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#rockbox log for 2003-02-20

00:00:23bombadier337whats the easiest way to get a plug that fits for an ac adapter for the jukebox?
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00:13:30talhey all
00:13:48talanyone awake
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00:14:40talanyone in here alive?
00:15:08talhow you doin.
00:15:13Zagortired :)
00:15:20talprepare to be more tired.
00:15:22talmy shits broken.
00:15:30talscreen full black
00:16:19talrecorder 20
00:16:27talcontrast won't help.
00:16:41tali use rockbox, memorized how to get to the contrast setting
00:16:42Zagordo you ever see the archos boot screen?
00:16:44talturn it to 0
00:16:56talthe boot screen is always full black now
00:17:10talit used to happen only in "warm" rooms
00:17:19tali'de put the thing in the fridge for aminute
00:17:20Zagorit's a hardware error
00:17:22taland it would work again
00:17:34talwhat's the fastest replacement
00:17:40talhow do you know it's hardware
00:17:53talyou figure part of the circuit is being saturated
00:17:59talsomething about the screen control
00:18:15talthat's what i think to. obviously i HOPE not, but .. yeah
00:18:43ZagorI know it's hardware because if the archos screen doesn't show up, it's not software. the archos screen cannot be changed.
00:18:59Zagoralso your warm/cool description points to hardware
00:19:38talso when people complain about contrast being too high
00:19:51talit happens AFTER the boot screen?
00:20:28talthey're gonna ask me to mail them everything now.
00:20:37talthe .. charger, the cables, the fucking carrying case
00:20:47talthe horrible headphones
00:20:54tali don't know where half the stuff is. this is so unfair
00:24:18taldo you know the replacemnt policy
00:24:34Zagorno, I don't
00:24:38talany chance i can get it done in a store?
00:25:08Zagoryeah, i guess. depends on their warranty policy, unit age and stuff like that i guess
00:25:22talwell no
00:25:25tali got it from
00:25:30taland their 30 day return shit is over
00:25:33talFuckin hell
00:25:36talalright thanks man
00:25:40talhardware it is then
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01:16:40elinenbeLinusN: hello!
01:17:11elinenbeLinusN: you can see the new Archos changelog here:
01:19:09elinenbeyeah −− they have implemented ID3 browsing.
01:19:21elinenbeI think they are feeling threatened by rockbox :)
01:19:38elinenbeLinusN: you know the hardware really well. I have a question.
01:19:40LinusNgotta reboot, cu soon
01:19:58elinenbeis it possible to make the digital out a "headphone out" in software?
01:20:12elinenbeoh - that is all.
01:20:28elinenbeI would love to have 2 headphones plugged into the recorder.
01:20:30LinusNit is connected directly to the MAS spdif output
01:20:36elinenbeoh −− ok
01:20:41LinusNuse a splitter
01:20:44elinenbego reboot!
01:20:47elinenbeI use that now.
01:20:48LinusNi will
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01:28:55elinenbeyes! I did not think you would make it!
01:29:04elinenbehow is your FM hacking coming along?
01:29:10LinusNback in good ol' linux
01:29:27LinusNfm hacking goes well, actually
01:29:57LinusNit is cumnersome, but the schematics are growing
01:30:35elinenbedo they really differ that much from the Juekbox?
01:30:52elinenbeare they "smarter"? has archos gotten it's act together better?
01:31:10LinusNthey have learned a few lessons yes
01:31:21LinusNmuch tidier pcb
01:31:30LinusNonly one pcb
01:31:35elinenbeARCHOS Products sold :
01:31:35elinenbeH2 2002 : 50.000 JBMM (50% with photo/camera options)
01:31:35elinenbeQ4 2002 : 150.000 Jukebox
01:31:35elinenbeH2 2002 turn over :
01:31:35elinenbe*MP3 : 51%
01:31:36***Alert Mode level 1
01:31:36elinenbe*Photo/Video : 35% (mainly JBMM)
01:31:38elinenbe*Mobile storage : 14%
01:31:45elinenbethe recorder 2 PCB was a mess.
01:31:54 Join wunsoong [0] (
01:32:04LinusNthis is much better
01:32:20elinenbewill the FM become your default machine?
01:32:25LinusNnot too many differences though
01:32:36LinusNelinenbe: you mean like my personal jukebox?
01:32:43LinusNnot sure
01:33:25LinusNit is neater though
01:33:34elinenbeI just updated my recorder to a 60 gig drive.
01:33:54elinenbethe only thing that is keeping me away from the FM is the non-standard battery
01:34:18LinusNyeah, that isn't too nice
01:34:42elinenbeI know... what a pain!
01:34:53LinusNthe mic is better shielded from internal noise on this one
01:35:07elinenbeLinusN: my recorder is way old though, and I only have USB 1
01:35:44elinenbeit takes overnight to load it.
01:36:14LinusN60 gigs on usb1.1 must be a pain... :-)
01:36:34wunsoongdam 60 gigs...
01:36:38elinenbeyeah, but going from 10 to 60 is so nice.
01:36:51wunsoongdo you even have that much music?
01:36:53Jet8810heh whoa
01:36:54elinenbeI am quite impressed with the overall build of the recorder.
01:37:00Jet8810I am fine with 20gb, and will be for awhile
01:37:05wunsoongi have like 30 gb
01:37:08wunsoongi thought i had a lot
01:37:09elinenbeI have 35 gigs (that is all my music and my girlfirends)
01:37:14Jet8810I want to get a universal car mount for my Archos...any suggestions?
01:38:19LinusNyou have your girlfriends on a hard disk? That sounds very practical. You can carry them around wherever you go. :-)
01:39:00elinenbeher MUSIC!
