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#rockbox log for 2003-01-29

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00:39:37langhaarrockerI don't belive my irc client! There's a LinusN!
00:40:55elinenbeLinusN: WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!
00:43:19LinusNan impersonator!
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01:09:12BoD[]rockbox rocks my world
01:11:37Jet8810heh yea
01:13:34BoD[]i bought an archos mic today
01:14:43BoD[]=highly expensive :)
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01:27:46Jet8810is it good though?
01:27:48Jet8810good quality?
01:27:56Jet8810I hsave a PDA so just use the mic on that...dont ever use it anyway though
01:28:05Jet8810I preferred to spend the $40 on car kit which will be here tonight or tom
01:28:14Jet8810and the $15 for 4 2100 mah batts which I have
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01:35:02BoD[]i didnt receive it yet :)
01:35:08BoD[]i'll tell you
01:35:27BoD[]anyway i have to go to bed! see you bye
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03:07:22mrsubwayHigh. Is 2.0 anywhere near done?
03:08:48hardeepmrsubway: try out one of the daily builds and see for yourself. :)
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03:10:57mrsubwayOK. Do I have to delete the .rockbox folder from 1.4?
03:11:32hardeepmrsubway: nope, just update the ajbrec.ajz (or archos.mod for player) file
03:12:39mrsubwayOne last question. Do I download it from the source tarballs or the target builds list?
03:13:53hardeepmrsubway: target builds
03:14:08mrsubwayThanks a lot. I'll try the latest one now.
03:14:23hardeepmrsubway: remember to rename it to ajbrec.ajz or archos.mod... or you can rolo into the new version
03:15:04mrsubwayIf I rolo, it won't save any settings, though, right?
03:16:43hardeepmrsubway: rolo does save settings... however the config information will be reset because of changes between 1.4 and 2.0
03:17:17mrsubwayOkay. I'll just backup 1.4, and try it without rolo. I just did it now. Gonna go play with it. :)
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03:27:23mrsubwayLooks good. I see you still can't delete files, though.
03:27:44hardeepmrsubway: you can.... from browser ON+PLAY
03:27:53hardeepmrsubway: you can rename/delete files as well as queue tracks
03:29:06mrsubwayOh! I have to look at it a little more. Is there also a way to name the file when you record?
03:29:27hardeepmrsubway: not yet.... but you can just rename it after recording is done
03:31:45mrsubwayHeh. Rockbox hasn't been updating it's firmware. Still 1.7d. I'm not even bothering with them anymore.
03:32:02mrsubwayI meant archos not rockbox. Sorry.
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08:10:12Mode"#rockbox +n " by
08:13:48dwihnoHEJ! :D
08:14:15adi|homedamn it.. my machine is locking up again because of usb :(
08:14:32PsycoXulyeah mine has been like that for a while
08:14:35PsycoXul 11:14pm up 17 days, 23:52, 4 users, load average: 11.06, 11.11, 11.12
08:14:43PsycoXulthats whats giving that load average
08:15:03adi|home 2:11am up 2:05, 3 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00
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09:16:19*Bagder did some Code Policing on kjer's upcoming code ;-)
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09:24:12quelsarukZagor: do you remember what we talked yesterday about runtime_tick ?
09:27:14quelsarukwell, i have to theories.. one, my jukebox hates me (quite problable) and the second... runtime doesn't work fine this days.
09:27:34quelsaruki say this because yeserday i downloaded rockbox bleeding edge firmware
09:27:43quelsarukcharged my batteries
09:28:24quelsarukand wanted to test how long would the jukebox run playing random files in a "whole HD" playlist
09:28:31quelsaruki started playing at 10:30 p.m.
09:28:48quelsaruki went to sleep at 12:00 and continued playing...
09:29:00quelsarukat 3:15 a.m. it continued playing
09:29:14quelsarukbut.. when this morning i saw runtime.. it was just 35 minutes????
09:29:22quelsaruki have no sleep patch.
09:29:22Zagorvery strange
09:29:35quelsarukthat's why i think my jukebox hates me :)
09:30:23Zagorsounds like it :-)
09:32:54quelsarukso i can act in two ways, one... throw it to my brother's head and ask him "why he has broken my jukebox with his head (so he has to buy me another one)" or... forget about testing some runtimes for my own statistics
09:32:57*Bagder runs off
09:33:10quelsarukZagor: have you tested runtime these days?
09:33:14quelsarukdoes it work?
09:33:18*matsl is away: I'm busy
09:33:51quelsarukor did Bagder brake something else than WPS ;)
09:34:31Zagorwhen we talked yesterday, I looked at it and had 8 hours
09:34:31Zagori'm currently charging, so it's 0 now of course
09:35:58quelsaruki'll check it again just to see if it was a joke :)
09:36:12quelsarukchanging to another thing
09:36:35quelsaruki'm reading the mails about "F" keys
09:38:08quelsarukand there's one interesting point of view, the one saying: << Random : on(/off) | >> Resume : all(/none/one) and so on...
09:38:30quelsarukof course the way it is now is cooler (as dwihno would say)
09:39:20quelsarukbut, i don't translate rockbox to spanish because when i press F2 key i get a nonsense message, and i like to see things more or less correctly
09:39:36quelsarukwhat do you think Zagor?
09:40:18Zagori'm not sure. I have to try it and see.
09:41:46quelsaruki can make a diff and show it to you
09:43:00quelsarukahhh.. another thing i saw in the bleeding edge. renaming a folder. You press On+Play and get the rename screen.. you see the << icon, but i didn't see any "rename" word.
09:43:16quelsaruka small bug? or another nonsense with my jukebox?
09:57:32Zagorare you using english or spanish?
10:02:27Zagorand recorder?
10:02:58quelsarukrecorder 6GB (and without serial number...)
10:03:48Zagorstrange. works for me.
10:04:02quelsarukZagor: it's not strange.. it's my jukebox
10:04:19quelsaruki reeeeeally love it...
10:04:36quelsarukbtw Zagor you have a 20GB or a 6GB??
10:04:48quelsaruknot after upgrade
10:05:02Zagor40 after upgrade
10:05:11quelsarukand did you have a 6 GB before?
10:05:17quelsarukor Linus.. or your brother?
10:05:23Zagorno, the 20 is the only recorder we have.
