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#rockbox log for 2003-02-21

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02:55:14elinenbeLinusN: nice commits
03:11:01adi|homewhat i miss?
03:14:42LinusNthe fm recorder idle poweroff fix
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03:23:21LinusNi hope someone can test those fm changes soon
03:46:47MTtesting it now LinusN
03:48:14MTworked a treat
03:51:52Jet8810why cant rockbox support 999 songs per directory anyway?
03:52:03MTdesign decision
03:52:09MTits a soft limit
03:52:18Jet8810no work around?
03:52:29MTwell, its in software
03:52:40Jet8810so why not support more though? Doesn't seem liek a lot to ask
03:52:48MTtheres no real ned for it, but if you really wanted, compile your own version with it
03:52:51Jet8810if you want to have less scrolling, then deal with it yourself :)
03:53:19Jet8810I dont really want it, but friends seem to agree it is the only overlooking at Archos firmware beats rockbox in this regard
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04:07:29adi|homehehe you have serious issues if you have more then 400 songs per dir...
04:07:36adi|homei don't know wtf those ppl are talking about
04:09:10LinusNme neither
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06:08:51onreehello rockbox people
06:09:22onreeanyone home?
06:10:30adi|homewhats up?
06:10:51onreenothing incredibly important −− just trying out IRC for the first time in 10 years
06:11:09onreealso wanted to say that although I don't own a jukebox yet, I'm amazed at what you guys have done
06:11:18onreeam now shopping for one
06:12:44onreehave been reading the faqs and mailing list stuff, it's all pretty fascinating
06:13:28onreedo you have recommendation between ajbr and fm? it sounds like it's kind of a toss-up (fm vs battery)
06:18:46adi|homesorry.. was away.. give me a min to catch up :)
06:19:00adi|homehmm okay
06:19:04adi|homewell.. my opinion is the rec
06:19:12adi|homebecause i like the idea of replaceable batteries
06:19:15adi|homeand i don't need a radio.
06:19:15onreeyeah me too
06:19:31adi|homecourse.. i only bought the recorder for the display... cause the player's sucks :)
06:20:36onreeso −− I'm waiting for a good price on a jukebox but am dying to get one and try out rockbox
06:20:49onreeI'm not much of a programmer, but do you need testers?
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06:22:25adi|homealways :)
06:22:46adi|homeand we _always_ need ppl to proof read the websites and write documentation
06:23:19onreenow that's definitely something I can do
06:26:02onreeokay −− well thanks for the time, I'll pop in again after I get something to run rockbox on
06:27:00adi|homehehe good luck
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08:51:43adi|homebagder.. well timed
08:51:47adi|homequestion for you
08:51:59Bagderhey ho
08:52:08*Bagder spotted the ALL GREEN table row
08:52:30adi|homeokay.. on the docs index page.. i made 'hacker' a link
08:52:35adi|homebut its the wrong size..
08:52:40adi|homehow can i adjust the size of a link?
08:52:43adi|hometext is fine
08:52:53Bagderyeah its probably a css issue somehow
08:54:36adi|homek.. so i get to yell at zagor? :)
08:54:41BagderI think so
08:54:49BagderI'm really not very good at css things
08:56:06adi|homeplugging in usb.. wish me luck..
08:56:10adi|homei may need a reboot
08:56:17Schnueffgood luck
08:59:56adi|homegood so far :)_
09:00:31adi|homehow does one delete?
09:00:36adi|homei haven't stayed up on it
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09:03:54Zagoris that an adjective? ;)
09:04:06adi|homeit is the way i spell :)
09:04:48adi|homeon the docs/index.html page i made a header a link
09:04:59adi|homeit should appear at h2, but it comes out smaller... any ideas?
09:05:22Zagorthe word hackers?
09:07:07adi|homeyou can't point to esr's page because it is randomly redirecting
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09:10:53Zagorcss fixed
09:13:46adi|homehmmm... odd.. i created a basic .cfg file and its not working
09:14:15adi|homelang: /.rockbox/fonts/iso8859-5.fnt
09:14:15adi|homewps: /.rockbox/driving.wps
09:14:22adi|homeassuming the files are there.. should work no?
