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#rockbox log for 2003-02-22

00:00:05 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:09:02adi|workwooo hooo!
00:09:09adi|worki got multilevel undo working in sokoban :)
00:09:32tracktheripperwell done adimas
00:09:33elinenbeadi|home: commit... commit... commit...
00:09:50adi|worki can send you a binary for teseting.. hows htat?
00:10:27adi|workbesides.. i need zagors consent before i commit changes this large ;)
00:10:41adi|workonly thing not in is the level loading
00:11:02tracktherippera level designer would be cool :-)
00:11:52adi|workheheh not a bad idea :)
00:12:02tracktheripperyea Just a basic one
00:12:15adi|workonce i get the level loading working.. sholdn't be a prob..
00:12:26tracktheripperAdimas is it true ajbrec.ajz files larger than 200kbs will not boot?
00:12:34adi|workas far as i know.. yeah...
00:12:42adi|workthats why we want to pull the extra stuff out where possible
00:13:11elinenbethat is true.
00:13:24tracktheripperyea cos the daily builds are almost as big as 185k so you only have 15k free left
00:13:48tracktheripperhow about sacrificing some existing features like the demos to make room for better features?
00:14:22PsycoXulyou can compile without the demos
00:14:26adi|workyou can.. on builds you make yourself...
00:14:43tracktheripperyea but i have no programming skills whatsoever
00:14:48PsycoXuli think they're planning on adding plugin support or such too
00:14:51PsycoXulyou don't need to
00:15:03PsycoXulthe build is designed to allow for it with a compile-time option
00:15:42tracktheripperAdimas will we ever see the Screen Invert option soon?
00:15:43PsycoXuli think it's even one of the questions in the configure script, though i don't know since i never build for the recorder
00:16:33adi|workyeah.. it is...
00:16:49adi|workwell.. we will if the guy that made that massive patch thing on the mailing list would break it out
00:16:54adi|workim not about to back port from 1.4
00:17:12tracktheripperoh ok
00:17:54tracktheripperA full line-selector instead of the cursor would look good
00:18:31elinenbeadi|work: all I want you to do is save the current leve you are on.
00:18:34adi|worki think it should be an option. but yea...
00:18:42adi|workim working on that too eric ;)
00:18:54adi|worki want to get this rewrite in first...
00:19:01adi|workthen the read levels
00:19:04adi|workthen the save
00:19:12adi|workall for a game i rarely play :)
00:19:19tracktheripperoh yeah Adimas apologies for sending that dumb request that u rejected :-)
00:19:28adi|workwhich one?
00:19:36adi|worki reject alot of stuff :)
00:19:40tracktheripperthe "auto voice transcriber" one :-)
00:19:45adi|workokay. :)
00:19:50tracktheripperdo u remember that?
00:20:01adi|workok.. sokoban.. with all levels built in: 191210
00:20:06adi|workw/o: 159210
00:20:08adi|worksee why?
00:21:28tracktheripperOne final thing Adimas, will ID3 tag entering and renaming be included for recording?
00:21:46adi|workthat i dunno...
00:21:55adi|workcheck with zagor when he pokes his head in
00:22:10tracktheripperthats the only reason why I keep the Archos firmware is because u can input ID3 tags
00:22:20adi|workbah.. i do it on my pc..
00:22:22tracktheripperI use the Archos firmware solely for playlist making and recording
00:22:22adi|worklots faster
00:22:35adi|worki do my playlist creation on pc too
00:22:40adi|workwhat os are you on?
00:22:46tracktheripperWindows XP
00:22:50adi|workahh.. k
00:23:24tracktheripperI use MusicMatch for updating my "master" playlist (the entire hard drive)
00:24:06tracktheripperAdimas why cant the Archos randomly shuffle WITHOUT the aid of a playlist?
00:25:34PsycoXulwithout a playlist what has it got to shuffle?
00:25:46PsycoXulthe daily builds can make their own playlists though
00:25:50tracktheripperI had an old Riovolt that could shuffle across folders without a playlist
00:25:53PsycoXulquite easy to make one of the whole disk
00:26:01PsycoXultracktheripper: it was only faking it
00:26:30tracktheripperBut the Archos can shuffle inside ONE folder can't it?
00:26:35tracktheripperwhy not multiple folders?
00:26:57PsycoXulit can shuffle on any playlist
00:27:04PsycoXulirrespective of it's contents
00:27:23tracktheripperlol its a shame the Archos cannot timestretch
00:27:27tracktheripperonly pitch adjust
00:27:50PsycoXulwhether it's half a directory, a whole one, recursive, multiple, or just a bunch of tracks in various places
00:28:14tracktheripperwell I did some research and found out why the Archos will never timestretch
00:28:30PsycoXullimited hardware
00:28:47PsycoXulsimply doesn't have the capacity for such
00:29:13tracktheripperwell timestretching itself involves making interpolations throughout the waveform, then adding various samples to the waveform to make it physically "longer" thereby keeping the pitch the same
00:29:26 Join bombadier337 [0] (
00:29:48PsycoXuland the archos can't do anything with the waveform
00:29:57PsycoXulbeside what the DSP can do
00:29:58tracktheripperthats how timestretching works?
