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#rockbox log for 2003-02-03

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02:10:24langhaarrockerfor me it's nearly good bye.
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02:10:56elinenbelanghaarrocker: are you working on the key code again? :)
02:10:57langhaarrocker02:12. yes, very late.
02:11:42langhaarrockerI should. But I've been in the practice room fiddling with micros.
02:13:05langhaarrockerWhy are micros so expensive? Otherwise I'd just go to a shop and get a bunch.
02:13:31PsycoXulmicros? microphones?
02:13:46PsycoXulyou mean good ones? i dunno
02:14:12langhaarrockerI want some for close - micing toms. And a better pair of overheads for the cymbals...
02:17:34langhaarrockerWhen at the topic of wanting things: I want a _good_ mic preamp build into the archos, too. Can't sombody program one? :)
02:19:43langhaarrockerGotta catch some sleep
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02:19:43*langhaarrocker dreams of microphone and preamp heaven</BODY></HTML>
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03:04:29Kshainhey, can someone help me with some problems ive been having w/ my archos 10 gig studio?
03:04:41Kshainthey are not rockbox related (I dont think anyway)
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03:08:28PsycoXuljust say what it is
03:08:46PsycoXulhow can anyone know if they can help you if they don't know with what
03:09:44Kshainlol ok.
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03:10:21Kshainas I told you yesterday, my studio will start up, work fine for a while (sometimes 1 song, sometimes 10 songs)
03:10:35Kshainthen, in the middle of a song, my mp3 player will freeze
03:10:50Kshainthe red light will come on, the music will stop, and nothing happens
03:11:22Kshainso, I turn it off, then try to power it back on. When I do that, I get a HD error message, usually for about 10 minutes after the freeze
03:11:41Kshainthan my mp3 player will work again. (and start the cycle over again)
03:12:07Kshainalso, sometimes I get a message that says 'ATA *PANIC* 1' or something like that
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03:13:53Kshainany clues anyone?
03:18:51Kshainbrb,I'll let you think all of your answers over :p
03:23:58adi|homefeel like telling use what version you are running?
03:41:41Kshainwhoops sorry
03:42:01KshainIm using yesterdays daily build, but this has been happening for about two weeks
03:47:09KshainI just found an article over at archos experts that says someone else had the same prob with the same model
03:47:46Kshainhe says he just fast forwards through the first 2 min. of a file, then the jb works fine for all the ones after
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04:00:55adi|homeno idea
04:03:04Kshainheh. ah well. thx for listening anyhow
04:12:21Kshaingoodnight all
04:12:23 Part Kshain
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05:48:46mrsubwayI have a question about powering up the Archos.
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07:52:15adi|homehey Bagder
07:52:27adi|homenot here ;)
07:52:32adi|homei have yet to hit the hay :)
07:52:50adi|homeim busy breaking sokoban... not that its mission critical :0
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08:31:40Bagdermorning calpefrosch
08:32:19calpefroschI would like to submit my first programm for rockbox ;-) is that ok ?
08:32:35Bagderof course!
08:33:00calpefroschshould i put it directly in cvs ?
08:33:13Bagderwhat is it?
08:33:39calpefroscha simple calendar app... only low prio, but good for me to learn C
08:34:10Bagderthen don't add it, we're on a feature freeze right now
08:34:41BagderI'd suggest that you add it to the patch tracker for now
08:35:22calpefroschhow does it work ? I will look at the sourceforge site
08:38:45calpefroschwhich category ?
08:38:51calpefroschthere is no apps...
08:39:12Bagderoops ;-)
08:39:18BagderI'll add one!
08:39:44dwihnoGood morning!
08:39:56Bagdernow there's one!
08:45:19Bagdercalpefrosch: remember to attach a diff as well
08:45:27Bagder"No Files Currently Attached"
08:46:02calpefroschhmmm, I'll try again
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08:46:33adi|homeZagor.. good timing
08:46:34Bagdermorning Z
08:46:36adi|homeim wondering something
08:46:40 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
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08:47:28Bagderhey matsl
08:47:33Zagoradi|home: fire at will
08:47:49matslhi ho
08:47:50adi|homewell.. wps-display has .wps file parsing in it right?
08:47:56ricIIcalpefrosch: calendar app, just displays a calendar or does it more ?
08:47:59adi|homeand somewhere else we have .cfg file parsing right?
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08:48:25adi|homeill need something similar for sokoban level parsing
08:48:35adi|homeand anything else we have that is file based will do the same.
08:48:48adi|homeis it perhaps time to consider breaking that stuff out into antoher api?
08:49:05adi|homeie: pulling data from a file, stripping comments.. etc?
