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#rockbox log for 2003-02-08

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00:36:25adi|workhey linus
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01:55:44elinenbeLinusN: hi there! long time no see.
01:58:37LinusNcongratulate me! it's my birthday to day!
01:59:57Jet8810congrats! :)
02:00:01Jet8810whatcha get? :)
02:00:10*LinusN is very old
02:00:20LinusN34 years
02:00:24Jet8810well since YOU said it...
02:00:27Jet8810oh heh
02:00:29Jet8810was about to ask how old
02:00:31Jet881034 is young :)
02:02:26Jet8810what presents did you get?
02:03:02LinusNnone yet
02:03:10LinusNthey are all asleep
02:03:20LinusNit's 2am here
02:04:02LinusNactually, it's 1 hour left until my exact birth time :-)
02:04:15LinusNbut i celebrate anyway
02:04:30LinusNmy present to myself: hack some rockbox
02:05:43SnorlaxLinus u heard about linux ipod?
02:06:23LinusNi heard about it
02:07:17Snorlaxwhat u think about it? can they "do a rockbox"?
02:07:39LinusNi dunno, if they have enough info about the hardware, why not?
02:08:02Snorlaxthat's the prob, they don't..
02:08:43LinusNwhere do i find info about it?
02:09:20Snorlaxthinking of joining the team?
02:09:40LinusNfound it
02:09:48LinusNno, i have no time, and no ipod
02:10:10Snorlaxoooh, I'm kinda hyped up about this!
02:10:37*Snorlax has sold his ajb 6k for 2500 kr and thinkingh of buying an ipod
02:11:32Snorlaxa version 4.09 for 2500 kr! it's true!
02:12:34Snorlaxthey have got this:
02:13:13Snorlaxwell it's something..
02:13:19LinusNsaw it
02:13:37LinusNlooks promising
02:13:46Snorlaxyou think so!
02:14:26Jet8810but Rockbox can do that NOW :-P
02:14:37LinusNwithout linux
02:14:44Snorlaxnot on the ipod!
02:15:00LinusNbut they have a theoretical chance of playing Ogg-
02:15:02Jet8810but who needs linux?
02:15:11Jet8810never used ogg anyway
02:15:17Snorlaxme neither..
02:15:21Jet8810prefer NORMAL PEOPLE standards
02:15:23Jet8810lol even
02:15:44LinusNthe reason i use mp3 is that my archos can't play it
02:16:02Snorlaxjust how much smaller is ogg?
02:16:03LinusNogg is kosher, mp3 is not
02:16:11LinusNSnorlax: that's not the issue
02:16:17Snorlaxwhat is?
02:16:43LinusNogg is free, mp3 is not
02:16:44adi|homei prefer ogg only because of the threat of royalties...
02:16:46Snorlaxand that mathers, why?
02:16:49adi|homegive me free thinkers
02:17:48LinusNSnorlax: that means that you (may) have to pay royalties to implement mp3 encoders/decoders
02:18:25Snorlaxwell.. ok then
02:19:35Snorlaxwell u think an alternate firmware is possible on the ipod with this linux port?
02:20:51Snorlaxhow much time(do you think) it'll take until we got a stable firmware capable of that the original does...?
02:21:09LinusNSnorlax: months
02:21:41LinusNyou mean Rockbox now?
02:21:55Snorlaxno, sorry porhaps the wrong word..
02:27:00Snorlaxcome on, come over to the dark side! ipod needs you!!
02:27:18LinusNuse the source luke!
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02:48:52Snorlaxgod I'm hyped up about this! thought it would never happen!
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02:56:03trilluserhi, is anyone here one of the rockbox team?
02:56:08LinusNi am
02:56:21trillusercan you give me soem help
02:57:02 Nick trilluser is now known as damaja (
02:57:31damajaits nothing major
02:57:46damajai have an Archos recorder 20
02:57:52LinusNme too
02:58:00damajai still use the old firmware
02:58:08*LinusN stops listening
02:58:26*damaja crys
02:58:59damajaif i install your *much better, wonderful rockware*
02:59:10damajawhat happens to my songs?
