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#rockbox log for 2003-02-12

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00:07:19LinusN|brbtime to reboot, cu soon
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00:30:51*adi|work is away: headed home
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03:04:47Guesthey, how can you get the recorder to record with rockbox?
03:04:47GuestI only see the play
03:05:38Guestanyone here.
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03:07:45Guesthey, how do you record live audio with rockbox on recorder. seems to be eliminated
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03:39:15ricIIy'r birthday LinusN ?
03:43:03LinusNwell, it was the 8th
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09:17:44quelsarukbuenos dias
09:19:11quelsaruklanghaarrocker: the goatas are cool
09:19:31quelsaruki want some of those!!
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09:27:45quelsarukhi Zagor
09:30:08dwihnoWelcome Zagor!
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09:42:14langhaarrockerIs there something like a list of bugs we'd like to be fixed for V2.0?
09:42:38Zagorno. we like all bugs fixed :-)
09:42:52Zagorseriously, there's the no-header vbr problem linus is working on
09:43:02Zagorthere's some strange problem with create playlist
09:43:24Zagorand possibly the ata code needs more testing under shaky conditions
09:43:31quelsarukhey! don't forget the strange ghosts in my jukebox
09:43:35langhaarrockerAnd there's a problem with dynamic wps elements in scrolling lines (they don't update)
09:43:42Zagorquelsaruk: those are your problem :-)
09:43:59Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok
09:44:10quelsarukbut you can make a goat's sacrifice simulator and include it in 2.0
09:44:52langhaarrockernah, to messy. That's a job for technopriests only.
09:47:41dwihnoA couple of things I've noticed (running pre-feb CVS):
09:47:59dwihno* Pressing recording and returning leaves the current playing track in a messy state
09:48:47dwihnoThere was something else too ... *ponder*
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10:55:54dwihnoI was thinking. Those external USB2 boxes, What are the maximum size of the disks they support, and what is determining that? The USB-IDE bridge?
10:59:57Zagorisd300 supports up to 128 gig
11:03:30dwihnoHow do you know the limitation of each device?
11:03:40dwihnoYou need to know the chipset along with something else?
11:04:42Zagoryou simply need to know if the device support ATA-133 or not. if not, they are limited to 128 gig.
11:08:28dwihnoAww. So even ATA-100 devices has the limitation? :-/
11:16:11dwihnoCare to tell me why?
11:16:16*dwihno is the curious kind of person.
11:16:32dwihnoDevice as in bridge hardware, and not disk?
11:17:03ZagorATA uses 28-bit sector addressing. 512*2^28 == 128 gig
11:17:36Zagorata-133 increases the address space to 48 bits == 144 petabytes
11:18:26Zagorthe disk obviously needs to support it too. but there are no disks >128 gig without ata-133, for obvious reasons...
11:18:47Zagorunless they are scsi ;)
11:21:46dwihnoAh, then I'm with you.
11:22:09dwihnoISD300 is ATA-100, or perhaps even 66, or 33?
11:23:12Zagori'm not sure. it's not ata-133 anyway
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11:25:38dwihnoWb, quel!
11:25:40Zagorit supports UDMA mode 4, which is ATA-66
11:26:47dwihnoThe trickle charge works really good btw.
11:26:58quelsaruki didn't have breakfast yet
11:27:05quelsarukand i'm hungry...
11:37:18dwihnoI ate fil + flingor
11:37:32dwihnoIs there an english term for fil, Zagor? File? :-)
11:41:52dwihnoFile and flakes
11:44:12 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:48:19dwihnoWillkommen zurck! Kannst du vielleicht das Englisher wort fr Sauermilch sagen? :-)
11:48:30dwihnoMy german is so damn good ;-D
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12:24:48Zagordwihno: at least you didn't have torskfile for lunch :-)
12:25:29Zagorquelsaruk: don't you have breakfast in the morning?
