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#rockbox log for 2003-02-14

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00:33:59Zagori'm off to bed. see you later.
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00:39:59adi|workanyone seen elinenbe around?
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00:45:14adi|workwow that was fast :)
00:45:26elinenbeadi|work: what's up?
00:45:34adi|workwell.. i hacked at sokoban...
00:45:49adi|workand well.. it ended up becomeing a rewrite.. same logic, overall same design
00:45:57elinenbeyeah, haven't you been working on it?
00:46:02elinenbethat's good.
00:46:06adi|workbut you were the author
00:46:18elinenbeyeah −− I wrote it a while back
00:46:23adi|workso i wanted you to look at it and correct/stop/burn/approve it :)
00:46:31elinenbehaha −− okay I guess :)
00:46:41elinenbewhat features does it add?
00:46:47elinenbeI haope grayscale and animation!
00:46:50adi|workright now, nothing
00:46:56adi|work1. was a clean up
00:47:02elinenbedid you just clean up the code?
00:47:02adi|worknow comes multi level undo
00:47:14adi|workand then comes reading the levels from a file not memory
00:47:19elinenbeyeah −− the undo I added was just a hack
00:47:25adi|workhehe i noticed ;)
00:47:26elinenbesounds great
00:47:36adi|worki send it to the same email?
00:47:40elinenbeI just saved everything in memory
00:47:45elinenbesure −− that will work
00:48:01elinenbebut a bett undo would be to just save what "happened" the past move.
00:48:15adi|workthat's what im planning.
00:48:20elinenbeis this built on the current CVS?
00:48:42elinenbeI think a string on the load screen telling that there is an undo would be nice :)
00:48:52adi|workahh.. good idea
00:48:57elinenbewell, I will try it out immediatly
00:49:35adi|workyou are on unix right?
00:49:45elinenbeI run windows... but I use cygwin
00:49:49adi|workyou have tar?
00:49:53adi|workand gzip?
00:49:55elinenbeyeah :)
00:50:05adi|workokay cool :) i don't have to unpack then :)
00:50:23elinenbeat work I use Linux
00:51:11elinenbeis the code smaller? simpler? cleaner? ;)
00:51:33adi|workcleaner yes :)
00:51:39adi|worksimpiler, mostly
00:51:45adi|worksmaller.. dunno.. ill check ;)
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00:52:16elinenbeadi: don't you live in NJ?
00:52:26adi|workwell.. southern ny
00:52:33elinenbeah... same here. I am in NYC
00:52:33adi|workrockland county... born raised nj
00:52:43elinenbeI was raised in Westfield, NJ
00:52:44adi|workand you still use the umich account?
00:52:48adi|workno shit?
00:52:56adi|worki used to play soccer tournys there :)
00:53:27adi|workokay.. *.h same size
00:53:32adi|work*.c is smaller for me
00:53:48adi|workabout... 1.1 k
00:54:17adi|workbut line wise.. i added 41 to .c and .h is the same
00:55:24adi|workbtw.. ignore the parse_file :)
00:55:37adi|workthats a work in progress
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00:55:50adi|workignore the parse_file
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00:55:53adi|workits a work in progress..
00:56:18elinenbeasi: I am trying to message you, but you do not respond!
00:56:31adi|workhmmm.. what protocol?
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02:30:19LinusNBrianHH: i am curious, how did the new batteries work?
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02:39:34elinenbeLinusN: Hello.
02:39:46elinenbeLinusN: how are things with life? any better now?
02:43:08LinusNnot really
02:43:16adi|workeric...what was it you said about key repeat for sokoban?
02:43:19adi|workthat it wasn't working?
02:43:38LinusNi just try to do some rockbox stuff to clear my mind a little
02:44:12adi|workodd.. i help sick ppl to get my mind off of code
02:44:47GalikI got a question about the build....
02:45:15GalikWhen I do make apps I get lots of complaints about missing "lang.h"
02:45:23Galikbut it still builds
02:45:27adi|workbecause you need to run config
02:45:29LinusNonly the first time
02:45:40adi|workin your build directory.. do "../tools/configure"
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02:45:55*adi|work wonders if thats what he was looking for
02:46:14GalikI'm trying to add a demo to learn how to hack this stuff and want to add a string. So I added it to lang/english.lang
02:46:20Galikis this enough?
02:47:21hardeepGalik: if you're using english then yeah. :)
02:47:42Galikrunning configure doesn't produce the "lang.h" in my build directory tho but after a make apps it appears!?
02:47:44hardeepGalik: the english lang file is the default
02:48:07GalikWithout my new string i may add :(
02:48:29hardeepGalik: it's generated during the build
02:49:14GalikSo by the time the build compiles my new demo I can assume it'll be there?
02:49:25hardeepGalik: yeah
02:50:30GalikAhhh soz. My bad. I just assumed my string would appear in the same position as I places it in the english.lang file but it doesn't
02:51:02Galikhardeeep: ty
02:56:28Galikooops it is in the same order, I just had a duplicate. Doh!
03:01:28adi|workGalik . basically...
03:01:32adi|workwe have the langs files
03:01:45adi|workand when you do configure/make it builds the needed lang.h file
03:01:55adi|workbased off your choices in the config process..
03:02:05adi|workmake sense?
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03:08:24elinenbeadi|work: I said it should have key repeat, but it currently does not have it.
03:09:21adi|workhmmmm stupid sim seems to
03:12:39Galiknp working now. have compiled my first demo :)
03:13:19elinenbeGalik: when are you going to implement jpeg viewing.... I have cover tags in some of my ID3v2 tags. I WANT TO SEE THEM!! :)
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03:15:41GalikWeheyy well my demo workz so :P
03:16:14GalikCorse all it dows is wait for u to press the stop button at the mo...
03:18:43adi|workthats okay.. your learning
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03:33:30Nibbleri just wanted to compile a new rockbox... but i cant build the tools anymore :| tried latest 2 source packages....
03:34:05Nibblerwas never a problem b4 (did last time about 10 days ago)
03:34:07LinusNusing the source tarballs?
03:34:12Nibbleryep using those
03:34:30LinusNuse the next daily ball, the current ones are bad
03:34:38Nibblerah k
03:34:50Nibblercvs checkout is ok?
03:34:59Nibblerkk, ty :)
03:39:01Nibblergr8, builds now... now for the patches :)
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03:42:16GalikQuick one... is there a random number function anywhere? I can't find one so far...
03:42:56LinusNint rand(void)
03:43:08Galikwhat's the .h file for that?
03:43:38LinusNstdlib.h i think
03:43:57Galikk, thnx
03:44:07Galiklong time since I used c....
03:44:29elinenbeLinusN: happy 25th Birthday!
03:44:34 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
03:45:08Nibblergot birthday today? happy bday then :)
03:45:48LinusNelinenbe: 25! I'm flattered! :-)
03:46:04elinenbeLinusN: that is about how old you look in your picture.
03:46:26LinusNfrom rockbox devcon?
03:46:47elinenbefrom all the pictures on the web
03:46:55LinusNhehe i'm 34
03:47:35elinenbeman −− you don't look that old at all.
03:48:22elinenbeof course I may have a different perspective −− I am only 25 and I look like this:
03:48:24LinusNhonestly, i don't feel that old either... :-)
03:50:13LinusNit's amazing what some yoghurt can do to you
03:50:21elinenbeI know.
03:50:59elinenbeLinusN: have you worked at all on the vbr header?
