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#rockbox log for 2003-02-07

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00:19:36adi|workSnorlax: he doesn't
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00:46:31Snorlaxjust thought I got some indications earlier..
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08:58:38calpefroschricII: where can I find your pl-code ?
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09:31:56quelsarukZagor: when i try to compile the X11 simulator, make says "there's no rule to compile panic.c..."
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09:34:52bobTHCgood morning all!
09:42:44quelsarukthat's repaired...
09:42:51quelsarukthis is really weird
09:44:59quelsarukscreenhack.h:28:22: warning: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
09:44:59quelsarukscreenhack.h:29:27: warning: X11/Xresource.h: No such file or directory
09:44:59quelsarukscreenhack.h:30:21: warning: X11/Xos.h: No such file or directory
09:45:46quelsarukdoesn't matter..
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10:02:26calpefroschSELECT /*+ first_rows */
10:02:26calpefrosch t_se.mkz, t_se.se_id, cl.cl_id,
10:02:26calpefrosch col.external_key, cl.col_id,
10:02:26DBUGEnqueued KICK calpefrosch
10:02:26calpefrosch txb_obj_id, txb_version, txt_obj_id,
10:02:26calpefrosch pic_obj_id, cl.pic_version,
10:02:28calpefrosch fil_obj_id, cl.fil_version, DATA,
10:02:32calpefrosch cl.pn_id, col.asset_type
10:02:33calpefrosch FROM t_se,
10:02:36calpefrosch t_fe,
10:02:38calpefrosch t_fedata,
10:02:41calpefrosch t_fecontentlink cl,
10:02:44calpefrosch collection col
10:02:46calpefrosch WHERE t_se.pub_id = p_pub_id
10:02:49calpefrosch AND t_se.mkz = p_mkz
10:02:51calpefrosch AND t_fe.mkz = t_se.mkz
10:02:54calpefrosch AND t_fe.min_card = t_se.se_id
10:02:57calpefrosch AND t_fedata.se_id = t_fe.se_id
10:03:01calpefrosch AND t_fedata.mkz = t_fe.mkz
10:03:01calpefrosch AND t_fedata.pv_id = p_pv_id
10:03:05calpefrosch AND cl.sed_id = t_fedata.sed_id
10:03:07calpefrosch AND cl.mkz = t_fedata.mkz
10:03:09calpefrosch AND col.col_id = cl.col_id
10:03:12calpefrosch AND col.mkz = cl.mkz
10:03:14calpefrosch AND cl.col_id IS NOT NULL
10:03:18calpefrosch AND cl.txb_obj_id IS NULL
10:03:19calpefrosch AND cl.txt_obj_id IS NULL
10:03:24Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:03:26calpefrosch AND cl.pic_obj_id IS NULL
10:03:27calpefrosch AND cl.fil_obj_id IS NULL
10:03:27calpefroschwrong window error, sorry
10:03:29calpefroschbig SQL
10:03:37Schnueffhopefully nothing confidential :)
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10:03:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:03:50*Bagder was this −−-> <−−- close to kick calpefrosch ;-)
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10:04:05DBUGQ-Sent KICK calpefrosch to server
10:04:05Kick(#rockbox calpefrosch :No flooding!) by logbot!
10:04:11Zagoroops :)
10:04:28Bagderhe's a tough bastard, he doesn't forget easily
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10:06:11>>>"action looks at calpefrosch" by Zagor (
10:06:16quelsarukBagder: how close have you been anytime to kick me away?
10:06:38BagderI have the urge all the time ;-P
10:06:50quelsaruki must work harder then
10:07:00*Bagder chuckles
10:07:18*calpefrosch has to seperate work from private ;-)
10:07:54Bagderits better to make your hobby your work
10:09:31calpefroschyes, I treid
10:09:36quelsarukBagder: you did that.. and look at you now....
10:09:45quelsarukthat's not a good idea
10:09:47Bagderthat's a good argument ;-)
10:11:05*calpefrosch has to buy food...
10:11:23calpefroschI cannot earn money with my hobby
10:11:49quelsarukbtw Bagder, next time you go to nerja, ask someone to explain you what does the "malafolla granaina" mean :)
10:12:23BagderI promise
10:13:25quelsarukcoffee time
10:13:27quelsaruksee you later
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10:30:48calpefroschhow should we start the playlist-viewer ?
10:31:06calpefroschwhich key/menu ?
