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#rockbox log for 2003-02-01

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00:10:31adi|workPhantomJP: while its possible... its not really effective
00:10:38adi|workyou currently either need to compile it in...
00:10:43adi|workor just deal with what you have.
00:11:08adi|workbasically, the things we need to just load a graphics file aren't available at immediate boot...
00:11:27adi|workbut there is a feature request for this on the tracking list. go add your name to it that you want this feature.
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01:06:16glytchbinarywill those games that you can get a patch for be put into the official release?
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01:16:23void__is there a doc on how the playlist works?
01:19:14glytchbinarywhat os are you using?
01:20:05void__do you just edit the root.m3u file and add what files you want?
01:20:51glytchbinaryif you want to do it that way....
01:20:58void__what's the other way
01:22:14glytchbinaryare you adding alot of filse?
01:22:30void__well ya a few
01:22:43glytchbinarygo into any directory on the archos and type this to recursively add that directly to an m3u file
01:22:55glytchbinaryfind . -iname "*.mp3" > filename.m3u
01:22:59glytchbinarywill make a playlist the archos can us
01:24:43glytchbinaryso if your in the root dir of your archos that command will make a playlist of ALL the music on the device
01:26:18void__ya I know
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02:09:47adi|workglytchbinary: no.. the games you are talking about will more then likely not be in the ver 2.0 release
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02:36:21Nibbleri just noticed the bookmark patch is updated
02:36:35Nibblerand for full changelog it tells me to load a zip from samuraipanda
02:36:49Nibblerbut the zip is broken, or is it not broken for u ppl?
02:40:55glytchbinaryadi|work darn
02:45:32PsycoXulwhy would you build a playlist like that on a computer anymore
02:45:42PsycoXulwhen you can select "create playlist" to do the same thing
02:45:43PsycoXulin rockbox
02:46:04Nibbleroh, my question just got its answer in the mailinglist :)
02:46:13*Nibbler updates his firmware
02:50:39glytchbinaryPsycoXul well the rockbox version im running doesn't have that (:
02:50:44glytchbinaryguess i should update
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03:05:21PsycoXulyeah that was a recent change
03:05:28PsycoXulit's nice
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03:07:53Kshainhey, can anyone help me out with the playlist creation feature
03:08:58Kshainmeaning: how do you do it
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03:27:59Kshainanyway, so can anyone help me out with playlist creation features?
03:29:18Kshainmainly, how to use them
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04:01:39SparksAnyone know about using the car charger with the FM Recorder20?
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04:02:54Sparksthe manual that comes with the car kit states you need to put the voltage on 9v - the mains charger for the FM Recorder20 is only 6v
04:03:43Sparksare the mains chargers for the other jukebox's also 6v, or are they 9v?
04:08:49Sparksokay, I will set the voltage to 6v, and glue it there then!
04:11:34Sparkswouldnt want to blow it up would we ;)
04:12:31Sparksdo we know the capacity of the batteries in the FM Recorder?
04:13:37Sparkshmm, maybe it's about time i tried to take it apaer :-)
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06:07:07Guesthow do you record with rockbox?
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06:29:01*adi|work is away: home
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08:04:46jashey guys, anyone awake?
08:05:01s0beyeah, but prolly useless to ya
08:05:14jaswell, i'm making a cfg....
08:05:17jasand used this line:
08:05:17jasBatt: %bl / %bt
08:05:25jasbut it doesn't display any batt info :(
08:06:18s0beyep, I'm useless to you.... somone else will prolly notice and answer
08:06:45adi|homeummm dunno.. i haven't played witht he cfgs much.. let me take a look at the docs
08:07:13jason the player its displaying:
08:07:16jasBatt: /
08:07:58jasI just got the recorder 20, it has black rubber pads. How long have they been making them with black bumpers?
08:08:42adi|homedunno.. a while
08:09:40jasI bought a zen and this
08:09:48jasthe zen was DOA.... returned it.
08:10:14jasI have several probs with the zen, 1) propitary file system, 2) unable to directly access the drive, 3) can't replace the batt.
08:10:47jasbut it seems to have better sound than the archos.... on the other hand, the archos has rockbox... the batts can be replaced (cheaply too), and I can access it directly.
08:11:27jasdo most of these units have issues, or do they tend to be well built/functional? the design of it seems to be lacking, and the 2 meg buffer size worries me. it spins up the HD a lot more than the zen
08:12:08adi|homejas.. where did you read about the %bl %bt?
08:13:31jasBattery Info:
08:13:39jas%bl : Show numeric battery level in percent
08:14:18adi|home1. what version of rockbox are you running..
08:14:22adi|home2. is it a .wps file?
