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#rockbox log for 2003-02-25

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01:15:35tracktheripperi want my screen inverter :-)
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01:42:04DBUGEnqueued KICK Tony
01:42:04Tonyanyone not idle?
01:42:10LinusNi'm here
01:42:33TonyIs the recording feature for recording only in the daily builds
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01:43:25TonyOK, cool, thanks
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01:45:16SnorlaxAnd my #ipodlinux channel is crowded as Hell!
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01:49:06*Snorlax is soooo busy chating in his OWN channel....
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02:23:28davidc_nm.. wrong terminal :)
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03:29:41MTgot a trademark?
03:30:57PsycoXulgot prior art if nothing else, but thats a hardware product name, and this is a software project so i dunno if there'd be any conflict
03:32:20MTthey are both mp3 players tho
03:32:26MTsame arena
03:32:34MTand you cant have prior art on a trademark :)
03:33:47PsycoXulwhy would you have a trademark on something that's not traded though heh
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03:47:42bombadier337hey, LinusN, u no anything more about that fastforwarding bug on the recorder?
03:48:06LinusNwhat ff bug?
03:48:44bombadier337like when u fastforward, but it says it fast forwareded, but still plays the old position
03:49:20LinusNyes, that may happen when you have VBR files without a VBR header
03:49:34bombadier337it happens to me on cbr files
03:49:52LinusNtell me about the file
03:50:00bombadier337ive done it on like 3
03:50:58bombadier337one is a 60 min chris rock standup,bitrate 128, two other 3-4 min songs, one is 128 bit the other 192
03:51:57bombadier337o well, its all good
03:52:46bombadier337did sum1 want rockbox to make the recorder 20 become an fm recorder 20?
03:52:51bombadier337i read sumthin like that earlier
03:53:11LinusNso the WPS tells you that the play position has advanced, but the audio is playing from the beginning?
03:53:42LinusNcan you make the shortest of them available for download?
03:53:51bombadier337ill try it on a newer build when my usb cable comes
03:54:07bombadier337sure, ill put it up 2morrow
03:54:12LinusNwe haven't changed that code in ages
03:54:25bombadier337o, ok
03:54:33bombadier337ill play around with it 2night
03:54:46LinusNthe recorder->fmrecorder request is a joke
03:54:54bombadier337where is it?
03:55:07LinusNsomewhere in the feature request database i guess
03:55:43bombadier337what was that guy smokin?
03:56:52LinusNwell, it was a joke
03:57:25bombadier337did tracktheripper write it by chance?
03:57:44LinusNi think so, yes
03:59:34bombadier337well good news, im having trouble repeating the fast forward bug
04:02:59LinusNgood :-)
04:03:24bombadier337r u like an eltrical engineer or sumthin?
04:03:39LinusNi am an embedded systems programmer
04:03:55bombadier337what was ur major in college?
04:04:42LinusNlanguages; latin, italian, french and english
04:05:02bombadier337thats tricky, languages r not my thing
04:05:19LinusNi never had any computer classes
04:05:44LinusNand never went to university
04:06:05bombadier337i want to learn to program so bad
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04:06:20bombadier337yeh, what i no, is self taught
04:06:25bombadier337in c#
04:06:45elinenbeLinusN: hello!
04:07:00PsycoXulc#? heh
04:07:11LinusNhi elinenbe
04:08:48LinusNi like that the fm recorder charges the battery from the USB
04:09:01elinenbeLinusN: how long does a charge take?
04:09:06bombadier337really, thats tight
04:09:10elinenbeLinusN: that must be nice for file transfers.
04:09:27LinusNi don't know how long it takes :-)
04:09:40elinenbeLinusN: I think the FM is a much nicer piece of hardware, BUT, I hate the fact that it does not use standard batteries.
04:09:49LinusNsame here
04:10:03bombadier337i got my recorder 20 for 25, im not complaining
04:10:13LinusNhowever, it seems that they have removed the remote control option :-(
04:10:50elinenbeI wonder why they did that?
04:11:18LinusNi think the older models broke too often
04:11:42LinusNthe serial port is sensitive
04:12:13elinenbeare the internal connections serial or parallel this time?
04:12:30LinusNyou mean mas <-> CPU?
04:13:05LinusNsame same
04:13:14elinenbeIsn't it serial in the recorder.
04:13:27LinusNplayback is serial, recording is parallel
04:14:00elinenbeLinusN: I think you should design a hardrive based mp3 player.
04:14:09elinenbeLinusN: do they use the same MAS chip?
04:14:24LinusNyes, it is very similar to the old recorder
04:14:36LinusNonly the power/battery stuff has changed
04:14:44LinusNand the radio of course
04:15:06elinenbeFor the FM the charging is done through hardware −− is there some chip that takes care of it?
04:15:31LinusNyes, a dedicated LiIon charging chip, LTC1734
04:15:38bombadier337y doesnt the recorder buzz when charging through rockbox?
04:15:48LinusNnot mine
04:16:06LinusNmy recorder that is
04:16:41LinusNthe fm recorder charging is not s/w controlled
04:17:02elinenbeDo you know the logic in that chip? Do you think that is is better or worse that it is hardware?
04:17:26LinusNLiIon is tricky stuff
04:17:42elinenbeWell, if you have good LiIon code, then it shouldn't matter.
04:17:46LinusNyou don't want to risk blowing up the unit because ov overcharging
04:18:01elinenbeon my 1800mAh batteries I get about 13-14 hours with Rockbox.
04:18:08elinenbethe batteries are ONLY .89$
04:18:12elinenbeyou can't really beat that.
04:18:27elinenbethat is why these proprietary batteries are so blah!
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04:18:34LinusNi agree
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04:18:50LinusNi should sleep too
04:18:56elinenbeLinusN: nah.
04:19:07elinenbeLinusN: any luck with the radio?
04:19:28LinusNmy new id3/mp3info code works great now
04:19:42elinenbeLinusN: what is that going to do?
04:19:48LinusNi haven't started with the radio driver, too busy with 2.0
04:20:13LinusNthe new id3/mp3info code is the base for the Xing header generator
04:20:22elinenbeah... is that complicated?
04:20:27LinusNa little
04:20:35bombadier337is 2.0 gonna bring big changes, or just like cvs?
