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#rockbox log for 2003-02-24

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02:08:54tracktheripperhello Linus
02:09:20tracktheripperLinus I have one slight problem. Whenever I change the font in the .rockbox folder, the next time I boot up the Archos it goes back to the default font
02:09:33LinusNthat bug was fixed today
02:09:40LinusNtry the latest bleeding edge
02:09:56tracktheripperyea I downloaded the latest bleeding edge and it still does that
02:10:49tracktheripperIm surprised the "Make Normal Recorder do FM" hasnt been rejected :-)
02:11:08LinusNtry to select the font, play a song until the disk has spun down, and then reboot
02:11:25tracktherippercheers ill try that right away :_)
02:11:33LinusNtell me if that worked
02:12:23LinusNit did?
02:12:40tracktheripperone sec
02:13:18tracktheripperno it did not
02:14:15Snorlaxtracktheripper eyye'
02:14:31LinusNdid you really d/l the bleeding edge and not the daily build?
02:14:48tracktheripperyea I did
02:15:01tracktheripperI clicked on 'Recorder' in the dauly build section
02:16:13LinusNit works for me
02:16:29tracktheripperwell im gonna try again tommorow :)
02:16:45LinusNwhat does menu->version say?
02:17:29LinusNthat is old
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02:19:31tracktheripperLinus is Version 2.0 ever gonna appear/
02:20:23LinusNno, never ever :-)
02:20:31tracktheripperawwwwwwww :-(
02:25:19tracktheripperwhen is version 2 coming out?
02:25:27LinusNwhen it is ready
02:26:14tracktheripperyea but how much longer is it gonna take?
02:26:37LinusNhow long is a rope?
02:26:49tracktherippertwice as long as half of it ;-)
02:27:21LinusNmy point is, we work on rockbox when we have spare time
02:27:34LinusNspare time is sometimes a scarcity
02:27:49tracktheripperwheres superstar Zagor?
02:27:54LinusNasleep i guess
02:28:01LinusNit's 2:30am here
02:28:11tracktheripperu said he's ur kid bro?!
02:28:23LinusNnot mine, bagder's
02:29:11tracktheripperohh :)
02:29:58LinusNBagder and Zagor are old friends of mine, since the old C64 hacking days
02:30:26tracktheripperWhat happens once the 200k limit is reached or Archos stop making the existing Recorders?
02:31:10LinusN200k limit: we make it smaller
02:31:23LinusNArchos stops making recorders: who cares?
02:31:31LinusNi still have one
02:31:41tracktheripperyea but wont Rockbox support forthcoming new ones?
02:31:44LinusNi made rockbox for me, not for archos
02:32:09LinusNif i buy a new model, i might hack the firmware on that one
02:32:47LinusNit's all about scratching an itch
02:33:05tracktheripperTry doing other firmwares like the Creative Labs Nomad
02:33:12tracktheripperinstead of just Archoses
02:33:24LinusNwhy? I don't have a Nomad
02:33:31tracktheripperlol :-)
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02:57:38SnorlaxHow do I reg my nick at freenode?
02:58:42LinusN /nickserv register
02:59:11LinusNtry /nickserv help for more info
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03:06:36Snorlaxif I start a channel of my own, how do I make it so that if I leave it and(even if it's empty) the next time I log on I stay OP?
03:06:51Snorlaxand no one else can steal the channel..
03:16:42SnorlaxI've done that: /Chanserv register *my pass* ?
03:17:06LinusNSnorlax: chanserv is not nickserv
03:17:12SnorlaxWill I always be OP in that channel then even if it is empty for a while?`
03:17:27PsycoXulyou should read chanserv's help
03:17:30PsycoXulit's different from nickserv
03:18:32Snorlaxwell that says that I now am SUPEROP, with founderacces of something..
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03:28:51Snorlaxyou are all welcome to my new #ipodlinux channel here at freenode! =)
03:30:16MTi dont have an ipod tho
03:30:30Snorlaxme neither! =)
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03:32:44Snorlaxbut I'm getting one soon!
03:32:55LinusNtraitor! :-)
03:34:33Snorlaxhaha, yes! yes indeed! MUAHAHAHAH!