08:49:15adi|homeinstead of constantly reinventing the wheel?
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08:49:56calpefroschricII: only a simple calendar, but you can change month/year by pressing left,right,up,down
08:51:25ricIIwouldn't it be nice if this was linkedup with rtc alarms..
08:51:35Zagoradi|home: right. we have the settings.c read_line() and parseline(). they could be made global and used in other places
08:51:53calpefroschricII: yes, I will add more features. But this is my first C-programm
08:51:56ZagorI know the latest version of the bookmark patch does that
08:54:31ricIIwhat happend to the rockbox modules idea?
08:54:52BagderricII: still present ;-)
08:55:05Bagderas an idea that is
08:56:36adi|homeZagor.. it may not be as easy as just breaking them out.. but its a step...
08:57:46ZagorricII: I still plan on trying it. Whenever I get some spare time...
08:57:50adi|homedef. a post 2.0 thing ;)
09:00:09ricIIspare time, yes I intend to finishup the pl code this week (didn't have any last week)
09:05:05BagderZagor: you ok with me chaning your email addy in the footer to a link to the mailing list page?
09:06:15Bagder<a href="/mail/">The Rockbox Crew</a>
09:06:21Bagdergood enough?
09:07:25Bagderadding a fmstatus page now
09:08:42Zagori'm still amazed how the heck people can be deluded to thing the FM version works. there is ONE place to get it. and in that place it says "very early and buggy ... for testing purposes only"
09:09:05BagderI agree
09:09:17adi|homeright.. but your expecting them to read ;)
09:09:30Bagder /docs/fmstatus.html is soon available
09:10:09adi|homeyeah.. the first line should be "IT DON"T FRIGGING WORK! SO STOP ASKING!"
09:10:49adi|homedo we have a stats page for irc at all?
09:10:56adi|homeor just the archive?
09:10:57*Zagor notes his grammar is unusually poor today
09:11:05Zagorjust the archive
09:12:03BagderTotally 98 bugs (37 marked as fixed, 32 open and 29 bad)
09:12:41Bagderand 300(!) feature requests
09:22:34calpefroschwhen do you plan to submit the new release ?
09:23:17dwihnoWhat is a "bad" bug?
09:23:29Bagderdwihno: one that isn't considered a bug by us
09:23:51Bagderbut we keep it present there to avoid more duplicates
09:24:41dwihnoPissmyror = bad bugs ;)
09:24:55Bagder"ant is a bug, don't let it near your code"
09:25:04Bagder(what I read about the tool the other day) :-)
09:25:42 Join Bisoc [0] (
09:25:45Bisochi all
09:25:49dwihnoHi Bisoc
09:25:56dwihno"Hi everybody"
09:25:59dwihno"Hi Dr. Nick"
09:28:04adi|homeoh.. opinion for the website...
09:28:18adi|homeon the features page.. be nice if for the feature.. if we say 'yes'
09:28:36adi|hometo have that link to either a document or something else relating to that...
09:28:40adi|homewhere possible.
09:28:56Bagdergood idea
09:28:57Zagoradi|home: you volunteer to write them? ;)
09:29:19adi|homewell.. i can start :)
09:29:31adi|homei mean.. i can tie stuff back to links where im able
09:29:43adi|homei figured it would also give us a good idea where we still need documentation :)
09:30:20Zagorsomeone should test which id3 versions the archos firmware supports
09:31:16 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe|away (
09:31:29adi|homehmmm.. how come some files i pull from cvs get diff permissions?
09:31:37adi|homesome have executable.. others rw...?
09:32:52 Join Goku_4658 [0] (
09:34:06*Bagder tries his german accent ;-)
09:34:26Goku_4658how do i join Rockbox development team?
09:34:31dwihnoThat reminds me. I need to check a DVD player for region stuff today. Thanks Bagder.
09:35:07BagderGoku_4658: join the mailing list, be friendly, provide patches, be a cool person ;-)
09:35:25adi|homeoh.yeah. bribery don't hurt
09:35:33adi|homeand reading the faq...
09:35:41adi|homewhere that question is answered ;)
09:35:50*adi|home pokes Goku_4658 a bit
09:35:58Goku_4658ohhh, i thought i read that..
09:36:16*Goku_4658 points at badger.. "Yiou behjave yourself"
09:36:31*Goku_4658 snickers
09:37:09Goku_4658it would help if i pointed at the right person too... :>
09:37:12adi|homeoh sure guys.. make the features.t file so its a pain in the butt to impliment my idea.
09:37:59Goku_4658oh and i saw that you now have visualizations on the player.
09:38:23adi|homewe do?
