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#rockbox log for 2003-02-05

00:12:34adi|workSnorlax: forgive my curtness.. but aren't you asking in the wrong place for all the ipodlinux news?
00:12:38adi|workgo to his site and read
00:12:44adi|workthats all we did.. you'll get the same info.
00:12:48*adi|work shrugs
00:13:56adi|workhmm zagor. you see the lang file > 4k comment?
00:14:10adi|workyou respond?
00:14:21Zagornope :-)
00:14:39adi|workheheh k.. i was working through my emails.. wasn't sure if it was a real bug or not
00:14:52Snorlaxk, but I wanted to know what you "firmware programers" thought about it, if he could "do a rockbox"
00:14:59adi|worka ha.. danny boy beat me to it :)
00:15:17adi|workSnorlax: with time and patience all things come to great [wo]men :)
00:15:27adi|work#define MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE 4096
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00:20:39*adi|work is away: going home
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00:34:36derfel_can anyone help? I am trying to run the simulator on linux and I get this error when I start it: load_config_buffer: header & checksum test failed
00:36:09Zagorit just means you don't have a config buffer saved. it's not an error. come it is unresponsive?
00:36:41derfel_none of the key strokes do anything
00:36:52Zagordo you have the "archos" dir?
00:37:16Zagoris this player or recorder?
00:37:23derfel_FM recorder
00:37:39Zagorwell the sim is fm agnostic :-)
00:37:50Zagordo you see any files in the browser?
00:38:16Zagordo you have any .mp3 files in the archos dir?
00:38:55Zagordid you ever see the rockbox logo?
00:39:30derfel_at first I only got that.. then after stopping and starting it again and again I finally got to the battery image at the top
00:39:38derfel_and the time on the top right
00:40:07Zagorin that case you should be seeing your files too
00:40:33derfel_I restarted and only get to the logo screen
00:41:13derfel_restarted again and now I see the files
00:41:23Zagorhmm, i'm getting that too. must be a bug in the recent lcd driver changes.
00:42:12derfel_I'd like to help with development, however I am not familiar with this code (I can/will always play) is there a list of features "in" development and which ones are being worked on and which still need developers?
00:44:25Zagormostly you can just browse the feature request tracker and pick anything you like. we also have for more general issues
00:45:05Zagoras an FM owner, you should probably focus on making the fm port more stable though
00:45:24derfel_that's fine with me..where do I start?
00:47:17Zagorhere's a few issues:
00:48:04derfel_How can to tell if the backlight is on in the simualtor?
00:48:28Zagorthe simulator doesn't simulate backlight
00:49:05derfel_that's what I thought.. I was playing with this code last week.. I called something like backlight_on() whenever a key was pressed to see if it would turn on and it didn't....
00:50:48Zagoryes. but the sim won't help much with the fm support. you need to get dirty with the real hardware.
00:51:15derfel_oh I was.. I was building the fireware file, copying to my jb and then trying it
00:51:33Zagorah, ok
00:53:07Zagorwell, i'm off to sleep. see you later!
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00:53:17derfel_g66d n5ght
01:00:33Snorlaxcan you record with rockbox yet?
01:03:18derfel_don't know −−sorry
01:19:51derfel_anyone here?
01:21:33derfel_hey... I am playing with the backlight code.. I was wondering where the
01:21:33derfel_PADR &= ~0x4000; comes from?
01:21:49derfel_meaning.. is there a spec for what the 4000 means?
01:28:13derfel_if I put printf statements in the code, once I put the fireware on the AJB, where does it print ???
01:29:07SnorlaxI know NOTHING about coding..
01:30:42derfel_o well..thanks
01:31:42 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:33:07Snorlaxnp.. =)
01:33:25Snorlaxgotta go, nightinight
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02:02:00diddystar5could someone tell me how to add the patches in the .diff format. I know how to add the ones with .c and .h files
02:02:26derfel_don't know sorry..