03:51:06LinusNoh yes
03:51:19LinusNit almost works
03:51:40elinenbeLinusN: is it difficult to implement? You are always tackling the down and sirty stuff.
03:51:48Nibblerwhats the vbr header for? (unless it is for recording)
03:52:27LinusNNibbler: it is a data structure in the VBR file with information about the stream
03:52:45LinusNnumber of frames, file size, and a Table Of Contents
03:52:59LinusNthe TOC is for quick seeking in the stream
03:53:21Nibblerwell. vbr=variable bit rate. but my rockbox already plays vbr-mp3s (thats why i dont undestand the talk bout vbr)
03:54:08LinusNyes it plays vbr, but rockbox can not distinguish VBR streams from CBR without the header, and not seek accurately either
03:54:34LinusNso the watermark calculations will be wrong, so will the bitrate and the seeking
03:55:05LinusNwe want to create such a header when recording
03:55:16LinusN(the Archos firmware doesn't)
03:55:30Nibblerofc. it doesnt :)
03:56:44elinenbeand after Linus is finished with that he is going to implement time streching on songs! Type in an amount of time for a song, and it will adjust the speed of playback to fit that time :)
03:56:53elinenberight Linus??
03:57:37LinusNyes, and i will also implement Ogg Vorbis and Quake 3
03:59:16elinenbeI have been hearing about this Quake 3 −− I can't wait.
03:59:26elinenbeI am going to port MAME
04:02:31adi|worklinus.. i told you my osmosifier is almost working right?
04:02:34adi|workits great...
04:02:43adi|workyou just place the archos on a cd... turn it on
04:02:53adi|workleave for 20 mins.. and *poof* mp3s automagically
04:03:07adi|worki only have on prob.. if you leave the jewel case on.. the music comes out muffled
04:03:23LinusNcool, i hope you can make it work to 2.0
04:03:36adi|workwell.. i could.. but then i would have to kill elinenbe
04:03:43adi|workis it a fair trade?
04:03:51elinenbehey −− watch it!
04:03:59LinusNi say kill him
04:04:34LinusNwe'll have to ask Zagor first, but i'm sure he'll approve
04:05:06LinusNafter seeing his picture, i'd say he hasn't got much time left anyway
04:05:13elinenbeI say we take out the haxx guys! If noe one is with me, I'll do it myself...
04:15:27Galiknother question. When I do #include <stdlib.h> where does it get it from? It doesn't seem to use the one in /usr/include afaikt and there isn't one in /usr/local/sh1/include either ?
04:16:40Galikafter i include it RAND_MAX is not defined! otherwise the functions work as u expect. weird but true
04:17:43Galikahh thnx
04:24:27Galikany clues on how i determine the range of the returned values from rand()?
04:24:50Galikor the max value of an int even?
04:24:55LinusNwell, it's a signed 32-bit int
04:25:02Galikk, ta
04:28:23adi|workGalik: do you know what that means?
04:28:28*adi|work is just being safe
04:29:31Galikyeps #define MAX_INT ( 0xEF << 24 | 0xFF << 16 | 0xFF << 8 | 0xFF ) i think ??
04:29:55adi|workyeah.. but do you know what its doing?
04:30:09adi|workthats the max
04:30:13adi|work2^32 - 1
04:30:16GalikI still don't know the range of the rand() func tho
04:30:24adi|workit doesn't return a range
04:30:29adi|workit returns an int
04:30:46adi|workif you do rand() % 10
04:30:47Galikbut the value it returns will fall between 2 other values
04:30:52adi|workyou get a # between 0-9
04:31:00adi|workright... 4294967295
04:31:02adi|workis the max
04:31:05adi|workand 0 is the min
04:31:19adi|workbut you mod it to get the value you want
04:31:23Galikahh I wasn't sure if it returned -ve nums
04:31:34adi|workno no.. only returns 1 int
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04:34:07GalikWeyheyyyy that worked :)
04:34:51GalikI call it a night then.
04:34:53Galiknn all
04:35:20elinenbeLinusN: love that last commit
04:35:31elinenbeI think all the special screens should use the internal font!
04:36:08 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleep (
04:36:12LinusNit has always tried to use the internal font, that was a bug
04:36:36elinenbe|sleepall debug screens should be internal font
04:36:41elinenbe|sleepall games... etc.
04:36:45 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
04:37:09LinusNi agree
04:37:28LinusNtime to sleep, it's 4:30am
04:37:55LinusNnite all
04:38:01 Part LinusN
04:39:17adi|workwhat commit is that elinenbe|sleep?
04:42:06adi|workim looking for a setigroup.. any suggestions?
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06:12:53*adi|work is away: home
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07:14:02adi|homeso elinenbe you look over the code?
07:55:19 Join matsl [0] (
08:16:27 Join Bagder [241] (
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09:21:41 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:22:25dwihnoHola quel!
09:22:26dwihnoQue pasa?
09:22:28dwihnoMuy bien?
09:22:33quelsarukhej dwihno!
09:22:39quelsarukha det sa bra?
09:23:00quelsarukOh! my god! we've changed our brains!!! nooooooooo
09:23:11dwihnoMmm... Taco!
09:23:19quelsarukthat's mexican
09:23:32dwihnopaella with saffran
09:23:38dwihnoWe make lussebullar with saffran
09:23:44dwihnoTastes really yummy
09:23:52dwihnoThen we eat them the 13th of december
09:23:58dwihnoand sing lucia carols
09:24:04Schnueffyou make now and eat dec/13 ?
09:24:17dwihnoAmazing, huh? :)
09:24:53quelsarukwhy on 13th dec?
09:27:05Bagderweird old swedish tradition
09:27:31Bagderwell, not that christian
09:27:40Bagdersince we're the only country that does it
09:28:02dwihnowe are?
09:28:19Bagdernot even norwegians
09:28:19quelsarukbut what tradition?
09:28:28Bagdercelebrating "St Lucia"
09:29:02quelsarukhere we have "la virgen del Pilar"
09:29:16quelsarukdon't ask me to translate it
09:29:25Schnueffvirgin on a pillar?
09:29:30quelsarukbut.. i think it's the most similar tradition
09:29:40quelsarukSchnueff: Pilar is a spanish name...
09:29:48dwihnoVirgin without a pillow? :)
09:30:02quelsarukbut i was going to translate that like Virgin of the Pillar
09:30:18dwihnoImagine the suffering, having to sleep without a pillow! :(
09:30:54Schnueffimagine living before the discovery of the pillow!
09:33:26 Join Ich [0] (
09:33:32 Nick Ich is now known as Nibbler (
09:34:27quelsarukBagder: you forgot yesterday to update espanol.lang...
09:34:31quelsaruktsk... tsk...
09:34:54Bagderbob is our lang guru
09:35:14quelsarukwell.. i asked edx to update that file
09:35:57quelsaruknew strings at english.lang?
09:36:23quelsaruki'll wait at least 1 week to update the file :)
09:42:45quelsarukhi webmind :)
09:43:06adi|homeBagder.. need an opinion
09:43:22adi|homelinus and bjorn are against typedefs correct?
09:44:13adi|homeZagor you around?
09:44:14BagderI think Björn is the biggest opponent ;-) But we're all generally FOR not doing them without good reason
09:44:35adi|homeokay.. then let me swing this buy you
09:44:38Zagori'm here.