10:31:34BagderI think we need to make one key-combo a kind of "act on this directory entry" screen
10:31:58Zagorbut there are so many things you can do on a file.
10:32:19Bagderyes, but what's the alternative?
10:32:32Zagora menu :-)
10:32:56calpefroschlike a context-menu ?
10:33:02Bagderthe menu must be brought up from the dir browser
10:33:07Bagderwhen we have a file "selected"
10:33:16Bagderhow else will be select which file it concerns?
10:33:24Bagderwill we
10:34:07Zagoryeah, well we can still have a menu "file operations" that acts on the selected file.
10:34:20Bagderright, that's what I meant
10:34:34Bagderbut you mean we go there with f1 as usual?
10:35:04Zagoryes, I think so. recorders could have a key combo too, but players probably can't
10:35:17Zagorwhy not just RIGHT on a playlist to browse it?
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10:38:05calpefroschsecond, should it display the playlist shuffled or not ?
10:38:39Bagderprepare for rearrange
10:38:57calpefroschwhat do you mean ?
10:38:58Bagder10... 9... 8... 7...
10:39:14Bagderread my latest mail
10:42:00*Zagor buckles up
10:42:22Zagorcalpefrosch: you should probably have both options.
10:42:43Zagorthe browser can be used for looking at what songs come next, in which case you must support shuffle.
10:42:52Zagorbut for editing, it must support unshuffled too
10:43:46 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:46:33Bagderseems to build still
10:52:58>>>"convert 21 inches" by Zagor (
10:53:33>>>"convert 8 inches" by Zagor (
10:55:04>>>"convert 2 miles" by Zagor (
10:55:09 Join kargatis [0] (
10:55:24>>>"convert 10 rods" by Zagor (
10:55:36*Bagder bows in the presence of kargatis
10:56:13*kargatis deserves no bowing. Perhaps a nod?
10:56:43*Bagder rises and nods ;-)
11:03:53Bagderwe do export lots of stuff to the apps
11:05:39Bagdertoo much imho
11:06:23Bagderit'll be more obvious when I do my next commit
11:15:11BagderI think I'm fine
11:18:02ZagorBagder: I think Mike was referring to the CVS-help page
11:21:32Bagderme fix
11:32:35 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
11:34:03Bagdernot a bad idea
11:37:33Bagderfirst I gotta see the next build
11:42:23Bagderah, better
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11:47:13 Join e-Jah [0] (
11:47:43e-Jahhi all
11:49:50e-Jahrockbox support Archos Jukebox Multimedia plz ?
11:55:20 Quit Bagder ("")
12:01:09e-Jahoki, is there an other project for archos jukebox multimedia ?
12:07:02*e-Jah est allÚ: tv
12:17:00Zagore-Jah: no
12:22:39 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
12:23:00quelsarukhey Zagor, my coffees are as long as my lunches :)
12:23:27Zagordo you ever work? ;)
12:23:54quelsarukI'm spanish, not swedish
12:25:39quelsarukcu l8r
12:25:45quelsaruktime to work hard
12:27:00 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicaci├│n Saliendo")
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12:30:30*e-Jah est de retour de tv aprŔs 23 mins 27 secs
12:30:46e-JahZagor: ok thx
12:33:56Zagore-Jah: there is a yahoo group where there was some discussion, but nobody really wanted to do anything, everyone just wanted someone else to do the work...
12:34:22e-JahZagor: arf
12:35:12e-JahZagor: i would like help to develop something, but i haven't got the hardware knowledge to begin....
12:35:38ZagorI tried to get them to at least open up the unit and take some photos, but nope.
12:35:38e-Jahif someone can "break" the hardware, then .....
12:37:03calpefroschZagor: after the archos company knows the rockbox and want to give the rockbox software with the device, they could give the info to them/us
12:37:24Zagore-Jah: there are other problems, too. the Texas Instrument cpu is under strict NDA.
12:37:49e-JahNDA ?
12:37:53Zagorcalpefrosch: you wish. I have asked, they refuse.
12:38:15calpefroschi could explode.. these .... argh
12:38:28Zagore-Jah: Non-Disclosure Agreement. I.e you have to sign a contract not to reveal any details. Such as your source code.
12:38:54e-Jahit sucks :/
12:39:15e-Jahbut if we "discover' how it works ?
12:39:27calpefroschi want the days back, when you get all information for a chip for free
12:39:30Zagorit's hard to "discover" a whole cpu
12:39:58Zagoractually, the cpu part is easy. that's just an ARM core. it's all the other things in the chip we need docs for.
