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#rockbox log for 2003-02-13

00:00:03Galikl8er peeps. I off 4 a bit..
00:00:04BoD[]well that yes
00:00:09LinusNGalik: cu
00:00:11tracktheripperseeya Galik
00:00:19BoD[]but a lot of echo
00:00:20tracktheripperyeah I have to go as well
00:00:23BoD[]and too much bass
00:00:26tracktheripperNice to talk to you Linus
00:00:34LinusNtracktheripper: will you be around?
00:00:35tracktheripperAll the best
00:00:58tracktheripperShould be back on midnight UK time
00:00:58 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
00:01:36LinusNcu then
00:01:37tracktheripperill see you then Linus
00:01:39tracktheripperin an hours time
00:01:44tracktheripperNice to meet you for the first time :)
00:02:04tracktheripperDon't work too hard trying to fix the "Auto Voice Transcriber" request! :-)
00:02:18LinusNtracktheripper: oh, i have been pulling my hair with that one
00:02:46tracktheripperlol To be honest it was onlly meant as a joke that request :-)
00:03:03LinusNnevr say never :-)
00:03:07tracktheripperanyways ill see u later :-)
00:03:31 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:06:30BoD[]i still have hardware problems with my unit
00:06:46BoD[]it reboots for no reason in the middle of songs
00:07:06BoD[]and out of waranty.. i can't do anything now:(
00:07:36BoD[]i'm cursed
00:09:48 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:13:46LinusNBoD[]: i wish i could help you
00:14:03BoD[]:) noone can help me now
00:14:05LinusNBoD[]: i assume that you have tried toresolder the battery connectors
00:14:25BoD[]hummmm ... no i did not try anything :)
00:14:35BoD[]resolder ?
00:14:43LinusNcan you make it happen by squeezing the bumpers?
00:16:28BoD[]I guess so
00:16:52adi|workLinus how is your wife feeling these days?
00:17:09BoD[]well in fact i can make it *start* by squeezing the bumpers (when it's off) :) is it normal ?
00:17:30LinusNBoD[]: not really
00:17:35LinusNi had that with my player as well
00:18:04LinusNbad soldering of the battery connectors
00:18:12LinusNadi|work: same same...
00:23:01BoD[]i'll look at it
00:23:16LinusNopen it and look at the solderings
00:23:24LinusNalso the springs
00:23:59BoD[]ok.. but i'm not a "solder" man :) i've never solder anything
00:24:11LinusNBoD[]: no HW friends?
00:24:46BoD[]hmm my sister's man.; but they live in uk (and i live in france)
00:25:17LinusNif you live near Toulouse you can ask my father to fix is for you :-)
00:26:02BoD[]really ? :) why, does he live here ?
00:26:16LinusNwarmer and nicer than sweden :-)
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00:34:36 Join MT [0] (
00:53:26adi|worki do hope she feels better mate
00:53:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:53:45tracktheripperHi Linus
00:54:13tracktheripperyea I did say i'd return :-)
00:54:21 Quit MT ("changing servers")
00:55:11tracktheripperwhats the latest?
00:55:22LinusNnothing, i guess
00:55:33LinusNi am not working on rockbox at the moment
00:55:51tracktheripperoh right
00:55:58tracktheripperWheres Zagor these days?
00:57:15LinusNi don't know, i guess he's busy
00:57:31tracktheripperhaven't had much of a chance to chat to him
00:58:43tracktheripperCan you tweak the firmware just using Notepad/
00:59:22LinusNhehe, you mean change the executable code
01:00:08LinusNnotepad will not do, i guess
01:00:10tracktheripperyea thats right
01:00:31LinusNbut emacs, or a hex editor would work
01:00:49LinusNbut you'll have to recalculate the scrambling and the checksum.....
01:05:23BoD[]btw, did you hear about the new archos model ?
01:05:54 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
01:06:19LinusNBoD[]: new model?
01:06:24LinusNhardeep: hi
01:06:30BoD[]they showed it at the cebit
01:06:39BoD[]it's like the multimedia but with a big screen
01:06:45tracktheripperin that case Linus ill stick to bug reporting!
01:08:41LinusNBoD[]: ah, k00l
01:08:48 Join MT [0] (
01:08:48LinusNtracktheripper: come on, it's not that hard
01:09:14BoD[]yeah k00l :)
01:09:42tracktheripperif I can get the bleeding software to work then yes :)
01:10:28LinusNtracktheripper: how far did you come with the cygwin stuff?
01:10:39tracktherippernot very. Ill tell you what Linus
01:10:54tracktheripperif I give you my email address can you email me step by step what I need to do?
01:13:09BoD[]let him take control of your computer ;)
01:13:13BoD[]he'll do it for you
01:18:38tracktheripperwould GNUSH work to compile Rockbox?
01:22:18hardeeptracktheripper: see for instructions on how to complie using GNUSH
01:22:26hardeeppersonally, I prefer cygwin
01:22:53 Quit MT ("changing servers")
01:23:04hardeepfollow the instructions at to get a cygwin environment setup
01:23:09tracktheripperoh ok
01:23:20tracktheripperHardeep is it easy writing code for the Archos?
01:23:28 Join MT [0] (
01:24:00hardeeptracktheripper: have you ever programmed in C?
01:24:21tracktheripperIve havent programmed in my life
01:26:20hardeepthen I wouldn't say it's easy... it's certainly not difficult but you're going to have to learn some basic C programming before you can start working on rockbox
01:26:45tracktheripperoohhhhhhhh right
01:28:31tracktherippercheers for ur help though
01:28:39hardeepi'm sure there are many tutorials online that you can begin with... or buy a book
01:29:54BoD[]try to make a "clock"
01:30:06BoD[]it's a good way to start coding
01:30:08LinusNtracktheripper: problem is, that C programming in an embedded environment (not in a PC) is even more difficult, since you need to know lots of shit about the hardware as well
01:30:26tracktheripperwell in that case I may as well throw in the towel :-(
01:30:38LinusNstill, it's not all that hard, and very very fun
01:31:06tracktheripperim sure it is, but for mere mortals like me who know nothing about programming
01:32:23tracktheripperDidn't an older version of Rockbox have an analogue clock in the interface?
01:33:06LinusNthere is one in the demo menu
01:33:22LinusNin the Bounce demo
01:33:44BoD[]you may first try to make a clock for your os .. just to learn C :)
01:33:47tracktheripperyeah cheers
01:33:49tracktherippercan see it
01:34:06BoD[]a clock or anything anyway...
01:34:30tracktheripperwell if I can learn C ill get my Auto Voice Transcriber to work!!!
01:34:35tracktheripper((laughs his head off!))
01:34:58BoD[]maybe why not :)
01:35:51tracktheripperSeriously if I could get this programming lark to work I'd add ID3 tag management into Rockbox
01:36:30 Join Galik [0] (
01:38:03GalikWhat time of day do the 'daily builds' get updated?
01:38:20LinusNi think 6am swedish time
01:38:42GalikHow far is sweeded ahead of the uk?
01:38:42tracktheripperLinus why not add an option to show the date in the WPS?
01:38:53LinusNbut the bleeding edge builds are made every 20 minutes
01:39:07Galikahhh thnx i'll use that then
01:39:34LinusNtracktheripper: sure
01:40:23tracktheripperJust a suggestion
01:40:57 Join BrianHH [0] (
01:41:18LinusNtracktheripper: file a feature request if there isn't one already
01:41:31 Quit MT ("changing servers")
01:41:35tracktheripperive already done that Linus
01:42:03 Join MT [0] (
01:43:09BrianHHHi, all. When I boot my Jukebox 10 player, it displays the standard "Jukebox, Ver 5.08", but then it goes right to "HD Error". I've tried getting into it through USB to reformat, but it's not recognized as a drive at this point. Is there anything else I can do, short of sending it back?
01:43:39LinusNBrianHH: any idea how or when it became like that?
01:44:31BrianHHLinusN: I plugged it in to charge last night, and when I woke up this morning and looked at it, the error was there.