09:14:45Zagorbut don
09:14:50Zagor't put a font in the lang tag :-)
09:15:00adi|homedoh.. that would do it :)
09:15:03*adi|home blushes
09:17:21adi|homehmm.. no go
09:27:54adi|homeahhh.. it _is_ a bug
09:28:08adi|home strncpy(global_settings.font_file, value, MAX_FILENAME);
09:28:18adi|homemaxfilename is 20
09:28:23adi|homethats not good..
09:29:23adi|homezagor.. when we want to load a wps, font, or lang file from the config...
09:29:33adi|homeare we assuming that it can be anywhere on the drive?
09:29:35Zagorthat's just filename, not path
09:29:50adi|homeright.. but when we read from config.. do we want the path?
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09:30:01bobTHCgood morning all!
09:30:02Zagoror, wait
09:30:09adi|homehow do we know where the file is located w/o it?
09:30:10Zagor.cfg files must contain full path
09:30:24adi|homeand right now path can't exceed 20 :)
09:30:24Zagorthe settings block is only updated if the file is in the /.rockbox dir
09:30:47adi|homebut if i load a config from outside the .rockbox dir.. it should still work no?
09:30:47Zagoradi|home: correct. that's a mistake for font. lang and wps works correctly.
09:31:10adi|homeill fix
09:31:20adi|homesame solution as the other 2 okay?
09:34:12adi|homecfg_load() any prob if i put that in the settings.c file?
09:34:15adi|homedunno where else to put it
09:34:34Zagorwhat's cfg_load?
09:34:41adi|homethe new function
09:34:50adi|homewe have wps_load and lang_load
09:35:00adi|homegrrr.. sorry.. tired
09:35:59adi|homethere already is a font load :)
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09:43:03quelsarukif i can say this is a good morning
09:43:41dwihnoMuy bien! :D
09:44:16adi|homezagor.. im a bit confused
09:44:36adi|homein settings.c the only play we call font_load we don't store the returning struct
09:44:49adi|homeso how does that exactly store the font?
09:44:54adi|homethe filename i mean?
09:45:34Zagorit doesn't. the call is in settings_apply(), which uses the setting. not changes it.
09:45:35adi|homei think font_load in this sense is diff from what we want...
09:46:20Zagornot really
09:46:44Zagorlook at settings.c:119 how wps is handled. font should be handled exactly the same wya
09:47:17adi|homeare we looking at diff settings.c?
09:47:23adi|homemy 119 puts me in the middle of a comment
09:47:27Zagor1: try to load the font 2: if font loaded successfully, store it in settings using set_file()
09:47:37Zagormaybe mine is old. hang on.
09:48:06Zagornope, yours is old :-)
09:48:11Zagorversion 1.120
09:48:21adi|homethats what i have
09:48:23Zagoroh, but actually I meant line 880 :-)
09:48:33Zagordo as I mean, not as I say...
09:51:08adi|homeokay.. then the font_load isn't working as it should
09:51:15adi|homei still come back with the full path
09:51:33adi|homebefore calling it.. my path is "/.rockbox/fonts/fontname.fnt"
09:52:06adi|homeafter it, the global_settings.font_file is /.rockbox/fonts/font"
09:52:17adi|homethe wps_load works as expected
09:57:36quelsarukBagder: did my opinion about cygwin and gnush help you?
09:58:13Zagorfont_load does not change the global setting. you need to call set_file() for that.
09:59:06Zagor else if (!strcasecmp(name, "font")) {
09:59:06Zagor if (font_load(value))
09:59:06Zagor set_file(value, global_settings.font_file, MAX_FILENAME);
09:59:06Zagor }
09:59:27adi|homeright.. im playing with that now...
