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#rockbox log for 2003-02-16

00:00:38PhantomDJPpeter : with rockbox HDD sound desapear (not fully but more than with the original firmware)
00:00:59PhantomDJPAanother time sorry for my english...
00:01:52peter1you think i can get it to run on mine?
00:02:04peter1archos jukebox recorder 15
00:02:25PhantomDJPit work on all jukebox
00:02:30peter1hmm, ok..lll try it
00:02:32PhantomDJPFM, player and recorder
00:02:44PhantomDJPI ve a 10go recorder
00:02:48peter1is there anyway you guys know of disabling the internal mic?
00:03:14CW-EGM92Phantom: your not intrested?, it works great as an HDD, I got like 2000mhm batteries, runs great or and it also coems with the recharger adaptor
00:03:17PhantomDJPwhat do you mean by disabling ?
00:03:23peter1turning it off
00:03:32PhantomDJPbut when ?
00:03:42PhantomDJPwhen you record ?
00:03:43peter1i want to recordlive sound thru my directional mics
00:03:53peter1but the internal mic records also
00:04:11peter1so i hear me pressing the buttons, the hdd spinning
00:04:21PhantomDJPi have never saw that
00:04:40PhantomDJPwell the rockbox will only use the selected way
00:04:50peter1ok, wow
00:05:00peter1im gonna try it now
00:05:03peter1thank you
00:05:52CW-EGM92Hey Phantom how much is a euro to and american dollar?
00:07:10PhantomDJPabout the same thinks
00:07:34PhantomDJPthe euro is just a bit less
00:07:51CW-EGM92ok hold on
00:11:13PhantomDJPthis season of buffy is good
00:11:28PhantomDJPI ve nothing else to say
00:13:34PhantomDJPit's 00:13 in france
00:13:39PhantomDJPi'm a bit tired
00:17:05CW-EGM92....that's not late your only like 5 hours ahead of me
00:17:41peter1where do i start recording on this os?
00:18:50CW-EGM92no idea
00:19:14peter1uh oh :X
00:25:12PhantomDJPwhat is version do you have
00:26:00PhantomDJPuse the F1 buton
00:26:05 Join Galik [0] (
00:26:21PhantomDJPin the menu there is "recording settings"
00:26:31PhantomDJPin which you select the way
00:26:35peter1you mean the first button out of the 3 right below the display screen on the recorder?
00:26:42PhantomDJPand "recording"
00:26:51peter1there isnt
00:27:16PhantomDJPso download the last daily build
00:27:21PhantomDJPthere is
00:27:21peter1has sound settings, general settings, games, demos, info, version, debug
00:27:40peter1i was looking for it just now, where is it?
00:27:48peter1got a direct link?
00:28:28peter1ok, once agian, thank you
00:28:38peter1i imagine youre tired
00:28:50peter1could you give me your email if i have further questions?
00:29:34PhantomDJPwell i'm not one of the best
00:29:40PhantomDJPbut if you want
00:29:54peter1who is very knowledgable
00:30:24PhantomDJPwhen they answer
00:30:36PhantomDJPalmost every body here
00:31:02PhantomDJPwhen they answer ;-)
00:31:27peter1what is the irc address and channel here? ie forced me to use the java thingy
00:32:09PhantomDJP #rockbox
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00:34:10CW-EGM92Hey Phantom
00:34:48 Join peter11 [0] (
00:35:50 Quit peter1 ("Leaving")
00:36:18PhantomDJPyeh ?
00:37:30peter11phant, i installed that build and the normal 1.28 os loaded
00:37:57PhantomDJPyou are sure ?
00:38:09peter11u sure its compatible with my recorder?
00:38:16PhantomDJPdo you name it "ajbrec.ajz"
00:38:17CW-EGM92do you know how i can sell my JB?
00:38:22peter11yes, ill do it agian just to be possitive
00:39:03PhantomDJP150$ is not a bad pric but maybee a bit expensive since FM recorder and Divxplayer...
00:39:20peter11err, could you give me that link agian?