01:45:14LinusNBrianHH: did you run it to the very end before that?
01:46:10BrianHHLinusN: I've had it about a month. The first few times I charged it, I let it run until the empty battery started blinking, but I haven't been letting it run down that low for awhile.
01:46:27LinusNsounds like your hard disk has been locked
01:46:37LinusNtake a look at this:
01:48:28tracktheripperwhen is version 2.0 coming?
01:48:53LinusNi think it will take another few weeks
01:49:54tracktheripperJust wondered what will be included not present in version 1.4
01:50:11LinusNrecording, queue, playlist building...and more
01:50:20LinusNfile handling
01:50:26BrianHHLinusN: Thanks for the link. The error I'm getting doesn't say anything about "Part.", though. It's just the normal "HD Error" message. Do you still think that's it?
01:50:35LinusNnot sure
01:50:39tracktheripperoh right. No timestretching or auto voice transcriber? (JOKE!!!!)
01:51:07LinusNBrianHH: any strange noises?
01:51:31Galiktracktheripper: Just curious. Why do you want timestretching?
01:51:55LinusNGalik: it would be soooo cool for DJ:ing
01:52:14tracktheripperbecause I like to slow some songs to identify hard-to-understand lyrics
01:52:24tracktheripperin some songs
01:52:32LinusNtwo recorders in a case, a hell of a portable DJ equipment
01:52:33Galiklol good point!
01:52:42BrianHHLinusN: When I was charging it, it kinda made a humming noise, but right now I'm not getting any noises at all from it. It doesn't even sound like the hard drive's coming on. Usually, I can feel it vibrate when I turn it on. Now - nothing.
01:52:52tracktheripperI had a Creative Labs Nomad that can timestretch
01:52:59LinusNBrianHH: sounds like your batteries are fried
01:53:34LinusNdid you get a spare set with the player?
01:54:48BrianHHLinusN: No. It only came with one set (the one in the player). and I don't have any allen wrenches to get the thing apart, either. I guess I can just get it repaired. It's still under warranty, but I threw away the packaging like 2 weeks ago...
01:55:25 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:55:47LinusNBrianHH: wrenches?
01:56:09BrianHHLinusN: I just noticed that when I turn it on, it makes a small sound like a beep or a squeak (I'm not sure which).
01:56:14LinusNyou don't need any tools to access the batteries
01:56:26BrianHHLinusN: How do I get to the batteries?
01:56:37LinusNwell, maybe an ordinary screwdriver
01:57:06BrianHHLinusN: I see the things you're supposed to use, I think. Do I put the screwdriver in one side at a time?
01:57:10LinusNthe covers are removeable, look at the small notch between the display panel and the cover
01:57:50LinusNbend the cover off slightly with a screwdriver
01:59:08BrianHHOkay. I've gotta go get a screwdriver. brb.
02:03:16GalikThis battery problem of the FM rec. Is it just a the level that's miss reportes that causes it to shut down?
02:03:36GalikI mean could I jimmy the code to always report full battery as a quick fix?
02:04:13LinusNGalik: we believe that it shuts down because Rockbox tries to start the charging
02:04:21 Part BrianHH ("I like core dumps")
02:04:45LinusNand it seems the charging is not s/w controlled on the fm recorder
02:04:50GalikWell if I gimmy the battery level function will rockbox just never start the charging?
02:05:02LinusNGalik: i believe so
02:05:35GalikCos if I know it's full then it should be safe :)
02:05:37LinusNGalik: the latest bleeding edge should work
02:05:44GalikI using it now
02:05:56LinusNand it's shutting down?
02:05:56GalikReporting Battery 32% at startup :(
02:06:05GalikI know it's full tho
02:06:16GalikIt's playing at the moment
02:06:31LinusNGalik: so why change the battery reporting code?
02:06:55GalikBecause it thinks it's 30% but it's really at 100%
02:07:16GalikSo it won't play for as long
02:07:22Galiki guess?
02:07:25LinusNi call that a minor problem compared to shutting off the device :-)
02:07:46LinusNGalik: rockbox does not care about the battery level
02:07:59LinusNit will play until it dies
02:08:36Galikn1 then 4 me rockbox is a goer!! Thnx to the team :)
02:08:47LinusNyou're welcome
02:10:03GalikNow I have a vested interest at last I may start looking at the code...
02:19:59 Quit edx ()
02:25:13Galikwhat is sh-elf-gcc? Where do I get it?
02:26:15LinusNit is the C compiler for the SH1 processor
02:26:36 Join BrianHH [0] (
02:26:38LinusNyou either download it or you build it
02:26:58BrianHHI hope every single person on Archos's support staff rots in a firey hell....
02:27:08BoD[]it's 2:27 guys
02:27:13BoD[]time to go to bed ;)
02:28:10LinusNGalik: windows? then read
02:28:27Galiknope Linux
02:28:40LinusNBrianHH: nice wording :-)
02:29:02BrianHHLinusN: Good thing I'm feeling polite tonight. ;)
02:29:26BrianHHHow long are these f*ckwits gonna keep me on hold?
02:30:59LinusNBrianHH: a busy support line is never a good sign :-)
02:31:18LinusNalways call the support before you buy a product
02:31:37LinusNthen you get an idea of how much problem they have with their products :-)
02:32:05BrianHHLinusN: I'm beginning to think I should just take the thing apart and void my warranty so I can replace the hard drive. It's pretty obvious I'm not going to get any support from these dipshits.
02:32:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:32:48 Quit BoD[] ("putain 2:32")
02:34:03LinusNBrianHH: i'm still not sure it's the hd
02:34:03LinusNi'd start with replacing the batteries
02:34:38GalikCall the sales department and get them to transfer u to support
02:34:47GalikSales always answer quicker
02:35:03GalikAnd want to get rid of u if thay won't sell anything
02:53:32Galiknn peeps
02:53:49 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
03:05:45BrianHHHi, LinusN. I got off the phone w/ them a little while ago. They said it was probably the batteries. I went out and bought new ones. I put the odds of them working at about 10 to 1...
03:06:03 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
03:06:17 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
03:07:33LinusNBrianHH: the fact that the disk doesn't spin up is a sure sign of battery death
03:07:47LinusNBrianHH: what type of batteries did you buy?
03:08:32BrianHHLinusN: I bought Duracell NiMH batteries. I paid too much, though, 'cause I also had to buy the charger. (I wanted to try to resolve this tonight.)
03:09:13BrianHHLinusN: I hope you're right. I guess I'll wait the 6 or 8 hours or whatever it is and see if that makes a difference.
03:09:16LinusN1500mAh? or more?
03:09:28BrianHHLinusN: 1600mAh
03:09:48BrianHHThe tech support guy said the unit can take up to 1800mAh
03:10:13LinusNi had a bad cell a few months ago in my player
03:10:35LinusNstrange clicking noises while the hard drive repeatedly tried to spin up
03:10:57BrianHHLinusN: Mine makes whirring noises...
03:11:44LinusNBrianHH: any explanations why >1800 isn't supported?
03:12:28BrianHHLinusN: No idea. I'm guessing something could get fried if you make the batteries too strong?
03:13:14LinusNBrianHH: i guess their charging algorithm isn't made for larger cells
03:13:46LinusNrockbox should handle larger cells well
03:14:26BrianHHLinusN: As long as the larger batteries don't fry anything, maybe I'll try them...
03:14:53BrianHHNow I've gotta wait 6 hours to see if this works.
03:16:32LinusNBrianHH: a long wait...
03:17:17s0beLinusN: The only thing that the 1600/1800 affects is how long the batteries last. It's possible that the more than 1800 operate a bit out of spec and provide 1.7 volts or more and that would amass to nearly 7 volts, which would be a 'bad thing' if you don't have a 5v voltage regulator in something
03:17:22BrianHHLinusN: I'm tempted to check in 3 hours before I go to bed and see how it's doing, but I doubt that'll be good for it...