12:40:42calpefrosche-Jah: do you like the multimedia jukebox ? is it cool ?
12:41:02e-Jahbecause it's the TI chip who does all (mp3, divx... decoding ) ?
12:41:17e-Jahcalpefrosch: yes i like it, i found it cool :)
12:41:34e-Jahcalpefrosch: but the Archos software for it .... sucks ;)
12:41:46calpefroschdo you watch movies on this small screen ? I thought it could be too small..
12:42:08Zagore-Jah: not mp3, but divx yes.
12:42:24e-Jahyes, i think it's not too small...and you can put it on tv ;)
12:42:40calpefroschahh, that's cool
12:43:12e-JahZagor: but in a first time it could be cool to do something juste fro the mp3 ... no ? or it is not possible ?
12:44:19Zagore-Jah: it's very difficult, since the multimedia doesn't load firmware files. you need to burn in the new firmware, replacing the old...
12:45:07e-JahZagor: hum, to update the archos firmware on multimedia you only put a file in the root directory...
12:45:07Zagore-Jah: have you seen any mention of a procedure you can follow if a firmware update would fail? a sort of emergency exit?
12:45:35Zagore-Jah: really? don't you need to explictly tell it to update?
12:46:20*Zagor searches archives
12:48:03e-JahZagor: oups
12:48:07e-Jahsee that :
12:48:15e-Jah1. Drag-and-Drop the Archos Firmware file AJBM.ajz into Jukebox Multimedia Drive/Icon.
12:48:18e-Jah2. Safely disconnect unit from your Computer.
12:48:20e-Jah3. Turn the JBMM (Jukebox MultiMedia) power back on, press the SETUP key (F1), arrow
12:48:23e-Jah down to SETTING and UPDATE FIRMWARE. Press on setup key F1 (YES) to confirm and upgrade.
12:48:27e-Jah Once the upgrade is done, press any key to continue.
12:48:29e-Jah4. Restart JB, the new firmware version can be confirmed in the Menu, Setup, Settings and
12:48:32e-Jah Firmware Version.
12:48:33*e-Jah shut up !
12:49:05Zagorwhat if the update fails?
12:49:16Zagorif you pull the power while it's running?
12:49:28e-JahZagor: i search ...
12:54:28 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
12:54:30e-Jahmaybe can we ask for that to their Support ?
12:55:00e-JahHello, i've maid an update of the firmware but it has failed, how to return to the initial situation ?
12:55:04e-Jahno ?
12:56:20Zagoryeah. but you probably need to be able to answer specific detailed questions.
12:56:44 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:57:28 Quit s0be (Client Quit)
12:57:35quelsarukzagor, do you know the name of Thor's hammer? the nordic god.... i need it :)
12:57:40e-Jahbut to begin something, to test, if we know how to return to the initial situation it could be suffisent, no ?
12:57:46 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
12:57:50Zagore-Jah: yes
12:58:05*Zagor hands quelsaruk Thor's hammer
12:59:13e-JahZagor: but to mail them i need some help....because my english is very poor, else i post the same line i have posted here ? ;)
13:00:36e-Jahha, they have a technical support in France :)
13:00:57Zagori would assume so, since they are french :)
13:01:03e-Jahi write a mail...
13:05:03e-Jahok, i have send it, now we must wait... ;)
13:06:57quelsaruki don't need the hammer... just the name
13:07:26quelsaruki know i'm a bit *strange*, but i thought you had assumed that :)
13:09:00Zagoroh. hmm, is it Mj÷lner perhaps?
13:09:22Zagoryup, that's it
13:10:40quelsarukand Odin's sword? just if you don't mind... my nordic mithology is a bit poor :)
13:10:48quelsarukok.. *too* poor
13:13:45Zagoruhm, I don't know
13:14:22quelsarukdon't worry
13:14:37quelsarukit's not a matter of life or death
13:16:13ZagorHe has a spear called Gungner. I can't find a name for his sword.
13:18:10quelsarukit's something like valmunga or... something like that
13:18:12 Quit e-Jah (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:20:07Zagorit doesn't seem to be very important. only his spear is mentioned in most of the tales.
13:24:50Hadakaumm.. about the isd200 unlock patch for linux
13:24:51quelsarukGungner is the important one no?
