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#rockbox log for 2003-02-02

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00:44:24sdbarkerhey everybody
00:44:52sdbarkeri just got an fm recorder, and was wondering if any of the versions of fmrec software actually worked.
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07:26:02Guestquick question... with the new daily builds for the recorder 15gb my queuing function doesnt work.. is this a known bug?
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07:27:38AlexL4752im not sure if it went thru the last time, my computer is having issues... as of the daily build about a week ago, the queuing function has stopped working for my 15bg recorder. is this a known bug or was it taken out or anything?
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07:30:51AlexL4752whoa i got kicked off.. anyway, does anyone know whats up?
07:30:57aodhcan anyone explain the layout of the tree.c file? i am having trouble going from the case of BUTTON_PLAY to actually playing?
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07:39:44aodhor better yet, the build_playlist and start_index ?
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08:11:23HogI just stumbled on this Rockbox site and man am I interested in my Archos again.
08:11:47Hogstarted off just looking for the v/mA for a DC adapter.
08:12:17HogI got a 20GB drive so I wanna upgrade the AJBR and try this Rockbox firmware. Can't wait.
08:13:45adi|homeheheh glade to hear :)
08:14:26adi|homeaodh your best bet to understand it is to step through it with a debugger.
08:16:33aodhhmmm, im don't really now how to use the debugger, but i just can't figure out what function in the browse_root() that plays...
08:19:36Hogdon't know. my biggest issue right now is finding that silly USB A-A cable...
08:19:50aodhis it the play_list or does that just set up the list? ....
08:22:13adi|homeHog do a search on the net for cable sellers.. you can find them in the 10$ US range
08:22:24adi|homeaodh are you on linux or windows ?
08:22:45HogI found it.... in my filing cabinet
08:25:30HogCoors Light and Paul Van Dyk will get me through this ;)
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08:34:39aodhahhhh, its the play_list now to make a recursive play, does anyone know any reasons why there isn't a recusive play function?
08:35:13PsycoXulthere is
08:35:16PsycoXulyou make a playlist and play it
08:36:55aodhyah, but it would be nice to just just skip the writing to disk part, it seems play_list can play a list from ram, and the list would have to be loaded anyways
08:37:19PsycoXulin-ram playlists are being phased out, if they're even still there
08:38:12PsycoXulyou need to read the disc anyway, it's not like writing gives any real delay
08:38:17PsycoXulto play
08:40:08HogI see the demos, but are there any visualizations while plying (the WPS I think it's called)
08:40:53*Hog readsthe manual
08:42:30Hogwow, this is so much easier on the eyes than the ARchos firware
08:43:29aodhyou won't be able to use the archos after a while... it just seems cheap...
08:44:38aodhbtw, why would they be phasing out the in_ram playlist?
08:44:50PsycoXulyeah i haven't been able to use the archos firmware for a long time heh
08:45:15PsycoXulaodh: because it was just a temp hack to allow whole-dir playing before playlist-building was implimented
08:46:14PsycoXulaodh: having the playlist in ram makes resume more difficult, limits the playlist size unnecessarily, takes up mp3 buffer space, and serves no useful purpose since you have to access the disk to read the music anyway
08:47:40aodhthat makes sense, ok thanks
08:48:16PsycoXulnp heh
08:51:03Hogwill using scrolling lines and peak meter be detrimental to battery life versus not using them>?
08:51:21aodhPsycoXul: do you program the rockbox a lot?
08:52:09PsycoXuli've only contributed small bits of code and ideas
08:53:00aodhgood though... the software has gotten a lot better since the 1.4 vers... the playlist thing is nice
08:53:47PsycoXulyeah, i've actualy been using a build that wasn't far past 1.4 for a few months and then just recently updated
08:54:14PsycoXuland it's got lots of nifty new stuff and smoothness
08:55:24aodhdo you know anything new thats bein worked on?
08:56:26Hogwow. 5x7 font and 8_ lines should be the standard :)
09:01:00HogPsyco: do you have a daily build you recommend? Obviously 1.4 by itself is miles better then the 1.21d archos firmware I was running
09:01:20aodhhey, thats nice... the 5x7...