03:17:57s0becrap, I stopped lurking... back to lurk mode
03:19:34BrianHHOr else I could just put the other 2 batteries I bought in the 5-hour charger they came with. :)
03:20:16LinusNyou bought 6 batteries?
03:21:22BrianHHLinusN: I bought 4. Oops....forgot about the other side! LOL. :) brb.
03:32:53BrianHHOne thing that makes me kinda suspicious is that when I turn it on, it doesn't shut off. I would think that if it was a battery problem, that initial screen would blink out quickly. Instead, I have to shut the thing off manually. It doesn't even go off by itself.
03:34:43LinusNmaybe the Archos error handling code doesn't start the poweroff timer
03:35:51BrianHHThat could be it. I'm just hoping that 6 hours from now I have a working player. I couldn't even hook it up to the AC to use the hard drive.
03:36:36BrianHHThat's the other thing I don't understand: If it's a battery problem, I would think you would be able to operate it with the adapter...
03:37:00LinusNno you can't
03:37:22LinusNthe AC adapter can't deliver the current needed for the drive to spin up
03:37:54BrianHHLinusN: Oh, okay. That explains it. Thanks. :)
03:38:47LinusNit barely handles the current needed to keep it spinning, so some people experience that their batteries drain when USB'ing even with the adapter attached
03:39:39BrianHHLinusN: I was using the USB part a lot, since I was dumping all my CD's on to the player....
03:41:01LinusNthat shouldn't kill the batteries, though
03:41:32LinusNi just love the USB2.0 interface of the Recorder :-)
03:41:45BrianHHWell, considering that that's what it's built for, I should hope it wouldn't hurt the batteries. :)
03:42:14BrianHHLinusN: I was going to get the recorder, but I decided to go cheap. 10 gigs is pretty much just like having your own personal radio, anyway. ;)
03:42:15LinusNi guess you got a set of flaky batteries with your unit
03:42:31LinusNi have 40 in my recorder
03:42:56BrianHHLinusN: You did the hack with a notebook drive?
03:43:22LinusNalmost any 9.5mm 2.5" drive will work
03:43:57LinusNwell, some drives are a little power hungry
03:44:39BrianHHI just hope that at the end of 6 hours I have a workable unit again. That's all I ask. (Well, that, and that the data's still there. ;))
03:44:42LinusNbut most drives will work just fine
03:44:57 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:45:17BrianHHOne day, when I get brave (and my warranty has expired) maybe I'll try a larger drive. :)
03:47:00 Join _seb_ [0] (
03:47:31BrianHHI give their tech support a 5 out of 10. They seemed knowledgeable, but getting through to them was like pulling way of your ass..!
03:50:32BrianHHIs it okay to let the player charge when it's not in use (but before it's empty)?
03:51:19LinusNgenerally, every charge cycle wears down your batteries
03:51:33LinusNespecially if they get hot
03:52:08BrianHHSo I guess the fact that I could use mine to fry an egg this morning was probably a bad sign, huh? :)
03:52:09LinusNhowever, as far as i know, the Player charge rate is pretty harmless
03:52:24 Quit s0be (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:52:52LinusNthe Player models have no way of stopping the charging when the batteries are full
03:53:07LinusNso they will keep on charging forever
03:53:24BrianHHEven after they display "Battery Charged"?
03:53:57BrianHHUh oh....Guess I'm getting up at 3 am to unplug it, then. ;)
03:54:07LinusNdon't worry
03:54:26LinusNas long as you don't charge for several days, you should be ok
03:55:14BrianHHOh, okay. Thanks. :)
03:55:29BrianHHI really didn't wanna get up at 3 am. ;)
03:55:29LinusNthe recorder models, however, have s/w controlled charging
03:56:47BrianHHI guess I'm a little behind the times. :)
04:00:59 Join thu_ [0] (
04:05:54LinusNi wish i knew why some people get 0-length files when recording
04:10:34 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
04:12:15LinusNtime to go to bed, it's 4am here
04:12:57LinusNnite all
04:12:59 Part LinusN
04:16:41 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
04:17:59 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:25:29 Join Nibbler [0] (
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05:14:24 Join Kshain [0] (Kshain@
05:15:02Kshainsomeone for the love of god help me. What does *PANIC* ATA -1 and -2 mean?
05:15:42hardeepKshain: It's a countdown to when your JB is going to explode... RUN!
05:16:07Kshainplease tell me your joking
05:16:48hardeepyeah, an ATA error means there is something wrong with the file i/o
05:16:59hardeepwhat are you doing when the error occurs?
05:17:12Kshaintrying to start my jukebox up
05:17:51hardeephmmmm, remove rockbox from your system... does it boot up then?
05:17:57Kshainheres the current scenario: I have something wrong where my jukebox freezes whenever I am half way through a song
05:18:11Kshainthen when I turn it on, I get a HD error flag
05:18:26hardeepthat sounds an awful lot like a problem with your hard drive
05:18:30Kshainevery once in a while, I get a panic ata -1 or -2 flag
05:18:41hardeephave you run scandisk on it?
05:18:47Kshainmany times
05:18:58Kshainnothing happens. I have some bad sectors, but thats about it
05:23:59KshainI just proceeded in voiding my warranty by taking my archos apart, so Im a nervous wreck
05:25:03 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:27:24hardeepZagor's the one to ask about what exactly the errors mean but they're during disk initialization which likely means somsething seriously wrong with the drive
05:27:45hardeephave you tried re-formatting the hard drive?
05:29:52 Join adi|home [0] (
05:33:10Kshainyes. Ive repartioned it and everything
05:33:34Kshainwhat exactly could be wrong with the drive???
05:38:42hardeepunfortunately, it could be a hardware problem
05:39:21hardeepyou can try putting another hard drive in it to see if the problem still occurs
05:39:35 Quit seb-sleep ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
05:39:36hardeepoh, check the connectors first... maybe something's loose
05:39:53Kshainwhich ones?
05:41:33 Join seb-sleep [0] (
05:42:00hardeepthe one connecting your hard drive to the JB
05:42:22hardeepoh, another thing that may be worth checking is the batteries
05:42:35hardeepmaybe the hard drive isn't getting enough power to properly startup
05:42:51KshainIve tried two sets of batteries
05:44:58Kshainas far as the new hdrive solution, if i could only find someone with an extra harddrive....
05:52:57 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
05:54:16 Quit s0be (Remote closed the connection)
05:55:39 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe|sleep (
06:04:03 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
06:06:58 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: cleaner, drier, protects even better")
06:07:09 Quit Kshain ()
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08:04:42 Join Guest [0] (
08:04:45 Quit Guest (K-lined)
08:05:34 Quit thu_ ("zZz")
08:11:25 Quit elinenbe|sleep (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:15:37 Join stefan_ [0] (
08:15:43 Nick stefan_ is now known as calpefrosch (
08:18:35calpefroschricII: did you write the new playlist code ?
08:28:40 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
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08:43:15Nibbleris there new playlist code in latest builds??
08:43:58dwihnodon't think so
08:46:37 Join Zagor_ [242] (
08:46:40 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
08:48:04dwihnoWelcome back, Zagor! :)
08:48:11*Zagor bows
08:48:12dwihnoI got my USB2 card yesterday! :)
08:48:29dwihnoIt's so damn speedy! (well, at least compared to USB1.1) :)
08:52:23 Part Zagor
08:52:45 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:17:09 Quit calpefrosch ("leaving")
09:46:23 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:46:28bobTHChi all
09:49:45 Join LinusN [0] (
09:49:54LinusNhey Zagor_
09:50:00 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:50:31LinusNare the source tarballs created correctly since the major include file move?
09:50:48Zagorno. i just fixed that.
09:54:20 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:58:25dwihnoHi Linus! :D
09:59:11 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:59:52LinusNhello, spain
10:00:30quelsarukgood morning linus ghost!
10:00:33*dwihno thinks Linus sounds like one of those eurovision song contest hosts :-)
10:00:49quelsarukspain 3 points
10:00:59dwihnoWasn't Dana International spanish?