09:59:34adi|homebut thats not the problem
09:59:39adi|home_value_ is still too long
09:59:43adi|homeand gets truncated
10:00:04Zagorset_file parses the path and only stores the relevant part
10:00:35adi|homeno.. there is a logic error
10:00:58adi|homeone sec.. stepped past it..
10:01:31adi|homeokay.. in set_file
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10:01:39adi|home if (strcmp(ROCKBOX_DIR, filename) || (len-extlen > maxlen))
10:01:39adi|home return;
10:02:02adi|homewhat do we expect this to do?
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10:02:27Zagorabort storing the setting if a) the path is not /.rockbox or b) the filename is >20 chars
10:03:09adi|home(gdb) p filename
10:03:09adi|home$21 = 0xbffff56a "/.rockbox/fonts"
10:03:12adi|homeim at that piont in code
10:03:22adi|homethe comparison returns -1
10:03:27Zagorhmm, odd
10:03:37Zagorp fptr
10:03:50adi|home 0xbffff57a "iso8859-5.fnt"
10:03:54adi|homewhich is correct
10:03:55*Zagor engages the adi gdb proxy :)
10:04:10Schnueffgdb −−over-irc −−with-comments
10:04:14adi|homeits not expecting the full path
10:04:19Zagorwell, then it's working correctly. only the /.rockbox path is allowed. not /.rockbox/fonts/
10:04:39adi|homewhich is against what we say in the docs
10:04:51adi|homeso we need to either fix the docs, or fix the code
10:04:52Zagoris it? ok we should fix the docs then
10:05:18 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:05:30Zagorwill you fix that?
10:06:33adi|homewell.. it seems we don't make mention of the fact that if you load from the config, that the files need to not be in subdirectories... that i can do...
10:06:46adi|homewe just say 'they need to be in the .rockbox directory'
10:06:50adi|homeso i can update that...
10:07:09adi|homebut seems like an odd limitation.. maybe a fix int he future/
10:07:23Zagorthe limitation is in the data length.
10:07:27Schnueffat least for .cfg files
10:07:33Zagor.cfg files are not limited
10:07:40Zagoronly the persistent settings
10:08:07adi|homeright.. but if the .cfg can't load something in the sub dirs because of it, then it is a limitation
10:08:42Zagorthe .cfg can load it, it just cannot set the persistent setting to the value. so it will work fine, it will just not be reloaded at next boot.
10:09:01adi|homeif that were the case, the font im using would load
10:09:02adi|homebut it doesn't
10:09:25Zagorthen you should debug font_load(). set_file has nothing to do with the actual font loading.
10:09:28Schnueffbut long path not starting with /.rockbox will be loaded
10:09:57ZagorSchnueff: not at boot, no. only files in /.rockbox are persistent
10:10:10Zagorwe should, obviously, document this pedantically
10:10:13Schnueffcan we make a .cfg persistent yet?
10:10:38Schnueffthen it's no limitation, as you can create /.rockbox/boot.cfg
10:11:14Schnueff(and boot.cfg has those long paths for all the other settings)
10:12:09ZagorSchnueff: we can't, but that's a good idea
10:12:47Zagorwe really should add that
10:13:52adi|homeits def a font prob...
10:14:00adi|homehmm actually.. one sec
10:17:34Schnueffof course, there are conflicts with the usual 'persistence' then
10:17:56Schnueffdepending on the order of .cfg, .fnt, etc. load
10:18:18adi|homeit is a font loading prog
10:18:36adi|homei created "/.rockbox/font/longfilename.wps"
10:18:45adi|homeand loaded the cfg pointing to that, and all is well...
10:18:49adi|homebut the font don't like it
10:19:43 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
10:21:55Zagorb font_load
10:22:06*adi|home is :)
10:22:37adi|homeokay.. set_file .. that copies the first arguement into the second, correct?
10:23:11Zagorignore set_file for now. if the font doesn't show up, the problem is in font_load, not set_file.