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12:51:08Zagorbah, you are strange types :-)
12:51:27ZagorI think I will start a Spanish Breakfast Liberation Front
12:52:23quelsaruki'm an strange man
12:52:32quelsarukor seudo-human being
12:52:54quelsarukspanish people are normal... except me
12:53:11quelsarukdon't you know that about "each rule has an exception" ?
12:53:23quelsaruki'm the exception for everything
12:53:47Zagoryou mean "there's a black sheep in every flock"? ;*)
12:54:03quelsarukcan you say a black goat??
13:17:26dwihnoZagor: I had a pretty good chicken + pepparkaks-lunch :-)
13:18:10langhaarrockerI had something that was made from potatoes but tried to be a cordon bleue. Vegetarian food is strange.
13:20:40quelsaruki'm hungry.. please don't talk about food :)
13:20:52dwihnoYum. Food! ;-)
13:22:27*quelsaruk thinks he has some voluntiers for his Vodoo experiments....
13:23:03*langhaarrocker passes a virtual bar of chocolate to quelsruk
13:23:13quelsarukthanks langhaarrocker
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13:23:52quel|outcu later
13:23:54*dwihno is one of those voodoo people, don't mess wif' me! ;D
13:24:07quel|outi'm going to steal some food
13:25:53dwihnoStealing is bad, mmmkay?
13:26:33langhaarrockereven stealing from archos?
13:31:12Zagorwhat would anyone want to steal from archos? ;)
13:31:34 Join kargatis [0] (
13:35:59dwihnoMAS specs? ;)
13:36:33dwihnoThere is no specs! It's not the specs that are bending, but you, Neo!
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13:41:09quelsaruki'm back
13:41:15quelsarukam.. am...
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14:16:04quelsarukLunch time!
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15:19:20webmindej ricII
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15:19:47elinenbeZagor: I think that the ID3 viewer in the menu should not be there unless you are playing a song.
15:20:13elinenbeZagor: or it will check the ID3 tag f the song that the directory broser cursor is currently on
15:20:35Zagorwe currently don't support dynamic menus
15:20:56elinenbeZagor: even with a whole bunch of if's :)
15:21:07Zagoryou simply can't select the option if you're not playing a song
15:21:24elinenbeI know that, but it seems weird.
15:21:30Zagorwe could, of course, but it's messy.
15:21:44elinenbealso, I think that the ON+F1 combo should be removed entirely
15:21:54ZagorI'm not convinced it's less weird having different menu contents at different points in time
15:22:01Zagorwhy remove the combo?
15:23:22elinenbethe combo ONLY works if you first press F1, and then ON
15:23:32elinenbeit is just a really odd combe.
15:23:45elinenbeboth ON and F1 do something on their own
15:24:11Zagorwell, it doesn't hurt anyone :-)
15:24:33elinenbeyeah −− but it is confusing.
15:25:57Zagorwhy? it's not like you accidentally hit it
15:26:21elinenbeno −− I guess it is just a matter of preference.
15:30:21langhaarrockerIt's a matter of me being lazy and busy. If I had finished the bindable key schemes instead ....
15:33:31elinenbesomeone should implelment (me? −− nah!) comment ID3 tags. A lot of my mp3 have comments from using tag/rename (what it does it grab tha album summary from and put it as that tag −− kind of nice
15:37:40Zagorthe problem with these free-text id3 tags is space. the comment tag can be pretty big, iirc. and we need to have 8 or 16 (can't remember) id3 structs in memory simultaneously.
15:41:36elinenbeZagor: yeah, this tag can sometime be a few hundred bytes
15:42:06langhaarrockeris that the place where some proggies store images, too?
15:42:14elinenbelanghaarrocker: yeah
15:42:23Zagoris it? isn't that another frame?
15:42:34elinenbelanghaarrocker: it would be great to have an image viewer too.. yes it is another frame
15:43:19Zagorelinenbe: first write a nice ditherer that converts 800x600 24bit images to 112x64 1-bit :-)
15:43:50elinenbeZagor: that is a waste... I don't think many people have 800x600 images.