04:20:51LinusNyou have to parse the MP3 frame headers to calculate the position in time
04:21:02LinusNbombadier337: vcs _is_ 2.0
04:21:11bombadier337thats what i thought, cool
04:21:23LinusNa few more features are on their way in, though
04:21:30bombadier337u think there will be a playlist editor?
04:21:36LinusNlike VBR header generation
04:21:58LinusNi don't think a playlist editor will make it into 2.0
04:22:00elinenbeLinusN: does it scan the entire file after you stop the recording?
04:22:17LinusNeither automatically or on demand
04:22:21elinenbeHow long odes that take per minute of mp3?
04:22:43LinusNi don't know yet, i have only run it in the simulator
04:22:59LinusNit will take some time, i think
04:23:06elinenbeLinusN: how is your wife doing?
04:23:15LinusNbad, as usual :-)
04:23:24elinenbeLinusN: sorry to hear that.
04:23:33elinenbeLinusN: there should be no smiley :(
04:23:36LinusNno change really
04:23:43bombadier337what happened?
04:24:09LinusNbombadier337: complications when delivering our daughter this october
04:24:19bombadier337o, im sorry to hear that
04:24:29LinusNyeah, it sucks
04:25:06LinusNelinenbe: the smiley was for "as usual"
04:25:18elinenbeLinusN: I see.
04:25:23LinusNanyway, i gotta get some sleep
04:25:28elinenbeLinusN: goodnight
04:25:29bombadier337lata man
04:25:38LinusNcu around
04:25:41bombadier337i hope everything turns out for the best
04:25:55 Part LinusN
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04:27:45bOmBadIEr337well im out
04:27:49 Part bOmBadIEr337
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08:42:30dwihnoHi! :)
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08:57:12adi|homeBagder you around?
08:57:43adi|homewith language files.. if there is a bug namely a LANG_... misspelled
08:58:00adi|homeis it better to correct the typo, or just add a correct label to the end of the lang file?
08:58:05adi|homeand leave the typo one alone
08:58:15Bagdergood question
08:58:25BagderI'm not sure
08:58:28BagderI'll check
09:00:35Bagdercorrecting the typo is the way
09:00:54Bagderall languages have that typo
09:01:01Bagderincluding the C source using it
09:01:52adi|homeim going to fix them... all :(
09:02:02adi|homek.. off i go
09:03:45Bagderhey adi, don't change any order of things in the english lang file
09:09:24 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:10:50adi|homedefine order..
09:10:58adi|homewe have that single id that was/is alone
09:11:04adi|homethat was a mistake in it being there..
09:11:10adi|homebut other then that im not changing any order
09:11:13dwihno#define order :-D
09:11:29BagderI was refering to that other problem monter mentioned
09:11:46adi|homethe TETRIS one?
09:11:57adi|homegrrr.. i fixed it.. but didn't commit yet
09:12:15Bagderwe must not change the order of items in the english lang file
09:12:26*adi|home plays dumb
09:12:34Bagderbecause it screws up the language files
09:12:58adi|homeim not trying to be an ass. but how does it screw it up?
09:13:00Bagderwe should consider doing a cleanup and lang-version bump for 2.0
09:13:36 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:13:38Bagderit breaks backwards compability
09:13:50adi|homeill unfix
09:14:12adi|homeand you do realize that some of the language files don't have that TETRIS line right?
09:14:29Bagderthe other files don't matter
09:14:41Bagderthe english one is the master one
09:14:47adi|homeokay.. so I can clean those.. just not the english one?
09:15:09adi|homecan i add a comment to that id so that ppl know we are aware of it?
09:15:26Bagdersure, comments are good
09:16:14 Nick Snorlax|ZzZ is now known as Snorlax (
09:17:13 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:21:58Bagderthe header comment if the english.lang file actually spells out my warning as well ;-)
09:34:39adi|homeokay.. fixes commited
09:37:07*dwihno loves CVS commits! :D
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10:07:05Bagderhi quelsaruk
10:07:21quelsarukanything new ?
10:07:28quelsaruksince friday :)
10:07:50Bagdernot much, no
10:17:22adi|homeother then the sokoban changes.. not too much :)
10:17:46Bagderah, right, forgot those
10:18:20quelsaruki don't play sokoban.. i use my new mobil
10:18:29quelsarukjava games ;)
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10:18:45Bagderbut you can't write your own for it
10:18:52langhaarrockeryes you can
10:19:08Bagderin theory, yes, in practise most often no
10:19:11langhaarrockerI already compiled the "hello world " for it
10:19:27langhaarrockerBut I'm more interested in its blue tooth capabilites.
10:19:31quelsaruklanghaarrocker for presindent
10:19:43Bagderkjer wrote a tetris for his T68
10:20:04Bagderonly to find out that 1) it doesn't work 2) only he and no friends can play it
10:20:07langhaarrockerMaybe I'll do a multiplayer wormlet in java via bluetooth
10:20:08quelsarukmy brother would like that tetris...
10:21:00langhaarrockerBut before I start that I want that damn configurable keys work in rockbox
10:22:25langhaarrockerBut one thing in fact is suprising: most of the demos that come with the api for the s55 don't work.
10:22:47quelsaruki haven't tried them
10:23:19quelsarukthe thing that more impressed me is that MMS technology is really bad
10:23:24langhaarrockerThere's a spread sheed program, too. A spreadsheet for a mobile! What a nonsense.
10:24:22langhaarrockerI haven't managed to send MMS at first try and haven't investigated any further.
10:24:48quelsaruki mean.. with siemens you can send midi files but sony-ericsson mobiles wont be able to play the midis.. so the only thing you can send are images and text, or voice records
10:25:37langhaarrockerso we have to programm a midi -> sony-ericsson converter :)
10:26:29quelsaruka midi−−> imy converter
10:27:02quelsaruki thought nowadays companys would work in a common way
10:27:21quelsarukas they did with T9
10:27:46PsycoXulheh yeah with all this fucking "corporate synergy" lately
10:27:55Bagderthey did not with T9
10:28:07Bagderthere are at least three different ways, T9 is one
10:28:45quelsarukyes.. but most mobiles have t9 or something like that.. with word recognition
10:29:04Bagderbesides, SonyEricsson is still too much Ericsson ;-)
10:29:26*Bagder has done his share of projects for Ericsson
10:29:26quelsarukof course... my brother has a T68i and i don't like it
10:31:42langhaarrockerAre there any MasterBlueToothUSB-Plugs? :)
10:32:39langhaarrocker?!?! I was thinking about something to plug into the archos and make it wireless.