00:29:58tracktheripperam I right?
00:30:01PsycoXulwhich isn't much
00:30:48tracktheripperis my description of timestretching accurate enough?
00:31:01bombadier337does ne1 no why the current build would display my hs as empty when it has 10 gigs of mp3's on it?
00:31:06PsycoXuli don't know the details of how it's generally done
00:31:12PsycoXulbut your description sounds reasonable
00:35:25tracktheripperhow does pitch shifting work? What does pitchshifting do to the waveform?
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00:39:17 Join ZigZag [0] (~rewt@
00:41:31PsycoXuli've been up for like 2 days
00:41:40PsycoXulor something
00:42:06adi|workheheh go to bed
00:42:53PsycoXuland i think pitch shifting is a little more complex than interpolated timescaling
00:43:07PsycoXuli don't really know, but there's probably a few ways to go about it
00:43:18tracktheripperwell the Archos can pitchshift
00:43:25tracktheripper(only the Recorder though)
00:43:36PsycoXulthey can tweak an oscillator to adjust the playback speed
00:44:17PsycoXulit's it's neither pitchshifting or timestretching
00:44:39PsycoXulit's just adjusting its playback rate
00:45:51 Quit bombadier337 ()
00:46:06tracktheripperso simply changing the playback rate is easy?
00:46:12ZigZagso when is 2.0 going to be released?
00:46:30 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:47:46tracktherippernever ZigZag
00:47:47tracktheripperlol :)
00:49:53 Join LinusN [0] (
00:51:34ZigZagguess so! the tumbleweeds were rolling hard through here after that question
00:52:08tracktheripperstill loads of bugs to iron out thought
00:53:44ZigZagwill have to check out the database..
01:06:39 Part LinusN
01:07:26 Join LinusN [0] (
01:08:53adi|workim headed home... later all
01:08:57*adi|work is away: going home
01:11:01 Quit ZigZag ("Client Exiting")
01:24:06 Join bombadier337 [0] (
01:24:24bombadier337does ne1 no y the info page would be totally wrong?
01:24:39LinusNwhy would it?
01:24:56LinusNyou mean the disk space info?
01:26:06bombadier337and the buffer reading was wrong 2
01:26:14LinusNthe free space calculation isn't very clever
01:26:20LinusNthe buffer reading?
01:26:27bombadier337mayb not
01:26:43bombadier337but it says the disk is empty
01:26:50bombadier337when i have 10 gigs on it
01:27:30LinusNjust out of curiosity, have you deleted any files recently?
01:31:02MTits spot on on my fm
01:33:09LinusNthe info page relies on the "freecount" field in the FSINFO structure on the disk to be correct
01:33:11 Quit tantus (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:36:26 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:38:13 Join tantus [0] (
01:42:01bombadier337sry LinusN, i was away
01:42:11bombadier337yeh, i bought the recorder used today
01:42:18bombadier337from a friend, and i deleted everything on it
01:43:26bombadier337would it help if i formatted the drive?
01:43:54LinusNtry this:
01:44:15LinusNgo to menu->debug (keep out)->disk info
01:44:38LinusNpush Right until you see "free space" (or something)
01:44:51LinusNpress Play
01:45:03LinusNthat may take some time
01:45:13bombadier337its definately doin sumthing
01:45:19bombadier337scanning disk..
01:45:25LinusNyeah, it deletes all files :-)
01:45:53LinusNjust kidding
01:46:06bombadier337i spent 3 hours organizing them into directories
01:46:12LinusNno backup?
01:46:20bombadier337everything is backed up
01:46:26bombadier337but not organized into directories
01:46:46bombadier337that fixed it
01:46:48bombadier337than LinusN
01:48:06bombadier337i wonder if its possible to "overclock" the player
01:48:22bombadier337and squeeze like 15 mhz out of it
01:48:36bombadier337i dunno
01:48:39bombadier337no real reason
01:48:49LinusNit may be possible
01:49:06bombadier337ive yet to find a reason for any overclocking, cept to score higher on 3dmark
01:49:16LinusN3dmark! :-)
01:49:16bombadier337and save money
01:49:29bombadier337i have a whopping 600
01:49:33bombadier337thanx to my gay tnt2
01:52:21MTi have an overclocking rig
01:52:44MTmainly because overclockers tend to sell off 'last months' kit ridiculously cheaply
01:52:53bombadier337my box is overclocked 2
01:52:58MTso i got an incredibley powerful system for 300
01:52:59bombadier337hehe, yeh
01:53:17bombadier337yeh, mine real powerful, just with a bid video card
01:53:41MT1ghz axia tbird, with this setup, i can get to 1.6ghz
01:54:30bombadier337i have an athlon 2400+, running a 2.2 ghz
01:56:06bombadier337which would make a better charger, 10vdc 850 ma, 9vdc 300 ma, 9vdc 800 ma?
