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#rockbox log for 2003-02-11

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01:09:07Art1I have just loaded Rockbox 1.4 onto my Jukebox recorder and am having trouble playing existing m3u playlists.
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01:13:24DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
01:13:24Guestare you using the ac adapter that came with your recorder?
01:16:38Guestdo you have it hooked up to your computer and using a program to play them or just the ac adapter and playing mp3s
01:17:26Art1Just the adapter hooked to the player and the player to my headphones
01:18:35Guestdamn, i tried that and i just get the battery charging message and i cant do a thing
01:19:17Art1Which firmware do you have?
01:19:36Guestarchos 1.28, rockbox 1.4
01:20:09Art1How long have you had it?
01:20:17Guest2 days
01:20:25Guesti have a jukebox recorder 15
01:20:44Art1I have jukebox recorder 20...
01:20:56Art1Shouldn't make a difference, I don't think
01:21:09NibasiaArt1: is there some reason for u writing in bold?
01:21:11Art1You have any trouble playing your playlists?
01:21:29Art1Might have toggled it :0
01:21:38Guestdo u turn your's on first then plug it in or just plug it in and it turns on automatically and you can play it, no not really
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01:22:10Art1I had it on and playing and then plug it in.
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01:22:30*Nibasia slaps Art1 around a bit with a large trout
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01:22:38Nibasiabold letter can cause eye-cancer
01:22:49tracktheripperHi art and nibasia
01:23:12Guestok now that is strange mine is working now, it's only if i have it off and plug the adapter in that it goes into charge mode if i turn it on first it works ok
01:23:38tracktheripperis that a recorder or a player?
01:23:49NibasiaGuest: thats is normal behaviour :)
01:24:10Art1My problem is that when I try to hit play on m3u files I get nothing, just a semi blank screen.
01:24:19tracktheripperYou can plug the charger in then turn it on by holding ON down for a few seconds
01:24:27Guestoh lol ok :-p i just got the thing on sunday and the instructions werent that great, ohhhh
01:25:10tracktheripperthe manual isnt worth the paper its printed on
01:25:23tracktheripperGuest what recorder do you have?
01:25:54tracktheripperis that the one wiv the black rubber corners?
01:25:59tracktheripperi have a Recorder 10
01:26:13Guestactually it's the cd it's burned on, yea it is
01:26:46tracktheripperoh yea you can make playlists on-the-fly with the Archos firmware
01:26:48Nibasiaoh, only rec. 15 has black rubber cushins?
01:26:50tracktherippersomething the manual does not state
01:28:04Guestohhh really, well the manual doesnt state much
01:28:20Art1After I load the m3u playlist, I see the loading and in this case 40 files loaded and then a blank screen except the top line which is identical to the top line of the screen you see when an mp3 is actually playing.
01:28:32tracktheripperArt what firmware are u using?
01:28:57Art1Rockbox 1.4
01:29:09tracktheripperim using the latest bleeding edge
01:29:43tracktheripperfor some reason if you do long recordings with the Archos firmware sometimes the LCD loses its vertical hold?!?!
01:30:01Art1Sorry, I am a bit new to this, where is it from?
01:30:20tracktheripperits in the Daily Builds section
01:30:24tracktheripperthe latese bleeding edge
01:32:45Art1It says that it is playing, but I don't hear a damn thing, but if I play an indivual file, it is fine.
01:33:06tracktheripperwell im lost.
01:33:10tracktherippernever heard of that prob before
01:33:20tracktheripperperhaps your playlist files are corrupt
01:34:16Art1could be. I made them on my harddrive using the lousy music match jukebox, and with the 1.28 Firmware from Archos they played.
01:36:21Art1Then just moved them to the Jukebox when I had them like I liked them
01:36:21tracktheripperUse Winamp to make your playlists
01:36:21tracktheripperits far far better than MusicMatch
01:40:08Guestanyone know where i can find the specs for what car adapter i need
01:41:55tracktherippertry the Archos website
01:51:07Guestok i found the adapter info does anyone have an car adapter that works with it
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01:54:18Art1I had winamp, but didn't care for it much, either. Made my system unstable.
