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#rockbox log for 2003-02-04

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02:11:16elinenbericII: are you here?
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05:41:38elinenbe__check yourself before you wreck yourself
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06:06:50Alexhowdy.. i have a quick question
06:07:22Alexafter the daily builds as of about a week ago the queuing function ceased to work on my 15gb recorder
06:07:47Alexis that a bug thats in all the new releases or was it taken out or am i even *gasp* doing something wrong?
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06:10:39glytchbinarywho thought it was a good idea to make the new playlist feature put the playlists in the parent directory instead of the current?
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09:10:25calpefroschmorning zagor
09:11:17calpefroschwhat do you think how to proceed ? Should I help you with some bugfixing or should I continue with the calendar ?
09:13:50Zagorbug fixing would be good, if you have some spare time, since the calendar will be in 2.1 or later anyway.
09:15:51calpefroschI can try to help you, but I have no "debugging" archos. But everything should work on the simulator...
09:18:06Zagorall efforts are appreciated
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09:44:24Schnueffby the way, is a current version of fcpp available for download now?
09:44:44Bagderuuh, no
09:44:49Schnueffhm :|
09:45:13Bagderbut the one that is available works to use
09:45:18Bagderit just shows a bad date in the footer
09:45:26Schnueffah, and where was it?
09:46:55Schnueffmv cpp fcpp then?
09:51:33*Schnueff looks at his shiny manual.
09:52:53calpefroschwhat is cpp ?
09:53:09Bagdercpp is generally the name of the C preprocessor on unix machines
09:53:21calpefroschah, thanks
09:53:27Bagderthis particular version is one that I've hacked a lot in
09:53:45calpefroschsomething special for rockbox ?
09:53:59Bagderit's slightly adjusted to preprocess web pages better
09:55:21Bagderand yes, Björn made a patch that he uses on the rockbox pages
09:55:24Bagderfor that footer date
09:56:10Schnueffi have the files locally here
09:56:32Schnueffi should set base somehow in head.t, so that / is identified with my local dir, right?
09:56:40Schnueffhow do i do this in html?
09:57:45BagderI don't think you can do that in html nicely
09:57:58Schnueffmustn't be nice :)
09:58:40Bagderno? then fire up apache and point the root dir on the rockbox www directory! ;-)
09:59:34Schnueffor smth like ln -s /my/dir/ec/tory / :)
10:01:37Bagderwell, if you just use relative links, at least I usually survive the fact that the /-links go wrong when I try out things locally
10:02:08Schnueffthe first column gets very wide
10:02:15Schnueffbecause of the alt= from the paypal thing
10:03:21Bagderit does? not for me. anyway, try shortening it then I guess
10:04:42Schnueffyeah i do
10:04:51Schnueffi cut it out :)
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10:07:08Zagoralt is good.
10:07:20Schnueffyeah of course
10:08:24BagderEF BB BF bah
10:09:31Bagderonly 1500 bytes left to 500000 bytes of tarball
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10:10:14Schnueffoh, is that another release criterion? :)
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10:10:31Bagderyes! ;-P
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11:37:57*calpefrosch is confused
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11:55:30Bagderhi quelsaruk
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11:55:41quel|outmust go to the airport... bbl
12:14:05*matsl is away: I'm busy
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12:28:56Rygar666excuse me i need help
12:29:19Rygar666cause my archos RJREC 20 won't boot up
12:29:29Rygar666hd register error ;(((
12:30:16DBUGEnqueued KICK Rygar666
12:30:16Rygar666can so help meplz ?
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13:33:43calpefroschhi quelsaruk
13:35:21quelsarukhi calpefrosch
13:35:35quelsarukdo u have the S55 picture?
13:35:58calpefroschpyes, just send me your email adress
13:42:41quelsarukZagor: still busy?
13:44:30Zagoryes :(
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13:48:42bobTHChi all!
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13:52:25quelsarukhi bobTHC
13:54:38calpefroschbobTHC: you requested the calendar thing ?
13:55:21calpefroschhow do you imagine the exchange with the pc ? via XML or CSV ?
13:56:09Bagderthe complixity needs to be o the PC side only
13:56:13Bagderbe on
13:56:59calpefroschsure, so we just copy a csv-file to the archos
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13:59:12Bagdercsv might not be the best way
13:59:13 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:59:35Bagderbut I haven't really given it any thoughts yet
14:01:40calpefroschit's not so important, but I would like to work on this part.
14:04:53calpefroschBagder: if you have a bit spare time, maybe you could give me a hint
14:06:53Bagderwell, I think you should focus on having the rockbox code use an effective format for its own purpose
14:06:59Bagderso that the code can be kept small
14:07:16Bagderthen you write conversion utilities for whatever format you like for the host computer
14:08:38 Join kargatron [0] (
14:09:57calpefroschI think the csv-format is very effective, because you have less overhead and the parsing is easy
14:11:00calpefroschhehe, do you want to port linux to the archos
14:11:19Bagderipod has heaps of more memory than the archos
14:11:30Bagderand a lot faster cpu
14:11:49bobTHCand a big screen
14:12:30Bagder"The Powerportal chip contains two ARM7TDMI cores"
14:12:49calpefroschbut you still don't have a keyboard ;-)
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14:13:11elinenbehi there!
14:13:15elinenbelook at this:
14:13:22Schnueff14:09 < Bagder>
14:13:31BagderI beat you with several minutes ;-)
14:13:48quelsarukelinenbe: too late
14:14:00ZagorBagder: it's one ARM core and a DSP core
14:14:07elinenbeBagder: now I may have to go buy an ipod!
14:14:28Bagderthey have a long way to go still
14:14:55elinenbeI think uclinux should be ported to the Archos!
14:15:03Bagdergo ahead
14:15:19elinenbeI'm already 80% done.