02:02:47derfel_I usually check out the code and build the firmware file
02:04:23 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
02:16:13derfel_nitey nite
02:16:15 Part derfel_
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03:53:36Jet8810how does anti-skip work?
04:02:41_seb_magic :)
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05:02:00alexlhjuhowdy.. i have a quick question
05:02:30alexlhjuI own the jukebox 20 gig recorder, and as of about a week ago the daily builds queueing function quit working.. is this a known bug?
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06:40:11meshugayo, anyone know what to add to this:
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06:52:37adi|homei dont get the question
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09:52:16quelsarukgood morning rockboxers
09:54:55 Join Bisoc [0] (~Bisoc@
09:54:58Bisochi all
09:56:46 Quit Bisoc ("leaving")
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10:32:24*matsl is away: I'm busy
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11:59:23Bagderordnung mu▀ sein
11:59:57Bagderpublic "firmware" headers will now be moved from the firmware dir to the firmware/include/ dir
12:01:02Bagderbut first lunch
12:23:51 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
12:24:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:24:16quelsarukre hi
12:25:33webmindricII, ?
12:25:39quelsarukZagor: did you test the mp3 ?
12:25:42ricIIwebmind !
12:25:53webmindej ric
12:26:19ricIIplayer working again?
12:26:24webmindricII, that 4.3gb hd of yours? its less chock resistand then the origal one.. and is it normal to make such a noise ?
12:26:27webmindyes it works fine..
12:26:41webmindjust the hd is load and locks p faster then te original
12:27:01ricIIthe rattle noise is normal (says so on the drive..)
12:27:08Zagorquelsaruk: no
12:27:20webminden the load spinning aswell ?
12:27:21Zagorwebmind: ibm disk?
12:27:37webmindcomes from an apple
12:28:01ricIIthat's why I replaced it my old powerbook was making to much noise :)
12:28:19Zagoribms rattle a lot
12:28:35ZagorI just bought a new 5400rpm 40giger, and it sounds like a toy :)
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12:30:23webmindwell this a 2.5" so..
12:30:36webmindreplacement for the 20gb i dropped ;)
12:30:57Zagoryeah, mine was a 2.5" too.
12:31:07ricIIbut after swapping some hw I have on the table a fujitsu & thosiba (also only 4gb:( )
12:31:36webmindZagor, ah 5400rpm 2.5" ??
12:31:51webmindricII, 4gb is ncie though.. me p1 laptop only has 700mb
12:31:55Zagoryup. they are going to release a 7200rpm too soon
12:32:07webmindricII, where u interested in the 2.5" scsi disks?
12:32:18webmindZagor, damn.. power wasters
12:32:31Zagoryeah. but they're made for small size, not small power
12:32:43ricIIyes, my little multia needs one.
12:33:12webmindricII, i'll mail wim then i think.. caus i dont think i can affort fosdem this weekend
12:34:10ricIIit now running from a rather large external.. (multia had ide but can't boot from it and is verry slow 1994)
12:37:39ricIIand somehow I don't feel verry secure with a firewall which has to bootp...
12:38:45webminduhm.. yes
12:40:37 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
12:45:00 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:45:16tracktheripperHiya all
12:51:07tracktheripperJust wondered when version 2.0 is coming out
12:51:47Schnueffthere's no date fixed yet, i think :)
12:53:21tracktheripperoh right. In the Playback menu, theres an option labelled "Anti Skip Buffer". I thought the buffer was only 2Mb
12:53:59Schnueffit controls how early the buffer is reloaded
12:54:06Schnueffit doesnt increase the buffer size
12:54:18tracktheripperoh right im with you.
12:54:34tracktheripperyea just downloaded the latest bleeding edge and i just saw that new option
13:00:13tracktheripperDoes anyone here have an FM recorder?