15:43:59elinenbethey usually use program that either get them from
15:44:07Zagorwell, whatever size it'll be bigger than 112x64 :-)
15:44:29Zagorand most definitely more than 1 bit
15:44:42elinenbeand those images are (hold on) 200x200 (yeah of course more than one bit)
15:45:09elinenbecouldn't you just do an easy conversion if the color is over half then it is black, and under half then it is white?
15:45:17 Join DarkHanzz [0] (
15:45:39DarkHanzzquestion : how do i do a 'deep discharge' on my player studio ?
15:45:42elinenbeI just did a 1 bit conversion of the images, and amazingly many of them still look very good!
15:45:47Zagorelinenbe: it's not good enough. you won't see what the image is.
15:46:04Zagorelinenbe: yes, thanks to dithering.
15:46:29elinenbeZagor: it really looks okay. −−- I am just decreasing the color depth to black/white (not grayscale)
15:46:51Zagorelinenbe: did you select "no dithering"?
15:47:20elinenbeI am just using irfanview (freeware windows program)
15:47:33elinenbebut I will load up photoshop and try it to make sure there is not dithering.
15:48:32elinenbealthough, pictures that are in tags can be .gif/.bmp/.jpg
15:48:37elinenbeso, that is an issue too!
15:49:28HesDarkHanzz: leave your player on (playing) until it runs out of battery power and shuts off.
15:49:40HesAt that point, your battery is deeply discharged. 8-)
15:51:56DarkHanzzok, if that's good enough, that's fine :-)
15:52:00 Join belial [0] (
15:52:07 Join xam [0] (
15:52:11 Quit elinenbe_ ()
15:52:25elinenbewith no dithering, the image still looks amazingly good
15:52:52Zagorit will still have to be a plugin
15:53:03Zagortoo much code to handle gif and jpg
15:53:08belialhello all
15:53:16elinenbeZagor: agreed.
15:53:22beliali'm french
15:53:27beliali need help
15:53:31belial( sorry my bad english )
15:53:53Zagorwhat is your problem?
15:53:53belialplz ...
15:54:09beliali want install rockbox on my jukebox recorder 20
15:54:18belialbut understand your website
15:54:53belialwho should help me plz
15:54:56belialin query
15:55:33beliali have my archos connect with my pc
15:55:42beliali have the last release .zip ....
15:55:52elinenbeunzip that .zip to the archos
15:56:03belialon root ?
15:56:10elinenbethat is all
15:56:17elinenbeon the root of the archos.
15:56:39belialshutdown archos ?
15:57:08belialNEXT ?
15:57:18belialy have dezippped all .zip in root of my archos
15:57:20belialnow ?
15:57:30Zagoreject the disk in windows
15:57:31elinenbesafely remove the archos
15:57:48elinenberight click the icon in the system tray
15:57:53elinenbeand do a "safely remove"
15:57:59*Zagor kicks matsl. your python scripts are using all mem on linux3
15:58:13kargatisyou guys happen to know about the id3 COMM(ent) standard - the text following the language spec - does there need to be a separator?
15:58:24kargatisi.e. engText vs eng.Text
15:58:35Zagorkargatis: look in the spec :-)
15:58:36kargatiswinamp and itunes see these things differently.
15:58:37elinenbekargatis: no idea... check the docs on the document page
15:58:44beliali have desactivate
15:58:50kargatisi tried - saw no mention or examples
15:58:56belialreboot archos ?
15:59:09belialSORRY i'm bad
15:59:18kargatiseither a separator is mentioned elsewhere in the doc, or perhaps it's not needed, since it's not mentioned.
15:59:34belialsory i understand english
15:59:48Zagorbelial: do a "safe remove"
15:59:48beliali have disconnect safety usb
15:59:49belialnow ?
16:00:00Zagorunplug usb cable
16:00:11belialarchos or my pc
16:00:29belialarchos reboot
16:00:33beliali wait
16:01:06belialBig thx
16:01:16belialzagor thx too you
16:01:28Zagorbelial: exactly what did you not understand in the web page? we only told you what is written there...