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01:56:56Art1Won't an m3u file from WinAmp and one from MusicMatch be identical?
02:00:31adi|worknot nec.
02:00:43adi|workthey use comments to sometimes put their own information in
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03:12:11kujianyone up ?
03:15:20kujiI cannot seem to copy any mp3s off the box using the latest bleeding edge.
03:15:29kujiwindows complains says the files are corrupted
03:15:49kujiis this an smcs thing.. shouldnt be as files recorded using mic or line in
03:19:25Nibasiano idea, dont have latest builds (and after hearing this i wont load it :D)
03:19:40Nibasiait says the recorded mp3s are corrupted?
03:19:47Nibasiaor it sais any mp3 are corrupted?
03:19:49kujiI think its a windows thing
03:19:55kujithe recorder will play them
03:20:05kujibut like a protected audio file it wont copy into windows
03:20:11Nibasiaany mp3 or just recorder-recorded ones?
03:20:17kujijust recorder ones
03:20:26Nibasiawell, i heared of this bug b4
03:20:59kujiho hum, roll on v 2
03:21:21kujithe fucked mpeg header is a pain.
03:22:42kujiI dont mind
03:25:31 Part kuji
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04:12:31dekkerthis is a dumb question but how do u record in rockbox?
04:23:26Nibasiadekker: u got 1.4 or latest build?
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08:40:42dwihnoWelcome back, Mats! :-)
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09:43:19quelsarukgood morning to all
09:43:29quelsarukeven to you Zagor :)
09:43:50Zagorooh, even to me :-)
09:44:30dwihnoYay for Z!
09:49:36quelsarukZagor: have you tested my mp3 ?
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09:52:53Zagornope :-)
09:53:08Zagorbut I might have time today
09:53:22quelsarukthat's why i don't give you the "good mornings" ;)
09:54:05quelsarukrebooting this little monster...
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11:14:00Zagorwee. yoyo time again...
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11:23:11langhaarrockerDo we suffer a netsplit or why are so few rockboxers online?
11:29:47s0beno netsplit in the last 10 hours or so
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11:42:07quelsarukre -hi
11:47:28dwihnoHello quel!
11:47:40dwihnoquelsaruk: I've found an external chassis which I will purchase!
11:47:58quelsarukme too :)
11:48:00dwihnoCheck this out, will it be a good replacement drive?
11:48:24dwihnoI'll buy this box:
11:50:05quelsarukthis is mine:
11:50:19quelsarukit's nearly the same!!!
11:50:27quelsarukyou copied me!!
11:50:46 Quit matsl ()
11:52:07 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
11:52:19quelsarukdwihno: that hd is for the jukebox?
11:52:39 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
11:53:42dwihnoquelsaruk: You bet :-)
11:53:50dwihnoit will be so cool! :)
11:54:08dwihnoI just want Zagor to say it's a good disk
11:54:15quelsaruklooks good :)
11:54:16 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
11:54:19dwihnoI guess the 5200 RPM drives are out of the question
11:54:24quelsarukand the box is the same than mine :)
11:54:51dwihnoNot relly
11:55:01dwihnoyour box do ATA-4
11:55:04dwihnoMine will do ATA-5
11:55:18dwihnoSo mine will be better than yours ;)
11:56:04quelsarukthat's because you're swedish...
11:56:16quelsarukthis is the best one i found out in spain
11:56:39dwihnomuy bien de caja? :)
11:57:20dwihnocaja = box
11:57:50dwihnovamos a la playa! une cerveza grande por favor! :D
11:59:05dwihnoI just wonder how hard the disk swap will be.
11:59:27dwihnoand what kind of fishy screwdriver you need to open it up.
12:00:08quelsarukummm really tiny
12:00:24quelsarukwhat did you wanted to say with muy bien de caja?
12:00:34langhaarrockeruse an axe. That works always
12:04:07quelsarukdwihno: still here??
12:04:22dwihnoMisa here
12:04:54dwihnoAlthough I rather would be sitting in the lunch room, eating my delicious spicy food :-)~
12:06:15quelsarukat 12:00??
12:06:19quelsarukstill to early
12:07:48langhaarrockerA few days ago someone asked for Siemens S55 owners. Is that person present here?
