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#rockbox log for 2003-02-18

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00:22:20adi|homeheheh 20+ inches of snow in the tri-state area.. i love it
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00:40:21Zagoryo, bagder
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00:45:04adi|homeway to much god damn snow
00:45:07*adi|home sighs
00:45:57Zagorsnow is good
00:47:04adi|homenot 20+ inches in less then 12 hours
00:47:13adi|homefor an area not used to more then 1 inche in 2-3 hours
00:47:38adi|homenj has declared a state of emergency :)
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01:00:08LinusNso what do we think about the UI for queue?
01:00:32LinusNi agree that it shouldn't be mixed with ranema ena delete
01:00:38LinusNrename and delete
01:00:47Bagderme too
01:01:34LinusNand i also agree that two-button combos aren't very handy, since you often want to control the device with one hand
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01:01:44BagderI think the scroll-bar thing in the F3 screen is useless as a quickscreen
01:01:55LinusNi agree
01:02:30BagderI bet no one ever uses that
01:02:58LinusNit became an option since people didn't agree about the existence of the scrollbar
01:03:07LinusNi always use it
01:03:11Bagderme too
01:03:14Bagderthe option isn't bad
01:03:22Bagderbut having it on a quick screen isn't necessary
01:03:24LinusNbut not as a QS
01:04:33Bagderwe might even question the statusbar one, but that is slightly more reasonable
01:05:06LinusNi think we can do alot to ease up the ui
01:05:34LinusNthe f-keys can be more dynamic if we have a f-key status bar
01:06:05Bagderthey could be dynamic anyway, just harder to learn ;-)
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01:11:30MicroChipquiet in here
01:13:14*Bagder is tired
01:13:39*Zagor is scratching his head over esoteric database performance problems
01:14:07MicroChipmy brother gave me an archos jb 6000 friday, complaining of hd errors and bad battery life. so I put a toshiba 40 gig drive, 1800mah batteries and rockbox on it. sucka...
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01:15:05MicroChipsounds pretty good. could use more bass. I also have a nexII with 1 gig microdrive, and my clie' plays mp3's but only has a 128mb memory stick.
01:15:25BagderMicroChip: the recorder sounds better
01:15:34MicroChipyeah but this was free
01:15:44MicroChipexcept for the toshiba drive...
01:16:41MicroChipmy wife has an ipod. that's the best mp3 player but spendy, and I hate to give apple any $
01:17:03MicroChipmost elegant
01:17:11Zagorthe iPod doesn't support afrikaans ;)
01:18:08Zagoractually our cyrillic support is pretty cool. not many consumer devices handle that. nor hebrew...
01:18:48MicroChipall good features :cP
01:18:55Bagderthis reminds me
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01:20:52*Bagder adds the polish file
01:22:35Bagder16 languages now
01:24:40Bagdersleep needed
01:24:43Bagdersee ya
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01:31:38devZer0hi there. are you fine ? greetings to the rockboxx posse :)
01:33:40devZer0very little time at the moment - i`m happy if i can follow 1/3 of the daily mailing-list traffic :)
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01:37:08devZer0mhhh. not very active irc channel :)
01:39:30LinusNdevZer0: it's 1:40am where i live
01:39:46devZer0really ? ;)
01:39:55devZer0it`s 1:40 where i live, too :)
01:40:30devZer0i`m just wondering of so many people being permanently logged in on this channel.
01:41:11LinusNthey lurk
01:41:27devZer0or sleep :)
01:41:35devZer0or whatever.
01:41:37LinusNmaybe they don't know that they can read the logs on the website instead of keeping their own
01:41:45devZer0hihi :)
01:42:02devZer0but if they have flatrate or such anyway - who cares.....
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01:42:39devZer0may some bad irc worm/virus hit them. they won´t even recognize :)
01:43:30devZer0phew - i`m getting more and more paranoid regarding internet
01:44:19devZer0linus, I`d like to hear your opinion, if it would be worth the money to buy full version of jirc applet
01:45:44LinusNi don't know
01:46:01devZer0i have made some evaluation regarding usage
01:48:05devZer0downloads have been ~200 from my website, resulting in at least ~150 successful logins. that is a percentage of ~7% of all logins. not very much - but regarding the inconspicuous link on the rockbox site, I think it is not a bad rate
01:49:02devZer0btw: rockbox win32 sdk has reached ~200 complete downloads
01:49:47devZer0this is some greater success. unfortunately this gives no information about, how many people actually using it
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02:06:22devZer0hmmm - getting tired. will go sleeping, too.