13:08:53quelsaruknot me
13:09:17tracktheripperjust wondered as I was thinking of getting one to replace my normal Recorder
13:09:37tracktheripperjust wondered if its any good
13:09:43quelsarukseems to be good
13:10:00tracktheripperI used to have a Creative Labs Nomad
13:10:05quelsaruknowadays.. rockbox is not working.. you cant change batt
13:10:35quelsarukis lighter, but i need a *heavy* jukebox :)
13:10:58tracktheripperyea the Recorder is almost indestructable compared to the Nomad
13:12:00quelsaruktell that to me :)
13:12:15tracktheripperQuel what Archos do you have?
13:12:21quelsaruki have the ear plug-in somehow nearly broken
13:12:32quelsaruki have an oooold recorder 6GB
13:12:47tracktherippermine is a 10Gb recorder
13:12:48quelsaruk1 year and a half more or less...
13:13:37tracktheripperI know a hack to get around SCMS in the Recorder
13:16:34quelsarukouch.... /home/rockbox/nuevo/prueba2/screens.o(.text+0x964): undefined reference to `snprint'
13:17:05quelsarukZagor: any idea?
13:17:12tracktheripperyea some sort of copy protection
13:18:11Zagorquelsaruk: it's called snprintf()
13:18:26tracktheripperoh right
13:18:27quelsaruki'm quite stupid
13:18:28tracktheripperi see
13:18:34tracktheripperits alright :)
13:18:44tracktheripperim stupid for sending THAT feature request!
13:18:49tracktherippereveryone knows about it!
13:18:53quelsaruki was thinking.. everything its ok..
13:18:59quelsaruksorry Zagor :)
13:19:15tracktheripperquelsaruk where u from?
13:19:15quelsaruki will hit myself for this ;)
13:19:23tracktheripperim from London
13:19:45langhaarrockersounds logical according to the name
13:20:17quelsaruklanghaarrocker: sounds logical that you are a heavy metal brother acording to the nickname ;)
13:20:22quelsarukand that's not really true
13:20:43tracktheripperlangharoccker what u mean by "sounds logical to the name?"
13:22:36tracktheripperIve seen the manual for the FM recorder, they suggest this website for a LINUX driver :)
13:22:49tracktheripperso even Archos are taking heed now :)
13:25:26quelsarukthe linux driver was suggested since the "beggining of the fight.... 'till the triumphal state"
13:25:41quelsarukumm.. too much metalium today :)
13:25:49quelsaruknevermind :)
13:26:03tracktheripperalready someone has wound me up over THAT feature request :)
13:26:18quelsarukwhat feature?
13:26:34tracktheripperin the Applications section in Sourceforg
13:26:41tracktheripperAuto voice transcribe?
13:27:43quelsarukwhat's that?
13:27:54tracktheripperread the request and you will see :)
13:28:05quelsaruki'm *too* lazy
13:28:39tracktheripperbasically if you do a voice recording the Jukebox will turn that into a .txt file :)
13:28:45tracktheripper((laughs his head off))
13:29:14tracktheripperdon't laugh, please don't laugh :)
13:30:04tracktheripperwell its better than the twit who wants NTFS support!
13:30:33tracktheripperOnly NT, 2000 and XP support NTFS
13:33:46tracktheripperi.e Naff Technology File System
13:38:31tracktheripperI want to have a go at compiling the code. Where do I start? Ive read the FAQ and docs and im still lost
13:39:07tracktheripperI have Windows XP
13:39:21Schnueffsomeone posted a link for a minimalistic cygwin environment to compile on the mailinglist
13:39:34tracktheripperoh right
13:39:40*Schnueff .. away (work)
13:39:41tracktheripperIs Cygwin all that is required?
13:40:07tracktheripperSo I install Cygwin. What happens next?
13:40:17langhaarrockeryou don't need all of cygwin. But be sure to install the developments stuff.
13:40:31langhaarrockernext checkout the sources
13:40:45quelsaruklanghaarrocker: it's easier if he follows that website
13:40:55*langhaarrocker shuts up
13:41:00quelsarukthere's a howto step by step
13:41:07tracktheripperoh right.