01:39:19LinusNaaaah :-)
01:39:35elinenbeLinusN: you are too silly
01:40:20Jet8810I already have the tape adapter and the car charger and remote...entire car kit, just need a cup holder mount of some sort
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01:56:23bombadier337does a 9vdc 800ma sound like a useable ac adapter for an archos recorder?
01:57:24LinusNsounds ok
01:57:41elinenbebombadier337: just make sure the polarity is correct.
01:57:44bombadier337how bout a 4.5vdb 700ma
01:57:52bombadier337i have that 1 layin around
01:58:11LinusN4.5v is too low
01:58:16bombadier337o well
01:58:34bombadier337u no a good place to buy an AM/AM USB cable?
01:58:52LinusNbombadier337: like elinenbe sais, be very careful with the polarity
01:59:04bombadier337its a radioshack 1, so u can change it
01:59:19bombadier337but i no, center positive
01:59:50 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|soldering (
02:00:07bombadier337so do u no where to get a good AM/AM USB cable?
02:02:03bombadier337i wish newegg had em
02:04:49*elinenbe wonders what Linus is soldering!
02:05:25bombadier337ne1 here build computers?
02:05:33bombadier337or o/c?
02:06:03MTi've done a bit of both in my time, but im not addicted, i can handle it!
02:06:37bombadier337ive been buildin computers 4 a while, and just started o/c'ing
02:06:42bombadier337its pretty kool
02:07:04bombadier337got my athlon 2200+ running at 2400+
02:07:28MTisnt that like, 66MHz difference?
02:07:51bombadier337thats prob the biggest jump
02:07:59MTyou know its not right
02:08:01bombadier337like the 3000+ is like 2.13 ghz
02:08:11bombadier337which is pretty lame
02:08:27bombadier337u an intel guy?
02:09:08MTi use whatever is necessary
02:09:18MTi have no 'affiliation' to either
02:09:34bombadier337i like amd, but i dont like their recent decisions
02:09:46bombadier337but i think hammer will dominate
02:10:20MTthe fpu is supposed to be extremely good
02:10:38bombadier337the pincount is crazy
02:10:52bombadier337like the sledgehammer is completely covered
02:11:04bombadier337ive never seen nething like it
02:11:36bombadier337but im hoping its betterthan the current stuff
02:11:38MTi dont think it will be the runaway success everyone thinks it will be
02:11:46bombadier337barton sure wasnt
02:12:07MTi dont think you're right there actually
02:12:13 Part elinenbe
02:12:14MTbarton is a very fast chip
02:12:17bombadier337o i no
02:12:48bombadier337but i dont see the 3000+ beating the 3.06 w/ ht
02:12:53bombadier337like it was supposed to
02:13:32MTyou know the PR has nothing to do with intel's chips right?
02:13:46MTbarton easily performs three times faster than a tbird 1000
02:13:52MThence, 3000+
02:14:30bombadier337yeh i guess
02:14:47bombadier337but the ranking is largely impacted by intel chips
02:15:05bombadier337thats how they sell em
02:15:23bombadier337but wutever
02:15:29bombadier337lets change the subject
02:15:57bombadier337u wrtie ne code in rockbox?
02:16:25MTplanning on doing so tho
02:16:43bombadier337i wish i was better at programming
02:16:55bombadier337been playin w/ c# a while
02:17:03MTc# is nice
02:17:09bombadier337yeh, i like it
02:17:17MTa lot better than PHP for web services
02:17:31bombadier337u use it?
02:17:43MTno, im doing a website in PHP atm :)
02:18:21bombadier337the only "language" i actually no is html, if u can call it a language
02:18:32bombadier337like, i mean, can do stuff with well
02:18:51bombadier337man i sound like a 5th grader when i write
02:21:38bombadier337well im out
02:21:41bombadier337big test 2morrow
02:21:47 Part bombadier337
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03:55:26adi|homec# is to web programming what toe nails are to soup.
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05:28:26NibbIerne1 awake?
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06:04:32*NibbIer doesnt like those high-traffic channels. tend to block my link...
06:05:47adi|homewhats up?
06:06:58NibbIerwas there any mayor new featur in the daily builds in the last 3 weeks (besides id3 tag viewer)?
06:07:43adi|homeheheh umm.. i don't remember?
06:18:10NibbIerim on vacation since then and have hardly time to check the mailing list and the webpage every day :)
06:18:31NibbIerand many of the patches i'd like to use cannot be applied to the lastest CVS code...
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09:05:49bobTHCgood morning!
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09:48:36dwihnoquel! :D
09:48:40dwihnoquelsaruk: que nas mas?
09:50:04quelsarukhi dwihno! que nas mas?? sorry, i'm don't speak spanish :)
09:50:19quelsarukjar är galen! yups yups :)
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09:59:08wunsoonganybody here?
10:00:39quelsarukat least me
10:03:42wunsoongwhen you plug your jukebox into a computer, do you have to put in the cable in any particular order for it to be detected?
10:05:35wunsoonghaving trouble getting my comp to detect the jukebox
10:06:19quelsaruknot really
10:07:03wunsoongyou dont have to plug into the jukebox first, then the computer right?
10:07:03quelsaruki nomally have the cable plugged all day to the computer, and plug it to the jukebox if i need to
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10:38:07quelsarukre Zagor_
10:38:15 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
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10:56:36dwihnoZagor: how hard is it to change disk in the recorder? I'm gonna do it tomorrow night, and I am a typical electronics illiterate :)
10:56:58Zagorit's very simple. no soldering or anything. just follow the instructions on the web page.
10:57:26dwihnoPre-formatting it is not really an issue, I presume?
10:57:37quelsarukdwihno: i changed it.. so it's not difficult
10:59:45*dwihno is not a technopriest, remember that :)
10:59:58dwihnoCan I clean the dost off the LCD screen while I'm at it?