03:36:42*Snorlax is feeling lonely in his echoingly empty channel
03:37:42*LinusN is feeling happy in his cosy old crowded channel :-)
03:39:01*Snorlax is playing catch in his channel but there's no one to catch the ball =(
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04:27:18LinusNtime to sleep
04:27:20LinusNnite all
04:27:22 Part LinusN
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06:01:40DBUGEnqueued KICK Tony
06:01:40Tonycan I record
06:01:44Tonywith rockbox
06:03:07 Part Tony
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07:14:10Chixofnixhello! anybody here at the moment?
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08:28:51dwihnoGood morning, everyone! :D
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08:39:10adi|homehey bagder
08:39:20dwihnoHello! :D
08:40:25adi|homeOkay bagder you were right.. friday went to hell
08:41:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:41:14*Bagder grins
08:43:45dwihnofyra kåk och en black jack
08:44:02*dwihno has a rather quizzy question
08:44:23BagderI can't promise not to laugh ;-)
08:44:41dwihnoAfter replacing the disk, I notice occasional "double presses" of the up/down keys
08:45:06dwihnoWhat might be wrong?
08:45:40Bagderno clues really
08:45:59dwihnoDid I tighten the screws too hard?
08:46:38dwihnoOh Linus, where art thou? :)
08:47:01dwihnoI'll test 1.4 and check if the behaviour is there
08:47:15dwihno*check the mailing list*
08:48:34*dwihno just loves mondays! Yay!
08:48:38dwihnoYay for monday!
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09:03:47dwihnoWillkommen zurück, langhaar :D
09:05:19adi|homedwihno: you speak/read german?
09:10:30 Quit meshuga (
09:10:33dwihnoadi|home: Yup, studied german for 5 years (although I really do suck) :)
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09:12:33adi|homeZagor.. any chance to look at the sokoban code?
09:12:44dwihnoWelcome back, Zagor!
09:13:17adi|homeoh.. and btw.. :)
09:13:24Zagoradi|home: not yet
09:13:28adi|homethe irc logs.. we are going to have to break them out into year soon :)
09:13:36adi|homefirst one is march of 2002
09:13:41adi|homelast one is feb of 2003
09:13:54adi|homenext month is one full year of logging.. going to get confusing
09:14:01dwihnoZagor: I've been experiencing occasional "double-presses" since I upgraded the disk.... Any clues?
09:14:47langhaarrockerdwihno:Danke für die freundliche Begrüßung!
09:15:10adi|homeand as a side note Zagor
09:15:22adi|home00.20.01 # <adi|work> ok.. sokoban.. with all levels built in: 191210
09:15:22adi|home00.20.06 # <adi|work> w/o: 159210
09:15:41Zagoris that the .o file, or what?
09:15:43adi|homethers is an ~30k diff with sokoban levels removed
09:15:49Zagorthe .ajz file?
09:16:04adi|homebut its not implimented yet...
09:16:11Bagdergo go go!
09:16:12adi|homei just removed all but one level in the .h and tested
09:16:14dwihnosokoban is huge
09:16:16adi|homebut its a huge savings
09:16:21 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:17:13adi|homezagor.. any prob if i just commit what i have now...
09:17:28Zagoradi|home: wait a bit. i'll look at it soon.
09:17:36adi|homeokay.. fair enough :)
09:17:59*adi|home grumbles something about zagor being a stick in the mud
09:18:03dwihno!seen quelsaruk
09:18:10adi|homethat saying never did make sense to me
09:18:14dwihnoDoesn't logbot have some kind of seen command? :)
09:18:27adi|homelanghaarrocker: how do i say 'I love you' in german?
09:18:35#>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
09:18:45adi|homelogbot seen god
09:18:58Zagorhe's an atheist :)
09:18:59langhaarrockeradj|home: You say: "Ey, Ficken?"
09:19:24*adi|home thinks he's being set up :)
09:19:32dwihnowhat do you people say about:
09:19:46adi|homei follow my fathers rules... all you need to know is 3 things in any foreign tongue
09:19:53adi|home1. May I have some water
09:20:01adi|home2. Where is the bathroom.
09:20:12adi|home3. Is that contagious?
09:22:16langhaarrockerI love you in German is: Ich liebe Dich. But it's even worse in dutch: Ik hou van jau. (maybe misspelled). For a german it sounds as if you were going to be hit instead of loved...
09:23:04Zagorgerman is a very romantic language ;)
09:23:44langhaarrockerThat's probably the reason why so many german use english when trying to do a love song.