00:39:33CW-EGM92like i said we can nigotia
00:39:55PhantomDJPnot for me
00:40:33PhantomDJPI don't need a JB just the 20go HDD and you don't go to give it to me for less than 100$
00:44:55peter11phantom! excellent excellent excellent! i just had to find one for the 15. thanks agian
00:45:13PhantomDJPno prob
00:45:18PhantomDJPnosorry CW
00:45:31 Quit CW-EGM92 ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
00:47:48PhantomDJPfor last question that is now
00:47:58PhantomDJP 2 minute before i leave
00:48:09Jet8810can you shuffle within queued files?
00:48:34Jet8810is it in planning?
00:49:06PhantomDJPthe 2.0 is for very soon tomorrow ?
00:49:13PhantomDJPso wait and see
00:49:36PhantomDJPnot all new feature are know
00:51:43peter112.0 tomorrow?
00:52:27PhantomDJPthat would be cool, isn't it ?
00:52:33PhantomDJPno that is a joke
00:52:51PhantomDJPbut if linus say "soon" that must be really soon
00:53:36PhantomDJPgood night all
00:53:48Jet8810how many versions do you think we will get before rockbox development slows down to a virtual end?
00:54:16PhantomDJPas linux a such good project will never stop
00:54:25PhantomDJPuntil it is perfect
00:54:36Jet8810well, perhaps...
00:54:39PhantomDJPand in our world nothing is perfect
00:54:46PhantomDJPso : never
00:55:13PhantomDJPit will be stop but there is no "end"
00:55:34PhantomDJPis "will" the good modal ?
00:55:50PhantomDJPmaybe "can" is better
00:56:04PhantomDJPso another question ?
00:56:49PhantomDJPok so good night
00:57:22PhantomDJPas the end work "make peace in Irak, not war"
00:57:42peter11thanks agian phant
00:57:42PhantomDJPsee you soon
00:57:47 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
00:57:49peter11u will :)
01:23:23 Join LinusN [0] (
01:35:17peter11im intrested in disabling the internal microphone on my archos jukeboz recorder 15. any help?
01:35:58GalikCan't u just select line-in as the source?
01:37:12peter11wont record from my external mic then
01:37:30Galiknot if u don't plug it in hehe
01:42:46LinusNpeter11: what exactly is it that you want to accomplish?
01:43:35peter11i want to be able to record varies sound of the world thru a directional mic, and get them to my pc for mixing
01:43:55LinusNthrough the line-in?
01:44:59peter11yes, err, wait...can i do it thru the digital also? hmm, i suppose i could couldnt i...but all i have is analog mics for now so line-in it is
01:45:39LinusNi don't get it. you mean that you get a mix of the internal mic and the line-in when you select line-in as the source?
01:45:57peter11yes, exactly
01:46:03LinusNwith rockbox?
01:46:04peter11no no
01:46:16 Join CW-EGM92 [0] (
01:46:19peter11not line in as source...mic as souce
01:46:28CW-EGM92Hey can a JB be used on a mac?
01:46:29peter11and yes, rockbox..todays build
01:46:39LinusNwhy select mic as the source when you want to record with the line-in?
01:46:52LinusNCW-EGM92: yes
01:47:07peter11because it doesnt pick up sound from the mic when i set the source as line-in
01:47:18peter11fromthe external mic that is
01:47:23LinusNthen you have a problem with the external mic
01:47:55peter11could it be that its not amplified?
01:48:11CW-EGM92ummm, the JB on a mac, can it aslo be used as a harddrive?
01:48:19LinusNCW-EGM92: yes
01:48:20peter11i donno cw
01:49:30peter11before i go out and buy a portable amp, whats proven to work well with archos recorders?
01:50:01peter11youre sure its cause its not amplified?
01:50:09LinusNpeter11: there have been lots of discussions about external mics in all forums
01:50:23LinusNeven in the rockbox list, check the archives
01:50:37LinusNand and
01:50:39peter11will do, heh, just got intrested now
01:54:28CW-EGM92Hey linus u intrested in buying a JB6000 20GB?
02:09:10LinusNCW-EGM92: i have a JB6000 30Gb, a Recorder 40Gb and an FM recorder 20Gb :-)
02:09:55LinusNdrawing schematics of the fm recorder as we speak
02:17:41 Quit peter11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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03:37:02 Part LinusN
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07:06:24Topic"feature freeze -- 2.0 soon -- Matthew P. OReilly is one of our new heros!" by adi|home (
07:07:03Topic"feature freeze -- 2.0 soon -- Matthew P. OReilly: The newest Rockbox hero!" by adi|home (
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10:23:14 Join MeRWiN [0] (
10:23:56MeRWiNwhy is logbot banned?