14:16:00Bagdermy guess is that it is quite a lot bigger than RockboxOS
14:16:27elinenbeI actullay have an ipod, and the firmwares are MUCH larger ~1-2 Megs
14:17:29Bagdermaybe we should get ourselves a mascot
14:17:55Schnueffbut not a drowsy penguin with an ipod :)
14:18:02elinenbeBagder: I agree
14:18:06Bagderno, no penguin
14:18:10elinenbesomething like an archos smashing an ipod
14:19:35Schnueffwe could have some smiley face displayed on the recorder
14:20:08quelsarukhey! the idea of using the archos as a throwing weapon is mine!!
14:20:09Schnueffeven animated, with an .mp3 explaining rockbox handling
14:20:36elinenbeBagder: wo could do T-Shirts too!
14:20:40elinenbethat would be a novel idea!
14:22:19kargatronwell, archos isn't a greek word, according to my dictionary, so no mascot help there
14:22:45quelsarukarchos is a greek word?
14:22:51quelsarukwhat does that mean?
14:22:59Schnueffread, quelsaruk
14:23:02Bagderhe said its *not* a greek word
14:23:12quelsaruki'm a blind man too
14:23:24quelsaruk*please* don't kill me
14:24:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:24:14*Bagder halts his troops, "spare quelsaruk this time"
14:26:23Bagdergreat pic
14:26:27 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:31Bagdercnn at its best ;-)
14:27:03kargatron'archos' is certainly *spelled* like a greek word, which is why i tried to look it up, in case it was real. but no.
14:27:54calpefroschwhat do think about an elephant ? because of the four rubber edges
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14:28:54quelsarukwhy not just Bagder? he's nearly a mascot :)
14:29:05Zagor"my iPod is behaving horribly with VBR-encoded files (firmware 1.2.1, mine cuts off the end of the track if you pause or fast forward/rewind)"
14:29:32 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:29:45Zagorkargatron: archos is an anagram for Croah which is the name of the CEO
14:30:05ZagorCrohas even
14:30:26bobTHCwhy not the mascot on Sagittarius theme.... archos archer greece........ just an idea
14:31:17Bagderorchs! ;-)
14:33:51quelsaruklunch time
14:33:55quelsarukcu later!
14:34:00 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:36:14Zagordo you think an iPod port of Rockbox would attract any attention? ;)
14:36:44Bagderit would take quite some work too
14:37:03Bagderbut yes, it would ;-)
14:37:20Zagora bit, yes, but not *that* much now that we can look at this guys' work
14:38:35PsycoXulhmm according to this page on anarchy heh
14:38:41PsycoXularchos is greek for "ruler"
14:39:39kargatronwelll, possibly
14:39:53kargatronmy dictionary had 'archo' to mean govern/rule
14:39:57kargatrona verb
14:40:20kargatrondidn't list archos, but i suppose it's reasonable that the masculine noun ending of that verb would be 'ruler'
14:40:28kargatrondunno enough greek
14:40:39Bagderaren't you greek?
14:40:50kargatronamerican greek (and only 1/8 greek anyway
14:41:09kargatroni live in greece atm (embassy stuff), but haven't learned the language really.
14:42:11PsycoXulok so i found a couple unrelated pages on different subjects that have the word archos without it being in reference to the company or it's products, and they all say it means ruler
14:42:26kargatronthere ya go then
14:42:49PsycoXulone on anarchy, one a supposed latin(?) word list, and the other about ancient greek philosophy or something
14:43:10kargatronunfortunately, a little crowned ruler doesn't make a very cool mascot
14:43:40kargatronplus, burger king already took it :)
14:44:46PsycoXulwell how about zeus or something heh
14:45:45bobTHCa cool zeus who send music scores with his bow.... heheh :)
14:46:34PsycoXulzeus didn't have a bow did he? he just threw lightning bolts didn't he? heh
14:47:44bobTHCa VERY cool zeus who send music scores with A bow....
14:48:10mbrUh, sorry :)
14:48:59Bagder"wrong window error"
14:49:25mbrBagder: Yes
14:51:43PsycoXulor just zeus throwing musical bolts instead of lightning bolts
15:02:52elinenbeZagor & Bagder: they are doing everything in software it seems. The ipod has a hardware decoder too, but they are using software to decode it, that is why they are currently unable to decode mp3s realtime right now.
15:03:19Zagorelinenbe: yes, I noticed. I just signed up for a PortalPlayer data sheet :-)
15:04:05elinenbeI guess that shows the raw power of the ipod, but there that will be some quick battery drainage, etc.
15:10:55Bagderall they need now is to figure out how the rest of the hw works ;-)
15:11:51bobTHCnot a little thing....
15:12:09Bagderno, it might be tricky
15:12:20Bagderbut they could get quite a few poeple interested now
15:12:28Bagderthey've proven it works
15:14:03elinenbethe project has no goals though... like what exactly is the point of it? will the ipod now work better?
15:14:55Bagderwell, rumours say it for example pauses at times
15:17:37elinenbeI mean... so does rockbox! that is not a goal!
15:17:47 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:18:04elinenbethe ipod firmware is VERY polished
15:18:25 Join datazone-work [0] (
15:19:30Zagorthe goal of rockbox wasn't to fix bugs
15:22:34elinenbeZagor: the goal of rockbox was to take up many peoples spare time!
15:23:10 Join Snorlax [0] (
15:23:19Zagorhehe, yeah
15:43:58 Join huz [0] (
15:44:03huzhello guys
15:44:35elinenbehi calpefrosch
15:44:38elinenbehi huz
15:44:42huzI don't find a way to navigate into a playlist, can someone tell me the key bindings to do it ?
15:44:58elinenbehuz: there is currently no way to do this! duh!
15:45:06huzok .. that's why :)
15:46:30huzthx elinenbe
15:46:38huzthx all for your great work !