09:44:46adi|homeokay.. opinon needed
09:44:54Zagortell me why you want a typedef and i'll tell you why you're wrong :-)
09:44:56quelsarukmust go...
09:44:59quelsarukcu later!
09:45:06 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
09:45:10webmindhm, would it be hard to make a full screen countdown option in the player btw?
09:45:17adi|homeim implimenting multilevel undo, and i can either a) store the entire board, or b) store segments of the board
09:45:23webmindwithout casing it kinda looks like a bomb. ;)
09:45:34Zagorwebmind: :-)
09:45:35adi|homebut the cleanest way of storing segments of the board is to do so with a structure...
09:45:50Zagoradi|home: then use a structure. a struct is not a typedef
09:46:01adi|homebut I will need an array of those structures if i want to store multiple levels
09:46:11adi|homemultiple undos i mean
09:46:36Zagorlook in firmware/common/file.c for example
09:47:06adi|homeno, thats not what i want
09:47:12adi|homei have an undo structure
09:47:24adi|homeand in it i need an array of board segments
09:47:40adi|homesince there is other data i need as well.. but not for each segment...
09:47:43adi|homethat make sense?
09:48:04Zagoryou have an array of segment structs inside the undo struct
09:48:23Zagorstruct undo {
09:48:36Zagor struct seg segments[NUM_SEGMENTS];
09:49:05Zagorno need for typedefs
09:49:27Schnueffwhat's in such a segment, out of interest?
09:49:45adi|homex, y, and spot
09:49:53adi|homethe location on the board
09:49:59adi|homeand what is supposed to be stored there
09:50:16adi|homethe array is then 3 large.. because any single undo can affect at most 3 spaces
09:50:42Schnueffand NUM_SEGMENTS == MAX_UNDO_LEVELS
09:50:45adi|homei figured this was better then storing say... 15 full boards
09:50:48adi|homeexactly :)
09:51:08*adi|home likds how Schnueff thinks
09:51:45Schnueff*yawn* :)
09:55:12adi|homesee.. the prob was simply that im an idiot
09:55:14adi|homei got it
09:55:55adi|homethe layout of this is definatly OO in flavor, but is not C++ so thats acceptable yes?
09:56:17Schnueffwhy are structs OO?
09:56:36adi|homebecause of the way i have it layed out... its _flavored_
09:56:40adi|homenot OO ;)
09:56:49Zagormmm, strawberry...
09:56:57Schnueffrather have oooh!-flavored
09:57:12adi|homethat could be arranged..
09:57:16*Bagder likes cloudberries
09:57:33*Bagder is still left skiing in his mind
09:58:21Zagoryeah, cloudberries are great!
09:59:26Schnueffcreeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries, hmmm
09:59:49Bagderbut they're best used in jam etc, not fresh
10:02:58adi|homewell duh...
10:03:06adi|homefresh cloudberries cause gas
10:06:07adi|homeholy shit
10:06:14adi|homeit was like 2am 2 mins ago
10:06:19adi|homei look up and poof its 4 am
10:06:44Bagderyou must've fallen into a timegap! ;-)
10:06:52Schnueffwhat date?
10:08:17Bagderhehe, very relevant question!
10:08:32dwihnoBobagogdoderor äror enon bobåtot
10:13:19 Part Zagor
10:13:35 Join Zagor_ [242] (
10:15:19 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:28:31 Quit Nibbler ()
10:29:34ZagorBagder: can you look at the gdb+uisim problem?
10:29:51adi|homeyeah.. zagor.. whats that prob you were hitting?
10:30:29BagderZagor: you retried with the headers removed from firmware/ ?
10:30:29Zagorrun "gdb rockboxui" and then "run". the logo comes up, but you never get into the browser.
10:30:39Zagormmm, will test again
10:31:11Bagderbecause it works for me
10:31:29Zagorno difference
10:31:37adi|homeumm.. works for me
10:31:41adi|homei have no prob
10:31:52*adi|home is testing sokoban as we speak
10:31:54adi|homeor read
10:33:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:33:38Zagortesting on another box
10:33:54Bagderdo a make clean first
10:35:39 Part Zagor
10:35:52 Join Zagor_ [242] (
10:35:55 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:36:28calpefroschi have some problems with my x11 sim... it hangs sometimes in the sleep function
10:36:45Zagorhmm, works when I run it on 'labb' too. only my local box has problems.
10:36:59Bagderthe sleep problem is the main reason I rearranged those header files
10:37:13calpefroschahhh, that sounds good
10:37:25*adi|home greps for the "if (user == Zagor) { barf() } " code
10:38:06Zagorit's actuall if ((user==Zagor) && (box==thatoddone)) {barf()}
10:38:26Zagoroh well, if it's not a general problem it's not a big issue
10:38:50Zagoryeah I only get it on one machine
10:38:58adi|homeis that the machine name?
10:39:08Zagornah :)
10:39:22adi|homeohhh.. heheh
10:39:29adi|homei was reading it wrong :)
10:39:37Schnueffwhat's your time now, adi|home? :)
10:40:00adi|homei go on shift for my ambulance corp at 06:45
10:40:02Zagorbuckle up, boys. SLEEP patch being committed.
10:40:06adi|homeand go to work at 11:00
10:40:13*Bagder sits tight
10:40:18*Schnueff sleeps.
10:40:28*adi|home shits tigt
10:40:34 Join matsl_ [0] (
10:40:43*adi|home core dumps
10:40:46BagderZagor: make sure he gets his way into the CREDITS as well
10:41:04Bagdermr SLEEP
10:41:07ZagorSimon Elén
10:42:59dwihnoSLEEP PATCH?!
10:43:02dwihnoZzz :-D
10:43:06dwihnoYay for Zzz! ;-D
10:43:26Zagorbah, adi. now my commit conflicts...
10:43:37adi|homeick.. sorry
10:44:04*adi|home kicks himself for trying to be helpful
10:44:04dwihnoWhat happened to the T-shirts btw? :)
10:44:13*adi|home heads to bed
10:47:05Zagoroops, firmware/test/fat/ wasn't really part of that patch :-)
10:48:12Bagderdo we really need that as an option?
10:48:28Bagderwhat's the drawback of using it?
10:48:37 Quit matsl (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:48:40Zagorno. i'm just keeping the option for a while for testing purposes
10:48:59Zagorjust in case someone finds different behaviour with it on or off
10:49:14Zagorplease remind me if I forget to remove it before 2.0 release :-)
10:49:43Bagderput it in your TODO-BEFORE-RELEASE file
11:03:14dwihno    (void)enabled;
11:03:22dwihnowhat klind of skum thing is that?
11:03:24dwihnovoid cpu_sleep(bool enabled)
11:03:27dwihno... ?
11:03:32Zagorthat's to inhibit compiler warning about unused parameter
11:03:44 Join Remo [0] (
11:03:52Zagoryo remo!
11:03:57dwihnoReno Raines!
11:05:14dwihnoSLEEP IN CVS! YAY FOR Zzz! ;_D
11:10:32 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:10:48dwihnoHow much extra runtime will the sleep patch give?
11:11:41Remohi zagor
11:12:24Zagordwihno: it appears it gives about a 10% power save
11:13:10ZagorRemo: I'm not sure, but think I have turned down feature requests for what you just implemented :-)
11:14:28RemoZagor: you mean stereo narrow? Then you have to commit the patch too ;-)
11:17:27dwihnoWhoa. 10%. That's a heapload!
