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#rockbox log for 2003-02-10

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01:34:14zackhi all, I was wondering if anyone has patched the "calender" patch on a firmware for the recorder, and i was wondering how it is?
01:34:49zackAlso, I would like to test it, but I have no clue at all on how to patch or do any thing like "code"
01:35:10zackso, I was wondering if soeone could send me a patched firmware with the calendar on it?
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01:35:16zackDoes anyone know how to do that?
01:35:20zackThanks- Zack
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01:45:42zacknot to rush anyone, but is anyone there?
01:46:11Jet8810 do you want to buy my 64mb thumb drive for $25 shipped?
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04:54:10thuanyone around?
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05:05:45adi|homei am
05:05:47adi|homewhats up?
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05:09:29thuhow can I format my archos?
05:09:49thuroot@dusty / # mkfs.vfat /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1
05:09:49thumkfs.vfat 2.8 (28 Feb 2001)
05:09:49thumkfs.vfat: Attempting to create a too large file system
05:10:08thualso.. does rockbox work on FM recorders yet?
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05:12:55MTthu: sort of
05:13:03MT'work in progress'
05:13:09MThow big is the drive?
05:13:38thu20 gigs
05:13:56thuI guess I won't try rockbox yet
05:14:01thubut I still wanna format the disk
05:17:36thuis there a version of rockbox that at least boots the FM recorder?
05:17:43MToh yes
05:17:54MTit works fine
05:18:05thuwhich ver?
05:18:08MTyou cna play music, record etc
05:18:19thu1.4-recorder wouldn't boot
05:18:19MTthere are some issues with the battery
05:18:26MTand some issues with the backlight
05:18:32MT1.4 is a long time ago :)
05:18:48MTim talking about the bleeding edge stuff
05:19:07thuI might just give it a try
05:19:09thuin the mean time..
05:19:22thuany info on the partitioning of the disk in FMs?
05:19:45thumine has a pretty wacky partition table
05:19:56MTyes, no-one can work out where to read the battery voltage from reliabley, and it has greatly reduced battery life
05:20:07MTthe backlight only comes on when the hd spins
05:20:20thudid anyone try asking the archos guys for details?
05:20:34thumaybe they appreciate the whole rockbox effort
05:20:56thuafter all.. it's providing a nicer firmware at no cost to them
05:20:57MTwell they bundle rockbox with their latest recorder driver cd
05:21:16thudid anyone try contacting them for details?
05:21:30MTi dont know
05:22:49thuheh.. fsck.vfat gives me a bunch of errs
05:23:01thulike duplicate dir entries and stuff
05:23:10thuhow do I create a fresh file system?
05:24:21MTcan you fdisk it
05:24:36thuyeah but it looks messy and it doesn't help
05:24:39thuI just tried formatting it
05:24:42MTfdisk /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0
05:24:46MTdelete all the partitions
05:24:57MTcreate a single one
05:25:02thuI just did a mkfs.vfat on part1
05:25:08thuI didn't touch the partition table
05:25:11MTbtw you shouldnt need to do this
05:25:13thuit might not like the changes
05:25:24MTyou just said that didnt work tho
05:25:39MTwhy do you really need to format it btw?
05:25:42thumkfs.vfat defaults to fat16
05:25:52thumkfs.vfat -F 32 did work
05:26:00thuthe file system was screwed
05:26:05thulike duplicate dir entries and stuff
05:26:08thucorrupt files
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05:30:50MTive never made a vfat partition from linux, didnt think it would default to fat16 :)
05:31:41thume neither
05:32:15*thu is filling up his drive with stuff
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07:26:11MeRWiNhey zagor
07:26:24MeRWiNup early?
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07:30:02dwihnoYAY FOR Z!
07:30:16*dwihno forgot to leave a birthday gratulation message to Linus :-(
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07:45:17Topic"feature freeze -- 2.0 soon -- and a happy belated birthday to Linus!" by adi|home (
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07:46:04adi|homemcuh better
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10:04:35quelsarukgoooood morning!
10:08:14blabladoes anyonye know a good tool to sync my archos with a folder on my pc ?
10:10:13quelsarukthere was one made by uwe
10:10:29quelsarukbut i can't remember his website :(
10:11:21quelsarukenglish doc and program
10:11:49quelsaruki haven't tested but seemed good
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10:52:56quelsarukZagor: do you need a seat belt to stay here today?