09:38:27*adi|home is behind
09:38:35Zagoronly progress meter
09:38:39adi|homeand every damn time i plug my usb in .. my box locks up
09:39:13Goku_4658hmm... At least you guys fixed the whole "Locking up when changing volume" problem
09:39:49Goku_4658im gonna go get some patch-making utilities..
09:40:11Zagorwe had a lock-when-changing-volume problem?
09:40:21Goku_4658Oh and i registered, they finally gave in and gave it to me
09:40:25adi|homebagder.. all the stuff in features.t, where is the rockbox class defined?
09:40:34Bisoctk ?
09:40:43Bisocwhat's that extension ?
09:40:48Bagderadi|home: in style.css
09:41:02Bisocwhere is that ?
09:41:12Goku_4658i dunno, it was free though..
09:41:22>>>"help" by Bagder (
09:41:26>>>"cmd" by Bagder (
09:41:44>>>"country .tk" by Bagder (
09:41:56adi|homeummm.. Bagder any chance of that getting added to cvs?
09:42:04Goku_4658they tried to charge me 25 for, so i got 2 days later they game me I guess they gave up.
09:42:14adi|homeim an idiot
09:42:24*Bagder grins
09:42:34Goku_4658$25 usd.. n e way, gotta go get some patch-stuff.
09:43:26adi|homeguys.. would you have any interest in getting the domain?
09:43:44adi|homeit lists to a place in england.. can get it for 9 pounds sterling.
09:43:50Bagderwe've talked about it before, I think it would be cool
09:43:55adi|homefigure... thats give or take 15$ us?
09:44:02Goku_4658it would be more professional looking
09:44:07Zagorme too. last I looked it was taken though
09:44:13adi|homewell... if someones up for getting it, ill front the cash for this year.
09:44:54BagderThe domain name "" is in use by another company or individual. You cannot register this domain.
09:45:25adi|homeim slow.. its late
09:45:25adi|homewell.. that and im a moron.. you guys should know that by now
09:45:45*Bagder writes that down to remember ;-)
09:45:54adi|homehmmm anyway to find out who has a tld?
09:45:59adi|homeor when it will expire?
09:46:10ZagorDomain Name: ROCKBOX.ORG
09:46:15Zagordavies, nigel
09:46:21ZagorRecord expires on 06-May-2004.
09:46:36Zagorwhois is your friend
09:47:10Goku_4658ah well, i use the domain for now, i got rid of the ads and etc.
09:47:18adi|homeodd.. whois isn't on my system..
09:47:59Goku_4658hey, do you all have POP mail?
09:48:09adi|homei use imap
09:48:34Goku_4658if you got POP mail and are in the US, you can get your mail over the phone..
09:48:58adi|homezagor.. think there's any shot in dropping the guy a nice letter asking if he would be interesting in transfering the domain?
09:49:14adi|homewhere from goku?
09:49:25adi|homeand why would i want to give someone access to my mail :)
09:49:48Goku_4658im writing a website with all sorts of that crap.. No, its toll free from Tellme Networks..
09:49:57Zagoradi|home: could be worth a shot. although I don't consider a toplevel domain very important.
09:50:18adi|homebut it would be nice to have :)
09:51:01Goku_4658umm... My mailbox is over the sending limit, can someone add me to the list.. (i sent too many mp3s.)
09:51:23Bagdermailbox and sending limit?
09:51:29Bagdersounds wwwwweeeeirrd
09:51:45Bagdera mailbox receives mail, it doesn't send mail
09:52:10BagderI'm off, back later
09:52:12 Quit Bagder ("")
09:52:21Goku_4658who does the lists?
09:53:05adi|homeits automated...
09:53:13adi|homewait until your limit clears, then join
09:53:21adi|homeuntil then.. just read them off the website
09:54:08Goku_4658i think i might have cleared it, i had too much mail sitting on my server, damn people want to be hosted by my site, and junkmail.. EHHH!!!
09:56:00Goku_4658first time a successful message has been sent in 2 months. I knew I shoulda shelled bor better bandwidth!
09:56:41Goku_4658anyway, 4:00am bell is ringin' here, gotta get some sleep. I'll see yall in the afternoon.
09:57:13*Goku_4658 is away, Be back around 3:00pm EST. Till then, Cheers!, (log\off pager\on)
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10:00:06calpefroschZagor: do you have some minutes for me ?
10:03:38calpefroschin this calendar app, I used the lcd_invertrect() function, but it seems to invert more then the given square
10:04:03calpefroschis it my fault, ment is this function tested
10:06:02calpefroschsecond, do you have a leading space/zero format in snprintf() ?
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10:08:48adi|homezagor... if i give you an updated feature.t .. could you run it for me?