11:17:51ZagorRemo: yeah, I will
11:22:02RemoWow, my patch will make it to 2.0 despite the feature freeze :-)
11:22:53Bagderall-features-except-from-remo freeze ;-)
11:23:14 Join PsycoXuul [0] (
11:23:47Zagorlanghaarrocker: is there any point having peak meter hold value 0?
11:23:49RemoAnd that was my first patch implementing something new.
11:23:55*dwihno just loves the smell of CVS commits in the morning!
11:25:04RemoMy very first patch was just for english.lang and my second was the bug fix to save channel config.
11:25:34Zagorwelcome to the gang :-)
11:25:53langhaarrockerZagor: if you don't want any hold value. The indicator just follows the peak.
11:26:05Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok
11:26:09langhaarrockerIt's a bit like turning off hold value indicator.
11:27:59Bagdergotta go
11:28:02 Quit Bagder ("")
11:28:43Zagorwhat's the peak_meter_performance flag?
11:29:19langhaarrockerIts wether its in high precision or energy saver mode.
11:29:19langhaarrockerI think I should add an eternal hold, too. Thats interesting especially for recording. That way you could read out the maximum peak that occurred during record.
11:29:20 Quit elinenbe|sleep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:29:27 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:29:32Zagorgood idea
11:30:15 Nick Remo is now known as Remo|lunch (
11:30:34 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:35:10 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe|lunch (
11:35:18 Nick PsycoXuul is now known as PsycoXul (
11:36:13 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:37:34tracktheripperhappy valentines day to all!
12:01:30 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:02:01 Quit xam|away (Remote closed the connection)
12:06:48 Join xam [0] (
12:08:15xamhappy valentines day
12:08:25xamman I'm tired
12:09:13xamflatmate shagged a girl until 6 a.m. next door ... I couldn't sleep at all
12:10:58 Join Galik [0] (
12:23:48 Nick calpe|lunch is now known as calpefrosch (
12:30:31 Join _MT [0] (
12:31:30 Part Zagor
12:31:47 Join Zagor_ [242] (
12:33:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:37:55quel|coffeeany heavy around here?
12:38:26*Schnueff weighs himself.
12:38:52quel|coffeei need the "heart of steel" of manowar :(
12:39:06Schnueffdont have it here
12:39:08quel|coffeei forgot today my jukebox
12:41:35quel|coffeegot it
12:42:55 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calp|coffee (
12:45:09 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:50:43 Join MT [0] (
12:51:44 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:37 Nick calp|coffee is now known as calpefrosch (
12:56:54calpefroschquel: are you still working under windows ?
13:00:36calpefroschok, why has the vcproj file been removed ?
13:08:48 Quit _MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:09:42Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
13:25:31 Nick Remo|lunch is now known as Remo (
13:31:58 Join tracktheripper [0] (
13:32:07tracktheripperHi Room
13:32:10tracktheripperHi Galik!
13:32:14tracktheripperHi Xam
13:34:02tracktheripperWhy can't there be a UISimulator for Windows as well?
13:34:07tracktherippernot everyone has Linux
13:34:16 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:39:00GalikI've stopped killing people now!
13:39:08Galiklo track
13:41:00tracktheripperlo to you as well Galik
13:41:15 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:41:27Zagortracktheripper: there can be. someone just needs to maintain it.
13:41:37calpefroschtracktheripper: there is a win simulator... but i don't compile at the moment :-(
13:41:46tracktheripperohh right
13:41:55tracktheripperI love to try the UIsimulator but I don't have Linux
13:41:55Zagorthe core developers all use linux, so we can't update the win32 sim
13:41:58calpefroschZagor: why is the vcproj file gone ?
13:42:01tracktheripperoh ok
13:42:20tracktheripperdoes the UIsim just "simulate" the interfaces on the Player and Recorder?
13:42:23calpefroschahh, I see. edx is not maintaining it ?
13:42:25Zagorcalpefrosch: I don't know
13:42:55Zagori think edx is updating it semi-regularly, but not frequent enough to keep it running it seems
13:43:13*calpefrosch needs linux at work
13:43:39tracktheripperCalpefrosch where can I find the win simulator/
13:44:00calpefroschit is in the cvs repository, but not working at the moment
13:44:28tracktheripperI almost bought a Player before getting the Rec10
13:44:39tracktheripperWhat is the interface like on the Player compared to the Recorder?
13:44:43calpefroschtracktheripper: but it could be a problem with my computer
13:44:56tracktheripperIll check it out
13:45:00tracktheripperIs it in CVS?
13:45:18calpefroschlook in the uisimulator/win32 folder
13:45:24tracktherippercheers :)
13:46:50tracktherippercalpefrosch what do I need to download in uisimulator/win32 folder?
13:49:13calpefroschtracktheripper: on win ?
13:49:32calpefroschyou need e.g. wincvs
13:49:38calpefroschor tortoisecvs
13:49:39tracktheripperoh right
13:49:51calpefroschjust read the "readme" ;-)
13:52:05tracktheripperSometimes when I plug the charger in, the "plug" icon appears but it takes a few seconds to begin charging. Is this normal?
13:55:04tracktheripperoh right its just that wiv the Archos firmware its instant when charger is plugged in
13:55:38tracktheripperIm so tempted to buy an FM recorder but everyone says DON'T DO IT!
13:58:39tracktheripperdoes anyone have an FMrec here?
14:02:23tracktheripperI would appreciate a thorough description of its performance, FM performance, interface and build/sound quality :-)
14:02:47Zagorvery few people have tried both, so it's difficult to compare
14:03:11tracktheripperohh right
14:03:15GalikFM is not really worth the extra tho. I don't use it
14:03:17tracktheripperis the FM reception okay?
14:03:23Galiknot really
14:03:38GalikIf u stand still it can be okay
14:03:57tracktheripperArchos should integrate a digital tuner
14:04:00tracktheripperthat would be cool :)
14:04:07GalikI would never record off of the FM as I'm a quality freeq
14:04:38tracktheripperwell FM recording is good if u hear a song u like and u wanna record it before buying it
14:04:54GalikBut it is a most excelent device and I love it even more now it's got Rockbox!
14:06:12tracktheripperI still love my faithful Rec10
14:06:21tracktheripperim not worried that it lacks USB2
14:07:19tracktheripperI sent a couple of recording feature requests. you can see them in Sourceforge
14:07:53GalikMy PC doesn't support USB2 so that's no benefit to me anyway
14:08:12tracktheripperIve just added a USB2 card to my system
14:08:36tracktheripperNow if there was a way to force the Rec10 to download at USB2 speeds
14:08:55Galikhmmz thats prolly hardware
14:09:24tracktheripperI wonder what the Players are like compared to the Recorders
14:09:32tracktheripperIve heard the Players have a crappy display
14:10:09GalikDunno. I wanted to be able to record
14:11:27tracktheripperI appreciate digitally recording streaming audio by running a cable from the Digital OUT on the soundcard to the Digital In on the archos
14:11:57tracktherippersound quality is much better than Analog
14:12:41tracktheripperall you need is a cable with the 3.5mm plug on both ends
14:12:55 Join kargatis [0] (
14:13:41tracktherippertrouble is, those cables are like gold dust where I live
14:14:45Galikyou can always stream onto harddisk, then transfer by usb
14:15:07Galikneed a plugin on your mp3 player prolly
14:15:49tracktheripperbut you can't record SDMI material that way
14:16:12tracktheripperthe only way to digitally record SDMI material is to run the said cable from the sound card to the Archos
14:18:53tracktheripperSDMI is a sort of copy-protection that is built into some MP3 players
14:19:01tracktheripperFortunatly the Archos is NOT sdmi-compliant
14:19:22GalikAhhhh nice to have an archos then :)
14:20:14tracktheripperThere is actually a "hack" built into the Archos firmware
14:21:07Galikreally? Archos actually hacked around the protection?