16:01:48belialwait i traduct your texte with google :)
16:02:02beliali have 15 old
16:02:07beliali'm bad in inglish
16:03:01DarkHanzzquestion : i want menu+play do 'toggle shuffle' instead of 'toggle mute'. do i need to recompile everything for that ?
16:03:18ZagorDarkHanzz: yes
16:03:20elinenbeDarkHanzz: yes
16:03:49beliali want change you logo ?
16:04:07beliali'm bloqued ion occilografe
16:05:24Zagorbelial: sorry, I don't understand
16:05:42Schnueffit's not possible to change the rockbox boot logo
16:06:03belialhow to change languaje with french ?
16:06:12belialMENU -> ?
16:06:15 Part kargatis
16:07:14elinenbedoes anyone know of a program that will recursively remove all ID3 v1 or v2 tags...
16:07:26elinenbeI'm moving my collection to v2 tags.
16:07:39Schnueff'recursively' ?
16:08:15elinenbewell, I point it at a driectory, and it does all the sub-dirs
16:08:20Zagorbelial: browse to the .rockbox directory and press play on the francais.lng file
16:08:32Schnueff(he needs to have 'show all files' on for this)
16:08:32belialok th
16:08:47Zagorelinenbe: there is recurring discussions about this on the yahoo list.
16:08:52elinenbeZagor: there sure is a nice collection of translations already
16:08:54 Quit belial ("Leaving")
16:09:10elinenbeZagor: I'll go check out what those yahooligans have to day about this
16:09:58elinenbeZagor: how many people do you think actually use the original firmware who have heard of rockbox?
16:10:19 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:10:32Zagorhehe, not many :-)
16:10:38quelsarukhi again
16:12:26 Join belial [0] (
16:12:33belialre all
16:12:43belialhow to reconnect my archos
16:13:35Zagorjust insert the USB cable. when the usb symbol is shown, you can access the disk
16:14:09belialpower my archos ?
16:14:21quelsarukafter powering your archos
16:15:00belialyour have said
16:15:06belialjust run francais.lng
16:15:10belialbut i run with ?
16:15:30quelsarukpressing the "play" key
16:15:40Schnueffin rockbox
16:17:02quelsarukTeam work :)
16:17:27beliali not have a .rockbox
16:17:45Schnueffyou have to set something in the menu
16:17:45quelsarukcreate it then
16:18:03Schnueffwhere is that dirfilter setting?
16:19:15belialhow to change languaje
16:19:17Schnueffmenu -> settings -> file -> filter
16:19:17belialto french ?
16:19:20Schnueffdo you find this?
16:19:46quelsarukany french here to help our newbie fiend?
16:19:49Schnueffyou have to set it to 'show all' or soemthing like this
16:19:59quelsaruki need a coffee.. i'm so tired...
16:20:14Schnueffand after this, you can see the .rockbox dir
16:20:36Schnueffand hit play on the french language file
16:21:32belialgg french
16:21:39belialhow to stop oscillograf
16:21:49Schnueffthe demo?
16:21:51Schnueffwith off
16:22:03Schnueff(as almost all the demos and games)
16:22:04beliallol sorry my kestion idio
16:27:10 Quit DarkHanzz (" Still using mIRC? lol! - HydraIRC, v0.337 (15/January/2003) -> <-")
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16:43:16*dwihno hoorays! The order for a new rock-disk has been placed :D
16:48:36quelsarukgreat dwihno
16:48:58quelsaruktoday i've also ordered my case
16:50:39dwihnoMy case was on the order as well :-)
16:50:49dwihno:-) :-)
16:51:10dwihnoI will get pissed off if the store haven't got my USB2 card yet. I'll check that in approx 15 minutes.