09:04:12PsycoXuli use the cvs
09:08:42aodhi just built todays cvs, and it seems to work fine
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09:19:11Hogyea. very cool. didn't think they had recording from Line In possible
09:20:08Hognow ot remove this silly 6GB drive and put in a 20GB (for now).
09:20:44adi|homedon't let PsycoXul fool you ..
09:20:52adi|homehe serves a very good purpose
09:20:58adi|homehe's helpful.. and good with ideas ;)
09:21:12adi|homeand rumor has it he has a sexy bum ;)
09:21:18*adi|home cackles evilly
09:21:29*adi|home hands you a frozen mime-cicle
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09:48:36sdbarkerDoes anybody have the firmware for the AJBR20 actually working?
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09:54:49Hogahh, 18.63GB of sexiness
09:58:48sdbarkeryou have a recorder, hog?
10:00:39Hogyea, 6GB recorder, justupg to 20
10:01:04sdbarkeryou have rockbox working on it?
10:01:22sdbarkerfmrecorder, i meant.
10:01:33Hogoh, not the FM recorder
10:01:43sdbarkerwell damn.
10:02:01sdbarker's all good.
10:02:05sdbarkeri can't find a build that works w/ it.
10:03:57HogThis is all so cool. 1000 thank yous to the developers if any are lurking.
10:04:20Hognew drive. sexy new firmware. damn thing's usable again ;)
10:04:57sdbarkeryeah, mine's still usable since it's about eight hours old.
10:05:05sdbarkerbut i'm going to grow tired of it pretty quick if i can't get rockbox on it.
10:05:07 Quit kargatis ("Suckers!")
10:05:11sdbarkeri may even take it back and get a nomad zen.
10:05:38HogI got mine right when they offered them. had to wait three weeks for inventory to get in :(
10:05:45sdbarkergood job.
10:06:10Hogand better than that, I got it for $199USD because a website misprinted their price
10:06:57HogI wanna see the new 340 when it's ready.
10:07:13sdbarkeryeah, best buy did the same thing.
10:08:18sdbarkerbut, i'm off to bed.
10:08:19sdbarkercya dude.
10:08:19 Part sdbarker
10:12:50Hoghmm, wonder how long a 14GB copy takes over USB 1.1
10:13:15Hoglong enought for me to know it's time for bed.
10:13:23Hogthanks all.
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11:05:22SeeSchlossHi everybody
11:13:53SeeSchlosshmm is it normal that when my archos is usb plugged, sometimes it disconnects and reconnects 3-4 times very quickly ?
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12:01:39SeeSchlosshmm what's the resolution of an FM recorder ?
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13:42:47Scheemerde lol
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14:24:19Kamayakamorning folks...
14:25:03Kamayakain the faq they say that usb controller in the rockbox needs a master device to connect to... there are link cables to connect two pcs together via usb, has anybody tested this with rockbox ?
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14:33:58SeeSchlosswell when you connect 2 PCs, that makes 2 masters
14:34:28SeeSchlosswhen you connect 2 Archoses, that will always make 2 slaves
14:34:37SeeSchlosseven with a special cable
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14:45:58Kamayakathe archos is not able to power the usb port ?
14:46:30Kamayaka(question in general, apart from the problem with the two masters)
14:46:42Kamayakatwo slaves...
14:55:57SeeSchlossfor the power I don't know
14:59:18Kamayakai´ll have to check that tomorrow :)
15:01:15Kamayakacya leed to learn vor exams tomorrow...
15:01:22Kamayakadamn :)
15:01:46 Part Kamayaka
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16:51:14SeeSchlossdoes someone know how to make the backlight work on a FM Recorder ?
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17:43:28Scheehmm nobody knows how to do that ?
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17:44:25ScheeI like to talk to myself
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18:17:26SternFaynhey guys
18:17:48SternFaynanyone here?
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21:19:58sdbarkerdoes the version of rockbox for the fm recorder support having the backlight always on?
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21:30:38PhantomjpYYYYOUUUUUPPPIIIII !!!!!
21:30:43Phantomjpthat work
21:30:58Phantomjpnow I have the most complete Firmware :
21:31:05Phantomjpall games
21:31:10Phantomjpchip8 emulator
21:31:23PhantomjpInverse screen
21:31:31Phantomjpfade in pause
21:31:44Phantomjpand .rockbox browsing
21:31:51PhantomjpI'm too happy
21:32:05PhantomjpIf somebody want it tell me..