08:15:44jas1.4, and yes, it's a .wps. the format is defiantely loaded, but the batt info isn't there
08:16:28adi|homeokay.. did you actually _read_ the wps page?
08:16:44adi|homeOptions marked (*) have been added after the last official release, and are
08:16:44adi|homethus only available in daily builds.
08:16:57adi|home%bl : Show numeric battery level in percent (*)
08:16:57adi|home %bt : Show estimated battery time left (*)
08:17:06adi|homeupgrade to a daily build and try
08:17:17jasi did read it but −− read this too at the bottom:
08:17:17jasYou can specify up to 10 scrolling lines (*).
08:17:27jasi assumed that was what the * refered to. lol
08:17:56adi|homehehehe it's (*) all over ;)
08:18:10jasgot a Q....
08:18:24jaswhen i plug this into the ac adaptor, the unit doesn't load up rockbox
08:18:31jasand the backlight is on
08:18:43jasanyway to load rockbox, and to disable that stupid backlight?
08:22:01adi|homeum... well let me see if i get you right
08:22:05adi|homeyour unit is off..
08:22:09adi|homeyou plug it in...
08:23:09adi|homethen no :)(
08:23:17adi|homewhen the unit is off.. an dyou plug in the ac
08:23:28adi|homethe factory firmware will load
08:23:37adi|homebut you can turn the unit on _then _ plug in ac
08:23:41adi|homeand you will have rockbox...
08:24:00adi|homeas for the back light.. thats a requested feature.. im not sure it has been implimented yet
08:24:22adi|homethat make sense?
08:24:36jasyes. thanks.
08:25:08adi|homeupgrading to a daily build won't hurt you btw :)
08:25:18jasthis daily build has quite a few options the standard ver didn't
08:25:25jasi still don't know how to delete a file tho heh
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11:08:11calpefroschhi, edx. how are you ?
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13:21:39kargatisanyone ever seen a problem with auto-poweroff when the resume-ask screen is on?
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13:39:42Phantomhi !
13:40:13PhantomI don't found the alarm function in the last daily build, where is she ?
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18:28:06Kshainhey, can someone help me out by telling me how to make playlist on my player now?
18:28:26KshainI know some playlist creation features got implamented but no clue how to use them
18:29:01Schnueffyou use the a daily build / current cvs version?
18:29:24 Join Schee [0] (
18:29:30Schnueffi think in the menu there should be "create playlist"
18:29:55 Quit SeeSchloss (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: Schee!
18:30:09Kshainyes there is. that just creates the root.m3u
18:30:17Kshainhow do I add songs to it?
18:30:41Schnueff"create playlist" create a playlist in the current directory
18:30:43ScheeKshain > you can't, I think
18:30:54Schnueffwhich contains all songs in that directory, recursively
18:31:03Schnueffit cannot do more :|
18:31:49Kshainahhh, ok. But would I be right in guessing it wont be long before I will be able to actually vreate playlists?
18:32:19ScheeI hope you are right
18:32:40Schnueffyes maybe
18:33:06Kshainheh good. I miss that
18:33:26Kshainanyway, one more question- is it alrite to defrag my player?
18:34:05Kshainreeeeaaallly.... why not?
18:34:20PsycoXulputs unnecessarily high strain on the disk and data bus
18:34:42PsycoXuldoes a lot more read/writes than is healthy for it
18:34:54PsycoXuland probably won't make a big difference
18:35:02PsycoXulif you somehow end up with it getting really fragmented
18:35:11PsycoXulyou'd be better off deleting everything and copying over
18:35:13PsycoXulthan defragging
18:35:17Kshainhmmm. The reason im asking is because something is royally screwed up in my mp3 player
18:35:23Kshainand I dont think its a hardware issue
18:35:52Kshainso im gonna reformat here in a couple minutes, but I wanted to know if there was anything else I could do
18:36:08PsycoXulwell what exactly is the problem
18:37:52Kshainmy mp3 player is freezing in the middle of playing a song. It will completely freeze, and then when I restart it, all I get for about 10 min. is HD error
18:38:35PsycoXulbut this happens with full batteries?
18:38:39Kshainbut, it only does this when playing music (and it doesnt always do this). It never freezes when I have it in menues or anything
18:38:50Kshainyes. I've tried dif batteries too
18:39:48PsycoXulwell what batteries isn't as important as how much of a charge they have :p
18:40:09 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:41:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:42:24Kshainthey have full 100% 10 hours 20 minute charge.