09:23:47dwihnodutch is a real mess
09:24:02dwihnowaat hoet goet haat toot :)
09:24:07langhaarrockerdutch is an illness like sore throat
09:27:31dwihnoThe only word you need to know is "smetfrees!" :-)
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09:39:31lhrockerinteresting: I'm lhrocker now
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09:39:52adi|homei had a buddy who was made fun of in his german class...
09:40:24langhaarrockeradmit it: it was you who made the fun.
09:40:39adi|homehe was trying to say one thing.. and he ended up saying something along the lines of 'I kissing baby rats'
09:40:47adi|homenah.. i took spanish
09:40:57adi|home'donde esta el quarto de bano'
09:41:06adi|home'quero agua'
09:42:42langhaarrockeradj|home: do you remember what he intended to say?
09:44:16adi|homeno idea
09:44:30adi|homei was too busy implying his habit of fellatio on baby rats
09:45:29adi|homeknowing him.. he was trying to say 'i will sleep with you for an A'
09:46:34langhaarrockerlol. you have no idea what kind of joke you just have made!
09:50:08langhaarrockerThere's a german TV show Harald-Schmidt-Show. He used to have little gay puppets as a parody to seasame street. They always tried to explain the alphabet and ended saying something like "Good old 'A'". Now let your imagination run freely what nouns perverted gay puppets like that start with 'A'.
09:55:00adi|homethis weekend.. my gf threw a surprise party for her mother... 50th birthday... her uncle (who happens to be gay) and his 'roommate' came up from washington dc
09:55:19adi|homeher grandmother is still conveninced that Mike is really roommates with him...
09:55:49langhaarrockerwas that the surprise of the party? :)
09:56:09adi|homethere were also 2 women who are 'roommates' ;) that were invited... old family friends. Anywyas.. the grandmother is sitting ther.. and made some kinda comment related to her non-approval of homosexual relationships
09:56:25adi|homeand i was laughing inside because on either side were the lesbians
09:56:32adi|homeand behind her was her gay son
09:56:41adi|homeand sitting next to me wa shis boyfriend
09:56:55adi|homei just thought 'damn.. can you be _that_ oblivious?'
09:58:59BagderZagor appeared in another huge swedish newpaper yday
09:59:13Bagderagain for his appartment site
09:59:20Zagornot many left now ;)
10:00:01Zagormajor ones to appear in
10:00:25adi|homeyou making money off this or what?
10:00:30Zagorsoon :)
10:00:44adi|homeand.. are apts that hard to find where you guys are or what?
10:01:22Zagoryup. there's a queue of about 75.000 people for rentals in stockholm...
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10:22:16langhaarrockerZagor: Didn't you do some test code for the file system? Do we have a well defined structure for test code?
10:22:45Zagorno. my test code is in firmware/test/fat. it's specific for the fat case.
10:25:04dwihnoHow much extra time will 1800mAh batts' give?
10:25:19*dwihno feels so goddamn cool! I actually replaced the disk all by myself :)
10:25:42langhaarrockerso you're ready for the memory upgrade now?
10:25:47adi|homeokay.. corrected.. and commiting :)
10:25:53Bagder1500 => 1800 is about 20% more I guess
10:26:13adi|homewho is maintaining the emacs file?
10:26:29Bagderadi|home: matsl wrote it and is the emacs hacker
10:26:57adi|homelogbot seen matsl
10:27:11dwihnoLUCKY DAA! :D
10:27:17dwihnologbot: seen quelsaruk?
10:27:17adi|homelogbot seen adi|home
10:27:31>>>"seen" used by adi|home ( [snoop prevented]
10:27:35adi|homegot it
10:27:35dwihnoBagder: tell us the secret(tm) logbot commands :)
10:27:36langhaarrockerlogbot: seen me?
10:27:39Bagderlogot is a bit restricted in regard to who can do those commands in public
10:27:41dwihnologbot: seen quelsaruk
10:27:55>>>"seen" used by dwihno (dwihno@ [snoop prevented]
10:27:59adi|homehehehe i love emacs
10:28:00dwihnoI got it!
10:28:16adi|home"The Maya of Central America used three separate, overlapping calendar systems, the long count, the tzolkin, and the haab. Emacs knows about all three of these calendars. Experts dispute the exact correlation between the Mayan calendar and our calendar; Emacs uses the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlation in its calculations."