10:01:06quelsarukthis year... spain will be the last one in eurovision
10:01:11LinusNdwihno: that was actually my intention
10:01:45quelsarukdana international is from israel
10:01:55quelsarukwe have even worst people
10:02:28dwihnoLinus: then you were quite successful :-) I'm getting my new disk shortly btw :D
10:03:24LinusNdwihno: nice
10:22:42langhaarrockermy band failed to join that contest because noone of us could pronounce its name
10:23:26langhaarrockerthat was the easy part but there are some more syllables before that...
10:23:49quelsarukmy cousin has tried to go join this contest too
10:24:13quelsarukshe has a quite good voice :)
10:24:25quelsarukit's a pitty she is not heavy ;)
10:25:45quelsarukmust go!
10:25:52 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
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10:32:54 Part LinusN
10:57:35 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
11:07:57 Join edx [0] (
11:08:43 Quit edx (Client Quit)
11:34:33 Join Quarc [0] (
11:34:33 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:35:10QuarcHi all!
11:35:55 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:37:17dwihnore-hello! :D
11:37:30dwihnoquelsaruk: let's have a competition! Who will get their hardware first? :)
11:42:28langhaarrockerand the looser pays?
11:42:57dwihnoThat would be neat ;)
11:43:10dwihno(considering the delivery times in sweden are non-existant) ;)
11:43:17dwihno(well, almost)
11:43:51quelsarukdwihno: of course you
11:44:17dwihnoquelsaruk: you will get it in 3 weeks ;)
11:44:20quelsarukremember i have an army of demons working against me :)
11:44:43quelsarukso i'll get it in 4 months
11:49:33 Join KopeteUser [0] (~pyvasene@
11:50:12 Quit KopeteUser ("Using Kopete IRC Plugin")
11:50:45dwihnoWell, I hope I will get the hardware today
11:51:45dwihnoI had to wait for 8 days to get my USB2 card, but I finally got it yesterday :)
11:51:57quelsaruk"well, i hope i will get the hardaware today"....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
11:52:15quelsaruki need more goats!!
11:53:48dwihnoGoats? :)
11:55:02dwihno - cool site :D
11:55:51quelsaruknot a cat.. a goat
11:55:54dwihnolots of nice information in the "frga dr. katt" section
11:56:40quelsarukdwihno: do u like spanish pop music??
11:59:57*matsl is away: I'm busy
12:01:04 Join huz [0] (
12:01:20quelsaruklanghaarrocker: do u have a wav to mmf conversor?
12:02:00langhaarrockerI assume its about the portable? No I haven't fiddled with the sounds yet.
12:03:08quelsarukthe mm is a kind of wav format, and wanted to send a quite heavy and explosive mms to my brother ;)
12:03:20quelsarukthe mmf is a kind ....
12:04:25huzhello guys, yesterday i met some bugs in a cvs less than a week aged (sorry i haven't my jukebox w/ me today) . I think it was in browser mode, i couldn't use the menu+'+'/'-' facility for increasing/decreasing the volume and i would be grant if - still in browser mode - we could play the next/previous song in the original directory by doing on+'+'/'-' (sorry I haven't looked at the available patches and bug tracker yet)
12:04:28dwihnoquelsaruk: well, I like alabina
12:04:53dwihnoquelsaruk: I bet you've heard of them. They do trkye and spanish music
12:06:09quelsarukdwihno: don't bet... you will loose for sure :)
12:08:56huzmaybe you would prefer if i opened a bug report
12:09:42langhaarrockerbug reports are preferred on official releases only
12:11:16huzok .. so i'll verify this and try to hack it myself, but don't really rely on it :)
12:11:18langhaarrockerand that's more a feature request if I understand that correctly
12:12:34 Part bobTHC
12:22:28 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:27:04 Join kargatis [0] (
12:32:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:33:32 Join DarkHanzz [0] (
12:34:06DarkHanzzq: how do i add a string to the .lang files, so that i can use it in the source ?
12:38:13DarkHanzzi can add stuff in english.lang, but then it gives a compile error if i try to use that in the wps.c
12:38:31Quarcdid i already say that rockbox is really great? :-)
12:39:04DarkHanzzdid i already said that menu+play now toggles shuffle instead of mute for me ?
12:43:28Quarcis Master zagor here?
12:45:28Quarcah hey! i would like to ask you somethings about your rockbox-project. can i email you?
12:48:07huzQuarc: question num 24, 25, 26, 27 of FAQ ,-)
12:48:26 Join LinusN [0] (
12:48:57Quarcoh thanks, mompl i'll read
12:51:30Quarcah ok, i understand this.
12:52:17Quarca'd like to know if the rockbox project has any kind auf "return of investment" for you guys. Because...
12:52:40LinusNQuarc: no money invested
12:52:56LinusNonly blood, sweat and tears
12:54:21kargatisblood? a few screwdriver slips with all that dismantling early on? :)
12:55:07LinusNwe're only in it for the
12:55:46Quarcwe are also thinking about making our project an open source or at least freeware thing
12:55:53LinusNi fried a regulator on my player while experimenting with the serial mod :-)
12:56:44LinusNQuarc: do you feel a need for a "return of investment"?
12:56:55Quarchehe, but it's for a good goal (for me not frying my AJBR ;-)
12:58:27Quarcno, i like this idea of projects that have no financial goal. but unfortunately, without money you can't live
12:58:36LinusNQuarc: releasing the source is mostly a Good Thing(tm)
12:58:46 Quit huz (""a pluche"")
12:59:34LinusNyou want money from software registrations?
12:59:34Quarcour company has developed a tool and now we have to decide if clients have to pay for licenses or
13:00:17Quarcor if they can use and develop on it for free, but there's my question: is there any financial support expected?
13:00:51Quarceg. PayPal-Donate: does anybody donate for rockbox? (apart from the fact that i will :)
13:01:05LinusNQuarc: why are you considering Open Source in the first place?
13:01:18PsycoXulwell of course it depends on the license and the uses
13:01:26LinusNand the users
13:01:36ZagorQuarc: yes, people donate but you should build a company on that :-)
13:01:41Zagorshould not
13:01:54Quarcno, we dont think that OpenSource is good for our product.
13:02:13PsycoXulif your clients can't deal with with the opensource license you give it, you can dual-license.. of course i'm not sure the details of that
13:02:46PsycoXuland there's a lot of open source license
13:03:06Quarcdual-license? that means something like a half-OpenSource?
13:03:23ZagorQuarc: you should read this:
13:03:42Quarcbut very nice is the fact, that Archos is already interested in your project.
13:04:14Quarci mean, how do you guys earn your money for living?
13:04:46Zagorwe work
13:04:54ZagorRockbox is a hobby project
13:06:05Quarcok, but wouldnt it be nice if you can afford even more time for rockbox, so that it supports itself?
13:07:01LinusNQuarc: i guess not
13:07:04quel|outhi Zagor
13:07:05PsycoXulheh i dunno if rockbox has so much of a market that there's a feasible course for that, unless archos wants to put them on the payroll or something
13:07:08 Nick quel|out is now known as qeulsaruk (
13:07:54Quarcbecause our product has a bit more complexity and so we have to decide: stop working on it or try to get our money from it :-(
13:07:55ZagorQuarc: I wouldn't want to charge for the Rockbox firmware, if that's what you're asking
13:08:12Zagorwhat kind of product is it?
13:08:22LinusNQuarc: as soon as we start charging for Rockbox, people will not accept the as-is basis that it is now
13:08:42Zagorand people most definitely won't submit patches and new code
13:08:51LinusNand we lose a lot of users
13:08:52Quarcno no, thats why im asking: is there any chance of getting financial support without charging people
13:09:19Zagorgetting paid without anyone paying? sounds good to me! ;-)
13:09:20LinusNnot really
13:09:34Quarcthats our dream with our product. make it completely free but having still the chance to develop on it full-time
13:09:49kargatisyou guys are just waiting on the weather to start raining money, i thought was the strategy...
13:10:06Quarcwell, i think that Nullsoft for example made it, or?