11:02:37*quelsaruk is a galen
11:06:47 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:08:24quelsarukZagor: do you know where i can get a PS/2 diagram... i need to know which pins supply 5V :(
11:08:39Zagorgoogle :)
11:08:53quelsaruki'm there :)
11:09:16quelsaruki thought Zagor was the great guru.. but he's mortal...
11:11:25dwihnoZagor: are there any detailed pics of the hardware with everything stripped off?
11:11:39quelsarukif i say PS2 in google i get links for playstation 2 :)
11:12:03Zagordwihno: yup. look in the photo section
11:13:12dwihnoZagor: ah, neato :D
11:15:00dwihnoZagor: will the LCD be exposed when disassembling the unit to replace the disk?
11:16:50Zagordefine "exposed"
11:18:17dwihnoWell, will I be able to clean it? :)
11:18:26dwihnoWithout doing anything dangerous
11:18:51quelsarukyou have to put away the top cover :)
11:19:27dwihnothe dissecting page applies to the recorder as well?
11:19:59quelsarukit's the same
11:20:30quelsaruki made my hd mod one and a half year ago :)
11:20:44*dwihno bought his unit in may, last year
11:20:54dwihnoAfter being convinced by Zagor and the guys
11:21:17quelsarukyou needed to be convinced?
11:21:35Schnueffand they also forced you to install rockbox
11:21:45dwihnoThey forced me to run it! ;)
11:21:53*dwihno was the first one to run it on the recorder
11:21:59dwihnoOn my first day as an archos owner
11:22:27Zagordwihno was quite a hero
11:22:33quelsarukZagor: i you have a chance throw him your old player (without the blue corners)
11:23:16dwihnoThe progress has been great and fast!
11:23:41dwihnoI used the archos' firmware until the end of the summer, then rockbox was good enough (i.e. had sound) ;)
11:23:57*dwihno remembers the day when Linus fixed sound *becomes nostalgic*
11:25:52quelsaruki also used archos 'till august :)
11:28:25dwihnoIn the beginning, there was quite funny bugs
11:28:35dwihnoSuch as the "deleted file display"
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12:05:32 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:26:02 Join LinusN [0] (
12:31:34Zagorwhat's the fastest linux ipc method? pipe? lo0 net? msg?
12:36:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:01:03Hespipe is probably best & most lightweight for throughput
13:01:24ZagorHes: ok, thanks
13:01:53HesSysV IPC messages are, well, messages, not good for transferring large amounts of data...
13:02:01Zagorbtw, do you know what happens to a large memory image malloced() by someone, who then forks five children and then modifies the image.
13:02:34Zagori guess the block is copy-on-write, but does the parent get a new image or do all five children get new?
13:03:20Hesfork() is copy-on-write, I think the children get new memory space as they write
13:03:35Schnueffbut parent should also, as it writes
13:03:40Zagoryes. but the children never modify the block, only the parent does
13:03:41Hesright, sure.
13:03:57Hesthe parent gets new memory space as it writes.
13:04:04Schnueffso its symmetric for parent and children
13:04:09Zagorand the children all share the same physical block?
13:04:15Schnueffyes i'd guess
13:04:22Zagorwoo. that's lovely.
13:04:49HesCOW is cool. Mooo.
13:05:05Zagorman, I just saved about a gig worth of memory waste for one of my projects... :-)
13:06:58 Join Mine78 [0] (
13:07:07Mine78622572 Fixed 5 linusnielsen *.cfg reading can ignore settings 2002-10-13 12:26
13:07:09Mine78NOT TRUE
13:07:28Zagorno need to shout
13:07:28Schnueffuh, don't shout
13:07:33Mine78opss... sorry
13:07:36Mine78caps lock
13:07:55Mine78example: the REPEAT param
13:08:05Mine78ask and ask once don't work
13:08:14Mine78already sent a bugfix report
13:08:20Mine78not yet in the list
13:08:30Schnueff'ask' is for resume, isnt it
13:08:40Mine78yes sorry RESUME not repeat
13:18:43LinusNMine78: that's not the same bug
13:29:18Mine78Did you notice it too ?
13:30:21Zagorwhat's a good scientific calculator for linux? i need to calc huge numbers
13:30:40LinusNno, i just pointed out that the 622572 bug is not at all the bug that you are experiencing
13:31:05LinusNthe resume setting didn't even exist when that bug was fixed
13:31:14Mine78Oh... sorry
13:31:18LinusNin the cfg files, that is
13:31:53Mine78I suppose the cfg automatically change some memory location... maybe the wrong one for that bug I report
13:31:58Mine78could it be ?
13:35:24 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
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13:48:50 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
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14:42:13 Part kargatron
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15:06:54 Part Zagor
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15:13:29 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
15:18:08 Join Bagder [0] (
15:19:19bobTHCservers sucks
15:27:34Zagor_segfaults suck
15:27:37 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:37:33LinusN|awayfm recorder sucks :-)
15:59:40LinusN|awayit would have been so much easier if archos just gave us their schematics...
16:00:43 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:00:47quelsarukback to life...
16:06:09bobTHCarchos dont want to cooperate but i dont understand why!!!
16:07:37 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
16:09:38ZagorbobTHC: what are you trying to do?
16:14:00bobTHCjust for FM schematics...
16:21:31 Join PsycoXul [0] (
16:22:04quelsarukZagor: do you have time to talk (again) about my idea of changing the quick menu screens??
16:23:14Zagorquelsaruk: sorry, i'm quite busy :-(
16:23:28quelsarukgrrrr.... you are afraid of me ;)
16:23:44Zagorhehe. if you can tolerate some minutes between responses, we can talk :-)
16:23:54 Join tracktheripper [0] (
16:23:54LinusN|awayZagor is afraid of changes :-)
16:24:24tracktheripperhi Bob
16:24:52quelsaruki have just 35 minutes...