10:23:25adi|homei know that... im just confirming :)
10:23:26Zagorbut yes, you are correct
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12:22:34langhaarrockerIs there anybody here who has schematics / pcb for a 4x headphone amplifier?
12:24:31langhaarrocker(would surprise me)
12:30:01 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:32:25quelsaruklanghaarrocker: sorry, not me
12:32:30quelsarukwhy do u want it?
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12:36:59langhaarrockerfor recording sessions I want to provide different mixes on different headphones at different levels.
12:37:31langhaarrockereach band member should have his headphone.
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12:44:02bobTHCu always work on software tuner for recorder ? ;)
12:45:07bobTHCjust a joke...
12:45:42bobTHCyesterday we chat about dummy request...
12:46:47tracktheripperi think u should pipe down a bit before Zagor gets too annoyed :)
12:48:50 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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12:57:59Hes"(I'm not saying I appreciate your work. I think you've done a great job" 8-)
12:58:15Schnueffnice typo :)
13:00:20*Bagder is a fool
13:00:23 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:00:42quelsarukBagder: and how did you get that conclusion?
13:00:52Schnueffforgot "don't" in the second sentence? :))
13:01:00quelsaruk(and i'm not saying that is not true)
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14:03:05quelsaruklunch time
14:03:07quelsarukcu l8r
14:03:16 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
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14:20:33dwihnoWhen disassembling the recorder (gonna do it tonight), something I should think about?
14:20:38dwihnoDo I need tiny screwdrivers?
14:20:49dwihnoI got a sufficiently small torx driver.
14:21:45Zagoryou need a tiny phillips head driver
14:21:57dwihnowhich is? :/
14:24:31dwihnoThen say so! :D
14:24:38dwihnoStardriver :D
14:25:24dwihnoI got a bunch of tiny screwdrivers, one of them should do the trick
14:25:34dwihnoI never opened the battery compartment
14:25:41dwihnoWhich frightens me a bit :)
14:28:30dwihnoHow do you open it? Just push the lid upwards using a ballpoint pen or such?
14:30:24datazonei use my fingernails
14:30:56datazonethere is a page somewhere discribing how to pull the unit apart
14:37:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:40:33dwihnoBut not how to tear the battery compartment apart :)
15:33:40 Part elinenbe
15:34:42*dwihno is trying to open the battery compartment
15:34:48dwihnofeels like I'm going to tear it apart
15:38:40dwihnodamned batteries
15:38:55dwihnoZagor: do you recommend excessive force to get them out? :)
15:39:55Zagornah. moderate force :-)
15:40:30dwihnoDo I need to remove the blue bumps?
15:41:07dwihno(to get the batteries out)
15:41:11 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:41:33elinenbehow come 1.4 is much faster then the current CVS?
15:42:47dwihnoyou have enabled power saving?
15:43:07elinenbeis that what is casuign such a slowdown?
15:43:26dwihno"Blame Zagor" ;)
15:43:42dwihnoNah, just kidding
15:43:43elinenbewhat I mean is I play a song, and then I press the back button to go to the beginning of the song, and it takes MUCH longer in the current CVS then 1.4 release
15:43:53elinenbeand the disk has not spun down yet
15:44:55 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
15:45:33dwihnoThat battery is tightly fitted! :(
15:45:53Zagorelinenbe: back seems to bug
15:46:27elinenbeZagor: it taks soo long :(
15:46:34dwihnoZagor: I only used a teensy weensy bit of excessive force to get the batt's out :D
15:46:55dwihnoHmm, this would be a good time to replace them with 2200mAh's :-)
15:47:01elinenbealso, with the latest CVS I am not getting my font settings saved after a reboot (I will download a daily build and make sure it is not just me)
15:47:20dwihnoelinenbe: I have that problem too
15:47:41elinenbedwihno: not saving font?
15:47:53dwihnoelinenbe: yaman...
15:48:04 Part Zagor
15:48:05dwihnoI haven't spent much time thinking about the track change delay
15:48:24 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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15:48:41 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe_ (
15:48:43 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:48:46Zagori missed everything after my line
15:48:55dwihno15:48 < dwihno> Yay!