02:59:52LinusNwell, all lyrics will be in swedish
03:00:21damajai mean, they still stay don't they?
03:00:25LinusNseriously, nothing will happen
03:00:25SnorlaxCHECK THIS OUT!
03:00:37Snorlaxsorry the link is:
03:00:39LinusNdamaja: don't worry
03:00:43Snorlaxis that true?
03:01:00LinusNeverything will be there, and you can go back to the original whenever you want
03:01:13damajaoh great, cheers
03:01:26Snorlaxhe says that he managed to port a slimmed version of windows xp on an ipod?!
03:01:34Snorlaxa joke?
03:01:35damajacos if i installed it, then i had 0 songs on there, i would cry
03:02:41LinusNSnorlax: most definitely a joke
03:02:48LinusNdamaja: no backup?
03:03:14damajawell, its all on my computer, just it would be a hassel to re-install
03:03:18Snorlaxhehe, ok!
03:03:53damajai have about 1000 songs on there, all in nice A-D, E-G files
03:05:18LinusNdamaja: i have been working on rockbox since the start, and have never lost any files
03:05:27damajaah cool
03:05:34LinusNand i even tested my first recording code on it
03:05:44damajaand no problems?
03:05:59LinusNwith the recording?
03:06:22damajawith the whole thing
03:06:30damajano mess ups
03:06:36LinusNnot really
03:06:52damajahow many of the things do all you guys have?
03:06:53LinusNin the beginning, i had a few hard drive locks on my Player
03:07:05LinusNbut my Linux driver patch solved that
03:07:14damajai got one the other day, i had to turn it off
03:07:16LinusNi have one player and one recorder
03:07:27damajawhat is the real diff?
03:07:45LinusNdamaja: hard drive lock == security lock
03:07:54damajaoh, i did not then
03:08:00damajai meant mine froze
03:08:06LinusNah, when and how?
03:08:34damajawell, i was going thru my files, i tried to load up a song, and it just froze
03:08:49damajaall i did was turn it off, then it was fine
03:09:03damajai was flicking thru quicly though
03:09:05LinusNand it didn't happen again on the same file?
03:09:21SnorlaxI've heard that the ipod decoder also can encode, is that true, anybody who knows?
03:09:22damajanope, not before then, or since
03:09:56LinusNSnorlax: I know nothing about the Ipod
03:10:07damajai am glad i did not buy one
03:10:12LinusNdamaja: battery status?
03:10:39damajanot bad, except when i am loading lots of files onto it
03:10:54damajawhen i am just playing songs, its great
03:11:23LinusNi mean when it crashed
03:11:46damajaoh, i think it was normal, not flat i mean
03:17:57damajau there?
03:19:13LinusNi'm here
03:19:37damajai have just DL'ed the .rockbox
03:19:48damajawhat do i put where?
03:20:28LinusNdamaja: unzip the whole crap to the root
03:20:54LinusNthat will create a .rockbox directory and the ajbrec.ajz file
03:21:07damajajust both of them into root?
03:21:39LinusNdamaja: download the original firmware and put it in the root with another name, like archos_orig.ajz or something
03:21:46LinusNdamaja: both, yes
03:23:07damajaits working, but the contrast is very dark
03:23:19LinusNyou have 1.28?
03:23:55damajaoh, its ok, i have cleared it up now
03:24:01LinusNyou have 1.28?
03:27:59damajai like this, its great
03:28:43LinusNdamaja: glad you like it
03:29:00damajayes, i am impressed with it, good work
03:32:29damajait scrolls across much faster, has much volume levels, games!
03:33:20LinusNyou use latest daily build or 1.4?
03:33:48damajadaily build?
03:35:38damajawhat do these do?
03:35:53LinusNthey contain the very latest changes
03:36:11LinusNa lot has happened since 1.4
03:36:19damajawhich shall i download?
03:37:03LinusNrename it to ajbrec.ajz and put it in the root
03:37:35LinusNadded feature include recording, playlist building, file handling and more
03:37:57LinusN1.4 is stoneage stuff now... :-)
03:38:26LinusNwe are working on the 2.0 release now
03:38:35damajahow far off is it?