14:22:33GalikCudos to archos
14:23:30tracktheripperI can tell u how to work the hack
14:24:08Galikgo on then i'm all eyes
14:24:56tracktheripperBoot into the Archos firmware
14:25:33tracktheripper2) Go to Change Artist
14:25:47tracktheripper3) Enter HFSCMSOFF
14:26:00tracktheripper4 You should see a screen saying the protection has been disabled
14:26:23Galiktrying it now
14:26:54tracktheripperyou have to be in the ARCHOS firmware. not ROCKBOX
14:27:48GalikWhere is Change Artist?
14:28:24tracktheripperIn the Archos Firmware go to Record MP3/ Change Artist
14:28:52tracktheripperOh sorry Galik this doesn't work on the FM recorder, only the normal Recorder
14:29:03Zagoruse rockbox then
14:30:25GalikAhh gotit. It does work on FM too :))
14:30:46tracktheripperdid u get the "Copy Protection Off" message?
14:31:15tracktheripperbut in Rockbox there is no "Change Artist" option yet
14:31:39GalikBut it stays off even when u go into rockbox?
14:32:07tracktheripperyea it should do
14:32:57tracktheripperbut I keep the Archos firmware solely for recording and making playlists
14:33:12Zagorwe never turn it on
14:33:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:33:25Galikhehe nice
14:33:34tracktheripperRockbox is better for sound quality and playback, but Archos is better for playlist building and recording
14:33:39GalikHow do I delete songs in rockbox?
14:33:55tracktheripperGalik browse your files
14:34:23Galikgotit. nice
14:34:52tracktheripperthats why I have both firmwares on my machine
14:35:12Galikboth at the same time?
14:35:20GalikDon't they need the same name?
14:35:54tracktheripperNo Rockbox is ajbrec.ajz
14:36:08tracktheripperthe Archos firmware is renamed to Record And Create Playlist.ajz
14:36:27tracktheripperI select Record And Create Playlist.ajz if I want to record or make a playlist
14:37:07GalikHmmmm. So the firmware name is not compulsory! interesting.
14:37:46kargatisthat's the point behind ROLO
14:37:53tracktheripperThe Firmware you want the Jukebox to boot in MUST BE ajbrec.ajz
14:37:56kargatisyou can have any number of ajz files
14:38:09tracktheripperas ajbrec.ajz is what the Archos looks for as its booting up
14:38:41Galikahh so it's rockbox that allows any name.
14:39:03tracktheripperSo follow my steps
14:39:13tracktheripperhave Rockbox as the ajbrec.ajz file
14:39:20Galikrockbox errr... rocks!
14:39:37tracktheripperIf you want a copy of the Archos firmware as well, rename the Archos ajbrec.ajz file to any name of your choice
14:40:01tracktheripperthen if you want to boot to the Archos firmware select that renamed file and it will load
14:41:11tracktheripperGalik if your drive ever becomes corrupted I know a way to repair it, but it only works if you have Windows 2000 or XP
14:41:54GalikYeah i have formatted it before
14:43:17tracktheripperAt one time I formatted mine in FAT32 but still wouldn't work so I did this
14:43:31tracktheripperI did a full format in NTFS, then again in FAT32 then it worked fine!!!
14:44:04tracktheripperI would love to see Zagor put that tip on his website
14:44:13tracktheripperI told someone that trick and it worked for him
14:44:46Zagoryeah, I'll add that
14:44:49tracktheripperhe was well happy
14:45:02tracktherippercheers Zagor. I know it works on the Recorder but not sure if it works on the Player
14:45:19tracktheripperbut you can only do that if u have 2000 or XP
14:45:29tracktheripper98, 98SE and ME don't support NTFS
14:46:11ricIIoff to Bielefeld, working on rockbox..
14:46:43Galikgood. fix them bugs ;P
14:48:03ricII:) bye
14:48:05tracktheripperits just a shame I know nothing about tweaking the Rockbox code
14:48:07 Quit ricII ("Client exiting")
14:48:07tracktheripperwould love to learn
14:48:29GalikI got my first demo working last night :)
14:49:41GalikThen u should learn.
14:49:48GalikGet a book on C programming
14:49:51tracktheripperim still trying
14:50:09tracktherippercouldn't even program in BASIC let alone C
14:50:45GalikBut it's just a case of time and patience. If ur interested enough, you'll pick it up
14:51:16GalikTo be a programmer you need to be able to fail, fail and fail again. Untill you succeed :)
14:52:14Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
14:52:24tracktheripperI don't have any C programming software
14:52:30tracktheripperWhere can I get it from?
14:52:50GalikI've stopped killing people now!
14:53:23Galikhang on
14:54:55GalikI can't help too much with the windows bit. I use Linix :))
14:55:02tracktheripperwell i use XP
14:55:19GalikBut once that's installed it's like Linux on windows... ish
14:55:42tracktheripperI just think its fair that I should have a go at fixing requests rather than letting you and Bjorn do all the work
14:56:00GalikI don't hack rockbox track
14:56:10GalikI'm a n00bie here
14:56:18GalikJust started hacking last night
14:56:23tracktheripperoh right
14:56:32tracktheripperIve subbmitted requests but never fixed any
14:56:41tracktheripperi want to have a go at fixing requests
14:56:42GalikMade a demo as a learning exorcise
14:56:49GalikDoesn't do much :)
14:57:19 Part kargatis
15:01:07GalikI gonna get breakfast now :) cu l8er
15:01:52 Join edx [0] (~edx@theres.zdv.Uni-Mainz.DE)
15:02:04tracktheripperyea take care
15:02:21tracktheripperI have to go as well
15:05:51 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
15:07:39 Join quelsaruk [0] (
15:07:59 Quit quel|coffee (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:08:18 Part Zagor
15:08:50 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:08:55 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:17:07 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:17:47 Join edx`busy [0] (
15:18:04elinenbe_Zagor: that patch you just committed... the .cfg patch −− oh man... that gives us a lot of flexibility now.
15:18:39elinenbe_Zagor: you are going to have to leave out the games. Once the recorder firmware get to 200k, then no load!
15:18:41Zagornow we just need to look for a .cfg file for each track we play... :-)
15:18:46ZagorI know
15:19:03Zagorbut we're only at 190k so far :-)
15:19:07elinenbe_what is the key combo pro backgrounding a process under linux?
15:19:36PsycoXuland then bg to make it continue in the background
15:19:38PsycoXulotherwise it's stopped
15:22:00elinenbe_the one thing about the .cfg patch is that whenever an option is added it "should" be added to that part of the code too. Like the new mono/stereo/kareoke patch, the fade patch, etc.
15:22:06 Quit edx`busy (Client Quit)
15:22:51Zagoractually we don't have channel config at all in .cfg :-)
15:23:09Zagoryeah, remo made a cool patch to subtract the mono sound.
15:23:19PsycoXuldoes that work on players?
15:23:35PsycoXulhow's he accomplish it?