12:08:02quelsaruki asked you langhaarrocker
12:08:07langhaarrockerDon't buy one!
12:08:14quelsarukand you told me your boss was going to buy it for you
12:08:30dwihnois it that bad?
12:08:37langhaarrockerIt just dropped all my adress database telling me something about a "driver error".
12:09:21langhaarrockerAnd they only deliver a manual - no source code.
12:09:39dwihnoWould be pretty cool with open source firmware for cell phones
12:10:47langhaarrockerA phone should under no circumstances corrupt its adress / phone no database!!
12:11:08quelsarukdon't tell me this
12:11:11quelsaruki mean...
12:11:24quelsaruki have nearly bought it
12:11:58quelsaruk150 euros with digital camera
12:12:17 Join LinusN [0] (
12:12:25quelsarukhi LinusN
12:12:37quelsarukare you a ghost??
12:12:49langhaarrockerFirst I scrolled through my adress list and saw a scrambled entry. Wrong entries wrapped over wrong fields. When I wanted to edit it it told me something about a driver error. Afterwards all my data was lost.
12:12:51LinusNyes, and i have come to take you all to hell
12:12:59langhaarrockerLinusN: Happy birthday.
12:13:04LinusNlanghaarrocker: thx
12:13:33quelsaruklanghaarrocker: could it be that your s55 is bad?
12:13:36LinusNhehe, got greetings from quite a few rockboxers
12:13:48dwihnoLinus: Happy birthday, I forgot to leave a presentkort for kebab while I was in firemountains :-(
12:13:59quelsarukdid you get my mail?
12:14:02LinusNdwihno: sorry that i couldn't help you with your HD
12:14:16langhaarrockerquelsaruk: I have no idea, but it's new from the box.
12:14:24LinusNquelsaruk: yes, thank you. forgot to answer it though (busy lately)
12:14:28dwihnoLinus: No problems, I haven't gotten myself the HD yet. I still need some expert to review it. - check it out ;-)
12:14:33quelsarukdo not worry :)
12:14:55dwihnoLinus: What kind of screwdriver do you use to open it up? Torx?
12:15:19LinusNdwihno: yup
12:15:38LinusNyou need information about power consumption and heat
12:16:04dwihnoThe stuff about acoustic noise. Is it good?
12:16:13LinusNi dunno
12:16:59LinusNi can't believe that the MAS stops counting frames when it reaches fffff
12:17:05LinusNsoooo silly
12:17:56dwihnoThe S in MAS stands for senile.
12:18:12LinusNor Silly at least
12:18:49langhaarrockerIs that the 3 hour bug?
12:19:00LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes
12:19:24LinusNi use the frame counter for the time calculation
12:19:34dwihnoLinus: Isn't it possible to reset the frame counter and keep some kind of memory flag?
12:19:40*dwihno is just assuming
12:20:34LinusNdwihno: not that i know of
12:20:43LinusNthere is no "official" way of resetting it
12:21:05LinusNi could write to the memory location in the MAS. but I fear that it may confuse the DSP
12:21:23LinusNit is only reset when the recording is stopped
12:22:39dwihnoYou know how the Archos firmware handles it?
12:23:06LinusNdwihno: i guess they don't use the frame counter
12:23:08s0beputs a blurp in the recording and resumes?
12:23:30dwihnoPower stuff about the disk: seek: 0.45a, spin-up: 0.9a, idle: 0.13a, r/w: 0.4a, sleep: 0.02a, stand-by: 0.03a
12:24:26dwihnoIs that good?
12:27:02LinusNsounds fairly normal to me
12:28:38dwihnoI'm also going to get a cabinet for the left-over 20 gig disk.
12:28:49LinusNUSB2.0 cabinet?
12:28:59dwihnoWhich has both USB2/fw connectors, it will be a blast for sure :-)
12:29:16quelsarukdwihno: copied mi cabinet
12:29:26LinusNi am looking for USB2/fw 3.5" cabinets
12:29:41LinusNfast ones
12:29:45quelsarukLinusN: you are not as coooooool as dwihno and me ;)
12:30:07LinusNi have 4 120Gb disks on the shelf
12:30:15LinusNthat i use for backup
12:30:25LinusN(digital video)
12:31:34dwihnoLinus: Would you consider buying a cabinet for each and every one of them?