15:46:40 Quit huz (Client Quit)
15:47:16calpefroschelinenbe: that means we cannot "display" the content of a playlist ?
15:48:46elinenbecalpefrosch: yes
15:49:22calpefroschare there any plans to implement this feature ?
15:49:37elinenbecalpefrosch: a lot of people want this, but it has yet to happen
15:50:01elinenbecalpefrosch: what we really need is a playlist editor −− view,edit, and make playlists
15:50:03Zagorcalpefrosch: i wouldn't reject a patch, if that's what you're asking... :-)
15:50:08calpefroschI will think about it
15:50:21elinenbecalpefrosch: go for it −− you'll be a hero!
15:50:35calpefroschthat's what I'm searching for ;-)
15:53:17datazone-workwould be better if you made it use standard playlist that you can make from winamp or xmms
15:53:43*datazone-work looks at calpefrosch
15:53:44calpefroschI think rockbox can handle those playlists...
15:53:44Bagderit does
15:54:09calpefroschso I only need to write a viewer in the first step
15:55:12Zagoruse the text reader
15:56:41PsycoXuli don't think the text reader's very appropriate for that
15:57:04Zagori just mean it's a starting point
15:57:06PsycoXulindeed, i don't find the default text reader to be very appropriate for anything, at least on a player
15:57:22PsycoXulthe one that's available as a patch is much better for most things, imo
15:57:45PsycoXuland the keys for the default one are really odd and seem backwards
15:58:03PsycoXuli'd like to have the ability to switch between the 2 of them depending on what i'm looking at, actualy
15:59:59calpefroschfor the playlist-browser I can imagine one that works like the dir-browser
16:00:14calpefroschlike mounting a playlist ;-)
16:01:20calpefroschif you agree i can try
16:02:59calpefroschcu l8r
16:03:00Zagori've been thinking the same thing
16:03:31calpefroschZagor: ok
16:03:59calpefroschi go home now, cu l8r
16:04:03 Quit calpefrosch ("leaving")
16:04:05 Part datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
16:09:55 Join edx`N|A [0] (
16:12:16dwihnoIs it XP or 2k that refuses to create > 30 gig fat32 partitions?
16:12:38 Quit edx`N|A (Client Quit)
16:12:42 Join edx`N|A [0] (
16:13:05bobTHCuse partition magic 8.0
16:13:27dwihnoI was just wondering where the limit is, if it's in 2k or XP
16:14:07bobTHCok... idont know, i never use format function
16:15:27Bagderis the limit really in the OS? I think it is in the tools
16:15:53dwihnoYeah, me stupid. Is it 2k or XP that has the limitations in their own tools?
16:16:09BagderI wouldn't know that anyway
16:19:21bobTHCyes it the tools, FAT32 can safely handle drives up to 2 Terabytes
16:19:52bobTHCbut it has this problem over 8.4 GB
16:19:57dwihno"In Windows XP, you can format a FAT32 volume up to 32 GB only"
16:20:52ZagorbobTHC: that's not fat32. that's some older pc bioses
16:21:58bobTHCCHS translation pb.....
16:23:33Zagoralso, fat32 only handles 128gig. that's because it's actually only fat28
16:24:18 Join ErriCo_MaLaTesTa [0] (~awdyf@
16:24:20bobTHCFAT32X is the newer version and is on win2k AND xp
16:24:57Zagorstill doesn't change the fact that it's 28-bit only
16:26:09 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:28:08bobTHCthey make a standard on 32bit address and they use 28bit addresses.....
16:28:26bobTHCfucking cro$oft....
16:28:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:29:05Zagori guess they simply decided fat32 sounded cooler than fat28 :-)
16:29:21 Quit eye69 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29:29Zagorno actually the fat entries are 32 bit wide, but four bits are used for flags
16:29:53bobTHCflags like?
16:30:23Zagorfree, bad, end-of-chain etc
16:30:50 Join eye69 [0] (
16:31:05bobTHC4 bits for a bunch of flag... really dirty......
16:31:20 Quit Snorlax ()
16:32:37 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:34:05quelsarukhi again
16:36:07ZagorbobTHC: uh, actually i'm wrong. the high 4 bits are simply reserved. the flags are set by using special values in the 28-bit value
16:39:43 Quit eye69 (Connection reset by peer)
16:39:45 Join eye69 [0] (
16:40:49quelsarukZagor: and if you just get one of my mp3 and test it whenever you have time?
16:42:36bobTHCreserved for futur use... the next windows(longhorn) use an other file system (winFS)based on database tech like in 80s....
16:44:21Zagor...and everybody will have to buy a faster pc again. hooray for progress.
16:44:58bobTHChooooooooooooooooraaaaaa and of course thanx microsoft !!!!!!
16:46:13quelsaruki love windows
16:46:22quelsaruki don't understand why you all say this
16:46:37bobTHCdont feed the troll !!!! ;)
16:47:02quelsarukwindows is gooooooooooood, like archos firmware
16:47:23quelsaruki don't even understand why all of you guys are using rockbox
16:49:08quelsarukedx`N|A: still got some problems with the win32 emulator....
16:51:13 Join calpefrosch [0] (
16:57:14 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:05:25 Part Zagor
17:06:03 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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17:21:12 Nick calp|brb is now known as calpefrosch (
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17:24:42 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
17:26:17kargatronwas there a list of cons about the nomad zen 20 posted here at one point (zagor?) can't find mention in log
17:26:27calpefroschdas anybody knows why, when creating a playlist, my rights under linux are wrong ( 000 )
17:31:40quelsarukrebooting :)
17:32:12 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
17:39:35 Part Zagor_
17:40:09 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:49:58Zagor_gotta go
17:49:58 Part Zagor_
17:59:15 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:59:45quelsaruki have some weird problem with linux :(
18:00:10webmindwhat ?