16:25:12quelsarukhi tracktheripper
16:25:20tracktheripperhi Quelsaruk
16:25:25tracktheripperSeen Sourceforge yet?
16:26:07quelsarukwhen? today? no
16:26:23tracktheripperlol you should see one outrageous request :-)
16:26:32tracktheripperand no I DID NOT TYPE THAT REQUEST!
16:26:59quelsarukwhich one?
16:29:22bobTHCMake the normal Recorders pick up FM like the FM recorder ?
16:30:04Bagderits the second one even
16:30:19tracktheripperlol i think its gonna be a popular request Badger
16:30:29Bagderpeople are weird
16:30:29bobTHCsomeone confuse hardware and software.....
16:30:48quelsarukBagder: will you give a t-shirt to the most weird request??
16:30:53tracktheripperlol why don't someone just reject it and say "this is not possible to implement due to hardware limitations"
16:31:03quelsarukif so.. can i still play?
16:31:12Bagderright, we should encorage even more weird requests
16:31:25Bagderthen we won't need to develop anything, but spend all time closing feature requests
16:31:39quelsarukthat sounds great Bagder!!
16:31:53tracktheripperok ill go first :-)
16:32:02*Bagder lets some steam out ;-)
16:32:54tracktheripperlol Badger
16:33:22tracktheripperwell i do sympathise with you, you can't work miricales with firmware
16:33:34quelsarukwell.. do you know the "junkyyard wars" program at the Discovery channel?
16:34:09quelsarukwe could ask them ot make some of the requests in this tv program :)
16:34:32tracktheripperok will they do my "Auto Voice Transcribe" then? :-) ;-) :D
16:34:58LinusN|awaylet's assign the requests to them
16:35:28tracktheripperSeriously have you noticed that all the funny requests are sent by Nobody?
16:36:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:36:28tracktheripperSomeone wants RDS for the FM REcorder
16:36:58bobTHCRDS pro & EON plz!!!
16:37:17LinusN|awayof course, a guy that sends such requests doesn't have a sourceforge account
16:37:40bobTHCwith bip in headphone when u recieve flash news scrolled on the screen
16:37:56LinusN|awaytracktheripper: it's a pity that archos didn't put in an RDS decoder
16:38:08quelsaruki can't rolo a ajbrec.ajz anyone knows why??
16:38:35LinusN|awayrumours said that there were an rds decoder inside, but i can confirm that there isn't...
16:38:45LinusN|awayquelsaruk: ???
16:40:18quelsarukLinusN|away: i mean.. i've downloaded joaquim's rockbox mod. that with all those UI changes. i know it works because people has talked a lot about that
16:40:33quelsarukbut i've tried to rolo it.. and i couldn't
16:40:36bobTHCyep same pb for me
16:40:50 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:41:18LinusN|awayquelsaruk: lots of people have complained about d/l problems
16:41:19quelsaruksaid rolo... loading, descramble and continued in my own rockbox version :(
16:41:32bobTHCi rename it newui.ajz and attempt to load it, and for the first time i view the rolo error message
16:41:32quelsarukmaybe :)
16:41:54quelsarukbobTHC: thanks god i'm not the only one here
16:42:14quelsarukpeople can't tell me _STUPID_.. or at least not quite loud ;)
16:43:09 Join tracktheripper [0] (
16:43:23tracktheripperstupid 56k modems :-(
16:43:35tracktheripperdid I miss anything?
16:43:43quelsaruknothing important
16:44:11tracktheripperIm keen to see version 2 of Rockbox
16:44:29bobTHCme too....
16:44:38LinusN|awayme too
16:44:41tracktheripperseems like it will never come :-(
16:44:47tracktheripperjust relying on the daily builds
16:45:14LinusN|awayit will not come
16:45:30LinusN|awayit will be coded, debugged and released
16:45:53quelsarukthen we can wait a looong looong time
16:46:00tracktheripperim lost now :-)
16:46:19Zagortracktheripper: the daily builds *are* 2.0. there will be no difference between 2.0 and the daily build from the same day
16:46:38LinusN|awayquelsaruk: i know it may come as a surprise... :-)
16:47:29quelsarukhave you ever thought of having me as rockbox mascot??
16:47:35quelsaruki'm better than goats
16:47:42tracktheripperwell according to your best mate Zagor, there will be no difference between 2.0 and the daily builds :-)
16:47:47tracktheripperlinus ;-)
16:47:56bobTHCzagor : u think tshirt will be ready for the 2.0 release
16:48:17Zagornope :)
16:48:51tracktheripperyou can always make ur own :-)
16:49:09tracktheripperprint of the logo onto Tshirt transfer paper, then iron it on to a normal white Tshirt
16:49:18bobTHCto promote the release with a big "Rockbox 2.0 is out!!!"
16:49:51 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:50:05bobTHCthx for the advice tracktheripper ...;)
16:50:06 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:50:13tracktheripperur welcome :-)
16:50:52tracktheripperand on ur very own Tshirt you could have Zagor and Linus on it as well :-)
16:51:09 Join Galik [0] (
16:52:06bobTHCon in the back and on in the chest
16:52:07 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:27 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:52:47tracktheripperZagor why don't you come and visit London?
