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#rockbox log for 2003-02-17

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00:20:35Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
00:27:50y0moh no no dont kill ppl )))):
00:28:08y0mtoo many violence right ==> here. <=== )))):
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00:38:33GalikI've stopped killing people now!
00:39:24y0moh great \o/
00:39:29y0mhappy0m \p/
00:40:37Galiksoz. was just a game :)
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01:52:54woundedis there anyone here who can tell me about the "peak meter" functions?
01:53:26woundedis this this the little line that slides around as im recording/playing?
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02:08:18Kunfoochanyone here?
02:09:20KunfoochI have a question if anyone is here..?
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02:11:02green_yes, but I'll probably be no help
02:11:31green_I just installed rockbox on my recorder today. Wow.
02:12:29green_Kunfooch: what's your question?
02:12:36KunfoochWell, I just bought my archos Jukebox 10 today
02:12:59Kunfoochand it's great, except for one thing....the volume is WAY too low
02:13:21green_A common complaint, IRC
02:13:51Kunfoochwhat do you mean, common complain, "IRC"
02:14:04KunfoochI know what IRC is....but what do you mean by that
02:14:09green_I meant "IIRC".
02:14:16green_If I Recall Correctly
02:14:38Kunfoochahhh...I was thinking Internet Relay chat =)
02:14:42green_Are you sure you have the volume on max?
02:14:44Kunfoochis there a way around this?
02:14:59green_I just found I got used to it.
02:15:04Kunfoochyes,'s all the way to the top
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02:15:36green_I guess it's a warning sign that we're all losing our hearing.
02:15:52green_Have you installed rockbox?
02:16:00Kunfoochno....will that help?
02:16:28green_Probably not, but it seems much nicer than the default firmware on my recorder.
02:16:51green_UI is nicer
02:17:07green_playlists and shuffle actually work
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02:17:23green_plus, it has a working _resume_
02:17:28green_which is really cool
02:17:45Kunfoochhmm....I think if I can't get the volume to go higher I will just return it....
02:18:06green_The other thing to check is the volume setting on your headphones :-)
02:18:12KunfoochIt's all the way up
02:18:17green_just checking...
02:18:48Kunfoochto be honest.....If this is as high as the volume goes, this is a piece of crap.....I guess you get what you pay for?
02:19:14green_maybe yours is broken.
02:19:47green_mine goes loud enough to hurt my ears
02:19:54green_your's doesn't?
02:20:00Kunfoochwhat headphones are you using?
02:20:07Kunfoochit certainly doesn't
02:20:13green_random panasonic headphone
02:20:21KunfoochI tried both the headphones that came with them, and some cheap sonys
02:20:47KunfoochI only charged it for about an hour before I first used think that's possibly why? I doubt it
02:21:04Kunfoochno, that can't be it....cause I tried them while they were plugged in too
02:21:21green_Do a full charge before you use it
02:21:35green_You'll probably shorten the battery life-span otherwise
02:21:54green_Just checked again. Mine does go loud.
02:22:04Kunfoochyea.....but this is going back, I can't deal with this's ok for a quiet room...
02:22:16Kunfoochis there a volume limiter or something?
02:22:33green_check this out:
02:23:10Kunfoochhehe I've seen that...not happening
02:24:33Kunfoochwhich model do you have?
02:24:50green_Jukebox Recorder
02:25:14green_I've read that Rockbox gives better "sound". Trying to figure out what they mean by that now...
02:25:20KunfoochI have the studio 10
02:26:20adi|homeKunfooch: whats your question?
02:27:10Kunfoochmy jukebox studio 10 doesn't get loud enough....
02:27:26KunfoochI just got it today, and it's way too low
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02:28:02adi|homeis it rockbox or archos as well?
02:28:17Kunfoochjust Archos
02:28:44adi|homeahh.. then load rockbox and see if you have the same problem :)
02:29:13Kunfoochis Rockbox supposed to fix this?
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02:40:20green_Kunfooch: might as well try it before you return it DID work!!
02:40:56Kunfoochyou guys are awesome, I love you!
02:41:01green_rockbox rox
02:41:27Kunfoochit sure does.....thank you sooo much!! I really didn't want to return it, ipod is so grossly overpriced
02:42:14green_I wonder if Archos will ever dump their firmware for rockbox...
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06:05:39adi|homewe got one hell of a snow storm going here
06:06:19Bagderwhere's that?
06:07:21adi|homenortheastern coast of the states
06:07:34adi|homesnow storm as piled onto about 5 states
06:07:47Bagderso there's chaos now?
