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#rockbox log for 2003-02-19

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00:59:04*BoD[] dodo !
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02:05:41Kunfoochanyone home?
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08:28:01adi|homeI'm going to have to kill someone.. my usb is pissing me off so much
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08:28:51adi|homeI'm going to have to kill someone.. my usb is pissing me off so much
08:28:57adi|homejust for bagder's sacke
08:29:00adi|homesake even
08:29:23*Bagder does not volounteer as victim
08:29:59adi|homenah.. not volunteering yea...
08:30:36adi|homejust tired of _everytime_ i use my usb my machine locks..
08:30:38adi|homeits getting old
08:30:48Bagdersounds really annoying, yes
08:31:05adi|homewhy would it be annoying?
08:31:13adi|homeive only rebooted my box 9 times in the last hour
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08:37:14wunsoonganybody know if the 15gb recorder are the same as the 20gb other than the less storage?
08:38:09BagderI don't know
08:38:16BagderI *think* so, but I'm not sure
08:38:31dwihnoI need some guidance :)
08:38:33dwihnoif ( (str[i] == '\r') || (str[i] == '\n')) str[i] = 0;
08:38:45wunsoongso, the archos jukebox is pretty good, yea?
08:38:58Bagderwunsoong: yes, with rockbox it... eh, rocks! ;-)
08:39:03dwihnoI'd like to keep it in a while (*str++) blahblah format...
08:39:13wunsoongcan the battery be replaced?
08:39:28Bagderwunsoong: yes, they're normal AA ones
08:39:42wunsoongoh.. nice
08:39:57wunsoongbattery life really ~10 hours?
08:39:59Bagderdwihno: so that's the problem?
08:40:15dwihnoBagder: I don't like looping through vars using strlen
08:40:35adi|homedwihno: what are you trying to do?
08:40:37Bagderwunsoong: yes, and you can get somewhat more by buying batteries with more mAh
08:40:49dwihnoadi|home: just remove trailing newline chars
08:41:08wunsoongnice nice
08:41:19adi|homeis it a null terminated line?
08:41:24wunsoonggood thing i didnt get an ipod
08:41:33wunsoongoverpriced as hell...
08:41:46adi|homeits only trailing right?
08:41:51Bagderwunsoong: the archos is also very nice since it appears as a regular hard drive on the USB, no need for any special software etc
08:41:52dwihnoadi|home: oui
08:41:58adi|homeso if i have "this is \r\na test line\r\n"
08:42:08adi|homethen the last \r\n is the only one replaced right?
08:42:21*dwihno agrees to Bagder, it's pretty neato! I used it with a regular 1.1 USB interface until I finally got USB2. It rocks the box!
08:42:27wunsoonghmmm... so anything not so good about the archos jukebox?
08:42:42adi|homeyeah.. the archos firmware ;)
08:42:47Bagderwunsoong: its bigger and heavier than the ipod
08:43:05Bagderless ram
08:43:24adi|homemore buttons
08:43:28wunsoongless ram? how does that affect performance?
08:43:31dwihnoadi|home: well, I only process a line at a time, so it does not really matter if the first newline stuff is being replaced.
08:43:43adi|homewell.. it does...
08:44:08adi|homeif you are only going to replace the last instance in a string, then you need to look for the null terminator then search backwards
08:44:13Bagderwunsoong: it needs to spin up the disk and load data more often
08:44:33Bagderthen again, I hear ipod really sucks at that anyway
08:44:34adi|homeif you are going to replace every instance, then you need to search for each \r\n and replace it with a null, and keep track of the substrings
08:44:53adi|homethat make sense?
08:45:01dwihnoadi|home: yes
08:45:47adi|homeand you'll want to do: if( (str[i] == '\r') && (str[i+1] == '\n')) blah
08:46:02adi|homeif you want carriage return line feed
08:46:23adi|homeyou need to decide what you want to do with the line before you decide how to do it
08:46:40adi|homecheck out the playlist reading code
08:47:31adi|homeanyone remember the cables url for low priced AA cables?
08:48:43wunsoongwell, thanks for the help guys
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08:49:51adi|homedwihno: that help?
08:50:28dwihnoerhm, not really :)
08:51:48adi|homeheheh okay...
08:51:56adi|homewhat are you trying to do?
08:52:07dwihnoI'll try to explain better, just gonna try again ;)
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09:27:30Bagdermorning matsl
09:28:09matslBagder: @ office?
09:28:44matslno new home today?
09:28:58Bagdercheck linux3:9096
09:29:07matslok ;-)
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09:33:29adi|homethe bool for that.. what does it set?
09:33:35adi|homei mean.. what does it mean?
09:34:02Bagderbool block
09:34:11 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:34:19Bagderweather to return immediately or not if nothing is pressed
09:34:27adi|homegot ya
09:34:49*Bagder downloads 14 different java installations
09:34:55Bagderdarn sun
09:35:00adi|homethen i don't think the sim is blocking correctly.. not sure though
09:35:40Bagderjust watch out for key release events
09:36:17Bagderkey releases from a previous press sometimes play tricks
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10:51:41b0bTHChi all!
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11:06:22quelsarukthe more i sleep, the more tired i am :)
11:07:00quelsaruki needed this week of "holidays" :)
11:18:11quelsarukit's time to check if my little patch works or not... :)
11:45:54quelsarukno.. it doesn't :)
11:49:27quelsarukBagder: i have a small problem
11:49:36quelsarukwith espanol.lang
11:50:17quelsaruki've done uplang, checked all strings.. everything is ok
11:50:38quelsaruki use binlang and create de espanol.lng
11:51:21quelsarukbut for example in the dir filter option... it is like if i use the next string
11:52:00quelsaruki mena, if the string is "show files" and next string in english.lang is "music"
11:52:13quelsarukinstead of "show files" i see "music"
11:52:58quelsaruki don't know if i have explained myself correctly or not :(
11:53:06quelsaruki'm normally like a closed book
11:54:11Bagdersounds like a bug somewhere
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11:55:50lobhello. i looked in logs , but didn't find exact answer - is it possible to delete file directly from rockbox ?