15:24:00elinenbe_it works wonders on the recorder. It really does a VERY nice kareoke effect.
15:24:07Zagorthere's a few registers in the MAS to control left-right channel mixing
15:24:18Zagori didn't know that :-)
15:24:42Zagorelinenbe_: have you done any tests with longer sleep in the fade patch?
15:24:58 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:25:40elinenbe_I tried with longer sleep and larger volume jumps, but once you go over about 2, you get mopre of a studdered stepping and less of a fade.
15:27:05elinenbe_but the fade could be configurable in a later version of the patch.
15:27:20elinenbe_I have been running the patch flawlessly for a few weeks now.
15:27:53elinenbe_I did change it so it no longer modifies the global volume setting
15:28:58Zagoryeah, that's good
15:30:52elinenbe_but I also made all the tabs __5__ spaces!! wah hahahaha ;o
15:31:40xamarglll ... 3 spaces ... at most 4
15:32:05xambtw, why spaces/tabs afterall?
15:32:05elinenbe_I kid... I kid...
15:32:33elinenbe_there should be no tabs −− just spaces. Tabs are different in every program
15:33:21xamelinenbe I know. But why don't we make archos the largest opensource one-line C programme?
15:35:19xamor even rewrite it in haskell?
15:35:28xamor scheme?
15:36:17elinenbe_xam: (and the others): check out the code on this page : it is most amazing!
15:36:38xamelinenbe that's old :)
15:36:50xamelinenbe obfuscated C contest :)
15:37:34xamit it wasn't already invented I would invent it!
15:37:35elinenbe_I know it is old... but I know a flight simulator in 30 lines of code is also incredible (also considering that the code is in the shape of a plane!)
15:37:41 Quit calpefrosch ("leaving")
15:38:41elinenbe_xam: invent a jpeg viewer for the rockbox! :)
15:39:27xamelinenbe well, go to
15:40:03xamwell, especially INTERCAL and befunge
15:44:24xamafter you see you see what these people who win the obfuscated C contest do in their spare time :)
15:47:18Zagoryou mean occc is their work? ;)
15:56:23xamzagor I know some of the people written programms in befunge also took part in the occc
15:56:36xamor the other way round :0
15:57:06Zagorelinenbe_: i'm thinking if the fade setting should perhaps be in the sound setting menu. whaddayathink?
15:57:30elinenbe_Zagor: whatever you think.. you're the boss.
15:58:41 Join Bagder [0] (
15:59:03Zagoryo, bagder. where do you think "fade on pause/stop" should be? playback or sound setting menu?
15:59:38BagderI would look there first
15:59:42*Zagor is easy today
16:01:51 Quit xam (Remote closed the connection)
16:06:36ZagorOpera releases "Bork" edition
16:06:38Zagorgotta love it
16:07:09langhaarrockerI thought Bill was the one who assimilates :)
16:15:14quelsaruki forgot today to set me as away... maybe 'cause it's "Ballantine's day" ;)
16:18:55Zagorelinenbe_: have you noticed a short burst of sound at the lowest volume point in the fade?
16:19:56Zagorif my volume is at 70, it sounds like the fade-in goes like 50,20,30,40,50,60,70
16:22:45quelsarukzagor, is it possible to add an option like "continue playlist?"
16:23:10Zagorwhat should that do?
16:23:54quelsarukimagine you are playing a playlist...
16:24:11quelsarukand you have to stop listenig mp3(not just pause.. but stop it)
16:24:23quelsarukfor example to record one thing
16:24:38quelsarukand you want to continue listening your playlist.
16:24:46Bagderah, you mean you want to resume
16:24:52quelsaruknow i have to rolo to get the resume option
16:25:10Bagdercool work-around btw ;-)
16:25:21quelsarukBagder: for me continue playlist is resume playlist :) i'm a simple man
16:25:39Bagdersure, but it could work for dir-plays as well
16:25:51quelsaruki didn't get that last
16:25:52Zagorthe bookmark patch will fix that
16:26:05elinenbe_Zagor: I have noticed that.. sometimes
16:26:12elinenbe_for a quick second.
16:26:32quelsarukwell.. bookmark seems good for me now :)
16:26:45elinenbe_Zagor, maybe data is sent to MAS at high volume for some reason.
16:26:47quelsaruki mena.. until now i didn't see a real utility for me
16:26:54quelsaruki mean
16:27:26elinenbe_unless lowering the volume to that low immediately takes time to register (you know what I mean?) so the first sounds play at the high volume?
16:28:09Zagorcould be
16:28:16Zagorwe'll ask linus when he pops in
16:28:48elinenbe_it only happen maybe 10% of the time.
16:33:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:35:57 Join kargatis [0] (
16:36:54kargatisi forget - is there a one-click or combo way to drop out of a sub-menu to the WPS?
16:39:06kargatisthat wouldn't be a horrible addition to the future UI implementation. walking back up from one's change serves little purpose most of the time.
16:40:04langhaarrockerAAaaargh!! My laptop went up in a puff of smoke!
16:40:24kargatiscool, spontaneously combusting laptops. that's a new spin
16:40:41langhaarrockerThe backlight of the lcd panel is off.
16:44:06quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i told you....
16:44:30quelsarukyou cant use goats as i do... you need a career to do all this stuff :)
16:45:16 Part Zagor
16:45:41*langhaarrocker jumps up and down
16:45:43 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:45:49 Join edx [0] (
16:46:24Galiklanghaarrocker: If u place the laptop beneath u when u do that it might fix it ;)
16:46:31*langhaarrocker feels the urgent desire to destroy something violently
16:46:39GalikThe laptop?
16:47:09langhaarrockerNo need, its half -dead already.
16:47:38langhaarrockerMonitor output works at least. And I can see a faint shadow of the image on the screen.
16:47:50 Part kargatis
16:49:20 Join Cstr45x [0] (
16:49:24Cstr45xhi there
16:49:37quelsaruklanghaarrocker: do you need help?... just call 1-800-TECHNOPRIEST
16:49:43Cstr45xis anyone in here answering to stupid questions?
16:49:57Cstr45x(i've only one ;)
16:50:05quelsarukCstr45x: more stupid that mine?
16:50:13quelsarukjust try
16:50:23Cstr45xaah qualsaruk: we've already talked to each other
16:50:37BagderCstr45x: fire off your questions and see if anyone responds!
16:51:22Cstr45xk:my problem is: when im trying to record (digital) i get no signal. im using the optical cable from my md player. it fits into the digital in/out
16:51:37langhaarrockerits elecrical
16:51:47langhaarrocker you need a optical-coax converter
16:53:38quelsarukarchos digital in/out is coaxial no?
16:53:55quelsarukumm... i don't even understand me...
16:54:01langhaarrockeryes. What ever light you shed on it the recorder doesnt see.
16:59:15BagderZagor_: I found my all-cvs-commits script I made for the 1.4 release
16:59:23Zagor_ooh, goodie
16:59:25 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
17:00:18ZagorBagder: any chance of changing the cvs table so it combines items that were commited the same minute, or with the same comment?
17:00:46BagderI could
17:00:58Bagderit combines those made in the same second currently, I think
17:01:16Zagorah. comparing the comment should be good, I think
17:03:23Bagdertime to go home
17:03:26 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:04:21 Join Luke1 [0] (
17:04:55Luke1Hey...does anybody know if the Archos Recorder 15 is USB 2.0?