10:05:30Zagorthe old units are players
10:05:42quelsarukwell.. the recorder has a S/N in the back
10:06:15quelsaruki just wanted to know if my 6GB hasn't got S/N because it's cooler, or because they didn/t have S/N before
10:06:58quelsaruki mena. i have the "made in china" stick and it says S/N (and nothing after the S/N)
10:07:33Zagori think one of my players is like that
10:08:30quelsaruki don't have a cool jukebox
10:09:16quelsarukit's possible to go from 15% batt level to 100% in.. 10 minutes??
10:10:35quelsaruki was charging.... it was 15% ten minutes ago...
10:11:06quelsaruk(i started at 9:20 with a batt level about 8%)
10:11:27quelsarukZagor: i selll you my really strange and caotic jukebox
10:11:41quelsarukjust 600 euros :)
10:11:49Zagorbattery level is not particularly accurate during charging
10:11:59Zagorooh, a bargain :)
10:12:28quelsarukzagor.. it jumped to trickle charge
10:12:46quelsarukand batt. are new
10:13:28quelsarukmine came with an extra set, and i changed them two days ago
10:13:49 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:14:13quel|outi'm going to search for a spiritual advisor..... this is not natural... :)
10:14:30quel|outsee you later
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11:25:24*langhaarrocker passe quel a medical kit
11:25:44quel|outthx langhaarrocker, but i need a exorcism for my jukebox
11:25:48 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
11:26:14langhaarrockercan code police be abused as exorcist?
11:27:00quelsarukif zagor does a master.. i think we can use him :)
11:27:28 Join LinusN [0] (
11:27:39quelsaruki'm doing a thesis diploma in "when a jukebox gets paranoid"
11:27:42quelsarukhi LinusN
11:28:55langhaarrockerquelsaruk: what kind of ghost has infected your jb?
11:29:19quelsaruklanghaarrocker: it has been playing this night for more than 5 hours....
11:29:27quelsarukit sais just 41 minutes...
11:29:48quelsaruki started charging it at 9:20 a.m. (8% batt level)
11:29:51langhaarrockeryou mean the up-time?
11:30:05quelsarukthe current runtime
11:30:44quelsarukat 10:11 it's batt level was 15% ( after charging nearly an hour.. it's possible)
11:31:06quelsarukat 10:12 it was 100% and doing trickle charge...
11:31:21quelsaruknot top-off.... trickle charge!!!
11:31:43quelsarukof course... i've played some songs... and batt level is 8% again
11:32:02quelsarukthe problem is that this batt. set is new
11:32:16quelsaruki've changed them 3 days ago
11:32:31LinusNwhat mAh rating?
11:32:49quelsarukmy jukebox came with an extra set
11:33:02quelsarukthese are the "original" set by archos
11:33:38langhaarrockerapropos mAh setting: When I wanted to use some old NiCd accus I was disappointed that I couldn't set the machine to 800 mAh...
11:33:44quelsaruki have some problem with runtime_tick these last days. but i thought it was made by the Sleep patch
11:35:01quelsarukbut now i'm using the bleeding edge firmware i downloaded yesterday night ( 21:30 h)
11:35:18quelsarukEurope time :)
11:37:10quelsarukany extravagant idea??
11:37:28quelsaruki can think just in the exorcism :)
11:38:30LinusNi use to sacrifice a goat and put its guts on the JB at midnight
11:40:57quelsaruki will ask in the market today.. maybe i can buy a goat there :)
11:42:24langhaarrockerLinusN: which song to use for the ritual?
11:42:32quelsarukLinusN: LCD is 112*64 pixels ??
11:42:56langhaarrockerquelsaruk: yes
11:44:04quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i should say something like " In the name of the metal gods, i tell you to go away, evil archos firmware!! You are not allowed to work here anymore. Archos to ashes and dust to dust"
11:45:19s0bewhat about the holy vodka or rum for the ritual?
11:45:35LinusNs0be: that is essential
11:45:35quelsaruks0be: that's esential
11:45:47quelsaruk[11:48:17] <LinusN> s0be: that is essential
11:45:47quelsaruk[11:48:17] <quelsaruk> s0be: that's esential
11:45:50quelsarukat the same second
11:45:57s0besorry, I jsut lurk... I'll stick to lurking... later
11:46:30quelsarukand font height is normally 8 or 9 pixels ?
11:47:43langhaarrockerquelsaruk: might it be that it's not you jukebox that is possesed but that it's Linus who posesses you?
11:49:48quelsarukthat can be another option...
11:50:14quelsarukany ideas then?
11:51:05langhaarrockerbroken file system? So that your old firware boots? Name conflicts? like you renamend your custom firware by extending it?
11:52:35quelsarukmissa torpe.. missa no gustar lo naboo (don't try to understand this)
11:53:25quelsaruklanghaarrocker: rockbox seems to work fine, when i boot my jukebox, it loads rockbox perfectly.. everything seems to work correctly
11:53:34quelsarukjust.. i have some strange issues today
11:53:46quelsaruklike the runtime in the degub menu
11:53:55quelsarukor the false charge
11:54:40langhaarrockeryou have downloaded the bleeding edge and not built it yourself?
11:54:58quelsarukyes langhaarrocker
11:55:03 Join Peter1 [0] (
11:55:19quelsaruki found the runtime *error* on monday
11:55:39quelsarukbut as i was trying the sleep patch, i asked zagor and told me it could be made by that patch
11:56:01quelsarukso yesterday night i downloaded the bleeding edge, and.....
11:56:07quelsarukyou know the rest
11:56:37langhaarrockerdo you have the patched firmware (renamed) on your jb?
11:57:03Peter1Is it possible to load a font automatically when I turn on my Archos Recorder?
11:57:32langhaarrockerIf the font is stored in .rockbox it automatically is reloaded at boot.
11:57:33 Join Guest1 [0] (
11:58:51Peter1Ok I think I do have two fonts in .rockbox. That might cause the problem.
11:59:52quelsarukno langhaarrocker i overwrited it
12:00:29BagderPeter1: nope, you can have any amount there, just PLAY the one you wanna use
12:01:39langhaarrockerquelsaruk: if I remember right there can be 'name conflicts' if you have say ajbrec.ajz_old and ajbrec.ajz in your root. The built in archos firmware searches only for the first 10 characters
12:01:39langhaarrockerBut if it's not that you accidently booted the patched firmware somehow I have no clue about your problem.
12:01:49Guest1Yes my question was if I can _automatically_ load a specific font (I do not like the default font)
12:02:18Peter1Guest1 = Peter. Sorry.
12:02:19quelsarukwell, i have to resolve some questions to one of my "children".. see you later!