13:10:11ZagorQuarc: where do you expect the money will come from?
13:10:17kargatisQuarc, hire independently wealthy developers
13:10:41ZagorQuarc: no. they are now full-time aol employees. i wouldn't want that...
13:11:34Quarcor what about Sun releasing Java. what is their interest of doing that (ok it's another ligue, but the same funadmental question)
13:11:53LinusNthey sell hardware
13:11:54ZagorQuarc: have you read the link I gave you?
13:12:14Zagorit explains a lot about open source
13:12:45Quarcmoney could come from: Donations, Sponsors, and (!) side effect-projects.
13:13:57Zagoryes it could. I personally prefer having a steady, well-paid day job and just hack rockbox in my free time.
13:14:02Quarcbut to see the dimensions i wanted to ask how for example paypal donations work for you
13:14:21ZagorQuarc: we have gotten around $500 total.
13:14:32Quarcyeah thanks for the link, zagor. i'll study it :)
13:14:51Zagorthink of it as a tip jar. people throw us a few bucks for encouragement.
13:15:01Zagornothing to make a living from :-)
13:15:59Quarcyeah ok, but we have to see it in relation to the market and the impact of the project.
13:16:42Quarci think, that rockboxx could have a quite big future, but this depends only on the JB's market
13:17:24kargatisi hope you've at least extracted a few cases of beer out of that cash, Zagor
13:17:27Quarcperhaps some day donations are growing if more and more guys use it and if even Archos distribute it
13:17:57Quarc(did i already say that rockbox rulez ? :-D
13:18:46 Part LinusN
13:19:52langhaarrockerkargatis: the blood is green used by qeulsaruk
13:20:35kargatiscan't get rid of these vulcans
13:21:43qeulsarukonly goats blood :)
13:22:10qeulsarukand because reb blood is not for people under 18 years.
13:22:54ZagorQuarc: yes, the future for Rockbox is bright. but that does not mean it's a great money maker. Rockbox is popular because it is free (as in freedom)
13:24:43Quarcyo, thats right, and thats also our dream with our Wiki, but at least enough money to buy our daily beer and frites.
13:25:14langhaarrockerZagor may say such things. He is code police.
13:26:01 Quit kargatis ("Suckers!")
13:26:11Quarc(sorry for my bad english, i'm from Hamburg and my english is fading everyday)
13:26:53ZagorQuarc: you're making a wiki? as in ?
13:32:20Quarcright. but in fact, it now shows up to be a wiki. :)
13:35:20Quarcthe last 1,5 years we developped it as super intuitive web publishing tool.
13:36:33Quarclike CMS but now it seems to be almost a quite-Wiki. but not really. it doesnt really fullfill all the rules of a wiki
13:38:37DarkHanzzq: how do i add a string to the .lang files, so that i can use it in the source ?
13:38:39DarkHanzzi can add stuff in english.lang, but then it gives a compile error if i try to use that in the wps.c
13:40:38ZagorDarkHanzz: you must run binlang on it
13:40:46Zagoruh, no
13:41:39 Join stefan_ [0] (
13:41:45 Nick stefan_ is now known as calpefrosch (
13:42:21calpefroschZagor: what do you think about a move command for a rectangle if the lcd ?
13:42:41calpefroschnot if/ on
13:43:06Quarczagor: perhaps you would be interested in using it for your site. easily dragging around subpages and editing text like in a text programm. and free (to be :)
13:43:24Zagorcalpefrosch: sounds like something for demos... :-)
13:44:01ZagorQuarc: thanks, but I don't think I'm your target audience. I do my web pages with perl and make :-)
13:44:50calpefroschZagor: hm, maybe. but also for a browser ?
13:45:46Zagorcalpefrosch: I don't think we'll gain much since the block is more often than not on a half-byte offset. so we'll be pushing bits on and off either way.
13:46:27calpefroschZagor: ok, i see what you mean
13:46:42calpefroschDo you know the status of the new playlist code ?
13:46:43Zagorbut you are of course welcome to test it :-)
13:46:52Quarc:) okay. you just need java + Tomcat and then anyone can admin the site from any browser. perhaps sometime you re interested and we could promote our projects each-other, hihi
13:46:53Zagoryou mean ricII's code?
13:47:26ZagorQuarc: well I use twiki already and I'm quite happy with it thanks
13:47:46Zagorcalpefrosch: nope, I don't know.
13:48:03Quarcok, i dont want to spam here :-) so, i really appreciate rockbox, my AJBR is my best friend now :)
13:48:48Zagorlist #httpd
13:50:10QuarcViele Gre aus Hamburg! ciao
13:50:58Quarcand thanks for your info
13:51:43 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:53:00calpefroschZagor: I don't want to load the playlist, so I have to user the normal api, but it is too slow.
13:53:34Zagorcalpefrosch: what is too slow?
13:54:13calpefroschi load the first 8 lines of the playlist - for every line it opens the file, seek the position and read the text
13:54:46calpefroschI think that is too slow, but maybe it is my code :-|
13:55:01calpefroschi use playlist_seek and playlist_next
13:55:30Zagoryou should buffer a few kilobytes so you don't have to load every page from disk
13:59:34 Quit Nibbler ()
14:01:15calpefroschZagor: i can do that, but it will take memory from the dma-buffer, i think. but by now we don't play while browsing
14:02:15Zagorcalpefrosch: we will move towards using a "common buffer" for use by all these kinds of applications, so expect to have around 16-20KB to use
14:03:09calpefroschis it ok to use malloc for the buffer ? or just on the stack
14:03:59Zagorneither. you use a gloabl pointer called "common_buffer" or something like that. allocate it statically for now.
14:08:30calpefroschZagor: tnx
14:08:31 Nick qeulsaruk is now known as quelsaruk (
14:11:48 Join kargatis [0] (
14:18:28 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:18:34quel|lunchlunch time!!
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14:32:58 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
14:36:44 Quit DarkHanzz (" Still using mIRC? lol! - HydraIRC, v0.337 (15/January/2003) -> <-")
14:52:24 Join tumm [0] (
14:52:49 Quit tumm (Client Quit)
14:56:16 Join edx [0] (
14:59:41 Quit Quarc ("Leaving")
15:01:47 Quit pyvasene ("Using Kopete IRC Plugin")
15:03:19 Part kargatis
15:10:25 Quit calpefrosch ("leaving")
15:23:22matslZagor: ?
15:30:02matslZagor: Q about menus.
15:30:44matslZagor: Some items have (for the player) two long lines. How about scrolling both. have you tried it?
15:31:14dwihnoAh. I noticed something last night
15:31:19Zagornope, haven't tried it.
15:31:23dwihnoWhile in WPS, press 'on' two times fast
15:31:26Zagorwhich have two long lines?
15:31:28dwihnoYou will notice a glitch on scrolling lines
15:32:21ZagorI will?
15:32:28dwihnoYes you will :)
15:32:33dwihnoit will look like this
15:32:35matslZagor: Well to be honest I saw it when doing yet another swedish translation of id3 info. Bithastighet is way to long.
15:32:37dwihno Hello
15:32:41dwihno Hello
15:32:42dwihno Hello
15:32:43dwihno Hello
15:32:45dwihno Hello
15:32:50dwihnowell, you catch the drift
15:32:53Zagorok. maybe my scroll speed is too low.
15:35:09Zagorbithastihet? datahastighet seems like a better word. still long though :-)
15:35:56Zagori'm fine with two scrolling lines where necessary
15:36:14matslWe do have support for it now, do we?
15:39:05Zagori'm not sure how the player code is, actually.
15:39:40matslbut recorder code supports it?
15:40:09matsland it is readable on the recorder I suppose?
15:46:12matslok. I'll check with kjer (or the code). cu
15:48:47dwihnoUsing on+up/down doesn't work in the settings menu
15:49:02matslmust -. cu
15:49:03Zagordwihno: correct
15:49:11 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:49:16dwihnoand exiting F2/F3 quickscreens requires the corresponding F-button to be pressed
15:49:47dwihnoYou want me to patch that weird behaviour?