13:41:13tracktheripperWill it work With Windows XP?
13:42:59tracktheripperSo I just tweak the code in Notepad then compile it with Cygwin
13:43:02quelsarukTODO an F1 quick screen??
13:43:14quelsarukand what happens with menu browser?
13:43:21quelsarukor using a key combo?
13:44:02tracktheripperI could do with some of Zagor's help as he is the Rockbox main man :)
13:49:24 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:07:26*matsl is back (gone 03:35:02)
14:07:26 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:08:51Zagorquelsaruk: i'm more leaning towards adding these things to the menu rather than another quick screen
14:09:33quelsarukthat's why i got surprised with that TODO :)
14:09:50quelsaruki said.. that's not my Zagor.. someone changed him
14:10:16tracktheripperZagor in the quick screens only left,. right and down are used, you could use UP as well :)
14:10:37Zagortracktheripper: no we can't. up and F2/F3 use the same analog port
14:10:50tracktheripperoh right im with you
14:10:51quelsaruktracktheripper: in the on screen we use up ;)
14:11:05tracktheripperahhhh i see :)
14:11:08tracktheripperim still learning :)
14:11:15quelsarukdon't worry
14:11:50tracktheripperIm gonna make a cup of tea, who would like one?
14:12:23quelsaruknot now...
14:12:27quelsarukit's nearly lunch time
14:12:41tracktheripperok no probs. Zagor?
14:12:57 Join kargatis [0] (
14:14:00kargatisdamn trillian bug
14:14:00tracktheripperZagor I finally understand that Realizer is an EQ on sterioids, but why is the company who makes it charges so much for it?
14:14:14tracktheripperbit of a con don't you think?
14:14:19tracktheripperHi there
14:14:27Zagortracktheripper: because people pay for it, of course
14:14:54tracktheripperanyways, gonna make tea brb
14:15:09DBUGEnqueued KICK tracktheripper
14:15:09tracktheripperstepped out be back soon
14:18:44***Alert Mode level 1
14:18:44tracktheripperthere u go zagor
14:24:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:24:14*Bagder scratches head
14:24:22Bagderit huuurts
14:24:38quelsarukBagder: ??
14:24:46tracktheripperBager i have the cygwin files downloaded what do I do now?
14:24:49BagderI'm trying to sort out the include stuff
14:25:01Bagderbut I can't really make up my mind on how to do it
14:25:13quelsarukreally easy......
14:25:17Bagdertracktheripper: follow the docs?
14:25:25tracktheripperive tried but can't get it to work
14:25:37quelsarukBagder: just let zagor do it :)
14:28:45***Alert Mode OFF
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14:30:07BagderZagor: you here?
14:30:52Zagorstill fighting my stupid lock problems
14:31:12BagderI need your input. It does get messy if I put stdio.h in the same dir as kernel.h and mpeg.h etc
14:31:36Bagderbecause the simulator doesn't want the stdio.h but wants the firmware public headers
14:32:18Bagderand I had to move kernel.h from firmware/ to make the simulator build correctly
14:32:43Bagder(or I could've changed #include "kernel.h" to #include <kernel.h> in all firmware source files)
14:34:00Bagderso possibly we could make a new dir for the headers of public functions that the firmware provides
14:35:03Bagderright, and then we leave firmware/include to contain stdio.h etc
14:35:15Bagderthe clib stuff
14:35:51Bagderok, I'll move over to that system
14:36:04Bagderyou better buckle up
14:36:21quelsaruktime to go home for lunch, cu later
14:36:53Bagderyou go home for lunch?
14:37:12ZagorYESSSSSS, found the lock info. /proc/locks
14:37:25Bagderah, it shows what you need?
14:37:33Zagoryes, it shows who has the lock
14:37:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
14:38:15quelsarukBagder: that's why i'm two hours eating ;)
14:38:34BagderI start to understand now
14:38:42quelsarukhome is just 5 minutes from here... but i have to make food
14:38:47quelsaruki'm just different
14:38:55quelsarukremember that always ;)
14:39:15quelsarukdon't try to understand me.. my family never does!