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22:44:53java-rboxnot registered
22:46:10java-rboxanyone lurking here ?
22:46:10java-rboxcan you tell im using the d
22:46:10java-rboxcan you tell im using the java client ?
22:46:39java-rboxhow ?
22:46:53Sparksyour name suggests it!
22:46:54java-rboxbesides my /whois
22:47:30Sparksyour whois also tells us
22:47:30SparksJPilot jIRC applet User
22:47:59java-rboxi take it you cant see this "unregistered copy" message
22:47:59java-rboxi cant whois you
22:48:06 Part kargatis
22:48:07java-rboxoh.. yes i can
22:48:11Sparksit also tells us you are on cable
22:49:33java-rboxyea. unfortunately true
22:49:33java-rboxur a user
22:49:33java-rboxim looking at your HD and you have lotsa PrOn
22:50:08Sparkshmm, i don't think so matey :D
22:50:31Sparksand Yes, I am on NT:
22:52:00SparksDo ou have an Archos?
22:54:31java-rboxdamn .. i was trying to find my scary url that will display your HD contents
22:54:31java-rboxonly you can see them
22:54:31DBUGEnqueued KICK java-rbox
22:54:31java-rboxbut i fake others into thinking i can
22:54:58SparksYep, i know the one :)
22:55:42 Quit edx`busy ()
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22:56:51java-rboxyea i do
22:56:51java-rboxi just got it
22:56:51java-rboxinstalled rockbox .. which kicks ass
22:56:53Bisochi all
22:57:08SparksWhat one did you ger?
22:57:10java-rboxhowdy bisoc
22:57:14SparksHi Bisoc
22:57:44sdbarkeryay! people! i'm having issues w/ the backlight on the fm recorder and rockbox.
22:57:48Bisochum some weird bug on the last snapshot for the fm recorder
22:58:12Sparksyea, i have problems with it too - it only seems to come on when the disk is accessed
22:58:34BisocI have it too
22:58:52Bisocbut once I switch off the archose
22:59:04BisocI can't boot again
22:59:16Sparksit isnt reading he battery charge properly
22:59:27Bisocbug reported
22:59:41Sparksso when it ia not 100% full, it thinks it is flat
22:59:50Bisocthe devs don't know exactly how the new battery system is working
22:59:54java-rboxi gotta archos jukebox recorder 20Gig HD
22:59:54java-rboxthe FM unit seems cool.
22:59:54java-rboxman. i think my archos rocks :-)
23:00:07Sparksapparently it is totally diferant to the other models
23:00:21Sparksi think i herd somewhere they are Li Ion
23:00:30Sparks(In the FM)
23:01:55 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:02:16Sparks'ello BoD
23:06:21 Join Gissehel [0] (
23:06:56 Nick java-rbox is now known as osirisjem (
23:06:56DBUGEnqueued KICK osirisjem
23:06:56osirisjemanyone use a playlist manager with the archos ?
23:07:44sdbarkeryeah sparks, exactly (about the backlight on the recorder)
23:08:06Sparksquite annoying at night!
23:08:13sdbarkeryeah, no kidding.
23:08:41Sparksi have also noticed with the archos firmware loaded, if you set the alarm feature, it plays an MP3 for 1 minutes, then turns off!?!
23:09:02sdbarkeri don't know, i haven't tried yet.
23:09:07sdbarkeri've only had mine for about 24 hours.
23:09:31Sparks:) maybe i am doing somthing wrong....who kowes :D
23:09:49sdbarkerdo you have the problem w/ it not working if the battery is low?
23:10:02Sparkswith rockbox?
23:10:22Sparksyep, it is a known bug
23:10:30sdbarkerthought so.
23:10:34sdbarkerdo you know how low it has to be?
23:10:51sdbarkercause i'd hate to be bumpin' it, and then my battery gets low and it turns off, and i can't get it to come back on.
23:10:51 Join matsl [0] (
23:11:16Sparkswell sometimes i can take it off charge, play one track, turn it off, and that's the lot!
23:11:39sdbarkeri can't wait till this gets fixed.
23:11:43Sparksif you turn it back on again with the charger connected, you can then unplug the charger
23:12:12sdbarkeryeah, its just that the point is if i don't have the charger, you know?