10:09:00adi|homeso i can see if what i did makes sense?
10:12:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:12:37quelsarukZagor: are you working?
10:14:26quelsarukhey! i'm out all the weekend and someone talk about my patch... that's not fair :P
10:25:19matslcu bbl
10:25:22 Part matsl
10:25:26 Nick calpe|brb is now known as calpefrosch (
10:25:54calpefroschZagor: sorry.. now I'm back
10:27:35*adi|home is away: sleep
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10:36:27quelsaruk../tools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/nuevo/final/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
10:36:27quelsarukmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/nuevo/final/sysfont.o] Error 255
10:36:27quelsarukmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/nuevo/firmware'
10:36:27DBUGEnqueued KICK quelsaruk
10:36:27quelsarukmake: *** [firmware] Error 2
10:36:51quelsarukouch.. that's not good.. in my opinion :)
10:40:45quelsaruki'm really stupid...
10:40:51quelsarukforget that :)
10:46:01 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:46:01DBUGEnqueued KICK quel|out
11:28:10 Part Zagor
11:30:38 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:34:34 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:48:01quel|outhi langhaarrocker
11:49:06langhaarrockerseems that in wps update of %pc tags in scrolling lines is broken
11:49:39quel|out%pc ?
11:49:54langhaarrockercurrent song time
11:49:56quel|outi haven't the WPS screen manual here ;)
11:50:29langhaarrockerconsumed any goats last midnight? :)
11:50:33quel|outscrolling current time? is that possible? i thought not
11:50:53langhaarrockerThere was a time when it worked.
11:51:16quel|outwell langhaarrocker... i want to buy via internet 200 goats... but they are too expensive
11:51:17 Join matsl [0] (
11:52:14langhaarrockerand they'd last less than a year - if used daily.
11:52:39quel|outless than a month
11:52:49langhaarrockerWhat about some kind of recycable inflatable rubber goat?
11:53:05quel|outmy problem is genetic... my father is even worst :)
11:53:15quel|outthe rubber-rockbox-goat
11:53:40langhaarrockerwith green blood (for the kids)
11:54:29langhaarrockerOh: I just read in the manual that it's explicitly mentioned that some tags won't work while scrolling.
11:56:46langhaarrockerWhat do we need more urgently? User assignable keys or mp3 file splitting?
11:59:51s0beinflatable goats
12:00:34langhaarrockersplitted or with user assignable keys?
12:01:10langhaarrocker"Linus is held up with his personal life" - Has he been hit by another strike of destiny?
12:01:52s0beI'd say user assignable keys
12:02:42quel|outlanghaarrocker: i think he still has the same problem
12:03:58langhaarrockerone of those "nice" problems where even money wouldn't help.
12:05:17langhaarrockerapropos money: is there any donation statistics? Like how much has been donated? How much was the biggest donation?
12:11:36quel|outtime to finish my quick menu patch :)
12:12:25quel|outcu later
12:12:40 Quit Gokus_Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:13:09 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:13:40Zagorre paypal: Current total $541. Biggest donation: $30, smallest: $1
12:15:19quel|outZagor: just one question.... for what is that money? :)
12:15:38langhaarrockerfm recorder? :)
12:15:52quel|outi thought that :)
12:16:03quel|outeven MM jukebox
12:17:40Zagorwe have no plans. it's just a tip jar.
12:17:50s0bewhen is rockbox gonna start selling shirts and stuff?
12:17:58ZagorI doubt we'll be giving it to archos...
12:18:00s0beI'd buy a shirt if some of it went to the cause
12:18:18Zagors0be: as soon as adi sends in a hires version of his winning entry
12:18:39s0bewell, fair enough
12:18:55langhaarrockermaybe we'll have user assignable keys _and_ file splitting first :)
12:19:29quel|outan off-topic question: someone here has a Siemens S55 ?
12:19:40langhaarrockerNot yet.
12:19:41CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 9 minutes and 34 seconds at the last flood
12:19:41*Zagor is a Nokia man
12:19:50*s0be is a nokia man
12:20:07langhaarrockerBut my boss has ordered me one.
12:20:23quel|outZagor: i'm a nokia man.. but they are now too expensive, because of an stupid radio ... why do they think we want a radio having an archos??
12:20:36*matsl is away: I'm busy
12:20:49quel|outreally langhaarrocker? i want to buy a new mobile... and that seemed a good one
12:20:50langhaarrockerbecause you can't phone with the archos (yet)?
12:21:10quel|outlanghaarrocker: don't say it to loud ;)
12:21:59 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
12:21:59DBUGEnqueued KICK quelsaruk
12:22:17langhaarrockerMy boss ordered me one because it has bluetooth and java and can be used as a phone, too. That's important for my job.