16:51:38quelsaruki sell one one
16:51:43quelsarukjust 300 euros
16:51:53quelsarukor better.. 600
17:00:57quelsarukmust go
17:01:18quelsaruki was requested as technopriest :)
17:01:42quelsaruki must seek and destroy a nimbda infection in the university :(
17:02:05 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|virhunter (
17:07:26 Part Zagor
17:08:30 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|Technopri (dwihno@
17:08:34dwihno|TechnopriDarn ;D
17:08:38beliali want to charge my archos 20 recorder with a charger
17:08:38dwihno|TechnopriI'm off.
17:08:40 Nick dwihno|Technopri is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:08:52belial1200 mA - 9 volts
17:08:54quel|virhunterdw|gone: technopriest???
17:08:56belialit's good or not ?
17:09:15quel|virhunterbelial i don't think so...
17:09:25DBUGEnqueued KICK belial
17:09:36quel|virhunter600 mAh
17:09:40belialoriginal charger is 600 Mah
17:09:44quel|virhunteri mean 600 mA
17:09:55belialbut 1200mha it's good or not ?
17:10:01quel|virhunteri don't think so
17:10:04belialNORMALEMENT OUI
17:10:07belialsure ?
17:10:39quel|virhuntersee the FAQ
17:10:49beliali not english
17:10:53beliali dont understant
17:10:55quel|virhunteri'm spanish
17:11:00quel|virhunteri must go..
17:11:04belialho risk with a charer 1200 mah
17:11:12quel|virhunteri'f you want, i'll be back in 40 minutes
17:11:19belialyes oki
17:11:20quel|virhunterand i can look at that
17:11:25beliali am here :)
17:11:27quel|virhunterbut i think that's risky
17:11:37beliali w8 ...
17:17:47 Quit MeRWiN ("Work awaits...")
17:36:12 Quit elinenbe ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
17:36:20 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
18:00:09 Quit Snorlax ()
18:05:05 Part langhaarrocker
18:25:55 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
18:29:57 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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18:34:22 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:52:08 Nick quel|virhunter is now known as quelsaruk (
18:52:13quelsaruki hate virus
19:03:35adi|work"Engineers aren't boring people; we just get excited over boring things."
19:08:14quelsarukwhat kind of Engineers?
19:14:02 Quit belial (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:42:54 Join [C]W[L][GiRL [0] (
19:43:07 Part [C]W[L][GiRL ("Client exiting")
19:43:54 Nick edx`ill|afk is now known as edx (
19:44:29 Join Galik [0] (
19:48:24GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
19:48:42GalikI've stopped killing people now!
19:52:26GalikHi. Ne1 know if the rock team are any closer to fixing the battry monitor problem on the FM Recorder?
19:56:14Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
20:00:30quelsarukthere's a new patch applied to the cvs
20:00:44quelsarukbut i haven't a FM so i don't know if that helps or not
20:06:37 Quit dw|gone (Success)
20:09:42 Join dw|gone [0] (dwihno@
20:09:49quelsarukre dw|gone
20:11:13 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:17:49 Quit s0be (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:21:34GalikI've stopped killing people now!
20:22:06Galikcool i give the patch a try l8er thnx
20:32:01 Join Kamayaka [0] (
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20:33:50Kamayakaxam, ive got one memory ic left my friend tends to update after warranty runs out (such a wanker :))
20:41:36 Join MT [0] (
20:58:59 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:23:47quelsaruktime to go home
21:23:55quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:24:01 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:26:18 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
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21:56:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:56:50*Kamayaka slaps xam around a bit with a large trout
21:59:54GalikI've read the FAQ and know the position regarding ogg vorbis format but...
22:00:05Kamayakabut ?
22:00:17GalikIs the FM Recorder possibly different in this respect? Does it use the same DSP?
22:01:09GalikO cos I got a mail back from their support suggesting a possible firmware update to include ogg
22:01:24GalikBut that could have been baloni I gues
22:01:37GalikUnfortunately, the Jukebox does not support this format at the moment.
22:01:37GalikHowever, a firmware update will probably be released in the future.