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02:28:59Zagorbed time
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02:30:32adi|homelinus you still around?
02:31:59adi|homefeel like holding my hand a min :)
02:32:09adi|homeeach time i plug my archos into my machine..
02:32:12adi|homeit locks
02:32:17adi|homento sure where to start
02:33:08LinusNdoes the player work standalone?
02:34:21adi|homeoh.. yeah.. no prob with the recorder
02:34:31adi|homeand i can hook it up to my machine at work no prob
02:34:34adi|homesame kernel
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02:36:12LinusNplayer or recorder?
02:36:36LinusNis usb-storage a module?
02:36:46adi|homei don't have any modules
02:36:52*adi|home blushes
02:37:08adi|homelsmod shows nothing
02:37:56LinusNok, recompile the kernel with usb-storage and usb-uhci/usb-ohci as modules
02:38:28LinusNfirst, try to boot with the recorder inserted and on
02:38:52adi|homeim fine until i umount...
02:39:37LinusNso it hangs when you umount?
02:39:56adi|homewell. now it hangs when i plug in the usb
02:40:19adi|homei show 2 uchi drivers
02:40:26adi|homeuhci rather
02:40:39LinusNyou should try usb-uhci
02:40:46adi|homeone is JE and the other is Intel PIIX4?
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02:48:03CW-EGM92anyone here?
02:49:57CW-EGM92Well my question is totally off topic off of rockbox...
02:50:03CW-EGM92do you own a Pocket PC?
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02:52:39CW-EGM92dang, have you ever owned one or a palm piolet?
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03:46:44LinusNnite all
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09:00:58Bagderdebug version on the FM doesn't build
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09:15:03Zagorchrist! 450.000 pages served yesterday...
09:15:33dwihnoZagor: You'll make dough if you get some ads! :)
09:15:46Zagoryeah, actually I plan to
09:25:34adi|home450k pages servers of which pages?
09:25:42adi|homerockbox or your buisness site?
09:27:12dwihnoZagor: I can be your manager ;D
09:29:15Zagoradi|home: a hobby site of mine
09:44:36adi|homewtf were you offering?
09:48:11Zagori'm running a web site for swapping apartments. it was featured with a half-page in the biggest national magazine this sunday...
09:51:03Bagderfm rec debug build fails
09:51:12Bagdersection .iram is not within region IRAM
09:51:32Bagderit'll appear in the table soon
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10:06:51bobTHChi all!
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11:07:09bobTHCwhat the nice shot made by Mat OReilly?
11:21:51BagderbobTHC: he donated a FM rec to Linus
11:30:07adi|homeconfirm im not nuts
11:30:11adi|homethat in an email address...
11:30:26adi|homethe username/server does is not case specific?
11:30:37Bagderthe left-part CAN be case specific
11:30:45adi|homeahh.. okay..
11:31:16Bagderthe standards say it shouldn't though
11:34:15bobTHClinus can make complete schematics of the FM pcb.. great news!!!! thx Mr Oreilly
11:43:51mbrhi there
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11:47:21mbrA question about CUSTOM_CFG_FORMAT
11:47:34mbrThe options for font, lang, wps should be without path and extension. At least according to the code in settings.c
11:48:00Bagderthat doesn't sound very good
11:49:07mbrand they must be in .rockbox
11:49:35Bagderthat sounds like the config sector loading and the .cfg loading is a bit mixed up
11:50:14mbrcfg loading just calls set_file(value, global_settings.lang_file, MAX_FILENAME);
11:50:37*Bagder expanded the compile status table just now
11:51:11Bagderwe should fix that
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12:33:40Zagor_mbr: i fixed that yesterday
12:33:52Zagor_they now *must* have full path
12:34:10Zagor_look what set_file does
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12:35:02mbrZagor: Ah, ok. for wps and lang. but font is still a strncpy
12:35:16Zagorah, ok I missed that
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13:32:21Bagderok, the compile status table works now for the fm stuff
13:32:37Bagderred build for fm debug
13:33:20 Part kargatron
13:37:29quelsarukBagder: you love red builds :)
13:49:26quelsarukbtw, you can breathe again in sweden. My trip has been delayed... so i can't corrupt your life style.... but i will do it!! ;)
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15:19:24elinenbemorning all...