18:01:06quelsaruki have internet access, but dns seems to be off.
18:01:13quelsaruki've checked everything
18:01:17quelsarukand everything is ok
18:01:33webmindcant resolve ?
18:01:57 Part bobTHC
18:02:02webmindwhat's in /etc/resolv.conf ?
18:02:17quelsaruknow i'm in windoze again :)
18:02:43quelsaruki will check tomorrow... i'm too lazy to check it now
18:03:38calpefroschok, i have to go.
18:04:08adi|workman .. i am consistently getting dups from feature requests list.. dunno why
18:05:48kargatronadi|work you mean emails?
18:06:13kargatroni think there's the 'general' sendout, and also 'send if you've touched this' sendout
18:06:17kargatroni see doubles all the time
18:09:12 Quit ErriCo_MaLaTesTa ("fui")
18:10:44adi|workhmmm.. i dunno
18:10:51adi|worki get doubles even if i haven't touched the feature
18:13:40 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
18:17:07 Quit MT ("changing servers")
18:19:29 Part calpefrosch
18:24:41 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:24:45quel|outsee you later
18:28:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:31:11 Nick ricII is now known as ricII|cooking (
18:35:12 Join renx [0] (
18:35:54renxhi all!
18:38:51 Join MT [0] (
18:42:30elinenbequel|out: bye!
18:45:23 Quit MT ("changing servers")
18:47:43 Join MT [0] (
18:54:06 Quit MT ("changing servers")
18:55:40 Join Zagor [242] (
18:56:16elinenbeZagor: hi there.
18:56:20elinenbeZagor: I have a ?
18:56:26Zagorfire away
18:56:42elinenbeZagor: I am writing the code to save the fade on pause/stop option
18:56:57elinenbeand it will just be a bool
18:56:59elinenbeint 1/0
18:57:11elinenbeso, all I need it one bit of space in the RTC
18:57:26elinenbeis anywhere perferred?
18:57:37elinenbeor, can I just put it anywhere it will fit?
18:57:55Zagorput it somewhere in the upper block
18:58:17elinenbeupper block? 22-44 byte range?
18:58:41Zagorno, >48-ff range
19:00:16elinenbeso, it will not be in the RTC
19:00:19elinenbeonly on disk
19:00:44Zagorrtc is only necessary for frequently-changed items such as volume and resume position
19:01:04 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:01:06quelsarukback to life
19:02:10elinenbewell, there is a good bunch of cruff in the RTC (peak meter settings for instance)
19:02:32elinenbenot necesarily bad, but not necessary for the RTC
19:03:02Zagorelinenbe: yes, that is unfortunate. i was too relaxed in letting people use the rtc.
19:03:16elinenbeat some point this will all have to be fixed.
19:05:18Zagorotoh it's not much of a problem until we really need more space in the rtc
19:06:34adi|workright.. but would it make sense to clean house for the 2.0 release?
19:07:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:07:43elinenbeZagor: I am confused with the settings.c file... give me a free block that I can use. :)
19:07:49elinenbelanghaarrocker: I was just ripping on you!
19:08:02quelsarukhi langhaarrocker
19:08:03Zagorelinenbe: use byte 0xAE
19:08:12elinenbelanghaarrocker: you steal all the RTC space with peakmeter settings.
19:08:15elinenbeZagor: thanks.
19:08:40langhaarrockerI thought that someone already changed that to some disk sector.
19:08:50elinenbelanghaarrocker: you thought wrong!
19:09:01elinenbelanghaarrocker: where is the cut editor? the deadline is tomorrow!
19:09:53quelsaruksomeones know a ttf converter?
19:09:58langhaarrockerShall I take care about the settings myself ?
19:09:58langhaarrockerI won't be able to deliver some reasonable split editor until tomorrow. Let's wait till 2.1.
19:10:00quelsarukto use it for the rockbox
19:10:39Zagorlanghaarrocker: ignore the settings. we'll fix that when we need the space for something.
19:11:30langhaarrockerI remember that we discussed that topic before. I was convinced that Linus moved the peak meter settings from rtc to disk
19:11:55Zagoryes, actually they are moved :-)
19:12:01 Quit edx`N|A (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:05Zagorelinenbe fooled me...
19:12:11elinenbeZagor: what?
19:12:36Zagorquelsaruk: there is a ttf2bdf util in the linux freetype package
19:12:36elinenbeat the top of settings.c "0x1c 0x30 <peak meter hold timeout (bit 0-4)>,
19:12:37elinenbe peak_meter_performance (bit 7)"
19:12:51Zagorhehe. ok, you were both right :)
19:13:08elinenbepeak meter is EVERYWHERE!
19:13:36quelsaruki suppose there's none for windoze
19:13:46langhaarrockernothing of the peak meter should be stored in the rtc. I just didn't grasp the concept when programming that.
19:14:06 Join edx`N|A [0] (
19:14:23Zagorquelsaruk: I suppose there a lots, for only $30 each ;)
19:15:30elinenbelanghaarrocker: I am trying to work with it right now.
19:16:14quelsaruki found one for free
19:16:20langhaarrockerelinenbe: What are you trying to store in rtc?
19:16:38langhaarrockerquelsaruk: goats with peak-meter?
19:16:46Zagorguys, don't change the settings more than necessary
19:17:10quelsaruka goat that has peak-meter?
19:17:22quelsaruki have none in stock today
19:17:32quelsaruktry tomorrow :)
19:17:49elinenbelanghaarrocker: (fade on pause/unpause/stop) I am just going to store it on disk though...
19:18:04langhaarrockerright so.
19:18:41langhaarrockerI just hope nobody uses Zagors famous Spank-O-Mat on me...
19:20:20langhaarrockerhow boring. only a language commit today.