12:31:49dwihnoLinus: they are about 1000 SEK each. Even Clas-Ohlson has them :-)
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12:32:10dwihnoAlthough seems to have a lot of different models to choose from.
12:34:10LinusNdwihno: i have been looking for almost a year for a FW cabinet that uses UltraDMA, nearly all cabinets use PIO, slow as hell
12:34:49LinusNit may be different now that USB2 has entered the arena
12:35:52dwihnoUSB2 is so damn cool!
12:36:15dwihnoI will go to the store today to check if they have gotten the USB2 card I ordered last week. The sales dude told me he would get it today.
12:36:47dwihnoI decided to go for the Adaptec USB2connect cardbus thing. Adaptec has always proven themselves rock stable.
12:37:45LinusNfinally a cabinet with DMA!
12:38:07LinusN(i haven't looked for maybe 6 months)
12:38:55dwihnoISD-300 supports PIO 2?
12:39:17LinusNwhat's PIO2 exactly?
12:39:56dwihnoerhm. slow? :)
12:40:53LinusNwell, gotta go now
12:40:56LinusNcu l8r
12:40:58quelsarukbye linus
12:41:08quelsarukor in one month?
12:41:20LinusNi dunno :-)
12:41:31 Part LinusN
12:45:04dwihnoLinus ownz
12:45:22 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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12:45:41quelsarukhi Zagor
12:57:21dwihnowelcome back Z!
12:57:36dwihnoZ: what kind of disk did you put in your archos?
12:57:49Zagortoshiba 4018gap
13:01:20dwihnoZagor: Can you tell me what you think about this:
13:01:59Zagorlooks good to me
13:02:28 Join seb-sleep [0] (
13:03:00dwihnoLinus didn't think the power consumption was too bad.
13:03:18dwihnoI'll get one of those, and void my warranty ;D
13:03:24Zagordo so
13:03:43Zagorpower consumption is hard to compare, because many manufacturers test it differently
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13:44:25 Join bobTHC [0] (
13:44:48bobTHChi all!
13:45:21quelsarukhi bobTHC
13:48:16bobTHC2.0 features freezed or not ?
13:48:24Zagorthey are
13:49:15bobTHCsome info on it somewhere?
13:52:14Zagoronly in the mailing list
13:52:24ZagorI haven't made a release note document yet
13:59:23 Quit PsycoXul ("blah")
14:10:14 Join PsycoXul [0] (
14:25:58 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|luch (
14:26:00quel|luchcu later
14:27:53dwihnoYay for Z! Yay for CVS commits! :D
14:28:27 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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15:19:08Zagorquel|luch: i don't see a problem with your file. all id3 tags are visible both in wps and id3 browser
15:22:47dwihnoWhich tags are preferred if both v1 and v2 tags are contained?
15:23:11Zagorv1 tags are not read if v2 exist
15:23:27Zagorbecause v1 tags require searching to the end of the file
15:46:13 Join kargatis [0] (
15:46:13 Quit kargatron (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46:20kargatisnp: Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
15:46:27kargatiswrong window, sorry
15:46:40langhaarrockerwrong band, too :)
15:46:41 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:47:13kargatiswas sent from a friend. :)
15:47:37kargatiswas typing in his window to show him i was listening. heh
16:08:29Zagortime to go
16:08:29 Part Zagor
16:08:55 Part kargatis
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17:05:08 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:29:14 Quit elinenbe_ ()
17:34:27bobTHCbye !
17:34:29 Part bobTHC
17:46:26 Nick quel|out is now known as zaknafein (
17:46:32 Nick zaknafein is now known as quelsaruk (
17:58:43xamwill the CPU suspend patch make it into 2.0 ?
17:58:53quelsarukcpu sleep?
17:59:01quelsarukmaybe in 2.1
17:59:05quelsarukbut not in 2.0
18:02:04xammhhh. I'd like to see it in 2.0 ... well, I have to wait then ... or compile my own custom rockbox image
18:03:23*xam is seriously considering doing the 8MB mod
18:06:23quelsarukit's difficult
18:15:50 Join Kamayaka [0] (
18:16:09Kamayakaanybody awake ?
