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#rockbox log for 2003-01-28

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00:15:52AcID83hey does anyone know of a place where I can find a schematic for archos multimedia?
00:16:10Zagoryeah, Archos Inc.
00:16:19Zagorbe polite ;)
00:17:00MeRWiNZagor: so what is the best way to go about finding the actual location of the voltage?
00:17:03Zagorwhy do you think there are schematics available?
00:17:04MeRWiNof the fm
00:17:19ZagorMeRWiN: a multimeter between the battery poles
00:17:40MeRWiNi mean in the software :-)
00:17:55Zagoroh :)
00:18:41Zagorwhy do you need it?
00:18:59Zagorbattery_voltage = (adc_read(ADC_UNREG_POWER) * BATTERY_SCALE_FACTOR) / 10000;
00:19:12AcID83I don't think there are schematics I just was wondering
00:21:52MeRWiNZagor: It doesn't seem that the voltage is done correctly in the FM right now with rockbox... since it only works when the lcd backlight is on :)
00:22:16ZagorMeRWiN: correct. that is because we don't know how the recorder works.
00:22:27Zagorwe don't even have a photo of it...
00:23:30MeRWiNi can probably do that :P
00:23:36MeRWiNcan't be too hard to take apart
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00:28:43elinenbericII: are you here?
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00:46:03elinenbelanghaarrocker: hello there mate
00:46:33elinenbehow are things going?
00:47:02langhaarrockerhaving trouble in the practise room with ground loops.
00:47:20elinenbelanghaarrocker: you are wasting your time with that :)
00:47:29langhaarrockereverything's humming and fuzzing
00:48:02langhaarrockerit's worse: my fellow band members waste _my_ time with that :)
00:49:19langhaarrockerAnd they are complaining that I'm not fast enough.
00:51:15ricIIhere now elinenbe
00:51:47Jet8810do they even make 2400 mah AA nimhs?
00:52:13Jet8810that is the highest setting in rockbox...
00:52:22Jet8810I couldnt find any higher then 2100 though
00:52:23langhaarrockermaybe they _label_ them 2400 mAh ...
00:52:24Nibbleroh, i thought there are some available...
00:52:27Jet8810and thats what I got in the mail today :)
00:52:55ricIIbut I had a rough day, and only 4h sleep last nigth
00:52:55NibblerricII: how is your playlist thingy doing?
00:53:00Nibblerthe queue
00:54:26ricIIit seems to work just have to write a little more sorting code.
00:57:57ricIIand maybe I can take a sortcut there later.. (optimize)
00:58:44langhaarrockerI'm leaving now - don't cry: I'll be back tomorrow :)
00:59:01ricIIan other posible intresting side effect could be queue shuffle..
00:59:42ricIIpress shuffle (posible unshuffle before) and the queue can be shuffled aswell
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01:36:13ricIIconfig_block 0xF4 (int) Playlist first index , is only used for dirplay ?
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02:02:55Stephencan I ask a question?
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03:08:25hardeepricII: first index is used for both dirplay and playlist... it identifies the first song in the playlist so that repeat off is handled correctly
03:09:59hardeepricII: strike that... index is always 0 for playlists so yeah, it's really only important for dirplay
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03:32:46jedixdoes anyone have the new player that plays divx as well as mp3s?
03:37:25elinenbericII: are you still around?
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05:04:15Nexushey all
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05:33:45Nexusanywone here?
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05:38:33Nexusi'm a full blown noobie and had a question
05:38:54Nexusi own a studio jukebox 20 and really ereally wanna install rockbox
05:39:04Nexusand try it out cz i'm sick of the original one
05:39:20Nexusand am having probs with my jukebox recognizing it
05:40:16tantusNexus: do you use linux?
05:42:49meshugawheres the recording function under the rockbox?
05:42:55meshugai downloaded the target build and i cant find it
05:43:05meshugaplus it still says '1.4'
05:43:14PsycoXulmeshuga: download a daily
05:43:22meshugatarget builds arent?
05:43:26meshugait said 1-27-03
05:43:30Nexusno tantus
05:43:37PsycoXul'daily builds' are
05:43:42PsycoXultarget builds could be anything
05:43:48PsycoXulthe archos is the target
05:43:57meshugaoh ok
05:43:59meshugai'll try that
05:44:00PsycoXultarget build is as opposed to simulator
05:44:01meshugaso sup man
05:44:05meshugaarent you from #linuxwarez on efnet?
05:44:18meshugayour nick looks soo familiar
05:44:28PsycoXuli remember you sorta
05:44:37PsycoXulyour nick anyway
05:47:04meshugawhere would the recorder function be located?
05:47:24PsycoXulno clue, i only have a player
05:47:26meshugai downloaded 'bleeding edge'
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05:49:54tantusI found a recording bug. If you try recording another track before the machine finishes writing you get a 'recording panic' message
05:50:18meshugatantus : wheres the recording function in the archos located?
05:50:23meshugai got bleeding edge rockbox on
05:50:33meshugaand i cant find it under the menu that has games, info, system settings etc.
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05:51:07tantusmeshuga: in the menu, are you sure you copied it?
05:51:23meshugait needs to be in .rockbox and not ajbrec.gz in / ?
05:51:44tantusin /
05:51:48meshugahm i did that
05:51:49PsycoXulit should be ajbrec.ajz in /
05:51:50meshugai'll try again
05:51:54meshugayea i did that
05:51:56PsycoXulnot .gz :p
05:52:02meshugaoh ok
05:52:12tantusmeshuga: make sure you unplug all cables then turn it off then on again?
05:52:27PsycoXulyeah of course you gotta reboot it
05:52:40PsycoXulor select the file in rockbox if rockbox is already running to ROLO it
05:54:03meshugahm ok deleted the file
05:54:57meshugai didnt try lcicking on it
05:55:00meshugaill do that again
05:55:07meshugashould i have to delete .rockbox?