16:52:53tracktheripperIm very keen to see you :-)
16:53:17quelsaruktracktheripper: read FAQ ;D
16:54:15tracktheripper<−−−−−− is off to read the FAQ :-)
16:54:47 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
16:56:12tracktheripper<−−−−−−−−- has just read the FAQ ;-)
16:56:33quelsarukwas just kidding
17:01:13quelsaruktiem to work
17:01:16quelsaruksee you later
17:01:19 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:08:30tracktheripperZagor is it possible to invert the LCD so green text and symbols are shown on a black background? I would prefer that for night use where I work
17:09:14Zagoryes. there's a patch for it, i think
17:09:42elinenbeSo, how are the efforts in getting FM to work on the recorder? :D
17:09:58 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:10:01tracktherippershut ur face elinenbe :-) :-) lol
17:10:26 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
17:10:57tracktheripperyea Zagor I can see the patch
17:11:00tracktheripperhow do I apply it?
17:12:27bobTHCinverted line to replace the small arrow in the browser can be good
17:13:43bobTHCperhaps in v 2.1....
17:14:07tracktheripperyea Ive downloaded the invert patch how do I apply it?
17:14:13Zagorif joaquin posts his patch and it looks good, it might be in 2.0
17:14:42bobTHCi dont understand why he only post binary file
17:15:03quel|outhe didn't know how to patch files :)
17:15:22quel|outi mean.. to make diff
17:15:25tracktherippercan please someone help me out?
17:15:42quel|outtracktheripper, using the patch command
17:15:54tracktheripperoh cheers :-)
17:16:20tracktherippersorry to be such a pain in the backside :-)
17:16:22quel|outi don't know how to explain myself.. but... try to do so :)
17:23:27 Join edx [0] (
17:30:39*Bagder looks over at Zagor's corner
17:30:40bobTHCu discover how make hot water ?
17:31:02Zagori found a bug that has been pesting me for days
17:31:26Zagorhint: when reallocing an array of struct, don't forget to change any self-referencing pointers...
17:31:38*Bagder added a web page called "How To Work With Patches"
17:32:36LinusN|awayZagor: sounds like the id3 table bug some months ago
17:33:03Bagderreallocing structs like that sure is fun ;-)
17:33:23*Bagder thinks of the dear old hostent-structs ;-)
17:36:37 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:59:41 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59:52adi|homeive done similar :)
18:00:04adi|homeive tended to hit it more in c++ though
18:02:41bobTHCby all!
18:02:46 Part bobTHC
18:07:08Zagorgoing home
18:07:09 Part Zagor
18:26:27 Join Bagder [241] (
18:26:45Bagderblast, Zagor has gone
18:27:11BagderI bet he pretends to have a life now again
18:36:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:45:52 Quit Bagder ("")
18:55:06 Part LinusN|away
19:03:58 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:05:30 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
19:12:50 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:18:50 Join mgjunk [0] (~jirc@
19:19:29mgjunkhi - can sombody give me the update on the fm recorder status or is this page up to date?
19:31:23 Quit mgjunk ("Leaving")
19:37:38adi|workehh.. not good...
19:37:43adi|workrockbox site is down
19:38:01 Join Zagor [242] (
19:39:13 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
19:40:34windchillHi there
19:41:10windchillWould you recommend buying an archos jukebox?
19:41:23Zagoryes, a recorder 20
19:41:43windchillfm or not?
19:42:12windchillat the moment I own a pjb100, but its slowly falling apart...
19:42:35Zagori'd suggest the standard rec20. i like the replacable/upgradable batteries
19:42:55windchilloff course, I would only buy it because of rockbox :-)
19:43:42windchillI read all the documentation, but I'm sure about playlist support...
19:44:03windchilldoes rockbox support playlist creation on the jukebox itself?
19:44:30windchillwhat about queing and inserting of songs into the active playlist?
19:44:49Zagoryes, but the playlist creator is rather primitive yet
19:45:56Zagorthis will of course change
19:46:17Zagorqueuing is fully supported
19:46:49windchillgreat, that was the feature that I missed most with the pjb100
19:47:25Zagori almost bought a pjb when they came out, but they were too hard to get in europe.
19:47:35Zagorthey are the granddaddy of hd mp3 players
19:48:22windchillYeah! I saw them on and went straight looking for it
19:50:39windchillWhat do you think. Is it hard to develop for the archos with limited programming skills?
19:51:20Zagornot really. we've worked hard to make the code simple
19:52:00windchillYes, I have been looking through the code, and it seemed fairly clean...
19:55:11windchillone more questions ( I hope you dont mind): Is the USB2 cable included or would I have to buy that separately
19:55:22Zagorit's included
19:55:51Zagorbut the included one is kind of shortish, so depending on your desk layout you might want to get a longer one
19:56:43windchillmy box is under the desk and usb ports are at the back, I'll probably have to buy a longe one then..
19:57:56Zagorsomeone found this link:
19:58:29Zagoror here's an extension variant:
19:58:43adi|workzagor was your webserver down for a few mins?
19:58:52Zagornot that I know, no
19:59:09adi|workfor about 10 mins i couldn't get to the website.. must be a net prob
19:59:25Zagorsounds like it
19:59:41Zagor7:59pm up 92 days, 6:10, 2 users, load average: 2.21, 2.28, 2.22
19:59:43adi|worki love it.. 5$ shipping for a .95$ item :)
19:59:46adi|workahh okay
19:59:50*adi|work frowns
20:00:04windchillthanks, problem is Im from Europe, too. they prob only ship to the States, right?
20:00:05adi|work1:59pm up 23:52, 2 users, load average: 0.09, 0.07, 0.09
20:00:19adi|worki have a fscked graphics card.. i think thats what keeps lockin gmy machine
20:00:30Zagorwindchill: ah, ok. i guess even if they ship to europe that's an extra $10 :-)
20:00:32adi|workwindchill.. do a google for AA usb
20:00:44adi|worki know there were sites in europe...
20:00:55adi|workengland specifically (they listed in sterling.. )
20:01:14windchillalright, alright. I'll have to get the rec20 first, anyway :-)
20:02:28windchillone more problem, I live in Europe but not really ( Switzerland ...