10:55:05Zagoryeah, apparently. the silly web proxy at work keeps going up and down.
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11:26:26Zagor_yeah, apparently. the silly web proxy at work keeps going up and down.
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11:26:35Zagorwell, let's see how long this lasts...
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12:05:02quel|outi'm a "pesado", but.. did you try that mp3 ?
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12:20:23quelsarukhi calpefrosch
12:29:08kargatronZagor, the EAC coder's response to the 2.3 TCON-writing issue:
12:29:25kargatron'"can" means : can, not must...'
12:29:49kargatronoh well, don't think he'll be changing the 2.3 writing code for this.
12:30:30Zagorkargatron: i'll take it from here :-) (hint: he's wrong)
12:31:04kargatrongo for it! ;)
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12:50:52calpefroschoh, hi quelsaruk
12:51:15quelsarukyou need glasses
12:52:14calpefroschyes, I *have* glasses. But I was working and not reading.. sorry
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13:09:14Zagorkargatron: reply posted
13:10:36kargatrongroovy, let's see what happens. i too though 'numeric string' was unambiguous. :)
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13:21:28quelsarukuna hamburgesa dwihno?
13:21:36 Join seb-sleep [0] (
13:22:26dwihnoNon, une cerveza grande, por favor :)
13:22:57quelsaruki see you know you to survive in spain
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13:37:05elinenbeis the 2.0 release coming out this week?
13:37:25Zagornot likely
13:37:41elinenbewhat is left to be looked at?
13:37:45Zagorwe still have some bugs, and linus has a major recording fix coming up
13:38:16ZagorI was hoping to get it sooner, but I can't blame him for not having time...
13:38:47elinenbeI found a bug, but I think this refers to it "fix id3 loading so mpeg.c loads file and passes buffers to id3.c"
13:39:11elinenbewhen I plan a song, in the wps it first shows the wrong information as if it is not in the mp3
13:39:20elinenbeand then finally the ID# info comes up after a second.
13:39:52Zagorthis only happens when you press play on the song, right? not when it's being played after another track?
13:40:00elinenbeI am not sure.
13:40:11elinenbeI have only noticed it when I press plat
13:40:40elinenbebut is is annoying to see (root) (root) and then the song artist and name pop up
13:40:53elinenbethis is with the "new" default 2.0 wps
13:41:02Zagoryes. i guess that file contains an album cover graphic, right?
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13:41:25elinenbeZagor: I am not sure... hold on...
13:41:42clinkerzagor: which was the website with the archos 340??
13:42:08Zagorclinker: check the irc log. I don't have it here.
13:42:18dwihnoarchos 340?
13:42:22clinkerat the website?
13:42:32clinkercu l8r
13:42:43 Part clinker
13:45:33Zagordwihno: something they demoed at CES. a multimedia with a screen covering the entire front, basically
13:48:33 Quit calp|away ("leaving")
13:49:23dwihnoZagor: Ah, pretty neato.
13:49:42dwihnoI wonder how long the multimedia batteries last.
13:50:00ZagorI've read they have major battery problems with the MM.
13:50:19Zagorit's supposed to last 6-8 hours playing mp3, but few get that much
13:51:54 Join HydraIRC [0] (
13:52:10dwihnoIs it possible to replace the FM battery btw?
13:52:14 Nick HydraIRC is now known as darkhanzz (
13:52:37Zagortechnically yes, but it's not possible to by them
13:52:39Zagorbuy them
13:53:02quelsaruki'm back here
13:53:02darkhanzzquestion: how can i get windows to use a standard usb driver for my archos ?
13:53:46Zagordarkhanzz: which archos model?
13:54:06darkhanzzthe studio 20
13:54:45darkhanzzi've heard it is possible, but windows 2000 doesn't seem to recognize it without the special archos drivers
13:54:55Zagorthe studio is not a standard usb device so it needs special drivers
13:55:03Zagoronly the recorder20 is a standard usb devices
13:55:13Zagoryou're welcome
13:55:49elinenbeZagor: about the ID3 tags −− most of them do not have pictures.
13:56:20quelsarukZagor: an off-topic question... until what hour does a normal company work there in sweden? i have to phone and don't know until when i can phone them :)
13:56:30Zagorelinenbe: ok. can you file a bug and make an example file available?