12:02:26BagderGuest1: yes, select it first and then it'll load automaticly
12:02:35quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i need an exorcism.. i told you before ;)
12:02:36Bagderit can load automaticly before you've selected which one to load
12:02:58 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:03:20 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
12:03:51Peter1One solution would be to call the font which one likes to be loaded automatically ritgh after you turn on the archos "standard.fnt"
12:04:09Bagdersure, but hardly any better
12:04:18Peter1So a mechanism like that is not implemented so far.
12:04:21Bagderthis is more flexible
12:04:36Bagderwe removed that mechanism
12:04:50langhaarrockerPeter1: Rockbox remembers the font you played last and reuses it at next boot
12:05:24langhaarrockerprovided it is in .rockbox
12:06:38Bagderlunch time
12:07:34Peter1Cool! I will give it a try later. Thanks!
12:08:02langhaarrockerthe lunch?
12:13:06 Part LinusN
12:18:44 Quit Peter1 ("Leaving")
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12:39:37Zagorkargatis: good job finding a failing file! makes debugging a lot easier
12:41:37kargatiswas just lazy
12:41:48kargatisnoticed it for a couple months
12:42:45kargatisthough I don't think it's been forever - pretty sure those bad header files worked at some point, but i'm sure many things have changed since
12:46:11Zagorcrap. i just realized the fat driver can't handle more than one open dir at any time. and fixing that requires spending 1500 bytes per open dir...
12:47:25kargatisand more than one open dir required for what - copying?
12:47:29Zagorany my volume meter is stuck on numeric again. bloody annoying.
12:47:52Zagorkargatis: playlist creation, currently
12:48:36Zagoranything that works recursively needs multiple open dirs
12:49:36Zagorbah, screw it i'm spending the ram. major ram overhaul coming up later anyway
12:50:17dwihnoZagor: We got lots o' RAM, just spend it all! :D
12:53:58Zagorgotta spend it all! ;)
12:58:17dwihnoIch bin mde wie ein verdammtes baum!
12:59:50Zagoruh, you're... hungry for a tree?
12:59:55Bagdertired as a tree?
13:00:12dwihnoHave you seen the two towers?
13:00:25Bagderthey're not trees
13:00:32Bagderthey're Ents
13:00:55Zagorthey rock, nevertheless
13:01:18Zagorin several aspects of the word :-)
13:01:38dwihnoThose are a bunch of tired trees!
13:01:52dwihnoBagder: They are NOT ants, they are trees! ;D
13:02:09kargatisone of the best little scenes in the film was when the river isen was rushing in, one of the ents on fire ducked its head/limbs down to put it out. nice touch.
13:02:30dwihnoI guess more than me are in need of a eye doctor, if you can't see the difference between ants and trees, Bagder ;)
13:02:51dwihnokargatis: yeah, that was neato :-)
13:03:06*Bagder swings for dwihno's head
13:05:38dwihnoHey, no need to get all violent and such! :D
13:05:53*dwihno gets Bagder some semlor
13:06:05Bagderrecognize the script? ;-)
13:06:21Zagorlooks familiar :-)
13:06:47BagderI'll make the rockbox one more resistant to cvs failures
13:07:00Bagderit fails far too often nowadays
13:07:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:08:26Bagderso it'll show the most recent working dump
13:08:35Bagderinstead of going blank
13:11:38 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
13:11:41quelsarukback again to life
13:11:55Bagderreally? where?
13:12:09Bagderthat a special IRC channel?
13:12:13*Bagder grins
13:13:52quelsaruki'm just a bot
13:13:57quelsaruknot a real person :)
13:20:00BagderSYNTAX ERROR
13:21:41quelsaruki'm just an error?
13:22:01Bagdergrep -c "^01/28/03" the-mail-log
13:22:09 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:24:31 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:28:03quelsarukat least.. now it is charging
13:28:31 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:49:41quelsarukBagder: if volkswagen is interested in conecting the archos to their radio sistem...
13:49:41 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:49:58quelsarukusing the rockbox firmware
13:50:38Zagorquelsaruk: it's not volkswagen per se, rather it's a student doing a thesis at volkswagen
13:50:58BagderI thought he asked for a student
13:51:10Zagordid he?
13:51:10Bagderto do the thesis he suggested
13:51:15quelsaruki thought it was volskwagen asking for a student
13:51:24Bagderyes, I thought so too
13:51:25Zagorahhh, ok then I've misunderstood it
13:51:59quelsarukyou can buy a volkswagen and have a chance to incorporate a *extra complete* cd charger called archos jukebox
13:52:29quelsarukyou don't have to buy it.. but if volkswagen want to investigate.. that could be good for archos...
13:52:30 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:52:50 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:53:01quelsarukit's a new market for archos, so they may want to help rockbox devel.
13:53:03PsycoXulthe fm recorder would be perfect
13:54:01quelsaruk*bosses* what do you think?
13:54:21BagderI say "you wish"
13:54:36Bagderthat'll be the day
13:54:44BagderArchos doing anything for us? naaah
13:56:23quelsaruknow they don't have a real economic interest that need helping us
13:57:07Bagderyes they do
13:57:12Bagderwe improve their product
13:57:15Bagderwe make them sell more units
13:57:17quelsarukyes and no
13:57:41quelsarukbut how many? how many more if they help?
13:57:44Bagderso, helping us do a better product makes them sell more
13:57:58Bagderhelping us would be hardly any cost to them
13:58:03Bagderso thet couldn't lose anyway
13:58:22Bagderso, ten more sold units would pay off their help
13:58:27Bagderbut they don't think like that
13:58:31quelsarukbut they may be some kind of arcaic company
13:58:52quelsarukand 10.000 possible buyers... that's more than 10
13:59:11quelsaruknowadays you can buy an mp3-radio for the car
13:59:18Bagderyou want my guess?
13:59:30Bagderif Archos would talk to VW, they would do their own software
13:59:35Bagderwithout talking to us
13:59:40quelsaruki know
13:59:43quelsarukbut i want to dream
13:59:49Zagorhow is it nowadays, does the player simulator need lcd_update?
13:59:53BagderI'm the dream-breaker ;-)
13:59:58quelsarukfaith is the last wthing we can loose
14:00:19BagderZagor: I don't know, its happen too much on that front lately ;-)
14:00:29Zagori'll test
14:00:51Zagorseems like it doesn't need it
14:01:33Zagorlcd_puts_scroll() doesn't scroll though
14:02:38 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:08:32 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:14:58quelsaruklunch time....