10:32:42quelsaruklanghaarrocker: calpefrosh bought one of those.. as he is german maybe you can ask him
10:32:53quelsaruk(i think)
10:32:58Bagderwell, it might exist something like that
10:37:29*dwihno has a 2-part question: What kind of sideeffects (a.k.a. surprise features) might the SLEEP + HD OFF patches have?
10:39:23Bagderyou tell us!
10:39:28Bagderthey should not have any
10:40:03dwihnoI'll do some testing during lunch
10:43:17Zagorhd off gives you longer spinup time, meaning it takes more time to change track. that's the only side effect i know of.
10:43:36quelsarukit's better i don't try anything... i you want accurate results ;)
10:44:21langhaarrockerstill voodoo in your rockbox?
10:44:48dwihnoZagor: What disk do you have?
10:44:54*dwihno got some hitachi ninja stuff
10:44:54Zagortoshiba 4018gap
10:45:19dwihno4000-something rpm
10:45:27Zagor4200, yes. that's the normal speed.
10:46:34quelsaruklanghaarrocker: even worst... now even my computer has demons
10:48:33quelsaruki must go now
10:48:41quelsarukcu l8r!
10:54:42 Quit Bagder ("")
10:55:34 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
10:58:09dwihnoZagor: I sometimes experience disk stops, the red light still lit and I need to reboot (happens when I bicycle)
10:59:57langhaarrockerI had that phenomenon, too. Seems to occur sometimes when the thing is shaken while accessing disk. But I haven't played with parameters yet.
11:00:41dwihnoI never experienced that with my IBM disk
11:01:23langhaarrockermine is an ibm
11:01:50dwihnoAdding a couple of anti-skip seconds might be the trick
11:02:06*dwihno still likes the power-off and sleep options
11:02:39dwihnowhat are the dimensions of the icons?
11:42:10*dwihno feels ignored
11:45:24*langhaarrocker is busy and has no clue
11:48:19Schnuefflook in icons.h
11:48:36Schnueff5x8, 6x8 oder 7x8 it seems
11:48:49Schnueffs/oder/or/ :)
12:09:20dwihnoPeople, have a look at this, and tell me what you think:
12:14:14dwihnoTell me what you think
12:15:47dwihnoPsycoXul: what did you think about it?
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12:19:40PsycoXulum nifty
12:19:46PsycoXullooks nice
12:21:34dwihnoThe configuration needs to be simplified
12:21:50dwihnoRight now, you have to press too many buttons in order to get some action going.
12:25:44langhaarrockerhalf of my buttons are broken already.
12:28:50dwihnoSince my serial neural archos accessory isn't done yet, there might be an idea simplifying the configuration
12:41:08 Join kuji [0] (
12:41:45kujican someone answer me a simple question.... pleeeeeze/.....
12:42:05kujiwhen recording, I cannot transfer files back to my pc... always says file corrupted... is this SMCS nonsense.. ?
12:42:31kuji'file or directory is corrupted or unreadable'
12:42:37dwihnowell, what build do you use?
12:42:45kujilatest daily build
12:43:01dwihnorun scandisk on the hd and check if there is any file system errors
12:43:02kujiI can xfer all other files back and forth ok.
12:43:17kujitheres nowt, done a scandisk and norton disk doctor
12:44:04dwihnoWhat do you do when your recording is finished?
12:44:16kujipress off once
12:44:24dwihnoso you've exited the recording screen?
12:45:03kujiwell one off stops
12:45:08kujianother goes out of menu
12:45:38kujiI couldnt find any docs about recording so just playing with it..
12:47:05dwihnoI don't use recording myself...
12:47:31dwihnoLinus has done the recording code, and Zagor did the file system stuff (if I remember everything correctly)
12:47:36kujiare there ANY docs about recording..
12:47:46kujiIm not sure Im stopping it the right way.
12:47:47dwihnoThere is some threads discussing this in the mailing list, have you checked them out?
12:47:59kujiyes, all seem to be about the time recording bug
12:49:26dwihnoThen I don't think I can help you :-/ Talk to Zagor or Linus, they might be able to help you.
12:49:46kujihopefully I will catch one of them,.
12:49:52 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:49:59dwihnowelcome back, quel
12:50:04quelsarukhi dwihno
12:50:08Zagorkuji: which daily build are you using?
12:50:09dwihnoQue pasa?
12:50:11quelsarukany spare goats??
12:50:23quelsaruki think i'll need them today
12:50:24dwihnoNon, non spare goato caramello! :-)
12:50:49kujidid same on all the others back to 1.4
12:50:53kujiis fricking weird
12:51:06kujiI can copy files to and fro no prob.. but NOT any recorded ones.
12:51:12Zagorkuji: if you make a very short recording, like 5-6 seconds, do you get the same problem?
12:51:18kujiIm wondering if its copy protecting them.
12:51:23Zagorno, it's a bug
12:51:25kujiZag.. yes no matter the length
12:51:43Zagorhave you ever reformatted the disk?
12:51:47kujiis that right to just press off to finish the recording.
12:51:54kujiYes, I have formatted it before..
12:52:07Zagorbe careful to not press too long, or you'll shut off the whole unit...
12:52:19kujiI can copy the files back if I boot into archos rom.
12:52:30Zagor!! really?
12:52:44kujiLet me just double check that...
12:52:46Zagor*that's* weird
12:52:51langhaarrockerBut usb transfer doesn't depend on the firmware.
12:52:54kujijust rebooting it
12:53:31kujiahh shit.. no... it wont..
12:53:42kujiit will let me play em on the box
12:53:50Zagorwhich windows version are you using?
12:54:36kujioh and I noticed a bug report that said about the drive light staying on and music stopping.. I get this... managed to stop it by setting the skip protection to less than 7
12:54:54langhaarrockershouldn't concern usb transfer
12:55:25Zagorkuji: do you have another computer available to try on? with another windows version?
12:55:26kujiI'll try all inputs as recording and check they are all stuffed
12:55:27dwihnokuji: I'm experinencing the light staying on with my new disk too... I'll test it throughly during lunch
12:55:41Zagorkuji: input should not matter
12:55:46kujiI'll try it with USB1 see if thats any different
12:56:01langhaarrockerHave you manually changed the clustersize when fdisking / reformatting your drive?