23:12:44sdbarkeri'm actually thinking about taking it back, and getting a nomad zen.
23:12:50Sparksauthough i think rockbox is great, i am running Archos firmware at preant for that very reason!
23:13:08Sparksare they better then?
23:13:10sdbarkercause, the archos firmware is super shitty, and if rockbox doesn't get fixed, i'm fucked.
23:13:23sdbarkerand i'd really like the ability to shuffle through ALL songs.
23:13:24Sparksi am sure it will be fixed
23:13:34sdbarkerwhich i don't know if zen supports or not, but i KNOW archos doesn't
23:14:03Sparksthe Archos firmware is only in it's forst release - they will probably fix it given time..
23:14:11sdbarkervery true.
23:14:46Sparksi looked at the firmware history of their previous devices before i bought the FM, and it looks as if they do update it
23:14:49osirisjemconsidering how much better rockbox is than archos' firmware. the least they could have done was make the FM recorder compatible with rockbox :-)
23:14:49osirisjemdoes everyone have the FM recorder version >?
23:15:03sdbarkeri do.
23:15:16sdbarkerthat's cool Sparks.
23:15:23BoD[]i have the apple version
23:15:23Sparksi dont think any of the developers have the FM yet
23:15:30sdbarkeri used to have a rio volt, the very first version, and the updated a bunch.
23:15:40sdbarkerapple version?
23:15:43sdbarkeryou mean an iPod?
23:15:47Sparksi have the Diamond Rio somewhere
23:15:54BoD[]but it's a joke, i dont have it
23:16:10BoD[]a friend of mine got an ipod.. it's impressive
23:16:20Sparksbut lots of $£$£$£
23:16:33BoD[]and not rockboxable
23:16:41Sparks:) true
23:16:42osirisjemthis allows me to create random playlists of any size and synchronize my PC backup with a single button press. See
23:16:48Sparksand i dont think it has a Line In
23:16:57 Quit Bisoc ("leaving")
23:17:16osirisjemanyone use that jbsynch ?
23:17:16osirisjemand ipod is super expensive
23:17:25sdbarkernope, i haven't used it.
23:17:40sdbarkeri'll check into it after a while.
23:17:47sdbarkeri've got a bunch of mp3s to retag right now.
23:18:08Sparkswhat does everyone her use to rip CD's to MP3's?
23:18:36osirisjemi use audiocatalyst
23:18:40osirisjemits pretty good
23:18:40Sparksi have been using MusicMatch, as it seems to look the CD Info up, and make a good job of the ID3 tags
23:18:59BoD[]i use cdex
23:19:14osirisjemi have downloaded 30,000 mp3s ... so i dont have much time to rip
23:20:12Sparksi have noticed on the Archos, when playing a "cd" that has all the tracks mixed, there is a tiny gap between the tracks - is that the Archos, or my Ripper doing that?
23:20:28osirisjemanyone have an external mic for the archos.recorder ?
23:20:37Sparksyep i have the Mic
23:20:46sdbarkeri want the remote.
23:20:55sdbarkerand i want a nicer case, that lets me access the buttons and see the screen.
23:20:57Sparksremote doesnt work on the FM :(
23:21:03osirisjemis the mic an addon ?
23:21:17osirisjemthere is a guy who made a remote
23:21:21Sparksyup, that is waht i said after i bought it!
23:22:12Sparksthere is a mic in the FM recorder, but you get a lot of HDD noise on the recording - there is an external tie clip one avalable
23:22:23Sparksit comes with a pre-amp
23:26:16Sparkspretty sensertive too :)
23:49:06 Part Sparks
23:49:12 Join Sparks [0] (
23:50:29Sparksi have noticed on the Archos, when playing a "cd" that has all the tracks mixed, there is a tiny gap between the tracks - is that the Archos, or my Ripper doing that?
23:51:01Sparksbugger :(
23:51:24Sparksis it firmware fixable?
23:56:22BoD[]i dont think so :)
23:56:26BoD[]i mean
23:56:29BoD[]I think si
23:56:37BoD[]..; ok i'm drunk
23:57:22Sparksso is that you think it CAN be fixed
23:58:42BoD[]i think
23:58:47BoD[]the rockbox developpers
23:58:51BoD[]can improve this

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