11:56:17lobusing original Archos firmware ?
11:56:56lobcan you plz explain how ?
11:57:13Bagderon+play on the recorder
11:57:24Bagderuh, only in recent daily builds, not in 1.4
11:57:45quelsarukBagder: that is what i thought
11:58:07lobhow recent , what happened to this feature in latest builds ?
11:58:26BagderI don't know how recent
11:58:32Bagdernothing happened with it afaik
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12:01:23quelsarukBagder: 3 weeks
12:01:50quelsarukmore or less... or even more.. let's say since 12 January
12:02:02Bagderwhat is 3 weeks?
12:02:12quelsarukthe delete option
12:02:33quelsaruki jumped from one thing to another
12:02:54dwihnoquelsaruk: Did you get your 2.5" case yet? :)
12:03:19quelsaruki'm still waiting
12:03:27Mine78Where are the Feature request or bug report pages ?
12:03:30quelsaruktransports are slow here
12:03:36Mine78I mean the pages are up but no reports in them :(
12:03:37lobregarding delete option. i'm holding right now recorder 20GB ( no fm ) in my hands. I have 14GB of music and i want to hear to song and delete what i don't want
12:04:00lobi still don't understand what firmware should i use to be able to do it
12:04:12Bagderget a daily build
12:04:12quelsarukyou can use rockbox or archos
12:04:23quelsarukboth of them can delete files
12:04:59dwihnoquelsaruk: somebody "up there" seems to dislike me, I have been waiting for a week (and according to their web site, they are supposed to be able to ship the goods in 2 days)!
12:05:30Mine78I waited 4 weeks ! My packeage went to India insted of Italy !
12:05:32quelsarukaarggg.. if inly i had bet with you :)
12:06:17BagderMine78: heheh!
12:06:41Mine78Fedex typing errore...
12:07:32quelsarukdwihno: i have it!!!!!!!!!
12:07:34xamMine78 well, you have to agree "Italy" and "India" sound VERY similar, don't they?
12:08:13dwihnoquelsaruk: which what? :)
12:08:17quelsarukthe case
12:08:19quelsarukjust now
12:08:21dwihnono way
12:08:23dwihnoyou're kidding me
12:08:24quelsarukit has arrived
12:08:31dwihnoyou're living in an u-land for crying out loud ;)
12:08:35quelsaruki swear
12:09:15dwihnoGone for lunch, back in a flash or two
12:09:19quelsaruki have it in my hands! i feel the power within it :)
12:09:19dwihnocongrats btw :)
12:10:05Mine78What is the "1 touch recording" button combiantion ?
12:11:03lobthanks to Mine78 - now i can delete files :)
12:11:30lobWhen supposed to be next official rockbox release for recorder ?
12:11:32Mine78India is VERY DIFFERENT form Italy...
12:11:47Bagderlob: "soon"
12:12:30xamMine78 well, both are eastern from where I'm living ;)
12:13:53quelsarukbut "italianas" are more beautiful than indian women ;)
12:13:56xamMike78 Both start with "I" and have the letter 'a' in common
12:14:11Mine78xam: oooohhhh didn't noticed it :)
12:14:18Mine78xam: oooohhhh didn't noticed that :)
12:14:20xamquelsaruk that's your opinion
12:14:29Mine78Italiang girls are beautiful
12:15:10xamindian woman grow fat when they are getting old ... that's the major difference ;)
12:15:38Mine78Italian girls make good sex ^_^
12:17:09xamI suppose that's not true for ALL italian women, and I think there are also indian girls that do good sex
12:17:17xamjust think about karma sutra
12:17:47Mine78Go to India and try to ask for it ... you will be surprised :)
12:18:10lobgeneral question regarding battery life-time. It seems that my batteries hold only 6-7 hours. And another thing : Let's say battery shows 85%. I turn recorder off and when i turn it back on (after few hours) i see 70%. What can be wrong
12:18:23quelsarukBagder: I've built a new ajbrec.ajz using cvs, downloaded english.lng from the website, roloed the new firmware, instaled the new language file... and get the same kind of bug
12:18:51 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
12:22:19Bagderbatteries are magic
12:22:57lobthanks guys , i'll go RTFM , c ya !
12:24:10 Quit lob ()
12:24:47quelsarukBagder: did you read my last phrase?
12:25:33quelsarukcould you test it, just to see that it's not one of my new demons ?
12:25:51Bagdernot right now, I'm busy
12:26:01quelsarukdon't worry :)
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12:29:16henrysuns2.0 is really coming??
12:29:58henrysuns(i was pleased to see my ui proposal got some coverage in the mailinglist without my pressuring it)
12:30:39henrysunssorry i sorta fell off the side of the universe
12:30:47Zagori brought it up, just to show there are many ways and opinions how to improve the UI
12:31:26henrysunsi would contribute to the thread but it seems unneccersary.
12:31:44henrysunsattacking the ui'd be a good post 2.0 thing to worry about
12:31:51*Bagder agrees
12:32:10quelsarukzagor... i finished my quick menu screens patch.... i just have to test it.. and be your worst nightmare :)
12:32:52henrysunswell. it's 3.30am, so i'm off to bed... i'll try to drop by once 2.0 gets rolled out and be a constructive nuisance on the UI front :-)
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12:35:49henrysunsif only i had a 300gb jukebox, i wouldnt have to decide what to put on it
12:41:40 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:47:15b0bTHCu can already use a 60gigs HD..... 1/5 ure collection....
12:47:23b0bTHCnot bad
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13:30:57 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
13:58:23quelsarukZagor: have u tested cvs build?
13:58:41quelsaruki think i'm getting a new version of my lovely demons....