05:55:34tantushmm, neodymium magnets in earbud headphones arent going to screw with the hard drive, do you think?
05:55:52PsycoXultantus: i'm pretty sure it's sheilded
05:56:17PsycoXultantus: HD's actualy have a NIB magnet in them for the head guidance
05:56:42PsycoXuland it seems to be sheilded well enough that nothing sticks to my archos
05:56:44PsycoXulso heh
05:57:06meshugaso everytime i try to put a new ajbrec.ajz on, it replaces itself w/ the old one
05:57:25PsycoXulyou're using linux right?
05:57:29meshugano win32
05:57:37meshugamy linux boxen is broke
05:57:45meshugahm ok
05:57:46PsycoXulwell you ejecting or 'safely removing' the device before you unplug it?
05:57:51meshugaoh no
05:57:57meshugai should try that
05:58:03PsycoXulyeah you gotta umount it
05:58:05 Part Nexus
05:58:10PsycoXulor the changes don't get commited
05:58:18tantusPsycoXul: are you a developer?
05:58:24PsycoXultantus: not really no
05:58:32PsycoXuli've sent in a patch or 2, thats about it
06:01:58meshugaman, dont get stoned and then try to follow directions over the fone
06:02:14meshugai wasnt even aware of a recorder function in rock until a friend called me
06:02:18meshugacuz his sister has one
06:02:25meshugaand asked me 'if the recording function works well'
06:02:49tantusthat is why it says recorder on the front
06:02:57meshugano, in rockbox.
06:03:12meshuganow, to get my asterisk working proper
06:03:15meshugaand i'll be a happy camper
06:08:00meshugatantus : does the archos record stereo?
06:11:58meshugaperfect for bootleggin shows
06:12:01meshugacant wait now
06:12:08meshugathanks i'm headin out
06:12:12*meshuga throws minidisc in garbage
06:12:18meshugai hate atrac4 anyways
06:12:25PsycoXulyeah i'm gonna take my player into bestbuy and see if they'll replace it with a recorder
06:12:39*meshuga throws up handsigns
06:12:44meshugajust buy one
06:12:46meshugaand then return it
06:12:50meshugabestbuy is incomoptent
06:12:54meshugawhen we got our 200gig last week
06:13:00meshugathey didnt even call to verify price
06:13:02PsycoXulwell i got a service plan on it
06:13:11meshugayet for the pioneer dvdr staples bitched hardcore and took an hour
06:13:19meshugaand compusa took 20mins pricematching to bestbuy
06:13:21meshugait was a pain
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07:10:48adi|homedid anyone else get a pm from Nexus asking for helping installing rockbox?
07:17:41PsycoXulgnot that eyem uhware ov
07:24:58adi|homeyou beating off or something?
07:25:29adi|homethen nice typig
07:25:46PsycoXulthat wasn't the typing
07:25:48PsycoXuljust the spelling
07:25:52PsycoXulsee the g is silent in gnot
07:26:13PsycoXullike it is is gnue
07:26:15PsycoXulgnu even
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08:15:41Nexushey all
08:15:53 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:15:58Nexusi'm back wiv another Q :-)
08:16:40Nexusi finally managed to get rockbox it supposed to support a connection with the jukebox on XP without having to reboot caz it's not on mine (OS XP PRO)
08:17:04*Bagder runs away at the mention of XP
08:17:20Nexusme likey XP
08:17:27Nexusi got some other OS but i like this one
08:17:38PsycoXulwhat other OS
08:17:39Nexusany ideas?
08:17:49PsycoXulworks fine on my mom's box
08:17:52Nexushell i have a whole whack load
08:17:55PsycoXulwhich is xp pro
08:17:59Nexusi'm into ftpz so ;-)
08:18:44Nexusi have: windows 95, 98SE, 2000 3 in 1, xp, xp corp SP1 integrated XP, XP 8 in 1
08:18:51Nexus2 and 3
08:19:02PsycoXulsounds like a list of shit
08:19:50Nexuspyscho u're one of the eperts right?
08:19:57PsycoXulnot really
08:20:02PsycoXuli'm knowledgable, but no expert
08:20:19Bagderare there experts on xp? B-]
08:20:24Nexuswhat kind of effects do temperatures have on the jukeboxes (studio 20)
08:20:30PsycoXuli don't think he meant about xp
08:20:40Nexuslike here in canada it's been minus 30 degrees C
08:20:49*Nexus shivers
08:20:49PsycoXulNexus: i never had mine anywhere that cold
08:21:12BagderI usually have mine in a pocket close to my body when the temp is really cold
08:21:27Nexusthat's what i started doing when my LCD started fuking up
08:21:32Bagdernot that I've tried it in -30C
08:23:04Nexusaight, well i'm gonna piss round with this new firmware
08:23:15Nexusthnx psy and bag
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08:35:08dwihnoWelcome back Zagor! :-)
08:35:22Zagorgreetings, friendling
08:35:34dwihnogreetings smeagol! :-D
08:36:30Zagorrenamed any directories lately? ,)
08:37:04dwihnoI don't trust your file code :-)
08:37:26dwihnoI tested the interface though, worked pretty nicely
08:38:00dwihnoHow would you implement recursive deleting?
08:38:02Zagorwhen did you become such a chicken?
08:38:06ZagorI wouldn't
08:38:34Zagorrecursive delete is too powerful to have in rockbox, in my opinion
08:40:06Schnueffnot if there would be a trashcan :))
08:40:56*Zagor smacks Schnueff
08:41:21Zagornow go wash your mouth with soap!
08:42:46dwihnoZagor: Since I don't have a backup of my music files, I'm a bit cautious until I've freed the required disk space on my backup disk :-)
08:43:05Zagordon't worry. dir rename works now.
