15:13:51matslApi question. Is there some clean way to turn the unit of from the apps. Like after entering the wrong pin code?
15:15:19Bagdermatsl: the sleep timer isn't that app-controlled?
15:15:51matslcan you set it to zer0?
15:16:15BagderI'm not saying you should use the sleep timer
15:16:25BagderI'm saying it is an app
15:16:29Bagderand it shuts down the unit
15:16:54matslok. So you'r saying. look there for the code!
15:17:09Bagderhehe, yes
15:17:14BagderI haven't seen it myself
15:21:19 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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15:25:00Zagorlovely proxy, this
15:28:39 Part Zagor
15:28:58 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:31:42*Bagder noticed that wps_refresh() updates the screen itself, no need for lcd_update() after that
15:33:58Bagderdid we just break the sim Zagor? ;-)
15:34:53Bagderwhere is get_time() ?
15:37:16Zagor_Bagder: firmware/common/timefuncs.c
15:37:46Zagor_bingo. time works.
15:38:11Zagor_uh, except for a month off
15:38:32Bagderwant me to make a sim stub for it?
15:38:45Zagor_please do. it should just be a localtime(9
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16:05:28Bagdera question
16:05:50Bagderyou think its worth not updating the status bar all over when that is used and we do an lcd_update() ?
16:06:14Bagderit makes ~112 bytes less written to the hardware
16:07:01Zagormaybe. depends on if you can solve it elegantly in the code.
16:07:30Bagderbasicly a new function: update_screen { if(statusbar) lcd_update_rect() else lcd_update() }
16:08:28Zagorso all code need to change from lcd_update to update_screen?
16:08:48Bagderyes, all code for screens with status bar
16:10:20*Bagder runs away to fetch the laundry
16:10:48dwihnoLAUNDRY POWAAAAAH! :D
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16:32:00Bagderred build
16:32:17Bagderwin sim
16:32:31Zagorbah, who cares about winsim ;)
16:33:05BagderI'm seriously considering cutting it off completely
16:35:42Bagderme fix this
16:39:53 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
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16:44:50Zagordoes anyone understand why the bookmark file needs to contain the following blob:
16:45:08Zagoron top of position and file name, that is
16:45:25Bagderyou mean the plain text string?
16:45:44Bagdernope, no clue here
16:45:59Zagorwhat's wrong with that?
16:46:10*Zagor doesn't get it
16:46:21Bagderit needs seed too for resume in playlist
16:47:04kargatronit's currently storing the shuffle/repeat info too, afaik
16:47:39Bagderall info for a resume point
16:48:35 Part Zagor
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17:54:43 Part kargatron
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18:23:11 Join Bud [0] (
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18:24:28BudDoes anyone have any experience using the new bookmark patch with the Studio models?
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19:27:16 Join calpefrosch [0] (
19:28:50calpefroschhas anybody experience with the X11 Simulator
19:30:44 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpefrosch|away (
19:30:57quelsarukyups... some experience
19:31:20calpefrosch|awayok, sorry. I'll be back later
19:31:36quelsarukdoesn't matter
19:39:33 Nick calpefrosch|away is now known as calpefrosch (
19:39:53calpefroschok, After compiling the simulator for linux, everything was working fine
19:40:20calpefroschbut now, it hangs after the logo is drawn
19:41:30calpefroschwait - now it is working again
19:41:51calpefroschit depends... so sometimes it hangs, sometime not
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20:04:36quelsaruktime to go home
20:04:49 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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20:10:42Phantomis somebody know how to use th GNUSH compiler for windows ?
20:11:16 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
20:11:26 Join Phantom [0] (
20:11:45Phantomnobody ?
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22:34:45LinusNZagor: i saw your gettime() changes
22:37:28LinusNi deliberately didn't change status.c because gettime() reads way too much from the RTC to be called every second
22:37:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
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23:01:48LinusNZagor: i saw your gettime() changes
23:01:49LinusNi deliberately didn't change status.c because gettime() reads way too much from the RTC to be called every second
23:01:49 Part LinusN
23:02:24 Join LinusN [0] (
23:02:34LinusNZagor: you there?
23:06:52Zagorhere now
23:07:00Zagoryes, you're right.
23:07:19Zagorwe should be using a software time variable instead of reading the rtc every time
23:07:32Zagorjust sync with the rtc every minute or so, to avoid drift
23:07:54LinusNthat's an idea too
23:08:35LinusNjust wanted to share my thoughts
23:08:41LinusNgotta go to sleep now
23:08:45Zagorok. night!
23:08:47LinusNcu l8r
23:08:49 Part LinusN
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