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14:00:02Zagori haven't tested in a while
14:01:45quelsaruki made a patch and got a nasty bug with language strings, so i downloaded rockbox again, compiled the firmware without changing anything
14:02:09Zagorrename the lang file so it doesn't load it
14:02:41quelsarukdownloaded the english.lng file from the website, charged it in rockbox
14:02:48quelsarukand i get the same nasty bug
14:03:49quelsaruki mean... i made changes in the first firmware i tested today, but not in the languages files. I compiled a new firmware, and got the latest compiled english.lng version
14:04:44quelsarukand get the same error.. so i think it's not something i made wrong.. because i've installed the "oficial" firmware with the official language file
14:05:21quelsarukhave i explained myself more or less correctly?
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14:23:55 Part kargatron
14:24:53quelsarukafternoon elinenbe
14:25:04elinenbeZagor: maybe you can answer this
14:25:14quelsaruktime to go home for lunch!
14:25:36 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:25:44elinenbeYou know how the recorder has a line out and a digital out on the top −− it is feasibly possilbe to send the line out data to both?
14:26:15Zagori don't know
14:26:30elinenbeI would like to plug both my headphones in to the recorder and my grilfriends at the same time without bringing extra "stuff" (headphone splitter, etc.)
14:27:06elinenbelook here −− A-A USB Cables $.95
14:27:51Zagordo you have headphones that can use spdif?
14:28:28elinenbeNo −− I just have normal headphones
14:29:01Zagorthen you still need the splitter. the rec only has headphone out and digital out. no analog line out.
14:29:51Zagoroh. now I actually read your question... the answer is no.
14:29:58elinenbeI was just wondering if the digital could be made a headphone out through software?
14:30:25elinenbesome of my audio hardware has adjustable ports depending on the software settings.
14:32:08Zagorok. afaik the MAS cannot switch output like that.
14:34:00elinenbeZagor: okay
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15:23:56BagderZagor: you have any outstanding issues with the bookmark patch you recall?
15:25:34PsycoXulisn't it recorder-only?
15:25:56Bagderright, the interface needs to be fixed
15:29:39Zagori haven't looked at his latest iteration
15:29:54BagderI'm doing that now
15:32:00Zagori'd like to look at it before it's merged
15:35:23Bagderit doesn't apply cleanly, it is crlf at places, it is too wide at places
15:35:38Bagderit doesn't even compile on a player
15:41:13Zagori had some coneptual issues with it too. can't remember what they were right now.
15:42:34Bagderok, now it at least builds on both rec and player
15:42:47BagderI'll check it out closer later
15:42:50Bagdergotta run
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16:01:38Phoe-chandoes anyone have the time to evangelise archos to me? I'm howevering on the spur of buying but have been reading a lot of bad reviews and wanted to talk to someone who knows the workings of the beast.
16:02:22Zagorarchos is not a product, it's a company. they sell half a dozen different mp3 players
16:02:25tracktheripperi have a Jukebox Recorder 10 and it has NEVER gone wrong
16:02:45tracktheripperand every day its been going through solid use non-stop for 6 months now :-)
16:02:47Phoe-chansorry, I was aware of the different class distinctions, but the complaints seem to span all the product lines
16:03:02tracktheripperwell I swear by Archos, ive had no trouble with them
16:03:24Phoe-chanthe main two being "1.5 - 2hr battery life" and "randomly stops mid playback".
16:03:56tracktheripperwell i get 10hours out of mine and NEVER stops during midplayback
16:04:20Phoe-chanthanks track, that ties up with what the other half of the reviews say.
16:04:43tracktherippermost of the bad reviews come from those who are unable to RTFM!
16:04:59Phoe-chanits just the first time I've run into this phenomenon. A completely polar review space. No half way houses, just "Its great, does everything" or "its crap, doesn't work"
16:05:03Zagori can't say there's another device out there that offers what the rec20 has
16:05:11 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:06:01tracktheripperthere is another device Zagor, the Archos Multimedia :-)
16:06:28Zagortracktheripper: no. the MM has 4-6 hour battery life and usb1.1
16:06:45Zagorand it doesn't have rockbox :-)
16:06:48Phoe-chanyes, It seems good for what I need to (mainly portable storage with a bit of music), is the FM vastly different from the rec20? from the point of view of a consumer rather than your views on deving?
16:06:51tracktheripperwell u can buy a USB2 kit for the MM :-)
16:06:58tracktheripperand the batt life is 8 hours :-)
16:06:59Phoe-chanYeah, I dropped the MM because its trying too hard.
16:07:17Phoe-chanBut the FM is about as cheap as the rec20 in shops now, so I am leaning towards it
16:07:21Zagortracktheripper: is it really? tell that to the MM owners...
16:07:29tracktheripperwell Zagor im sure wiv ur intellengence u can write a firmware for the MM
16:07:41ZagorPhoe-chan: i'd recommend the old rec20. those replacable batteries are good.
16:07:47tracktheripperwell according to Archos the batt life for the MM is 8 hours
16:08:08Zagoraccording to actual MM owners, it's not.
16:08:57Phoe-chanthanks Zagor, BTW: does the "now works on FM" in the bulletin mean it runs without falling over, or that it has the full feature set (equiv to the rec20) working?
16:09:32tracktheripperZagor does the battery life for the Recorders improve if you use 2000Mah batteries?
16:10:00ZagorPhoe-chan: it works, but not 100%
16:10:04tracktheripperI cant get hold of 2000Mah batts in the UK
16:10:11tracktheripperonly 1500 ones
16:10:21ZagorPhoe-chan: but that's just a matter of time
16:10:50tracktheripperI laughed my head off when someone submitted a request "Please make the normal Recorder record and play FM"
16:10:50quelsaruktracktheripper: i can get 1800 in Spain, and we are really slow in all this kind of stuff, so you can for sure get 1800 or higher in UK
16:10:57*dwihno still runs on the stock batteries.
16:11:03dwihnoquelsaruk: how well is the evil case? :)
16:11:33quelsarukdwihno: me too, i got 1 extra set of batteries from archos (mine is a reaaally old recorder)
16:11:35 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:11:49quelsarukdwihno: i miss the 4 blue corners
16:12:23dwihnohehe :-)
16:12:26dwihnodid it work nicely?