10:24:45MeRWiNahh, nevermind, imposter logbot probably
10:24:49MeRWiNPsycoXul: check the ban list
10:24:55PsycoXulthe logbot's the one who set the ban on the ban list
10:25:08PsycoXulbanning somebody else
10:25:19MeRWiNwow i'm smart
10:25:40PsycoXulwooo ardour finished ./configure'ing
10:25:51*MeRWiN gets to leave at 8am to fly to burlington vermont this morning
10:25:57PsycoXulnow lets hope it builds
10:25:59MeRWiNBen & Jerry's here i come
10:26:34PsycoXullast ben & jerry's i had
10:26:35MeRWiNIt's the 2nd best BJ there is :P
10:26:44PsycoXulif thats what it was, i think so but i forget for sure
10:26:51PsycoXulwas the one on haight & ashbury in san fran
10:27:53MeRWiNlast ben & jerry's i had was 5 hours ago
10:28:09PsycoXulthat was jan 2001
10:28:35MeRWiNDo you know if all the problems with the JBFM have been resolved in the latest build?
10:28:41PsycoXulno clue
10:28:52PsycoXuli haven't even updated my build for a while on my player
10:29:02PsycoXuland i don't follow the FM status
10:29:17MeRWiNI follow more now that i have one :)
10:29:20PsycoXuli should update too
10:29:32MeRWiNI can't believe they went BACK to hardware charging in the FM
10:29:32PsycoXulone thing i asked for a long time ago was fade-to-stop and apparently thats in there now
10:29:44MeRWiNPsycoXul: fade sounds killer :)
10:30:30MeRWiNI wish I could update my Sony Ericsson T68i as easily as i can update the jukebox... costs me $10 every time i want to do ANYTHING with the firmware. Damn sony
10:30:41PsycoXulthat sucks
10:30:53PsycoXulthere should be some way to hax0r around that
10:31:04PsycoXuleven if it involves some homebrew transmitter or something :p
10:31:45 Quit wounded (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:31:52PsycoXulspeaking of transmitter's
10:32:11PsycoXuli wanna try out an idea i had for low-powered digital signal transmission
10:32:15MeRWiNThere is... you used to only be able to update firmware at a SonyEricsson location (like 1 or 2 in the usa). Now there's a middleman software that makes the EMMA2 server (the updating server) think that the phone connecting to it is your phone, so anyone can do it.
10:32:18MeRWiNcomplicated process
10:32:31PsycoXulit basically involves transmitting at 2 set frequencies, that're resonant with each other probably
10:32:40PsycoXuland then switching one on and off for the bits
10:32:42MeRWiNyou can't do it ALL by yourself 'cause it has to contact the EMMA2 server to download the boot information... encrypted with a random seed every time
10:33:03MeRWiNPsycoXul: you're full of all kinds of idea
10:33:10PsycoXuland then the recieving end would subtract the known signal from what it recieves for one frequency
10:33:21PsycoXulleaving a signal of just the noise between the trasmitter and reciever
10:33:24PsycoXulwhich it then subtracts from the 2nd frequency
10:33:30PsycoXulleaving the pure digital signal
10:33:33PsycoXulor something
10:33:43PsycoXuland to hell with trying to "yell over the noise" worrying about SNR and etc
10:34:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:34:42PsycoXulthough there's probably elements of that that're unnecessary and/or others that're missing, heh
10:35:03PsycoXulbut it seems like something along those lines might allow for something like a watch or whatever
10:35:08PsycoXulvery low-powered
10:35:15PsycoXulto be an extremely long-range tranciever
10:35:20PsycoXulwith pretty high bandwidth
10:36:02 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:36:05MeRWiNtoo complicated for this late
10:36:08PsycoXulit's not really a new idea either
10:36:24PsycoXuldouble-coil pickups in guitars use the same anti-phase noise cancelling technique
10:36:44PsycoXuland those've been around for decades
10:37:46PsycoXulMeRWiN: well it's pretty simple
10:38:24PsycoXulMeRWiN: basically, you start out with a digital transmission, so instead of listening for modulations, you just look for a certain size difference in energy between the 2 signals you're recieving
10:38:28PsycoXulor such
10:38:47PsycoXulMeRWiN: that right there bypasses a lot of the signal-to-noise considerations i think
10:39:35MeRWiNstill too complex
10:39:37langhaarrockerwhat are you talking about? Symetrical line signals?