08:45:47dwihnoDeleting as well?
08:46:11Zagorno. but dir rename is turned off, so that's not a problem
08:46:15Zagordir remove, I mean
08:48:51dwihnoEven though the "blame Zagor" clause can be applied, it won't make disappeared files come back :-)
08:56:22dwihnoZagor: heard anything from Linus?
08:56:37Zagornothing new
09:01:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:03:35dwihnoZagor: Tell him I said "hi"
09:24:05Bagdermaybe we should rmove the Björn Stenberg part from the footer...
09:24:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:24:31ZagorBagder: yes, I've been thinking about that. way too many people mail me for various issues.
09:24:54Bagderyes, well it does give the impression that you do the pages
09:41:55langhaarrockerIs the wps broken? It seems that only the scrolling lines are updated when the track changes.
09:42:57dwihnoI would call it a optimization! :)
09:44:05langhaarrockerWell, then the progress bar and peak meter still can be optimized. They're still working.
09:45:24dwihnoMy WPS will lose the first line under some circumstances.
09:46:30langhaarrockerwell, that's it. Rockbox is a piece of sh*# and I revert to the archos firmware. And it's your fault. :)
09:47:49*dwihno pours langhaarrocker some Steinlager
09:48:56langhaarrockerSteinlager? Is that some kind of alcoholic drink?
09:58:39dwihnoIt's yumyum beer.
09:59:25langhaarrocker:( I musn't drink at work.
10:02:44dwihnoI drink.
10:02:52dwihnoWater, pretty nice stuff actually
10:03:06dwihnoIt provides excellent resistance against headaches.
10:04:40langhaarrockerI'm allowed orange juice - unless it's old and fermented
10:08:06 Part tantus ("Client Exiting")
10:17:22dwihnoOrange juice? :-)~
10:23:32 Join PsycoXul_ [0] (
10:23:40langhaarrockerbut most of our computers are named after scottish whiskey brands
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12:02:02*matsl is away: I'm busy
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12:35:30*matsl is back (gone 00:33:28)
13:03:01ZagorBagder: here?
13:03:12Bagdernah, meeting coming up now, running away
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13:35:54quel|outZagor: r u here?
13:35:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:37:27quel|outjust one question... can the sleep patch afect the runtime (in debug menu)? i mean the value that shows current runtime
13:38:05Zagorthe runtime uses the timer tick, which still occurs in the same frequency
13:38:34quel|outthen.. i must find why my runtime value has gone crazy
13:38:43Zagorwhat does it say?
13:38:56quel|outafter listening to more than 2 hours of music.. just 10 minutes of runtime
13:39:34quel|outi know.. and the only thing i changed was the sleep patch
13:42:04*dwihno found 1800mAh batteries. Are those good?
13:43:29Zagordwihno: i've used them for a long time
13:44:02quel|outi wanted to know runtime, because i have the feeling that my batt. last less now than before.. and that is impossible, if i use the sleep patch
13:44:57Zagorit appears the sleep patch kills the incrementation of current_tick. in that case, it's a bug. that can mess up play time display too.
13:45:18dwihnoZagor: It gives a major powerboost?
13:46:31Zagordwihno: a bit, yes. i'd say an extra hour or two
13:47:59BagderI want a thorough test of that sleep patch
13:48:11Bagderpeople are not paying attention, they just measure voltage
13:48:29quel|outBagder: i wanted to see that
13:48:54quel|outbut.. i first thought of reading runtime using the patch and without the patch
13:49:08ZagorBagder: it seems the wps/scroll bug is that line #1 is somehow scrolled twice instead of line #2.
13:49:25Bagdercan you repeat it in wps?
13:49:34Bagderin the sim I meant
13:49:40Zagoroh. i'll check.
13:51:41quel|outBagder, Zagor is enough to play mp3 for.. let's say 2 hours with a rockbox (with and without sleep patch) and check the batt level decrement?
13:52:18BagderI'm more interested in getting to know other side-effects with the patch applied
13:52:30Zagorlike current_tick not being incremented...
13:52:36Bagderlike that, yes
13:52:43 Quit ricII (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:52:50quel|outwell. i can tell you that doesn't work
13:52:51Bagderthe run-time *will* improve, that is beyond doubt
13:54:15langhaarrockerWith the bleeding edge firmware my wps is complely broken: nothing updates besides the progress bar and the peak meter
13:54:17ZagorBagder: i get a crash!
13:54:22 Join REBELinBLUE [0] (Stephen@
13:54:32Zagortry this wps:
13:54:36Zagor%sThe Best Of UB40 (Volume One)
13:54:36Zagor%s10. 10 Please Don't Make Me Cry
13:54:36Bagdercrashes are good in the sim
13:55:24REBELinBLUECan I ask a question?
13:55:29ZagorREBELinBLUE: sure
13:56:02REBELinBLUEDoes Rockbox work on the Jukebox FM Recorder, if not are there plans to support it in the future?
13:56:36ZagorREBELinBLUE: it works a little. still very beta.
13:57:12langhaarrocker REBELinBLUE: your help is wanted :)
13:57:21REBELinBLUEah so it will in the future with any luck, I've heard it's causing problems cause it's a new system
13:57:32Bagderyou can say that
13:57:38Zagoryes, there are many new things with it
13:58:29Bagderwe need fm users to join in and help
13:58:35REBELinBLUE<langhaarrocker> REBELinBLUE: your help is wanted :) −− how can I help?
13:59:36langhaarrockerunsrew your recorder, make photos, grab a peeper and make some schematics
14:00:12quel|outthat will void your warranty, nearly for sure (but will help a lot)
14:00:57langhaarrockerNone of the core programmers seem to have a fm recorder. But they're real wizzards when they see a photo with a pcb of chips.