12:22:38s0belanghaarrocker: sounds like the florida approach to anything
12:25:12langhaarrockerNo, it's a torjan horse. I never wanted a portable. Now he donates me some cool gadget and will call me whenever he feels the urge to do so.
12:25:14quelsarukZagor: even if a patch doesn't use a language string, we can't delete it from english.lang , or can we?
12:26:01quelsaruklanghaarrocker: you can always turn it off ;)
12:26:06quelsarukok thx Zagor :)
12:26:17 Join Bagder [0] (
12:27:54quelsarukmorning Bagder
12:28:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:28:27langhaarrockerDo we consider it as a bug or a feature if in wps the current playtime doesn't update in scrolling lines?
12:28:36quelsaruka los buenos dias mi capataz!
12:28:50Bagderlanghaarrocker: that would be a bug
12:28:56calpefroschI have an S55
12:29:30langhaarrockerCan you turn off the phone while still using bluetooth and java? :)
12:29:45langhaarrockerAnd the photo thingie?
12:29:46quelsarukthen i'll ask you some questions via query :)
12:30:23langhaarrockerBagder - we have a bug. Although it is documented in the manual...
12:31:24Bagderwe have about ~30 open bugs ;-]
12:32:28langhaarrockerWhat? Still? The last time I contributed code was _months_ ago!
12:32:54quelsaruklanghaarrocker: but i'm here.. remember ? and i haven't got enought goats :)
12:33:11langhaarrockerOr your goats are buggy, too
12:33:50quelsarukbecause they don't have green blood yet
12:33:58quelsarukbeta version
12:53:46 Nick calpefrosch is now known as rana_rockboxera| (
12:53:59 Nick rana_rockboxera| is now known as calpefrosch|work (
12:59:07CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:59:07*matsl is back (gone 00:38:31)
13:27:33BagderZagor: hey ho, is modified on the server and not committed
13:34:29BisocBagder: you can add that my fm recorder doesn't boot anymore on the 31 january firmware
13:34:37Bisocboot flawless on the archos one
13:34:44Bisocbut not on yours
13:37:13 Join kargatis [0] (
13:39:07Bagderwell, I need general FM status
13:39:13Bagdernot your particular unit's
13:39:25Bisocyes I know :)
13:39:29quelsarukcu later!
13:39:31 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:39:55Bisocwhen I said mine it was not to speak about mine
13:39:59Bisocbut the fm recorder
13:40:03Bisocjust a tips
13:40:13Bisocdon't know if it 's only on my hardware
13:40:20Bisocor if it's a general bug ..
13:40:21Bagderwell, others say it works
13:41:14Bisocok i will try next snap
13:41:26Bagderso what happens?
13:41:42 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:51:15 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
13:52:53 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
13:53:00 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
13:54:18 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
14:11:42elinenbe|sleepZagor: with the money you can buy a FM Recorder model!
14:11:45 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
14:12:57 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:13:16quelsaruki had my half-day sacrifice :)
14:16:10quelsarukelinenbe: how's you gameboy emulator?
14:20:08calpefrosch|workcan anybody tell me how to reduce the space between 2 characters with the SYS_FONT ?
14:21:59elinenbecalpefrosch|work: maybe you can write one letter to the screen at a time every 5 pixels or so?
14:22:27calpefrosch|workyes, that's what I'm doing now. But I thought about a "nicer" version
14:22:41elinenbeor encode a new smaller font into your app (look at bounc.e)
14:22:50elinenbesorry, look at bounce.c
14:23:33calpefrosch|workthe font is a struct.... so can't we change it "on the fly" ???
14:23:56Zagorcalpefrosch|work: what are you trying to accomplish?
14:25:10calpefrosch|workok, the font for the calendar app is to big ( 1 char ) to display 7 days...
14:25:24calpefrosch|workso I want to reduce the space between to chars
14:25:54calpefrosch|worknow I'm doing this by placing char by char..
14:26:17Zagorbut there's only 1 pixel space btwn the chars. it will get very messy and unreadable.
14:26:45calpefrosch|workuhhh, sorry. I ment the space of the "space" char...
14:28:00quelsarukzagor, do you have time for my last exorcism? the one in the WPS
14:28:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:28:40Zagorquelsaruk: sorry not right now. mucho trabaho
14:28:42Bagdercalpefrosch|work: so why not use the custom font?