13:56:42Zagorquelsaruk: 17 or 18
13:56:46quelsarukthx :)
13:57:07Zagorquelsaruk: you're at CET too, right?
13:57:28Zagoror do you guys run on GMT?
13:57:38Zagor(time zone)
13:58:17darkhanzzsweden is gmt + 1 i think
13:58:20darkhanzzthat's CET
13:58:35quelsaruknow i have 14:01
13:58:46quelsarukwe are in the same parallel
13:58:50quelsarukso it doesnt' matter
13:59:17quelsaruk(i had to study astronomy.. and now all different times)
13:59:36quelsaruksidereal time.. local time... universal time...
13:59:37*Zagor screams in the void at people using non-standard crc16
14:00:19kargatronquelsaruk, do you mean you *are* studying astronomy, or just did at some point in the past?
14:00:53quelsarukumm... in theory, i have to study it this year.. but studied it last :)
14:02:14kargatronjust curious. i got my phd in space physics & astronomy, so was idly wondering
14:02:56quelsaruki'm *nearly* a civil ingenier
14:03:12quelsaruki don't really understand why do i need all this astrology stuff...
14:03:19quelsaruknowadays we have gps :)
14:03:29quelsarukif i had to make a road using the stars....
14:03:37quelsarukpoor of all you :)
14:03:53kargatronouch, you'll get strung up saying 'astrology' when you mean 'astronomy' in scientific circles. :)
14:04:17quelsaruki'm a bit sleep
14:04:31quelsaruki wanted to say astronomy
14:04:54quelsaruk[14:01:53] <quelsaruk> (i had to study astronomy.. and now all different times) <−−−− i first said astronomy
14:06:17dwihnoMuy bien
14:06:22dwihnoBuenos noches capitan!
14:06:33dwihnoMilli diavolo! Est une Zorro!
14:07:17quelsarukthat's italian
14:08:46dwihnoShit same, different name :-)
14:09:07quelsarukha det sa bra, dwihno? (or similar)
14:14:37*quelsaruk thinks he has said something *very* bad to dwihno
14:15:59dwihnobra = good
14:16:24quelsaruki tried to say something like "how are you"
14:16:29quelsaruko are you ok?
14:16:55dwihnoha det så bra = have a good time (quasi translation)
14:16:55quelsarukmy swedish is even worst than my english
14:17:20dwihnoayam brand
14:17:25quelsarukso how are you is...
14:17:26dwihnoThat means "chicken brand"
14:21:32quelsarukelinenbe: are you here?
14:22:29quelsaruktime to go home
14:22:37quelsaruknick quel|lunch
14:22:42 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:22:58quel|lunchi must press all the keys...
14:23:38quel|lunchcu l8r
14:26:09 Quit darkhanzz (" Still using mIRC? lol! - HydraIRC, v0.337 (15/January/2003) -> <-")
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14:32:20bobTHChi all!!!
14:37:42bobTHCCan I submit the Afrikaan.lang file on cvs ?
14:39:55bobTHCthis is the 15 language supported by rockbox
14:40:16dwihnoHow sick isn't that? :-)
14:40:27ZagorbobTHC: yes, do that
14:42:55dwihno"Sound settings" -> "Click click clock"
14:42:58 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:43:05dwihno"Display settings" -> "Clock clock gong click"
14:43:56bobTHCcvs server: invalid RCS keyword expansion mode
14:43:59bobTHCError, CVS operation failed
14:44:38bobTHCI can commit , update but server wont add a file what the deal?
14:45:13Zagordwihno: actually, afrikaans is a dutch-like language. not quite as exotic as your sounds :-)
14:45:22ZagorbobTHC: I don't know
14:46:17bobTHCzagor : Special rights requiered for adding?
14:46:37dwihnoZagor: I noticed that while reading it :-) I'm just pulling your legs.
14:50:14ZagorbobTHC: no, shouldn't be special
14:50:33Zagorlooks like a bad command line. what did you run?
14:50:36bobTHCn C:\rockbox\apps: cvs -q add -ku lang\afrikaans.lang ?
14:50:58Zagorwhat's -ku ?
14:51:41bobTHCi dont know automaticly added by tortoiseCVS
14:53:22Zagortry removing the comment at the tiop
14:59:43dwihnoSounds cool! :D
15:02:15bobTHCyep cool :)
15:05:48 Join RoSCOoP [0] (
15:06:29RoSCOoPis it the rockbox channel for archos?