14:01:12REBELinBLUEThe first one I had broke after 2 weeks, I only got a replacement yesterday
14:01:15ZagorBagder: do you think we should have some 'webmaster' address in the footer, or just the mail list?
14:01:34Zagormaybe no address at all
14:01:41REBELinBLUEif I was confident enough that I could, then I would
14:02:01langhaarrockerdid I really write wiZZard? I read to much Disc World stuff.
14:02:40quel|outlanghaarrocker: you should stop reading that kind of books :)
14:03:13BagderZagor: you could have a link to some kind of "about" page perhaps
14:03:17langhaarrocker"you can calculate nearly anything if you just can get enogh bugs into it" (Hex)
14:04:33BagderI was at a meeting for 46 minutes and I received 42 mails during that time...
14:04:46ZagorBagder: how many were my SF updates? ;)
14:04:55Bagdermost of them
14:06:57 Quit REBELinBLUE ()
14:08:33Zagordoesn't %pb work on players?
14:15:41*Bagder has noticed Zagor is doing the spring cleaning of the bug database
14:16:07dwihnoSpring already?
14:16:11dwihnoYay for Z!
14:18:17ZagorBagder: are you looking at the display bug?
14:18:38Zagorcan you repeat it?
14:18:49BagderI got the crash and I'm working on that first
14:18:57Bagdernow, another meeting :-(
14:19:02Zagorbad :)
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14:25:42dwihnoZagor: when will the next devcon occur? :)
14:25:42 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:51Zagorgood question
14:27:53dwihnoWith quelsaruk, talking about spanish issues ;-)
14:31:51quel|outum.. and where?
14:32:31dwihnoStockholm! :D
14:32:45quel|out'cause i'm just going to sweden once in my life (too cold for me) and i'm going from 23-Feb to 3-March
14:33:00 Join edx [0] (
14:33:46quel|outbtw.. where in the source code is the charging stuff?
14:35:32quel|outi found it
14:40:17quel|outlunch time, cu later
14:41:57 Join LinusN [0] (
14:42:03dwihnoHE'S BACK!
14:42:07dwihnoWelcome back Linus!
14:42:12LinusNnot really back...
14:42:23LinusNjust visiting
14:42:24dwihnoJust a quick visit then ... ?
14:42:25langhaarrockerat least present in some way
14:42:57LinusNdid anybody have an idea why some posts on the list appears twice?
14:43:10LinusNi didn't have that problem until recently
14:43:24langhaarrockerNever had that problem.
14:43:24langhaarrockerwill you enlighten us with your presence more regularily in future
14:43:42LinusNlanghaarrocker: not in the immediate future
14:44:24*LinusN is talking in the phone
14:44:57langhaarrockerI suffer a major Linus - widthdrawel
14:45:16dwihnoMe too! :( How are you supposed to talk about kebabs' and other vital stuff when he's not around?! :)
14:49:16 Join kargatron [0] (
14:51:20LinusNmed starka såsen på!!!
14:51:46dwihnoYou bet.
14:52:04*dwihno hasn't had any kebab in honour to your absence.
14:52:10 Join fraggle1 [0] (
14:52:26fraggle1hi folks
14:52:30LinusNboth i and my wife are on sick leave, and haven't gotten any money since november... :-(
14:52:43LinusNfraggle1: hi
14:52:47fraggle1i have a problem with the recorde
14:52:59LinusNfraggle1: naaaah, i don't believe you :-)
14:53:09dwihnoLinusN: That truly sucks! :-(
14:53:12fraggle1have a via-usb2.0- card PROPERLY installed, finally
14:53:28LinusNfraggle1: victory!
14:53:37fraggle1but recorder works only in usb1-mode
14:53:49fraggle1have only 900kps :(
14:53:52LinusNwindows or linux?
14:54:15dwihnofraggle1: sounds like you have the wrong (or no) drivers
14:54:26dwihnoIt can't be properly installed if you still got USB1-mode
14:54:30LinusNfraggle1: everybody speaks about using the Cypress drivers
14:54:43fraggle1installed the drivers from archos-hp: 5.04
14:55:00LinusNd/l them from the cypress site
14:55:25fraggle1whats the exact link?
14:55:44dwihnoLinusN: even with a correctly installed USB2 card, you need additional drivers?
14:55:48LinusNi dunno, i have never done it ;-)
14:56:00Zagordwihno: windows always needs more drivers
14:56:00fraggle1yeah i can't believe it , too
14:56:09fraggle1xp should not
14:56:41LinusNfraggle1: why wouldn't xp need drivers?
14:56:44dwihnoZagor: even for each USB2 device? that sounds sucky!
14:57:03LinusNdwihno: it depends on the device
14:57:12Zagordwihno: i don't know. i never use windows.
14:57:23fraggle1with sp1 it SHOULD work from the start
14:57:35LinusNfraggle1: oh, i wouldn't know...
14:57:59LinusNi actually run XP now, but only USB1
14:58:05LinusNon my laptop
14:58:35 Quit fraggle1 ("Leaving")
14:58:52 Join fraggle1 [0] (
14:59:15kargatronZagor, how is the bookmark code inspection going? i am loving the functionality.
14:59:32dwihnoZagor: I mean, I used my archos on a USB2 powered 2k box a couple of weeks ago. Worked flawless!
14:59:41Zagorkargatron: so so. i don't like the solution
14:59:59 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|busy (
15:00:01kargatronthe code implementation, or the functional implementation?
15:00:33Zagorboth, actually. the code isn't very elegant, and the functional implementation is too complex
15:00:47 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:00:55Zagorbut I'll fix it. no point arguing any more about it.
15:01:40kargatronno, i was just wondering how divergent the dailies and bookmark builds would get, is all.