14:29:08BagderI've chosen a font I like, I want it in the calender too
14:30:16quelsaruktrabajo, trabaho is only andaluz :)
14:30:26BisocBagder: not yet tested
14:30:35Bisocand no time for now
14:30:39Bisoctime to go to linux expo
14:31:17Zagorquelsaruk: oh :)
14:31:35calpefrosch|workBagder: ok, with another font it is no problem, but I would like to use the sys-font.
14:31:43BagderI don't
14:31:51Bagderwhy do you want that?
14:31:58calpefrosch|workit is my standard
14:32:03calpefrosch|worki like it ;-)
14:32:13Bagderso, then use that
14:32:19BagderI use the font I prefer
14:32:33Bagderthat's not a reason to deny everyone the ability to pick his favourite
14:32:41Zagorit's nice if it can work with the sys font, but don't use weird tricks to make it work.
14:33:32calpefrosch|workwhy not ? It like an half-space-char
14:33:50*dwihno sets mode: +Kebab +stark_sås LinusN
14:34:13Zagorcalpefrosch|work: how does that look with another font?
14:34:20Zagorbetter to make a new font with half-space-char if that's what you want
14:34:47calpefrosch|workbut then nobody can change the font to his preferences, right ?
14:35:09Zagorif you hardcode for sysfont, NOBODY can use the font he likes
14:36:42calpefrosch|workok, I understand this. I don't want to hardcode. Now I just calculate the space for the "space char" in that way, that the calendar is centered.
14:37:08calpefrosch|workIn german it is called "Blocksatz" in M$ word
14:37:43Zagorjust make sure you test with other fonts too
14:38:01calpefrosch|workok, I'll will do it now
14:40:48calpefrosch|workok, I got a *panic* with a ISO-font :-(
14:41:16*Bagder mumbles something about using simulator... :-)
14:41:45*calpefrosch|work has no Linux at work
14:42:27quelsarukand i cant' build the windoze sim using nmake (VS 6.0)
14:43:23Bagderwe need your improvements ;-)
14:43:53quelsarukummm lunch time
14:44:05quelsarukthat's my best improvement
14:44:36 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:44:47quel|lunchsee you in 2 hours aprox.
14:45:00calpefrosch|workwhat should I do now ? The cal doesn't fit with some fonts...
14:45:17calpefrosch|workscrolling is not the right way, I think
14:45:37Zagorit's OK do say "cal only fits with fonts <= 8 pixels width" or something
14:45:48Zagorin my opinion
14:46:14BisocBagder: with the last snapshot the fm recorder work
14:46:27Bisocseems there were no changes in the code
14:46:31calpefrosch|workI could get the actual font width, and switch to <=8 if its to big
14:46:36BagderBisoc: neato
14:46:41Bisocneato ?
14:47:10Bagderneato = good = fine = coolers
14:47:32Bisochum ok
14:48:42Schnueff neato - preprocessor for drawing undirected graphs
14:48:42Schnueff :)
14:49:09Bisocthat is whyy I couldn't understand ;)
14:51:16calpefrosch|workZagor: Is that way good in your opinion ?
14:51:45Zagorcalpefrosch|work: yup, sounds good to me
14:58:31*matsl is away: I'm busy
15:00:18calpefrosch|workWhat means "stkov scroll" in the Panic message ?
15:00:48calpefrosch|workstack overflow ?
15:02:33 Nick calpefrosch|work is now known as calpefrosch (
15:02:35 Quit calpefrosch (Remote closed the connection)
15:19:30 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:49:16*matsl is back (gone 00:50:45)
15:55:25 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:57:48 Quit quel|lunch (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:05:22 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:05:51Snorlaxhow many songs can u queue with rockbox?
16:06:05Zagorcurrently 100
16:06:36Snorlaxhu! I just sold my AJB 6k for porhaps an Ipod..
16:06:48Snorlaxbut I'm not sure!
16:07:11ZagorI would get a rec20 instead, but that's me.
16:07:11elinenbeabout queuing... it would be great to be able to place a aueued song next (immediatley after the playing song) or at the end of the queuw
16:07:26elinenbeit currently only does end of the queue
16:07:27Zagorelinenbe: ricII is working on that
16:07:50elinenbeZagor: he is very busy though
16:08:56Zagorhe's not the only one :-)
16:10:33 Quit Snorlax ("Leaving")
16:12:34 Join Guest [0] (
16:12:36 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
16:13:05 Join Guest [0] (
16:14:14GuestWhy is my nickname Snorlax invalid?
16:14:23GuestCan't connect throgh mirc!
16:14:37Zagori don't know
16:14:51PsycoXulhmm.. dunno, type /nick Snorlax
16:15:01 Join bobTHC [0] (
16:15:11bobTHChi all!
16:15:14Guestcan't even conncect to server!
16:15:56PsycoXulwell how're you saying so?