16:12:31dwihnoYou got yours before me :(
16:12:43dwihnoSweden is a goddamn U-land sometimse
16:12:44quelsarukdidn't try it yet
16:12:59dwihnoOr perhaps is just slow when it comes to delivering
16:13:26quelsaruki'm waiting your case.. so we can try them at the same time ;)
16:14:09quelsarukjust kidding, i'll try it in 2 hours
16:16:40dwihno2 day delivery.. it has been *count* 5 business days :/
16:17:09Phoe-chanGah, my other friend pulled out of geting one. No large volume discount >_<
16:17:49quelsarukdwihno: sorry :(
16:18:09dwihnoquelsaruk: Me too! :( *sigh*
16:24:43quelsarukcvs [diff aborted]: recv() from server EOF
16:25:18quelsarukthis is not normal... anyone knows why do i get this message ?
16:31:29quelsarukok.. now it works
16:32:09quelsarukanyone wants one or more caotic demons?? i sell or lend them :(
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17:12:00 Part Zagor
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17:18:40*matsl is away: I'm busy
17:18:57 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
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19:24:02 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:24:07quelsarukhi again
19:28:53 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
19:36:22Galik[C]W[L][GiRL is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
19:40:49 Nick edx is now known as edx`afk (
20:04:10GalikI've stopped killing people now!
20:04:25 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
20:11:05 Join Galik [0] (
20:19:47 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:21:09 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
20:24:19 Join Snorlax [0] (
20:30:10 Join smeagol [0] (
20:35:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:04:32 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:18:24 Join Zagor [0] (
21:18:30 Join Galik_ [0] (
21:18:56 Quit Zagor (Client Quit)
21:19:06 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:19:07 Part Galik_
21:19:19tracktheripperhi rooooooooom
21:21:25tracktheripperhi Smeagol
21:21:30tracktheripperhow are ya?
21:21:34smeagolfine thnx
21:21:39tracktherippercool :-)
21:22:06tracktheripperim well. Me and Zagor were having a debate about the Archos Multimedia :-)
21:22:15smeagolheh ok
21:22:38smeagollike in wanna have it or not :-)
21:22:41tracktheripperwell he said the most advanced Archos is the JBRec20 but I said, "Wrong, its the Multimedia" :-)
21:22:52smeagolwell ...
21:23:11tracktheripperand he said, but the battery life is only 4 hours and has USB 1.1
21:23:23smeagolI agree with him
21:23:27tracktheripperand I said yea but you can buy a USB2 kit and the battery life is 8 hours!]
21:23:35smeagoland the display is to small
21:23:45tracktheripperbut the display is full colour!
21:23:47smeagolhrmz 8 hours you sure?
21:24:01tracktheripperaccording to the Archos webby yes :-)
21:24:16smeagolyou believe advertisements?
21:24:25tracktheripperand then he said the JBRec20 has Rockbox!!! the MM Doesn't!
21:24:34smeagolthere you go!
21:24:46tracktheripperI wanted to thump him after he said that! lol :-)
21:25:15tracktheripperbecause i hate losing arguments :-)
21:25:26smeagolwho doesn't ;-)
21:25:36tracktheripperlol he's alright Zagor :-)
21:25:44smeagolI stopped having them
21:25:51tracktheripperwithout him we'd be stuck on our shitty Archos' firmwares :-)
21:26:08smeagolwoo hoo
21:26:26smeagolare you on the mailing list by any chance?
21:26:45tracktheripperI used to but not anymore, because it clogged up my mailbox
21:26:55 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:26:56tracktheripperbut if u wanna email me direct ill give u my email addy
21:27:06smeagolJoaquim has a new ui
21:27:30smeagolhe did some things with the user interface
21:27:43tracktheripperso has he redesigned the interface?
21:27:58tracktheripperoh right, where can I see it?
21:28:08smeagolhang on
21:28:25 Join Zagor [242] (
21:28:30smeagolcheck the size first
21:28:45 Join Mine78 [0] (
21:28:45tracktherippercheers matey :-)
21:28:51Mine78hi guys
21:28:57Mine78report a little bug:
21:28:57smeagolhi Mine78
21:29:01Mine78resume: ask
21:29:02tracktheripperhey Mine :-)
21:29:07Mine78doesn't work !
21:29:16smeagolit does here
21:29:17Mine78if inserted in the cfg file
21:29:34tracktheripperSmeagol where u from?
21:29:42smeagolthe Netherlands
21:29:45Mine78no, if you set NO manually and then try to reload the cfg with resume: ask it doesn't set it to ask
21:30:02Mine78can anyone control ?
21:30:05 Join Gissehel [0] (
21:30:11tracktheripperi wish Zagor was here :-(
21:30:26smeagolhe is here
21:30:52tracktheripperohhh sorry I need my eyes tested!
21:31:00tracktheripperdidn;t see him :-)
21:31:04tracktheripperHELLO ZAGOR!!!
21:31:05tracktheripperhow are ya?
21:31:17smeagolyou watched that multimedia screen to much... hurts the eyes heh
21:31:25tracktheripperlol heehee :-)
21:31:48tracktheripperbut when you think about it, its amazing what it can do! play MP3, play MPEG, take digital photo's, use as hard drive :-)
21:32:11smeagolto take pictures you need that $99 camera thingy right?
21:32:24tracktheripperyea u need to buy the camera attachment
21:32:32smeagolhrm ya
21:32:41smeagolwell I'm happy with the recorder
21:32:57tracktheripper<−−−−−−- wants an FM Recorder
21:33:00tracktheripper<−−−−−−−− badly
21:33:02*smeagol too
21:33:21smeagolbut I'll end up with 2
21:33:30smeagola recorder and FM recorder
21:33:34tracktheripperwell u can give me one then :-)
21:33:54PsycoXultracktheripper: my pda can do all that, and was only $114
21:34:03PsycoXultracktheripper: though it needs CF memory for storage
21:34:09PsycoXulbeside the 16mb built in
21:34:25smeagol16mb vs 20gb hrmz
21:34:34PsycoXuland the CF camera for it is out of production, very expensive, and only 640x480
21:35:06PsycoXulbut it's got a bigger screen than the multimedia
21:35:12PsycoXuland is 240x320
21:35:22PsycoXuland it can be networked
21:35:27smeagolthe screen on the multimedia is just too small
21:35:28PsycoXulethernet or wireless
21:35:46PsycoXuli've just got a 10mbit ethernet card for it though
21:35:47smeagol54mb or 11mb?