15:02:19fraggle1could somebody give me the link to cyprss, ican't find it
15:05:03fraggle1found it finally, is it the "windows mass storage driver v5.16"?
15:05:12Zagorfraggle1: sounds right
15:06:36 Join GreyShadow [0] (
15:08:03 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:08:15fraggle1thnx, but jukebox is not mentioned ther, shouldnt be a problem, right?
15:08:52 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
15:09:48Zagorfraggle1: they don't make the jukebox. they just make the chip.
15:10:02LinusN|busyfraggle1: no, jukebox is just one of many devices using the cypress chips
15:15:42fraggle1the name in device manager is the same as before, hope it works
15:16:40fraggle1"usb storage adapter V3 (TPP)"
15:17:01kargatronZagor, bad genre tag file back again.
15:17:16Zagorkargatron: good. thanks.
15:17:33kargatronmy webserver lost all data last month :-/
15:17:34fraggle1what is your jukebox called in deviceman.?
15:18:00*Bagder returns
15:23:41Zagorthe bookmark patch is hard-coded to only work on recorder...
15:25:23 Quit fraggle1 ("Leaving")
15:29:56 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:31:45Zagorcorrupting the resume info is a Really Bad Idea
15:32:26Bagderthat's why we can't trust the general people's judgements on whether to apply patches or not ;-/
15:36:47Zagorwheee. cascaded, unbroken 'case' statements. I bet his unit behaves pretty funny when loading .cfg files...
15:38:14Zagorhow is one supposed to use matsl new emacs file, anyway? it doesn't say...
15:38:28Bagderuse the sample.emacs
15:39:26Bagderworks nicely for me
15:40:03Zagorah, I didn't that file. good
15:40:09Zagordidn't see
15:45:31 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
15:45:47dwihnoWelcome back, Mr. Sidhu!
15:45:56hardeepmorning. :)
15:53:48Bagderwhat about an official feature-freeze for v2.0 soon?
15:54:29LinusN|busyBagder: no
15:54:39ZagorLinusN|busy: why not?
15:54:41LinusN|busylots of recording stuff to do
15:54:58Bagderis that really new features or completion of the existing?
15:55:02Zagoryeah, but that's improvements in an existing feature
15:55:14LinusN|busymore or less completion, really
15:55:30LinusN|busyfreeze, buster!
15:55:30ZagorI'd like a basic playlist creation in 2.0
15:57:37Bagderso perhaps a "these things in 2.0 but nothing else list"
15:57:42Bagderor somethinh
16:00:10Zagoryes, that's how I did in 1.4 if I recall correctly
16:00:32BagderI think it is good to narrow the focus a little
16:00:54Zagori'm thinking playlist creation and bookmarks. anything else?
16:01:19dwihnoStabilizing the WPS perhaps?
16:01:29Zagordwihno: that's a bug fix, not a feature
16:02:09dwihnoZagor: Ah. Well, in that case, it would be nice with a one-line selection mode in the sound settings
16:02:27Bagder"would be nice" is not good enough
16:02:28Zagordwihno: cosmetic nonsense
16:03:00dwihnoWPS is just bull, why not screw the entire thing and shut off the display to save power? :-)
16:03:42Zagorgood idea!
16:05:37dwihnoDisplay shutdown timer!
16:09:18Zagoractually display off is not a bad feature. some people get sound interference from the display update
16:10:46Zagorso i'll call a feature freeze then
16:10:53matslcould be synced with the backlight. No light. No display.
16:11:01Zagormatsl: not a bad idea
16:11:35dwihnoNow show me the code(tm) :-)
16:12:24matslcu l8r
16:12:28 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:12:41Zagordwihno: you scared him :)
16:13:07dwihnoIt's my specialty! :)
16:14:04*Bagder is puzzled
16:14:54langhaarrockerNo! Not a feature freeze! There's no new game yet and we _need_ a new game with each release!
16:15:09Bagderwe have a game we could add
16:15:20hardeepthat star game is pretty good
16:15:30Zagoranyone tried the flip game?
16:15:46langhaarrockernot me.
16:17:10*Bagder hits his head! aaaaaah
16:17:23Zagori like that sound
16:17:28dwihnoAdd SNAKE!
16:17:29kargatronfor some reason i thought more games weren't to be added until they were modules
16:17:30dwihnoSNAKE! :D
16:17:34dwihnoMe want snake!
16:17:37dwihnoSnake for president!
16:17:45BagderI found the crash
16:17:52kargatronto avoid being too big
16:17:55Zagorkargatron: yeah, that was the plan originally. we'll see... :-)
16:18:15dwihnoZagor killed the snake! :( Just like homer did in the snakebash episode of the Simpsons! :
16:18:15Zagorwe need to sugar the release, or people will never upgrade! ;-)
16:18:51langhaarrockerespecially not with this sour feature of recording :)
16:19:36Bagderprepare for commit
16:19:37dwihnoThen release it as 1.5... 2.0 will be a too big step without recording
16:20:03Zagordwihno: we will have recording
16:20:21ZagorBagder: excellent!
16:21:12dwihnoZagor: how about the second most important feature? SNAKE! :D
16:21:55Zagori'm waiting for your module-loading patch
16:22:30dwihnoI'll provide you with a snake patch, if you want ;)
16:24:31Bagdermy wps works fine now
16:24:49Bagderif you guys had a good way to make misbehave, try the latest
16:25:14dwihnoAh, I'll test.
16:25:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:25:18dwihnoWhat's changed?
16:25:39Bagderthere was a bug in how lcd_puts_scroll() set scroll info
16:26:07Bagderwhich made the scroll thread scroll bad data at times
16:26:33dwihnoI'll test it rightaway, gimme a second.
16:28:25dwihnoBagder: still bugs.
16:28:35Bagderyou build from source?
16:28:36dwihnoThe first line disappears in my WPS.