18:43:31Kshainyah. very,
18:43:35PsycoXulmine only freezes while playing when the batteries get too low to power the HD
18:43:57Kshainhmmmm.... yah well, I'll hope reformatting clears it up
18:45:00 Quit secretagentseb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:45:58Nibblerim just testing and after running 7h it tells me it will run another 7.5h
18:46:23Kshainnice. mine goes exacly 10 hrs 20 min
18:46:54Nibblerwell... lets see if the estimate it tells me is true :)
18:47:06Kshainso either of you seen the new Oddysee 1000
18:47:10Nibblerim using 2000MAh on a jbr15
18:47:22Nibblerand sleep-patch
18:47:39Kshaincheck it out. its pretty nice
18:48:55Nibbleri guess it wont run with rockbox :]
18:49:07Nibblerbut yes, sounds nice agree :)
18:49:26Kshainheh, nope. thats what I love about my archos. rockbox is definetly cool
18:49:26Nibblerbut my main reason for rockbox was the AA batteries
18:49:45PsycoXuland it like, actualy exists right? :p
18:49:55Scheehmm what does the Archos when the ajbrec.ajz is bad (unreadable, ...) ? does it simply load the original firmware ?
18:50:12PsycoXulSchee: just uses the in-ROM firmware
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18:56:15 Quit Kshain ()
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19:15:30MTany 'modders' about?
19:17:23MTim taking apart my fm recorder and ive found out two things so far
19:17:38MT1.) my sony camera is shit at close ups
19:17:54MT2.) everything seems to be held together with little bits of solder
19:18:04Nibblernot nice of archos
19:18:14PsycoXulmost camera's are shit at close-ups
19:18:19PsycoXulespecialy without the use of a tripod
19:18:22MTthats what i thought too :)
19:18:29Schnuefflanghaarrocker used a scanner
19:18:35PsycoXulor other means of stable support
19:18:44MTnow theres an idea
19:19:02Schnueffthe record pics at are made with a scanner
19:19:03PsycoXulmy camera has a 'macro' mode thats good for close-ups
19:19:20PsycoXulbut it still has to be *very* still and under good conditions to take decent ones
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19:38:56 Nick s is now known as _seb_ (
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20:48:14ricIIthings are relaxing a bit here
21:01:22Kamayakaanybody awake ?
21:02:38Kamayakahmmm bougt me a recorder 20 today and wanted to install rockbox right now...
21:04:18SeeSchlossgood idea
21:05:00Kamayakawell... install notes held VERY short...
21:06:15SeeSchlosshmm installation is not very complicated
21:07:34Kamayakaroot directory is not the directory i see under windows is it ?
21:07:47SeeSchlossit is
21:08:11Kamayakahmm and where is the original archos software ? within an eprom ?
21:09:10SeeSchlosswell there may already be an ajbrec.ajz file in the root directory
21:09:23SeeSchlossthat's the archos software
21:10:09Kamayakathere isnīt... (so iīve been wondering how all this should work)
21:11:06 Join vreerHome [0] (
21:11:16SeeSchlosswell I don't know much about it but IIRC there is one part in ROM, and this part searches in the root for an ajbrec file
21:11:25SeeSchlossif it finds it it loads
21:11:31SeeSchlossthe file
21:11:47Kamayakaa well, should be mentioned, cause then everything is clear...
21:11:53Kamayakaiīll give i a try :)
21:11:54SeeSchlossand if there is no file then it uses the rom version
21:12:05vreerHomestrange thing..
21:12:30vreerHome on ana mepty 6000 player I upload the zipped file (new version, FW 5.08)
21:12:53vreerHome on an empty 6000 player I upload the zipped file (new version, FW 5.08)
21:12:59vreerHomeis hat I wanted to say
21:13:21vreerHomeand I only get a message like I04.I104Inst
21:13:37vreerHomefurther only Off/Stop works ...
21:14:48SeeSchlosswell I can't help you, I don't have a 6000 I never had this problem with a player or a fm recorder
21:17:11vreerHomemaybe I should ask on the list :)
21:17:19Kamayakacoool :)
21:18:01vreerHomemaybe you know how to get the ajb file form somewher
21:18:30Kamayakathis is fucking coool :))))
21:18:41vreerHomethere still is one of course iof I delete the archosmod, but that one beheaves a liittle strange to, *and* isn't viible with a ls -al
21:19:10vreerHome-a :)
21:20:02Kamayakaseeschloss you did, do work on rockbox ?
21:20:43SeeSchlossno I don't know anythin about C
21:21:05 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:22:20SeeSchlosshmm maybe that each command has to end with a ;
21:39:29*ricII searches for a long stick to teach IE5.5 mynode.childNodes.item(0).nodeName sould not produce error "Class not registered"
21:39:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:15 Join PhantomJP [0] (
21:51:36PhantomJPi don't find how to chnage the version number when compiling
21:51:37PhantomJP ?