13:25:06quelsarukthx Zagor :)
13:25:21Hadakadoes that thing work for recorder 20 as well - eg. isd300 chip? the isd200 driver isn't used there, only SCSI-over-BulkOnly
13:25:52Zagorquelsaruk: yes. Gungner is the weapon he uses when riding on Sleipner
13:26:10ZagorHadaka: no, the isd200 patch only works for the isd200
13:26:59Hadakaso.. can the recorder 20 even lock itself? or has this only been seen with isd200 using units?
13:29:58ZagorHadaka: I don't know
13:31:36ZagorI would expect the 20 to be able to get locked too, since it's the disk and not the archos
13:34:34 Join e-Jah [0] (
13:35:20 Part Zagor
13:35:39 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:36:09s0beofftopic: need a recomendation: I'm gonna buy a palmtop PC.
13:40:21 Part Zagor_
13:40:43 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:40:51 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:41:31 Quit e-Jah ("leaving")
13:47:10Zagor could be a good idea for the rockbox web site
13:50:27Schnueffhow to supply a repeat count for a command in emacs?
13:50:48Schnueffsb knows?
13:51:57Schnueffthnx from a vim user :)
13:53:11quelsaruki also use vim :)
13:53:25Hadaka...or just type meta-numbers
13:53:33quelsarukRustic men for President!!!
13:54:41Schnueffi'm in #vim on a different server, i didnt want to ask there :)
14:07:12 Join ken0 [0] (~marklar2@
14:12:06ZagorI think I'll to add a "play whole disk" menu entry that simply creates a playlist and starts it. people will cheer that you don't need a playlist to play the whole disk...
14:14:24 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
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14:47:31calpefroschi have to go. cu
14:48:12 Quit calpefrosch ("leaving")
15:09:47 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
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15:42:00 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:43:10langhaarrockerArgh!! I left my jukebox at the practice room! Now I've got to spend a weekend without. Do I have a chance to survive?
15:45:32Zagorlanghaarrocker: looking bad
15:46:58langhaarrockerquelsaruk: I might need one of your goats.
15:50:57langhaarrockerdo I see that right? A new dir in cvs? Files moved? And noone updated the modules file of cvs?
15:51:34 Part kargatis
15:52:46 Join xam_ [0] (
15:53:00langhaarrockeroh, the export dir works.
15:59:41 Nick xam_ is now known as xam (
16:03:31Zagorlanghaarrocker: the new dir is part of the firmware module
16:13:06 Join calpefrosch [0] (
16:17:07calpefroschmaybe this is a dump question, but does anybody fixed the x-simulator build yet?
16:19:26calpefroschhmm, no answer ? then this *is* a dump question
16:19:37 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe|away (
16:20:22xamwhat's a dump question? do I need a litter box for that?
16:20:50 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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16:42:06quelsarukwas the x-simulator broken?
16:50:22Zagorworks for me
16:51:55quelsarukmine doesn't but that's normal..
16:52:14quelsarukif my jukebox works perfectly, them my computer doesn't...
16:52:44quelsarukand if everything's going on... i really frightened, 'cause something horrible will happen then
16:53:47*xam wonders whether i should dare to install freebsd5 or debian
16:53:56quelsaruk[16:19:44] <calpefrosch> maybe this is a dump question, but does anybody fixed the x-simulator build yet? <−−- this made me think it was a rockbox problem :)
16:54:35quelsarukxam, you should ask me what i would install.. and then install the other one ;)
16:54:46xamokay, I ask you :)
16:55:00ZagorI'd pick debian
16:55:11Zagormaybe becuase I already use it :-)
16:55:14xamI have debian running here everywhere (on MANY differnent architectures).
16:55:14Zagordebian rocks
16:55:38quelsaruknononononono Zagor, i said debian.. so you should say freebsd5
16:55:55*Zagor sends quelsaruk a floppy with win 3.1
16:56:11quelsarukhey! i never used win3.1
16:56:28quelsaruki was using a 8086 while everyone had a 486
16:56:38quelsarukand mine worked better than the others :)
16:56:52xamand debian would be the obvious choice for my laptop (it worked flawlessly earlier). Moreover when I do research I should have the same OS on both the desktop and laptop - HOWEVER FreeBSD5 seems to offer real cool features
16:58:24Zagorxam: such as?
16:58:56 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:00:27xamTrustedBSD framework, at least a somewhat stable kernel interface, and default gcc-3.2 (which i need for my work). 4.7 was running faster than linux-2.4 on my laptop before.