21:36:00PsycoXulit's only a 166mhz mips
21:36:17PsycoXuland apparently it can't really handle any more than ~10mbit too well
21:36:17smeagolso divx movies is out of the question?
21:36:26PsycoXulno, it plays divx
21:36:41PsycoXulmp3, ogg, mpeg, divx...
21:36:42smeagoldoes it have a 640x480 aux port?
21:37:01PsycoXulit's really pretty cheapo
21:37:03smeagolah well
21:37:07PsycoXulit's not a pocketpc
21:37:11PsycoXulbut it wishes it was
21:37:18PsycoXulit's close but not quite
21:37:19smeagolif I want to watch movies in the train I'll bring my laptop
21:37:20PsycoXuland much cheaper
21:37:24smeagolif I can sit that is
21:37:31PsycoXulbut you know
21:37:34PsycoXulfor the price of a multimedia
21:37:39PsycoXulyou could get a nice pocketpc
21:37:44PsycoXulwith built-in bluetooth and wifi
21:38:01smeagolyes but I just want to listen music and audio books ;-)
21:38:16PsycoXul400mhz ARM processor and 32 or 64mb of ram
21:38:26smeagolARM hey they still make procs?
21:38:34PsycoXulit's made by intel
21:38:37tracktheripperHi im back
21:38:41PsycoXuland they call it xscale or whatever
21:38:43smeagolheh after the demise of Acorn I thought they died
21:38:43tracktherippermy sister inturrupted me
21:38:45PsycoXulbut it's ARM arch i think
21:39:02smeagolwb tracktheripper
21:39:20tracktheripperWow SMEAG I love the new mobile phone line selector in the new interface!
21:39:34PsycoXuland actualy
21:39:35smeagolI have not loaded it yet
21:39:43PsycoXulone of those expensive pocketpc's has usb host support
21:39:46smeagolso track I need to load it then ? ;-)
21:39:52PsycoXulso you could take your archos and use it as a harddrive for it
21:40:03tracktheripperthe full-line selector is far better than the cursor in Rockbox
21:40:06PsycoXulactualy maybe 2 of them heh
21:40:14smeagolPsycoXul: heh
21:40:29smeagolJoaquim rules then
21:40:32PsycoXuli heard of one that has usb host support, and then saw an ad for a different one that said it did
21:40:46Mine78is there a way to set the scrolling "not bouncing" but simply go right and re-enter left ?
21:40:47tracktheripperand Zagor said a mobile-phone line selector isn't possible :-)
21:40:47Mine78is there a way to set the scrolling "not bouncing" but simply go right and re-enter left ?
21:41:14PsycoXulMine78: bouncing is only for short lines
21:41:27PsycoXulMine78: you can set how short of lines, and you set it at a certain point and it'll never use it
21:41:33*smeagol struggles with the idea "what the fsck is mobile-phone line"
21:41:40Mine78what is the option ?
21:41:45Mine78I mean the name
21:41:50PsycoXulMine78: i forget
21:41:52PsycoXulit should be obvious
21:42:01PsycoXulonce you're in the General Settings->Display area
21:42:02tracktheripperSmeag you know the cursor in the Archos and Rockbox firmware?
21:42:11PsycoXulit'll say "Bidirectional"something
21:42:27Mine78bidr limit
21:42:36Mine78set to 0 0 No bouncing ?
21:42:37tracktheripperyou know the menus in a Nokia mobile phone?
21:43:14Mine78what is the default value ?
21:43:27tracktheripperyou know you have a full line that you move to select the option you require?
21:43:50PsycoXulMine78: dunno, i haven't messed with it
21:44:01PsycoXultracktheripper: is this improvement only for the recorder?
21:44:06smeagoltracktheripper: yep
21:44:12PsycoXulwell thats useless
21:44:24PsycoXulrecorder isn't so strapped for screen space that it needs to get rid of the cursor
21:44:27PsycoXulwhile the player is
21:44:28tracktheripperin the new interface, the "line-selector" is present
21:44:38tracktheripperthe line is far nicer than the cursor
21:44:44smeagolok tracktheripper I'm gonna copy it over the current one
21:45:00tracktheripperSmeag listen carefully
21:45:23tracktheripperAfter you downloaded the ajbrec.ajz file rename it to test.ajz
21:45:34 Nick edx`afk is now known as edx (
21:45:44tracktheripperCopy test.ajz to the root of your Archos
21:46:06smeagolyes ok
21:46:24tracktheripperBoot up Rockbox like you do
21:47:47PsycoXulwhat is this, ROLO for special ed hour
21:47:49tracktheripperwhen Rockbox has loaded boot up test.ajz via Rolo so you can make comparisons for yourself
21:47:55smeagolah ok
21:47:59tracktheripperthe new interface does have some features missing
21:48:05smeagolbut it does work right
21:48:05tracktheripperthat way you don't lose Rockbox
21:48:53tracktheripperheehee :-)
21:49:48Mine78it's not possible to not use the bidirectional feature
21:49:51Mine78it is always on
21:50:12tracktheripperplease, pretty please, please with sugar on top Smeag fix my request for me :-)
21:51:13smeagolyou're not alone in your request
21:51:18smeagolhave seen several on the list
21:51:32tracktheripperBut it is possible so why can't someone implement it?
21:51:40tracktheripperI can't program so therefore I can't do it myself
21:52:11smeagolnah we're just humble (bloody pain in the ars) endusers :-) WE NEED IT
21:52:20tracktheripperyea we DO!!