10:28:42adi|homecause i can't tell you how many times ive had to convert to and from the mayan calander system
10:29:14langhaarrockerthat's probably for techno-priests only.
10:29:45*dwihno mounted the old disk in an external case. Apparently, the USB ports powers it... The question is, when running from USB power, might something break?
10:30:07dwihnoWHen I use it with my laptop, it won't work, the disk will only perform a "power up, click" loop
10:30:33adi|homewhats a good number of moves for undo in sokoban to allow?
10:30:36adi|home5? 10?
10:31:00adi|homenope.. no way to store them...
10:31:04adi|homeneed a fixed #
10:31:25Bagderimho, 5 is fine
10:31:33adi|homethats what i was thinking
10:31:36dwihnoadi|home: the original "rules" only allow 1 level undo
10:31:42dwihno1 step, I mean
10:32:00adi|homebut this was a request :)
10:32:21Bagderthose bad players need to cheat a little ;-)
10:32:33adi|homeokay.. all merged
10:32:40*adi|home is away: bed
10:32:58Bagdernight adi
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10:49:31Zagorthe browser statistics for my web site is pretty depressing
10:49:50ZagorMS Internet Explorer (all versions): 96.8 %
10:50:52langhaarrockerI'm the one using netscape.
10:51:39Zagoryou visited my site? ;)
10:51:45Schnueffsokoban undo could be for moves where something has been pushed only
10:51:52ZagorNetscape (all versions): 2.2 %
10:52:04dwihnoZagor: how about Opera?
10:52:07ZagorOpera: 0.4 %
10:52:31Schnuefftime to install an IE blocker :)
10:53:34ZagorNetscape 2.02: 37 hits
10:53:43Schnueffwhat about lynx and consorts?
10:54:04Zagorlynx has one (1) hit...
10:54:20dwihnoNetscape is evil!
10:54:48*dwihno is still waiting for a response regarding the hard disk question... *hint* ;)
10:55:12ZagorGaleon, HotJava, Konqueror, Lotus Notes, OmniWeb, UP.Browser (PDA), Nokia Browser (PDA) and Lynx are the rest
10:55:51ZagorNice agent string: SonyEricssonP800/R101_Profile/MIDP-1.0_Configuration/CLDC-1.0
10:57:14langhaarrockercan you donwload the bleeding edge build via wap?
10:58:15Zagorsure, if you go through a dewapifier proxy
10:58:24Bagderadi added 6 warnings
11:03:45Bagderme fixed
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12:19:38Bagdercan I replace the align in <div align="right"> using the css easily?
12:20:43*langhaarrocker hasn't done html / css / javascript since ages
12:28:50ZagorBagder: text-align: right
12:30:00Bagderit isn't the same on my mozilla
12:30:31Bagdertext-align makes it "on top" of the page
12:30:44Bagderso my logo gets layered over other html
12:31:35Zagortext-align is for text only, I think
12:38:11Zagorwhat are you trying to do?
12:38:39Bagder <div align="right"> bla bla bla </div> but I want that align to be made in the css instead of in the html
12:39:08Bagderthe bla is a logo and a search form
12:39:09Zagorok, that's text-align. how is your logo displayed?
12:39:17Zagorah, ok
12:39:34Bagderwith text-align, I get the stuff on the right side ok, but layered on top of the rest of the html of the page
12:39:54Bagderwith the align=right I get the stuff fine, with the rest of the html appearing below on the page
12:40:22Bagdermight be a bad css thing in mozilla of course
12:40:27Zagortry using "align: right" instead of text-align
12:40:35BagderI tried that too, didn't work
12:45:20Zagorhow about "float: right" ?
12:45:32Bagderdidn't work either
12:46:00Bagdernever mind, I'll sort it out
12:52:19 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:52:21 Quit Bagder ("")
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13:24:12dwihnoQuelsaruk, where art thou?! :)
13:24:32langhaarrockerhave you run out of goats?
13:27:21langhaarrockerBut what's more important: where's Joaquim?
13:27:55dwihnoHe has nice patches going!
13:28:36langhaarrockerI want to merge that with bindable key schemes, if possible. But I haven't looked at his code yet.
13:29:07dwihnoI want inverted selection configurable! :)
13:29:14dwihnoAs well as an option to tighten stuff up!
13:29:34dwihno(tightening the scroll bar, and associated spaces)
13:30:04langhaarrockerI want some time. I think this week I should find some.