06:08:09adi|homenot chaos persay
06:08:23adi|homebut washington dc got hit with ~14 inches of snow
06:08:33adi|homemy area is expectin 4-18
06:08:38adi|homewe are at 5 already :)
06:08:43adi|homeand only been snowing for 3 hours
06:08:49Bagderski time! ;-)
06:09:05adi|homethey are already saying 'don't go out unless you are a snow plower or an emergency worker'
06:09:10adi|homeand im and emergency worker...
06:09:57Bagderin Sweden we have laws about using "winter tyres" on our cars during winter conditions
06:11:10adi|homemeaning that you need to?
06:11:44Bagderwe need to use tyres designed for cold weather, ice and snow during the winters
06:11:59Bagderswitching tyres every spring and autumn
06:12:06adi|homegot ya..
06:12:16adi|homesee.. we don't normally get heavy snows..
06:12:32adi|homelast year we totaled 8 inches over the winter..
06:12:41adi|homewe are at 23 already..
06:12:48adi|homenot counting todays :)
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06:40:12s0beI saw snow once
06:40:28*Bagder smiles
06:41:26adi|homewant me to send you some?
06:42:30s0beactually, I grew up in northern michigan
06:42:33s0beso I saw plenty
06:43:19s0behave since wisened up and moved to southern florida
06:45:03adi|homewant a visitor?
06:45:06adi|homei don't eat much
06:45:10adi|homeill sleep on the floor
06:45:22s0behmmmm. maybe
06:45:27adi|homeunless you have a pretty daughter of legal age.. then i claim her room.
06:45:28s0beprovide beer?
06:45:33s0beI'm 22
06:45:38adi|homeeven better
06:45:44s0beand male
06:45:48adi|homeyou provide a working (clean) toilet...
06:45:55adi|homeand a place to sleep (floor is fine)
06:45:57s0bewhoa, hey now
06:46:00adi|homeand ill provide the beer
06:46:04s0beclean toilet is WAY pushing it
06:46:54adi|homebut i will _not_ provide corona
06:47:10s0behow about sierra nevada pale ale?
06:47:15adi|homeyou want that.. ill just bring a mexican and have him piss in your mouth.. cut out the middle man
06:47:20adi|homehmmm that might be arranged..
06:47:29s0bewhere you from?
06:47:37adi|homebass, harps, yuenling are acceptable as well ;)
06:47:50adi|homeNJ born raised, NY by work ;)
06:47:50s0beahhh, an educated man then I take it?
06:48:01s0beI almost went to princeton
06:48:27adi|homewell.. small state college...
06:48:41adi|homebut educated.. well the paper says so, but i disagree
06:49:16s0beeh, I'll get that paper sooner or later
06:50:07adi|hometake your time.. the economy sucks
06:50:14adi|homeno reason to be out here now
06:50:17s0beI'm going to be a physics prof
06:50:33s0beplenty of demand
06:50:48 Quit smeagol ()
06:51:08adi|homegood luck..
06:51:18adi|homephysics was way to much like math
06:51:22s0beheh, I still got 24 credits left... a lazy 3 semesters
06:51:23adi|homewhich was way to much like greek for me
06:51:29adi|homeand i don't like foreign languages :)
06:51:50s0bephysics is more greek(letters that is) than math
06:52:12adi|homenah.. give me programming.. im happy..
06:52:21adi|homewhich reminds me.. need to finish up the sokoban
06:52:27adi|homemultilevel undo is nearly finished
06:52:40s0beI'm doing some perl hacking
06:52:51*adi|home digs perl
06:53:34s0bewriting a script for gentoo that'll draw a map of every installed package and what it depends on
06:55:06Bagderlots of lines! ;-)
06:56:04s0beyeah... I've got the data generated... now I'm playing with generating the images. I've been thinking it'd be easier to use dhtml and make the user move the stuff around instead.
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08:30:04dwihnoI feel the naked sun, it makes me wanna lose my mind. It takes me to a higher ground, I fetch the gun!
08:30:14dwihnoAnd a good morning to all of you :-)
08:30:19Bagdermorning dwihno
08:32:10 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
08:32:17dwihnoIt's a great morning indeed!
08:32:27dwihnoI heard the birds beeping and tweeting today!