21:52:38tracktheripperI will pay who-ever fixes this £60,000 :-)
21:52:46smeagolit makes the music so much better
21:53:02smeagolyou gonna pay for it <g>
21:53:10tracktheripperthe interface is so much cooler with the line selector
21:54:14smeagolhey tracktheripper: it's a mp3 player, so it's not required to drool on the screen all the time ;-)
21:54:28tracktheripperim not talking to you now Smeag :-(
21:54:57smeagolis the archos water resistant?
21:55:38tracktheripperSmeag can your Archos fire laser-beams out of its USB port?
21:55:47smeagolsony had a walkman which one could use under the shower
21:55:59Mine78use a plastic bag !
21:56:04smeagolif it has to yeah laserbeams easy!
21:56:14smeagolit's also a tricorder
21:56:24Mine78bye to all
21:56:26 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
21:56:36tracktheripperwell since you are so tecnically clever fix my Auto Voice Transcriber please :-)
21:56:55smeagoluniversal translater?
21:57:01smeagoldoes it work?
21:57:09xamargllll ... for fucks sake ... it seems to work on my laptop
21:57:26xamsorry, wrong window
21:58:07tracktheripperSmeag whats that link again for the tweaked interface?
21:58:31xamsmeagol I have two identical setups (debian/sarge, ix86, updated today, same developer packages, but on one machine the compiled binaries are fine, on the other not
21:58:58smeagolsorry xam: I'm just an enduser :-(
21:59:36tracktheripperSmeag once youve extracted the source code can you just use Notepad to make the tweaks?
21:59:59smeagoldunno I've just got the login code for the compiler for windows
22:00:07xamsmeagol what would YOU say if you have a webpage and it looks different on 2 almost identical PCs (e.g. same windows version, same browser version, same fonts ...)
22:00:08tracktheripperoh right
22:00:09smeagolhavent looked at it at all
22:00:18tracktheripperoh right
22:00:35smeagolxam: same hardware?
22:01:13xamnope, one is a pentiumIII mobile 1 GHz laptop, the other one is a pentiumIII 1.6 Ghz desktop
22:01:39smeagolhow different are the pages?
22:01:50smeagolcolor or margins?
22:02:17 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:02:44 Join kargatron [0] (
22:03:07 Join Galik [0] (~Galik@
22:03:37xamsmeagol that was just a hypothetical example... in my example I have just a programme that works on the laptop, and not on the desktop ... but it's not a hardware depended problem anyway
22:04:00smeagolbut you may have an issue with drivers AND DLL versions
22:04:16smeagolbut then again
22:04:21smeagolyour not using windows
22:04:43xamsmeagol right
22:05:22tracktheripperHi Galik
22:05:23smeagolI dunno if it does depend on it, but the symlinks point to the correct dirs ?
22:05:37xamsmeagol both almost identical setup (on the desktop is just more software installed - but the basic setup is the same ... exactly same version of OS)
22:05:50xamsmeagol yes. Identical
22:05:53Galiklo track:
22:05:54tracktheripperHow do you "de-compile" an AJBREC.AJZ file back to its source code?
22:06:00tracktheripperhow are ya?
22:06:11xamtracktheripper edlin ajbrec.ajz
22:06:13Galiknot too bad thnx and yourself?
22:06:21tracktheripperim ok
22:06:26tracktherippersorry what u mean xam?
22:06:41smeagolxam: I give up
22:06:45xamtracktheripper that was supposed to be a joke
22:06:58PsycoXulsmeagol: whats the problem?
22:07:07smeagolxam had a problem
22:07:10xamsmeagol probably I would if my PhD project wouldn't depend on it
22:07:17smeagolhad = has
22:07:20PsycoXuloh yeah
22:07:30PsycoXulxam: whats the problem?
22:07:33PsycoXuli'm tired
22:08:00*smeagol is gonna lurk for a while
22:09:00GalikGalik is killing people. !gameinfo for more info.
22:09:14tracktheripperoh god you are such a mass murderuer Galik :-)
22:10:41 Part kargatron
22:19:56 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:22:01 Join wunsoong [0] (
22:30:49 Join Bagder [241] (
22:31:15xamPsycoXul I try to compile a newer version of GNUstep on Debian/Sarge ix86 ... on the laptop with almost same installation of Debian the executables work, but if I compile it on the desktop some don't
22:31:24GalikI've stopped killing people now!
22:31:35PsycoXulxam: what error do you get?
22:31:39xamGalik glad to hear that stupid bot
22:31:48xamPsycoXul none
22:31:56PsycoXulxam: well then what happens when it doesn't work
22:32:25xamPsycoXul there is just one server that should bind itself to a port and then fork itself to the background, but apparently it doesnt
22:32:51xamPsycoXul the other server are just running fine
22:33:06xamPsycoXul okay, it doesn't bind itself to a port
22:33:13PsycoXulwell is it running?
22:33:16xam... and it hangs then
22:33:23PsycoXulhangs like how
22:33:45xamPsycoXul well, ps aux shows it up, but strace reveals it's in sigsuspend
22:34:22PsycoXulany configuration stuff you forgot about?
22:34:23 Quit wunsoong ("-=SysReset 2.51=-")
22:34:27 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
22:34:58xamPsycoXul definitely not. I even copied the exact same source code
22:35:17xamPsycoXul definitely not. All traces of GNUstep are gone when I recompile it
22:35:40xamPsycoXul I was considering it an iptalbes problem
22:36:02xambut removing tables didn't work (and all policies set to yes)
22:36:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:28PsycoXulyeah i dunno if anything done by iptables would cause the daemon to hang
22:36:32 Join wunsoong [0] (
22:36:39xamI also thought maybe there are conflicting services/daemons, but I switched them all of
22:36:40wunsoongk, just got my jukebox
22:36:48wunsoongwhich version of rockbox do i d/l?
22:37:13Bagderthere's the boring safe approach, or the brave cool and fun approach
22:37:27Bagderthe first being 1.4 and the second being a daily build
22:37:43PsycoXulwhats so brave about the daily builds?
22:38:19BagderPsycoXul: they may not work
22:38:26wunsoongshouldn't my computer automatically detect the jukebox when plugged in?