13:30:54dwihnofind / -type time
13:31:43 Join Schnueff [0] (
13:32:29langhaarrockerThat way is not open for me. I'm a windows user.
13:32:39langhaarrockerI need a gui.
13:32:49dwihnoMmm... GUI :)~ ~
13:32:59dwihnoRun explorer, press F3!
13:33:05dwihnoHe who searches, shall find.
13:34:19langhaarrockerman god
13:34:19langhaarrockerne entry found
13:34:48langhaarrockerne = no
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14:33:35Snorlaxhow do you regiter at the nickserv in gaim or any other linux chat program?
14:34:14*Bagder uses '/msg nickserv [blablabla]' with xchat
14:34:55Snorlaxok, thanks
14:40:26 Quit Snorlax ()
14:49:27 Join Snorlax [0] (
14:49:48Snorlaxyou are all welcome to the #ipodlinux channel here at freenode!
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15:08:43 Part leachbj
15:18:26*Bagder runs off for a while
15:59:26 Quit Bagder ("")
16:02:26 Part Zagor
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16:28:03RoscOhi all
16:59:03 Quit RoscO ("Leaving")
17:22:53 Part Zagor_
17:25:48 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:26 Part langhaarrocker
17:48:19 Join Bagder [241] (
18:06:48 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
18:14:01 Join quelsaruk [0] (
18:14:13quelsarukhi all
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18:24:19 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
18:24:22 Join webmind_ [0] (
18:25:24 Join huz [0] (
18:28:46huzhello all
18:29:20quelsarukhi huz
18:29:35huzi know you don't support patches but I really don't understand something about the calendar patch
18:29:35huzi put it into the dir apps, and i receive this kind of errors :
18:29:35huzcalendar.c:125: warning: implicit declaration of function `lcd_getstringsize'
18:29:55huzwhereas lcd.h is well included (#include "lcd.h")
18:29:55huz(i precise i'm not an expert at all for Makefile stuff .. so if you don't want to answer i would understand)
18:30:30quelsaruki haven't tried that patch
18:32:55quelsarukcalpefrosh made it.. but he's not here...
18:32:55quelsaruklet me have a look at it :)
18:35:10huzno no don't loose your time on it, i think i'm just missing something obvious ;)
18:35:28quelsarukmaybe it's just the code
18:35:35quelsarukit may have a bug :)
18:36:51huzno don't think so ... i am just fucking up somewhere
18:37:33huzor i don't understand how to compile it ..
18:39:37 Join seb-sleep [0] (
18:48:08 Quit webmind_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:49:22elinenbe_adi|work & adi|home: you here? There are bugs with multi level undo in Sokoban
18:49:27 Join webmind [0] (
18:49:59elinenbe_ adi|work & adi|home: try beating the first level, and then after a few moves in the 2nd level, keep hitting undo!
18:50:43 Quit huz ("("thx all")")
18:52:35elinenbe_adi|work & adi|home: also, it would be nice if the undo was more than the last 5 moves. (make it an array of maybe 100 moves)
19:12:24 Join zamez [0] (
19:12:24 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:45zamezhi, any curl developers around?
19:12:59BagderI am
19:13:19Bagderkind of
19:13:27zamezi was going to report a problem, but it's been fixed in cvs :)
19:13:56BagderI've just uploaded a new pre-release
19:14:19zamezi'm using libcurl on RISC OS, it's a slightly obscure platform
19:14:56zamezonly needed two lines changing to compile
19:15:08zamezi like the multi interface :)
19:15:48BagderI'm glad you like it
19:16:12zamezwould you like a patch for the RISC OS changes?
19:16:38zamezit's just adding it to the #if in if2ip.[ch]
19:17:25zamezcool, stick it in the sf tracker?
19:17:47Bagdereither that or mail it to the libcurl list
19:27:14Bagdertime to leave, have fun!
19:27:16 Quit Bagder ("")
19:27:30 Part zamez ("Client exiting")
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20:09:48 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
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20:30:25 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
20:30:25 Quit windchill (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:50:54 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:25:33 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
21:31:45 Join gissehel_ [0] (
21:40:35 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:40:36 Quit windchill (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:45:00 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:48:45 Quit edx ()
21:52:27 Join bombadier337 [0] (
22:09:58 Quit bombadier337 ()
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22:29:55 Join Bagder [241] (
22:30:15tracktheripperHi Badger :-)
22:31:31tracktheripperWas there improvements made to Sokoban?