03:38:42LinusNhard to say
03:38:47LinusNa few weeks
03:39:03damajawhat new features?
03:39:15LinusNwe have frozen the features and are debugging
03:39:52LinusNrecording, playlist building, file handling, and a lot more
03:40:27LinusNbetter battery charging
03:41:28LinusNi can't really remember it all
03:41:45damajawhat do you 'specialize' in?
03:42:25LinusNyou mean in rockbox?
03:42:36damajawhats your field
03:43:08LinusNi wrote most of the low-level drivers, like the MAS (mpeg codec) drivers
03:43:41damajais it a job? or do you do it in sparetime
03:43:56LinusNall of us do this in our spare time
03:44:08LinusNnobody pays us for this
03:44:26LinusNi am an embedded systems programmer by profession
03:44:56damajaand you use your knowledge to program mp3 players
03:45:03damajaanything else you do?
03:45:04LinusNyup, for the fun of it
03:45:27LinusNany other software projects you mean?
03:45:48LinusN among others
03:46:26damajai have no idea what it means, lol
03:48:35damajaare you swedish then?
03:49:04LinusNdamaja: congratulate me! today is my birthday! :-)
03:49:11LinusNyes i am
03:49:16damajaoh, happy birthday
03:49:44damajahow old are you?
03:49:50LinusNthank you! :-)
03:50:33damajawhat time is it in sweden?
03:51:54LinusNRed Bull does miracles :-)
03:52:46LinusNwhen you have two kids and a sick wife, the only time you can "work" is in the night
03:53:14damajaoh, what is wrong with your wife?
03:53:57LinusNlong story, but she is in great pain and unable to sit or stand, and will be like that for quite some months
03:54:11damajaoh, i am sorry to hear that
03:54:17LinusNsince the birth of our daughter this october
03:54:27damajabut she will get better though?
03:54:39LinusNyeah, the doctors say so
03:54:53damajawell, i hope she gets better fast
03:55:28LinusNme too
03:56:03damajado the rest of the rockbox team live in sweden?
03:56:51LinusNthe "core team" are swedes: I, Björn Stenberg and Daniel Stenberg
03:57:15LinusNbut there are many other developers from all over the globe
03:57:48Snorlaxcould you please check this out:
03:57:58damajawhy did you go for the Archos, as apposed to the iPod or whatever?
03:58:17damajai see it
03:58:17Snorlaxread about the portal player CPU, doesn't it say something about encoding?
03:59:04Snorlaxdoes it mean it could technically record?
03:59:16LinusNdamaja: I purchased my Player in autumn-2000
03:59:16LinusNno ipod was around
03:59:24LinusNgot my recorder last winter
03:59:27Snorlaxwith the right firmware?
03:59:28Jet8810VNC is so funny
03:59:30Jet8810messing with little brother
03:59:41damajai only got mine about 3 months ago
03:59:47Jet8810got an Ipod?
04:00:02Jet8810which model?
04:00:06LinusNi would not go for an mp3 player that requires special applications to download files to it
04:00:10damajarec 20
04:00:19MTi got mine 3 weeks ago, wish i hadnt got the one i did now :/
04:00:25MTfm recorder \o/
04:00:53MTit was more than £70 cheaper than the cheapest rec 20 i could find
04:01:12damajai am happy with mine
04:01:12LinusNSnorlax: technically, yes, but I see no A/D converter
04:01:18MTbut archos firmware is really starting to annoy me massively
04:01:26Jet8810rockbox support sucks due to lack of stematics though
04:01:32damajawhat do you find annoying?
04:01:37Jet8810yea I love archos due to usb mass storage
04:01:37SnorlaxA/D converter, what does that do?
04:01:43MTabout the archos firmware?
04:01:47MTslow directory traversal
04:01:51MTno resume
04:02:04damajafrom halfway thru track?
04:02:05LinusNSnorlax: Analog to digital conversion
04:02:06MTor rather, INCREDIBLEY BAD resume
04:02:22MTdoesnt remember where i was when i turned it off
04:02:33MTso scroll down 3 dirs is not so bad
04:02:51Jet8810yea, rockbox makes Archos amazing!