10:39:40PsycoXulMeRWiN: then there's also that 2 signals from point A to point B will probably have pretty close to the same noise as each other
10:40:18PsycoXulMeRWiN: and so you could use the noise from the constant one in anti-phase with the switching one to eliminate it
10:40:22PsycoXulin theory
10:40:23PsycoXuli dunno
10:40:30PsycoXulmaybe thats not right
10:40:35PsycoXulmaybe they'll have completely different noise
10:41:08PsycoXulbut i dunno if the noise-cancelling would even be necessary with dual-signal binary transmission anyway
10:41:20PsycoXullanghaarrocker: i dunno
10:41:38PsycoXullanghaarrocker: i don't know any of the industry jargon or anything
10:41:52PsycoXullanghaarrocker: or if it's something thats been done or not even
10:42:28langhaarrockerbut you're talking about line out of the archos or something?
10:42:47PsycoXuljust a random idea for long-range low-power wireless information transmission
10:44:33PsycoXulwoo ardour compiled
10:51:32 Quit adi|work (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:54:50langhaarrockerhas anybody had a look at my osci-photos at
10:58:18PsycoXulthats uh
10:58:46langhaarrockerI'm surpriset that the jukebox sounds that good now.
11:00:18langhaarrockerAnd for a digital device I'm surprised that it has 5 output 'values'. 5 is not a power of 2.
11:02:28PsycoXulyeah i dunno
11:02:59PsycoXulhave you tried different freq/amplitudes and oscilloscope resolutions to see if you can ever get more or less than 5 levels?
11:03:47PsycoXuland thinking of it in terms of AC, 5 levels would be +/- 2
11:04:04 Join edx [0] (
11:04:11langhaarrockeronly servaral frequencies like 1kHz, 15kHz and 20 kHz.
11:04:41langhaarrocker15kHz would display as a mess and 20kHz not at all.
11:05:16PsycoXultry like 100hz or something
11:05:54langhaarrockerwhat would you want to investigate at 100 Hz?
11:06:10PsycoXuli dunno
11:06:39PsycoXuljust to see if the signal's still so aliased or whatever
11:08:42langhaarrockerI don't think that you would see much difference. I'd like to use higher frequencies because then we might be able to see both - the signal frequency and the 'dither-frequency' at once. At 1 kHz the 'dither-frequency' was much to high to be visualized.
11:10:11MeRWiNmy rockbox isn't building
11:10:36MeRWiNmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `config.h', needed by `/home/Administrator/r
11:10:36MeRWiNockbox/build/backlight.o'. Stop.
11:10:41MeRWiNit was building a while ago
11:10:45MeRWiNabout a week :P
11:11:57langhaarrockerI haven't build anything for a _very_ long time but I read something about a new include structure recently. Might that be the problem?
11:12:51MeRWiNi'm deleting everything and starting fresh
11:12:53MeRWiNlet's see how that works
11:13:23langhaarrockerwhy delete and not simply use a clean cvs tree for a test?
11:14:04MeRWiNi'm deleting everything in the apps firmware and tools folder and doing a cvs co on those three again
11:14:08MeRWiNdoesn't take too long :P
11:14:14MeRWiNstill the same error
11:14:28langhaarrocker:( I'm not much help
11:15:03PsycoXulardour: [ERROR]: No on/off button pixmaps found to match rec-enable-button[0-9]*.xpm$
11:15:06PsycoXulugh whyyyyyyyy
11:16:03*PsycoXul wonders what that $ is and if that has anything to do with it
11:16:12MeRWiNi haven't seen $$$ in a long time
11:18:29PsycoXulholy shit
11:18:33PsycoXulthe binary for this thing is 80MB
11:18:52PsycoXuland it supposedly uses dynamic linking to access all it's main functions
11:19:30MeRWiNyay it worked
11:19:39PsycoXulwhat worked
11:19:57MeRWiNa delete of the entire rockbox folder and re-checking out
11:20:17PsycoXulah yeah
11:20:39PsycoXuli wish vim would load 80MB files like in a few seconds
11:20:45PsycoXuland i wish it had hexediting too
11:20:49PsycoXulvim with hexediting would own
11:22:49MeRWiNi use FHRED for hex editing
11:22:56MeRWiNthe best damn hex editor around
11:23:31PsycoXul if ((rec_enable_buttons = get_pix (Config->get_pixmap_path(),
11:23:32PsycoXul "^rec-enable-button[0-9]*.xpm$")) == 0) {
11:23:57PsycoXulok weird but i guess it means to have it like that as part of the pattern matching
11:24:19PsycoXuloh maybe i forgot to export these var's it needs heh
11:28:19PsycoXulardour works
11:28:25PsycoXuland it seems that it may even own
11:32:15PsycoXulthough it just segfaulted for no good reason
11:35:38 Quit MeRWiN ()
12:26:36 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:26:36 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:27:23tracktherippermorning all rockboxers
12:33:51 Join Dario [0] (
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12:34:25tracktheripperHi Dario
12:34:31DarioHi All
12:36:15tracktheripperhow r ya?