15:06:44RoSCOoPgot a question!
15:07:13RoSCOoPi'm trying to build the Uisimulator, how should i do?
15:07:52RoSCOoPno idea?
15:08:20RoSCOoPhow to build UIsimulator for W32?
15:09:00Zagorthe uisimulator does not work well for win32.
15:09:12Zagoryou need visual studio 6
15:09:18Zagori think
15:09:22RoSCOoPi 've got it
15:09:39Zagori never use win32, so I'm afraid I can't help you
15:10:24RoSCOoPokey i try under linux?
15:11:51Zagoryes, that works
15:12:12RoSCOoPI can see in your FAQ that you're looking for some docs about the MAS3507,what do you need exactly?
15:12:37ZagorDSP programming documentation and compiler
15:14:19RoSCOoPok, i will ask to our DSp expert where i'm working
15:14:36elinenbeRoSCOoP: that sounds great!
15:15:43RoSCOoPwho are most of you, professionals or it's just an hobbit?
15:16:18Zagormost are professionals, although the rockbox project is a hobby
15:16:26elinenbesome are professionals, and some do it in their free time
15:16:35Zagorall do it in the free time
15:16:48RoSCOoPbecause your code is very clear
15:17:23elinenbeZagor is actually a full time rockbox developer −− I pay him $5 per day...
15:17:37ZagorI just haven't receive my first pay check yet :)
15:17:45kargatronwhat is the issue with MAS docs - they cost $?
15:17:47Zagoryou only pay me every 5 years ;)
15:17:58Zagorkargatron: no. they simply are not available.
15:18:20elinenbeRoSCOoP: any help in getting those documents would be greatly appreciated
15:18:21kargatronright, so if they're not available, what is RoSCOoP offering? a reverse-enginnered set?
15:18:22Zagormicronas doesn't let anyone see them, as far as I know
15:18:34Zagorkargatron: shh. I don't want to know. :-)
15:19:51RoSCOoPi'm a network programmer for netbricks ( and have buyed an archos recorder on ebay, and you work seems intersting
15:20:18elinenbeRoSCOoP: any help is always appreciated.
15:20:29elinenbeRoSCOoP: you can join the mailing list at
15:22:50RoSCOoPokey i will do that
15:25:09elinenbeRoSCOoP: that is where most of the discussion/bickerings/etc. take place
15:25:25elinenbebe warned though you could get a lot of messages some days! :)
15:26:21RoSCOoPwhy micronas doesn't share info about the MAS3507?
15:27:20elinenbeRoSCOoP: they are poops
15:27:45dwihnoThey would perhaps sell the docs for expensive dollars, unless we buy 300 000 MAS's
15:28:38Zagorthey consider the dsp their trade secret
15:29:18RoSCOoPdo you think that it's for contrat reason with archos?
15:30:19bobTHCnot specially with archos, a lot of other device use it...
15:30:56dwihnoIt shouldn't be so damn hard to find.
15:31:08dwihnoI'll ask Jeeves :-)
15:42:01RoSCOoPwhat isthe difference between the MAS3507 you're talking about and the MAS3507D their talking about on
15:45:33Zagornothing. it's the same chip.
15:45:55Zagorbut the data sheets don't contain any dsp programming information
15:46:58 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:47:38dwihnoZagor: do you think Archos have the MAS DSP docs?
15:47:58ZagorI doubt it. They don't need them.
15:48:23dwihnoJeeves didn't have them :-/
15:48:31Zagordwihno: surprise :-)
15:48:43dwihnoZagor: Jeeve's is da mään! He has so much cool stuff :-)
15:49:37langhaarrockerI just wanted to drop a comment on how friendly somebody rejected the *.wav feature request. But it seems you've already passed that topic... :)
15:50:30Zagorlanghaarrocker: friendly? are you ironic or sincere?
15:50:45langhaarrockersincere and surprised
15:51:07dwihnolanghaarrocker: URL? :)
15:51:08langhaarrockerIt means a lot of patience to aswer that question again and again without bursting out.
15:51:37kargatronsubmitters deserve any shit dished them. gotta learn to read FAQs sometime in your life
15:51:39Zagorthe path of least resistance. that response is canned. I just select it from the list and press submit. :-)
15:52:16kargatronthat canned response should mention the faq, imo, as a more general reminder...
