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#rockbox log for 2003-02-06

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00:59:12Rygar666can so help me about a hd register error on a ajbrec 20 please?
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01:32:42Zagorbed time
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02:48:47mrsubwayQuestion about changing songs.
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05:02:27alexlhjuhowdy all
05:09:38alexlhjui have a question, the queueing function on the daily build i just downlaoded doesn't seem to work.. I select the file to be queued and hold down play and it just immediately skips to the selected song
05:09:45alexlhjuam i doing something wrong?
05:10:24adi|homeyeah.. i don't think its just the play button
05:10:28adi|homei think its on and play
05:13:03alexlhjualright, thanks
05:14:24alexlhjuah it didnt work for me? I hit on to select the file then once the file is selected i hold down on and press play?
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05:18:16alexlhjuah and as soon as i typed that i realised i did something wrong.. thanks for the help!
05:18:40alexlhjui'm sure ill be in here again when i do something wrong
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08:53:31calpefroschhi Bagder
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08:58:07calpefroschBagder: I did some reaearch yesterday, and have some questions
08:58:49BagderI'm about to leave for a meeting just now
08:58:51Bagderjust now
08:58:58Bagderback in a while
08:59:04calpefroschok, np
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09:47:30Zagorhi quelsaruk
09:47:32*Zagor is slow
09:51:53quelsaruki see
09:52:33quelsarukhey! i repaired yesterday my routing problems in linux, so i can use now the simulator :)
10:12:43quelsarukumm.. people is working hard today :)
10:14:52calpefroschhi quelsaruk
10:14:55calpefroschhi zagor
10:15:42quelsarukhi calpefrosch
10:18:42calpefroschi was working on the playlist browser yesterday.. and i have some questions
10:18:52calpefroschdo you have tim zagor ?
10:20:24ricIIcalpefrosch: I still have to finish my dynamic pl-code (if someone is intrested)
10:22:44calpefroschwhat does this pl-code ?
10:23:45ricIIdynamic insert, append, queue & delete.
10:24:13calpefroschit's an api ?
10:25:29ricIIapi not realy but playlist_insert(char* filename) and friends
10:26:24ricIIlooked at the current pl-code ?
10:27:37calpefroschnot yet
10:28:12 Part Zagor
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10:28:49ricIIhi webmind
10:29:15quelsarukhi webmind
10:29:26quelsarukricII: that sounds good :)
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10:30:34calpefroschricII: can you implement one function to scan the playlist( like playlist_seek ) without open/close the file every time
10:30:42ricIIquelsaruk unfortunely I had to leave it 2 weeks ago, trying to catchup..
10:31:13ricIIcalpefrosch: it's in my optimization plan..
10:33:00ricIIthe code now if even paranoid about loosing it rtc settings saving on every change (seek seek)..
10:34:15calpefroschone question, there is a function in wps_display.c ( get_dir ).. can we make it external in the .h file ?
10:38:01ricIIyou sould ask Zagor
10:41:58ricIII understood you where thinking about view(/edit??) pl in memory..
10:43:55quelsaruksomething like winamp browser i think
10:45:03Zagorcalpefrosch: yes, but move it to another file if you make it global
10:45:36ricIII asume you want to show it unshuffled... (expensive here)
10:45:39Zagoror, rather, uh. do you really want *that* function? it's pretty wps specific for %d1 %d2 etc
10:46:02Zagorsplitting a path is just a matter of calling strrchr()
10:47:43calpefroschI think this function is pretty short and easy.
10:48:21Zagorfor getting parts of a path, yes. not for splitting dir/path
10:48:24calpefroschthis: static char* get_dir(char* buf, int buf_size, char* path, int level)
10:48:36calpefroschwhere should i move it ?
10:48:50Zagordo you need multiple levels?
10:49:01Zagorthen don't use it. use strrchr()
10:49:12calpefroschjust the name.. ok I will look at strrchr
10:49:35calpefroschwhere should i put my browser app ? new file ?
10:49:53ricII apps/ ??
10:50:02quelsarukcalpefrosch: tell me when you've done the patch.. i want to try it
10:50:40calpefroschok, it will take me a few days. my spare time is *very* rare these days ( i will move next month )
10:51:06calpefroschis there a tracker for it ?
10:51:20 Part Zagor
10:51:22quelsarukyes... if sourceforge
10:51:45quelsarukyou can get into it via rockbox's website
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10:52:01quelsaruk*iN sourceforge
10:52:31ricIII have to go again :(
10:58:35calpefroschok, i will look in sourceforge
10:59:11calpefroschquelsaruk: for you i can submit the even an early path ;-)
10:59:27*calpefrosch must sort his fingers
10:59:44quelsarukdon't worry... i have to few spare time too :)
11:10:01calpefroschi have to leave to a customer... cu
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13:03:42kargatishey developers, fyi, regarding implementing the alarm clock: "Come on, it's easy!" [courtesy of a feature request note]
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13:41:31sarukhi again
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13:52:50quelsarukmy f*****ing network is getting me crazy
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14:03:01kargatis_! sorry!