14:15:07quelsaruksee you later
14:15:21 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:15:38 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:24:11Nibbler"Use SLEEP instruction for longer (?) runtime" does this really increase the runtime noticeable?
14:25:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:27:02ZagorNibbler: define noticeable
14:27:12Zagorit's measurable
14:27:34Nibbleris it more than lets say 15 minutes on 2000mAh cells?
14:28:06Zagorit's a little under 10%
14:28:45kargatisthat's an hour
14:28:57Nibblernice :)
14:32:20dwihnoYay for SLEEP!
14:32:20dwihnoIn the rockbox, the mighty rockbox, the CPU SLEEP's tonight! :-)
14:33:18*kargatis tosses dwihno a few downers
14:33:21Nibblerwell, just patched my firmware with sleep, dunno why i didnt notice this b4
14:35:54BagderZagor: know what
14:36:02Bagderpeople will want that playlist sorted
14:36:19Bagderto appear in the same order as dirs are displayed on screen
14:36:51Zagorthen they can sort them
14:37:56Zagori know, you're right. but I think this is good enough for 2.0
14:43:37kargatisplus, most recursive playlists will be shuffled, i'd expect
14:44:18kargatiswill 2.0 include playlist browse? if not, then the sorted playlist will have minimal usage
14:44:57 Quit ken0 (
14:44:57 Quit s0be (
14:44:57 Quit gissehel_ (
14:44:57 Quit GreyShadow (
14:44:57 Quit webmind (
14:44:57 Quit Hadaka (
14:44:57 Quit Hes (
14:44:57 Quit dwihno (
14:44:57 Quit MT (
14:44:57 Quit Schnueff (
14:44:59 Quit matsl (
14:44:59 Quit Jet8810 (
14:44:59 Quit JunkeyWRK (
14:44:59 Quit seb-sleep (
14:44:59 Quit langhaarrocker (
14:44:59 Quit Bagder (
14:44:59 Quit Zagor (
14:44:59 Quit ricII|sleep (
14:45:27NJoinmatsl [0] (
14:45:27NJoinJet8810 [0] (
14:45:27NJoinJunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
14:45:27NJoinseb-sleep [0] (
14:50:41NJoinlanghaarrocker [0] (
14:50:41NJoinZagor [242] (
14:50:41NJoinBagder [0] (
14:50:41NJoinricII|sleep [0] (
14:50:42 Part langhaarrocker
14:50:51NJoinken0 [0] (marklar2@
14:50:51NJoins0be [0] (~s0be@
14:50:51NJoingissehel_ [0] (
14:50:51NJoinGreyShadow [0] (
14:50:51NJoinSchnueff [0] (
14:50:51NJoinMT [0] (
14:50:51NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@
14:50:51NJoinwebmind [0] (
14:50:51NJoinHadaka [0] (
14:50:51NJoinHes [0] (
14:50:52dwihnoThe pending recording fixes from Linus will have to wait until 1.1?
14:50:55dwihno2.1, that is.
14:51:23dwihnoYay! Recursive playlist creation!
14:51:46Zagordwihno: no, his fixes go in 2.0
14:52:00Zagorthey are not considered new features
14:52:09Bagderzagor did you spot my concerns about playlists and sorting?
14:52:24ZagorBagder: yes
14:52:31dwihnoZagor: Ah, only new features. Well, I must try the playlist creation rightaway!
14:52:34Zagor<Zagor> i know, you're right. but I think this is good enough for 2.0
14:52:56Bagder(I missed that in the netsplit list)
14:53:33dwihno*boot up*
14:53:42dwihnoZagor: what happens if the files already exist?
14:54:34dwihnowhoa :D
14:54:36dwihnoIt's alive!
14:54:49Zagordwihno: it brutally overwrites it
14:55:02dwihnoHow swell! :D
14:55:31dwihnoTakes some time to process the entire disk :)
14:56:20BagderI'm off
14:56:22 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
14:56:57Nibblerhrm, i just tried to apply the bookmark/autobookmark patch but it totally failed patching any existing file. i also tried to apply it to the dayly build it was diff
14:57:00Nibblered against
14:57:18Nibblerdid anyone else have problems with this?
14:57:18dwihnoworks cool
14:57:33 Join Phantom [0] (
14:57:33kargatisben noted that old files would fail
14:57:42kargatisbecause he added storage of the shuffle/repeat state
14:57:53kargatisyou can edit the old files to update them, tho
14:57:54Nibbleri tried lastes source, and the one he mentioned :|
14:58:05kargatisadd *0*0 to the end of the lines?
14:58:06Phantomis somebody here use gnush for windows ?
14:58:30kargatisNibbler, you're complaining about old bmarks failing, right? did you edit them as directed, see if it worked?
14:58:37Nibblerno, i mean i tried to add the diff by patching the rockbox-code. and that failed
14:58:51Nibblersorry for unclear words b4 :)
14:59:02kargatismisinterpreted 'existing file'
14:59:34Nibblerwell, bookmark.c/h were "patched". as they didnt exist b4 i assume
15:00:25ZagorNibbler: he's using some kind of Win32 tool that adds ^M to the files. I couldn't get the patch applied automatically either.
15:00:48Nibblerjust wondered bout the much ^M stuff
15:00:57PhantomI ve a problem when I compile :
15:00:59Phantomsh-elf-objcopy -O binary ./archos.elf ./archos.bin
15:00:59Phantom../tools/scramble ./archos.bin ./ajbrec.ajz
15:00:59PhantomGetFileData: ReadFilemake: *** [ajbrec.ajz] Error 1
15:01:00Nibblerwell, i'll sed the diff b4 patching then
15:02:48Phantomnobody can help ?
15:02:58Nibblersorry, me not
15:03:34Nibbleroh well, not much to do by hand
15:03:35Phantomand do you know how to apply a diff under windows ?
15:03:49Nibblerbut i cant see the ^M in the diff file, only the .rej file shows them
15:04:05Nibblersorry no Phantom. unless u use cygwin
15:05:18Phantomin don't find how to use cygwin
15:05:57Phantomit don't work
15:06:19PhantomI retry and tell you what exactly happens ...
15:07:13 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:08:15Phantommay I have CVS to use it ?
15:08:49Nibblerwhat do u mean?
15:09:53Phantomwhat may I do if I don't use CVS
15:10:11Nibblerdoes not matter -how- u get the code....
15:10:32Phantomok back in 2 seconds, I retry
15:13:11kargatisZagor, mighta missed this in the split, but how long does a full disk recursive pl creation take?