12:56:15kujino its standard
12:57:31kujiok USB1 no diff... will try on an ME machine
12:59:10langhaarrockerBut you can see the files in the explorer and they have a real size (>0)?
13:01:35kujiunder ME... 'access denied or file may be in use'
13:03:10langhaarrockerDidn't linus lately change something? Like closing the file after each buffer write?
13:03:34Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes
13:03:43Zagorbut that shouldn't matter for short recordings
13:04:31kujiit did the same before that
13:05:14quelsarukdo you have time for our dialectic fight?
13:06:11Zagorkuji: if you have time, it would be good if you could format the disk on a non-xp machine and see if that changes anything. I have a suspicion that XP has changed the fat32 file system slightly...
13:06:14quelsaruki must convince you that my quick screen menus are better for "long-words" languages
13:06:40Zagorquelsaruk: right. how did you modify the screens?
13:06:52 Join Bagder [241] (
13:07:54*langhaarrocker opens the door for the pizza boy
13:08:07Zagorhi bagder
13:08:39quelsaruki changed the display so we have now something like " << Repeat mode: " and in the middle of the next line the status of that option
13:09:03quelsarukthe same with the shuffle mode..
13:09:05quelsarukand so on
13:09:23quelsarukalso for the F3, recording F2 and F3 ...
13:09:29quelsarukDj screen...
13:10:07quelsarukthe way it's now is cooler
13:10:13ZagorI don't like making a menu of it all. it's not as intuitive.
13:10:38quelsaruksorry.. i didn't understand that
13:10:42 Quit kuji (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:10:49Schnueffit's not operated like a menu
13:10:56quelsaruknot like a menu
13:11:02ZagorI mean I really like how the screen looks like the keys.
13:11:13quelsaruki normally explain myself as a closed book :(
13:11:16langhaarrockerwhy not label the left and right button vertically and leave the layout as it is?
13:11:38Schnueffi would imagine vertical labels dont look good
13:12:11quelsarukzagor, if you use spanish, or german (not tested other languages) some strings join and make them look very ugly, and also you can't read them
13:13:07quelsaruki know this is not as intuitive as having the display the same way as the keypad
13:13:21Zagorquelsaruk: did you try simply skipping the word "mode" ?
13:13:35quelsarukbut that is just a small problem
13:13:40quelsarukfor example
13:13:49quelsarukscrollin spanish is "Desplazamiento"
13:14:01quelsaruka bit longer than scroll..
13:14:12quelsarukor line in is also bigger...
13:14:13Schnueffmaybe cut the vocals :)
13:14:31quelsarukSchnueff: i could read that, but not a normal user..
13:14:37quelsarukor at least not all users
13:14:39Schnueffjust joking :)
13:15:20quelsarukif i send a sms to my brother and say xk instead of porque.. we would never know that is the same x= "por" and k sound like "que"...
13:15:28langhaarrockerlets have a virtual quickscreen that keeps scrolling around
13:16:20quelsarukZagor: that's why i thought of using this other way
13:16:38quelsarukis less intuitive, but as you have the icon at the left side..
13:17:01quelsarukyou know which button you have to press to change repeat mode
13:18:00*langhaarrocker thinks that internationalization is a pain and uses english
13:19:47quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i must say i normally use english, i admit that.. but i have friends that have a very poor english base (Spain is really a mess teaching other languages)
13:21:48 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|Gone (
13:21:49Zagorquelsaruk: i sympathize with you, but I really like the keybard-like layout of the quick-screens. maybe there's a good middle ground somehow?
13:22:22quelsaruki hope so ;)
13:22:46quelsaruki'll give you 20 goats.. and you change to my screens display
13:22:51quelsaruknothing more
13:22:57quelsarukmaybe 21
13:23:00quelsarukbut not 22
13:23:08langhaarrockercan you 'interleave' the description of left / right keys?
13:23:20Bagderwould those be spanish goats?
13:23:40quelsarukof course... from the very south of Spain ;)
13:23:58langhaarrockerexperienced goats?
13:25:01quelsaruk2 of them have seen a ritual, the other are still inocent
13:25:18quelsaruklanghaarrocker: what do you mean with interleave?
13:26:02langhaarrockerleft button: description left aligned
13:26:02langhaarrockerright button description right aligned one line lower
13:26:30langhaarrockerbut both descriptions can use all of the screen width
13:27:24quelsarukso left icon is at the left
13:27:33quelsarukand right icon is at the right?
13:27:56langhaarrockerjust an idea. And I don't really like it very much...
13:28:11quelsarukbut then.. what do we do with up and down?
13:28:30langhaarrockerThey remain at the very top / bottom.
13:30:54quelsarukany idea of how i could change this screens to fit your intiutive model and my internationalisation?
13:31:47langhaarrockerAnother idea: we could implement a jog dial. You just have to rub over the direction keys cyclically. :)
13:34:31dwihnoYay for food! :)
13:34:37quelsarukby dwihno
13:35:16*langhaarrocker finished his pizza and wants another one
13:36:38quelsaruki must reboot
13:36:42quelsarukcu in 1 minute
13:36:52 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:39:01langhaarrockerkuji: can you copy (not move) the file although it is 'in use'?
13:39:25langhaarrockeroh, he's offline
13:41:29 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:41:35quelsarukhi again
13:42:08quelsaruki'm still waiting to see if we negotiate with those goats...
13:42:58langhaarrockeryou forget: zagor is a programmer, not a techno priest. He has other means to purify his electronical devices
13:43:33quelsarukbut when everything fails... you can only ask a technopriest for advice
13:43:46Zagorlanghaarrocker: you're right. I much prefer camels for my rituals :-)
13:46:05quelsarukcamels?.. they are not good for cold countrys
13:46:59langhaarrockerI supposed that programmes use other anmials. Like gnu, yacc, bison, ...
13:47:55langhaarrockeryou know the new camel shell?
13:48:48quelsarukwell, then, if i get a way to make a menu intuitive and compatible with other languages.. we can talk again about this no?
13:50:24Bagderof course
13:50:59Zagorquelsaruk: I would recommend playing around with photoshop or something to try and come up with a good a nice-looking screen
13:51:18quelsarukwhy not gimp?