04:02:52MTbut when it takes a few minutes just to get to where you want to get to
04:02:58Jet8810probably would have ended up with Nomad Jukebox otherwise
04:03:10damajayou should organise you files better then
04:03:24MTnomad is bad for same reason as ipod
04:03:30Jet8810yea MT I k now
04:03:30MTfiles are organised fine
04:03:31LinusNdamaja: no matter how you rorganize your files, 4000 files are not easily managed
04:03:34Jet8810but if not for rockbox would be there
04:04:04damajawell 4000 must be difficult to organise
04:04:04MTi took apart my fm other night
04:04:05LinusNmid-file resume is a must-have for audio books
04:04:22MTbut stuck without a soldering iron
04:04:23LinusNMT: found anything interesting?
04:04:26damajabut what mp3 can organise 4000 easily?
04:04:37MTyes, the battery connector is incredibley badly made :)
04:04:48Jet8810damaja, the Archos can with rockbox
04:04:59damajaah yes
04:05:14MTwith rockbox on the fm its easy to manage my 20gb of music
04:05:18damajai was going to buy this
04:05:41MTthe battery life on it is fantastic tho
04:05:44MT>12 hours
04:06:13MTand so much sleeker that you dont have to conceal 4 AA batteries ;)
04:07:10MTLinusN: i didnt get far enough in to get a look at any of the chips
04:07:19MTbut frankly i dont know what to look for anyways :)
04:07:23LinusNMT: too bad
04:08:14MTwhen i finally get paid, i will order a nice small soldering iron, get the lot to pieces and scan everything
04:08:14Jet8810yea, I think the Archos Recorder is the best buy as of now
04:08:23damajai like it alot
04:08:26Jet8810except for maybe the creative nomad 40gb much does that go for?
04:08:41damajai would guess £400
04:08:42damajaor more
04:09:03MT£400 buys you a 20gb archos + a replacement 60gb
04:09:09damajahow much did you pay for your archos'?
04:09:11Jet8810heh ok
04:09:15Jet8810I paid like $250 for Archos
04:09:19SnorlaxI gotta find the A/D converter!!
04:09:22Jet8810recorder 20 gb brand new from best buy
04:09:32damajai was ripped off
04:09:42MTi got deal of the century more like :)
04:09:53damajain UK?
04:09:58Jet8810damaja, what did you pay?
04:09:59MTwatford electronics
04:10:16MTaltho - thats £180+VAT
04:10:24SnorlaxI sold my old Archos jukebox 6k player for $250! HAHAHA
04:10:41Jet8810a friend bought one of those 6gb recorders for around $100 used
04:10:42Snorlax2 weeks ago
04:10:43Jet8810not bad at all
04:10:52MTi almost bought an archos 6k for £230 on ebay
04:11:00MThad been modded with a 40gb disk
04:11:07MTand had 40 gb of music on there
04:11:20Jet8810thats not bad though
04:11:24MTi think it sold for >£400 in the end
04:12:07Jet8810how much is a 60gb drive go for in US anyway?
04:12:27MTcheapest ive seen in the UK is £130
04:12:44MTso you should be able to find one for ~ $180
04:13:01MTor $210 even
04:13:11MTmy mental arithmetic has gone downhill massively :)
04:13:16Jet8810heh ok
04:13:33Jet8810funmp3players.comll does 40gb upgrades for $175
04:13:35Jet8810rip off
04:14:23damaja40gb of music though! Thats more songs then i have EVER heard
04:15:01MTits not that much :)
04:15:04damajai have used 8gb on mine, with a few videos aswell
04:15:12MTi have 60 gb on here ;)
04:15:33damajau have used 60gb?
04:15:46MTno, i have 60 gb on this computer
04:15:58damajai have a 40
04:15:58MTi only have enough space for 20 on my archos
04:16:39damajai have 15gb left on my comp
04:17:00Jet8810I have two 80s on this computer
04:17:04Jet8810one is a backup drive though
04:17:23Jet8810I have 20gb recorder and its more then enough
04:17:28Jet8810only have 13 gigs of mp3s
04:17:40MTnooo - i have 60 gb of mp3's on this computer, and only room for 20 onmy archos :)
04:17:42Jet8810SO...if ever reach 20gigs just delete junk non mp3s :)
04:17:46Jet8810oh DAMN
04:17:49Jet8810whats wrong with you? ;)
04:17:52LinusNtime to go to bed
04:18:02Jet8810goodnight Linus!