22:01:37DBUGEnqueued KICK Galik
22:01:59NJoin_seb_ [0] (
22:02:08 Quit _seb_ (
22:02:16NJoin_seb_ [0] (
22:02:27GalikI guess he just washing me off... :(
22:04:43 Quit _seb_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:04:49 Join LinusN [0] (
22:04:54 Join _seb_ [0] (
22:05:13LinusNGalik: Ogg will never work on the FM recorder
22:05:51GalikYeah. I got hopeful with the reply I got from Archos support. I'll live though :)
22:05:58LinusNtoo little memory in the MAS DSP, as far as i can see
22:06:43LinusNi mean, 4kbytes code and data is far too little
22:07:21GalikNo chance of swapping DSP mem out to main?
22:07:29GalikOn the fly like ;)
22:07:56LinusNthe I2C bus is far too slow for that, and the MAS is a slave on that bus
22:09:05GalikHow about part processing the ogg format in main and a smaller decoder in the DSP?
22:09:34LinusNthe SH1 CPU is far too slow for that
22:09:51LinusNbut it is a good idea
22:10:14Galikhmm k just ever hopeful :)
22:10:38LinusNit won't happen until Micronas shares the documentation for the DSP
22:10:45LinusNor if they write it themselves
22:14:25 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:16:02Kamayakaive got a hynix chip for 8EUR... anybody wants it ?
22:17:18 Join Galik [0] (
22:17:43GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
22:25:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:25:35*Kamayaka slaps Galik around a bit with a large trout
22:32:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:44:41GalikI've stopped killing people now!
22:48:24GalikHmmm I need to stop that script triggering in non relevant channels... soz
22:51:41Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
23:01:32 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
23:10:02 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:13:26tracktheripperWhy can't the Jukebox timestretch?
23:17:26GalikI've stopped killing people now!
23:18:41tracktheripperhi Galik
23:18:54 Quit elinenbe_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021212]")
23:19:27tracktheripperlo to you as well :)
23:19:38Galik Why can't the Jukebox timestretch? <===== I dunno I'm new :)
23:20:09tracktheripperhi Galik nice to meet you :)
23:20:48Galiku2. nice nick btw :)
23:21:05tracktheripperlol cheers :)
23:21:29tracktheripperif you check out the feature requests don't forget to check out "Auto Voice Transcriber"
23:21:59GalikWhat's that voice activation?
23:22:17tracktheripperno its turning a voice recording into a text file :)
23:22:33GalikOn the jukebox? wow.
23:23:00tracktheripperwell poor old Bjorn was pulling his hair out when I subbmitted that!
23:23:37GalikI'm sure there is some gnu code that does that around
23:24:08tracktheripperyea but even so don't expect the Archo's processer to be as powerful as a 3.0Gigahertz Pentium 4!
23:24:43tracktheripperIm just trying to work out why the Jukebox cannot timestretch
23:24:51tracktheripperIf it can pitchshift why not timestretch?
23:25:58tracktheripperafter all timestretch is only changing the speed whilst keeping the pitch constant
23:26:42GalikHmmm I dunno much about it but sounds logical
23:27:05tracktheripperTimestretch is changing the playback speed without changing the pitch
23:29:49 Quit Kamayaka ()
23:29:51Galikn8? What's that?
23:30:04tracktheripperlol never mind
23:30:28GalikI guess its good night with a geordi accent
23:30:38tracktheripperyea could be
23:30:46tracktheripperGalik what Archos do u have?
23:30:53GalikFM Recorder
23:31:07tracktheripperi have a Jukebox Recorder 10
23:31:08GalikStill not fully working with rockbox
23:31:14tracktheripperWhats the FM recorder like?
23:31:21tracktheripperwas thinking of gettting one myself
23:31:36GalikNice. I don't use the FM tho cos it's poor quality
23:31:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:31:51GalikRockbox is not fully working on it yet
23:31:55 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:32:07Galik<Galik> Rockbox is not fully working on it yet
23:32:08tracktheripperso u cant get a good signal on FM??