17:04:56langhaarrockertime to go home. Thats only my watch that says so.
17:05:07ZagorLuke1: nope, only rec20
17:06:06Luke1Well, I wish I could help you guys, as I really like rockbox, but I couldn't write a line of code if my life depended on it.
17:07:13DBUGEnqueued KICK Luke1
17:07:13Luke1Keep up the good work...later.
17:07:16 Quit Luke1 (Client Quit)
17:07:54Zagoris the fm recorder working ok now? any fm owner here?
17:08:48 Quit Cstr45x ()
17:12:18RemoPsycoXul: this answer is alittle bit late (I was out of office), but yes the karaoke, stereo narrow patch works also on players. It's actally just another channel configuration.
17:14:35RemoI will update the patch soon, when I've sorted out the conflicts with the recent commits (just learning how to use cvs dif patch combo).
17:15:08ZagorRemo: don't worry about it. the patch is simple enough that I'll fix it.
17:15:24Zagorunless you want the excercise :-)
17:15:29RemoZagor: thanks
17:18:49Zagori'm going home. see you, guys!
17:18:50 Part Zagor
17:42:07 Join stu1 [0] (
17:42:30elinenbe_I am leaving for the weekend
17:42:34elinenbe_good luck with everything.
17:42:37 Quit elinenbe_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021212]")
17:42:58stu1does anyone own a jukebox 6000?
17:43:24Remostu1: I do (upgraded to 40 GB
17:43:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:43:53stu1I have lots of files that just wont play on it, its very fustrating
17:44:33stu1i have defragged disk
17:44:48RemoEvery mp3 file I've tried just played fine. But most of the are ripped by myself with LAME.
17:45:32stu1mine are encoded with l3enc system codec with audiograbber
17:46:47RemoHave you used ScanDisk on it lately. Maybe the filesystem is corrupt.
17:47:05stu1it doesnt seem to be the codec as soom downloaded files in other codex dont work
17:47:15stu1yes I ran the scan disk many times
17:47:49stu1would you test one for me?
17:56:06Remostu1: sure, where can I get it from?
18:05:39stu1err let me just uploaded a minute
18:05:55 Nick Remo is now known as Remo|soonback (
18:06:01stu1hope u like beastie boys:)
18:08:27stu1 down.mp3
18:29:23 Join pizzadude777 [0] (
18:33:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:41:57 Nick Remo|soonback is now known as Remo (
18:42:01RemoI'm back
18:45:16stu1did u get chance to download it?
18:54:07 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:54:39tracktheripperCould someone help me with Cygwin? Ive finally got Cygwin running
18:55:22GalikLong time since I used it but I think you need to open a dos box
18:55:27Remostu1: I've downloaded your song. Rockbox played it, but it sounds a little bit distorted (it crackles a little bit, is it a recorded from vinyl?)
18:55:56tracktheripperyea when I open Cygwin I get a window similar to a DOS box
18:56:16RemoBut ther were some problems. Rockbox thinks it is 3:01 long, but plays for 3:30!
18:56:20tracktheripperim in Cygwin now. there is a $ wiv a cursor next to it
18:56:36Galikcool try typing gcc into it and see what happens
18:56:49RemoRockbox says it's 112 kBit/s, Quicktime thinks it's 96 kBit/s
18:57:53RemoSome tool reported a bad mp3 header.
18:58:01tracktheripperive typed gcc, it says bash: gcc: command not found
18:58:24tracktheripperi downloaded Cygwin from
19:04:36quelsaruki need a german urgently
19:04:42quelsaruklanghaarrocker: pliiiizzzz
19:06:09 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
19:08:29 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:21:11langhaarrockerpresent again
19:21:37quelsaruk1 min
19:22:05quelsaruktoo late :(
19:22:17langhaarrockerhähähä :)
19:22:24quelsaruki installed a game.. and was in german
19:22:34quelsarukso i didn't know how to exit
19:22:41langhaarrockeruse the axe
19:22:43quelsaruki had to turn off the s55
19:23:20langhaarrockerare there already any bluetooth based net gamees for that thingie?
19:27:08langhaarrockergotta grab some pizza hawaii
19:27:36 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:37:44 Quit pizzadude777 (Connection timed out)
20:11:07Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
20:11:07 Quit s0be (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:39:52 Join huz [0] (
20:40:18huzhello guys, i have just find that you provide a build of the linux simulator of the rockbox
20:40:30huzjust for fun, have you time to explain me how it works ?
20:40:49huzi made a dir w/ the simulator + a archos.mod
20:41:03huzi get No filesystem found. Have you forgotten to create it?
20:41:29huzi suppose i forgot ...
20:42:02quelsarukcould you repeat that more slowly :)
20:42:24huzmy english is so bad ?
20:42:27quelsaruki'm a bit tired and my last neuron can't understand that
20:42:55quelsaruk*our* english.. both, yours and mine
20:43:06huzok ... i'm running a linux box and i would like to test the player simulator for fun
20:43:32quelsarukand you've downloaded the rockbox simulator from the website
20:43:34huzbut i apparently must to create a filesystem
20:43:38huzyeah i did
20:43:48huzfrom the 'bleeding edge' corner
20:43:51quelsarukok :)
20:44:39huzis that the error ? it is a so bad idea to get it from there ?
20:45:44quelsarukbut i don't know if the script that creates the sim is working
20:46:02quelsarukat least i've just tried to download it and i get a rockboxui.txt file...
20:46:23quelsarukor something like that
20:46:45quelsarukwhy don't you try to build yourself the simulator??
20:47:07huzin fact i'm actually doing that :)
20:47:22quelsaruki think that option is better
20:47:41quelsarukbecause simulator is useful when testing patches
20:47:58quelsarukand you have to build your own sim with the patch
20:49:01quelsarukedx: there are a lot of red and yellow points in the win32 sim :)
20:49:56huzthere isn't the gdb precised in my closest gnu mirror (i decided to have everything in the case i will become thanks to the holly a good programmer
20:50:57quelsarukit's quite fast and has it
20:53:13huzthanks ! effectively gdb can be find there
20:54:01quelsarukspain is great
20:54:06quelsaruktime to go home!
20:54:09quelsarukcu next day!!
20:54:14huzok thanks for all !
20:56:35quelsarukyou are welome
20:57:24GalikI've stopped killing people now!
21:00:51edxquel: @ red points - since when? :)
21:01:19quelsarukit has always worked...
21:01:33quelsarukcu tomorrow edx!
21:01:42 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:05:04 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
21:15:59 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:16:23 Quit huz ("leaving")
21:24:34 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:31:11 Join monter [0] (~chatzilla@
21:32:28 Join Gissehel [0] (
21:35:08 Part Remo
21:37:21 Join Galik [0] (
21:39:30 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:54 Quit monter ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; pl-PL; rv:1.2.1; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021130]")
22:00:49 Join IRCGorilla [0] (
22:04:02IRCGorillahello alll.. I RTFM and faq says no support for 'fm units' −− 2 questions, is this info still current? and if so, is all functionality for this model (p/n 500326) unsupported or only fm?
22:16:38 Join Galik [0] (
22:24:32 Quit stu1 (
22:24:32 Quit Schnueff (
22:24:32 Quit MrSnazz (
22:24:32 Quit IRCGorilla (
22:24:32 Quit ken0_ (
22:24:32 Quit edx (
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22:24:32 Quit matsl_ (
22:24:32 Quit webmind (
22:24:32 Quit Hes (
22:24:32 Quit Gissehel (
22:24:32 Quit PsycoXul (
22:24:32 Quit adi|work (
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22:33:44 Join LinusN [0] (
22:53:05 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:04:06GalikLooks like u access the hard disk at a pretty low level. ATA level?