14:03:14kargatis_wrong window
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14:04:15Schnueffsb knows if there are functions for "iconv" in the c library? and what their names are?
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14:08:53Schnueffah man 3 iconv :)
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14:37:31quelsarukhi again
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14:50:16elinenbeipodlinux seems cool, however there is no documentation/information on the site really..
14:55:48kargatronmore amusing than cool to me. don't actually see the interest.
15:01:57Zagorelinenbe: there is a patch. source is better than docs :-)
15:02:23Zagorwhat makes it interesting in my mind is that it means an iPod Rockbox is possible
15:02:39Zagornot that i'm planning it, just that it's possible
15:02:48Schnueffwe will assimilate
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16:20:10Schnueffhm zagor?
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16:20:27Schnueffmaybe it's not good to have words in the default WPS
16:20:42Schnueffpeople will maybe complain because of localization
16:21:11Zagori don't consider that a problem.
16:21:29Zagorif you want localised words, it's very simple to fix.
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16:25:15quelsarukZagor: thx for that... after i set the routes correctly, the network went off... and i said "Oh no! now i've *done* it!!!"
16:27:24Schnueffi dont want localization anyway :)
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17:11:19Zagorgoing home
17:11:20 Part Zagor
17:14:38elinenbe_me too!
17:14:40 Quit elinenbe_ ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
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17:55:49|orko|how to format the recorder right under linux. i formated it unter win2000 but linux can mount it wright. it tell me the device is full.
17:56:24webmind_cant ?
17:56:31webmind_did u format it as ntfs ?
17:56:42|orko|no fat32 with partition magic.
17:56:59 Part kargatron
17:57:04webmind_when u do mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
17:57:10webmind_it sez u the device is full ?
17:57:26|orko|windows recognizes it correctly and i copied rockbox on it and it works without the 'can#t save' error
17:57:31|orko|i mount /dev/sda
17:58:11PsycoXuldid you format the raw disk or the 1st primary partition? (usualy the 1st primary partition)
17:58:37|orko|with partition magic i created a primary partition
17:58:59PsycoXulwell /dev/sda is just the disk, /dev/sda1 is the first primary partition
17:59:21|orko|this doesn#t work.
17:59:55|orko|what filesystem to use. i use /dev/sda1 /pub/mp3 auto defaults,rw,user,noauto 0 0
18:00:06|orko|mount /pub/mp3/
18:00:07|orko|mount: you must specify the filesystem type
18:00:31PsycoXulmine looks like
18:00:32PsycoXul/dev/fs/jb /mnt/jb vfat defaults,noauto 0 0
18:00:45|orko|than : wrong fs type.....
18:00:56PsycoXulthe important part in your case is the vfat
18:01:19PsycoXulmount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /pub/mp3
18:01:30PsycoXulgives wrong fs type?
18:01:47|orko|or bad superblock
18:01:57PsycoXulwhich is it? heh
18:02:24PsycoXulyou have the scsi disk and usb-storage drivers loaded?
18:02:25|orko|mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,
18:02:25|orko| or too many mounted file systems
18:02:44|orko|scsi_mod is loaded and usb-storage
18:07:01PsycoXuland the archos plugged in and turned on
18:07:06|orko|i'm now going to format it with parted and make a fat32 partition. perhaps this works
18:07:13|orko|the archos works fine.
18:07:18PsycoXuldo a dmesg and see if your kernel's recognizing it
18:07:21|orko|but rockboxs doesn't
18:07:33|orko|it's recognized fully
18:07:53PsycoXulwell rockbox has nothing to do with whether it'll mount in linux
18:08:05PsycoXulif it's not mounting, than something's not being recognized properly
18:08:23|orko|it mounts under linux. the problem is...
18:09:07|orko|... if it mounts than the partiton i think is bad, because rockbox doens't work right. If rockboxs works wright, than it doesn't mount
18:10:15ken0any rockbox dev people alive?
18:10:35ken0found another MP3 bleeding edge wont play
18:10:51 Join calpefrosch [0] (
18:17:40quelsarukhi calpefrosch
18:18:00quelsarukken0: no dev here
18:18:07quelsarukat least.. none of interest
18:18:25ken0zagor was around earlier
18:18:36ken0badger too I think
18:18:52ken0which kinda leaves me with one question.. what happened to linus?