14:39:17*Bagder makes a mental note to himself
14:39:50 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:48:50Bagderweirly enough *all* headers in firmware are public ;-)
14:52:44Zagorin top dir perhaps, but not in drivers
14:52:55Bagderin the top dir
14:53:01Bagdernone is in drivers
14:53:14Bagderor perhaps a few
14:57:30dwihnoAny of you guys have a DVD?
15:00:07Bagdernot even a VD ;-)
15:01:15 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:25:40 Join edx`N|A [0] (
15:48:22elinenbe___I have a DVD
15:49:11 Nick elinenbe___ is now known as elinenbe_ (
15:49:16dwihnoWhat kind of dumb region is RCE? (DVD)
15:49:35 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:49:41elinenbeah... there we go!
15:54:07BryantDAMN YOU!
15:54:20Bryantoops...sorry wrong chat room :-D
15:56:19 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:58:00tracktheripperjust went away for lunch
16:03:48 Join TheRealBeezle [0] (
16:04:35tracktheripperhi beezle
16:04:40TheRealBeezlegreatings earthlings... i came here yesterday in the search for help because my jukebox recorder does not boot anymore with the Rockbox.
16:04:54tracktheripperwhat Jukebox do you have?
16:04:55ZagorTheRealBeezle: did you get it solved?
16:05:07TheRealBeezleno it didnt work.... :(
16:05:32TheRealBeezledirectory snoop deleted the files but the same thing happened again
16:06:07tracktheripperwhat you can do is copy all your MP3s to your computer, reformat the drive then copy your MP3s back over
16:06:24TheRealBeezledid that already
16:06:35tracktheripperoh and the problem still persists?
16:06:38TheRealBeezlealso went over it with scan disk and all the other stuff...
16:06:48TheRealBeezleyup, which is really really weird now...
16:07:02tracktheripperwell im totally lost.
16:07:10TheRealBeezlebecause like the archos firmware 1,27d boots but the rockbox doesnt
16:07:14tracktheripperDo you have Windows XP or Windows 2000?
16:07:26TheRealBeezleshould i explain the whole thing to you?
16:07:37tracktherippernah its ok :)
16:07:40tracktheripperi get the picture
16:07:42TheRealBeezlei have xp...... :) (i know it suxs)
16:08:06tracktheripperwell a drastic action is to format the drive as NTFS, then format it again as FAT32
16:08:09tracktheripperworked for me once
16:08:20TheRealBeezlek ill try that quickly :)
16:10:57TheRealBeezleformating ......
16:11:10tracktheripperare u doing Quick or Full format?
16:11:18TheRealBeezlequick, is that enough?
16:11:27tracktheripperyea should work
16:11:58TheRealBeezleups ....
16:12:06TheRealBeezlejust kidding :)
16:12:27tracktheripperWhen you reformat it as FAT32 then you may unplug the USB cable
16:12:42TheRealBeezleno i dont want to try hehe .)
16:12:59tracktheripperyea the Firmware in the archos can't read NTFS
16:13:04tracktheripperonly FAT32
16:13:52TheRealBeezlethe place where i live is currently going under in snow.....its like a 24 - 7 snow storm now
16:13:59tracktheripperits dry here
16:14:36quel|lunchback again
16:14:36TheRealBeezleafter fat32 format should i just put the folder and the firmware back on?
16:14:39 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:14:46tracktheripperdo that
16:14:52tracktheripperhi Quel welcome back
16:15:21quelsarukZagor: while eating i had one of my incredibly weird thoughts :)
16:16:01TheRealBeezledang it works!
16:16:01TheRealBeezleman thx alot
16:16:01TheRealBeezlei owe u one...
16:16:09tracktheripperDid it work?