21:54:30PhantomJPPLEASE !!!
21:55:38SeeSchlossno idea
21:55:47 Nick SeeSchloss is now known as SeeSchlaway (
22:02:40 Quit Kamayaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:10:36 Join Kamayaka [0] (
22:14:07PhantomJPwho know about those things :
22:14:29PhantomJPchange the "boot" and "version" logo
22:14:38PhantomJPchange the version number
22:14:49PhantomJPand...non, that's all
22:15:28PhantomJPIn fact I curently do a "Gaming" version
22:15:42*Kamayaka hugs PhantomJP
22:15:58PhantomJPwith all games and chip8 emulator and I want to "personnalise" it
22:16:57PhantomJPsomebody intereting I see
22:18:24Kamayakahad some other idea, but iīm not going to post in the request forum cause thereīs so much to do that... well i think might get annoying to read all this as developer...
22:20:13 Join Guest1 [0] (
22:21:18Guest1is there a way to put the number back by the folder with rockbox? with the archos firmware it said like "52/77 Radiohead"
22:23:53PhantomJPchange the .WPS
22:24:09adi|homeKamayaka: never... post what you want...
22:24:12adi|homewe filter
22:24:23adi|homemuch easier to reject/accept ideas.. then invent them...
22:24:44PhantomJPis it possible to define a scroll speed for each line ?
22:25:12PhantomJPshould it be possible
22:25:24adi|homeim guessing no.
22:26:16Kamayakaidea is quite simple. when you scroll through the files and filename is longer than display name the software only scrolls this one file... well i have folders sorted by interpret name so there are 5 to 10 folders with the same interpret name and the name of the album comes afterwards... result is that i need to look at each name to see what is in this folder... solution: scroll every filename thats longer than the display can show if you sc
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22:28:58PhantomJPI got the same problem
22:29:06Kamayakabut ?
22:29:08PhantomJPthere is an answer
22:29:47PhantomJPmake all the files from an artist in the same folder and rename all your files
22:30:20Kamayakathats not the way i wanted it to work, problem is that iīve got all the albums listed...
22:30:30*adi|home is away: shower
22:30:35 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
22:31:11Kamayakaand i wrote a batch looking for every folder containing special sign [B]... each folder is copied onto jukebox... i didnīt want to change all this
22:31:49SeeSchlawaywell Kamayaka : my organisation is /A/Artist/Album/Title.mp3 it is very easy to use...
22:32:08Kamayakahm that would be an other solution....
22:32:17Kamayakabut..... change the software :)
22:34:40*Kamayaka hugs PhantomJP twice
22:35:01PhantomJPthere is a software answer
22:35:07PhantomJPmaybe easier
22:35:30PhantomJPyou rename your files without artist name
22:36:52SeeSchlawayand ?
22:37:00 Nick SeeSchlaway is now known as SeeSchloss (
22:37:08SeeSchlossah ok :)
22:37:16PhantomJPi'm not english and I d'ont find a word :)
22:37:31SeeSchlosswell explain in french then
22:38:03PhantomJPand more that was a stupid word :
22:38:38PhantomJPso in sotware you "sort" your file by the ID3
22:39:49Kamayakai would need to change the architecture of 40gb music....
22:43:03 Quit g_clark (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:43:14Kamayakahehe found BUG in actual cvs release...
22:43:56SeeSchlosshmm what bug ?
22:44:37Kamayakaplay a file go main menue record. go back to file push the play button (changes from pause to play but nothin happens)
22:46:16Kamayakaand another one... if you change the file to be played in pause mode then start playing nothing happens...
22:50:46Kamayakahm this bug seems to appear by chance... canīt repeate now :\
22:50:58 Join Schee [0] (
22:51:18Kamayakafirst bug persists... (not horrible... human :))
22:51:23Scheept1 encore deco
22:51:40 Quit SeeSchloss (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: Schee!
22:51:46 Nick Schee is now known as SeeSchloss (
22:55:49PhantomJPencore un franchi ?
22:58:10 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:07:15 Join Gissehel [0] (
23:09:16SeeSchlosshmm PhantomJP > oui
23:09:23 Nick SeeSchloss is now known as SeeSchlaway (
23:09:53SeeSchlaway'night everybody
23:11:35PhantomJPSeeSchloss > cool, j'aume bien mes compatriotes
23:12:02PhantomJPBut where is that damn place for version !!!
23:14:26 Quit PhantomJP ("Fermeture du client")
23:22:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:29:42Kamayakabonne nuit, gute nacht, good night, buenna notte,
23:31:52 Quit Kamayaka ()
23:32:48 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")

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