13:51:24Zagorof course
13:51:28Zagorgimp rocks
13:51:31quelsaruki know
13:52:59dwihnoZagor: did you check my screen thing I did?
13:53:00 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:53:01Zagorcan a fork()ed child change it's own priority (to a lower prio) ?
13:53:02quelsarukZagor: can i use a colorfull menu?
13:53:03dwihnoPlease tell me you did! :)
13:53:08Zagordwihno: umm, no :)
13:53:21dwihnoI did pretty gfx ;)
13:53:42BagderZagor: yes, nice() can be set on your own process, afaik
13:53:43Zagorlookie lookie
13:53:53quelsarukhey it's cool
13:54:01langhaarrockeraprops gimp: any hires t-shirt contest images available?
13:54:02quelsarukericsson display
13:54:22Bagderlanghaarrocker: I'm trying hard to get adi to make some and send me
13:54:25Zagordwihno: fix set_bool() and i'll merge it :-)
13:54:47quelsarukbtw... Zagor, why don't we change the charge animation, to a ericsson charging animation?
13:55:03Bagderbecause we haven't recevied any patch doing that
13:55:07Zagorhow does that look?
13:55:23dwihnoZagor: Was it pretty? :)
13:55:28Bagderdwihno: you should upgrade your apache server ;-)
13:55:46quelsarukBagder, Zagor did you say that to me?
13:55:51dwihnoBagder: the entire server needs an upgrade, but my friend hasn't gotten the fingrar ur yet ;)
13:56:06dwihnoBagder: what did U think?
13:56:25Zagorthe best part is it works for players too
13:56:51Bagderwe still support players? ;-P
13:56:55*Bagder hides
13:57:12BagderI was thinking
13:57:27Bagderabout enabling a special 8MB build on the daily build page
13:57:57Zagormo' builds!
13:58:05dwihnomo' builds, mo' problems!
13:58:13dwihnoWith my mind on the builds and the builds on my mind
13:58:28Bagderyeah, those 8MB people could really get some things going
13:58:33langhaarrockerare there more debug or more 8MB models around? :)
13:58:35Bagderlike increasing playlist and dircache sizes etc
13:58:51Bagderthere's ONE debug unit, afaik ;-)
13:58:59Bagderor is it two zagor?
13:59:25Zagori don't know
13:59:38Bagderare your units debugable?
14:00:03Zagoroh, two debug units. one player and one recorder.
14:00:05langhaarrockerno. I use all the jacks
14:00:42quelsarukmine? are you crazy Bagder? a technopriest unit debugable?? thn i could not say i'm a technopriest...
14:00:48dwihnois it possible to do direct file manipulation with sed or awk?
14:01:06quelsaruki science know where are the errors... there's no place for faith :)
14:01:09Bagdercat file | sed -e s/mooo// > newfile
14:01:34dwihnoBagder: you can't change the file directly?
14:01:58Schnueffperl -i.bak -pe 's/mooo//' file
14:02:01Bagderwith awk it might be, but I never attempt that
14:02:25Schnueff-i like inline
14:03:31Schnueffyeah, backup the file into file.bak and change file
14:03:52dwihnosed can only do streams?
14:03:57Schnueffdunno about sed
14:04:04Bagdersed does streams, yes
14:04:13Schnueffthats sad
14:04:23Bagderno, sed
14:04:28*Bagder ducks
14:04:30dwihnoYou are so geeky
14:04:39Schnueffsed makes me sad
14:04:39dwihno(which is a good thing, otherwise there would be no rockbox) :)
14:14:50quelsaruktime to go home
14:14:54quelsaruksee you later
14:15:03langhaarrockerhave fun with your goats :)
14:15:37quelsaruki'm harvesting so i must cook one today ;)
14:15:56 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:18:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:53:21 Part Zagor
14:53:58 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:58:28adi|homeBagder or Zagor you guys see montor's new post?
14:58:38adi|homeabout the joined id's?
14:59:10adi|homeam i allowed to split them, or does that qualify as 'moving' them?
15:00:36Bagderadding a newline makes no difference
15:04:05adi|homeokay.. corrections commited
15:04:13dwihnoanyone got the url for the 7.5 meg SDK?
15:05:10dwihnothank you :)
15:05:19Bagderits in the docs page
15:05:48langhaarrockerIf I'd search for it I'd search on the download page ...
15:05:49dwihnoit is?
15:05:58*dwihno needs to get his contacts
15:06:05Bagder"Setup a cygwin Rockbox development environment (Windows)"
15:07:50 Join Kuji [0] (
15:08:07Kujizagor.. you dere ?
15:08:10langhaarrockerkuji: can you copy (not move) the file although it is 'in use'?
15:08:27Kujiright Ive formatted under ME.. same problem
15:08:36KujiI cannot copy file no.
15:08:43Kujihavent tried renaming..
15:09:02Kujican renamre
15:09:12Kujican move
15:09:16Kujicannot move to PC
15:09:38langhaarrockertried to move to different places on the pc?
15:09:49Kujiyeah same thing
15:09:57Kujibut can move on the box anywhere
15:10:51Kujibut yet windows or dos will allow me to rename, delete it.
15:10:52langhaarrockerAnd that concerns only files recorded with rockbox? A mp3 transfered pc -> rockbox -> pc works?
15:11:08Kujibut not a rockbox recorded file
15:11:14Bagderyou tried scandisk on the archos?
15:11:19Kujiye its fine
15:11:26langhaarrockeroh, you recorded with the archos firmware?
15:11:27Kujichkdsk, norton disk doctor all ok
15:11:42Kujia rockbox recorded file
15:11:48Kujiarchos ones will copy no problem
15:12:05langhaarrocker(because archos firmware does strange things with the fat)
15:12:08Kujitried files 4 ,6 ,8 , 12 seconds
15:12:25 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:12:44KujiIt seems just like an SMCS thing, where windows is stopped from making copies
15:13:04langhaarrockerthat cannot be. smcs woud prevent from making a file at all
15:13:15langhaarrockerBut once you have the file it's just a file.
15:13:52Kujianything you want me to try
15:14:41langhaarrockerAs you already tried older rockbox versions with recording I can't think of anything.
15:15:11 Quit Bagder ("")
15:15:32Kujidoes 1.4 have recording ?
15:16:01Kujiwhat is the earliest build that does...