20:03:15adi|workoh, wait... we don't like your kind here
20:03:17adi|workdamn swiss ;)
20:03:23Zagorbut you guys have good trade relations with germany, don't you?
20:03:33Zagorthere's lots of good german web shops
20:03:55adi|workid love to live in europe...
20:03:57Zagoranyway, it's a cheap cable
20:04:07adi|workhere.. i drive for 12 hours and im still in the same damn country
20:04:13adi|workthere.. i could cross 3 :)
20:04:17windchillyes, I think I'll be able to find one althoug many German shops will only ship to EC countries
20:04:44windchillso where are you from then?
20:05:04adi|workunited states
20:07:52windchillI think you have convinced me to get me one of these...
20:08:04windchillexpect to see me more often here in the future
20:08:34Zagorwelcome :-)
20:09:17 Join Bagder [241] (
20:11:20Zagorgoing out a few hours
20:11:26 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:11:32BagderZagor|away: uh wait
20:11:39 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
20:11:47Bagdercan you check why the patch.html doesn't show up?
20:11:53Bagderon the site in the docs dir
20:12:05BagderI've committed it several hours ago
20:12:34ZagorI see it:
20:12:49Bagderoh, ok
20:12:59Bagderthen you may go ;-)
20:13:10 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:19:05 Join mecraw [0] (
20:25:58 Join random1 [0] (
20:33:56quel|outyou should be having a beer or two
20:33:57 Quit windchill (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:33:58quel|outnot here
20:36:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:20Bagderany windows rockbox hackers awake?
20:39:39quel|outthat's not for me no?
20:40:00Bagderyou build rockbox using windows?
20:40:14quel|outwell cygwin
20:40:25Bagderwell, that was what I was gonna ask ;-)
20:40:26quel|outbut using windoze
20:40:44BagderI'm thinking if we should be mentioning more clearly that cygwin is the prefered way on windows, or not
20:40:55quel|outi think no one can build it using VC
20:41:03quel|outyou should
20:41:08Bagderno, but with gnush
20:41:31quel|outi builded once with gnush
20:41:42Bagderand what was your impression?
20:41:46quel|outbut as i liked to create my patches.. or add strange patches...
20:42:13quel|outusing cygwin was more intuitive...
20:42:21quel|out(i used to have linux)
20:42:48quel|outgnush was easy, but also cygwin is easy to use
20:43:20quel|outif you have problems, you can always download that tiny cygwin and follow the steps.
20:43:48quel|outalso... using cygwin allow you to use perl scripts like binlang or uplang more easely
20:44:49quel|outHey! i said something with sense!!
20:45:02quel|outshit.. too much swedish influence
20:48:47mecrawquel|out: are you compiling the simulator with cygwin? i'm having problems even with the new fixes
20:52:17Bagderyou should talk to Henrik Backe about it
20:53:01mecrawis he ever on irc?
20:53:09BagderI don't think so
21:00:24 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:04:02 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
21:04:02 Quit quel|out (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:07:08tracktheripperhey Badger :-)
21:07:32*Bagder writes another web page
21:07:36Bagder"First-Time Guide to Rockbox Development"
21:08:03tracktheripperBadger any chance my tip for rescuing the hard drive of your Jukebox without Snoop be put on the site please?
21:08:59tracktherippermy tip which does work is to format the drive in NTFS then reformat it again as FAT32. I told someone that tip and it worked for him :-)
21:09:28Bagderwell, I would need a more thorough text than just that
21:09:47tracktheripperas in how its done?
21:10:00Bagderas in what does it fix and how to fix it
21:10:12Bagderand possibly why it occurred in the first place
21:11:21tracktheripperyou know point 68 in the FAQ?
21:11:35tracktheripperabout Rockbox not booting and using Snoop to fix it?
21:12:17Bagderah, yes
21:12:34Bagderbut reformatting is hardly a fix people will like
21:12:48tracktheripperwell you can always backup your MP3s first
21:12:51Bagderbesides, why would you need to make it ntfs at all then?
21:13:26tracktheripperbecause when i tried doing a reformat just in FAT32 it didn't fix the problem. So I reformatted in NTFS then FAT32 and it solved the problem
21:14:09tracktheripperI just thought it may be worth a mention on the site
21:15:35tracktheripperwell it just saves having to download Snoop which is shareware
21:15:49 Join adi|work [0] (
21:16:32Bagderand ntfs is only a choice for nt and 2000 users iirc
21:16:58tracktheripperwell yeah, but most have 2000 and XP now
21:17:22tracktheripperlike i said, i thought it may be worth included on the site
21:17:30 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:17:53Bagderhey adi
21:17:54*adi|work wonders what he missed
21:18:04adi|workwhats up?
21:18:17BagderI'm doing some rehaul of the docs web page
21:18:22adi|workahh.. cool...
21:18:31adi|worki was going to update the faq to point to the patch page you added
21:18:49BagderI wrote a "First-Time Guide to Rockbox Development" just now
21:19:17 Join poh [0] (
21:19:17 Join batata_doce [0] (~chatzilla@
21:19:25adi|workoh.. and you _will_ finally get the shirt tomorrow
21:19:32 Part poh
21:19:34adi|workno one in the office.. and ill finally be on the big monitor
21:19:37BagderI don't believe you ;-)
21:19:41adi|workwhat format do you want the image in
21:19:45adi|workhehe can't blame ya :)
21:19:58Bagderphotoshop format is mighty fine
21:20:25BagderI made the credits file show up on the web too
21:20:30Bagderit struck me it wasn't there already
21:20:33adi|workk.. then i need to install it on my win machine... and monitor swap :)
21:20:37adi|workno biggie :)
21:20:42adi|workhmm.. true...