15:21:02 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:56:50elinenbeboring day in the world of rockbox!
16:23:08Bagderhey, I added the fm build to the compile table today!
16:24:34elinenbeBagder: nice.
16:25:58elinenbewhat timezone are the times in the table there?
16:28:22 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
16:29:04Zagorhow do I change stack frame in gdb?
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16:44:42Bagderframe [num]
16:47:10*Bagder runs away
16:47:14 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:57:09 Part Zagor
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18:02:07bobTHCbye all and thanx for ure donation matthew!!!
18:02:55 Quit bobTHC ("Trillian (")
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18:16:34batata_doceHi, I'm Joaquim from Portugal
18:16:54batata_doceAnyone tried the alternative UI Rockbox I posted on the list?
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19:09:47ken0_where you from?
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19:41:23batata_doceI'm from Portugal
19:41:56GalikI'm from outa space
19:42:01Galikergewws geebar
19:47:23batata_doceHave you tested the experimental new UI?
19:49:42 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
19:54:21quelsarukbatata_doce: are u joaquim?
19:54:57quelsarukpleased to meet you
19:55:04quelsaruki've not tested it yet
19:55:30quelsarukbut i want to see what are those ui changes :)
19:56:26batata_doceI bought the archos because I wanted an MP3 player, I got an hobby instead
19:56:44quelsarukmost of us :)
19:56:51batata_docesince I compiled gcc I can not stop hacking rockbox
19:58:03quelsarukbatata_doce: for what is that buttons' mod?
19:58:35batata_doceso that I can use the jukebox without looking at it
19:59:00batata_doceGlobal keys take you to the Browser, WPS, Sound Setup and the Menu
19:59:04quelsaruki mean the last mail
19:59:09quelsaruknot the ui changes
20:01:13batata_doceWhen I pressed UP many times I got Left or Right
20:01:37batata_doceThe 4 ways button is not very well done
20:02:27batata_doceI wanted to make a mould and make one in silicone so it can bend
20:02:45batata_doceor cut the original one so the keys can go down independently
20:04:05batata_doceMoving it a bit further from the PCB makes it OK, not perfect but OK
20:15:52quelsarukthat sounds great
20:16:07quelsarukI'd like to make silicone buttons
20:16:28quelsarukthat las was not here
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21:09:07elinenbehello there.
21:09:38elinenbeadi|home: always being a hard ass
21:12:17quelsarukhi elinenbe
21:17:30 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:35:06quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:35:09 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:35:47 Quit batata_doce ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
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22:26:38 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
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22:35:12bombadier337has ne1 ever used another ac adapter on an archos than the 1 provided?
22:35:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:47:27xambombadier actually three different ones
22:47:42xamthe one provided sucks
22:48:36xamchoose one with 10V (max, but not recommended 12V if you can get 10V). Get one with 500mA at least, the more the better
22:49:39xamI have a regulated multi-voltage (3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12) power adapter, with max. 1250mAh @ 12V
22:50:51xam10V is the best compromise between charging efficency and not getting to the limit of what archos can sustain
22:51:04 Join Guest [0] (
22:52:03xamhope that helps
22:52:14 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
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22:58:10tracktheripperHi Galikk
23:04:06 Quit probonic ()
23:04:08 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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23:16:47 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:33:46 Join bombadier337 [0] (
23:34:06bombadier337hey, sorry to everyone who responded, i was disconnected but it didnt tell me
23:34:11bombadier337i checked the logs tho
23:35:22bombadier337like, what size plug does it use?
23:35:42bombadier337cuz im buying it from my friend, and i wanna have the charger b4 i buy it
23:40:16bombadier337am i still here?
23:40:27bombadier337ok, sry, didnt want 2 get kicked again
23:43:28adi|homedunno.. sorry
23:45:22 Quit bombadier337 ()

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