16:28:50dwihnonope, got the bleeding edge
16:28:58Bagderits not there yet
16:29:04Zagorit only builds every 20 minutes
16:29:11dwihnoMy bad :-/
16:29:16dwihnoI'll wait for a while then.
16:32:14Bagderand hope that the cvs isn't playing any tricks
16:32:32Bagderit sure is shaky these days
16:34:42Zagormaybe bookmarks should even be pushed back to 2.1
16:34:47Zagorit's a mess
16:35:07Bagderpersonally I don't see them as necessary in 2.0
16:35:36langhaarrockerBut this time I'm innocent as far as the code mess is concerned. Really.
16:35:52Zagorlanghaarrocker: :-)
16:36:06 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
16:39:11quel|outi'm back
16:39:15 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:40:40ZagorLinusN|busy: will you have time to work on recording, or should someone else do that?
16:42:30quelsarukZagor: if sleep affects to runtime_tick it could probably affect also charging_tick? or charging doesn't work this way?
16:42:53Zagorcharging doesn't use time. it uses voltage.
16:43:22quelsarukwas just a quick thought
16:43:22langhaarrockerWhat?! No time -> voltage converter?!?
16:43:59Zagoronly voltage->time
16:44:00quelsaruki'm trying to guess all useful things that use ticks :)
16:44:29quelsarukdon't trust me, i'm just bored
16:44:35Zagori think we should change the default wps display to something more useful
16:44:48Zagori think dwino's top 3 lines are good
16:47:02kargatronwhich are?
16:47:36Bagderdwihno: go go go!
16:47:53Zagor%s%?it<%?in<%in |>%it|%fn>
16:48:18quelsarukth first one is the route?
16:48:47kargatronwhat's %in again?
16:49:00kargatronmine's similar, not so anal, since i don't worry about root files
16:52:05 Join MeRWiN [0] (
16:52:06dwihnoZagor: That's a sexy WPS! :D
16:52:13MeRWiNso what's the token new freeze?
16:52:18MeRWiNnew game
16:53:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Its not TV. Its BitchX.")
16:54:35ZagorMeRWiN: i don't know. we should test the submitted ones and decide
16:54:57quelsarukBagder: i like that comment in the lcd-recorder.c update :)
16:55:03dwihnoMe too :-)
16:55:03*Bagder bows
16:55:13kargatronthere's a feature request for %dN in the opposite direction, top-down. is that under consideration?
16:55:14quelsarukhow can all of u say i'm crazy
16:55:29kargatronwould prevent me from this crazy genre-faking line:
16:55:34kargatron%?iy<%iy >%?ig<%ig|%?d5<%d5:%d4|%?d3<%?d4<%d4:>%d3|%d2>>>
16:56:16Zagorkargatron: cute :)
16:57:18dwihnoAm I the only one wanting USB detection in the resume question screen?
16:57:27Zagoryes :-)
16:57:59quelsarukdwihno: just to bother Zagor, i'm with u
16:58:08quelsaruki want it also
16:58:45quelsarukas i want the queue option *return to last directory*
16:58:48kargatrondwihno, you mean the problem resuming after you pull out USB?
16:59:18kargatronthat certainly affects me, otherwise, unfamiliar with what you're talking about
17:00:29dwihnokargatron: not really, just when I power the unit on and wait for rockbox to boot
17:00:37dwihnothen I insert the cable
17:00:41 Part Zagor
17:00:44dwihnoand with the resuming, it will get fishy!
17:01:16 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:01:20 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
17:02:51kargatronis there any advantage to rockbox USB?
17:02:59MeRWiNkargatron: nope
17:03:05kargatroni only use rockbox usb if it's already on.
17:03:52Zagorgenerally, computers have easier detecting the unit if you plug in the archos when it's already on.
17:04:08Zagorotherwise the USB is there, but not responding for 10-15 seconds
17:04:30kargatroni just mean, if my jukebox isn't already on, then i plug in the charger, than the usb
17:04:37kargatronnever saw a reason to let rockbox load
17:04:57kargatronnever noticed delay with that
17:05:10elinenbe__What is the token new game?
17:05:14elinenbe__that is all I care about!
17:05:17 Nick elinenbe__ is now known as elinenbe (
17:05:33elinenbeI think it should eb the star game that has been in the patch queue forever.
17:06:16LinusN|busyZagor: i think i will find some time this week
17:07:41dwihnoBagder: works like a charm! yay!
17:08:27dwihnoYay for B!
17:08:29dwihnoYay for L!
17:08:32dwihnoYay for Z!
17:08:48elinenbedwihno: yay for what?
17:09:17dwihnoBagder, for fixing the WPS
17:09:23dwihnoLinus, for returning to us!
17:09:26BagderZagor: works for you too?
17:09:35dwihnoand Zagor, for just being Zagor in his special kind of way :-)
17:09:58ZagorLinusN|busy: excellent
17:10:06ZagorLinusN|busy: can we get rid of the blinking then? :)
17:10:41LinusN|busyno, that's done in hardware :-)
17:13:06*Bagder drowns in email
17:13:38Bagder327 so far today
17:13:42 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:13:45Bagderand counting
17:15:30quelsarukBagder: you have a lot of secret admirers :)
17:15:45Bagderyeah ;-)
17:16:37elinenbeBagder: at least you haven't gotten 380 spam messages today!
17:16:44Bagdervery true
17:16:56BagderI only get some 5-10% spam
17:17:45langhaarrockerIs the wps in the bleeding edge supposed to work?
17:18:01langhaarrockerwell - mine doesn't
17:18:52langhaarrockerIt doesn't update anything but the peak meter and the progress bar.
17:19:08Bagderon all songs?
17:20:11langhaarrockerall songs. When I switch browser <-> wps the played time is updated.