15:52:41Zagorkargatron: yes
15:54:27RoSCOoPWhy can't i record in wav with my archos ?? :)
15:54:39Hadakaphysically impossible
15:54:50dwihnoNah, it's possible
15:54:55Hadakais it?
15:54:59dwihnoI think so
15:55:02bobTHCwith dsp plugin
15:55:15dwihnoLinus mentioned something about it
15:55:24dwihnoLinus knows kebab, so I trust him 110%
15:55:34Zagorit's physically possible to record, but not play back, if I recall correctly
15:55:52Zagorit's all very hypotetic anyway
15:55:56Hadakaoh, dsp plugin, right
15:56:36langhaarrockerdata path speed? wasn't that a limitation, too? Maybe I should read the faq, too.
15:56:46dwihnoZagor: High quality recording would be so damn nice when doing serious recording stuff
15:57:00RoSCOoPrecord is the most important... I konow thousands of reporters that use DAT, that will be ready to use archos if it could record in wav (perfect sound)...
15:58:02bobTHCit's hypoteticly possible to record but physicaly impossible to playback..... it's a hard limitation for this ppl
15:58:11ZagorI can't quite say I understand them. they are silly if they thing field voice recording is any different uncomressed than high-quality mp3
15:58:39langhaarrockerfor my recordings the enconding is not the weak link. And I am conviced that only few people have the equipment so that encoding becomes the weak link.
15:58:49Zagorlanghaarrocker: exactly
15:58:59langhaarrockerYou'd need a serious external ad converter at first.
15:59:54langhaarrockerThe only one that I found that portable and nearly affordable is just as expensive as the jb itself and its bigger in size anyway. I say nearly affordable because I don't have one.
16:00:00RoSCOoPwith a good preamp and a condenser microphone encoding IS the weak link!
16:00:07kargatroni would expect most people with DAT recorders to use both good mikes and have good stereos
16:00:45langhaarrockerRoSCOop: No tha analog circuit stuff in the archos is always worse.
16:01:34langhaarrockerI don't have a really good preamp and still the archos analog stuff is the weak link.
16:01:48Zagorkargatron: not necessarily. the major reasons people use DATs are because it's noise free and you can use the same tape over and over again. 1.5Mbit bandwith is not a concern to field recording reporters.
16:02:11HesRoSCOoP: the A/D in the MAS is specified as "FM quality", it's not very good even though it does 48kHz/16 bit!
16:02:26Hesthe D/A is much better than the A/D, for the analog part.
16:02:40RoSCOoPdo you think that it's better to use the Creative jukebox (DAP) for quality recording?
16:02:49Heseven with external microphones and all. For high quality recording you need an external A/D.
16:02:53langhaarrockerHes: have you ever looked at the output with a scope? you'd might be surprised
16:03:14Heslanghaarrocker: Nope. What came up?
16:03:26bobTHCDAP have same A/D converter quality...
16:04:03langhaarrockerIt looked somehow like pulsed output. Maybe I'll take a screenshot of the scope when I'm home again. Then I'll post it.
16:04:54HesMaybe some noise in it, from the voltage converters?
16:05:37langhaarrockerRoSCOoP: I doubt that any portable consumer electronic recording has a decent microphone preamp. At least I haven't had any in my hands. And I have consumed 3 Minidisc recorders and a Jukebox so far...
16:06:20HesI have an Edirol UA-5 for hard disk recording. Too bad it doesn't work (without hardware modification) as a standalone A/D.
16:06:20langhaarrockerHes: No, it looks more like something like pulse (-width?) modulation is used to approximate the output voltage.
16:06:31Heslanghaarrocker: hm, that'd be ugly.
16:07:22HesBut good enough for what I use it for, so far 8-]
16:07:35langhaarrockerHes: I don't mind it. It still sounds good enough for me - especially for road use. And when I'm at home I always can connect my DAT recorder as DA.
16:07:41bobTHCin all case voice recording is not where u view real difference between good and bad A/D circuits...
16:07:51HesHi-fi freaks will of course freak out, but hey 8-)
16:08:02 Part kargatron
16:10:24RoSCOoPSomebody i know want to make CD that will compile all the sound that you can hear in a city, and he is asks me to find a device for recording, but he bas not a very big budget.. Any idea?
16:11:54RoSCOoPI've tried the DAP for the wav recording mode, but battery life is rediculous and boot up time too long..