15:50:01Zagorhow do you want it instead?
15:50:29dwihnoRegarding on+up/down should work in the menus as well
15:50:39dwihnoand pressing any key should exit the F2/F3 screens.
15:50:46Zagorany key?
15:50:46dwihnoBut that's only myho :-)
15:51:02dwihnoyes, any key release event.
15:51:32Zagorthen you can't toggle things in the quickscreens
15:51:59dwihnowell, pressing 'play' would be nice
15:52:19dwihnothus making one-hand navigation more comfortable
16:00:04Zagorwhat's wrong with just pressing an F-key again?
16:00:30dwihnoIt feels uncomfortable. Not logical.
16:00:58dwihnoIt's not wrong, but it should be possible to cancel it by pressing play too :)
16:01:39langhaarrockeron the other hand play might be used for additional menu entries in the fx menues
16:04:08dwihnonah, that would clutter it too much :)
16:05:44 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:06:33langhaarrockermaybe not if we wrote the left / right menu items vertically...
16:06:33langhaarrockerBut I should shut up until I have done my homework (user assignable keys).
16:18:25 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:18:33quelsarukback to life... little mortals :)
16:19:03langhaarrockerwatch out: you're pocessed!
16:20:15dwihnolanghaarrocker: that might rock!
16:20:26dwihnowelcome back, oh mighty quelsaruk! Que pasa? :)
16:20:37dwihnoMuy bien?
16:22:02langhaarrockerI still think that he secretly is Quetsalcoatl.
16:22:59quelsarukhi dwihno :)
16:23:21quelsarukshhh langhaarrocker, that's our secret ;)
16:24:56 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
16:27:52 Quit pyvasene (Client Quit)
16:32:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:41:22 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:22 Join LinusN [0] (
16:43:12quelsarukhi LinusN
16:43:39 Part LinusN
16:47:02quelsarukdoes anyone know a program to repair a wave header??
16:48:09dwihnothe header is 40-something bytes, right?
16:48:14 Join LinusN [0] (
16:48:31dwihnotest it with some kind of audio editing software
16:48:38dwihnoWelcome, Linus!
16:49:00LinusNthank you
16:49:08quelsarukdwihno: i'm lazy.. i'll just forget about this :)
16:49:19LinusNBrianHH: any luck with the batteries?
16:49:34*dwihno is longing for his new rockdisk :-)
16:57:36 Join edx [0] (
17:02:57 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:07:17 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:07:20*LinusN just found a bug in the recording code, that can leave the file opened when leaving the recording screen
17:07:33LinusNmaybe that's the 0-length file bug
17:13:26LinusNit was possible to leave the screen while the data is being saved, changing the thread state to PLAYBACK
17:13:55LinusNso when the STOP_DONE message came, it was received in the wrong state
17:14:10 Quit xam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:14:12LinusNthus the file wasn't closed
17:14:31Zagorgood catch
17:15:20Zagorhow are you feeling about the code, time-wise? I'm thinking of possibly adding a thing or two if the release needs to wait another week or more.
17:15:28LinusNdo so
17:15:39LinusNi think i need some more time
17:16:26LinusNi think i should remove the quick-menus in the recording screen
17:16:31LinusNwhat do you think?
17:17:08LinusNi think the F1 menu is enough, and more intuitive
17:17:44Zagori think they are good. fast options are good for power users. the f1 menu is good too, but slower.
17:18:00LinusNok then
17:18:23LinusNbut i will inhibit them while recording
17:18:41Zagorthat's a good idea
17:19:36LinusNi don't like string.c in apps/
17:19:46LinusNbad, bad file name
17:20:17Zagorugh, I agree
17:20:37LinusNmaybe common.c or misc.c
17:20:43LinusNor whatever
17:21:24LinusNi wanted to add an include file with the prototype, and that got me thinking... :-)
17:38:14 Join Galik [0] (
17:40:31 Quit Galik (Client Quit)
17:43:21LinusNare we satisfied with the file names when recording?
17:46:30Zagori think they're fine.
17:46:55Zagorwe might want to use the suggestion to store them in the current browser dir, though, instead of always into root
17:47:58LinusNsure. do we know where that is?
17:48:23LinusNor should i pass a parameter to recording_screen()?
17:48:45Zagorprecisely. you get the dir from tree.c.
17:49:00LinusNi agree about not having to enter the extension when renaming mp3 files
17:49:06Zagorit's not global today, but that can change :-)
17:49:19LinusNi would like an INSERT mode when editing text
17:49:26Zagorwe all do :-)
17:49:42LinusNhow about pwd()?
17:50:28Zagoryea, why not? although we have no chdir() :)
17:50:43Zagorbut sure, pwd() is ok with me
17:51:10LinusNi can imagine cancelling the text edit with OFF rather than F2
17:51:11Zagori'm off. see you!
17:51:19 Part Zagor
18:03:01 Part LinusN
18:10:55 Join xam [0] (
18:15:59 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:16:30quelsarukmy mobile company is ever worst than archos..
18:16:38quelsarukit's impossible to contact them
18:32:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:38:23 Join Remo [0] (
19:08:18quelsarukedx: you can submit changes to cvs no?
19:09:29quelsaruki submitted yesterday espanol.lang 1.3
19:09:36quelsarukcould you update that pliz
19:09:49edxto the mailing list you mean?
19:09:56quelsarukto the patch traker
19:10:09edxwow.. wheres that? ;)
19:10:27quelsarukare you talking seriously??
19:10:35edxactually, yea
19:10:42edxnever worked with the patch tracker
19:11:18edxgot it
19:11:53quelsaruki'm amazed
19:12:10quelsarukor as an spanish would say "I'm fliping"
19:12:45edxok you verified it's working?
19:13:36quelsaruki knew i forgot something
19:13:41quelsarukwait a minute and i'll check
19:13:45edxbetter try before they blame me ;)
19:14:12quelsarukyou can always say "was the mascot fault"
19:14:47adi|worktwo words
19:14:51adi|workplausible deniability
19:15:27quelsarukrechazo plausible
19:24:45 Join Galik [0] (
19:25:10edxquel: can I commit that file now?
19:28:20quelsaruki forgot two quotes
19:28:29quelsaruki'm updating the file
19:28:34 Join elinenbe|sleep [0] (
19:28:56*edx . o O (code police would have knocked my head off!)
19:29:03quelsaruknot yours..
19:29:09quelsaruki swear
19:29:19quelsarukhe's waiting...
19:29:22quelsaruklike a hunter
19:29:59edxshooting everything that moves
19:30:01edxit was my move :p
19:30:13edxthen he'd kill both of us
19:31:30quelsarukedx: now you can download the re-viewed file
19:33:07 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
19:34:03quelsarukno, thanks to you edx :)
19:34:13quelsaruka nightmare elinenbe?
19:34:16elinenbeedx: long time no see.
19:34:22elinenbequelsaruk: no.
19:34:38edxelinenbe: yea, we might have seen, but never actually talked :)
19:35:08edxquel: do i have to remove that file from the patch tracker somehow? or mark it as "commited"?
19:35:25quelsarukmark it as commited. i suppose
19:35:29quelsaruki dunno
19:35:42quelsarukbut i forgot to tell zagor or linus today
19:36:05elinenbeedx: what patch from the file tracker?
19:36:16quelsarukespanol.lang version 1.3
19:36:26quelsaruknothing important :)
19:36:34elinenbeahhh... who cares about espanol!! (hide)
19:36:36edxwait.. let me do this myself :D - i need to learn
19:36:51quelsarukif i must say the truth... i use english
19:37:04*edx too
19:37:17quelsarukedx... you are *too* old to learn anything new ;)
19:38:01edxwe miss a c++.lang, don't we? :D
19:38:28edxelinenbe: can you tell me how to remove a patch from the patch tracker?
19:39:35edxah got it
19:39:44edxnow do i set it do closed or deleted?