12:36:26DarioI'm fine
12:36:45tracktheripperim still trying to get Rockbox compiler to work on my system
12:37:05DarioI compile under W2K
12:37:11Darioworks fine
12:38:11tracktheripperwhat do you use, GNUSH or Cygwin?
12:38:41DarioAs described in: "Setting up a minimal Win32 SDK"
12:40:49 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
12:40:50 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:43:45 Join MeRWiN [0] (
12:44:00MeRWiNso what is the thing next to the time in the rec's WPS? in []'s
12:45:14MeRWiNahh, track number :P
12:45:16MeRWiNmakes sense
12:45:27MeRWiNwhat doesn't make sense is why i'm talking to myself
12:49:17DarioDon't know
12:52:55 Part Dario
13:04:02PhantomDJPquestion for a kick/ban : when the 2.0 will be release ???
13:04:14PhantomDJPwhat are the features ?
13:04:25PhantomDJPdon't need answer
13:14:01 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
13:27:20 Quit MeRWiN ()
13:33:49 Join Galik [0] (
13:41:26Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
13:41:46GalikI've stopped killing people now!
13:42:38Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
13:56:52GalikI've stopped killing people now!
14:07:17PsycoXulwith the fade to stop i hear a stutter of full volume at the end of the fade
14:08:19 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
14:14:34 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
14:14:35 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:25:23 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:26:04tracktheripperHiiiiiii :)
14:31:17 Join Galik [0] (
14:31:22 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
14:32:09 Join Galik [0] (
14:32:26tracktheripperHey Galik :-)
14:32:35Galiklo track:
14:32:42Galikerr tracktheripper
14:32:54tracktheripperlo to u as well :-)
14:33:18tracktheripperive had enough of Cygwin so im gonna try Gnush instead
14:34:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:34:57Galiku couldn't get gcc to work?
14:35:12tracktheripperim gonna try Gnush
14:35:12tracktheripperseems more idiot-proof
14:35:54tracktherippersince Gnush is one large download exe file not several tiny files
14:36:18tracktheripperIf I can get Gnush to work the first thing im gonna do is write an ID3 tag inputer for recording
14:38:00tracktheripperactually that should read "If I can get Gnush to work the first thing im gonna do is TRY to write an ID3 tag inputer for recording
14:38:28Galikheh it'll prolly take a little time to learn C first :)
14:38:41GalikU got a book?
14:39:29tracktheripperive got a C++ book for dummies lying around somewhere :)
14:39:39GalikCool :)
14:40:44tracktheripperwell actually im gonna try doing a basic firmware and see if i can improve it like Rockbox
14:41:36tracktheripperit was funny what happened to Badger sometime ago
14:42:02tracktherippersomeone subbmitted a reqest saying "Make the normal Recorder pick up FM like the FM recorder :) )
14:43:14tracktheripperis Gnush just a compiler? Can Gnush be used to write the firmware?
14:43:14 Join breaker [0] (
14:43:42GalikI don't know anything about gnush :/
15:03:19 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
15:24:40 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
15:38:07 Join smeagol [0] (
15:38:35 Quit PhantomDJP (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:39:30 Join ghosty [0] (
15:39:39ghostyI ve a question
15:39:40smeagolhi ghosty
15:40:08ghostywhat will be the difference betwen 2.0 and the last daily build ?