04:18:04damajaok, thanks for your help
04:18:05Jet8810happy b-day!
04:18:17LinusNcu guys!
04:18:21 Part LinusN
04:19:51damajawell, i must go aswell, to smash up some iPod's
04:19:59damajasee ya
04:20:32Jet8810err heh
04:20:32Jet8810bye bye
04:20:33Snorlaxwhat u mean?
04:20:51damajago to the nearest shop selling iPod and smash it up
04:21:19Snorlaxehhrrmmm why?
04:21:29damajait was a joke man
04:21:41Snorlaxehhhrrmm, ok..
04:21:52damajagoodbye iPod lover
04:21:58Snorlaxbye =)
04:22:08 Part damaja
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05:10:53alexlhjui know theres a freeze on new features til 2.0 comes out, but what are the new features that are expected to be put in after that?
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09:46:08quelsarukgood morning
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11:00:15SeeSchlossHello everybody
11:02:54SeeSchlosshmm I have a question :
11:03:26SeeSchlossI see "don't delete directories" in tree.c, why ?
11:06:04 Join kuazo [0] (
11:07:15kuazodoes somebody know, when the rockbox will support orr vorbis ?
11:07:21kuazoogg , sorry :o)
11:07:32SeeSchlosswell... never
11:07:56kuazowhy not? :o(
11:08:56SeeSchlosshmm did you read the FAQ ? The music is decoded by the hardware and the hardware can only decode mp3
11:09:28kuazoi didn't, sorry
11:09:51kuazodamn, i thought its independend of the file-format
11:10:01kuazofucking jukebox :-(
11:10:34kuazobut thanks for your help :-)
11:11:15 Part kuazo
11:49:51SeeSchlosshmm no answer to my question ?
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15:03:15SeeSchlosshmm... I noticed some problem about the position of "rename" in the ON+PLAY menu on a folder...
15:23:02 Quit edx ()
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15:46:38 Quit edx ()
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15:54:03 Join sansa [0] (
15:54:09sansaHi all.
15:56:18sansaWell I figured out what this "SCSI disk error : host 1 channel 0 id 0 lun 0 return code = 70000" means! I get it when I've got a low battery. :0
15:56:57 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:57:49*sansa is away: Gettin coffee.
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16:10:11*sansa is back (gone 00:12:24)
16:11:22*sansa is away: Smoke break!
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16:17:36*sansa is back (gone 00:06:13)
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16:34:00elinenbehello there.
16:34:05elinenbeI have been sleeping :)
16:35:31elinenbewhen I try and load a firmware over 200k I get the default archos firmware.
16:35:40elinenbewhat a load of bullocks
16:37:38PsycoXuli could've told you that like a year ago
16:37:58PsycoXulit's at the bottom of the notes page, last i saw
16:38:59elinenbeoh... I haven't looked there in ab out 3 yearws
16:39:04Zagorwe don't really want to have it larger than 200k anyway. plugins are the way ahead.
16:39:10elinenbethat was supposed to say "about 3 years"
16:39:31elinenbewell, I think the default functionality will be about 200k
16:39:47elinenbethe code is pretty tight too (with all the features that are in there)
16:39:58Zagorin the worst case, we can use a two-step loader.
16:40:09Zagorgotta go
16:40:15 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
16:40:29PsycoXulthere's still some things that'll get smaller with some near-future changes aren't there?
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17:37:49damaja,99anyone there?