16:16:20tracktheripperlol respect :)
16:16:23tracktheripperglad to be of service :)
16:16:32TheRealBeezlelets try the new dailybuild :)
16:16:51tracktheripperI think Zagor should put that on the website Beezle
16:17:10quelsarukwe can't create a new quick screen for keylock, id3 screen and mute because we have 3 function keys, and F1 is"browse menu", so we have just 2 function keys no?
16:17:51tracktheripperit could say "how to rescue the drive of your jukebox, only works with Windows XP and 2000 though"
16:18:44TheRealBeezlea suggestion, add that under the one with the dircetory snoop, which might also be a solution
16:19:13tracktheripperMy method only works if you have 2000 or XP though
16:19:24tracktheripper98 and ME doesn't support NTFS
16:19:45*quelsaruk waiting till Zagor is awake.....
16:19:50TheRealBeezlebut they could use something like partition magic right?
16:20:05tracktheripper98 and ME can't read NTFS, full stop
16:21:00TheRealBeezlek :)
16:21:00TheRealBeezlewell so thx again
16:21:00DBUGEnqueued KICK TheRealBeezle
16:21:00TheRealBeezlekeep up the good programming or whatever, it really roxs
16:21:20 Part TheRealBeezle
16:21:27tracktheripperZagor should put that tip against Snoop
16:29:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:31:20 Part Zagor
16:31:57 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:35:26 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:50:08quelsarukZagor_: are you alive or at the valley of the kings?
16:50:22Zagor_is there a difference? ;)
16:51:01quelsarukgreat pharaons went to the valley of the kings just in death
16:51:38quelsaruk[16:18:09] <quelsaruk> Zagor: while eating i had one of my incredibly weird thoughts :)
16:51:40quelsaruk[16:19:59] <quelsaruk> we can't create a new quick screen for keylock, id3 screen and mute because we have 3 function keys, and F1 is"browse menu", so we have just 2 function keys no?
16:53:01quelsarukoki doki... i love talking to the walls.... :)
16:53:04Zagor_quelsaruk: well the ON key is used for both wps/browse toggle and dj quick menu
16:53:38quelsaruki was thinking...
16:53:46quelsarukif i'm able to do so...
16:54:23quelsarukwhy not using for example the F2 key to browse quick menus, while F3 toggles between different menus?
16:54:53quelsarukso we could have the current F2, F3, dj quick menu and the other menu in TODO ?
16:59:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:59:21*quelsaruk is afraid.... all this silence can only mean one thing... Zagor_ is going to kill me!! HELP MEEEEE
17:01:38Zagor_I don't understand what you mean
17:01:51quelsarukahhh.. just that? :)
17:02:03quelsaruklet me see if i can explain it
17:02:37quelsaruknow we have 3 quick menus (or 4 if we include recording quick menu)
17:03:10quelsaruki'll start again
17:03:33quelsarukwe have 2 quick menu screens that can be dsplayed from everywhere
17:03:38quelsarukF2 and F3
17:04:23 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:04:42quelsarukand 3 more that can only be displayed from special screens (WPS or Recording)
17:05:10quelsarukjust looking to the 2 displayed everywhere,
17:05:25quelsarukwe have just 2 Function keys, because F1 is used for browse menu
17:05:39quelsarukso we can only get 2 quick menus
17:05:55Zagor_but we haven't even filled these two. why would we want more?
17:06:19quelsaruki don't know... i was just wandering
17:06:39quelsarukbecause if we someday want a 3er menu...
17:06:56quelsarukwe need extra keys, or key combos
17:07:07Zagor_we'll solve that when we need it
17:07:23Schnueffhave down, up any meaning in the WPS, btw?
17:07:33Schnueffeh sorry
17:07:35Schnueffi'm sleeping
17:07:57Zagor_yes, volume :)
17:07:57quelsarukSchnueff: up −−>volume up down−−> volume down
17:08:05Schnueffyes, i have used that :)
17:08:27quelsarukZagor_: i told you before it was a weird thought
17:08:30Schnueffdays will come when we all dream of additional buttons :)
17:09:17Zagor_gotta go. see you later!