22:39:00xamwunsoong just if you turn the archos on ;)
22:39:19wunsoongarchos is on
22:39:48xamwunsoong what OS?
22:39:49wunsoongusb symbol on archos
22:39:52wunsoongwindows xp
22:40:19 Join Galik [0] (
22:40:33 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
22:41:21xamwunsoong usually it detects a new hardware (and maybe installs some stuff), and after opening the Explorer you should see a new driver (after 10-15 Seconds delay on my PC)
22:42:25wunsoongthats wierd, nothing is happening
22:42:28wunsoonggonna try reseting
22:42:30 Quit wunsoong ("-=SysReset 2.51=-")
22:44:10xamwunsoong sometimes you have to boot archos up, THEN plug in the USB cable
22:44:15xamtoo late
22:44:36 Join bombadier337 [0] (
22:44:44bombadier337hey plays
22:45:12 Join wunsoong [0] (
22:45:37bombadier337does anyone know if you can create playlists in rockbox?
22:46:25Bagderthe daily builds can
22:46:29wunsoongman... its still not working
22:46:45bombadier337thats kool
22:46:52bombadier337i just put 1.4 on my friends studio 20
22:47:00bombadier337rockbox is so tight
22:47:05bombadier337im gettin my recorder 2morrow
22:48:07Bagderwunsoong: what archos model?
22:48:37wunsoongrecorder 15
22:49:13bombadier337whats wrong?
22:50:35wunsoongcant get my comp to detect the jukebox
22:51:09bombadier337do u have usb 2.0?
22:51:23bombadier337that might be why
22:51:25wunsoongdo i have to?
22:51:56bombadier337i thought u had to have a usb 2.0 controller to run a usb 2.0 device
22:52:10Bagderit is "downwards compatible"
22:52:17Bagderso you can use usb1.1
22:53:09bombadier337id always read u can a usb 1.1 device in a usb 2.0 port, but u cant use a usb 2.0 device in a usb 1.1 device
22:53:47BagderI used by recorder with both 1.1 and 2.0
22:53:53Bagderboth worked just fine
22:53:58Bagdermy even
22:55:10Snorlaxr337> that might be why
22:55:10Snorlax<wunsoong> do i have to?
22:55:10Snorlax<Bagder> no
22:55:10DBUGEnqueued KICK Snorlax
22:55:10Snorlax<bombadier337> i thought u had to have a usb 2.0 controller to run a usb 2.0 device
22:55:10Snorlax<Bagder> it is "downwards compatible"
22:55:11***Alert Mode level 1
22:55:11Snorlax<Bagder> so you can use usb1.1
22:55:14Snorlax<bombadier337> id always read u can a usb 1.1 device in a usb 2.0 port, but u cant use a usb 2.0 device in a usb 1.1 device
22:55:16Snorlax<Bagder> I used by recorder with both 1.1 and 2.0
22:55:18Snorlax<Bagder> both worked just fine
22:55:20Snorlax<Bagder> my even
22:55:27Bagderreplay time! ;-)
22:55:43Snorlax update was what I meant to say..
22:56:04Bagderany shocking news?
22:56:10Snorlax <wunsoong> do i have to?
22:56:10Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> no
22:56:10Snorlax<Snorlax> <bombadier337> i thought u had to have a usb 2.0 controller to run a usb 2.0 device
22:56:10***Alert Mode level 2
22:56:10Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> it is "downwards compatible"
22:56:10***Alert Mode level 3
22:56:10Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> so you can use usb1.1
22:56:10***Alert Mode level 4
22:56:10Snorlax<Snorlax> <bombadier337> id always read u can a usb 1.1 device in a usb 2.0 port, but u cant use a usb 2.0 device in a usb 1.1 device
22:56:13bombadier337neway no an approximate release day for rockbox 2.0?
22:56:13Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> I used by recorder with both 1.1 and 2.0
22:56:15Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> both worked just fine
22:56:17Snorlax<Snorlax> <Bagder> my even
22:56:29Snorlax here's the update..
22:56:32Bagderbombadier337: nope, we don't do estimates on release dates
22:56:40bombadier337ok, kool
22:56:44Snorlaxpress summary..
22:57:03BagderSnorlax: I don't care that much to even go there
22:57:14Snorlaxno it's here!:
22:57:52SnorlaxI just so badly want Ipod Rockbox!
22:58:04bombadier337haha, yeh
22:58:14bombadier337im payin 25 bucks for my recorder 20
22:58:20BagderSnorlax: so join them and make it happen! :-)
22:58:21bombadier337thats is soo killer
22:58:34Snorlaxyou rock man *with tears in my eye*
22:58:41wunsoongthis sucks
22:58:43 Quit wunsoong ("-=SysReset 2.51=-")
22:58:56Snorlaxwell my VB skills aren't so welcome I guess.
22:59:11Snorlaxmy LIMITED VB skills..
22:59:52bombadier337my limited C# skills dont help either
22:59:55Snorlaxwhat is Peizo anybody?
23:00:05bombadier337like piezo ignitor?
23:00:45Snorlaxwell no, on the ipodlinux it says that Piezo support isn't present YET..
23:01:24Snorlaxman I gotta get starting with my studying! it 11 pm man!
23:01:52bombadier337its 5 pm here
23:03:10xamit's 10 p.m. here
23:05:29bombadier337where u, england?
23:06:11***Alert Mode OFF
23:06:27xambombadier aRRGLL .... nope! Ireland
23:07:23xamyou can easily see that on my *.ie DNS name ;) try /whois xam next time
23:09:12 Join wunsoong [0] (
23:10:12 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
23:10:20wunsoongok the jukebox is detected now
23:10:45wunsoongwait wtf
23:11:54elinenbeblah! blah! blah!
23:12:35 Join adi|work [0] (
23:12:58wunsoongnow it says
23:13:05wunsoongusb device not recognized
23:15:01Jet8810install driver...STUDio I take it?