17:00:50Zagordebian uses gcc-3.2 too
17:00:58Zagorwell, not debian stable of course
17:01:10xamZagor I could install gcc-3.2 on debian, but many C++libraries are still compiled under 3.0 or 3.1 in debian
17:01:31Zagorwhy would you want to use c++ ? :)
17:01:51xamZagor I'm running just testing here on at least 4 different platforms
17:02:02xamzagor :) PhD thesis
17:02:18Zagorpoor you
17:03:24xamZagor actually I'm coding in ObjC, C and Java, refactoring C++ (and other) code, so at least I have to be able to compile C++ programms
17:04:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:04:27xamZagor well blame gcc. IT just creates an good abstract syntax trees for C and C++ programms.
17:05:48Zagorgiving C++ to the average programmer is like a giving a chainsaw to a five year old. yeah, it's powerful, but you know things are about to get messy...
17:07:12xamThat's what my project is about. To (semi-)automatically improve object-oriented code (C++ in this example). The project will be implemented in C/ObjC, the GUI probably in Java
17:08:02Zagorcool. let us know when you have something to show.
17:08:50xamZagor started designing october, started implementing january ;) still LOTs to do ;)
17:10:03xamthat's the reason why I bought an archos ... I just need LOTS of relaxing music when I code :))))
17:10:12Zagorgoing home. bye!
17:10:13 Part Zagor
17:10:24 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:10:34elinenbe_adi|home: you here?
17:10:48 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
17:14:04quelsarukhi elinenbe
17:14:11elinenbequelsaruk: hi
17:14:21adi|homeelinenbe: whats up?
17:14:24 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:14:36*adi|home is away: brushing teeth
17:14:43 Quit elinenbe_ (Client Quit)
17:15:08elinenbeadi|home: stop brushing your teeth −− I need to talk to you! :)
17:16:37adi|homewhats up?
17:20:39elinenbeadi|home: you have been working on the sokoban code −− right?
17:22:20adi|homewhats up?
17:22:21elinenbeare you going to commit any of the code before 2.0?
17:22:39adi|homeits all post 2.0 changes
17:22:41elinenbeI was going to fix it up a little, but if you are working on it why should I bother?
17:22:59elinenbeyou shuold at least commit the fix when you undo how it backs up a step.
17:23:06elinenbethe moves don't count −− I mean!
17:23:28adi|homebe patient ;)
17:23:43elinenbeI am going to commit the fix then.
17:24:02elinenbeI have a bunch of little commits that need to be done before 2.0
17:24:27adi|homei mean.. the sokoban isn't mission critical
17:24:53elinenbeno −− but it is nice to clean up everything before the commit
17:25:11elinenbethe ID3 viewer is missing genre and year
17:26:52adi|homeand on that note.. im off to the office ;)
17:27:01elinenbehave fun
17:27:53quelsarukdon't work too hard
17:40:21 Join Rattlehead [0] (
17:40:41RattleheadHello all.
17:41:53Rattleheadany developers here?
17:42:39Rattleheadis there a normal (windowed) way to convert the lang files to lng?
17:43:30quelsarukthere is :)
17:43:40Rattleheadah.. now i can die peacfully :)
17:43:56quelsarukor not..
17:44:13quelsarukwait a minute till i remember
17:44:29Rattleheadsure.. 55 seconds left
17:44:54quelsarukdo u have perl?
17:45:21quelsaruknow i remember binlang is a perl script.. you can only use it if you have perl
17:45:23RattleheadOh.. i'm a pure microsoft user.... (yes.. i know.. stop making fun out of me)
17:45:40quelsarukRattlehead: i have win2k now :)
17:45:51quelsarukyou can download perl for windows
17:46:13Rattleheadis it big? free? easy to use? worth it? :)
17:46:13quelsarukso.. you could use binlang script.. i think :)
17:46:27quelsarukit's free.....
17:46:36Rattleheadmaybe i'll just code that script in another language... got it?
17:46:41quelsarukbig.. not for me.. but don't trust me
17:47:25quelsarukthat's another option
17:47:59Rattleheadwell.. that will be my contrib to the project.. how nice of me ..
17:48:55quelsaruka good contrib
17:49:02Rattleheadso... can i get the perl script?
17:49:16quelsarukit's in tools
17:49:26quelsarukyou can get it from sourceforge...