17:09:31 Join Cstr45x [0] (
17:09:35Cstr45xhi there!
17:09:35quelsaruki'll finish mi thought later
17:09:42 Part Zagor_
17:09:54Cstr45xive just downloaded rockbox 5 minutes again and installed it.. pretty cool!!
17:10:13Cstr45xmhmm no browsing during playing mp3s?
17:11:34elinenbeCstr45x: read the manul and faq
17:11:44quelsarukCstr45x: press ON
17:11:46elinenbeCstr45x: try hitting F1
17:11:52quelsarukto browse dir
17:11:56elinenbeCstr45x: listen to quelsaruk
17:12:02quelsarukelinenbe: it's ON :)
17:12:23quelsarukF1 is always menu browsing
17:12:31quelsarukF2 is quick menu screen
17:12:41quelsarukF3 another quick menu screen
17:13:12Cstr45xif i press on F1 it shows the general screen
17:13:27quelsarukON is WPS/browse switch and if you press it you get a DJ quick menu
17:13:34quelsarukCstr45x: read me :)
17:14:24Cstr45xaah yeah!
17:14:32Cstr45xsorry my english is not the best! im from germany
17:15:14quelsarukumm i don't see any german right now, so we have to speak in english :)
17:15:48Cstr45x;) np
17:19:45quelsarukany other problem?
17:20:02Cstr45xyeah how to edit/play playlists?
17:20:37quelsarukyou can play a playlist just by presing "play" on the file
17:20:47quelsaruknowadays you can't edit them
17:21:07quelsaruksomeone's working on that yet
17:21:44Cstr45xon it says Playlist Building is supportet
17:21:48Cstr45xt = d
17:22:01quelsarukwe can build them
17:22:14quelsarukstill in a very simple way
17:22:19quelsarukbut we can build them...
17:22:23quelsarukwe can't edit them...
17:22:27quelsarukjust build them
17:22:28Cstr45xk how to build?
17:23:20quelsarukgo to the folder from which you want to create the playlist (for example... to create a whole HD playlist got to the root folder)
17:23:41quelsarukand in Main menu (F1) press in Create playlist option
17:24:53 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:25:01 Part mecraw_
17:25:12Cstr45xthere is no playlist option. "Sound Settings" "General Settings" etc. but no playlist option
17:25:14 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:25:24 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
17:25:40 Quit elinenbe (Remote closed the connection)
17:36:33quelsarukwhich version did you use?
17:36:39quelsarukdo you
17:36:57quelsarukversion 1.4 ? daily build? bleeding edge?
17:38:05 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:38:08Cstr45xrock box 1.4 on a jukebox recorder
17:38:18quel|outtry daily build
17:38:20Cstr45xanother question.. recording is not possible?
17:38:23quel|outor bleeding edge
17:38:28quel|outit's possible
17:38:34quel|outbut only in those versions
17:38:49quel|out1.4 did'nt support that
17:38:55quel|out2.0 will support them
17:39:13quel|outdaily build is in the middle way between 1.4 and 2.0
17:39:21quel|outmust go
17:39:27quel|outbe back later
17:39:33Cstr45xk! thnx!!
17:57:57 Quit Cstr45x ()
18:12:37 Quit Hes (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
18:13:57 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:28:25 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:29:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:30quelsarukbagder has made it
18:44:00quelsarukbroke win32 simulator
18:44:08quelsarukmoving the kernel.h
18:44:20quelsaruki can now make him feel bad :)
18:59:08quelsarukoohhh edx repaired it
19:08:38 Join |orko| [0] (
19:09:20|orko|hi. i#ve got an recorder 20 and installed rockbox. it always says 'save failed. battery to low?#. But the batteries are 90%.
19:09:42adi|workwhen does it say this |orko|?