18:19:01adi|worklinus is dead
18:19:01ken0haven't seen him around lately
18:19:03adi|worki killed him
18:19:04quelsaruklinus has a personal problem
18:19:09adi|workhe's bureid in my basement
18:19:29ken0quelsaruk his wife? omg
18:19:35quelsarukzagor has gone home, and bagder too... i think
18:19:40ken0quelsaruk please tell me she's okay..
18:19:40quelsarukyups keno
18:19:42adi|worknight time there
18:20:13quelsarukkeno, i'd like to say that, but AFAIK she's still bad
18:21:01ken0okay.. I was afraid it was worse.
18:21:06calpefroschhi if (slash) { *slash=0;
18:21:12ken0poor linus
18:21:17calpefroschhi quelsaruk
18:21:30quelsarukcalpefrosch: working even here??
18:21:34quelsaruktsk.. tsk...
18:22:30calpefroschwhere can i find your playlist-patch ?
18:23:22ken0so I take it only zagor/linus are doing the mpeg thingy and will be interested in this non playable on bleeding edge mp3..
18:25:51quelsarukthink so
18:26:20quelsaruki gave zagor a mp3 with some kind of problem few days ago, but he's working hard in other things
18:26:36quelsarukso he will do that slowly :(
18:27:32calpefroschquelsaruk: where can I find your playlist patch ???
18:27:40quelsarukmy playlist patch?
18:27:44quelsarukit's not mine...
18:27:46quelsaruki mean..
18:27:53calpefroschahh, no. This was ricII ... sorry
18:27:53quelsaruki'm not doing a playlist patch
18:28:09quelsaruki was doing the Quick menu screens patch
18:28:14calpefroschricII: Can you here me ??? ( Read me )
18:28:30*calpefrosch is calling ricII
18:28:57calpefroschmaybe anybody else knows something about where to find it.
18:29:07quelsarukmaybe in the patch tracker
18:29:12quelsarukor nowhere
18:29:20calpefroschgood idea, I was search it there
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18:30:05calpefroschhmm, wait
18:30:23quelsarukit's not there
18:32:37calpefroschmy neighbour has some computer problems. i have to go there, cu l8r
18:33:34 Quit |orko| (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:34:19quelsarukyour neighbour is man or woman? :)
18:35:34 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
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19:15:32calpefroschquelsaruk: hehe, a man . But a very old friend of mine
19:15:54calpefroschhe is not very old, but a friend since 25 years
19:27:14quelsaruktoo bad then
19:27:26ricIIcalpefrosch: just got home & dinner is ready
19:27:29quelsaruki could understand that if he was *she* ;)
19:27:35 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
19:27:38quel|outsee you later
19:28:16ricIIback in ~30m
19:28:29 Nick ricII is now known as ricII|dinner (
19:51:44 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:51:47quelsaruki'm back
19:53:00quelsarukcalpefrosch: i have a sonyericsson t68i in y hands... let's see if it's as good as the siemens ;)
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20:24:53webmind_ej ricII
20:28:42ricIIwebmind_ :)
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20:34:45 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:36:22tracktheripperHiya didn't see you in here
20:36:25tracktheripperhow r u?
20:36:46quelsarukwell... a bit paranoid.. but going on
20:37:33tracktheripperim keen to know how that other person modded his Jukebox to charge from the USB port
20:53:58 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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21:17:11quelsarukseb... a long time at school
21:30:45quelsaruktime to go home!
21:30:47quelsarukcu later
21:31:47 Quit quelsaruk ("AplicaciĆ³n Saliendo")
21:33:13 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
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21:39:04calpefroschricII: Where can I get your playlist-code ?
21:40:37calpefroschcu tomorrow
21:40:41 Part calpefrosch
21:42:48 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
21:50:44 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:11:10adi|workis if more or is everyone receiveing dups of every message that 'Fred' sends out?
22:16:16 Join _seb_ [0] (
22:16:58 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
22:17:03 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
22:18:15 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
22:18:15 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
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22:33:43 Join Zagor [242] (
22:55:28adi|workare you geting dupes of all of fred's messages?
22:56:12Zagori have a dupe filter, so I don't know
22:56:20adi|worka dupe filter?
22:56:36Zagoryes, in procmail
22:57:11Zagorotherwise I get dupes everytime someone for example cc:s me on a mailing list i'm on
23:00:36adi|workahh that makes sense
23:16:37 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:16:39BoD[]hi !
23:18:28 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:19:01BoD[]yes it seems cool ;)
23:19:12BoD[]they have a good proc..
23:19:15 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:27:56 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
23:28:48 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:13 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
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23:42:20 Join kargatron [0] (
23:44:19 Quit LinusN ("Client Exiting")
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23:50:44SnorlaxAnybody who knows if Zagor has got a Ipod?
23:51:12mecrawI doubt it

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