15:13:12 Quit Phantom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13:38Zagorkargatis: depends on your data, of course. a couple of minutes for my 7000 files.
15:14:11kargatisthat a 40GB?
15:14:36dwihnoZagor: drains much battery?
15:15:19Zagora bit, of course. it's constant disk access.
15:15:23kargatisonly 58% of it
15:15:41kargatis[make 'em pay for their lack of foresight :-]
15:16:29dwihnoZagor: It's just batteries, let's waste it! :D
15:17:46Zagorthere is no low power way to read the entire harddisk...
15:18:25dwihnoBig buffers is good! :)
15:18:37dwihnoBtw, what happens if you erase a file which is playing?
15:18:47dwihnoeven worse - while it's being read? :)
15:19:24Zagorit will probably just fail reading and go to next file in list
15:19:48dwihnoprobably? :-)
15:20:18*dwihno thinks: surprise feature! :D
15:25:55Nibblerah, after removing the ^M (\r) it worked for all but one code change....
15:30:09 Join Phantom [0] (
15:30:31Phantomnibbler : that work now
15:30:52Phantomso how to apply or unapply a diff
15:31:07Nibblereither by hand :D
15:31:19Nibbleri use gnu patch for this
15:31:25Nibblerworks pretty fine
15:31:37Nibblerbut no idea what windoze tools there might b
15:32:11Phantomby hand
15:33:09Phantomfor example :
15:33:10PhantomRCS file: /cvsroot/rockbox/apps/tree.c,v
15:33:22 Part Zagor
15:33:28Phantomthat mean this part is for tree.c
15:33:38Phantombut what mean :
15:33:39Phantom@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@
15:33:48Nibblerits line numbers
15:33:50 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:34:01 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:34:11Phantomline "-49,6" ??
15:34:12Nibblerstarting at line 49 going for 6 lines in old file, shall be 7 lines in new file
15:34:17Nibblerbut u shoud look for a tool to do that
15:34:40Phantomthe "chip8" patch is not to big
15:34:46Phantombut you are right
15:36:09Nibblerits... well nice but useless in my eyes, as u can hardly play one of the games with the patch as it is atm
15:36:52 Join edx [0] (
15:37:18Phantomyes but this is just for a try
15:37:24Nibblerthe playlist builder u were talking about b4, is there a patch for this one? am i blind?
15:37:52ZagorNibbler: it's already in
15:38:20Zagorthat's one of the perks of being project leader. I get to approve my own changes ;)
15:38:37Phantomis the "diff" include in cygwin can be use to use .diff ?
15:38:43Schnueffhehe :)
15:38:54Schnueffand one gladly approves perfect code :)
15:39:16NibblerZagor: it is in the latest source? \o/ nice
15:39:32NibblerPhantom: no idea, i use gnu patch
15:39:33ZagorNibbler: I added it today, so you need to get it from cvs
15:39:55*Zagor groans
15:40:02*Nibbler goes and finds out about CVS
15:43:03Nibblerah, dont want to install CVS now, i'll wait for midnight :)
15:43:33langhaarrockeryou have the goat installed? :)
15:44:10Phantomdoes anybody know how to use .diff with cygwin ?
15:45:41ZagorPhantom: it's in the faq
15:45:51Phantom sorry
15:45:52Zagor.diff are the same as .patch
15:46:36Nibblergoat? where r goats?
15:48:06langhaarrockerif quel wasn't at lunch he might have thought the goat was funny.
15:48:12Phantomis "patch" command works with cygwin ?
15:48:17ZagorPhantom: yes
15:48:43PhantomI have others questions
15:49:26Phantomis it possible to make the same thing as the original firmware with text, auto line return ?
15:49:52Zagorin the text reader, you mean?
15:50:02Zagoryes, it's possible.
15:50:08Phantomhow ?
15:50:12Zagorbut nobody has fixed that yet
15:50:33Phantomwhy fixe is need ?
15:50:51Zagorbecause the text reader doesn't do word wrapping
15:51:11Phantomso some words are cut
15:51:27Phantomthat is ?
15:51:32Zagorno, they just don't fit on screen. you need to scroll right to see them.
15:52:07Phantomsee you soon
15:52:36 Quit Phantom ("Fermeture du client")
15:57:13langhaarrockerbtw: a broken link on
15:57:13langhaarrockertry to click on 'Project Rockbox Home'
15:57:34langhaarrockerbut rockboxx would be cool, too...
16:09:37 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:09:42quelsarukam am :)
16:10:20langhaarrockerThats the name of a chinese fast food restaurant round the corner here
16:10:24Zagorhave some LaCasera for me
16:11:17quelsarukZagor: that's for summer
16:11:58quelsaruklanghaarrocker: here, chinese restaurants have names like "the great wall"...
16:13:28quelsarukZagor: when will "delete dir" be possible?
16:13:53Zagorquelsaruk: do we really want it?
16:14:17Zagorwe have no trashcan, you know... :-)
16:15:13dwihnodelete dir is powerful, but perhaps not that useful
16:15:52quelsarukZagor: i love risk
16:15:58quelsaruki dont use trash in windows
16:16:09Zagormaybe we should add format too then ;)
16:16:43quelsarukbut i was talking seriously
16:16:49quelsaruki mean, the delete dir
16:17:14quelsaruki have a lot of stupid subfolders (don't ask me why)
16:17:26Zagorok. i haven't planned it, really. so I don't know when/if it will happen.
16:17:39quelsarukand i always forget to delete them from the pc
16:17:51kargatisthat last is a pretty weak excuse
16:18:16quelsarukbut don't worry about when
16:18:34quelsarukkargatis: i always have really bad excuses ;)
16:18:48quelsaruki'm too lazy to think really good ones
16:19:12dwihnoquelsaruk: Just to bother Zagor, I'm with you ;D
16:19:19quelsarukcreate playlist possible?
16:19:34quelsarukso you guys work while i'm eating?
16:19:50quelsaruki must have another lunch right now if so :)
16:19:51Zagorquelsaruk: I always feel the other way around ;)
16:20:17quelsarukZagor: *what* are you trying to say me?
16:20:21langhaarrockerI prefer a playlist editor over delete dir feature. I'd prefer to have some spare time for programming.
16:20:40Zagorplaylist editor would be very nice
16:21:09langhaarrockerZagor: show us the code, please!
16:21:55quelsaruklanghaarrocker: me too.. try to be pluri-employed... Study civil engeniering, repair all computers in your faculty and.. if you thought it was not enough, teach :)
16:22:14ZagorBah! I don't write code. I prefer to sit here and demand you implement my wishes.