15:48:58dwihno15:48 < elinenbe> Zagor: it taks soo long :(
15:49:01dwihno15:48 < dwihno> Zagor: I only used a teensy weensy bit of excessive force to
15:49:01dwihno get the batt's out :D
15:49:05dwihno15:48 < dwihno> Hmm, this would be a good time to replace them with 2200mAh's
15:49:05dwihno :-)
15:49:09dwihno15:49 < elinenbe> also, with the latest CVS I am not getting my font settings
15:49:09dwihno saved after a reboot (I will download a daily build and make
15:49:09dwihno sure it is not just me)
15:49:13dwihno15:49 < elinenbe> dwihno: not saving font?
15:49:13dwihno15:49 < dwihno> elinenbe: yaman...
15:49:29Zagorok, my lines didn't make it out
15:49:29Zagorelinenbe: back seems to bug
15:49:29Zagorit always reloads the buffer
15:49:36elinenbethere... we discussed how the latest CVS does not save the font.
15:50:10elinenbeZagor: it was still faster though on 1.4 −− was the bug not there?
15:50:23Zagori think not
15:50:30elinenbeZagor: oh.
15:50:40elinenbeyeah −− that is where I notice a huge slowdown.
15:50:42dwihnoWhen the user starts to change tracks, does it use the "disk spindown timer" or does it spindown after the buffer has been filled? *quiz* :)
15:50:46Zagortry it. start a song, then go back after 4 sec or so
15:51:01Zagordwihno: whichever is later
15:51:31dwihnoZagor: is it possible to make multiple track navigation faster?
15:51:39dwihnopressing >> 5 times is a major hassle.
15:51:50elinenbedwihno: I agree completley
15:52:18Zagorme too
15:52:25elinenbesometimes I know I like a song on a new album, but I am not sure what song it is, so I do my own "intro mode" playing each song for 5-10 seconds.
15:52:39elinenbeand it is REALLY slow with rockbox.
15:53:06*dwihno notices the unit becoming lightweight after removing the batteries
15:53:17elinenbeFM debug is okay?! What the Heck? FM debug is GREEN!
15:53:18*dwihno - the #1 recorder ta-isär guy :D
15:53:45Zagorelinenbe: it's not horrible slow if you up the disk timer
15:54:19dwihnoelinenbe: can you test it? my recorder is torned apart atm :-)
15:54:26*dwihno is gonna install the new disk tonight
15:54:33elinenbeZagor: I will try that now.
15:54:38dwihnoI have gotten myself some prints from the web page as well :D
15:55:17elinenbeZagor: what setting do you use?
15:56:03ZagorI use 5s. but I don't skip tracks much
15:56:18elinenbethat is what I currently use, and it is quite painful
15:56:35dwihnoIs it normal if the batteries are a bit dirty? It's like glue left to dry.
15:56:42elinenbenothing in the rockbox wolrd hwould be painful! :D
16:01:49dwihnoelinenbe: test to up the spindown time
16:02:21*dwihno has the butterflies.
16:26:26quel|lunchdwihno: do you have it??
16:26:26 Quit windchill (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:26:30 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:26:42 Part Zagor
16:26:48dwihnoquelsaruk: which what?
16:26:55quelsarukthe case
16:27:08dwihnoI will get it in approx 30 minutes
16:27:13dwihno(along with the disk)
16:27:19 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:27:24quelsaruka looong long wait then
16:27:53dwihnowell, I've been waiting for more than a week, so, yes :-)
16:28:28dwihnoSo I'll be really busy tonight eating spicy food and installing the new disk and the new case :)
16:29:20quelsarukwait a moment
16:29:21Zagor_i'm off
16:29:23 Part Zagor_
16:29:30elinenbeso am i
16:29:32 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
16:29:32quelsaruktoday is _friday_
16:29:42quelsarukyou can't be tonight at home
16:29:49quelsarukgo away and drink some beers :)
16:37:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:46:07 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:47quelsarukBagder: is great and mighty Zagor coming back today? or is he leaving us 'till the dawn of battle?