21:21:27 Join Guest [0] (
21:22:00Guestcan anyone point me towards a java irc client with wich I can visit freenode?
21:22:00 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:22:23 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:22:25adi|workBagder.. wanna add 'submitting patches' info to the patches page?
21:22:38Bagdergood idea
21:23:02Bagderyou add it?
21:23:10adi|worki can if you want...
21:23:18Bagderplease do
21:23:25adi|workshould i put detailed instructions for using the patch tracker?
21:23:26 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:23:32adi|workcheck out the answer to ? 8 on the faq
21:23:33tracktheripperdamn AOL
21:23:38adi|worklast paragraph.. is that enough?
21:23:57Bagderyeah, I think that's fine
21:24:35Bagderthat yellow thing on the patch tracker sure is bright ;-)
21:25:11*Bagder puts his shades on
21:25:12adi|workno excuses for missing it thought :)
21:25:34Bagdernope, I hope we'll get slightly less questions on these now
21:25:59adi|workbut you need to remember the oss equation
21:26:17Bagderwhat's that THERE IS NO ESCAPE? ;-)
21:26:44adi|workthe number of questions is a inversly proportional factor of lazy users and complete documentation :)
21:27:23adi|work"its not obvious how to make a .rockbox dir under windows."
21:27:36adi|work"you obviously didn't read the FAQ."
21:27:39adi|work"why would i?"
21:27:57adi|work<this section editted for excessive LART'ing>
21:28:03 Quit random1 ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.1.33 (b)) Gecko/20030210]")
21:28:26 Join Gissehel [0] (
21:28:44adi|workshould the submitting a patch go before or after the applying a patch?
21:28:47adi|worki vote before...
21:29:31Bagderyes, before, as a part of the create section
21:30:18adi|workas part of, or as its own section?
21:30:52BagderI think it simply could be the last paragraph in that section
21:31:08Bagderbut feel free to improvise ;-)
21:32:13tracktheripperI wouldn;t mind a section step by step on how to program the firmware from scratch, to see how its done from start to finish :-)
21:32:25adi|workwe have that
21:32:33Bagderthe source!
21:32:52tracktheripperoh sorry Adi :-)
21:33:13adi|workBagder can you update?
21:33:17adi|workor we have to wait?
21:33:24tracktherippertracktheripper is in everyone's bad books (again) :-(
21:33:25BagderI'd rather wait
21:39:16 Join kargatis [0] (
21:39:29Bagderhey kargatis
21:42:15kargatiswas that a hey=hello, or a hey=you there, stop! ? :)
21:42:40*Bagder moves up a few lines and s/hey/hello
21:47:42adi|workBagder: you know where the lang file is?
21:47:50adi|worki don't see it in the www tree
21:48:21Bagderlemme dig
21:48:46Bagdernah, Zagor's been naughty there
21:48:51adi|workheheh k...
21:49:08adi|worki want to add a line to it and the font page pointing out that they are Recorder specific features
21:49:12adi|workhelps the FAQ a bit.
21:49:45BagderI'll do it
21:50:16Bagderuh, the lang isn't recorder specifc
21:50:30Bagderbut the fonts are
21:51:57Bagderadded a line on the font page
22:00:25tracktheripperadidmas where u from?
22:00:29 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:02:08Bagdertry the new
22:04:02tracktheripperoh yea can see that new link
22:04:06tracktheripperThe Noble Men Behind Rockbox :-)
22:04:29*Bagder smiles
22:04:57Bagderand for some reason I'm listed as number 7
22:05:20tracktheripperand i take it im not listed at all :-(
22:05:47Bagderyou think you qualify?
22:06:05tracktheripperno :-(
22:06:37tracktheripperBjorn just HAD to be number one!
22:08:25Bagderwell, we can give him that ;-)
22:09:03tracktheripperheehee :-)
22:10:02tracktheripperi should be 1 :-)
22:10:02tracktheripper(note the sarcasm :-) )
22:22:19 Quit batata_doce ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
22:23:01 Join bombadier337 [0] (
22:23:15bombadier337what in the debug (keep out) menu?
22:23:22Bagdertry it!
22:23:26Bagderlots of debug/info stuff
22:23:39bombadier337will it mess nething up
22:24:09 Join mecraw [0] (
22:24:10Bagderbut some things might be a bit hard to make sense of
22:24:14bombadier337cuz i put rockbox on my friends for him
22:24:25bombadier337like memory addresses and stuff?
22:24:37adi|workdo we have and id3 info page, or a faq for it?
22:24:41Bagdertry the mpeg thread one, or the battery one
22:24:49adi|workwe have a quesiton in the faq tht listed 4 pieces of info for it...
22:25:20bombadier337o, sorry, i guess ii missed those
22:26:34bombadier337thats tight
22:26:39bombadier337it gives u batt voltage
22:26:56Bagdereven more try up/down
22:28:35bombadier337yeh i did
22:29:06bombadier337reminds me of my computer
22:29:26bombadier337which it basically is neway
22:29:53bombadier337with all the software i have monitor the power on the leads and such
22:33:15 Part kargatis
22:36:26adi|workBagder.. im making a correction to the credits title ;)
22:36:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:47Bagderthat's what the cvs is for!
22:36:55 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:37:46mecrawRockbox doesn't have any noble women behind it?
22:37:57Bagdernot yet anyway
22:38:05Bagderstill waiting for them to come onboard
22:38:06adi|workhehe no..
22:38:11adi|workbut im accounting for it :)
22:38:22adi|work"The Noble People Behind Rockbox" :)
22:38:30mecrawshould the wives count?
22:38:31Bagderfair enough
22:38:47BagderI doubt my wife would count herself in ;-)
22:38:54adi|workmy gf does :)
22:39:04Bagderwe mostly sighs and walks away when I mention rockbox
22:39:10adi|work" long are you going to sit on that computer?..."