15:16:52dwihnothe first builds with recording are probably unstable as fubar
15:17:36Kujijust to test the file xfer
15:19:02ZagorKuji: the file xfer is not handled by the firmware
15:19:37langhaarrockerbut what makes windows think the file was in use?
15:20:04ZagorI don't know. sounds like a file write problem, but I have no clue how to write a file so windows thinks it's in use...
15:20:41Schnueffwhat about a file created with 'create playlist'
15:20:49Kujitrying now
15:20:51Schnueffone could try to copy this
15:21:06dwihnosmart thinking, Schnueff
15:21:29Kujihow do I add to playlist
15:21:37Kujithe file at 0 bytes copies fine.
15:21:55Schnueffin the menu there should be a 'create playlist' entry for the recent builds
15:22:01Schnueff(recent = some weeks old)
15:22:05Kujihow to add
15:22:21langhaarrockerit makes a playlist of the selected dir
15:22:27Schnueffif you select it, a playlist for all mp3s in and below the current dir will be created
15:22:27Kujiahh ok
15:23:20Kujiaha.. no it wont
15:23:33langhaarrockerso the copy problem is not recording specific.
15:23:57langhaarrockercan you open the m3u file with a text editor?
15:24:25Kujino access
15:25:56langhaarrockeranother topic: I use Win2k. It won't allow me to safely remove the archos unless I relogin. Does anybody experience the same?
15:26:08Kujihow to add to a queue.. I could try copying the queue file
15:26:19Schnueffon + play iirc
15:26:28Schnueffor something
15:27:52Kujinope that neither.. so its a file structure thing
15:28:45langhaarrockerIf so - why does it pass scandisk / norton.
15:29:14Kujifuck nose
15:29:32Kujifuck knows .
15:29:34Kujino idea
15:29:39*Schnueff fingers his nose.
15:29:48*dwihno has lot of snot in his
15:30:02langhaarrockerI won't ask how it got in there
15:30:32dwihnoThen I won't tell you that I got a cold during saturday
15:31:45langhaarrockerdwihno: avoid sneezing at the monitor.
15:32:13Kujiwell ran chkdsk under dos..
15:32:30Kujisays <file> first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated.
15:32:45langhaarrockerthat usually finds all those files generated with the archos firmware.
15:33:09Kujithis found the queue, the mp3 recorded and the playlist !
15:33:28ZagorKuji: chkdsk found the error, but not norton or scandisk???
15:35:59Kujibasically any files that rockbox creates come up as first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated.
15:36:04langhaarrockerZagor: you don't steal bugs from the archos firmware, do you?
15:36:29dwihnolanghaarrocker: i've avoided it this far, keeping only thumb marks
15:36:31Kujibloody chdsk removes the files
15:36:33Zagorthat bug is due to fubar file system. it's alarming that scandisk does not find/fix this.
15:37:40Kujihope this all helps in some way !! ;-)
15:38:45langhaarrockerKuji: My workaround to this problem used to be to move the file archos -> pc -> archos. Afterwards scandisk was happy.
15:39:08KujiI'll try and move it with archos..
15:39:30Kujisee if it moans
15:39:34langhaarrockerI meant moving the files, not the device :)
15:39:47KujiI gotcha ;-)
15:39:56Kujinope file is still buggered
15:40:30langhaarrockerdoesn't surprise me: I think the os moves only the entry in the fat around
15:41:01langhaarrockercan you copy it somewhere else on the jb?
15:41:12langhaarrockeris the copy movable?
15:41:13Kujirename or delete
15:41:35Kujioh hang on.. I'll double check that
15:41:43langhaarrockernow it becomes even more strange to me. The copy was written by the os!
15:41:54Kujiahh no it wont let me copy
15:42:05Kujijust move, rename or delete
15:42:34langhaarrockerwhat's fubar file system?
15:43:22Kujibloody weird thats for sure
15:45:14Kujiis there a site for the archos new beta firmware ?
15:45:44KujiI wonder if they will have nicked any code from RB.
15:46:00langhaarrockerIsn't all the archos firmware beta? ;)
15:49:21dwihnoKuji: beta firmware?
16:03:49Zagorgotta go
16:03:49 Part Zagor
16:09:11 Quit quel|lunch (
16:09:11 Quit Jet8810 (
16:09:11 Quit gissehel_ (
16:09:11 Quit webmind (
16:09:11 Quit seb-school (
16:09:11 Quit mbr (
16:14:15dwihnoKuji: what kind of beta firmware are you talking about?
16:18:38NJoinwebmind [0] (
16:18:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:22:23 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:23:37dwihnoBienvenue! :D
16:23:57quelsaruknot really
16:24:10quelsaruki've fried my portable case...
16:24:15quelsarukmaybe a 6GB HD..
16:24:23quelsaruka 30 GB hd..
16:24:37dwihnoyou did?! :(
16:24:38quelsaruki have 10% chance of having fried my jukebox
16:24:46quelsarukin just 10 minutes
16:24:52quelsaruka record
16:25:06quelsaruki've never done anything like that before...
16:25:29dwihnowhat have you done?
16:25:32dwihnoWhat did you do?
16:25:43langhaarrockeryou told us you were going to fry goats only!
16:25:44dwihnoYou're a technopriest! You can't have broken anything!
16:26:00dwihnolanghaarrocker: perhaps the goats got a hold of his juke...
16:26:13NJoinmbr [0] (
16:26:34quelsaruki think i shouldn't have told the goat i was going to eat it
16:26:59langhaarrockerPlease tell us how to fry 2 drives and a jukebox within 10 min.
16:27:06quelsaruki dunno how
16:27:17quelsaruki know how to fry a hd and the case
16:27:23 Quit Kuji (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:27:27quelsarukbut not the jukebox and the 30 GB hd
16:27:56langhaarrocker(training required, I guess)
16:28:22quelsaruki umounted the 30 gb h from the case and connected it to the jukebox ( it was on the case to remane mp3... defrag hd...)
16:28:55quelsarukthen.. i connected the 6gb hd to the case, but i made a stupid and weird error
16:29:01NJoingissehel_ [0] (
16:29:49langhaarrockeromitted the rubber sheet?
16:29:57quelsarukdon't know how, but conected pins in a weird way, left pins 1,2 disconected and conected pins 3,4 where i should have conected 1 and 2
16:30:23quelsaruklike rolling all pin rows i setp right
16:30:46*langhaarrocker shivers
16:31:01dwihnowhat pins?