19:40:33edxi guess so
19:40:42edxbut as a matter of fact i cant find where to change that status
19:41:02quelsarukwe can try to leave that and tell zagor later :)
19:41:06edxmaybe i dont have the rights to do that
19:41:15*edx ducks and fears for his head ;)
19:41:30quelsaruki would also fear
20:03:24 Join monter [0] (
20:05:17 Quit monter (Client Quit)
20:05:45 Join monter [0] (
20:07:02 Quit Remo ("ShadowIRC 1.1 PPC")
20:10:32 Join DarkHanzz [0] (
20:24:06GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
20:27:59 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
20:33:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:38:41 Join Kamayaka [0] (
20:43:38Kamayakai still have one hynix GM71VS65163CLT5 chip...
20:56:43quel|outdon't tempt me
21:09:55quel|outtime to go home!
21:09:57quel|outcu later!!
21:10:04 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:13:14 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:59 Join kargatis [0] (
21:16:44xammhh ... hynix GM71VS65163CLT5 ... hmmmm
21:17:57Kamayakawanker friend wants to update after warranty ... in 2 years :)
21:18:24Kamayakaadditional original memory chip, unsoldered without damaging the chip
21:19:45 Part kargatis
21:22:06 Quit monter ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; pl-PL; rv:1.2.1; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021130]")
21:26:36Kamayakaxam... ?
21:30:51xamkamayaka where do you live?
21:31:24xamI don't think I have use for the original memory chip ;)
21:33:16Kamayakaif you cant get the new ram working and destroied the old one while unsoldering you can use the old one... my update works fine since 48h
21:34:08xamkamayaka how long did it took you to mod the archos?
21:34:37Kamayakawhel, two cups of coffee. i would guess 2h (about) and with beeing eXtrem careful
21:35:26xamkamayaka i'd prefer 1h without being extemly cafeful ;)
21:35:37xamkamayaka too much coffee then ;)
21:36:18Kamayakahehe ;) shaking hands... you will need some seconds-glue (<- dunno whats the exact expression in english) glue that fixes up within seconds
21:36:39xamsuper glue?
21:39:26xammhhh, how much did you pay again? 17.50 Euro?
21:40:10*xam placed a bid on an ebay auction for a t68i
21:45:03Kamayaka7,50EUR + shipping + tax
21:46:22 Quit seb-school ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
21:47:30xammhhh ...
21:47:51xamshipping to ireland is at least the same price as the memory ;)
21:49:15Kamayakaireland, mom ill look that up
21:51:05 Join seb-school [0] (
21:51:32 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:51:48tracktheripperHey Galik!
21:52:25Kamayakaif i would send as maxiletter it would cost 3,07EUR if letter weights not more than 50gr
21:52:45xamyes, and "don not fold" ;)
21:52:53xam"do not fold"
21:52:53Kamayakai could glue it at a postcard
21:53:46Kamayakaso in all it would cost (7,50+1,80)*1,16+3,07
21:55:33tracktheripperHow good is the Archos firmware in the FM recorder?
21:56:02Kamayaka<−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−-> is the rockbox software
21:56:25tracktheripperyea but Rockbox in the FMrecorder cannot tune the radio
21:56:43Kamayakathought the radio is shitty anyway ?
21:57:01tracktheripperin what way?
21:57:09Kamayakanoisy ?
21:57:28tracktheripperso it is hopeless at getting a decent signal?
21:57:34tracktheripperIm thinking of getting an FM recorder
21:57:47xammhhh (7.5 + 1.8 (why?)) * 1.16 (why?) + 3.07
21:58:09xamtracktheripper don't do it ...
21:58:21Kamayaka1,8 is the sending to me 1,16 german tax
21:58:24xamtracktheripper you want to use it more than 3 years?
21:58:32tracktheripperI have a Jukebox Recorder 10 xam
21:58:35xami c
21:58:42tracktheripperXam my Jukebox Recorder 10 has been fantastic
21:58:59Kamayakarecorder 20 with rockbox and 8m rocks :)
21:59:11tracktheripperI have the 10 Gigabyte version
21:59:35xamtracktheripper yes, but the jukebox fm has lithium-ion batteries, and you can't easily exchange them ... so after 3 years you can throw away your jukebox FM
21:59:56xamtracktheripper just buy a bigger harddrive
22:00:08Kamayakaafter 3years warranty is over you can change the batteries then
22:00:26tracktheripperyea ive just put highperformance NiMHs in my Jukebox
22:00:31tracktheripperbetter battery life
22:00:32xamtracktheripper just look at your mobile phone ... after about 3 years of frequent use the battery is dead
22:00:59xamtracktheripper that's the average life time of li-ion
22:01:28xamtracktheripper thats the reason why I bought the archos and not the nomad3/ipod
22:01:37tracktheripperI thought Li-Ions last forever
22:01:40xam... and rockbox of course )
22:01:43tracktheripperI was thinking of getting an Ipod once
22:01:56Kamayakaipod has HUGHE DISAVANTAGES
22:02:15tracktheripperThe case on the Ipod scratches like hell easily
22:02:30Kamayakarockbox too :{
22:02:46tracktheripperWhat u meen Kam?
22:03:15Kamayakawith the disavantages ?
22:03:32tracktheripperwell Rockbox is still much better than the Archos firmware
22:04:12tracktheripperwell Im beginning to like the FM Recorder design after holding one
22:04:20tracktheripperseems more portable than my JBREC10
22:04:30Kamayakajbrec20 :))
22:04:42 Join Zagor [242] (
22:04:43tracktheripperwell im happy wiv my jbrec10 :))
22:04:47tracktheripperit meens the world to me
22:04:52tracktheripperHi Bjorn!!!!! :))
22:04:57xamtracktheripper yes, I also like a integrated FM ... but the f**king li-ion batteries
22:05:07tracktheripperhow are ya???
22:05:30tracktheripperI think Archos sell replacement Li-Ions Xam
22:06:46tracktheripper((gives Zagor a big hug :-) ))
22:07:04xamtracktheripper no they don't
22:07:18xamtracktheripper at least not on their website
22:07:26Zagorthey don't
22:07:33tracktheripperso you advise me not to buy one?
22:07:41Zagorthe multimedia guys have been chasing this battery issue for ages
22:07:46 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:07:50xamtracktheripper I wouldn't buy one
22:07:52Zagori'd get a rec20 instead
22:08:01tracktheripperI have a rec10 Zagor
22:08:10Kamayakarec20 (!) :)
22:08:11xamzagor he already has a rec10
22:08:11tracktheripperI don't have the need for 20 Gigabytes
22:08:12*Kamayaka hides
22:08:49Zagorwell if you have the rec10 then you really shouldn't buy an fmrec
22:08:54xamlol ("no need for 20 GB") ... reminds me of bill gates ("no need for more than 640k")
22:09:13tracktheripperits the on-the-fly MP3 radio recording that intruiged me
22:09:15Zagoractually the nice thing about the rec20 isn't the extra 10gigs, it's the usb2.0 interface
22:09:18tracktheripperthat would suit me so well
22:09:30Zagorthe radio quality is no fun
22:09:31tracktheripperZagor you do show off on occasions! :-)
22:09:44*Zagor shows off
22:10:42tracktheripperZagor you look like my sister's fiancee :-)
22:11:00Zagorlook like? I *am* ;)
22:11:34tracktheripperWhen are you gonna implement my "Auto Voice Transcribe" request?? (JOKE!!) :-)
22:12:57*xam 's mobile sucks ... it is obviously broken. after 2 days the battery is dead (just bought a new battery)
22:13:18tracktheripper<−−−−- gets Xam, Zagor, Kam and Himself a beer
22:13:25xamany recommodations for a new mobile?
22:13:42*Zagor liked the Nokia 9210
22:13:54Zagortoo bad the screens were of poor quality
22:13:59xamI don't like the look of the Nokias
22:14:19xamI think I'll go for the Sony-Ericsson T68i
22:14:30Zagorugh, bad idea
22:14:35tracktheripperZagor come to London sometime
22:14:41xamor does anybody have other recommodations?