16:49:03BagderI think he left for the day
16:49:15Bagderbut he's out of my control! ;-)
16:49:57 Join huz [0] (
16:50:00huzhello guys
16:50:14quelsaruki wanted to talk about why do i think my quick menu screens patch is a good choice :)
16:50:18quelsarukhi huz
16:50:37huzhas someone tested this : or that : ?
16:50:58dwihnoAfaik, 2-3 people have successfully done the mod.
16:50:59Bagderthere are a few on the list that did the 8mb patch
16:51:22quelsaruki have updated my hd drive
16:51:34quelsarukand dwihno is going to do the same today.. or tomorrow ;)
16:51:37*dwihno will swap the drive TONIGHT *major drumroll*
16:51:39huzisn't it dangerous to change the hw ? isn't some anti schock system on archos hs ?
16:51:47huzachos hd
16:52:05dwihnoit's a regular laptop harddrive
16:52:05quelsarukarchos hd is a normal 2.5" drive
16:52:27huzreally ? :) I though it was a peculiar one !
16:52:45Bagderjust 9.5mm
16:52:55Bagdersome laptop ones are thicker
16:53:03huzdwihno: 2-3 people have successfully done the mod > how many persons have unsuccessfully done it ? ;)
16:53:21quelsarukhuz: none
16:53:25dwihnohuz: the ones who didn't write they were successful? ;)
16:53:33Bagderat least no one has admitted failure
16:53:45Bagderhuz: you can be the first! ;-P
16:53:53quelsarukBagder: i have one of those thick hd... but i thought it was a really old one ( 2GB)
16:54:15huzyeah .. i think i'll not try the memory mod, seem to hard for my skills
16:54:26dwihnohuz: and if you fail, you can always Blame Zagor(tm) :-)
16:58:58huzquelsaruk: the hdd mod seem quite easy (much more than the memory manipulation), have you experienced some troubles doing that ? or since you did it ?
16:59:20quelsaruki did it 1 year ago...
16:59:22quelsarukmore or less
16:59:34quelsaruki changed my 6 GB Hd with a 30 GB HD
16:59:36Bagderhundreds of people have changed harddrive
16:59:43quelsarukand i have no problem..
17:00:08huzok .. think i'll do it when i have more money :)
17:00:18quelsaruksome 60 GB HDs have some kind of problem, but i don't know why
17:00:32dwihnoBagder: how is the disk attached?
17:00:45*dwihno has never seen a laptop disk before.
17:01:21quelsarukdwihno: just plug it :)
17:01:36Bagderit shows it pretty good
17:02:35quelsarukhave you ever tried to change a laptop floppy drive inside a car and with your father saying "Erms.. hey.. that's _my_ laptop, and i love it so much..."
17:02:59quelsarukthat's difficult.. changing archos HD is easy :)
17:03:17dwihnoTime to leave
17:03:19dwihnoHave a nice weekend guys
17:03:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:03:46*Bagder is off too
17:03:49 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:04:00quelsaruktime to leave work??
17:04:11quelsaruknow the channel is mine ;)
17:12:57huzyeah :) since i leave too ;)
17:13:05huzthx for advices all
17:13:16huzquit ("see u")
17:13:21 Quit huz ("("see u")")
17:39:58 Join ]cF[rEiGnMan [0] (
17:40:29]cF[rEiGnManhi, anyone can tell me how to record on a jukebox recorder 20 with rockbox 1.4 ?
17:40:47quelsarukyou can't
17:40:57quelsarukyou have to use daily build to record
17:41:07quelsarukdon't worry, daily builds are quite stable
17:41:29]cF[rEiGnManare these daily builds the same as 1.4 just with some special options ?
17:41:36quelsaruky use bleeding edge builds always
17:41:43quelsarukwith more options
17:41:56]cF[rEiGnMancan you recommend me one of the daily builds ?