18:17:56Kamayakahm. i need a version capable supporting 8mb rockbox... i dont have any unix linux so i cant compile myself
18:18:22 Join Zagor [242] (
18:18:46PsycoXulhow can you actualy make the 8mb mod and not be able to figure out how to compile rockbox
18:18:48quelsarukhi Zagor
18:19:12quelsarukdid you test that weird mp3?
18:19:14Kamayakawell familiar with electronics and hardware but not with software :)=
18:19:37Zagorquelsaruk: yes. works perfectly for me.
18:19:56quelsarukZagor: then, there is only one option
18:20:06Zagordemons :-)
18:20:14quelsaruki need more goats on stock :)
18:20:32quelsaruki swear that i'm not joking... not this time...
18:20:49quelsaruki have a lot of nonsense bugs in the same rockbox version everyone use
18:21:31quelsarukare you sure you didn't get 01-Ex gathedra as song title??
18:23:50langhaarrockerLend me some gaots. I've got a portable phone now. :(
18:24:52quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i have the same phone
18:24:57quelsaruki need extra goats
18:26:48Kamayakahelp... :\
18:27:18quelsarukKamayaka: sorry...
18:27:25quelsarukwhat did you want?
18:27:32quelsaruka rockbox with 8 mb ram??
18:27:43Kamayakai have a rockbox with 8mb ram .) but no software :)
18:27:48quelsaruk1 minute
18:27:54Kamayakacoool :))
18:28:55quelsarukgettin cvs
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18:37:27quelsaruk1 min
18:37:32quelsarukmissa torpe
18:39:13quelsarukhunks failed
18:44:57quelsaruki have to patch it manually...
18:46:06Kamayakawhat da hell are you talking bout ? :)
18:47:52quelsaruki have to apply the 8mb patch
18:48:29quelsarukbut i cant patch it directly.. i have to patch it manually :(
18:48:45quelsarukso this is a bit more laborious and slow
18:53:11Kamayakahm why isnt rockbox able to determine the inbuild ram itself ?
18:53:29Schnueffthere are only very few people with 8MB
18:53:52quelsarukKamayaka: plaer or recorder?
18:54:30quelsarukwith games and demos??
18:54:32Kamayakadetermining the amount of ram could be done with 10 lines of code
18:54:41Kamayakagames demos everything :)
18:54:49quelsarukin english no?
18:55:09Kamayakagerman :)
18:55:13quelsarukwell it's in english...
18:55:14Kamayakabut i can use the language files
18:55:18quelsaruktoo slow
18:55:44quelsarukthis must work, i have just aplied manually uwe's patch
18:56:38Schnueff/usr/bin/patch is for whimps :)
18:57:43quelsarukSchnueff: i now how to apply patches but as lines have changed.. it always fails to patch
18:58:43Schnueffi thought so
19:05:03Kamayakarebooting :)
19:05:34Kamayakayeah :}}}}}
19:05:51Kamayakaworking :]
19:06:07Kamayakaneed to assemble the whole recorder...
19:06:13quelsaruki'm the best
19:07:48Schnueffmaybe one could ask uwe to put a firmware on his page
19:08:08Schnueffoki .. have to leave
19:09:49quelsarukcu later Schnueff
19:12:58Kamayakaf*cking cool :))
19:21:20quelsaruki see you like your 8 mb mod
19:23:41xamwhere did you get the stuff for the mod?
19:25:44Kamayakathe hynix ram chip ?
19:28:34quelsarukZagor: don't you really want a Siemens S55?
19:28:48Zagornope :)
19:29:05xamI have a S35 ;)
19:29:53quelsarukyou will change your point of view Zagor.. for sure.... just for shouting my mouth :) i paied 7,50EUR per piece and bought 2rams...
19:30:23langhaarrockerMy S55 is capable of java but it dropped all of my adress book -> Seems I'm distracted from rockbox...
19:37:12xamKamayaka was it difficult? I mean, I used to solder from time to time (even smaller stuff, mostly hardware mods to my amiga), but is this just for EEs?