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17:44:29damaja,99hello again#
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18:51:15 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:05:27 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:16:24 Join BrianHH [0] (
19:17:25 Part BrianHH ("I like core dumps")
19:21:53 Join _aLF [0] (
19:23:51diddystar5do you know the automatic way to add .diff patches? i know how to do it manually
19:26:57 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:28:29diddystar5do you know how to add .diff patches automatically i know how to do it manually
19:28:45tracktherippernot that I know off, I just report bugs, i know nothing about the code
19:29:34diddystar5hehe i just keep doing to the harder way
19:29:56tracktheripperim keen to see version 2 of Rockbox
19:30:19diddystar5me 2
19:30:37tracktheripperwell the latest bleeding version does the job for me
19:30:49diddystar5you should try adding patches and fooling around with the code it's fun!
19:31:20tracktheripperyea but I just cant get the damn compilers to work on my system!
19:31:55diddystar5are ya using windows or linux
19:32:01tracktheripperWindows XP
19:32:41diddystar5hummm have you tried using that min premade build inviroment?
19:32:58tracktherippernah, I may try using Gnush
19:33:52diddystar5i haven't tried that i would take me all day to dl it since i can't get dsl where i live
19:34:09tracktheripperwhy cant u get dsl?
19:34:21diddystar5not available where i am
19:34:32tracktheripperu too far away from the exchange?
19:34:53tracktherippercan't u get broadband through a Cable modem?
19:34:57diddystar5if they put in in bzip2 it would be much easier
19:35:03tracktheripperoh right
19:35:21diddystar5humm i think cable is avaialable but very $$
19:35:48_aLFwhere can I get version that work with fm recorder ? (even without power cable)
19:36:16tracktheripperAll I want to see added to Rockbox is ID3 tag entering for recording, ID3 editing for existing tags and a proper playlist compiler
19:37:08diddystar5not sure i'm going to try and add the id3 taging stuff i will probably mess up though
19:37:09tracktheripperand the sliders from the Archos firmware added to the Rockbox interface
19:38:29tracktheripperyea go to the Archos firmware and you will see sliders for the parameters like bass. trebel etc
19:38:59diddystar5oooo yes
19:39:12tracktherippertrouble is Bjorn doesn't like them
19:39:46diddystar5i'm not good with graphics but i might attempt to do that
19:40:36diddystar5maybe i could copy the peakmeter looks to start
19:40:53tracktheripperPersonally I think they should remove the games and demos to make more space for important features like ID3 tag entering, playlist building and better recording features
19:41:24tracktheripperafter all if u want a games machine buy a Gameboy
19:41:27diddystar5i don't really use the demos much but i play the games alot
19:41:56tracktheripperI wouldn't mind seeing the Oscilloscope in the WPS
19:42:00tracktheripperas part of the WPS
19:42:27diddystar5but all the scandonavians put a game on anything with a screen and buttons
19:42:32tracktheripperCome to think of it, the Date should be shown in the WPS as well
19:43:15diddystar5i have to go for a bit
19:43:19diddystar5c you
19:43:24tracktheripperthe date enter function is pretty useless if u cannot see the date anywhere else on the Rockbox interface!"
19:43:40 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
19:47:50 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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20:36:07ken0_any dev around?
20:36:17ken0_got a few mp3s latest build wont play
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21:32:16 Part elinenbe
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23:32:48 Join DRR104_ [0] (
23:35:51DRR104_has anyone ever looked at the Thomson Juke box, the firmware inparticular?
23:38:16ZagorDRR104_: which of them?
23:39:07DRR104_Zagor: erm, pdp2800 i think thats the thomson name for it
23:41:24Zagornever heard of it, i'm afraid
23:42:33DRR104_ok, i inquired about it before in here, and someone said to do anything for/with it u'd need to know wat processor it had
23:43:23Zagorwell you need to know a lot more than that. you need to know *everything*. schematics, the works.
23:44:26DRR104_ok, im not sure of the degree of detail the Texas Instruments website provides
23:45:33Jet8810thi sis a bit off topic, and sorry for that, but:
23:45:39Jet8810is anybody interested in a 64mb USB ThumbDrive?
23:46:24DRR104_cant say that i am...
23:47:27ZagorJet8810: are you giving it away? :)
23:48:07Jet8810heh no :)
23:49:16DRR104_does any one in here know anything of the Texas Instruments DSP's?
23:51:08DRR104_didnt think so....
23:56:04 Part DRR104_

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