23:32:23GalikNot really used it much but not so far
23:32:34tracktheripperthe headphone cord is the FM antenna
23:32:47GalikNice machine tho. I havn't tried other models so can't compare
23:33:01GalikReally. Wow ingenius
23:33:34tracktheripperyea on the FM Recorder the headphone cord is the antenna
23:33:48GalikI guess a better quality headphone wire may improve it then
23:34:01tracktheripperyou could try
23:34:50tracktheripperWhats the Archos firmware like on the FM recorder?
23:36:16 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:28LinusNtracktheripper: pitchshift is very easy compared to timeshift
23:36:31GalikGood but not nearly as good as Rockbox
23:36:54tracktheripperin what way?
23:37:08tracktheripperI have Soundforge that timestretches with no probs
23:37:22 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
23:37:30LinusNtracktheripper: ask the guy who wrote the code and see if he thinks its easy
23:37:42LinusNvery complicated algorithms
23:38:24LinusNtracktheripper: do you have an idea how timestretch is accomplished?
23:38:52tracktheripperErm, all I know it slows/speeds whilst pitch is kept constant
23:39:04LinusNthat's the trick isn't it?
23:39:15tracktheripperwell you tell me Linus :)
23:39:27LinusNkeeping the pitch constant is not easy
23:39:34tracktheripperhow is the waveform made longer?
23:39:51LinusNpitch shift is accomplished by changing the sample rate, easy
23:39:56GalikI rather suspect u need to insert samples into the stream or something
23:40:15tracktheripperOk Linus im guessing this
23:40:29tracktheripperDoes timestretch involve interpolation to make the song "Longer"?
23:40:51tracktheripperi.e in order to make the song "longer" it has to interpolate parts of the waveform?
23:40:58LinusNtime stretch means a lot of calculations since you have to keep the frequency information constant while adding/subtracting samples from the waveform
23:41:29LinusN...and still keeping the attack of the drums etc, very tricky
23:41:40tracktheripperthanks :)
23:41:48tracktheripperill keep my mouth shut :)
23:41:49tracktheripperthanks anyway :)
23:41:58LinusNbut this has been done with the MAS
23:42:12LinusNbut the DSP code is not available
23:42:27GalikAs in not open source?
23:42:33tracktheripperSo is the MAS some sort off a programmable EEPROM chip?
23:42:38LinusNthere is a standalone MP3 player using the MAS that does realtime timestretch
23:43:02LinusNbut the DSp code for that is secret
23:43:28tracktheripperyea Linus is the MAS a programmable EEPROM chip?
23:43:30LinusNthe MAS has an MP3 codec in ROM, but has a few Kbytes of RAM available for customj code
23:43:38tracktheripperoh right
23:43:43GalikDo u program the DSP using C or some weird assembler?
23:43:47tracktheripperyou know much more than I do )
23:43:47LinusNbut the DSP documentation is not available
23:43:57tracktheripperoh right :)
23:44:02LinusNwe don't program the DSP at all
23:44:09LinusNwe just send it the MP3 data
23:44:19tracktheripperIve seen Bjorns trademark sentence in most of the rejected feature requests :)
23:44:26tracktheripper"this is not possible to implement due to hardware limitations" :)
23:44:47GalikAhhh. Have the manufacturers refused to give the h/w specs for MAS then?
23:44:53LinusNyes, that is a canned reply we have defined
23:44:59GalikOr is it licence controlled?
23:45:01tracktheripperoh right
23:45:02LinusNGalik: sort of
23:45:13LinusNyou ave to sign an NDA to begin with
23:45:26LinusNand you have to be an interesting customer
23:45:32tracktheripperLinus why is the "hackable" part of the MAS so damn secretive?
23:45:59LinusNMicronas probably wants to keep the design secret, to avoid competition
23:46:23tracktheripperohh right
23:46:36Galiklol thay don't want ppl reverse engineering the hardware from the software :)
23:46:47tracktheripperSo if you COULD hack the MAS it could play WMA, Ogg etc?