08:32:31dwihnoIt's springtime! :D
08:32:45Bagder-6 C
08:32:50Bagderis not spring time ;-)
08:32:55dwihno+3 here :-)
08:34:34dwihnoI went on a pretty neat bicycle trip last night. Was really neato
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08:56:54Bagdermorning Z
08:57:19 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
08:58:06BagderMcAfee has made a proram where they give me credit in the about box, and now people mail me with feature-requests...
08:58:35BagderZagor: very nice article btw
09:02:07dwihnoBagder: is it good or bad?
09:02:12dwihnoAnd what software?
09:02:18dwihnoUsing libcurl?
09:02:21ZagorBagder: yeah, I am pleased :-)
09:02:39dwihnoWhat article?
09:02:49*dwihno is never told anything anymore :-(
09:02:59Zagordwihno: my apartment swapper was in Dagens Nyheter yesterday
09:04:58dwihnoZagor: it was? congratulations! :-) I guess you might be able to get some kind of sponsorship!
09:05:02*dwihno - the business man
09:06:41Bagderdwihno: yeah, libcurl is involved
09:07:19Zagordwihno: i'm thinking of putting up some ads. there were ~350.000 pages served yesterday...
09:07:38Zagorthank god for mod_gzip :-)
09:10:21dwihnomod_gzip. smart.
09:10:57dwihnodoes it compress everything or just text?
09:11:07dwihnoor is it configurable?
09:12:39dwihnoneato :-D
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12:52:26Bagderbusy day today! ;-)
12:53:18Zagor_it is for me :-)
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13:05:44Bagderwhine whine ;-)
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13:07:52Zagorken0 is doing his best yoyo impression
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13:25:55 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:26:01quelsarukmorning.. or afternoon
13:29:22 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
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13:52:49quelsarukhi langhaarrocker
13:53:33langhaarrockerhas anybody been shocked by those osci pictures of the mas output?
13:54:18Zagorno reactions on the list, but they sure look strange
13:58:29langhaarrockerI don't exaclty have much esperience with da converters but I know that those in my other digital equipment look differently. I suspect that archos omitted some kind of lowpass filter - although I can seen some filters on the schematics.
14:05:19quelsarukwell.. is lunch time
14:05:23quelsarukcu later :)
14:05:30 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:06:16Zagorlanghaarrocker: but you can't hear anything strange?
14:10:18langhaarrockerdepends on the music :)
14:30:13 Part Zagor
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14:43:36dwihnoDid you guys read the post about the powerex batteries+
14:47:39Zagor_horrible web page...
14:47:42 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:47:51dwihnoyes :-)
14:48:12BagderI don't think backporting 1.4 to the FM is worth the effort
14:48:18Zagorme neither
14:48:38Zagorthe daily build is better than 1.4 in every aspect
14:55:25dwihnoYeah, daily build has working scroll ;D
14:56:10 Quit green_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:56:33Zagordwihno: btw, that scroll bug you mention is pretty clearly visible in the simulator. the whole screen is drawn twice when you enter WPS
14:56:55dwihnoZagor: Ah, never seen that since I never tested the simus
14:56:56Bagdertrice even I think
14:57:09ZagorBagder: ok :-)
14:57:17dwihnoBtw, I think it's the new SLEEP patch, but sometimes there is a gap in the beginning of some tracks.
14:57:36Zagordwihno: try to repeat it, then try with and without sleep mode on.
14:57:50dwihnoZagor: Will do. Just gotta get some work done first.
14:57:51Zagorthat's why there's a setting :-)
14:57:57Zagorwork? bah! ;)
15:04:15dwihnoThe workaholic, he works every day. 24 hours, no time to play! ;D
15:07:18 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
15:07:27BagderZagor: maybe we should make the wording on the daily build page a little less alarming for the FM version now
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15:08:49 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
15:08:57BagderI'll add a main news item about FM support as well
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15:57:58Bagderhey mbr
15:58:48mbrI just saw a conflict on
15:59:25mbra cvs conflict I mean
15:59:45BagderZagor: you been editing the wrong file? ;-)
16:00:31mbrAnd when you are on that, the font setting is missing in the doc
16:00:52Zagornot if you take the latest cvs :-)
16:01:55Zagoroh, yes. font is missing
16:03:38mbrZagor: Can you please kick my patch 645763?
16:04:00Zagorkick? as in delete?
16:04:30mbrI like the changes uwe did more than mine ..
16:06:11Zagorsemop() is a hostile function...
16:16:42*Bagder closed 645763 now
16:16:53Zagorah, good
16:16:59Zagorgotta go. see you!