19:38:25quelsaruki wonder if the CF mod will be a reality someday
19:38:37quelsarukbecause... that could be great
19:39:58Kamayakawell im familiar with half pitch smds but if you really want to do it you can do it with extrem fine solder iron
19:40:56xamokay, I never did smd stuff ...
19:41:03Kamayakaim wondering tha archos isnt using 8mbit devices by default. nerly same price and hughe achivements to energy saving leading to longer playtime and better for the hd too
19:41:17Kamayakahm you should have worked with smd...
19:41:22xamkamayaka 8mbit ?
19:41:25 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
19:41:37quelsaruk8 MB
19:41:42xamkamayaka 8mbyte?
19:41:46Kamayakambyte :)
19:41:52langhaarrockerhh: I managed to unsolder single pins of the MAS chip with a normal solder iron, fix a wire to it and undo all the mod. And the jukebox still works.
19:41:59Kamayakalol 8mbit would have been 1mbyte yeah, well
19:42:06Kamayakai just downgraded my archos to 1mbyte
19:42:18quelsaruklanghaarrocker: but i'm sure you used your last goat then!!
19:42:28xamwhoohoo, kamayaka, you probably just upgraded your archos from 2MByte to 8MBit ;)
19:42:51xamargll, too slow
19:45:15xamI can't find the GM71VS65163CLT5 anywhere on their ( website ...
19:49:50Kamayakayou need to ask for this device (think this is their e-mail) shipping did cost 3EUR... + tax
19:50:00xamarglll, I'm transferring data via USB, and running slowly out of battery power ... so I want to recharge the batteries while continuing the transfer of the files, but unfortunately the "deep discharge" option is set to "yes" ... can't change it while in USB mode ...
19:50:27xamkamayaka i suppose it's a little bit more expensive to Eire ...
19:50:38Kamayakaeire `?
19:50:44xamto ship it to Ireland
19:50:52Kamayakawell 10EUR :)
19:51:33xammhh, they don't have soldering tools?
19:52:32xamwell, have to ask a friend of mine ... his father is an EE working at a local radio station
19:52:47xamhe should have this kind of stuff
19:53:32Kamayakathin wires thin solder thin solder iron... some glue, 2 cups of coffee and 2h time (including the assembling)
19:53:46quelsaruki lived in Cashel :)
19:53:59quelsarukor i year...
19:54:04quelsarukfor 1 year
19:55:21xamI'm in cork
19:55:29quelsarukthat's quite near :)
19:55:36quelsaruki went to cork
19:55:45xami went to cashel ;)
19:56:06quelsarukwell i lived there... 11 years ago
19:56:16xamquite a long time ago
19:56:20quelsarukyups :)
19:56:30xamwhat did you do back then?
19:56:35xamin ireland?
19:57:05quelsaruki was just a child, i went there to study 2nd year of secundary
19:57:25quelsarukdo you know Rockwell college?
19:58:26xamheard of it ... it's in cashel, right?
19:58:33quelsarukyes :)
19:59:24xamthey are doing a summer school there afaik
20:00:21quelsarukummm.. i didn't know that... when i went there, they admited few overseas' students
20:01:25quelsaruki can remember Father Mc Cunninham... a good man :)
20:01:43xamquelsaruk no, they are doing a summer school along with a regular secondary school education
20:01:55quelsarukahhhh :)
20:02:12quelsarukwhen i went, they didn't
20:02:17xamthe summer school is quite famous throughout ireland :)
20:03:09quelsaruki must leave you, cu in half an hour :)
20:03:21 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
20:09:13 Join edx [0] (
20:28:52 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:32:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:32:09 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
20:32:31quelsarukback to life
20:55:14Kamayakaback to reality
20:55:21Kamayakagoind out drinking some bear :)
21:03:22xamcuanybody home?