15:40:21*smeagol doesn't know
15:41:10*ghosty as well that is why he ask
15:41:24*smeagol nods
15:52:15ghostyadi, you are an OP you must know
16:06:34 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:20:46 Join edx [0] (
16:21:29edxsomebody can help me with the archos 6 gig recorder ?
16:22:12smeagolnot sure if I can help, but watcha need?
16:26:36 Quit edx ("Leaving")
16:30:05 Quit Galik ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla rv:1.3b/20030211]")
16:30:05 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
16:32:17 Quit breaker ()
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16:37:03PhantomDJPso everybody sleep
16:45:05*smeagol is a awake
16:51:59 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
16:56:56 Join Tracktheripper [0] (
16:57:43TracktheripperIve just extracted the rockbox.gz file, how do I go about tweaking the different files?
17:00:00smeagolhave you read the FAQ?
17:00:06Tracktheripperi need help, badly
17:00:19smeagolby tweaking you mean recompiling the source?
17:00:48Tracktheripperyea recompiling it back into the AJBREC.AJZ file
17:00:57Tracktheripperand by making various alterations to the code
17:01:04smeagoluhm do you have linux or windows?
17:01:06PhantomDJPwhat do you want to tweak ? what is your operating system
17:01:17smeagolah ok
17:01:17Tracktheripperwindows XP
17:01:29TracktheripperI can see different files like H file, C file and so on
17:01:41Tracktheripperthey open up in Notepad as a jumble of letters
17:02:07smeagolTracktheripper: download textpad (
17:02:14smeagolthat's a better text editor
17:02:44TracktheripperDo i just tweak the different files in Notepad or Textpad?
17:02:50smeagolas for compiling under windows see:
17:03:31smeagolas for tweaking the files, sorry can't help ya. I'm just a humble enduser
17:03:55Tracktheripperdoes compiling mean to turn everything back into the ajbrec.ajz file?
17:04:06smeagolas far as I know yes
17:04:17smeagoltake a look at that webpage I gave you
17:04:24smeagoleverything you need is there I guess
17:05:35Tracktheripperim still keen to learn how to program the firmware for the Archos
17:06:12smeagolgood luck ;-)
17:07:06Tracktheripperbut can simple tweaks like backlight on-off be done in Notepad?
17:07:26smeagolif I am correct, that is allready possible
17:07:36smeagolwhat version have you loaded on your archos?
17:07:48Tracktheripperoh by the way how do I turn the ajbrec.ajz file back to its source code?
17:08:10smeagolyou have to grab the source from the website
17:08:51Tracktheripperi meant if i wanted to turn the ARCHOS ajbrec.ajz file back to its code?
17:09:01smeagolsee: (under "source code")
17:09:28Tracktheripperthanx Im gonna give that a go and see how I get on
17:10:11Tracktheripperthankx for ur help
17:10:15PhantomDJPtrack> good luck, the firmware is an hard thing
17:10:48Tracktheripperyouve seen my requests in Sourceforge. Now I want a go at fixing requests :)
17:10:53 Join edx [0] (
17:12:01 Quit Tracktheripper ("Leaving")
17:37:07 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
17:44:37 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:56:26 Join Galik [0] (
17:56:45 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
17:57:37 Quit PhantomDJP (Client Quit)
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18:38:08 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:41:27tracktheripperWhere is the PATH for installing Cygwin?
18:41:47 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
18:50:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:07:34Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
19:14:05 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:25:09GalikI've stopped killing people now!
19:25:20langhaarrockerwhy? none left?
19:26:26Galiknope. all dead :)
19:27:34GalikIs it possible to encode an mp3 from a wav file on disk? Or does it have to come from external source?
19:28:13langhaarrockerYou need the pc to encode on disc.
19:28:47langhaarrockerthere's no converter in the archos firmware - would be horribly slow anyway. With a 12 MHz processor without fpu...
19:29:00GalikBut the recorder surly has a DSP for it?
19:29:19langhaarrockeryes, but that is 'only' realtime.
19:29:36Galikie only from external source?
19:29:50langhaarrockeryes. We can't put *.wav files into it.
20:09:04Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
20:09:05 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:38:21 Quit SeeSchloss ("@+ les filles")
20:43:13GalikI've stopped killing people now!