16:22:37Zagorquelsaruk: your lunches make up for all that! ;)
16:23:14 Join elinenbe3 [0] (
16:23:44quelsaruki thought you didn't know what "spanish sense of humour" was... but today... wau.. i'm impressed
16:23:58 Nick elinenbe3 is now known as elinenbe (
16:24:58dwihnobeware of the spanish inquisition! quelsaruk's a member ;)
16:25:14quelsaruknot just a member.. i'm the *one*
16:25:26langhaarrockerquelsaruk: A job for you: the remote food order system on rockbox.
16:25:39quelsarukMy name's quelsaruk Torquemada
16:25:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:25:57quelsarukhey... i'm not Fat
16:26:11quelsaruki just go home for lunch...
16:26:15quelsarukprepare my food...
16:26:16langhaarrockerIf Zagor goes on programming you'll be fat soon
16:26:28quelsarukthat's correct
16:26:38quelsarukZagor, please... stop programing
16:27:55quelsarukand also.. exorcising a jukebox makes me be really hungry
16:28:26quelsaruki think i will do a thesis in "jukebox Technopriest"
16:32:05 Nick edx is now known as edx`avi (
16:33:43dwihnotechno priest?
16:33:59dwihnomakes me think of johnny mnemonic and that psycho priest with implants up to his ears!
16:35:48langhaarrockerfor exorcising techno isn't very well suited. Use a jukebox full of metal instead.
16:36:13kargatisor ancient catholic hymns, more like it
16:36:42langhaarrockeryes. Preferably transformed to metal first.
16:37:06kargatisi suppose if it's metal crosses it might help exorcise demons
16:37:23kargatisok, i'll let you off the spelling hook now
16:38:10quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i'm a heavy metal son... does that fit?
16:42:47langhaarrockerof course
16:43:41langhaarrockerif the goat likes it...
16:50:42quelsarukummm .. i'm stupid...
16:51:16quelsarukwell not really
16:51:46quelsarukin maths, the "X" axis goes before the "Y" axis....
16:52:47quelsarukwhy have i thought it was before the Y ??
16:52:49quelsarukreally stupid
16:59:06 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:05:43Zagorgotta go
17:05:44 Part Zagor
17:08:09 Quit s0be (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:21:12 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:23:13 Join edx`bla [0] (
17:23:29 Nick edx`bla is now known as edx`av (
17:24:13 Join xam [0] (
17:38:36 Quit edx`avi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:24 Part kargatis
17:51:51 Join eye69 [0] (
17:52:12 Quit elinenbe ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
17:56:36quelsarukany programmer here?
17:59:33 Quit xam ()
18:00:21 Join gxam [0] (
18:01:58Nibbleri cant compile the sources i got form CVS
18:02:10 Quit gxam (Client Quit)
18:03:00Nibblersais "no rule to build target ../docs/CREDITS, required by "credits.raw"
18:03:07Nibblerwhich is a bit confusing for meh
18:03:37quelsarukNibbler: try to make cvs checkout again
18:03:46 Join xam [0] (
18:03:49Nibblerjust checked out again (did 1.5h ago last time)
18:03:51quelsarukthese days cvs is quite unstable
18:04:14quelsarukand sometimes you don't download everyfile
18:04:16Nibblerbut stuff pointing to ../docs/CREDITS does not look like a code-error....
18:04:17quelsarukwait a minute
18:04:44quelsaruki'll check if i can build the cvs firmware
18:04:53Nibblerthat would b nice
18:05:00quelsarukmaybe it's because you don't have CREDITS
18:05:27Schnueffhm maybe one needs to check out docs then?
18:05:57Nibblerworks now
18:06:01Nibblerbut hell....
18:06:14Nibblerwhy is CREDITS needed for code generation?? :)
18:06:31Schnueffthey appear in the compiled version
18:06:33quelsarukbecause when you want to see the credits...
18:06:43Nibblerst00pid me :)
18:06:58Nibblerdidnt think its taken from the docs/ directory....
18:07:11*Nibbler slaps quelsaruk around a bit with a large fake-trout
18:10:19 Join Bagder [241] (
18:11:08*Bagder looks around for the guilty
18:11:26Schnueffsim doesnt compile
18:11:28Bagderred builds
18:11:29langhaarrockerif you checkout the target rockbox-devel you don't have to care about which modules to check out.
18:11:54Schnueffno DIR type in the sim, maybe #include <sys/types.h>, #include <dirent.h> missing?
18:12:00quelsaruknot me
18:12:19quelsaruki swear Bagder, it was not me.. i was eating :P
18:12:33Schnueffeat more, so someone's gonna fix it :)
18:13:27quelsarukla hora de la merienda
18:15:22BagderDIR exists in my sim
18:15:31 Part langhaarrocker
18:15:39Schnueffhm i get ../../apps/tree.c:1437: parse error before `*'
18:15:47Schnueffat DIR*
18:15:49Bagderupdate ;-)
18:15:51quelsarukBagder: i've done a small change in F2 screen, to make other languages strings fit better. It's not as cool as the original, but it's just a first test. I'm going to send the patch to the patch tracker. Tell me if you like it. (not the code, just the display. Code is still a mess)
18:16:17Schnueffuh fuck
18:16:18Schnueffcvs [update aborted]: recv() from server EOF
18:16:22Bagderok, but I might not do that until tomorrow, I'm about to leave soon
18:16:30Schnueffok :)
18:16:34Bagderdarned cvs server
18:18:09Schnueffnow i have it
18:23:30Bagderno more red
18:23:43Schnueffred red build
18:24:11*Bagder detects that its getting late
18:24:51Schnueffgotta go
18:24:53*Schnueff ... away
18:25:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:26:26quelsarukBagder: red build.... quite bad....
18:26:29quelsaruktsk.. tsk...
18:26:51quelsarukthese days you are doing it quite bad...
18:26:53Bagderwe blame Zagor
18:27:15quelsaruknot zagor... you are the guilty one
18:28:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28:57matslcu bbl!
18:29:00 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:31:15Bagderand we blame kjer for the yellow build
18:35:24BagderI'll spank him tomorrow for major bad code indent
18:36:46BagderI've also updated the feature chart, should be up the next web update
18:36:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:37:15 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
18:40:38quelsarukBagder: you are quite agresive now
18:40:45quelsarukhave a beer.. or two and relax
18:41:04Bagderwill you buy me one?