23:15:29wunsoongi already installed the driver
23:15:39wunsoongit was working fine, and i went into the jukebox like a hd
23:15:49wunsoongunplugged and tried again
23:16:05wunsoongnot it just doesnt work again
23:20:38Jet8810reinstall it
23:21:57bombadier337download the drivers for recorder
23:22:11bombadier337u said u had a recorder 15
23:22:13 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:22:30 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
23:23:13wunsoongyeah recorder 15
23:23:29wunsoongi installed the recorder drivers that came with the ced
23:23:36wunsoongit seems to be working now
23:23:48Jet8810Win 98?
23:24:01Jet8810you shouldnt need drivers if its the recorder
23:24:04Jet8810studios yea you do though
23:24:10wunsoonghmmm.. should i be worried about the unit being screwy or something?
23:24:20 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
23:24:23bombadier337whats it doing?
23:25:39wunsoonghow it wasnt working before
23:25:48wunsoongand all of a sudden works now
23:26:07Bagderits windows, it is supposed to work on and off without anyone realizing why :-)
23:26:59wunsoongoh well
23:27:09wunsoongdo i need musicmatch software for anything?
23:27:09bombadier337yeh windows sucks anus
23:27:41elinenbehey −− I have some cool facts here!
23:29:04bombadier337lol adi is a schizo
23:29:09elinenbeARCHOS Products sold :
23:29:09elinenbeH2 2002 : 50.000 JBMM (50% with photo/camera options)
23:29:09elinenbeQ4 2002 : 150.000 Jukebox
23:29:09DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
23:29:09elinenbeH2 2002 turn over :
23:29:09elinenbe*MP3 : 51%
23:29:10***Alert Mode level 1
23:29:10elinenbe*Photo/Video : 35% (mainly JBMM)
23:29:12elinenbe*Mobile storage : 14%
23:29:40Bagder150.000 is a lot
23:30:04bombadier337like 150,000 or 150?
23:30:13bombadier337sry, im american, lol
23:30:15elinenbe150 Thousand
23:33:07elinenbeZagor & Bagder: you guys here?
23:33:14CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 33 minutes and 59 seconds at the last flood
23:33:14*Bagder raises hand
23:33:35elinenbeArchos released a new version of the Multimedia firmware with some nice improvements.
23:34:26elinenbeyou can see the changelog here:
23:34:39bombadier337may i ask why there are no ops in this channel?
23:35:05Bagderbombadier337: why not? ;-)
23:35:08elinenbeyou can see the Album art ID3v2 tags in the background when a song is playing
23:35:20elinenbebombadier337: we do not believe in hierarchy
23:35:43Bagderwe can become ops any time we want using the chanserv
23:35:52bombadier337one of my good friends is an ircop on
23:36:01bombadier337its pretty sweet
23:36:11elinenbehmmm... they have included browsing by ID3 tags!
23:36:20elinenbethey have a database maker
23:37:23elinenbeare you reading the changelog?
23:37:34bombadier337ne1 ever upgraded the memory in their archos?
23:37:47Bagderelinenbe: I browsed it, yes
23:38:02elinenbebombadier337: yes −− see the mailing list archivbe at for more information.
23:38:23bombadier337no, i meant specifically ne1 here
23:38:29elinenbeBagder: what do you think about it?
23:38:30bombadier337i already read that
23:39:11***Alert Mode OFF
23:39:23Bagderelinenbe: well, its a changelog, I'm not that excited
23:39:37bombadier337Bagder: lol
23:40:01wunsoongdo i still need to update the firmware on the archos website?
23:40:25bombadier337what kind of processor does the media thing have?
23:40:26Bagderwunsoong: if you want the archos firmware, yes, then you need to get it
23:40:34Bagdera dsp thing
23:40:43wunsoongwhat if i want to use rockbox
23:40:50Bagderbombadier337: a TI dsp with an arm core, iirc
23:41:12Bagderwunsoong: then ignore the archos site completely, and download a rockbox from the rockbox site!
23:41:25bombadier337Bagder: do u know the speed, i dunno if i sound stupid asking that, i no crap about dsp
23:41:54wunsoongshould the jukebox still display archos os version 1.28 on startup?
23:41:56bombadier337i read the studio/player has a 12 mhz processor
23:42:26BagderI don't know much about the MM, but its completely different
23:42:49Bagderwunsoong: yes, until it finds rockbox on disk and loads that instead
23:42:59wunsoongi already loaded rockbox
23:43:08bombadier337rockbox is wicked, isnt it?
23:43:15wunsoongwhen it turn it on
23:43:19Jet8810heh yea
23:43:22*bombadier337 directs that at wunsoong
23:43:33Jet8810I am not a big linux fan, but now I appreciate open-source
23:43:35wunsoongit says os version 1.28
23:43:40wunsoongthan loads up rockbox
23:43:42bombadier337linux is kool
23:43:43Jet8810and the problem is?
23:43:49Jet8810lol wunsoong...what is the issue? thats RIGHT
23:43:55wunsoongjust making sure
23:43:57bombadier337i wish i new how to use it better tho
23:44:20bombadier337its hard, cuz im like windows master, linux n00b
23:45:01bombadier337and i hate windows
23:45:26wunsoongmuahahhaah rockbox is dope
23:45:35bombadier337damn straight
23:46:46wunsoongcan it read winamp playlists?
23:47:10bombadier337u can save a playlist as m3u in winamp
23:47:27 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:47:45Bagderback on only one red build now
23:49:43bombadier337is it possible to access the .rockbox directory from rockbox?
23:49:56Bagdershow all files
23:53:03bombadier337y does it make a weird noise when u turn it off?
23:54:19Bagderit does?
23:54:35MTwhat unit?
23:54:53bombadier337studio 20
23:55:14bombadier337its like shjsoop
23:55:26MTon my fm it does, because there is no software poweroff, only hardware crash poweroff
23:55:33MTso the hard drive spins down
23:55:40bombadier337and the lcd flickers a little
23:55:50bombadier337how r u supposed to turn it off?
23:55:57bombadier337hold stop, right?

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