16:16:21 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:16:33SnorlaxIt worked!
16:16:58 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
16:17:02PsycoXulwell ok then
16:17:26Bagderit might be that the irc server locks the nick for a particular hostmask a little while after its gone
16:17:44SnorlaxWhy does archos insist in not making a player with 1.8" HD?
16:17:56Bagderbecause 1.8" is dead expensive
16:18:00 Join edx`sliding [0] (
16:18:11SnorlaxWell I got tha do'
16:18:25Snorlaxno pro' bro'
16:18:29PsycoXulthen design and build your own
16:18:58PsycoXulwhy not, i would if i had the money
16:19:19SnorlaxWell I don't know how to..
16:19:27PsycoXulneither do i
16:19:33PsycoXulbut it's never too late to learn
16:19:46SnorlaxWell I'm to lazy
16:19:56PsycoXulbut mine would have a screen that takes up the whole face of the unit
16:20:14PsycoXula nice high-res truecolor one
16:20:15Bagderyeah, like the oqo
16:20:38Snorlaxa nice battery eating one..
16:20:44PsycoXuland have a powerful processor, probably a transmeta or something
16:21:05ZagorPsycoXul: yikes! 35 minute play time... :-)
16:21:42Snorlaxis the car battery included? =)
16:21:51 Nick edx`sliding is now known as edx (
16:22:19PsycoXulwell if we're really getting into what i'd do if i had the money
16:22:27PsycoXulthe screen might be OLED or something
16:22:44PsycoXuland i'd probably load it up with massive amounts of flash ram instead of a harddrive
16:23:25SnorlaxWell I'm kinda' proud, I sold my 4.09 version AJB 6K for 2500 kr(about $250)
16:23:57Bagderthat's crewl
16:24:27SnorlaxYup, I've deleted the mail address! =)
16:24:28Zagor1gig flash disk is around $500
16:25:30ZagorPsycoXul: go for low power components instead. you'll pry my 40gig disk out of my dead hands :)
16:25:39Snorlaxcan't you just switch and make rockbox for tha Ipod?!
16:25:51kargatisi think we someone should kick Snorlax for exploitation
16:26:24ZagorSnorlax: i think you do not quite grasp the effort it has taken to get Rockbox running on the archos
16:26:26BagderSnorlax: feel free to take the lead ;-)
16:26:27PsycoXulwell, i went for a low-power processor :p
16:26:42 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:27:08PsycoXuland maybe with a creative design the screen wouldn't necessarily need the power-hungry backlight
16:27:17SnorlaxWell grasp the affort! =)
16:27:45PsycoXulbut then maybe such creative design isn't feasible i dunno heh
16:27:59Snorlaxwhat does grasp mean in swedish..?
16:28:16ZagorPsycoXul: it's not very power hungry. the cpu, mas and harddisk is 95% of the power drain
16:28:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:28:25ZagorSnorlax: greppa :-)
16:28:46PsycoXulZagor: i meant with reference to my truecolor whole-face screen heh
16:28:49Snorlaxkinda, figured that out..
16:28:55ZagorPsycoXul: ah. right :-)
16:29:11 Nick edx is now known as edx`N (
16:29:14 Nick edx`N is now known as edx`N|A (
16:30:36quelsarukedx`N|A: are you alive?
16:30:50edx`N|Aquel: well, kinda ;)
16:32:41quelsaruki've tried MSVC 6.0 nmake command and can't get the simulator working
16:32:43quelsarukany idea?
16:32:47quelsaruki'm really stupid?
16:33:00quelsarukdo i need an exorcism?
16:33:01edx`N|Adid you try... nmake -f makefile.vc6
16:33:11quelsarukthe first thing i tried
16:33:14edx`N|Awhats the error message you get?
16:33:22quelsaruklet me see
16:37:42quelsarukwaoooooo.. now i get a perl error...
16:38:19quelsarukbefore it was a no separator line or something like that... something really weird
16:38:27edx`N|Aaehh yea
16:38:36edx`N|Athat was because the lang.c was not created correctly or something
16:39:02edx`N|Ayou might want to run a nmake -f makefile.vc6 clean once and again if you experience problems
16:40:06quelsarukmissa torpe
16:40:27quelsaruk(like jar jar in SW 1)
16:40:38edx`N|Ayou get the ajz file now?
16:41:29quelsarukwait a minute
16:48:14 Part elinenbe
16:54:43Zagorgotta go
16:54:43 Part Zagor
16:57:27 Join Phantom [0] (
16:57:37Phantomsomebody is here ?