23:04:35GalikI gues I'm asking if it's possible to implement a different HD format such as ext2?
23:04:58GalikOr is some of the disk access hardwired into archos?
23:06:25 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:07:56tracktheripperHiya Linus
23:07:56tracktheripperand Galik
23:08:08Galiklo ripper
23:08:34tracktheripperGalik its HI!!!
23:08:41tracktheripperand the name is tracktheripper, not ripper :-)
23:08:57Galikhi tracktheripper
23:09:04Galikthat's a finger full tho
23:09:12tracktheripperwould u like it if I call you lik?
23:09:18tracktheripperIm ok thanks :)
23:09:25tracktheripperhow are you? :-)
23:09:32Galikhmmmm but galik is not that long surley...
23:09:51GalikWeird are u psychic?
23:09:58tracktherippermy name isnt that long!
23:09:59GalikI'm fine, how are u?
23:10:02tracktheripperstop being so lazey!
23:10:27tracktheripper((gives Galik a big hug))
23:10:41GalikThere is something good about not being lazy that I didn't discover yet?
23:10:45Galikthnx :)
23:11:29tracktheripperNow fix My Auto Voice Transcriber please :)
23:11:52Galikstill fighting my way through the development environment
23:12:04Galikand pestering ppl with dumb questions
23:12:20Galiknot that anyones awake in here at thhe moment
23:12:22tracktheripperim wondering if Bjorn has put that tip on the website yet
23:12:33Galikabout NTFS?
23:12:48tracktheripperwell im awaik!
23:12:59Galiku always awake :)
23:13:02tracktheripperyeah thats the one
23:13:18tracktheripperi know
23:13:48 Join IRCGorilla [0] (
23:13:54tracktheripperGalik I have another request for you :-)
23:14:08Galikwhat's that
23:14:45tracktheripperinclude the damn ID3 tag entering for Recording!
23:15:15GalikI keep telling U I'm not a rockbox hacker .... yet :)
23:15:29GalikWhat's wrong with it though
23:16:08tracktheripperYou cannot input ID3 tags in the Rockbox firmware, only in the Archos firmware
23:16:55GalikIsn't that already being worked on?
23:17:22tracktheripperActually do the firmware so the normal Recorder can pick up FM!
23:18:12GalikThere's sum smart ppl on the rockbox hacker crew
23:18:57tracktheripperno-one will include timestretching for me though!!! :-(
23:18:57tracktheripper((bursts into tears!!!))
23:19:40GalikLooks like they wrote their own code to read the disk at low level
23:20:01GalikMaybe they will if the spex for the DSP are released
23:20:19tracktheripperyeah if ever
23:20:38LinusNGalik: we wrote _all_ code from scratch
23:21:46Galiknice one LinusN:
23:22:10GalikI was wondering if u be so kind as to write an ext2 version?? ;)
23:22:33GalikMaybe borrow the base code from the Linux kernel?
23:22:47IRCGorillahello alll.. i have rtfm and the faq says 'fm models' are unsupported. does anyone know if this is still true, and if so is it only the fm receiver functionality on p/n 500326 (recorder 20 fm) that is unsupported or the whole unit?
23:24:06GalikI'm using the latest CVS on my FM recorder and it's sweet. No support for FM tho but I don't use it so...
23:24:10LinusNIRCGorilla: fm recorder is not yet fully supported, since nobody has taken his unit apart and produced some schematics
23:24:46 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|away (
23:25:00IRCGorillaty galik/linux.. do you reckon that playing is working now and that recording will work when 2.0 is released?
23:25:37GalikPlaying and recording both work. Just FM receiving that's not implemented
23:26:01GalikThere maybe bugs I not found yet cos it's very new code but it works nice for me
23:26:12IRCGorillasweet, i just picked up the unit today.. looking forward to trying it out
23:30:08tracktheripperGorilla u got an FM recorder?
23:34:00IRCGorillajust got it yes
23:34:41IRCGorillai don't really care about fm but it ended up cheaper than the regular recorder20
23:35:14 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
23:36:35tracktheripperyou are making me sooooooooo jealous now
23:38:16SeeSchlossHi everybody
23:39:43SeeSchlosshmm does anyone know why is it impossible to delete dirs in rockbox ?
23:40:22 Join Bagder [241] (
23:42:06tracktheripperHiya Badger
23:43:54tracktheripperGalik someone submitted a carbon copy of one of my requests
23:44:01tracktheripper"Reshuffle playlist when repeating"
23:44:54GalikHmmm what can you do? Shoot them maybe? ;)
23:45:17tracktheripperno just reported it as a dupe
23:45:20tracktheripperBadger removed the dupe
23:46:01tracktheripperOne request appeared then went!!!
23:46:11tracktheripperit was make the normal Recorder pick up FM!!!
23:46:24Bagdervery good one
23:46:37Bagdersome people ARE nuts
23:46:41tracktherippersorry badger????
23:47:37Bagdermake the Recorder pick up FM is one of the most outrageous requests we've had, imho
23:48:13tracktheripperI thought my Auto Voice Transcriber was the most outrageous!!!
23:49:57tracktheripperwell you can't do miracles with firmware :)
23:50:05tracktheripperonly what the hardware allows
23:50:25SeeSchlossbut noone can answer my question ?
23:50:36GalikWhich 1?
23:50:39Bagderwhat's the q?
23:51:09SeeSchlosswhy is it impossible to delete dirs ?
23:51:22SeeSchlossI see in tree.c "don't delete dirs" as a comment
23:51:25Galikis it impossible?
23:51:26Bagderbecause it hasn't been made possible
23:51:33Bagderfeel free to fix
23:51:57GalikCan u create dirs?
23:52:06 Join edx [0] (
23:52:11BagderGalik: I believe so
23:52:26Bagderhey edx
23:52:27tracktheripperyou can make and delete dirs if u boot to the Archos firmware
23:52:47edxBagder: just replied to your mail..
23:52:48tracktheripperhi Edx
23:52:54edxthats a kinda stupid problem :/
23:53:11edxbecause for the visual studio compiler it says it doesnt know wchar_t
23:53:18edxand i dont know why
23:53:22edxso i just defined it there
23:54:20Bagdertry using '#ifdef _MSC_VER' for it
23:55:42Bagdera bit ugly, but we could use it to try it out at least
23:56:13 Join smeagol [0] (
23:56:55tracktheripperhi amw
23:56:56CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:56:56*Galik hides the pressiouse
23:57:11smeagoljust installed it on my archos
23:57:12SeeSchlossoh and I also noticed that the "rename" string was not placed correctly on the ON+PLAY menu on a directory...
23:57:21*smeagol is happy
23:57:35smeagolwho can I thank for it?
23:58:12smeagolO well
23:58:16Bagderthank for what? Rockbox?
23:58:27*smeagol lurks a bit
23:58:36tracktheripperdon't think Archos are happy though
23:58:42 Nick IRCGorilla is now known as zobo (
23:58:45Bagdersmeagol: well, I think we're around 60 mentioned people in the CREDITS now ;-)
23:58:53smeagolfsck 'em
23:58:59smeagolarchos that is

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