17:20:26Bagderwhat does your wps look like?
17:20:32Zagorgotta go. see you later.
17:20:32 Part Zagor
17:21:59langhaarrockerstop. Maybe false alert: I found an mp3 that does change the wps. (excluding the time)
17:23:23langhaarrockermy wps is:
17:23:23DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
17:23:23langhaarrocker%s%s%in %id
17:23:25langhaarrocker%s%fb %fv%ff %fskb
17:23:27langhaarrocker%s%pc/%pt/%pr %pp/%pe
17:27:24 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:27:51elinenbemy wps looks like this:
17:28:01elinenbelanghaarrocker rules %pb
17:28:12elinenbelanghaarrocker is the coolest %pm
17:28:25elinenbe%s I think langhaarrocker is nice
17:28:46elinenbeand hte %pb and %pm do not work properly on those lines :)
17:35:49Bagderthat must be the built-in langhaarrocker protection system kicking in
17:36:06Bagderdon't leave home without it
17:36:10elinenbeI guess.
17:36:24elinenbeBagder: what game are you thinking of putting in?
17:37:00Bagderthe games await the loadable module system
17:38:01elinenbewell, I was just referring to the emial.
17:42:15langhaarrockerSome investigation produces: mp3s that have an image in the id3 tag don't update the wps. But mp3s with normal standard tags still don't make the %pc and %pr tags update.
17:43:09 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~awdyf@
17:44:38 Quit CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:03Bagderonly those tags?
17:45:08 Join Zagor [242] (
17:48:26langhaarrockerall tags do update when a track change occurs. But the %pc and %pr tags should update all the time.
17:48:51langhaarrockerMaybe they're not compatible with %s any more?
17:50:32langhaarrockerboss alert
17:50:37 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
17:51:57Bagderthat repats in the sim
17:57:13 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:58:07Bagderlanghaarrocker: I can repeat that problem in my sim
17:58:37langhaarrockerso you have the langhaarrocker - protection built into the sim? :)
17:59:07 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
17:59:15 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:59:25 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
17:59:35BagderI blame Kjell for this
17:59:38 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:01:01 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
18:01:29 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:09:36 Join [SoT-HC]Lord|of| [0] (
18:10:23[SoT-HC]Lord|of|anyone home?
18:12:32elinenbehold on, I am in the shower
18:12:33[SoT-HC]Lord|of|how can i get the daily builds on my jukebox? i mean; i got all these folders in the file i've donwloaded, but what should i do with htme?
18:13:22[SoT-HC]Lord|of|or am i totally wrong?
18:14:10elinenbe[SoT-HC]Lord|of|: download the daily build at (for the recorder)
18:14:19elinenbeand save that file to the root of your jukebox
18:14:36elinenbeso, if you plug your jukebos into your ocmputer and your drive is E:
18:14:40elinenbethen save that file to E:
18:14:52elinenbeif it asks you to overwrite an older file, then that is okay
18:16:17[SoT-HC]Lord|of|is it only 4 recorder?
18:16:56[SoT-HC]Lord|of|i mean the stuff on this page:
18:17:27 Join kargatis [0] (
18:17:31Zagorno, for both
18:18:31[SoT-HC]Lord|of|what are the source tarballs?
18:18:39Zagorthe source code
18:20:00[SoT-HC]Lord|of|thx a lot guys
18:23:08[SoT-HC]Lord|of|are the improvements of of previous target builds always included in the current one?
18:25:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:30:44 Quit [SoT-HC]Lord|of| ()
18:32:33 Quit kargatron (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:34:40 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:34:42 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:49:37 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihn0r (dwihno@
18:49:40 Nick dwihn0r is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
18:50:21 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
18:52:53dwihnoZagor: You added USB connect in ask_resume! Yay! :D
18:53:03Zagordwihno: you're slow ;)
18:53:14dwihnoZagor: Hey, I don't have internet at home! :-)
18:53:33CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:53:33*dwihno would love internet in the brevlåd, but it's too expensive!
18:54:34dwihnoI sense 2.0 not being too far away.
18:58:13 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
19:03:58 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:04:07quelsarukback again, to cause pain in your brains :)
19:06:32quelsarukdwihno: do you know how does the "batt. icon animation" work?
19:06:44quelsarukthere's something i always miss
19:09:14dwihnoquelsaruk: dunno, use the source, luke!
19:09:16 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
19:09:58 Quit MeRWiN (Remote closed the connection)
19:09:59 Quit kargatis ("Suckers!")
19:10:02quelsaruki'm the dark side :P
19:23:12 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:23:21 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
19:23:37 Part LinusN|busy
19:32:47 Part langhaarrocker
19:35:32 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
19:38:41 Join gclark [0] (~gclark@
19:41:17 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:53:51 Join Bagder [0] (
19:53:51 Quit gclark (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:54:47quelsarukre hi Bagder
19:58:45 Join edx [0] (
20:00:07Bagderanyone has any more problems with the wps?
20:01:31quelsaruki'll check tonight
20:02:27BagderI'm feeling a bit guilty for those new bugs, thats why
20:02:38quelsaruki know
20:02:48quelsarukand i want to feel more guilty
20:02:52quelsarukwant you
20:02:56quelsaruki mean
20:03:22quelsarukso until tomorrow you wont know if my wps works fine or not
20:06:14elinenbeBagder: what did you think about my email changing the quickscreens?
20:06:15Hadakaumm, does rockbox work on FM Recorder yet?
20:06:47Hadakaand.. well, should one get a recorder 20 or FM recorder 20 these days
20:07:39Bagderit is starting to work
20:08:01quelsarukHadaka: i had to answer that question 1 month ago, i wanted to buy my little brother one of those...
20:08:04Bagderpersonally, I still vote on the regular recorder
20:08:30Hadakathe FM recorder has special batteries? or?