17:49:30quelsarukor using cvs
17:51:02Rattleheadhmm.. damn.. my explorer just crushed.. here we go again..
17:51:16quelsaruki can send it to you via dcc...
17:51:31Rattleheadthat would be nice
17:52:01quelsarukthere you are
17:52:10 Quit Rattlehead (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:53:58 Join Rattlehead [0] (
17:54:16Rattleheadthat was fun. now my client got bugged..
17:55:49quelsarukit crashed
17:56:10Rattleheadbig time. but i got the file, thank you.
17:56:41quelsaruknot at all
17:58:47quelsaruki hope that works
17:59:32Rattleheadseems notmal.. you don't have the specs for the LNG file, ha?...
18:00:19Rattleheadah.. nm.. i'll figure it out.. :)
18:01:16Rattleheaddo you know perl?
18:02:06quelsarukjust a little bit
18:02:15quelsarukbagder is the guru :)
18:02:27quelsarukhe's the one who made all these scripts
18:02:34Rattleheadwhat "%c%c%s\X00" equal to? (i hope thats basic...)
18:03:02Rattleheadlooks like some kind of a string
18:06:06quelsaruk1 min
18:06:57Rattleheadoh.. i think i got the main part of it. <00><00><01>"text text text"<00><00><02>"text text text"... etc'
18:07:20Rattleheadnow bagder is looking at the log and thinks to himself (this guy must be kidding...:))
18:07:23quelsarukbut i don't know what is that \X00
18:07:45quelsaruki hope he doesn't read the log
18:09:01Rattleheadbut it's for a good cause... so the non-scripted users could make their own lng files... for us. the simple users. that still don't know how to program the VCR.. (flag in the background...)
18:11:13Rattleheadok. fun meeting you. catch yha l8r (with a windowed LNG file maker...)
18:11:36quelsarukRattlehead: %c means a character and %s is a string... but \x00 dunno
18:11:57quelsarukthe %c and %s is like %d in printf() in c
18:12:53Rattleheadthink i figured it out ... good thing i still remember C. so long since the last time i coded something.. well.. see yha .
18:12:54quelsarukumm.. maybe too late :)
18:13:09 Part Rattlehead
18:30:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:49:18 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:51:30 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
18:59:50quelsarukhas anyone tested the patch that changes the F2 quick menu screen?
19:04:39 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:05:33 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:05:37elinenbequelsaruk: yeah, I like it
19:05:50quelsarukthis crashed :)
19:06:03quelsarukelinenbe: you are talking about the patch?
19:07:52quelsaruki've updated it, and tracking a new version
19:08:01quelsarukcould you tell me what would you change?
19:08:16quelsarukit works on the F2, F3 and the Recording_F2 screens
19:12:27quelsarukelinenbe: do you know how to delete a file in the patch tracker?? i can't delete old apps.diff
19:12:59quelsarukFile Delete: ArtifactFile: Permission Denied
19:18:40 Join adi|work [0] (
19:20:45quelsarukhi adi|work
19:20:53adi|workstupid work machine rebooted
19:21:36quelsarukmine did that every half-day...
19:21:39quelsarukat lunch time
19:21:47quelsarukand didn't know why...
19:22:52quelsarukuntil i found out why.... we have a cleaner, and she saw everyday my computer powered on and turned it off to clean the screen.
19:54:09 Join Zagor [242] (
19:55:49ZagorArchos' next unit, the 340:
19:56:58 Quit ricII (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:59:41 Nick calpe|away is now known as calpefrosch (
19:59:41 Quit Zagor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:00:29calpefroschquelsaruk: hi
20:00:55quelsarukhi calpefrosch :)
20:02:04calpefroschplease forget this afternoon-question about the sim-build...
20:02:27calpefroschI was in a hurry
20:03:50quelsarukdon't worry
20:03:54calpefroschso the latest cvs builds fine ?
20:04:13calpefroschein?? what means that ?
20:04:25quelsaruk1) the cvs is fine
20:04:50quelsaruk2) ein is like a "what???????!!!!!!" in Andaluz
20:05:12calpefroschand jajajaja
20:07:21quelsarukjajajajja??? == hehehehehe == hahahaha == juas.. juas.. juas... just laughting (spanish version.... i'm intoxicated with spanish way of life) ;)
20:08:21adi|worki see jajajajaj continuously from stupid chilians on the q2 server i play on.