21:06:27xama more difficult question (partly aswered in the faq): I have a regulated 12V@1250a power adapter (I know I'd be better of using 10V, since 12V is the top limit for the archos). When I used 5V/7V it didn't recharge the batteries fast enough, so when I was playing the batteries eventually run out of power nevertheless
21:08:07xamIf I use the 12V@1250a adapter, is this now a non-issue? To be more specific: I want to use the archos as a external harddrive without worrying that it will run out of battery power ANYTIME when connected to mains
21:08:56quelsarukxam... i have no idea
21:09:14xamwhat is the square root of 4
21:09:43xamor -2 ;)
21:10:12Kamayakause 10V and everything will be fine (glurks)
21:10:25quelsarukand the heat ecuation??
21:10:30xamkamaraya that's not the question ;)
21:13:02xamkamayaka even if I'd use 10V, will the archos run out of battery power (if charged all the time), regardless what I'm doing
21:15:07xamAFAIK the max. power consumption is something like 370ma, and the battery charging is done with 350ma ... but 370ma is just in extreme cases ... so how much power does the archos consume in USB mode?
21:23:45 Join Guest [0] (
21:23:53 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:27:47 Join misanthrope [0] (
21:28:04 Join RedSpyda [0] (
21:28:37xamI'm going to find it out soon ... I'm transferring about 2 gigs of data, and the batteries were at about 5%. The rockbox is charging while in USB mode. So if I can finish the transfer, then it is likely that the charging is stong enough to avoid running out of battery power
21:29:09misanthropeI am in need of a little help.
21:29:27xammisanthrope I won't give you any money ...
21:29:30RedSpydaWhat's the problem
21:29:50misanthropeI loaded a ton of new mp3s to my player and the changes do not show up on the player just in windows
21:30:09misanthropethis has never happened before and I have been using it for months now
21:30:11xammsianthrobe did you "unmount" the archos?
21:30:11adi|workare you running archos firmware or rockbox?
21:30:26misanthropei have used both and I did unmount
21:30:45RedSpydaWell which firmware are you using currently when this problem occured
21:30:45misanthropethey both show up the same way
21:30:48adi|worknot to be stupid.. but are you looking in the correct directory
21:31:06xamadi actually happenecd to me once ;)
21:31:22RedSpydaany good fun channels on this server?
21:31:23misanthropeI was using Archos 1.28 when it happened
21:31:28RedSpydabesides the projects
21:31:32xamthis is one ;)
21:31:45adi|workmisanthrope: and the files don't display when you look in rockbox?
21:31:55RedSpydaWell this is dedicated to a perticular projec
21:32:08 Quit RedSpyda (Client Quit)
21:32:11adi|workred... go to the server window and type /list
21:32:39misanthropeI moved all the existing folders out of the root directory and plced them in a new dir and then placed another dir in root with all new files
21:33:06misanthropeit is still showing the root as it did before the transfer
21:33:13xamsorry, have to quite, I just installed a new version of my client
21:33:17 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
21:37:01misanthropeany ideas?
21:39:59misanthropeI have it figured out
21:41:01quelsaruki was away
21:41:06quelsarukcoudl you repeat please
21:45:32misanthropeis there any other software available other than rockbox
21:46:23quelsarukrockbox and archos
21:46:37quelsarukbut who wants another software than rockbox??
21:47:04adi|workthere's other firmware?
21:47:19misanthropenot that I am aware of
21:47:24misanthropeI was curious
21:48:40quelsarukmust go home
21:48:43quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:49:33 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:55:37 Join xam [0] (
22:10:04 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:13:34 Join |orko| [0] (
22:14:23|orko|hi. which driver do you use under linux. i use debian with usbmgr but this hangs my system all the time. i tried usb-uhci and only uhci
22:20:14|orko|hello? anyone here?
22:21:27 Join SteveC [0] (
22:21:47Zagor|orko|: I use usb-uhci
22:22:09|orko|Zagor: with usbmgr or with hotplug?
22:22:33 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:46SteveCGuys, awesome work on Rockbox - I am looking to see if there is a mod to allow instant start with a single keypress of the ON button - can't see it in th Requests
22:22:54Zagor|orko|: neither, actually
22:23:14ZagorSteveC: haven't heard anyone do that
22:23:52|orko|Zagor: perhaps you can guess where my problem is. everything work fine, but when copying large amount of files, the whole system hangs.