22:31:37 Join Kamayaka [0] (
22:32:34tracktheripperwheres ur kid bro Zagor badger :-)
22:32:59Bagderhe probably tries his "I have a life" impression
22:33:15tracktheripperwhat u mean by that?!?!!
22:33:32Bagderwell, he's not online
22:33:41Bagderat 22:30 in the evening
22:33:52Bagderwhat can he possibly be doing? ;-)
22:33:57tracktheripperlol is he that much of a die-hard computer fanatic?
22:34:31Bagderhm, I guess quite a bunch of us are, and he certainly is
22:34:42tracktheripper:-) is he really ur younger brother?
22:35:08Bagderhe is around 726 days younger than me
22:35:52tracktheripperI like it when hes online
22:35:52tracktheripperIm always winding him up :-)
22:36:33tracktheripperBadger will there be a screen inverter for the Recorders?
22:36:53Bagderyou an option to make all the graphics reversed?
22:36:56Bagderyou mean even
22:37:07tracktheripperyea thats right
22:37:11tracktheripperlight text/symbols on a dark background
22:37:27Bagderwell, I wouldn't mind such an option
22:37:38tracktheripperyea reverses the graphics
22:37:43tracktheripperwould look better at night
22:37:45tracktherippereasier on the eyes
22:38:03 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:38:19 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:38:23tracktherippersorry got cut off
22:38:27Kamayakaheija, can anybody mod me the actual cvs release for use with the 8mb rockbox ? (please :))
22:38:47tracktheripperThe only problem is that if u reverse the screen you still have the light-coloured frame around the pixels
22:38:56BagderKamayaka: you done the mod?
22:39:01elinenbe_Kamayaka: did you do it?
22:39:13elinenbe_Kamayaka: wow! that is impressive.
22:39:36Kamayakawith the docs on the map hasn´t been that hard
22:39:43tracktheripperunless you blackout the frame with a marker or something
22:40:13BagderKamayaka: I'm not quite sure what the correct patch is, and I can't recall any good pointer describing it
22:41:02tracktheripperBadger does this site have any photos of the Rockbox crew?
22:41:21Kamayakahmmm dunno why this isn´t included in rockbox so far... checking wether 8mb or 2mb are available should be 6 lines
22:41:44Bagdertracktheripper: Björn, Linus and me:
22:42:11Kamayakalol :)
22:42:17Kamayakamergendising ?
22:42:49BagderLinus made the shirts for fun for a pub night back in september
22:43:00tracktherippergood pics of ur backs
22:43:05tracktheripperisnt there one of ur faces?
22:43:41elinenbe_Bagder: I think people are going about the 8MB mod the wrong way.
22:44:20elinenbe_Bagder: of course it is nice to have a larger buffer, but I think other things would be much nicer. Caching the entire directory structure, etc.
22:44:41Bagderuh, im off for a while
22:45:15Kamayakaso no one can mod or add the check for the available ram ?
22:47:16tracktheripperwhen is the ID3 inputing for recording be available?
22:48:16elinenbe_tracktheripper: as soon as you implement it :)
22:48:32tracktheripperunfortunatly i can't program :-(
22:49:10Kamayakaok thats the point to get into it :) code is written in c or c++ ?
22:50:06tracktheripper<−−−−- tried to program firmware using Notepad once ;-)
22:50:11Kamayakatar.gz okay, thats the point where everything stucks again :)
22:50:54Kamayakacodes everything with ultraedit
22:52:56tracktheripperhow do u turn the ajbrec.ajz file back into sourcecode?
22:53:26Kamayakadisassembler ?
22:53:52tracktheripperIll stick wiv the Archos firmware for recording and playlist making
22:54:00tracktheripperand use Rockbox for playback :-)
22:57:53 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:10:59*Bagder returns
23:11:07elinenbe_Bagder: finally!
23:14:04BagderKamayaka: rockbox is 99.5% C and 0.5% asm
23:15:26Kamayakatar.gz .)
23:28:15 Quit Bagder ("")
23:30:42 Quit Kamayaka ()
23:32:42 Quit Snorlax ()
23:33:58 Quit elinenbe_ ("Heading to the pub")
23:34:53 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:36:19 Quit Snorlax (Client Quit)
23:36:20 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:39:43 Quit edx ()

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