16:12:06langhaarrockerthat doesn't work. That is a inherently expensive task. For that you'll want to record soft noises, too. That require expensive micros and preamps.
16:12:41RoSCOoPStill have a good preamp and a good mic
16:12:51RoSCOoPany suggestion?
16:12:53Hesexpensive omnidirectional mics and low noise preamps & A/D
16:14:16bobTHCquality is always expensive....
16:14:35RoSCOoPI've got the mic and preamp parts, now i'm looking a device that will convert A/D and stock it without to much quality loss..
16:15:10Hesif you have a laptop (and long enough cables to not record it's humming) I'd recommend the Edirol UA-5
16:15:43Hesit does a pretty good job as an external 2-channel (stereo) A/D & D/A for a computer, and has a good selection of I/O connections
16:16:24Hesit's distributed by Roland so the support & availability is quite good, I bought mine in a instrument & audio gear shop in Finland
16:16:41langhaarrockerI don't dare to make serious suggestions because that is not my field. But I believe that once you have good mic and preamp it doesn't matter much if you use a cheap md. But as said before: you might want to prefer something like the Zefiro Inbox as a front end to the data store.
16:16:51 Nick quel|lunch is now known as zaknafein (
16:16:53 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:17:00HesIt's very popular in the bootleg recording circles, good bang-for-buck ratio if you happen to be in posession of a laptop already.
16:17:28Hesand carrying something as big as a laptop + the UA-5 + 12V lead-acid battery is not out of the question.
16:18:07ZagorHes: how do you sneak that past the guards at a concert? ;)
16:18:19langhaarrockerspill some acid on them?
16:18:41HesBe friends with the band members, or play in the band yourself (that's what I do 8-)
16:18:59langhaarrockerI only record my own band, too :)
16:19:02*zaknafein start thinking people only work and talk while he's having lunch......
16:19:19bobTHCan du make bootleg of ure own concert? it's not bootleg it's live recording ;)
16:19:21Zagoroops, he's back. quiet everyone!
16:19:22HesSome bands & clubs allow & support recording even. Not many big venues or record label bands though.
16:19:49zaknafeinhey! i've recorded some concerts.. edguy, gamma ray.. blind guardian...
16:20:34 Nick zaknafein is now known as quelsaruk (
16:20:38*langhaarrocker can't hold the silence in spite of zagors warning
16:20:38langhaarrockerI haven't done any bootlegging yet. I alway authorize myself to do rekording
16:21:21langhaarrockerOh, it's our goat-butcher in disguise!
16:21:22HesThere are a bunch of documents & mailing lists about the subject, just do a google search for "UA-5 bootleg"
16:21:30bobTHCroscoop : for 300 buck u have the hoontech di 2000 ( i view very good review on it
16:21:37langhaarrockeror at the dat-head mailing list
16:21:53Hespeople put an A/D + DAT in a backpack or suitcase, wire miniature microphones attached to their glasses, and get very good results 8-)
16:22:17Hesdat-heads is a good list, yes
16:23:08langhaarrockerI use a stereo mic by Sony. Cheap, a little bit cold in sound but very easy to handle. I had many fine recordings with it. (if you neglect the musical qualities of my band....)
16:23:11dwihnoHes: you are the värsta spy kids alltså :D
16:23:11RoSCOoPthanks for the link
16:23:12quelsarukummm.. are we talking about mics?
16:23:26quelsarukfor recording a concert?
16:23:36langhaarrockerI want mor mics!
16:24:03langhaarrockergood mics! Cheap mics! I have a 12 Track system that needs food!
16:25:52quelsarukOh, great gurus of mics! which one do you recomend me for recording a concert?
16:26:36*Zagor prefers plastic cups and string
16:27:32langhaarrockerI recommend asking a guru, not me. I only have my Sony 959(?) and am confident with that.
16:27:32langhaarrockerZagor: I'd recommend that, too. you might make good ear protection from it when attending X-Phobie concerts. :)
16:30:21quelsaruki'm calling sweden and i'm on queue!!!
16:30:55quelsarukit's cheaper flying there than waiting online
16:31:23langhaarrockerOn the line of Zagors plastic cups?