16:31:04dwihnodisk pins?
16:31:04quelsarukso when i powered it up...
16:31:11quelsarukyes.. disk pins
16:31:30*quelsaruk can't explain all the smoke and fire...
16:31:47quelsarukthat's how you can break a hd and a case...
16:31:49dwihnoDamn goats! :(
16:32:03quelsarukbut i dunno what happened to the jukebox
16:32:06quelsaruki swear
16:32:23quelsaruki don't want to test it today...
16:32:46quelsaruki don't really worry about the 6gb hd, 'cause i got it for free
16:32:52quelsarukbut my little case....
16:33:02quelsaruki loved it so much...
16:33:17quelsarukand i'm really worried about the 30GB hd...
16:33:36quelsaruki don't want to convert all my music to mp3 again!
16:34:30quelsaruk(thanks god neither zagor or bagder are here to see this big mess)
16:35:35langhaarrockerbut your s55 is still fine?
16:35:49langhaarrocker(lets search for the positive)
16:36:08dwihnoquelsaruk: look at this from the bright side - it's an excellent opportunity to upgrade your disk! :)
16:36:32quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i don't want to touch it...
16:36:49quelsarukjust in case i still have electrostatic electricity and fry it too
16:37:06quelsaruki think i can change the case...
16:37:45dwihnoyou still have your goats.
16:37:49dwihnothat's also positive.
16:37:59quelsarukas i bought it as a dealer, so i can say that i've sold it today and it was broken...
16:38:39quelsarukthe 30 GB hd has still warranty
16:38:46dwihnogood :-)
16:38:52quelsaruki most fear all the info
16:39:00quelsarukand the jukebox
16:39:10quelsarukbut as i didn't make anything strange...
16:39:25quelsaruki hope it was just a joke
16:40:05quelsaruki must check my technopriest licence, maybe i have to renew it :)
16:40:27dwihnoperhaps it has been cancelled becuase of this event?! :)
16:40:36quelsaruki hope not
16:45:50quelsaruki must leave you now
16:45:59quelsarukmay the source be with me...
16:46:12 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|fried (
16:50:54 Join gambino [0] (
16:59:06dwihnoI'm off
16:59:08 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:01:42 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:02:05 Nick Snorlax|Gone is now known as Snorlax (
17:06:09 Quit gambino ("Client Exiting")
17:08:54 Join Norrin [0] (
17:10:33NorrinSorry to bother the hard working individuals of Rockbox but was curious if the Rockbox firmware for the FM recorder supports the FM tuner?
17:11:06webminddunno.. not likely..and uhm.. if it does.. it's probably on the site?
17:11:43NorrinI've read the FAQ, nothing listed there. Daily builds don't mention the FM tuner support either. Thanks for your time.
17:16:13webmindnp, i though people where working on the support for the fm thingie.. dunno how far it was
17:16:59Schnueffrockbox seems to run decently on the FM but none of the extra features of it are supported
17:21:36NorrinI had a Jukebox Studio 20 which was pretty difficult to deal with until I loaded the Rockbox firmware on it. The FM recorder is better but look forward to using Rockbox firmware. Cheers.
17:26:35 Part Norrin
17:34:48MTLinusN is working on it, so I expect it will end up working :)
17:41:53 Quit TotMacher ()
17:57:34 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
18:07:31 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:07:31 Quit windchill (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:11:06 Part MrSnazz
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18:58:26 Join edx [0] (
19:00:54 Join [Del] [0] (
19:01:29 Join Stephen [0] (Stephen@
19:01:35Stephenhey all
19:02:08StephenJust like to say Rockbox rules :D Just saw today that it's now working on the FM recorder, and I love it :D
19:02:25Stephenbeen waiting ages for it :)
19:02:27[Del]i didn't like my fm recorder.
19:02:31[Del]i returned it.
19:02:37[Del]it wouldn't play a bunch of songs that i had.
19:03:00StephenMy first one had a hard drive error
19:03:07Stephenbut the store replaced it without moaning
19:03:26[Del]that's cool.
19:03:36[Del]when i took mine back, the girl dropped it.
19:03:45[Del]i was like, "oh, that's gonna suck for whoever buys it next"
19:05:05Stephenjust wondering is there a downloadable version of the documentation?
19:05:36[Del]not that i know of.
19:05:39[Del]just save all the pages.
19:06:14StephenOK just wondered :D I was going to just save the pages if there wasn't
19:08:22 Quit Stephen ()
19:09:01tracktheripperhi Del
19:09:04[Del]For the record, "track", this is IRC, not AOL. On "i" will do. ;-)
19:09:26tracktheripperhow did u know im on AOL?!
19:09:39[Del]call it a hunch.
19:09:43[Del]or a whois.
19:09:49[Del]you and your java applets.
19:10:21tracktheripperu have an FM recorder?
19:10:31[Del]I used to. I returned it.
19:10:40tracktheripperoh right whys that?
19:10:44tracktheripperI have a JBRec10
19:10:54[Del]because it wouldn't play a bunch of my tracks.
19:10:57[Del]i've got a rec15.
19:11:12tracktheripperis that the one wiv the black corners?
19:11:37[Del]if by "wiv" you mean "with".
19:11:49tracktheripperok "with"
19:12:18tracktheripperand I have an Archos Jukebox Recorder 10 and it has the Hitachi Hard Drive which is 10 Gigabytes :-)
19:13:03tracktheripperheehee :-)
19:13:49tracktheripperWhy didnt you like the FM rec?
19:14:01[Del][13:10:40] <tracktheripper> oh right whys that?
19:14:01[Del][13:10:44] <tracktheripper> I have a JBRec10
19:14:01[Del][13:10:53] <[Del]> because it wouldn't play a bunch of my tracks.
19:14:46tracktheripperperhaps your files are corrupt. My Archos has never given me trouble
19:15:33[Del]No, they're not corrupt, because they play fine in wmp, winamp, fb2k, and the rec15.
19:15:44tracktheripperoh okay
19:16:25tracktheripperWhat bitrate are your files?
19:16:28[Del]I don't know what the deal was.
19:16:35tracktheripperi use 192
19:16:43[Del]i rip at 192.
19:16:52tracktheripperyou said 128 :-)
19:17:00[Del]I know I did.
19:17:04[Del]They were seperate questions.