17:41:56quelsarukit's the same ui
17:42:01quelsaruklast one :)
17:42:13quelsaruki recommend you last daily build :)
17:42:25]cF[rEiGnMani guess this one ?
17:43:44]cF[rEiGnManare the newer ones at the top of the list ?
17:43:51quelsaruk20030220 i think
17:44:16]cF[rEiGnMani will try it
17:44:18]cF[rEiGnManthank you
17:44:27quelsarukthat means 21/03/2003
17:44:36quelsaruki hope you like it :)
17:46:13]cF[rEiGnMando I have to leave the .rockbox folder on the jukebox ?
17:46:27]cF[rEiGnManwhen i put a daily build on it
17:48:31quelsarukit doesn't matter
17:48:36 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:48:39quel|outmust go
17:48:41quel|outcu later
17:50:04]cF[rEiGnManand thx again
17:50:08]cF[rEiGnManit works now
17:51:10]cF[rEiGnMancan I delete with rockbox ?
17:59:12]cF[rEiGnMani guess not
17:59:24]cF[rEiGnManthx for this rockbox goodie
17:59:50]cF[rEiGnManit roxx, but please import the hold function to the newest daily build
17:59:52]cF[rEiGnManthx & cu
18:00:00 Quit ]cF[rEiGnMan ("< over the hills and far away >")
18:03:18 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:04:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:07:41 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
18:08:40 Quit Snorlax ()
18:11:48 Join quelsaruk [0] (
18:12:10quelsaruknow i have a PS/2 power adaptor for my portalbe Hd :)
18:12:16 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:37:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:39:38 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:42:34 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
19:36:14 Quit quel|coffee ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
19:47:22 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:51:33 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:16:09 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
20:36:32 Join saruk [0] (
20:36:32 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36:42 Nick saruk is now known as quelsaruk (
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20:37:31 Join edx [0] (
20:44:09 Join Galik [0] (
20:44:17 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:44:29 Part Galik ("Client exiting")
20:58:53 Join hated-- [0] (
21:02:02 Quit hated-- (Client Quit)
21:04:06 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:11:03 Join Zagor [242] (
21:19:35 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:29:23 Join Gissehel [0] (
22:16:43adi|worki think that may be a derivative of the prob from last night
22:37:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:40:59 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:44:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:49:54 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:05:41 Join bombadier337 [0] (
23:05:59bombadier337man it takes a long time to sort mp3's into directories
23:07:18adi|workonly if you were silly enough to toss them all into the same dir originally :)(
23:09:14bombadier337that would be me
23:09:23bombadier337how can u delete files in rockbox?
23:17:08PsycoXulon+play brings up a menu
23:17:11PsycoXulor something like that anyway
23:17:21PsycoXulthats what it is for players, i dunno about recorders
23:17:35bombadier337i have a recorder
23:18:39bombadier337what version MT?
23:18:42bombadier337i got 1.4
23:19:02bombadier337i had the current daily build, but it had some bugs i didnt like
23:20:37PsycoXulwell i dunno i don't think 1.4 does it
23:21:07PsycoXulobviously, being that it's in feature-freeze for 2.0, there's a lot of changes since 1.4 in the daily builds
23:21:50MTi was joking bombadier :)
23:22:25MTtbh, the daily build (v2) seems vastly superior to 1.4
23:23:58bombadier337well is the info on the hd always wrong?
23:24:17bombadier337it said it was empty
23:24:26bombadier337when i have like 10 gigs of mp3's on it
23:25:46bombadier337is there a particular daily build that is less buggy than the others? or just get the newest 1?
23:30:31 Join tantus [0] (
23:37:14bombadier337y does it display the wrong amount of free space?
23:37:31tantusis there a hard drive size limit for the jukebox recorder? I'm thinking about putting a 60 gig in there.
23:39:04 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:39:51bombadier337ne1 no why rockbox display free space on the drive wrong?
23:48:36 Quit bombadier337 ()

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