19:21:50 Join TheRealBeezle [0] (
19:22:45TheRealBeezlecan someone help me with my Jukebox Rockbox firmware? It doesnt start anymore....
19:23:05langhaarrockerso it once worked?
19:23:30TheRealBeezleya it did
19:23:31TheRealBeezleeverything worked fine
19:23:54langhaarrockerthats easy: hit the rewind button until you get to the time when it worked. :)
19:24:01TheRealBeezlei tried a new firmware and now it just doesnt boot anymore with any firmware except for the archos one
19:24:22TheRealBeezlesorry that key is missing on my player :)
19:24:24quelsarukTheRealBeezle: it does start but you get a blank screen?
19:24:26langhaarrockerDo you have copies of the older firmwares left?
19:24:34langhaarrocker(on the archos)
19:24:59TheRealBeezlei even tried formating and creating a new partition
19:24:59TheRealBeezledoesnt work
19:25:36TheRealBeezleany clue :)??
19:25:51langhaarrockerDoes it only use the rom version or can you use an achos firmware update, too?
19:26:13TheRealBeezleno it uses the newer firmware which is strange
19:26:27langhaarrockerHave you tried to fiddle with the 'active' flag of your fat32 partition?
19:26:45quelsarukTheRealBeezle: try in the faq the last entry...
19:26:57TheRealBeezlei didnt change anything except for trying to put a new firmware on it
19:27:01TheRealBeezlek ill try thx
19:27:16quelsarukthe one with the down-left-downdown... etc...
19:27:24quelsaruki don't think it works.. but....
19:27:33quelsarukjust in case it's a contrast error :)
19:27:36TheRealBeezleggrrr thx quelsaruk
19:27:59TheRealBeezleno its not a contrast error :)
19:28:04quelsarukor you can hire me
19:28:11quelsaruki'm an expert techn-priest..
19:28:24quelsaruki do a lot of exorcism in these jukeboxs
19:28:40langhaarrockerbefore hiring quelsarum make sure you have some blood-proof blankets around
19:28:41quelsaruki have some green goats i can sacrifice right now ;)
19:28:43TheRealBeezlesorry im atheist :)
19:29:46TheRealBeezleso no one has a clue?
19:29:46TheRealBeezlegreat... .)
19:30:39langhaarrockerThe only things I can suspect relate with problems due to reformatting / repatitioning your drive.
19:30:51TheRealBeezlewell i did that afterwards
19:32:26langhaarrockerIm not sure but I thin if you have multiple files like ajbrec.ajz and ajbrec.ajz_old on your drive the prommed firmware can mix them up since it searches only for files that begin with ajbrec.ajz.
19:32:27ZagorTheRealBeezle: what model is this?
19:33:27TheRealBeezleits the recorder
19:33:39TheRealBeezlewith 6gb, so the old one
19:34:10quelsaruklike mine
19:34:15Zagorwhat operating system are you using on your pc?
19:34:21TheRealBeezlethere shouldnt be any other file than the ajbrec.ajz
19:34:21TheRealBeezleits the only file with the folder i put on after reformat
19:34:36TheRealBeezlewhat does the op. system have to do with it?
19:34:53Zagorthere are various fat32 issues with different versions of windows
19:35:15quelsarukZagor: how does the convbdf program work?
19:35:18TheRealBeezlewell i have xp
19:35:19TheRealBeezlei did a primary partition with fat32
19:35:47Zagorquelsaruk: convbdf [options] [-o output-file] [single-input-file]
19:36:05quelsarukthx.. i supposed something like that but.. i love asking you :)
19:36:29quelsaruksomeday you will get stressed and kick me away but... :)
19:36:31TheRealBeezlelol sorry i know xp suxs its the only one i have hear currently
19:37:12TheRealBeezlehere, ups
19:37:15ZagorTheRealBeezle: i've heard reports about this type of problems with xp before
19:37:53ZagorTheRealBeezle: try directory snoop.
19:38:32TheRealBeezleaahhh that looks really good
19:38:50TheRealBeezlei got tired of reading the faq. i somehow missed it
19:38:50adi|workwould it make sense to clean up the RTC before 2.0?
19:39:05adi|workTheRealBeezle: thats my fault.. im working on trimming the FAQ up a bit
19:39:13adi|workshe's an unweildly beast right now
19:40:03langhaarrockerof which colour is her blood? :)
19:40:25quelsaruknot green langhaarrocker...
19:40:48TheRealBeezlethx and cu :)
19:40:50 Part TheRealBeezle
19:40:50Zagoradi|work: well the only point would be that 2.1 doesn't need a new rtc format.
19:41:56adi|workright, but it would clean up the cruft no?
19:42:04adi|workand most ppl are going to be going to 2.0
19:42:28adi|workand id figure a settings reset from 1.4 => 2.0 would be less noticable then say 2.x -> 2.y
19:42:43langhaarrockerBut there are already changes to the rtc since 1.4 -> maybe we then don't need rtc changes from 2.0 -> 2.1
19:42:58langhaarrockerI'm too slow at typing.
19:46:53Zagoryeah, a pre-2.0 cleanup is probably a good thing
19:47:13 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:48:34langhaarrockerMaybe someone should do that then.
19:48:34*langhaarrocker looks at elinenbe</BODY></HTML>
19:54:57adi|workhmm.. well.. i can't say i know what to pull out..
19:55:51Zagori'll look at it. we don't need to move much, just a few obvious things
19:56:05adi|workbtw.. in cvs is there any more need for the test directories?
19:57:17ZagorI use the fat test dir sometimes
19:57:26adi|workwas just curious
19:58:04langhaarrockerI want a bathtub compatible (== waterproof) laptop.
20:00:24adi|workfunny.. i want a girlfriend compatible with my computer :)
20:00:27quelsaruki want a rubber goat
20:00:35quelsarukadi|work: i found it once...