20:08:22calpefroschah, because jajajaja means in german yes yes yes yes
20:10:53calpefroschok, now the cvs build is ok
20:11:13quelsarukare you calling me stupid??? ;)
20:11:13calpefroschok, i have to go now. cu
20:11:34quelsarukcu calpefrosch :)
20:12:02calpefroschme ? why `
20:12:18calpefroschwhy should i call you stupid ?
20:12:20 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12:29quelsaruknot you.. adi|work
20:12:52adi|workahh.. well.. umm..
20:12:54adi|workyes ;)
20:12:57calpefroschyes, I see. l8r
20:13:02quelsaruk<adi|work> i see jajajajaj continuously from stupid chilians on the q2 server i play on.
20:13:05 Part calpefrosch
20:14:33quelsarukadi|work: i will tell that to daddy Zagor ;)
20:15:35quelsaruklet's hear some good heavy metal
20:15:43quelsaruki need to wake up :)
20:16:29 Join Zagor [242] (
20:16:42 Join Gissehel [0] (
20:17:10quelsarukDaddy Zagor!!! adi|work called me stupid!!! tell him something!!!
20:18:01quelsarukwhat the hell is the archos 340??
20:18:12quelsarukit's like a pda or something like that??
20:18:19quelsaruka pda with Hd??
20:18:42Zagorlook at the pictures. looks mighty cool.
20:18:58quelsarukthe *monster* paypal will pay for next rockbox development??
20:19:27quelsaruklooks cool, but needs rockbox to be cool enough
20:30:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:51quelsarukZagor: i need your help once more
20:34:24quelsaruki've sent to the patch tracker another version of my Quick menu screens patch
20:34:38quelsarukbut, i'm not able to delete the old apps.diff
20:34:57quelsaruki though i had deleted it, and now there are 2 apps.diff :)
20:35:25quelsarukare you able to delete the old one??
20:36:47quelsarukthx boss :)
20:50:12 Join Slacker [0] (
20:51:20quelsarukhi Slacker
20:54:08Slackergotta run... have a good one all
20:54:12 Part Slacker
20:58:06 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
21:03:31quelsarukZagor: now that it's nearly weekend (20 minutes for me).. do u have time for my strange mp3??
21:23:32quelsaruktime to go home
21:23:54quelsarukcu tomorrow or monday morning
21:24:30 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:37:15 Join ricII [0] (
21:50:55 Join mojoski [0] (
21:51:02mojoskihello all
21:51:25mojoskianyone got time for a quick question?
21:52:24mojoskihow stable are the nightly builds? I've been running the last release on my archos recorder 15 for a while now and thought I'd help test the newer builds.. any recommendations on which to grab?
21:52:40mojoskianyone running last nights build? are the nightlys usually pretty solid?
21:53:22mojoskihas the feature freeze takenplace yet?
21:54:02adi|workit has
21:54:11adi|workand the nightly builds are as stable as the code is.
21:54:18adi|workdepends on what has been added at the time
21:54:31adi|workthe only thing we assure to be very stable are the releases
21:54:38adi|workanything more then that and you take your chances
21:54:54mojoskiof course..
21:55:02mojoskibut I was just asking for a personal opinion..
21:55:24mojoskiok, well, I'll try the latest then..
21:55:45adi|workwel.. i think its stable
21:55:46adi|worki run it :)
21:55:54adi|workcourse.. im a dev so ;)
21:55:59mojoskiwhat's your fav new feature?
21:56:07mojoskiover 1.4 I mean
21:56:16adi|workhmmm.. tough call
21:56:26mojoskiis it a pain to get the cross-compiler env setup?
21:56:28adi|workones that i use or just features in general?
21:56:34adi|workdepends.. what os are you on?
21:56:41mojoskilinux or windows..
21:56:42adi|workoverall.. recording
21:56:48adi|workwithout a doubt, recording
21:56:50mojoskiwhichever is easier to setup the cross comp on. hehe
21:56:56adi|workahh.. well.. go linux
21:56:57mojoskiahh nice..
21:57:01adi|workthe directions are very clear
21:57:04mojoskieasy enough..
21:57:06adi|workand i haven't had any prob with it
21:57:18mojoskicool.. I'll grab last night's build then and give it a shot..
21:57:27mojoskisame install procedure?
21:57:30adi|workwell.. cook the cross compiler, then dl :)
21:57:33mojoskijust unzip onto USB drive root?
21:57:46mojoskiI'll start with the binaries..
21:57:55adi|workwait a min..