20:08:33quelsarukand i bought a recorder 20. We can change batt....
20:08:38quelsaruka Li-Ion batt
20:08:52Hadakaoh - well Li-Ion is generally pretty nice
20:08:54BagderHadaka: non-replacable by yourself
20:08:57quelsarukrockbox dev. is stable in recorder...
20:09:08Hadakaanything else different except for the obvious FM functionality?
20:09:32Bagder60 grams less :)
20:10:12quelsarukBagder: that is not an improvement
20:10:29Bagderyou want it to be heavy?
20:10:44quelsarukif you want to throw it to your brother's head... if it is lighter.. it doesn't hurt
20:11:42quelsarukand also.. a heavy metal jukebox.. must be heavy
20:11:57quelsarukanything else is gayer...
20:12:09Bagderno heavy metal here
20:12:22quelsaruki know, i'm the exception
20:12:28quelsarukevery rule has an exception
20:25:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:34:48 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:03:14 Join Nexus [0] (
21:04:23Nexuscan games be played on the studio 20?
21:04:27Nexusnot recorder
21:04:35quelsaruksome of them
21:04:41Bagderif someone writes any, they could be played
21:04:58Nexusknow of any?
21:05:50quelsarukBagder: i think there is at least one in the patch tracker
21:06:01Bagderthere is?
21:06:05quelsaruki think so
21:06:12quelsarukbut i'm just a poor heavy
21:06:17quelsarukdon't trust me
21:06:37Bagderhey, I
21:06:42Bagderwill just blame you ;)
21:07:10quelsarukwhy don't you blame me for the WPS bugs??
21:07:25quelsaruki'm sure they were my fault
21:07:29Bagderhm, I might start doing that soon
21:09:53Nexusguys i have a another question about batteries. i have a creative set of NiMH batteries and it has an output of 1.2 V 1800mAH instead of the standard green ones (1500mAH) will these creative ones still be oh k in it?
21:09:57quelsarukBagder: cvs diffing works?
21:10:33quelsarukyes Nexus... if they ar NiMH 1.2V will work fine ... and get maybe 1 extra hour
21:12:31 Join ricII [0] (
21:12:49Bagderquelsaruk: not very good, no
21:12:51quelsarukBagder: i remember someone... some months ago.. talking in the mail list about a game for the player
21:13:13quelsarukbut can't remember if he finished it.. of if he patched it
21:14:18quelsarukcvs is getting me crazy
21:15:17 Quit elinenbe (Remote closed the connection)
21:21:01Bagderworks now
21:21:18quelsaruki know
21:23:09quelsaruklet's see if my small patch works
21:25:08 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:34:15Nexusaight i'm off, thnx again bagder
21:34:32 Part Nexus
21:49:46 Join Nexus [0] (
21:49:53 Join kargatis [0] (
21:50:41Nexushey bagder........does rockbox work on the studio 20 p[layer if i reformat it to NTFS?
21:50:45Nexusor does it have to be fat32
21:52:16Bagderit can only boot on fat32
21:52:21Bagdergotta go
21:52:24 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
21:52:45 Part Nexus
22:12:44 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:12:54elinenbehi ricII
22:12:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:13:13 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
22:16:49elinenbeZagor: you are finally back! woo!
22:16:59 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
22:19:11Zagorand so you went out :-)
22:23:32ZagorHolger is my new best friend...
22:25:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:27:14mecrawIs that being said in the "voice of a developer"?
22:31:37Zagori can't figure out what that means :-)
22:32:54mecrawI can't either and my english is pretty good :)
22:39:26ricIIhi elinenbe
22:39:50ricIIdidn't have time to work on the code :(
22:42:05hardeepZagor: we already have basic playlist creation... Queue+Rename! =)
22:42:33Zagorhehe, yeah. tell that to the whole-disk-shuffle crowd :-)
22:42:45hardeepricII: you're getting your priorities all mixed up again.... Rockbox is by far the most important thing
22:43:08 Join matsl [0] (
22:44:45ricIII already hardly sleep (~4h) with my gf in the hospital, new position at work etc etc
22:46:32kargatisthe workaround for getting recursive playlists for every directory is so trivial now i don't understand peoples' urgency about dynamically doing so
22:48:03Zagori think it's simply because people forget making them while they are connected to the pc.
22:49:14kargatisi guess if people update their contents a lot, i can see that being an issue
22:49:44kargatisi basically go thru the entire contents once before updating, so don't change very often. :)
22:52:45Zagoranyway, the code to create a playlist is very simply
22:52:51Zagori'm writing it now
22:53:13 Quit gissehel_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:54:23ricIIyou can't queue playlists...
22:54:56ricIImy dynamic playlist code uses 140k less...
22:55:16Zagor140k less than what?
22:55:24ricIIcode there now
22:56:05Zagorwhat is using 140k today?
22:56:38ricIIthe playlist_buffer + queue_indices
22:57:23Zagorplaylist buffer is 40k. queue indices are 100k??
22:58:00ricIIoo filenamelengt ... (I was thinking 260, path..)
22:58:04hardeepqueue indices are 400 bytes
22:58:27ricIIonly 100 queue places?
22:58:38hardeepin current implementation, yeah
22:59:37ricIIok I must have overread some things..
23:01:05ricIII use 2 high bits from the indices as flags and store secondairy info in a patchfile
23:03:04ricIIfor resume and filename lookup.. nomore playlist_in_ram
23:04:53ricIIfeaturing insert, append, delete, queue in playlist
23:07:55 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:09:12 Join gissehel_ [0] (
23:16:48 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
23:36:17elinenbe|outricII: how is your new playlist code coming?
23:36:17 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:36:21 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
23:45:12 Part kargatis
23:45:20 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:52:29 Quit edx ()

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