20:47:17 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:51:16tracktheripperive totally given up
20:51:32tracktheripperhi Smea
20:51:44tracktheripperIve tried, and tried, and tried and still cant work it
20:51:53smeagolyou mean compiling?
20:51:56tracktheripperso im just gonna stick to the non-programm side of things
20:52:12smeagolhrm you did load the software that is needed?
20:52:33tracktheripperdownloaded all the downloads
20:52:40tracktheripperso im just gonna throw in the towel
20:52:57smeagollet me try it
20:53:08smeagoljust to install the compiler that is
20:53:11tracktheripperits alright Smea. You know how but I don't
20:53:14smeagolI use xp aswell
20:53:14tracktheripperdon't worry about it
20:53:25smeagolnope i do not know how
20:53:36smeagoljust gone have a go at it
20:54:11tracktheripperits alright
20:55:50tracktheripperim just gonna leave the coding to Bjorn and co
20:56:45tracktheripperbut cheers for ur effort
20:56:53tracktherippermuch appreciated
20:57:26smeagoldid you get the compiler stuff?
20:57:28tracktheripperits a shame because i really want to write an ID3 tag editor
20:57:36*smeagol hates registrating :-(
20:57:44tracktheripperI wanted to write an ID3 tag editor more than anything else
20:58:05tracktheripperAll I want added to Recording is an ID3 tag editor
20:58:13*smeagol nods
20:58:29smeagolbut did you score the gnush software?
20:59:30tracktherippercouldn't get it to work
20:59:44tracktheripperbut im gonna give up incase I damage my computer
20:59:52smeagolwhat happened?
20:59:59smeagoloops misread
21:00:13smeagoluhm why would it damage your puter?
21:00:27tracktheripperwell since I don't wanna upset my Windows installation
21:00:34smeagolah ok
21:00:45smeagolbut it won't kill your windows
21:00:49tracktheripperWhy can't someone write an ID3 tag editor like the Archos firmware?
21:01:16smeagolperhaps someone is already doing it
21:01:23tracktheripperId like to see the demos dropped and some recording features introduced
21:01:54tracktheripperThe demos are pointless as far as im concerned
21:02:07tracktheripperKeep the games but lose the demos
21:02:21smeagolperhaps keep all of it and add your thingy
21:02:31tracktheripperyea but I can't program
21:02:36*smeagol neither
21:02:59tracktheripperEven if I could import the ID3 tag editor from the Archos firmware and plonk it in Rockbox i'd to that
21:03:02*smeagol is just your humble enduser
21:03:09tracktheripperme as well
21:03:30tracktheripperBjorn made me laugh one time
21:04:01smeagolhow's that
21:04:15tracktheripperOne feature request was "Partition the drive"
21:04:25smeagoluh oh
21:04:46tracktheripperBjorn's reply was "Rejected. There is no reason why Rockbox would partion the Archos drive. Do you ask Winamp to partition your desktop PC's drive?"
21:05:36smeagolwhat kind of archos do you own?
21:05:50tracktheripperI have a beloved Jukebox Recorder 10
21:05:58smeagolah ok
21:06:03tracktheripperwhat do u have?
21:06:08smeagolrecorder 20
21:06:17smeagoljust saving up for a bigger drive
21:06:26smeagolit's the best thing I bought in years
21:06:36tracktheripperEveryone knows about my infamous request :-)
21:06:40smeagolmuch better then cd or minidisc stuff
21:07:09smeagolalthough apple's ipod doesn't suck either
21:07:15smeagolbut a lil expensive
21:07:21tracktheripperthe Ipod looks kinda "boring"
21:07:41smeagolhey it can boot linux nowerdays (so I've heard)
21:07:52smeagolbut I agree Ipod looks to slick
21:08:11smeagolyou know what I mean
21:08:11tracktheripperI look forward for the Archos to transform voice recordings into .txt files :-)
21:08:27smeagoldid you ever use the recorder function?
21:08:41tracktheripperyea I use it to digitally record streaming Internet audio
21:08:57tracktheripperi have a SPDIF digital cable lying around
21:09:26tracktherippercant tell which is the source and the recording :-)
21:09:31tracktheripperin digital recording mode
21:09:36smeagolvery nice
21:10:04smeagolbye bye DAT ;-)
21:10:15tracktheripperI recorded a CD via the digital out on the sound card to the digital In on the Archos and there is NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER in sound quality in Hi-Quality MODE
21:11:24tracktheripperWho needs WAV recording when the highest digital recordings in MP3 format via the Archos are indistinguishable from the source?