18:41:18s0beI'll take a liter of your finest IPA
18:41:23quelsarukan Alhambra 1925 especial
18:41:31Bagderaaaaah, swell!
18:43:06quelsarukgoing out a little... cu later!
18:44:49BagderI'm off as well
18:44:52 Quit Bagder ("")
18:46:50 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:50:55 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
19:07:59 Join Phantom [0] (
19:07:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:10:30 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
19:22:12 Join AndyC_772 [0] (
19:23:53 Join adi|work [0] (
19:24:17quel|outhi adi
19:24:42AndyC_772Oh, there really are people awake :-)
19:25:45*quel|out looks around
19:25:54AndyC_772I've a couple of vaguely interesting observations about how the power supply works on the FM recorder, that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere...
19:26:30AndyC_7721) The battery charger really can only charge the battery - it doesn't seem to be able to actually power the unit (at least on mine).
19:27:08quel|outAndyC_772: i think it would be better to write a mail with that info, because Uwe (the guru in charging) is not here and i don't know anything about that :(
19:27:14AndyC_7722) Plugging into USB doesn't provide any power either. I'm not even sure that it charges the battery, despite the battery icon appearing as though it should be.
19:27:59AndyC_772How do I know this? I've spent the afternoon running Scandisk to try and map out a few bad sectors (grrr!), with USB and charger connected...
19:28:24AndyC_772...I then started to copy everything off the Archos prior to reformatting...
19:28:37quel|outummm.. wait a min
19:28:40AndyC_772...and after about 12GB worth, it suddenly powered off.
19:28:52quel|outhow do you know what? i'm lost
19:29:02 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:29:33AndyC_772That neither the USB port or charger can actually provide power.
19:29:41quelsarukwith rockbox?
19:30:08quelsarukAFAIK USB doesn't provide power.
19:30:18AndyC_772No, with the Archos firmware. Rockbox doesn't support the FM's battery yet, unless I'm mistaken?
19:30:33quelsarukwe can't support it
19:30:46quelsaruki mean
19:30:49quelsaruknot now
19:31:29quelsarukwe do not know anything about it, and seems that rockbox always think the batt. is empty
19:31:37quelsarukhave you read the mail list?
19:31:56quelsarukhave you tried bleeding edge rockbox for fm recorder?
19:32:39quelsaruki have just a recorder, so i can tell you just what i have read
19:32:43AndyC_772Yes, I have - at least, as of a couple of days ago.
19:32:53quelsaruktry last one...
19:32:59quelsaruki mena...
19:33:41quelsarukyou say that you tried the one a couple of days ago? or that you've been doing that for these last days?
19:34:05quelsaruki'm spanish, and sometimes... i make myself a mess with english :)
19:34:49AndyC_772The last one I tried was archos20030126.ajz
19:35:25AndyC_772Worked fine with a fully charged battery, but switched off when the battery was still about 2/3 full.
19:35:40quelsaruki don't think Uwe has developed anything new, but try last one...just to check it out :)
19:35:58quelsarukand talking about archos firmware
19:36:07s0bequelsaruk: USB in the form that the rockbox uses CAN provide power, however, the rockbox doesn't implement it, and it's not the right (5-6)volts for the rockbox anyways
19:36:38AndyC_772I'm not complaining - I was trying to offer some information that I hadn't seen, and didn't know whether you already knew.
19:36:57AndyC_772I was just surprised to see the FM die with both USB and charger connected - but it did.
19:37:10quelsaruks0be: yes... i wanted to say that.. more or less
19:37:30s0bealthough that'd be a good hack
19:37:44quelsarukAndyC_772: i think it is normal..
19:37:52quelsarukat least with the normal recorder
19:38:12quelsarukif i transfer a huge amount of info.. my batt drains
19:38:28AndyC_772Seems odd, but it does explain why my battery hadn't been lasting half as long as I expected.
19:38:33 Quit ken0 ("zZz")
19:39:07AndyC_772A couple of hours' playback, a complete Scandisk surface scan and 12GB of USB transfers were about all it could manage
19:39:43AndyC_772What further information about the FM do you guys need? Have you had chance to dismantle one yet?
19:40:13quelsaruk'cause none of the *crazy* people has one
19:40:37quelsaruki disassembled my recorder before i knew about rockbox.. just to have a look
19:41:15quelsarukbut i understand people doesn't like to dissasemble their unit
19:41:25AndyC_772I'll see how I feel - I do have an FM, a degree in electronics and a good digital camera... I was just hoping that someone would risk theirs first!
19:42:10AndyC_772That said, Rockbox already seems to work pretty well - only the power stuff and the strange backlight behaviour struck me as needing to be fixed...
19:42:22AndyC_772...and I doubt you'll determine too much about those from the photos :(
19:42:33quelsarukyou could be some kind of savior :)
19:42:51quelsaruki think uwe will need some measures
19:43:13AndyC_772Let me fix my bad sectors and convince myself that the unit isn't faulty first - I'd hate to void my warranty and then need it.
19:43:20quelsarukand some schematics
19:43:30quelsaruki understand u
19:43:41AndyC_772Measurements no problem, I have a calibrated meter in my desk drawer.
19:43:49AndyC_772Schematics? Um... no.
19:43:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:44:19quelsarukmaybe with some photos a guru could try to make some schematics...
19:44:26quelsaruki'm not able
19:45:01 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:45:07AndyC_772It's hard work, trust me - electronic engineering is my job, but reverse-engineering schematics is a rotten job.
19:45:29AndyC_772Might be do-able on a 4 layer PCB. More than 2 routing layers and it gets a LOT harder.
19:45:37 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
19:46:17quelsaruki'm just a civil engienier :)
19:46:35quelsaruki can calculate structures... roads, ports...
19:46:39quelsarukbut not PCB
19:48:09AndyC_772Must go - pub to visit, beer to drink. I'll be back in touch if I can get any pictures :-)
19:48:20quelsaruksee you!
19:48:23 Quit AndyC_772 ()
20:03:37 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
20:10:02 Nick edx`av is now known as edx`sport (
20:15:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:15:13quel|outre Nibbler
20:15:32Nibblerweird.... on this network i always discon :|
20:15:46Nibblerwhen, and how did i quit?
20:16:58quel|out[19:10:46] Nibbler [] has quit irc :Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)
20:17:16quel|outdoes that answer your questions?