20:00:58quelsarukand i prefer the normal model
20:01:03quelsarukit's easier to handle
20:01:10adi|workzagor... can you look at settings.c:354
20:01:13 Nick ricII|cooking is now known as ricII (
20:01:17adi|workwhat are those braces for?
20:02:53Zagorto create a new block, so a new variable can be created. runtime was just a test originally.
20:03:19adi|workahh. right.. this is c
20:03:22adi|worknot c++
20:03:23*adi|work nods
20:03:25Zagoryes :-)
20:03:25adi|workmakes sense
20:03:37adi|workim looking at it.. and like *huh*?
20:05:16 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:08:31 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:00 Join Gissehel [0] (
20:11:48 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
20:12:14GuestHow do you get XP to create a .rockbox folder?
20:12:32GuestSomehow my .rockbox folder was deleted!
20:12:32langhaarrockerwith a dos box
20:12:50langhaarrockerit's described in the faq
20:13:51GuestYou are correct sir, thanks!
20:14:58langhaarrockerI'm gonna enter the bath tub now (without rubber goats)
20:15:26quelsarukwhat the hell is that?
20:15:40langhaarrockerthat's what I'm gonna do.
20:15:41quelsarukpornographic stuff here!!!
20:16:09adi|workthats sad.
20:16:33adi|worksitting in a bathtub long enough to enjoy a tv show...
20:16:40*adi|work is a shower man
20:16:48 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:57quelsarukummm.. i'm a no water man
20:17:08quelsaruk23 years without a shower nor a bath!!
20:17:19adi|workyour tongue must be dry
20:17:39quelsaruka little bit
20:17:43 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
20:28:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:29:46 Join numer9 [0] (
20:33:02numer9where can i see (in changelog style) what the latest changes in de cvs are ?
20:33:56Zagornumer9: the daily builds page
20:44:58quelsarukZagor: if i create a .fnt font and it's bad, when you try to load it, rockbox loads the default one?
20:46:27Zagorquelsaruk: I can't promise that :-)
20:48:52quelsaruki created one...
20:49:05quelsarukbut was *the same* as the default one....
20:49:13quelsarukso there are 2 options
20:49:22quelsaruk1) it's the same font (it's not)
20:49:36quelsaruk2) it's bad.. and rockbox charges the default font
21:02:51quelsarukZagor: the song i gave you is from a swedish or finnish band :P
21:11:51*Zagor just received the PP5002 data sheet
21:12:13Zagor"Based on an ARM7TDMI symmetric dual processor architecture"
21:13:29Zagorthe ipod cpu
21:13:50quelsarukyou are all amazed with the ipod today
21:14:20Zagorwell it's getting more interesting now that someone has figured out how it works
21:15:24quelsarukbye bye mister archos?
21:15:26elinenbeZagor: I am almost finished with the updated fade patch, with a config option. Do you think this could make the CVS for 2.0?
21:15:32elinenbebe done in about 10 min.
21:15:41Zagorelinenbe: no, it will have to wait for 2.1
21:15:52elinenbeZagor: blah!
21:16:56elinenbeZagor: then I will be done with it in 15 weeks! :)
21:17:56quelsarukelinenbe: 20 days for my trip to sweden.. will the gameboy emulator be for that day ?
21:18:16quelsarukit's a long way and i don't want to get bored
21:18:17elinenbequelsaruk: buy a gameboy!
21:18:48quelsaruki wanted.. but i'm so blind i bought an archos ;)
21:22:23 Join kargatron [0] (
21:33:14elinenbeZagor: question for you! how can I patch against cvs easily?
21:33:32Zagorelinenbe: cvs diff -u
21:35:05elinenbeZagor: cool daddy!
21:35:50 Join elinenbe___ [0] (
21:35:58quelsaruktime to go home
21:36:09quelsaruksee you tomorrow
21:36:17quelsarukif i have some time
21:36:22 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:37:55ricIIdamm now I known why linux is having such bad press, tried zdisk -h (novell zenworks) and it wiped my part-table..
21:37:59webmindej ric
21:38:07ricIIgi webmind
21:39:26 Quit elinenbe___ (Client Quit)
21:41:21 Quit renx ("Leaving")
21:41:45 Quit edx`N|A (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:47:10 Quit numer9 ("Leaving")
21:53:14 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:07:24 Join MT [0] (
22:18:27 Join Guest [0] (
22:18:50 Join woffi [0] (
22:19:00 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
22:19:01 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:19:51woffiHi! I'm a newbie to IRC, ARchos and Rockbox - anybody still bother to help me out?
22:21:47woffiI just got the Jukebox Recorder new, installed Rockbox after reading about the features, but can't semm to figure out how to queue a song while listening to another
22:22:17langhaarrockerin the browser hold 'on' and press 'play'
22:22:39woffitrying this - BRB
22:22:59langhaarrocker(select the song to be queued first)
22:24:06langhaarrockeroh and queuing is not available in V1.4. You've got to use the bleeding edge build for that.
22:25:40langhaarrockerI don't believe it. It was only a few months ago that I last checked out and modified sources. And now guess what? I get conflicts when updating! I'm shocked!
22:26:09woffiOk, I try to find that "bleeding edge" thing.
22:26:57kargatronlanghaarrocker, you shouldn't be shocked - of course the code degraded in your absence, untended
22:27:31langhaarrockerThe opposite was my intension when letting the code rest!
22:27:32woffithx - tha warning sounds frightening, but I'll trust you and use it
22:28:21langhaarrockerWe haven't had any desatorous reports yet. The worst was that something didn't work - but no drives corrupted or anything similar.
22:28:43 Join Bagder [241] (
22:28:45langhaarrocker(unless you try to delete directories)
22:28:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:54Bagderdelete dirs should work now
22:29:03Bagderdoesn't it?
22:29:08ken0I take it 2.0 is due soon? (tomorrow??)