19:17:13[Del]What bit rate are your files? 128.
19:17:16[Del]What do I rip at? 192.
19:21:52tracktheripperAll of my MP3s are 192kbs
19:22:02tracktheripperdon't like 128kbs as I can hear compression artifacts
19:22:21[Del]I can't.
19:22:41tracktheripperWhat ripper do u use?
19:23:20tracktheripperi use musicmatch
19:23:28[Del]I don't like that app. :)
19:23:37[Del]I'm very against skinnable things.
19:23:40tracktheripperwell it does my ripping duties fine
19:23:56tracktheripperand it uses the Fraunhofer codec which is the best in the business ;-)
19:24:41[Del]Good job?
19:24:42 Part [Del]
19:24:48 Join [Del] [0] (
19:24:52[Del]yay wrong button.
19:24:57tracktheripperwelcome back
19:25:08tracktheripperyea the Fraunhofer codec is the best
19:25:31[Del]It depends on whose research you listen to.
19:26:13tracktheripperthe Blade codec and the Lame codecs are crap
19:26:29[Del]I reiterate:
19:26:30[Del]It depends on whose research you listen to.
19:27:02tracktheripperbut im talking about personal experience
19:27:06tracktheripperim an MP3 connesiour
19:27:54tracktheripperbut anything is better than WMA
19:28:19[Del]So, you're a WMA connesiour as well?
19:28:33tracktheripperI HATE wma :-)
19:28:55[Del]So then, not knowing about it, how can you degrade its worth?
19:29:12tracktheripperive heard WMA on Windows Media Player
19:29:16tracktheripperits crap compared to MP3
19:29:27tracktheripperWho wants to encolde at ultra-low bitrates anyway?
19:30:07[Del]I don't know.
19:30:11MTpeople who want to transmit voip
19:30:18[Del]voip people.
19:30:21tracktheripperMP3Pro is cool as well
19:30:30tracktheripperI appreciate MP3Pro but not WMA
19:30:44[Del]You should write your own codec, track, since you're the pro.
19:31:00tracktheripperwell unfortunatly tracktheripper cannot program to save his life
19:31:05tracktheripperim a listener not a writer :-)
19:31:23[Del]He can, however, type in the thrid person, and manage to completely avoid all punctuation.
19:31:57tracktheripperDel, tracktheripper did pass his english exam. :-)
19:32:15[Del]And a miracle we all found that to be.
19:32:38tracktheripper<−−−−−−−−−− has had his feelings hurt :-(.
19:33:55[Del]... this is still IRC.
19:35:40adi|workcalm down children
19:35:45adi|workdon't make me pull this car over
19:35:49[Del]I'm perfectly calm, dude.
19:36:05 Nick [Del] is now known as Walter (
19:36:09WalterI'm calmer than you are.
19:36:11 Nick Walter is now known as [Del] (
19:37:57tracktheripper<−−- is perfectly calm
19:41:26tracktheripperwhere are you Delboy?
19:42:43[Del]That's [Del].
19:42:46[Del]And I'm here.
19:42:53tracktheripperok [Del]
19:43:08tracktheripperIm off to have my dinner, ill be back on soon.
19:43:42tracktheripperBjorn upset me more than anyone else!!! :-) hahaha!
19:44:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:56:28 Quit edx ()
20:01:19 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:11:06 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:11:06 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:06 Quit quel|fried (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:48tracktheripperjust had dinner.
20:13:00 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
20:14:08tracktheripperif you miss then you try again.
20:15:52tracktheripperyou there Del?
20:18:08 Join quelsaruk [0] (
20:18:47tracktheripperwondered where you were!
20:18:52tracktheripperdidn't mean to upset you!
20:18:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:19:36[Del]you didn't.
20:19:38[Del]i'm at work.
20:19:54tracktheripperoh right.
20:20:37tracktheripperwhere do you work at?
20:21:37tracktheripperoh right ill check that out
20:23:55 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:35:16 Join edx [0] (
20:37:57[Del]Apparently he didn't like it.
20:51:36 Join Stephen [0] (Stephen@
20:54:25Stephenanyone around? cause I've got a question
20:56:26Stephenis the "deep discharge" option included with the FM Recorder version of rockbox? cause I can't seem to find out, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place though
20:57:21[Del]It should be.
20:59:04Stephenany idea where?
20:59:19Stephenor has it been renamed to "power saving" cause thats all I can find
21:00:00[Del]I'm not sure.
21:01:27StephenI know I've already said it once today but I love the WPS :D
21:02:01 Join seb-school [0] (
21:02:37 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:03:21[Del]me too.
21:03:48StephenDo archos do a remote control for the fm recorder? or is it just for the studio
21:04:26[Del]just studio, iirc.
21:04:40Stephenah right
21:05:18Stephenah that was my other question (I know I'm annoying :D), File Delete & Rename are on the feature list, how do you access them?
21:05:40[Del]in the file list, press on, and play, at the same time.
21:05:50Stephenah I see
21:05:52Stephenthanks :D
21:06:16Stephenrename was something that annoyed me that the archos firmware didn't have
21:06:33[Del]a lot of things annoyed me about the archos firmware.
21:07:00Stephenthats the other thing :D creating playlists?
21:07:15[Del]What about it?
21:07:53[Del]press F1
21:07:58[Del]scroll to Create Playlist
21:08:01[Del]and press Play
21:08:10[Del]while in the file listing.
21:08:18Stephendoesn't that just add all the files in the current directory?
21:09:07StephenI meant is it possible to do something like on the original, hold the play button to add it to the list
21:09:15Stephenfor example I may want a song from
21:09:29Stephenthe folder /folder/something/album
21:09:45Stephenand the whole folder /folder2/artist
21:10:22[Del]i'm not sure.
21:11:14Stephenoh well I'll just use Rolo to change firmware when I need to do that
21:11:17Stephenno biggy
21:12:22Stephenanyway thanks for your help. you've been greta
21:12:45Stephenprobably be back some other time with more annoying questions :D
21:14:33 Quit Stephen ()
21:23:03quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:23:19 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:29:03 Quit gissehel_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:31:57 Join gissehel_ [0] (
21:51:10 Join tracktheripper [0] (
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22:30:37 Join edx`busy [0] (
22:33:58 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:36:37 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:23:07 Quit edx`busy ()
23:23:09 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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