19:10:13quelsaruk|orko|: once a friend of mine had that problem
19:10:21quelsarukit was a bad partition
19:10:21|orko|evertime. if i go in the menu and change something and go back to play a file. it comes up .
19:10:42quelsarukif you can save all your files and re-format the HD i think it will work
19:11:13|orko|i#m using linux. i repartitioned it with cfdisk to win95 fat32. not win95 fat32LBA. then formatet it with mkdosfs -F 32
19:11:17adi|workahh.. yeah.. follow quelsaruk
19:11:39adi|workhmmm.. dunno then.
19:12:59|orko|another question: is it save to plug it off, after umounting it, or have i to wait for something else
19:13:14adi|workplug it off?
19:13:24adi|workyou mean unplug it?
19:13:26adi|workthe dc?
19:13:39|orko|put the usb cable off the recorder i meant
19:14:01adi|workas long as you have unmounted, then nope
19:14:06adi|workunmount, unplug.
19:15:49|orko|another question again: i have very good earphones. but when i usw them with the recorder. i hear the sounds of the machine working very loud. the archos earphones are ok. with them i don#t hear the recorder#s sound. are my earphones to good?
19:29:18 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:35 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:33:54quelsarukre -hi
19:35:26 Part kargatis
19:52:22 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:06:09 Join orko [0] (
20:06:09 Quit |orko| (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:06:09 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:06:40orkois mkdosfs -F 32 I /dev/sda correct or should i do it without -I ?
20:08:21 Quit orko (Client Quit)
20:08:40 Join |orko| [0] (
20:14:47 Join Gissehel [0] (
20:29:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:36:43|orko|i mount my recorder from /dev/sda is that correct. i read /dev/sda1 often
20:41:27 Join quelsaruk [0] (
21:14:25 Nick edx`N|A is now known as edx`tv (
21:23:34quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:23:37 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicaci├│n Saliendo")
21:28:00 Join Zagor [242] (
21:29:30 Quit |orko| ("using sirc version 2.211+ssfe+Yiff! v0.7")
21:51:09 Join edx`busy [0] (
22:00:17 Quit edx`tv (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:00:22 Nick edx`busy is now known as edx`tv (
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22:40:41adi|workZagor you around?
22:40:57adi|workregarding Fred's patch branch
22:41:04adi|workdo we have a link to his site?
22:41:10adi|workoff the home site?
22:41:16Zagornot yet
22:41:47adi|worki also mentioned to him that it may be a good idea to link any patchs he uses back to their respective page on sourceforge... for bug reports etc for the patch creators..
22:41:51adi|workany prob if he does that?
22:41:58Zagornot at all
22:42:00adi|worki figured that shouldn't bother the mailing list too much.
22:42:34adi|worki was tempted to tell him to call his release Mockbox :)
22:43:53Zagor:-) i'd suggest just calling it "Fred's tree"
22:44:03Zagorlike they do in linux
22:45:48 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:49:17adi|workand ive noticed since i started filtering that i am constantly getting dups on feature/bug reports
22:49:21adi|workand sometimes on the mailinglist
22:50:33Zagorno idea
22:53:43 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:09:21 Join aNtilaW [0] (~aNtilaW@
23:09:28aNtilaWwhere is bagder?
23:09:30adi|workhey zagor.. in emacs.. whats the option to make the switch statement nest the case statements?
23:09:36adi|workso they aren't flush with the switch statement?
23:10:39 Part aNtilaW ("Client Exiting")
23:13:07Zagoruse the new rockbox-mode.el in tools
23:13:16Zagorit fixes that, among other things
23:14:13adi|workgod.. i just looked over the chip8 source..
23:14:15*adi|work icks
23:17:59adi|workwas that file aimed at a specific version of emacs?
23:22:50Zagori don't know. matsl is the main man.
23:43:22 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
23:43:33 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:52:13 Quit edx`tv ()
23:58:26 Join Naked [0] (

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