22:29:11Bagderperhaps what was rename
22:29:29Bagdernot tomorrow, but soon enough
22:29:36langhaarrockerwoffi: good news: you can delete all your dirs safely now. :)
22:29:55 Join Greg11 [0] (~jirc@
22:30:26*ken0 will throw a party for everyone when official 2.0 comes out
22:30:36*Bagder smiles
22:30:47*langhaarrocker polishes a HUGE mug
22:32:21langhaarrockerIs that what it's supposed to be?
22:32:21langhaarrockercvs [update aborted]: recv() from server EOF
22:32:38Bagderit does like that every now and then
22:32:41Bagderjust retry
22:33:44ken0I just now updated to latest daily build
22:33:55ken0didn't update since linus finished debugging recording
22:34:10ken0in a nutshell.. what's new?
22:34:18ken0file/dir managment complete?
22:34:31woffii'm back - installed it, works like a charm so far. Ok, won't bother you again until I have a minimum clue hat I'm doing.
22:34:35ken0queue / playlist tinkering?
22:34:41Bagderqueue is there
22:34:41langhaarrockerI want a busy-polling-cvs-client
22:34:51Bagderlanghaarrocker: write a script ;-)
22:35:16langhaarrockerBagder: nah. I'm a windows user :)
22:36:25 Quit woffi ()
22:37:21langhaarrockerapropos scripts and so on: I'll soon need some help with extending the tools makefile. Who is the guru to ask?
22:37:37Bagderwhat do you wanna do there?
22:37:56ken0my hip cat
22:38:31langhaarrockerI have this dream about key schemes:
22:38:31langhaarrockerprecompiled factory presets as a generated *.c file
22:39:02langhaarrockerFor that I want to make a tool that accepts a key scheme config file and generates the *.c file
22:39:17Bagderwell, the Makefile in tools is very straight forward
22:39:54 Join vedder [0] (
22:40:15langhaarrockerBut for that target I have multiple *.c sources - some of which have special conditional compiling.
22:40:44vedderanyone know a cheap place and reliable place to buy archos stuff online
22:40:56Bagderlanghaarrocker: ok, so when you want it added, you tell me exactly how you compile them and I'll fix the makefile for you
22:41:19langhaarrockeryou're my man :)
22:41:21Zagorlanghaarrocker: why do you want to compile the key scheme file?
22:41:34Zagorwhy not just have a default, like we have for wps
22:41:47langhaarrockerTo generate that default
22:41:57*Bagder bounces, Zagor is alive!
22:42:19Zagoryeah, i'm fighting a strange locking problem with my web site
22:42:44ken0okay gotta sleep
22:42:50ken0daniel and bjorn - love you guys
22:42:52vedderNo one can recommend a good place to get a jukebox? Best buy kinda sucks.
22:43:19Bagdervedder: I just pick a local one I like
22:43:19Zagorvedder: I'm buying from a local swedish webshop. i'm guessing that doesn't help you much :)
22:43:27langhaarrockerSee it like this. Somewhere we have to maintain the default key scheme. I want to avoid maintaining key schemes in two different formats: c source and key scheme config files. So why not maintain the default as a config file and generate c source from it automatically. So the default config file can serve as an example, too.
22:43:32vedderNope, I'm in the u.s.
22:43:34vedderok thanks
22:43:45vedderI'll have to keep checking the small electronics stores
22:44:02Zagorlanghaarrocker: yeah, I just don't see why key schemes ever need to be converted to C source. wps files aren't.
22:44:41langhaarrockerSomewhere the default must be stored. I'd like to avoid rockbox to rely on the existens on some file in .rockbox.
22:44:47vedderOk well I guess I'll be back when i have a machine to try rockbox on. It looks really cool, keep up the good work , developers.
22:44:51 Quit vedder ("Proops")
22:45:10Greg11i'm looking into getting the fm recorder ... is rockbox compatible?
22:46:03langhaarrockerBagder: you're faster than me.
22:46:12Bagderwe knew *that* ;-P
22:46:36Greg11i hear the battery life sucks on it though ... like 2 or 3 hours
22:46:44Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok, so basically your "scheme2c" converter just makes it a 'char keyscheme[] = "asdkjaldkjasldk";' ?
22:47:11*Bagder has no FM
22:47:12ZagorGreg11: more like 6-7 from what I've heard. still worse than the old rec20 though.
22:47:25Greg11it looks cooler though
22:47:46Zagormany things look cooler :-)
22:48:01Bagderits lighter as well
22:48:01 Join edx`N|A [0] (
22:48:30Greg11is that something that rockbox or an archos firmware update might be able to help out on later on?
22:48:46Greg11battery life that is
22:49:40ZagorGreg11: i don't know. we don't know very much about the fm power circuit yet.
22:49:48langhaarrockerZagor: more a struct key_scheme[] = .... but pricipially yes
22:53:12Greg11hmm, ok ... gonna go buy one tonight. Probably the the non-FM one since I've heard lots of crappy things about it (low battery life and poor radio reception)
22:54:07 Join jeff1 [0] (
22:54:35jeff1are there usually a lot of ppl in here?
22:55:05jeff1ok, this java irc client is really annoying with the "Unregistered copy" msg.
22:55:12Bagderwe're always 20-30 ppl around the clock
22:55:15langhaarrockerthe lot is not the point - there are _important_ people around
22:55:45Bagderthose that are more equal than the others ;-)
22:55:59jeff1well that is a good way to put it
22:56:33langhaarrockerusually there are 20-30 important people around the clock.
22:56:56jeff1some never sleep, eh?
22:57:02 Quit Greg11 ("Leaving")
22:57:10langhaarrockerhe's called logbot but he rarly posts anything
22:57:27Bagderjeff1: we have people present from many sides of the globe
22:57:40jeff1he is just here to keep OPS?