22:39:27adi|work"..if it makes you happy.. just wake me when your done..."
22:39:45Bagderhehe, my wife says "DONT wake me when you're done" ;-)
22:40:08Bagderthat would usually be in the middle of the night
22:40:10adi|workhhehe we're not talking about sex here :)
22:41:22Bagderin that case I think I'll rest my case ;-)
22:42:23adi|workhmmm you think its a bit early to break out an id3 faq?
22:43:12Bagderhow many questions are there for it?
22:43:33bombadier337is there a way to display the song name before the artist in the browser
22:43:41bombadier337or is that based of file name?
22:43:46bombadier337and not id3
22:43:50Bagderbombadier337: it is the plain file name
22:44:02Bagderusing the id3 for that would be painfully slow
22:44:03adi|workthere is only 1 id3 question...
22:44:37bombadier337Bagder: yeh, it takes long enough on a real computer
22:45:17bombadier337man i wish i could program better
22:45:33Bagderits never too late... :-)
22:46:57bombadier337its hard 4 me to find time, between hw, and school, and work
22:47:49adi|workdo you sleep?
22:48:06adi|worksee.. thats your prob
22:48:18bombadier337i could get a lot of free time
22:48:27 Join Melkor [0] (jirc@
22:48:48Melkori have a question guys
22:48:51bombadier337were discissing pros and cons of sleeping :-)
22:49:27BagderMelkor: shoot
22:49:48Melkori have bought the archos recorder 20gb
22:49:53Melkoramerican version from amazon
22:49:58Melkorbut i'm leaving in italy
22:50:22Melkorwhat must i do for recharging here?
22:50:39Melkordifferent voltage
22:50:43bombadier337get an ac adapter
22:50:46Melkorusa 110.. here 220V
22:50:55bombadier337from a radioshack or similar store
22:51:08bombadier337close to 9vdc 600 ma
22:51:19bombadier33710vdc is the best voltage tho
22:51:31Melkoryes... i saw that site
22:51:56Bagderthat URL answers your q
22:52:04bombadier337o buy an adapter so u can use the original charger
22:52:12Melkorbut it said the intensity could go to 1200mA
22:52:42Melkorand 12V
22:52:51bombadier337i have a similar question, if i may
22:53:11bombadier337whats better, 9vdc 300ma, or 9vcd 800ma?
22:53:25*Bagder has no clues about charging
22:54:44Melkordo you think that a charger with a range like this it would be good?
22:55:14Melkor9V / 1000mA
22:56:10bombadier337judgin by the faq, i would say the circuit in the acrhos will change it to 140ma
22:56:21bombadier337so 1000ma seems like overkill
22:56:27bombadier337but im no electrician
22:56:38bombadier337will be tho :-)
22:57:32BagderOutput: 9VDC 600mA is the archos charger
22:58:47 Join bmidy [0] (
22:58:50bmidyhi all
22:59:04Melkoryes budger.. but what about the universal one?
22:59:26bmidyBagder: is there now a planed date for the 2.0
22:59:28bombadier337the best is to get 10v
22:59:35bombadier337less than 1.2 amps
22:59:52Bagderbmidy: 2.0 is planned, but we don't estimate dates
22:59:54bombadier337i just found a 10vdc 850 ma charger, SCORE!
23:00:39bmidyBagder ok
23:01:06bombadier337is it possible to go to stock firmware with rolo?
23:01:58Bagderjust name it whatever using the same extension
23:01:59adi|workread the FAQ :)
23:02:23bombadier337the 1 programmed in the chip tho
23:02:31adi|work#32 to be specific :)
23:02:58adi|workwell.. there are 3 in this scenario
23:03:00adi|work1. rockbox
23:03:02Bagderbombadier337: to change that, you need to reflash it and we've never even attempted that
23:03:05adi|work2. the newest archos version
23:03:09adi|work3. chip based
23:03:18adi|workwhich do you want to rolo to?
23:03:28bombadier337chip based
23:03:38adi|workcan't :)
23:03:44adi|workfar as i know anyway...
23:03:50bombadier337o well
23:04:00adi|workbut you can revert to the fw that came with your archos
23:04:08bombadier337yeh i no
23:04:29bombadier337which faq r u talkin bout tho?
23:04:43bombadier33732. Wait a minute here. When you released version 1.0 you did not have a single one of the ideas you have mentioned on your website actually implimented! Calling this version 1.0 is really misleading. Whats the story?!
23:06:04bombadier337thats odd
23:06:09adi|workwhat is?
23:06:15bombadier337it was 33 in the one i was lookin at
23:06:32adi|workthats because i just made a change to the faq about 10 mins ago
23:06:52adi|workand the website just updated :)
23:06:58*adi|work is away: working
23:07:09bombadier337well i shall leave, g'bye
23:07:22 Quit bombadier337 ()
23:11:18 Quit Melkor ("Leaving")
23:28:09 Join smeagol [0] (
23:28:09 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:19 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:32:21 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
23:32:21 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:33:15 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
23:33:30*adi|work is away: home
23:33:45BagderZagor: check out the new docs page
23:34:29Bagderthat hacker link looks weird in my mozilla though
23:34:40Zagorin opera too. the css is probably wrong.
23:35:16Bagderoff to bed, see ya manana
23:35:19 Quit Bagder ("")
23:39:54 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
23:42:12 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:44:36langhaarrockerI had to resolder my jukebox lately: head phone jack broken and half of the buttons don't klick any more.
23:44:37 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:45:00 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
23:45:35langhaarrockerare ther any kown problems with broken buttons?
23:48:29smeagoluhm got a ?
23:48:38 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:49:52 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:50:07smeagolwb langhaarrocker
23:51:25 Part bmidy

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