21:11:54smeagolyeah but archos does 128 right not higher?
21:12:17tracktheripperThe Archos will go as high as 160kbs. The Archos records in VBR
21:12:23smeagolah ok
21:13:04tracktheripperNo-one uses wav these days
21:13:57smeagolmp3 does rule
21:14:08tracktheripperWhat do u think has better sound quality, MP3 or WMA?
21:14:28tracktheripperWMA sounds downright rough in the treble
21:14:36tracktheripperWhat MP3 rate do u encode at?
21:14:54tracktheripperyea same here, 192 CBR
21:15:15smeagolquality / size ratio is fine for me
21:15:18tracktheripperperfect CD Sound
21:15:28tracktheripperits pointless going above 192kbs
21:15:52smeagolwell some say it's better (my ears do not hear the difference though)
21:16:10smeagolperhaps I need to upgrade my hearing...
21:16:20tracktheripperbesides if u encode at 320kbs it drains the battery as the HD has to keep spinning constantly
21:16:53smeagolyup and it eats hd size
21:17:06tracktheripperThe Ipod uses the unreliable Toshiba HD
21:17:18smeagolin all the versions?
21:17:22tracktheripperthats why early Archos players had drive trouble
21:17:25smeagolit's smaller disc
21:17:30 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:17:40tracktheripperEarly Archoses used the Toshiba drive
21:17:44smeagolah ok
21:17:48tracktheripperbut since they changed to the more reliable Hitachi drive
21:18:12smeagolfunny I have a toshiba laptop
21:18:22smeagolwich had a 6 gig drive
21:18:26tracktheripperwell u have been lucky so far :-)
21:18:30smeagolI am looking at it right now
21:18:38smeagolnah i had an upgrade
21:18:42smeagol60 gb now
21:19:43tracktheripperSame reason why some Creative Lab Nomad 3s are playing up
21:20:01smeagolhrm never heard of those beasts
21:20:11smeagolwhat are those? also with adh?
21:20:14tracktheripperwell they also use the dicky Toshiba drive
21:20:19smeagolah ok
21:20:43tracktheripperI had a Creative Labs once
21:20:49tracktheripperthe battery life is sooooooooo poor!
21:21:09smeagolyeah battery life of the archos was one of the big plusses
21:21:15smeagol10 hours straight!
21:21:19smeagolthat is very long
21:21:25tracktherippernon proprietory batterys as well!
21:22:03smeagoldid you disassemble your archos yet?
21:22:18tracktheripperwell only removed the front to remove dust behind the LCD
21:22:22smeagolah ok
21:22:26tracktheripperhavent accessed the hard drive
21:23:03tracktheripperI dont really need a big HD right now
21:23:08tracktheripper10 Gigs suits me ok
21:23:33smeagolhey is it allready possible to play random songs from the directories?
21:23:45tracktheripperno you have to make a playlist to do that
21:23:53smeagol10 gb is enough, I use the rest for backup purposes
21:24:06smeagolthe recorder 20 does USB 2.0
21:24:20tracktheripperyea but USB1 suits me okay
21:24:26tracktheripperim not impatient :-)
21:24:30smeagolheh ok
21:24:48smeagolhey gonna eat sumthin
21:24:54smeagolspeak to you later
21:25:00tracktherippernice chattin :-)
21:25:04smeagolyup :-)
21:25:14tracktherippertake care ;-)
21:25:20smeagolyou 2
21:25:55 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:28:33 Join Gissehel [0] (
22:06:08 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:08:35 Join Galik [0] (
22:08:49GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
22:17:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
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22:43:35 Join y0m [0] (
22:43:36 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:52:48 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
22:56:55GalikI've stopped killing people now!
23:05:33 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
23:11:48 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:16:06tracktheripperhi phantom
23:18:45PhantomDJPmy bed look me with beautifull eyes
23:19:01tracktheripperlol got someone wiv u? :-)
23:19:27 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
23:20:38tracktheripperhy Smeag :-)
23:33:19tracktheripperim bored
23:36:23 Quit MeRWiN ()

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