22:57:50Bagderhe logs
22:58:17jeff1so the developers usually hang here?
22:58:39Bagderon and off
22:58:41langhaarrockersometimes they are hung
22:59:00Bagderand we have to stand langhaarrocker's jokes
22:59:08jeff1ic that
22:59:25Bagderits hard, but we're determined ;-)
22:59:59langhaarrockerSome of my jokes I call 'source'
23:00:02jeff1so how much of rockbox talk is around here?
23:00:25Bagderjeff1: we tend to discuss a lot of what happens here first
23:01:15jeff1anyone think of any creative ways to avoid "accidently" pressing pause or stop, while in pocket?
23:01:36Bagderlock your keys
23:01:55langhaarrockerin wps press f1 + down
23:02:03jeff1from the FAQ it says I can not
23:02:07langhaarrockeror was it on + down?
23:02:13jeff1<−−- newbie
23:02:25jeff1i just got my archos last week
23:02:40_seb_at least you didn't have to stick with the default firmware for long
23:02:50_seb_it took me ~2 months to realize rockbox existed after getting mine
23:03:06jeff1yeah, I usually do a bit of research before buying
23:03:09BagderI started hacking on Rockbox before I bought mine ;-)
23:03:34jeff1and read about this archos... CompUSA had it for $130.00
23:04:02jeff1I read about Rockbox on CNET or some review site and said to myself, what is "Rockbox"
23:04:04langhaarrockerI posted the guts of my recorder before rockbox was born.
23:04:36jeff1well, i was thinking about taking stuff apart, then I started to think... let me play with it for awhile.
23:04:55jeff1so atleast if I break something I will feel like I got my money's worth
23:05:33langhaarrockerdid you get the fm recorder?
23:06:37jeff1nope, just the studio 10
23:06:42jeff1it was cheap.
23:06:47jeff1like I said $130.
23:07:11jeff1fm radio would be nice, along with recorder.
23:07:23jeff1I like the radio show in the morning
23:07:29langhaarrockerwhat a pity. I think some developers still crave for pictures of the guts of the fm recorder.
23:08:23jeff1why do they crave that?
23:08:47Bagderor even better, it should be "beeped" and figured out in detail
23:09:03Bagderjeff1: because our support for the FM is still lacking
23:10:37ZagorBagder: btw, I received a PortalPlayer brief. It really has dual ARM7 cores. Pure SMP fun in a tiny package.
23:11:21Bagderyou know at what freq it runs/they run?
23:11:41Zagorup to 90 MHz
23:11:54Zagorlowest is 32 kHz :-)
23:12:07ZagorI imagine it doesn't use very much power at 32 kHz...
23:12:50langhaarrockerI prefer 44.1 kHz...
23:14:16 Quit jeff1 ("Leaving")
23:22:03langhaarrockergetting sleepy
23:29:33 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:29:48Snorlaxhallo? anybody here?
23:30:04 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:29Snorlaxjust gotta tell you that an alternate firmware for the ipod is in development, check this out:
23:30:42Bagderwe know
23:30:47Snorlaxatleast that's how I understood it, correct me if I'm wrong!
23:30:48kargatronput it in the topic for a few days
23:31:11Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:31:15Zagorit's not an alternate firmware, it's just a linux port
23:31:24Zagorstill cool, though
23:31:27Snorlaxso, do u think it's gonna be able to do what rockbox did to the archos playerS?
23:31:39Snorlaxso what does that do, mean?
23:32:03Topic"feature freeze -- 2.0 soon -- and ipodlinux seems cool" by Bagder (
23:32:28BagderSnorlax: sure, they might be able to "do a rockbox" on the ipod eventually
23:33:13Snorlaxwell why do you say that's it's "just" a linux port?
23:33:22Snorlaxwhat's the difference?
23:34:29ZagorSnorlax: it takes a lot of work to go from an operating system to a ready-to-use player
23:35:26Snorlaxyeah I know, and I understand all the hard work, but with the hard work + linux port = an eventual possible firmware?!
23:35:26 Quit Bagder ("")
23:35:36Snorlaxcuz u say "just" a linux port
23:36:03MTi consider ipod to be technologically inferior to archos anyways ;)
23:36:52ZagorSnorlax: much is possible with hard work
23:37:46Snorlaxwell... isn't the linux port like the port you built in the beginning of rockbox
23:38:26SnorlaxI mean is your's easier to develop a OS from?
23:38:37ZagorSnorlax: linux is an OS. rockbox is an application.
23:39:21Snorlaxok, but with linux you can run applications, is that what this guy is trying to do?
23:39:58Zagorhe doesn't say what his goal is
23:41:19Snorlaxbut it COULD be possible, right?
23:42:59Zagoryes, absolutely
23:43:45Snorlaxcan't you in someway, through the linux port figure out how the ipod works, like you did with rockbox, right?
23:44:39Zagorthe main problem is like with the multimedia: the chip companies don't want to tell you how the chips work
23:44:59Zagorand if you sign an NDA, you are not allowed to publish the code
23:45:12Snorlaxyeah I know, that's a prob!
23:45:22Snorlaxbut he got this far..
23:45:45Zagorthat's because he is only using the pure ARM7 core and none of the fancy stuff
23:46:46Snorlaxok, can't he figure that out with the port somehow?
23:47:11Zagorhe wrote the port. he can't use his own port to find out more.
23:48:25Snorlaxok, do u know when he first got the port to work?
23:48:42Zagorpretty recently, judging from the web page
23:49:30Snorlaxso what does the patch which you can download do?
23:50:07Zagorit modifies uclinux so it will run on the ipod
23:50:30Snorlaxexcatly what is uclinux?
23:50:52Zagorlinux for mmu-less microcontrollers.
23:57:02SnorlaxGod! I'm hyped up about this!

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