22:15:47xamI don't like sony (as a company), but the phone seems to be alright ...
22:15:53tracktheripperI don't think Zagor likes me Xam :-)
22:16:29Kamayakasony has quite good audio equipment...
22:17:08xamsony supports DRM
22:17:15Zagorxam: well i'm a nokia fan so I guess I have no suggestion for you :-)
22:17:16Kamayakafuck for drm :)
22:17:27Zagorthe t68 is slooow
22:20:03tracktheripperKam Sony's ATRAC3 is the new Betamax
22:20:34Kamayakawho cares for minidisc :) im using the jukebox ...
22:20:41tracktheripperMP3Pro and WMA sound much better than ATRAC3
22:20:47tracktheripperATRAC3 sounds way too compressed
22:21:14 Join Gissehel [0] (
22:22:34xamzagor well, you mean the t68i is slow when dailing? or then looking up the addressbook?:
22:23:42xamzagor or do you mean if I talk with the t68 I'm going to talk slowly?
22:24:03Zagorxam: the t68i user interface is terribly slow
22:24:41xamwhat about a motorola then?
22:25:01ZagorDon't ask me. I use nokias. :-)
22:27:15Kamayakaxam i needa log out... you want the chip ?
22:27:36xamfor how much altogether?
22:28:00Kamayakacalculate the calculation :)
22:28:42xamtoo lazy ... but I'm interested ;)
22:29:42xamkam thats about 14 Euros?
22:29:57xamkam that's about 14 Euro?
22:30:08xamsorry ... mhhh okay
22:30:18DBUGEnqueued KICK Kamayaka
22:30:31xamhow to pay you
22:30:42tracktheripperIf we really twist Micronas's arm, could we persuade them to make the damn thing play WMA or MP3Pro?
22:30:46Kamayakamoney transfer to my bank account ?
22:30:56xamokay ...
22:31:06Zagortracktheripper: no. the dsp program space is too small.
22:31:14xamdo you have paypal? would be the easiest option for me
22:31:49tracktheripperso theres no chance of reprogramming it at all??
22:31:52tracktheripperOh well never mind
22:32:17Zagorit can only do simpler things
22:32:45tracktheripperwell I always encode at 192Kbs (CD quality) I don't like 128Kbs
22:33:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:35:58tracktheripperZagor what CD ripping software do you use?
22:36:30tracktheripperI use musicmatch myself. What bitrate do u encode at?
22:36:32Zagori use linux
22:36:42tracktheripperi have XP
22:36:47Zagorhigh-quality VBR, average ~200kbps
22:37:01tracktheripperoh right. I always use 192Kbs (CBR)
22:38:08tracktheripperWhats the Linux interface like?
22:38:37Zagormouse pointer and windows, just like most systems
22:39:05tracktheripperyea but what I meant is how does Linux compare to Windows?
22:39:45Zagorlinux does what I want and only what I want. XP does what Microsoft wants.
22:40:52tracktheripperZagor what do you think of my request to replace the curser with a full line selector similar to a Nokia mobilephone menu?
22:41:06Zagorit's old. we've tried it, and it's too slow
22:41:20tracktheripperI didn't know
22:41:31tracktheripperI didn't realise it was tried before
22:41:54Zagordon't worry about it. you can't know everything.
22:42:12tracktheripperlol You will see that feature request under "Interface Improvements"
22:42:21tracktheripperI won't be offended if you reject it :-)
22:44:14tracktheripperTo tell you the truth Archos should never have chosen the type A USB socket for the Jukebox :-)
22:44:54tracktheripperbecause thats why everyone asks to see if things can be plugged in like memorycard readers and the like, simply because the socket on the Archos matches the USB on the PC itself
22:45:33 Quit Kamayaka ()
22:46:04Zagoryes. I'm puzzled too why archos chose an A type socket
22:46:29tracktheripperI actually asked Archos that myself. They refused to answer
22:46:44tracktheripperMind you, the FMrec sports the smaller USB port like on a digital camera
22:47:31Zagorbut that's a non-standard connector. you have to buy the cable from archos, right?
22:48:04tracktheripperwell you get a cable thrown in wiv the Jukebox, but u are right, its still a nonstandard wire
22:48:31tracktheripperWhy the hell can't Archos use the B socket like every other USB device?
22:50:09tracktheripperZagor I reckon Archos are using nonstandard USB's is so they can sell more nonstandard cables and therefore make more moneu
22:54:21 Quit DarkHanzz (" Still using mIRC? lol! - HydraIRC, v0.337 (15/January/2003) -> <-")
22:56:31tracktheripperZagor is Version 2.0 coming out soon?
22:56:55Zagorno. it will probably take several weeks.
22:57:04Zagorwe still have recording bugs
22:57:13tracktheripperWhat will be included when its finally issued?
22:57:24Zagorlots of things :-)
22:57:42tracktheripperwill ID3 tag entering be one of them for recording like the Archos firmware?
22:58:23tracktheripper((bursts into tears :-( ))
22:58:33tracktheripperok no worries :-)
22:58:35Zagornobody has written an id3 editor
22:58:59tracktheripperBut can you still type the filename when recording?
23:00:14tracktheripperI hope full playlist creations be included :-)
23:02:30Zagorno. only code that is already written will be included.
23:02:42Zagorwe need to have time to test it before release.
23:03:06tracktheripperoh ok. I still keep a copy of the Archos firmware alongside Rockbox solely for making playlists and recording
23:04:31tracktheripperI wouldn't mind if the Archos firmware could be "tweaked" so I could boot back into Rockbox after finishing using the Archos firmware
23:05:00xamwell, just reboot archos ;)
23:05:23tracktheripperyea but I prefer to switch back to Rockbox WITHOUT turning the JB off
23:06:35xami think that's faster than selecting a .ajz file from the browser and boot it
23:07:04tracktheripperbut I think it wears the HD out rebooting by turning it off then back on
23:07:33Zagortracktheripper: i think archos would mind if we distributed a modified version of their software
23:07:49tracktheripperok fair enough
23:10:37tracktheripperAnyway I have to go, nice chatting to you Zagor and Xam
23:10:56xamokay, I have to go, too. University is closing soon
23:11:02tracktherippertake care :)
23:13:05 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:13:28 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:21:38Zagorhey, hardeep!
23:26:17Zagorlong time no see
23:31:56GalikI've stopped killing people now!
23:32:06 Nick xam is now known as xam|away (
23:32:14hardeepZagor: heh, yeah... it's the time difference. :)
23:32:59hardeepGalik: good to hear. :) i hope you only killed the bad people
23:33:44adi|workheheh thaw
23:33:45adi|worki love it
23:34:00Zagori thought you'd like that :)
23:34:20adi|workso any chance of me putting in the sokoban rewrite?
23:34:28Zagoryeah, sure
23:34:46adi|workokay... when i get home tonight.. want me to send you the file(s) before i put it in?
23:35:05adi|workor just insert?
23:35:33Zagoris it major changes?
23:36:59adi|workactually.. my machine at home is connected.. hold on
23:43:33adi|workokay.. zagor.. want me to give you sokoban.[ch]
23:43:42adi|workyou can take a look.. they build and work just fine
23:43:48adi|workits a fairly clean rewrite
23:46:20adi|workdcc or email?
23:47:59Zagorheh, you're behind a nice fat firewall it seems :)
23:50:22adi|workzagor at haxx dot se?
23:50:59 Join malle [0] (
23:51:24malleHey guys!
23:55:16malleI have a question (wow!) ;) All the settings in rockbox, like sound settings and display settings and so on.. where are they saved?
23:55:23malleI was just wondering because when I upgraded to the latest daily all settings was reset to the defaults.. is there any way to get around this the next time upgrading or are they always being lost?
23:55:57Zagormalle: on an early sector on the disk, and in the real-time clock ram on the recorder
23:56:27Zagorthey are only lost when the settings structure is changed enough that it makes the previous version incompatible
23:56:50Zagorthis has happened three times so far in the project :-)
23:57:45malleaah, I see, thanks :)

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