22:23:53SteveCOK - pity - I installed mine in the car and it's a pain having to keep finger pressed ;)
22:24:28ZagorSteveC: the recorders don't have that problem :-)
22:24:35Zagor|orko|: which archos model?
22:24:42SteveCanyone want to buy a player LOL
22:25:24|orko|Zagor: recorder 20gb
22:26:51Zagor|orko|: odd, I haven't had any problems with mine. what chipset do you have?
22:27:12|orko|Zagor: where can i find this information?
22:27:58Zagor|orko|: run lsusb
22:28:14Zagorcheck what it says about your usb controller
22:28:20|orko|Zagor: chipgset of my pc or the recorder?
22:28:57|orko|what information exactly do you want? theres so much
22:29:24Zagoryou should have a line like "00:04.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. USB (rev 08)"
22:30:12|orko|Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 Virtual Hub
22:30:30Zagorthat's not from lspci, is it?
22:31:03Zagornot lsusb, mind you
22:31:22|orko|thats from lsusb.
22:31:30Zagorrun lspci
22:31:53|orko|lspci:no vendor names only numbers
22:32:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:32:38Zagorok. same thing in /proc/pci ?
22:32:56 Quit SteveC ("Leaving")
22:33:15|orko| USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. UHCI USB (rev 2).
22:33:30Zagorok. then you should use usb-uhci
22:33:39|orko|but i use it
22:34:04Zagordo you get any error messages in your system log?
22:34:26|orko|no. the system just hangs.
22:35:21|orko|supervise: fatal: unable to start supervise/run:
22:38:13adi|workZagor.. i don't seem to have lsusb.. hmmm
22:39:05Zagoradi|work: don't worry. lsusb is part of the optional usbutils package.
22:39:09adi|workZagor.. how can i ensure that Im using usb-uhci?
22:39:11adi|workgot ya...
22:39:22adi|worki see 00:04.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. UHCI USB (rev 11) in my pci list
22:39:33adi|workand i get the hanging prob everytime i plug my archos in
22:39:55|orko|adi: me too if i move files.
22:40:08adi|worki don't get to that point.. its as soon as i plug in
22:40:49Zagoryou're not just seeing the fat read block, are you? it takes a few minutes to read the whole FAT from the disk before the first write can be made.
22:42:28|orko|Zagor: i can mount my device, so is the fat read than?
22:43:03Zagor|orko|: not all of it. it isn't read until you try to do a big write to the disk.
22:43:21|orko|sometimes i have this msg in syslog: usb.c: USB device not accepting new address=5
22:43:47adi|workorko what kernel are you running?
22:44:02|orko|Zagor: i waited up to 15minutes, i'm running 2.4.19-k6
22:44:13Zagorok, then it's not that
22:45:17adi|workZagor... another side question..
22:45:18|orko|Zagor: when the FAt is read. does the system stuck then, until the fat is read completly?
22:45:24adi|worki have a pci card in my machine
22:45:30adi|workwith 4 usb2.0 slots
22:45:38Zagor|orko|: no, only the process doing the disk access
22:45:40adi|workbut my box doesn't see it. ideas?
22:46:28Zagoradi|work: which kernel version?
22:46:48|orko|adi: selfmade?
22:46:49Zagorhave you included ehci support in your build?
22:46:59adi|worki expected kudzu to catch it, since it has always caught everything else.. but no go
22:47:30adi|workhmm i dont remember.. how can i check?
22:52:56Zagorfirst, run lspci and see if the card is listed at all
22:54:19adi|workits not
22:54:24adi|workits a belkin card
22:54:30adi|workno such one listed under lspci
22:54:55adi|workI only show 1 usb controller. That is the one that is on the motherboards
22:55:51Zagordo you recognize all the other cards in the list?
22:56:13adi|workgive or take
22:56:39adi|workmost of the things are on board (VIA Technologies)
22:57:01adi|workand i see my nic, graphics, sound cards
23:11:01 Quit |orko| ("using sirc version 2.211+ssfe+Yiff! v0.7")
23:31:41 Join LinusN [0] (
23:31:42 Quit misanthrope (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:32:06 Part LinusN
23:34:34 Join LinusN [0] (
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