16:31:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:31:32quelsaruki thought this only happened in Spain
16:31:41quelsaruklanghaarrocker: yups :)
16:33:39langhaarrockerwhen talking about portable recording: I crave for a Zefiro Inbox
16:33:40langhaarrockerIf anybody knows anything comparable (battery driven portable mic preamp with ad) _please_ let me know.
16:35:05HesHm, looks like a very nice little box for the purpose.
16:35:40langhaarrockerstill bigger than the jukebox :(
16:36:29HesI selected the UA-5 long before i got the jukebox, for hard disk recording on the laptop, also makes for a very good external sound card while at home since I don't have digital I/O on the sound card...
16:36:48Hesbut that little box would make a very good job together with rockbox.
16:36:55bobTHCthe di2000 of hoontech is not battery driven but is on standard 12V and is very biger than the recorder...
16:37:47langhaarrockerFor hd recording with a laptop I'd want at least 8 inputs.
16:38:37HesGotta run for some food...
16:43:04quelsarukelinenbe: are you here?
16:47:07Zagorwhee now my winnt desktop (x terminal) froze up. fun fun.
16:49:02quelsaruktsk.. tsk...
16:49:23quelsarukyou must treat windoze with love and care...
16:49:41quelsarukwindows is alive.. it must feel you like it
16:50:00langhaarrockernah. Give it the whip
16:50:01quelsarukand never ever it must think you are using linux ;)
16:52:30 Join edx [0] (
16:57:20quelsarukhi edx
16:58:48 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:03:26 Quit RoSCOoP ("Leaving")
17:03:43 Part langhaarrocker
17:05:32 Part Zagor
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17:08:23 Part mecraw
17:08:43 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:16:10 Join _MT [0] (
17:31:01 Quit edx ()
17:32:03xamone feature request (if that is possible?): I use the feature that if you are playing a song and switch to the directory browser, it doesn't automatically start in the directory of the current song (I don't recall the feature name and my archos is at home).
17:33:01xamhowever I'd like to start from the songs directory if the archos was switched off and switched on again
17:33:13xamis that possible?
17:35:52quelsaruki don't understand you... but that's normal in me :)
17:37:16 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:37:17 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
17:43:30xamokay, 1. select a song to play and play it. 2. a
17:44:04xam2. select a next song, but switch back to WPS by pressing ON
17:45:28xam3. now you press ON a second time ... depending on your preferences, you'll start from the directory of the current song (1.), or at the last selected directory (2.)
17:45:52xam4. the song (from 1.) is still playing, but you switch of the archos
17:46:15xam5. switch it on again and press "play" to resume the song
17:46:36xam6. press ON to select the next song ... it starts in the root directory.
17:47:27xam7. my question: can you let it start from the directory of the currently playing song just under these circumstances (after poweroff/poweron-resume)
17:47:56 Join adi|work [0] (
17:53:48xamthe reason for this is that I have a rather deep (and wide) directory structure on my archos, so everytime i poweroff/poweron-resume I have to go through a whole bunch of directories ie. just to jump to a particular song
17:54:29quelsaruki think i have it that way
17:54:52quelsarukor yes...
17:55:01quelsaruki can't remember right now
17:55:20quelsarukbut i think i have it that way
17:55:23xamthere is no option in the preferences
17:55:41quelsarukmy last neuron has vacations this week
17:55:52quelsarukso i can't remember anything ;)
18:00:34quelsarukmust go
18:00:37quelsarukcu later!
18:00:41 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:01:59bobTHCcu l8ter
18:02:02bobTHCbye all
18:02:05 Part bobTHC
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18:54:40elinenbehave fun in rockbox-land!
18:54:42 Quit elinenbe ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
19:00:28 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:04:23xamwhat means top-time? the max time that was archived without powering off archos/rockbox?
19:05:54 Join webmind [0] (
19:06:22xamit's 15h24m here with IPowerUS 2100mAh ...
19:08:07xamwell, but I didn't recall using the archos until the batteries were dry ... I always recharged them before the battery energy level was getting too low
19:11:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:23:36Hadaka'svn cp <wc> <reposurl>/branches/blahblah' should work - but it should create the branch without your local modifications
19:23:54Hadakaafter that, you should switch to that branch - in which case no differences are sent ofcourse
19:23:57Hadakaand then commit
19:24:15Hadakacp & switch & commit - the procedure to make a branch and commit your changes there
19:24:26Hadakaargh, wrong channel
19:30:25 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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23:08:21xamtime for a pint
23:10:52 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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