21:57:59adi|workim lost..
21:58:02mojoskiI did make a donation via paypal today however..
21:58:07adi|workyou want to dl the nightly binaries right?
21:58:11adi|workwoohoo :)
21:58:11mojoskiI was just wondering about the cross compiler..
21:58:16*adi|work nods
21:58:17mojoskinot setting that up today..
21:58:18adi|workgot ya..
21:58:27adi|workk.. play with the nightlies then :)
21:58:36mojoskiwill do
21:59:01mojoskiyo're not bjorn, are ya?
21:59:35mojoskiwell, thanks for the work on rockbox.. it's been quite a pleasure for me to use..
22:00:05mojoskithe incremental speedup on ff and rew, and the autoresume play made it worth the donation alone..
22:00:18mojoskilistening to big audiobooks with the orignal firmware is a pain in the ass.. hehe
22:01:01mojoskiadi, are you bjorn?
22:01:05adi|worknope :)
22:01:13adi|workyour looking for Zagor :)
22:01:47mojoskijust curious..
22:01:54mojoskione last question (i hope it's the last)
22:02:09adi|workhey.. Zagor?
22:02:11mojoskido I just stick the .ajx file in the root dir?
22:02:12adi|workcvs server: [13:01:45] waiting for zagor's lock in /cvsroot/rockbox/uisimulator/win32/Release
22:02:26adi|workmojoski: ajz yup...
22:02:40mojoskiand name it the same as the ajz file that is there now?
22:02:43adi|workyou can just overwrite the one thats there (assuming you don't want the old one)
22:02:52adi|workor if you want
22:02:57adi|workrename the old one
22:03:00adi|workand you can rolo toit
22:03:00mojoskirename and save older
22:03:10mojoskieasy enough
22:03:14mojoskiyou guys rock
22:03:15adi|workwe try ;)
22:04:45mojoskiuisimulator? that sounds interesting..
22:05:07mojoskian env to test the fonts and such in?
22:06:09 Join edx [0] (
22:07:09adi|workand any code changes you may want
22:07:19adi|workand you can use it w/o a crosscompiler
22:07:19mojoskiso it emulates the whole device, huh?
22:07:29mojoskiruns under linux?
22:07:44adi|workits what many of use used for high level dev until the low level stuff was done
22:08:57mojoskiquick question..
22:09:21mojoskijust rebooted my recorder with the latest nightly build and it seems my battery meter went from about 2/3 full to like 1/3 full
22:09:32mojoskiis the batteyr code on the new version just more acurate, you think?
22:10:42adi|workdunno to be honest
22:10:59mojoskialso, I've found some info on how to use the archos player and recorder to listen to content.. you think Zagor would want me to write it up and submit as an FAQ answer?
22:13:17adi|workhow to do it?
22:14:34mojoskithere is a nice app called Goldwave that will convert content to plain MP3s
22:14:37mojoskiquite handy
22:14:58mojoskijust got done listening to John Grisham's The Summons that I bought from last week
22:15:17mojoskiI know most people are probably stumped by that..
22:15:44adi|workright.. ive used Goldwave
22:15:57adi|workbut that doesn't really answer the question on how to play it on rockbox...
22:16:07adi|workthe answer is the same. We can't play non-mp3 files on the unit
22:16:16adi|workif they want to convert, thats their buisness.
22:16:34adi|workand frankly, making alink to all the utils that are out there... or for all the formats.. im against that ;)
22:18:14 Nick xam is now known as yawa_xam (
22:18:50mojoskiwell, that makes sense..
22:19:00mojoskiit doesn't really have anything to do with rockbox..
22:19:56 Nick yawa_xam is now known as xam (
22:20:37mojoskiwhat is the black box next to the repeat mode icon on the top of the screen?
22:20:53mojoskibetween repeat mode icon and volume meter?
22:22:59mojoskiany idea?
22:23:53mojoskiI see
22:23:58mojoskithat's the play mode icon..
22:24:08mojoskiit's a black square cause I'm not playing anything..
22:25:35mojoskican I bug you with one more question, adi?
22:25:48mojoskiyou still there?
22:29:57mojoskiis there any combo of key presses that does like an instant 30 second rewind? like on a Tivo?
22:30:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:34:18mojoskiguess I lost ya
22:50:03 Quit mojoski ("Leaving")
23:09:47 Quit s0be (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:54:47 Nick edx is now known as edx`afk (

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