16:58:18PhantomI just compile a big (really) firmware and i need somebody to test it
16:58:46Bagderno thanks
16:59:18PhantomIn fact I've made a firmware with bew games, chip8 emulator, .rockbox browsing, invert screen
16:59:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:00:28quelsarukedx`N|A: "cl" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo, −−> "cl" is not recognised as an internal or external command
17:00:54 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:05:19 Quit Snorlax ()
17:09:21 Quit Phantom ("Fermeture du client")
17:23:45 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:26:35 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:30:17 Part kargatis
17:35:47 Quit void__ ("EPIC4-1.1.10[441] - oblivion : brb")
17:53:39 Join lmarlow [0] (~mecraw@
17:53:56 Quit lmarlow (Client Quit)
17:54:05 Join lmarlow [0] (~mecraw@
17:54:14 Quit lmarlow (Client Quit)
17:54:17 Join lmarlow [0] (~mecraw@
17:54:38 Nick lmarlow is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
18:01:51 Quit bobTHC ("Trillian (")
18:11:01 Join Goku_4658 [0] (
18:11:54 Join jayjayem [0] (
18:12:00 Join calpefrosch [0] (
18:12:20quelsarukhi calpefrosch
18:14:02calpefroschhi again. I'm at home now. Puh.
18:16:16jayjayemdoes anyone have the jb fm recorder?
18:17:41*Goku_4658 is away, my isp keeps dropping me out.., (log\off pager\on)
18:17:41quelsarukme no
18:17:42 Nick Goku_4658 is now known as Gokus_Away (
18:18:21jayjayemi bought one but had to return it, am awaiting a new unit
18:18:44jayjayemthe backlight flickered while seeking on the hdd and the battery lasted about 45 mins - severe power probs
18:21:45 Quit Gokus_Away ("WOMEN.ZIP: A great program, but it doesn't come with documentation...")
18:26:32 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
18:27:56 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:28:06 Quit mecraw (Client Quit)
18:28:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:28:52quelsaruki hate windoze
18:28:56 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:41:49 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
18:42:22langhaarrockeris there any rockbox user using xp?
18:45:10quelsarukedx`N|A: need your help again
18:45:11 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:48:15quelsarukdoes anyone have a big hammer??
18:48:25quelsaruki think i'm going to destroy my computer
18:50:06 Quit jayjayem (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:52:18calpefroschquelsaruk: use linux ;-)
18:52:32quelsaruki have linux installed..
18:52:44quelsarukbut some apps are just in windoze
18:52:56calpefroschwhat, for example ?
18:52:59quelsarukand i'm not able to run them using wine
18:53:20calpefroschok - you win :-)
18:53:37calpefroschhow is the weather where you live ?
18:53:45quelsaruknormally? or now?
18:54:02calpefroschel tiempo
18:54:16quelsaruknow it's really cold
18:54:53quelsaruktwo days ago snowed in the villages arround the city (they are 30-50 meters higher)
18:55:38quelsarukbut normally, we have good weather. Snow in sierra nevada, and a lot of sun in Granada :)
18:56:04calpefroschmy girlfriend is scraeming for me... I have to go now. We will move to another house in one month. So we have to pack some things
18:56:15quelsarukgood luck
18:56:25quelsarukif you can survive to her ;)
18:56:26calpefroschcool, are you here tomorrow ?
18:56:49calpefroschhasta luego
18:57:11quelsaruki think...
18:57:15quelsarukmy life is a mess
18:57:29 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe|away (
18:58:13 Quit webmind (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:07:31 Join webmind [0] (
19:52:54 Join webmind_ [0] (
19:53:26 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:03 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:05:03 Quit webmind_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:21:13 Join webmind [0] (
20:28:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:30:24 Join Bubba [0] (
20:37:48 Quit Bubba ("Leaving")
20:39:45 Join quelsaruk [0] (
20:39:48quelsarukre hi
20:40:43quelsarukand time to go
20:40:51quelsarukcu tomorrow!
20:42:06 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
20:43:41 Quit vreerHome ("Client Exiting")
21:19:55 Quit ken0 ("zZz")
21:24:36 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:30:25 Join chains [0] (~jirc@
21:30:25 Quit zodd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:31:50 Part chains
21:32:33 Join ErriCo_MaLaTesTa [0] (~awdyf@
21:38:37 Join seb-sleep [0] (
21:39:21 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
21:56:16 Quit calpe|away (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59:37 Quit ErriCo_MaLaTesTa ("heeee fui")
22:22:28 Join Bagder [241] (
22:28:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:35 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:59:57 Quit edx`N|A ()
23:08:28 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:08:51 Join Gissehel [0] (
23:31:15 Quit Bisoc ("leaving")
23:40:37 Quit Bagder ("")

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