01:56:24LinusN9vdc 300ma is out of the question
01:56:40LinusN10vdc 850 sounds best
01:56:58LinusNis it regulated?
01:57:11bombadier337u dunno, doesnt say
01:57:18bombadier337its a radioshack ac adapter
01:57:54LinusNthe Archos Travel Kit has a travel charger that is 12V 1A or something
01:58:13LinusNso i guess yours will work
02:11:23 Quit bombadier337 ()
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02:18:26 Join adi|work [0] (
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02:37:51LinusNhi hes
02:41:37NJoinwebmind [0] (
02:42:46elinenbegood evening LinusN
02:43:14elinenbeare you near to releasing the VBR header code?
02:43:40LinusNhaven't worked on it lately (fm rec stuff)
02:43:52elinenbethere are some bugs in the current CVS with font saving −− it does not remember the font you are using.
02:44:07elinenbehow is the FM reverse engineering coming?
02:44:17LinusNoh, lemme check
02:44:28LinusNfmrec rev engineering goes well
02:44:57elinenbehave you gotten any sound/signal from the reciever/radio element?
02:45:13LinusNhaven't tried yet
02:45:44elinenbethere are some other little bugs: when you delete a file the directory is not refreshed, so it will still show that file... also when you go from play to shuffle and you have playlist song number on the WPS it does not update.
02:46:10LinusNsaw that in the mailing list
02:46:35elinenbemostly cosmetic stuff, but annoying none the less.
02:50:25 Part tantus ("Client Exiting")
03:04:41LinusNgotta sleep
03:05:07 Part LinusN
03:16:15 Join bombadier337 [0] (
03:31:24bombadier337im having troble charging through rockbox, is there a charging screen or does it not tell u?
03:31:32bombadier337i have looked at the faq and waited a min
03:39:09bombadier337ne1 here?
03:41:10 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
03:49:45 Quit bombadier337 ()
03:49:53 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
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05:08:37Mode"#rockbox +n " by
05:11:36 Quit paulheu (Client Quit)
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05:37:53 Join meshuga [0] (
05:38:23meshugaanyone got rcokbox setup for cross compile that want to add an extension to the text reader? :)
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09:01:40 Join hated-- [0] (
09:03:37hated--ok this might be a stupid question but i have a jukebox studio 20..and i have build there a way to turn it off? or have to turn on the idle to turn it off?
09:05:37PsycoXulhold down the stop button
09:05:42PsycoXuljust like normal
09:06:03hated--i just got im not to sure
09:06:17PsycoXulwell you just hold the stop button down till it shuts off
09:06:55hated--ok..thanks i didn't know that
09:07:27PsycoXulrtfm (o:
09:09:23 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:38:21adi|homehated−−: thats not a stupid question :)
09:38:33adi|homestupid questions are those answer in the faq's :)
09:45:04 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:45:37hated--i was looking in the book that came with it..i couldn't find it
10:07:39 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
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19:12:29 Join Zagor [242] (
19:14:49adi|homezagor.. well handled on the code style email
19:14:55diddystar5hey Bjorn
19:15:14diddystar5i liked it too god job
19:16:12adi|homesokoban now has multilevel undo
19:16:23diddystar5zagor: could you tell me how to make BUTTON_F3 go to id3 info, instead of using the menu?
19:19:24diddystar5i looked at the button files, but couldn't figure it out
19:19:34Zagordiddystar5: it's in wps.c
19:20:20diddystar5ok i'll look
19:20:36adi|homezagor.. i spoke with eric about the sokoban changes...
19:20:39adi|homehe's all for it..
19:20:45adi|homeshould just commit, or you want to review it?
19:24:24diddystar5zagor: i like the invert display patch. do you plan to add it?
19:24:47Zagoradi|home: do you think there's anything about the sokoban patch i'd strike down on? ;)
19:24:56Zagoryes the invert display will go in soon.
19:25:16adi|homewell.. im still unsure about the structure lay out,... its readability.. id like your opinion on that
19:25:27adi|homethe invert.. will that be optional?
19:25:27Zagorok, then I'll review it first
19:25:32Zagoryes, optional
19:25:45adi|home email?
19:26:49adi|homesent.. thanks
19:30:46*adi|home is away: visiting the girlfriend
19:32:19Schnueffah i hear someone talking about invert display :)
19:32:29diddystar5yep me!
19:32:43diddystar5do you like it?