20:17:16Nibblerah, kk... ty
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20:33:35 Join NibbIer [0] (
20:33:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:51:59 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:51:59 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:56:16 Join quelsaruk [0] (
21:01:34 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
21:05:14 Quit mecraw (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:13:29quelsarukok.. time to go home
21:13:34quelsaruksee you tomorrow
21:14:12 Join glytchbinary [0] (~glytch@
21:14:31 Part glytchbinary
21:14:42 Nick ricII|sleep is now known as ricII (
21:14:58ricIII wish I'd sleeped that long..
21:15:15quelsarukwell.. don't say that loud enough
21:15:44quelsarukjust for being to hours as "quel|lunch" i'm the rockbox food expert :)
21:15:58quelsarukyou can be the dreaming head :)
21:16:31 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:37:30 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:38:39 Join Guest [0] (
21:40:09 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:40:28 Join Bubba [0] (
21:43:07Nibblerthe bookmarking stuff, how does autobookmark work?
21:55:48 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:02:15 Quit Bubba ("Leaving")
22:07:55 Nick edx`sport is now known as edx (
22:18:47 Quit s0be (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:24:49 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
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22:38:54 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
22:46:27 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:46:41 Join Bagder [241] (
22:46:58elinenbericII: hello!
22:47:05elinenbeJunkeyWRK: HELLO
22:47:56elinenbehow come everyone wants to see the chip8 emulator?
22:48:02 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
22:49:40 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:54:29Nibblerit sounds very interesting, was the first patch i did try also
22:54:41Nibblerbut well.... chip8 games suck :D
22:54:49Bagderit proves people are nuts for games
22:59:14hardeepagreed Nibbler... i've tried out that chip8 simulator and the games suck
22:59:36elinenbechip 8 games sucked even way back when...
23:00:15Nibblerheh. and well, without being able to (re) define the keys... totally hopeless
23:00:53 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:01:42Nibblerwhich of the current patches do u consider to be good to have?
23:02:43 Join NibbIer [0] (
23:02:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:03:12NibbIerwhich of the current patches do u consider to be good to have?
23:03:38BagderI have no idea
23:03:48BagderI'm lagging behind
23:04:16NibbIeri have the sleep thingy and the bookmark patch installed
23:05:48 Quit gissehel_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:54 Join gissehel_ [0] (
23:11:07elinenbeNibbIer is the coolest
23:11:55ricIIhi elinenbe
23:12:47ricIIanyone got some mem usage info on nethack ?
23:13:22ricIIwouldn't that be cool, nethack on rockbox ??
23:13:33NibbIerwhat is nethack
23:13:51elinenbericII: how is the playlist coding coming?
23:13:58 Quit Bagder ("")
23:14:06ricIIelinenbe notime :(
23:15:08ricIINibbler: classic opensource adventure game
23:15:27NibbIertextbased i assume :)
23:15:46NibbIerdoom sourcecode has is released also *hinthint*
23:16:56ricIINibbler: nice gui on nethack
23:29:20MTboulderdash would be ace
23:29:28MTi should try n port it
23:33:45 Join Sparks [0] (
23:35:00SparksAnyone alive here!?
23:35:51SparksI have the FM Recorder, and have tred putting version 1.4 on it, but it doesnt seem to have done anything!
23:36:37ricIISparks you will need a daily build from cvs..
23:36:53Sparksoh right, whatere do i go to get that!
23:37:26Sparksohh yes, just found the daily builds section!
23:39:50Sparkshmm, i guess i need to download the latest .ajz file - how do I extract the files from that!?
23:41:43elinenbeSparks: just copy that to the jukebox
23:42:38Sparksokay, thanks :)
23:43:08Sparkswhen the jukebox is booted with the USB connected, does it just use the firmware in the ROM?
23:44:19Sparksand di i need the .rockbox folder on the jukebox for this mod?
23:44:22Jet8810hey guys
23:44:25Jet8810got Archos car kit today
23:45:14Sparksdoes it work with the FM Recorder?
23:45:43Jet8810dont have FM
23:45:45Jet8810so I dont know
23:46:05MTSparks: what you do is this
23:46:25MTextract the .rockbox folder from the 1.4 version to the root of your jukebox
23:46:39MTadd the latest ajbrec.ajz to the root of your jukebox
23:46:58MTthe jukebox will reboot
23:47:08Jet8810heh yea
23:47:10MTand load rockbox
23:47:12Jet8810my friend did some weird thing
23:47:14Jet8810he made a .rockbox folder
23:47:21MTif you want to REMOVE it
23:47:22Jet8810and extracted .ajz file into that folder
23:47:23Jet8810and it works
23:47:29MTturn it off
23:47:43MTif it wont turn off, hold down off for >5 seconds and it will ;)
23:47:46MTplug it into usb
23:47:53MTarchos firmware will load
23:47:57MTand you can delete it
23:48:14MTthe FM code is like early alpha - its not finished yet :)
23:48:34SparksFantastic - i was slightly worred that there would be no way to boot the jukebox without loading the new firmware :)
23:49:00MTi havent read mailing list for today
23:49:11MTbut last recommendations were to charge up using the archos firmware
23:49:23MTie plug the charger in with the jukebox turned off
23:49:57Sparksbut i guess when it is booted when you plug in the USB, then it does not load the new firmware?
23:51:18MTcorrect :)
23:51:26Sparksgr8 :D
23:51:39Sparkshow do i tell that it has loaded the new firmware!?
23:51:48MTit works better :)
23:51:59Sparkslol -
23:52:08Sparkswill it then resume mid track>
23:52:14MTthere will be a rockbox logo when it boots up
23:53:10Sparkshmm, i dont get the logo :( - and it didn't resume :(
23:54:13MTwhat is the file called
23:54:20MTthe .ajz file
23:54:45MTand where is it?
23:54:54Sparksin the root of the jukebox
23:55:19Sparksi downloaded archos20030129.ajz
23:55:20MTwhat happens when you press f1
23:55:32MTand renamed it ajbrec.ajz ?
23:56:07MT<MT> what happens when you press f1
23:56:22Sparksohh, i just booted it, and the contrast is way too high
23:56:29Sparksjsut re booting it
23:56:37MTpress f1
23:56:57Sparksok, it is still really high, but i saw the rockbox logo :)
23:56:57MTdown, right, down, down, down, right
23:57:01MTi think
23:57:41MTtell you in a second
23:57:47Sparksyep, ajusted :)
23:58:00Sparksbacklight seem to be off though
23:58:35MTf1 down right down down right down down down right
23:58:39MTthen up or down
23:58:49MT<MT> the FM code is like early alpha - its not finished yet :)

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