16:17:00 Part Zagor
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17:16:24Bagdertime to go home
17:16:27 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
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18:39:19 Part fraik
18:42:17 Join bombadier337 [0] (
18:44:01mbrhi bombadier337
18:44:19bombadier337can sum1 help me out
18:44:40bombadier337my friend bought the recorder 20 from some guy on the sreet in new york
18:44:49bombadier337he has only the recorder
18:45:11bombadier337and hes sellin it 2 me for like 25 bucks, and it works because ive tested it
18:45:29bombadier337but what else do i need to buy to be able to get it up and transferring files
18:45:47bombadier337and can i use alkaline batteries in it so i dont have to buy a charger immediately
18:46:36mbrFor transfering file you need a simple usb cable
18:46:42mbrNothing special
18:46:47bombadier337and is there a way to format the hd in the player
18:46:59bombadier337yeh, i found 1, the a/a m/m r hard to find tho
18:47:00 Join kargatron [0] (
18:47:20mbrWhen you connect it to the pc it acts like a normal disk.
18:47:31mbrjust partition and format it
18:47:44bombadier337what type, fat32, ntfs?
18:47:49mbrAnd about the batteries I'm not sure.
18:48:04bombadier337and do i need to load nething onto the disk
18:48:09mbron a primary
18:48:10bombadier337like codecs or sumthin
18:48:33mbrno codecs, but rockbox :)
18:48:53bombadier337is rockbox better than the default archos firmware?
18:49:18bombadier337im a big fan of open source, so i was plannin on it neway
18:49:19mbrbut try yourself.
18:49:36bombadier337did u help make it?
18:49:45mbrI bought mine because of rockbox
18:49:57mbronly some minor contributions
18:50:09bombadier337what language is it programmed in
18:50:32mbrIt's written in C
18:51:17bombadier337how precisely matching does the charger need to be
18:51:21bombadier337like voltage wise
18:51:25bombadier337and amp wise
18:51:34mbrhmm, dunno
18:51:40bombadier337cuz i read u could use up to a 12v charger
18:52:04mbryou mean the 12V car adapter?
18:52:28 Part kargatron
18:52:51bombadier337its on the rockbox site
18:53:12bombadier337they have a list of voltages and amperages u acan use for a replacement charger
18:53:24bombadier337jeez rockbox is small
19:00:46bombadier337whats the root directory
19:00:49bombadier337the f:/
19:00:56bombadier337or F:?.rockbox ?
19:01:16mbrwhat u mean? where to put the ajbrec.ajz
19:01:35mbrthis mut go to f:/ in your case.
19:01:55mbrand you should create F:/.rockbox
19:01:58bombadier337where do music files go?
19:02:09bombadier337whats goes in F:/.rockbox
19:02:17mbrsimply copy it to f:/
19:02:35mbrin whatever subdirs you like
19:02:51bombadier337i used my friends jukebox
19:02:59bombadier337and it was like comedy, rock, pop
19:03:03bombadier337then u picked an artist
19:03:05bombadier337then song
19:03:17bombadier337is that subdirectories? or reading the 1d3 tags
19:04:00mbron mine I have /genre/artist_-_album/ and there the songs
19:04:28bombadier337o ok
19:05:28bombadier337well thanx a lot
19:05:33bombadier337r u on the east cost?
19:05:53mbrno, atm i'm in israel :)
19:05:56 Join edx [0] (
19:06:17mbrnormaly in germany
19:06:19bombadier337well u should see the snow here
19:06:26bombadier337germanys kool
19:06:34bombadier337i took 2 years of german
19:07:06bombadier337id like to go over there sumtime
19:07:19mbrI live in germany, atm on bussiness trip
19:07:27bombadier337thats kool
19:08:19 Quit bombadier337 ()
19:31:19 Join bombadier337 [0] (
19:47:59 Quit bombadier337 ()
19:49:45 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:49:56tracktheripperGood evening :)
19:52:55tracktheripper<−−−−−−−− is the only person that does NOT have an FM recorder :-(
20:24:17 Join Galik [0] (
20:24:39 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
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20:35:17 Join Mine78 [0] (
20:35:41Mine78Guys i had a big bug to report fo the latest build
20:36:00Mine78when I play songs nothing appear on the screen except for volume and all the 1st line icons
20:36:06Mine78only me ?
20:49:23 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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21:08:17Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
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21:40:02GalikI've stopped killing people now!
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23:18:48BoD[]M.P. OReilly rulez !!!!!!
23:19:02BoD[]plus I like his books ;))
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