19:37:12Schnueffi made it :)
19:37:39Schnueffbut i dont like the bright borders so much on inverted display
19:37:40 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:38:49diddystar5that the only bad thing about it thaT i see
19:39:25Schnueffotherwise, there hardware support for inversion in the LCD, so it wasnt that copmlicated
19:40:42diddystar5have you played the star game? it's really good
19:41:02langhaarrockerI ran out of levels :)
19:41:23diddystar5*hehe* me too
19:43:06langhaarrockerI found out why half of my buttons don't klick any more and why they trigger off even when a fly lands on them:
19:43:39langhaarrockerThere are little metal disks in the switches. They were nearly broken.
19:44:11diddystar5humm do you have a old recorder?
19:44:27langhaarrockeryes. The 6gb model.
19:44:54diddystar5hehe guess you used the heck out of the thing
19:44:57langhaarrockerhave there been changes with the buttons in newer generations?
19:45:09Schnueffgames are evil - they destroy buttons
19:45:21langhaarrockerdiddystar5: I blame the programming of wormlet the culprit.
19:45:34diddystar5hehe i like wormlet
19:46:14langhaarrockerMaybe I should add a disclaimer: Warning: Worms eat buttons!!
19:46:43diddystar5quote from http://rockbox, : post 2.0: -loadable plugins plugins for what?
19:46:56langhaarrockersave memory
19:47:08langhaarrockerdynamic memory buffer for applications
19:47:20langhaarrockerbuffer = allocation
19:47:41diddystar5quote also in the list :introduce a shared global memory buffer that all exclusive applications use
19:48:05langhaarrockerif that is not an advantage I don't know.
19:48:14diddystar5umm k
19:48:38langhaarrockerWe don't need wormlet to eat memory while it isn't being played.
19:49:39diddystar5it seems like that could be dome with borowed code from the ch8 thingy maybe
19:51:30langhaarrockerBut we will have other modules that don't have to be in memory all the time. Like advanced playlist editors, split editors, mp3 tag editors, *** editors...
19:52:23langhaarrockerWished my laptop wasn't broken. Otherwise I NOW would have time to do some code.
19:52:55Schnueffgo ahead, code here
19:52:58Schnueffthe channel is logged :)
19:53:01langhaarrockerBut I filed it away for warranty and now have no cygwin on my 'big' machine.
19:53:06diddystar5i wonder if the games(edited a bit first of cource) can be compiled and scrambled seperatly, and be loaded by rolo
19:53:50diddystar5get the min cygwin build at
19:54:49langhaarrockerGames loaded by rolo? It could be done - but what for? The idea of loadable modules is superior.
19:55:30langhaarrockerI won't install cygwin via a 33kBit modem.
19:56:08diddystar5i can't get dsl or cable where i live
19:56:20diddystar5so i have a 56bit
19:57:30langhaarrockerIs that guy with the ui improvement project in the chat sometimes?
19:57:44diddystar5i don't know
19:57:54diddystar5im not in the chats very often
19:58:36Schnueffi think someone was here the last week
19:58:45Schnueffbut dont remember who
19:59:04langhaarrockerShould be some kind of Joaquim.
19:59:14Schnueffhm or roland?
19:59:27diddystar5i go byebye
19:59:37 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
19:59:37langhaarrockersleep tight
20:00:30langhaarrockerI'd like to share some ideas with him and revive my user assignable key schemes project.
20:00:41Schnueffshare and enjoy
20:02:34langhaarrockersounds like a slogan of some posh it-company.
20:02:59Schnueffin fact its the slogan of the Sirius Cybernetics Company
20:03:00PsycoXulsirius cybernetics
20:03:30langhaarrockerI just had a combat with the lift today!
20:03:54 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:04:06Schnueffi try not to use lifts :)
20:04:29Schnueffso they hate me .. thats life
20:04:29langhaarrockermy flat is on the 5th floor.
20:04:43Schnueffdont leave it then
20:05:15langhaarrockerimpossible: I have only 33kBit and DSL at work.
20:15:44 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:01:41 Join bombadier337 [0] (
21:02:57bombadier337just fyi, if anyone ever asks what adaptaplug from radioshack fits the player/recorder, tell them its adaptaplug H
21:17:04 Quit bombadier337 ()
21:27:02 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")
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22:28:23 Quit seb-away ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
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22:38:39dw|goneMonsignor Zagor
22:38:45dw|goneZagor: I did the disk swap last night
22:38:48dw|goneIt was a pain in the ***
22:39:02*dw|gone is not supposed to do hardware stuff, that's all I can tell ya' :)
22:41:44dw|gone did ity
22:41:45dw|goneit worked
22:41:59dw|goneSo get off my back, or I'll send Linus to h4x0r joo ;)
22:42:43 Join orngWndi [0] (
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23:16:34 Quit seb-away ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
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