23:46:48LinusNand perhaps because they don't want to answer stupid questions from developers that have problems
23:47:00LinusNcheaper that way
23:47:20tracktheripperWMA sounds crap anyway
23:47:20GalikIn the long run tho = more good software 4 their chip
23:47:23LinusNyes, we could make it play other formats, but not OGG
23:47:36tracktheripperoh right
23:47:39LinusNOGG demands too much memory for tables etc
23:48:18tracktheripperLinus I love to be one of the developers like you and Bjorn but just can't get the software to work on my system
23:48:35LinusNwhat's your prob?
23:49:01*LinusN goes for some coke
23:49:01tracktheripperIve red the FAQ and the development section, but just having a load of difficulty
23:49:19GalikU win or Lin?
23:49:34tracktheripperI have Windows XP
23:49:45*Galik knows nothing
23:49:56tracktheripperGalik what do u like about my name?
23:50:12GalikWell the whole play on wordz!
23:50:54GalikKeep it. Trade mark it. And become a DJ :)
23:51:14LinusNtracktheripper: describe how you have done it
23:51:22LinusNdid you install cygwin?
23:51:36tracktheripperI tried but couldn't get it to work
23:52:01tracktheripperill have another go later
23:52:20LinusNwhat didn't work?
23:52:44tracktheripperwell its trickey for me to explain
23:52:55tracktheripperill try again and let you know how I get on
23:52:58LinusNdid you manage to run the shell?
23:53:10LinusNwere you able to install it?
23:53:14tracktheripperno i couldn't
23:53:26tracktheripperI dunno where I went wrong, ill try and reinstall it
23:53:48 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:53:51LinusNremember that you need the native GCC compiler
23:53:57tracktheripperoh right
23:54:05LinusNand the 'make' tool
23:54:05tracktheripperwell i think im better off reporting bugs
23:54:05BoD[]hey !!!! happy birthday linus :)
23:54:09LinusNBoD[]: thx
23:54:17BoD[]how old are you
23:54:21LinusNtracktheripper: quitter! :-)
23:54:22tracktheripperEvery day Im checking out Rockbox and looking for any bugs and reporting them
23:54:25LinusNBoD[]: 34
23:54:29BoD[]ouchhhh :)
23:54:35tracktheripperHappy Birthday Linus!
23:54:45LinusN(it was the 8th)
23:55:01tracktheripperI love to have a go at doing the code but I just cannot get it to work!
23:55:01Galikhehe hapy birthday 2 u
23:55:19LinusNtracktheripper: do you remember how far the installation went?
23:55:27LinusNGalik: thx 2 you too
23:55:27Galiko we missed it then
23:55:33tracktheripperLinus when we will see ID3 tag entering enabled in Rockbox?
23:55:49LinusNit isn't implemented yet
23:55:59tracktheripperyeah when you can add ID3 tags for recording like the Archos firmware?
23:56:03LinusNwe will see it as soon as somebody writes it :-)
23:56:13tracktheripperoh ok :-)
23:56:23LinusNtracktheripper: have you tried to record with rockbox?
23:56:38LinusNi see lots of reports on 0-size files
23:56:45LinusNi have never seen it
23:56:47tracktheripperran a cable from the SPDIF out to the SPDIF in on my Archos
23:57:10LinusNtracktheripper: great!
23:57:27LinusNthen you can try my fixes to make monitoring work
23:57:32LinusNfor spdif
23:57:33tracktheripperCan't tell the difference between the source and the record in Digital mode
23:57:41tracktheripperyea ill check it out
23:57:46tracktheripperI have a digital cable somewhere :-)
23:58:05LinusNi dont have the fixes at hand right now anyway
23:58:26tracktheripperoh yeah Linus i take it you are aware of the "Auto Voice Transcriber" request :-)
23:58:30tracktheripper((laughs his head off))
23:58:49tracktheripperno-one will let me forget that :-)

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